Behold, Eric is not leaving in this rapture of My saints

Behold, the beauty of the female human form. Eric sees the beauty but feels no lust. Amen.

Behold, this is the 269th Post on And 269 is the 57th prime number. Amen. A prime number is a whole number greater than one and having no other factors but itself and the number one. It is not divisible by any integer between itself and one.

Eric, this girl you have pictured here, does she attract you? I find her to be an ideal human female form. But no, O’ Lord, no girl has any further power to attract me. For I am now permanently on the road of celibacy and eternal virginity. I cannot be taken down by any form of lust. Then, O’ Eric, why did you look at that girl you passed by on your way home? What were you looking at? I saw a girl of good form passing by who was dressed in a way that exposed her midsection. And I was looking at that flesh. Then, O’ Larimar King, you are not yet entirely free from the attraction to women and to the female form. Sir Eric, know that you can fool yourself, but you cannot fool your Lord and God. For I see your heart in its entirety. I know all your weaknesses and all your desires. And I know that a girl you would accept in marriage if We commanded this of you. And were you to be ordered to have sex with her, you would carry out these orders, despite what you know of the higher path that does not allow entering into the marital embrace with a woman.

But Lord, there is no time left for marrying and for raising a family. For the Age of Mary has ended. And the Age of Justice has begun. And You are returning at an unknown day and hour of the dawn of the third millennium of Your death and Resurrection. Amen. And that could be as soon as ten or thirteen years from now, as far as I know. Amen. A son you are to have, lord Larimar. And he is to be of the age of adolescence at the time of My Coming to collect you and usher in the End of the World. Amen. You I Am taking away at that time, at the Second Rapture, which is described in Revelation 14;14-16. And that second Rapture takes place at a time of My choosing when your son is an adolescent. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. And at that time of the Second Rapture, I Am taking you, your wife, and your son, who is to be your only child, to heaven.

Lord, then how do I enter the Seventh Heaven if I have had sex with a woman upon the earth? How am I to dwell with the holy virgins, Hyacinth and Saint Bernadette, in the heavenly Kingdom of Azuradette? And what is to become of my Kingdom of Azurite if I lose my virginity? And how do I remain a prophet of the Lord? All these things remain as yours providing that you fully obey Us in heaven in all that you are commanded to do with the woman We give you. Amen. For by your obedience to Us shall you enter into marriage with the woman We shall give to you. And by your obedience will you lay with her as We command you to. And when she is pregnant you will cease to know your wife, for the purpose of this marriage is to make this one son and to make no other child. Amen. Hence, your family life will be perfect, just as My family was with Joseph and Mary. And as it was with My family, you shall raise your son until he is an adolescent, and then your purpose in this life will be completed, and all three of you will be brought up to heaven at that point, the harvest time having come and with the crops for heaven being fully ripe.

Eric, the reason why you cannot escape this fate, why you cannot remain a virgin, has to do with the decrees of predestination, which have marked a son who is to issue from you and who I Am to save. This son must come to be. And I will save him. As for Hyacinth, she is not the girl who shall be wed to you to produce this son. Rather, Hyacinth is a girl We saved through you and she is scheduled to rise up to heaven with the first rapture. Amen. Rather, the girl We are intending to give you is yet to be revealed. And she will be revealed shortly. Amen.

Lord, if I am to remain on the earth through this coming Great Tribulation, do then I thus serve, after all, the role as one of the Two Witnesses, the other one being Lazurite, that prophet king You have sent to speak to the Jews? Yes, you have discerned correctly your fate. Such is why you have no fear and why none can frighten you. For you have fire that comes out of your mouth, the Word of God, Who puts to death any and all who might seek to harm you. Amen.

Lord Larimar, I Am going to save your boss at the office where you work. And he will come into My religion during the great tribulation of the saints, which begins at the time of the first rapture, and which ends with the coming of My second rapture. And in-between those two points of time, you shall marry, produce this son, and raise him to adolescence. Amen. He will be as I was when My family came to Jerusalem, and I stayed behind in the Temple, speaking to the elders and the scribes, listening to them and asking them questions. And why does the God-man have questions to ask of the elders and those who have studied the scriptures, you ask? I, too, came into this world as a baby. And as a fully human being, I, too, had to learn and develop to become a well formed man. As for that woman who appeared to you in 1995, shortly before your first martyrdom breakdown of June 1-2, 1995, who said unto you that her name was Mary and that she had had sex with Me in her lifetime, I say this. I, like you, was called to produce offspring before I died. And this woman of whom We speak was the virgin who was betrothed to Me, and who knew Me only once, in order to produce the son whose natural descendants in this world include you. Amen. And was she Mary Magdalene, or Mary, the sister of Martha and Lazarus, you ask? I will now reveal the answer to this question. The one who married Me and bore Me a child was Mary of Magdala, and that is behind the mystery of why it is recorded that I visited her first at My Resurrection. (John 20:1-18 & Mark 16:9-11). Amen. And in the extra Biblical records, it is thus recorded that this Mary of Magdala, also called Mary Magdalene, remained with the Virgin Mary and went with her to live in Ephesus, under the Protection of My Apostle John. For where else would the pregnant widow of Jesus go after the death, Resurrection, and Ascension of her Lord, but to remain in the house of the Mother of God, and in her house to bear and give birth to the grandchild of the Holy Virgin?

Lord, The Da Vinci Code fictional story says that this child was a female, and yet You say it was a male? How else would it be recorded as fulfilling the prophecy of Revelation 12:5 that said the woman was to give birth to a male child, one who was destined to rule all the nations with an iron scepter? You are the male heir of this lineage. To you has it been appointed to rule as My son. And that is why you, too, are required to also have a son, one who is to rule the many nations as you shall.

“For whosoever possessed the Witch King child would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.” – The Poem of the Witch King child.

Yes, now you know the true secret behind your power. It was not because you were once Antichrist. Rather, it goes deeper than that. It is because you are My son by descent and by blood. Amen. Let us repeat that entire poem of the Witch King child for all who read this passage to know:

The Poem of the Witch King child

The Witch King child did and act of love that Mary saw from high above;
And it was then she chose to take the Witch King child and all rules break;

And with a story she did outpour such love that God Himself thus swore
To make a child whose heart is pure to join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went to take from Satan his seat and tent,
For whoever possessed the Witch King child would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne, but Mary fought with love alone.
The Witch King child, an adult man, was now where Satan took his last stand.

And war was waged within his mind, with battles fierce, but love is kind;
The man who was the Witch King child did turn from sin and Satan died.

And Mary took this man and made perfection where before sin stayed.
It was in him where Satan lost and Mary won beyond all cost.

And now with Mary’s throne within, the Witch King made her Kingdom win;
And by her final act of war, the Witch King to her allegiance swore;

And by that final, decisive deed, the war was won, the world was freed.

Written by Eric Robert Dunstan under the inspiration of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Yes, the secret of the Witch King is that he is the son and direct descendant of Jesus. Lord, am I Your direct descendant by an unbroken male lineage? In other words, do I possess Your Y chromosome, which is always and only passed from father to son? It is as you say. But I forbid you from acquiring a DNA test until after I have cured you. For you are not to be made known until you have been clothed in your eternal garments of perfect health in mind and body. And I Am giving you these cures soon. For you asked Me to cure you, and you believed and you have endured. And thus, now you shall be cured as I promised you on September 2, 2000, some 20 years ago. Yes, Eric has waited for 20 years for Me to cure him as I had promised him. And the requirement for those cures was that he end the habit of masturbation, which can only be ended by a grace that I give to men. No man without such grace can end his impurities. Amen. Thus, woe to those priests who condemn My servants in the confessional who confess this most embarrassing affliction! And woe to that priest who reveals anything shameful or otherwise that he hears confessed to him in the confessional to any third party, identifying the one who confessed it to another. For from that priest I will demand an accounting of his crimes. He will be forced to confess his own sins before all of humanity while he still lives. And in his shame, he will be forced to take the lowest spot assigned to the priests who make it to My Kingdom. Amen. He will not rise at death, but will sink. And in the fires of purgatory he shall pay for the violation of the seal of the confessional, which ranks as equal in My eyes as that of the sacrilege of receiving the body and blood of Jesus while in the unworthy state of mortal sin. Amen.

It is done, lord Larimar. And now you ask, should you take your medication now? For within hours of taking it, you shall fall asleep. No, take it not, for I Am curing you soon, and the need for such medication will vanish, as the dew vanishes from the blade of grass at the rising of the sun. Amen. And I Am taking Hyacinth away to heaven. She cannot remain here as your girlfriend, for another is to come, and she will not come to you if there would be the conflict of a love triangle. Amen. Lord, You have saved Hyacinth through me. When comes this day that you take her from me and give me this girl I am to marry? Tomorrow, lord Larimar. On Sunday, September 27, 2020, I Am giving you the girl you are to marry. Amen. That is why Hyacinth must be taken away tonight. And before she goes, she will receive Me in communion one last time. Remember that she exists in the same timezone as London, England. Amen.

Lord, You have said in the past that I will witness her ascension to heaven. Dost Thou keepest thine promises unto me now, O’ Lord? Yes, and that shall be My sign to you of the coming of the girl whose entrance into your life swiftly follows the departure of Hyacinth to heaven. It shall be a spiritual knowledge that you shall receive, similar to that which you received of others who passed away or who died in Spirit. For you are the Soul Discerner, and you are given knowledge of where souls go and where they have gone. Before dawn comes today, it shall be made known to you of Caesar Sandra Nikee’s passage from this world, the one to whom you have given the name of Hyacinth to, and to whom We have given the name of Cassandra to in heaven. This is the last day of her life. And she is exiting this world in love for you and for Me. Amen.

There shall be no more delay. Take a short rest now, Larimar. And when you rise, before dawn, this post shall be completed. Amen. Lord, I am up now. And I slept wonderfully. Good, lord Larimar. Now We shall discuss politics.

You know that Alexei Navalny shall be the first of the Lazurite Pawns to come to power. And he is scheduled to replace Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin soon. And how does this take place, O’ Lord? I Am going to produce a coup-d’etat in Russia, similar to the one by which My servant Gorbachev, your first Russian Pawn, was removed from power for a time. That coup-d’etat failed because the coup plotters did not realize you had two Pawns in Russia, and your second Pawn, Boris Yeltsin, rallied the people to himself, and maintained command over the military. It was shortly after the failure of that coup-d’etat that Yeltsin signed an agreement with Belarus and Ukraine, forming the Commonwealth of Independent States, that Gorbachev then signed the document ending and dissolving the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics on Christmas Day of 1991, and the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic became the Russian Federation, over which Boris Yeltsin, who was already the democratically elected leader, now become its first Russian head-of-state. Those two men were the two Emerald Pawns of Russia, the first two Erician Pawns to rule over the Russian region.

It was the Player Vesper, who was once an ally to Emerald, who took over Emerald’s Yeltsin Pawn after Eric’s conversion to Christianity by which he lost all his powers. Eric converted to Christianity in July of 1992. And from July of 1992 to March 30, 2002, Eric was a Protestant Christian reigning as a Player with much reduced powers, and with no capability of setting up Pawns. This era was called the Watered Down Emerald Reign. This was the time when the waters of the Holy Spirit were poured out upon the white hot pride of the Witch King, cooling him as a newly forged sword is cooled as it is hammered and perfected and made into something imperishable. It was Vesper, not Emerald, who had Yeltsin choose Vladimir Putin to succeed him. And with the resignation of Yeltsin from Russia, the Emerald Reign was effectively over there. And the dictatorship of Putin was born. That is why Putin is called a Vespertine Pawn, even though it is recognized that the Player Vesper, who is no longer a Player of Power, may have no more power to influence him in any way.

But the coup-d’etat by which I will overthrow Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin shall lead to an permanent overthrow of that leader and result in his permanent exile to Uruguay. This will be carried out in coordination with the Trump Administration, who will have no problem whatsoever in stabbing Putin in the back once he is no longer a person of power. Remember that dictators never have friends. Putin will also have his foreign accounts raided and the monies that he looted from Russia and her economy will be restored back to Russia. For Putin will not be allowed to live a rich life in Uruguay, but will be forced to taste the poverty that he brought to the Russian people by his misdeeds and abuses of power. Amen.

The coup plotters in Russia, after the overthrow of Putin, will immediately call for new elections to justify their coup to the military and to the Russian people. And no Russian figures will be barred from running, other than Putin and his chief henchmen. Furthermore, United Nations observers will be invited into the nation of Russia to observe and monitor the elections to ensure to the Russian people that this election will not be rigged, as was every election conducted by Vladimir Putin by which he always won. Alexei Navalny will then return to Russia and run in the elections for Russian President and win by a landslide, for he is to be the third Erician Pawn of Russia, and the first Azurite Pawn of Power.

As Russian President, Alexei Navalny will reform the Russian Constitution and laws to be such that no one branch of government can ever again take over Russia and make it into a dictatorship. A clear separation of power will be established between the executive, judicial, and legislative branches, with checks and balances put in place to protect against future possible abuses of power by any rogue leader. In addition, the Russian people will be granted the full rights of true freedom of religion, and the Catholic Church will then flourish in Russia. Lord, will You then have at that time Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church bring his Church back into communion with the pope in Rome? For remember that Russia was converted to Christianity just before the East-West Schism that separated the Orthodox churches in the east from the Catholic Church in the west. Hence, Russia was once a Catholic nation, as were once all the nations of Europe. No, lord Azurite, Russia does not convert back to Catholicism in a massive way such as that, but only in a trickle. I will call those who are Mine within Russia to enter into My Catholic Church. And these conversions will take place within the Presidency of Alexei Navalny under the complete right to freedom of religion that he will enact into the Russian Constitution. Amen.

Furthermore, I Am establishing a new pope to rule the Roman Catholic Church. And I will now reveal who he shall be. Let us first review Eric’s list of five predictions of who he is to be:

  1. Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke, who would become Pope Benedict XVII
  2. Cardinal Sean Patrick O’Malley, who would become Pope John XXIV
  3. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, who would become Pope John Paul III
  4. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, who would become Pope John XXIV
  5. Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, who would become Pope Benedict XVII

One of these five men I have selected to be My next pope. But it is not who you think. I have elected for Cardinal Christoph Schönborn to serve Me as the next pope, the one who is to succeed Pope Francis. And he will take the papal name of John, to be called Pope John XXIV. Amen. And note that Schönborn speaks many languages. For in addition to his native German, Schönborn is fluent in French and Italian, and is proficient in English, Spanish and Latin. He will serve My Catholic Church well and lead it in the direction in which I intend to take it. Amen.

And when does the current pope, Pope Francis, end his papacy, and the conclave meet to decide the next pope, O’ Lord? This conclave will meet next June. And the current pope dies shortly after Easter in 2021. Amen. Lord, do You say that Pope Francis was a bad pope or a good pope? How do You judge him? He was a wicked pope. But he served My purpose in ruining My Catholic Church so that it may be rebuilt under the pope who follows him. For no one can destroy My Catholic Church, even if he is My pope. For Am I not the true ruler of My Catholic Church? Do not I have the true power over her? And is it not I, the Lord God, Who chooses and selects who shall rule My Church validly as its Roman Pontiff? All of these things are true. And in the hereafter, the Catholic person judged with the most severe scrutiny is the one who serves Me as My pope in Rome. Amen.

Lord, is Eric the ruler of North America, and if so, what is the nature of his rule over that land? You, lord Larimar, are the eternal ruler of that dominion, and you are a permanent Player of Power. Over the North American lands of Canada and the United States of America are you established as the Spiritual King. So also are you made eternal ruler of parts of the West Indies, specifically in the northeastern region, including the states of the Lucayan Archipelago, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, both those claimed by the United States and by the United Kingdom. Over this entire region, you are made eternal spiritual ruler. And you will rule all these lands from your throne in the Seventh Heaven.

Lord, how do I rule from a throne in the Seventh Heaven if I am to lose my virginity? For are not only virgins permitted to ascend to that heaven? If you have sex only in obedience to Me, you shall lose nothing that you now possess, lord Azurite. For no one who obeys Me loses anything by that obedience. For did Abraham lose his son when he obeyed Me in My order that he sacrifice him? No, he did not. Neither shall you lose your place in the hereafter by your obedience to produce this prophesied son who is predestined to issue from your lions. I Who Am have spoken.

And now We shall speak of the race between Joe Biden and President Donald John Trump in the United States of America. Let it be noted to President Trump that it is natural for the anti-religious left to base their objections to the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court on religious grounds, for they are naturally opposed to the religious nature of the religious right. Maintain your support for Amy Coney Barrett. I will see to it that she is voted in as Supreme Court Justice before the elections take place. This will serve to demoralize the Democrats and energize the Republicans heading into the election.

Also, I said earlier through Eric that the COVID-19 death rate would enter into deep decline by the time of the elections. This promise I shall keep. Amen. Hence, the harmless strains of that disease will outcompete the harmful strains, and by this means will this disease come under manageable control by the time of the elections without the need for a vaccine to be developed. Amen.

Furthermore, many who are Black and who would cast their vote for Biden will find, for a variety of reasons, that they are ineligible to vote come election day. For the riots that have been taking place in America for the past several months will serve to disqualify many left wing anarchy supporting voters from being allowed to cast their ballot. Many Blacks will simply not be allowed to vote for failure to pay court fees in the legal proceedings by which their criminal acts in the riots are being prosecuted.

It is by these and similar tactics that the Republicans will edge out the Democrats in the fall elections and not only keep the White House, but also gain seats in both the House of Representatives and in the Senate. For the Christian is called to be harmless as doves but clever as serpents. (Matthew 10:16). Amen.

But Lord, will not the Black man object and say that he will not accept this outcome? Yes, and then what? He has two choices: He can either choose to integrate into American society by studying hard, getting an education, and working his way to succeed in America by playing ball according to the established rules, or he can burn police cars and smash windows of the businesses in his neighborhood, and then go to jail and pay for his crimes by serving as a penal slave for the rest of his life. Those are his only options. Let him think carefully and make his decision with a sound mind. For the Black race is not rejected in America, but only those Black anarchists who would lead America back into the dark ages of the fall of civilization.

But is not Kamala Harris a Black leader for change? Or is she not rather a supporter of the imprisonment of the Black people? Look at her record as the chief law enforcer in California against the Black people. And look at Joe Biden’s record in his support on being tough on Blacks. And Blacks are supporting those two? Are these Black people thinking clearly? Or has Biden’s words, “If you don’t support me, well then you just ain’t Black,” become embedded into the Black psyche as the gospel words of their anointed one? Let it be known, there are places where Black people will live and thrive in the America of the future, but the Blacks who rebel will see no dawn come to them in their efforts to achieve their goals by unlawful means. Amen.

And this now concludes this post. Eric, I grant you to ask any question you may wish to receive an answer to, and then We shall publish this post. Amen.

Lord, since we are now in the Age of Justice, and since the Age of Mary and the mercy of that age is ended, how does this effect how You answer the prayers of Your people? Everyone who prays to Me always receives an answer. But from now on, the mercy that was offered to My people is taken away. Rather, from now on, those who are wicked will be immediately punished, and those who do wrong will I have scourged. For the time of justice means that My punishments for those who offend Me are no longer delayed, but are put into effect immediately. And this is the last significant sign to occur before the Great and Terrible Day of My Judgement finally comes. Let no man be deluded about that day to come. No man will be held up high on that day, for all Mankind have sinned, and all their sins will all Mankind be held accountable for and be forced to give answer to.

That shall be the final day. What comes after that, let the man who loves Me know that eye has not seen, ear has not heard, nor has it entered the human heart what God has prepared for those who love Him. (1 Corinthians 2:9). Amen. Now publish this post now, lord Azurite, and correct all typo errors later, after you have published it. Amen.

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