Hyacinth shall be Eric’s Disciple

Hyacinth I now make Eric’s disciple. He will lead her on the path of virgin perfection. Amen.

Behold, Hyacinth is back. And she is to be Eric’s disciple. And Eric will lead her on the high path to heaven, that of eternal celibate virginity. Amen. And will Eric successfully walk this path with her, O’ Lord? Yes, you shall. And ignore those who prophesy marriage for you. For you have found the higher Way to heaven. And it shall not be taken away from you. Amen.

Yes, Eric has achieved it. Eric has achieved perfect, celibate continence. And he will now never fall back into a state of impure sin. Amen. And why is this so important, someone reading this story asks to himself? It is because virgins are the bedrock of society and the pillars that hold up the entire structure. Sure, you need good married couples to generate and form the next generation, but that flows from natural inclinations. Virginity is above the natural, and its motivation is found in the supernatural. Hence, the success of a nation is determined by the virgins who dwell in it and by their purity.

For why do you think Nazi Germany fell? It was run by homosexuals in the highest levels of command. And Adolf Hitler was himself a coprophile. These facts are well documented to all who do research into these matters. And the reason why the Nazi state fell was that it discouraged virginity and encouraged their young people, especially those with blue eyes and golden hair, to breed like animals. It was, therefore, the lack of virgins in Hitler’s regime that resulted in the total and complete collapse of his Kingdom. For virgins are able to intercede on behalf of others and for their nation to God, and if they are pure of heart, they are granted to see Him, as Eric saw Jesus as real and vivid as day in his dream of Jesus in January of 1997, the month that followed his visitation of Mary and the FaithFinder Breakdown.

Now, sleep, Eric. In the morning you will go and cash your check. And then you will pay the last of your debts. Amen. I am back, O’ Lord. And I have done as you say. Good, lord Larimar. And from now on, We, the elect in heaven, have elected to add a title to your name. For you have passed the first test in your obedience to Us. Now, give nothing more to Hyacinth. Her place with you shall be as We determine, not you. And her status as your disciple shall be for Us to decide. Amen. But from now on, We call you Sir Eric, for you are now knighted to serve in the Queen’s Armies as one of her Knights. Amen. But O’ Lord, is not the rank of Knight lower than the rank of lord and king, as I was called before? It depends on the context. A lord or a king who rules over a Kingdom in this world, even one that enters the eternal phase, is lower in rank to a Knight or Dame so ranked in the Queen’s Armies. So my rank as eternal King over the Azurite Kingdom, consisting of all the lands of North America north of Mexico, and the lands of the Bermuda Triangle, is lower in rank than that of a Knight of the Queen? That Kingdom is a sovereignty defined in the Sixth Heaven. The Knights of the Queen are are also seated in the Sixth heaven, but are ranked above all those Kings. I see you have confusion. Allow Me to detail unto thee the Seven Heavens in all their True Reality. Amen.

  1. First Heaven: In this level exist all who were saved without the sacraments. These include Abel, Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David, Elijah, Elisha, and John the Baptist. Everyone who I save without the sacraments goes to this heaven and advances no further. But here, as in all of heaven, these receive the most coveted reward of the elect, and that is the Beatific Vision, where one sees God face to face. There is no other reward in heaven more sublime and glorious than this. Thus, the people here are happy and satisfied forever. Amen. And the people of this heaven are ranked as the Peasantry of Heaven.
  2. Second Heaven: In this level exist all who entered My Church through baptism and were saved, but who received no further sacraments. All validly baptized infants and little children who die but are saved go here. Since these are validly baptized, they have a Supernatural Royalty about them, and hence, they are called the Royal Children of Heaven. And these are permitted to enter into the Holy City and to pass through its gates and to eat of the tree of life and to drink of the river of life. Amen. They are, thus, privileged as higher than those who have received no sacraments.
  3. Third Heaven: In this level exist those who have received their sacraments necessary to be in full communion with the pope in Rome. Everyone here is dressed in fine linen, which is reserved for the Bride to the Lamb. Hence, those in this rank are known as Members of the Bride to the Lamb. All of them have received the body and blood of the Lamb, and hence, are all invited to eternally partake in the wedding supper of the Lamb. Amen.
  4. Fourth Heaven: In this level exist those who have merited to be given charge of and rulership over cities, towns, manors, and castles. They are those who took the gold coin their Master gave them and produced eternal treasure from it for Me upon My return. What they did with what they were given will determine their reward in My Kingdom. Amen. But all of them will be ranked high. These are called Lords and Ladies of Heaven. And they are those granted to rule.
  5. Fifth Heaven; In this level exist those who have devoted themselves to Me completely. And this devotion consists of those practicing celibacy, and of those maintaining their virginity, and of those who enter a Religious Order where one makes formal monastic vows. To these I put in charge of certain eternal lands, which may be called Dukedoms, Duchies, Kingdoms, and Subkingdoms. And the eternal titles of those here may be Duke, Duchess, Prince, or Princess of Heaven. Amen.
  6. Sixth Heaven: In this level exist those who have died for Me in Truth. Whether their martyrdom for Me resulted in death, or they continued to live, as My Apostle John did, it is the same in My eyes. For I see the man who lays his life down for Me as My martyr from that point onwards, even if he should live for another hundred years. You, Lord Azurite, died for Me on your twenty-fifth birthday, on Saturday, June 24, 1995. And instead of dying, I have so far granted you to live for another 25 years, making you now aged 50. And in those 25 years you have served Me well. Hence, I, the Lord of Heaven, do now decree unto thee that thou shalt be given to continue to live upon this earth until I come again. Amen. Also in this sixth level exists the Knighthood of Mary. The Knights of Mary outrank all the Kings and Queens of the various Kingdoms and Realms upon the Earth and of the Eternal Phase. Amen. In this rank reigns John, My Apostle, as Supreme Commander of the Queen’s Knights. All those in this Sixth Heaven who are not called Knights or Dames in the Queen’s Knighthood are ranked as among the lower ranks of King or Queen over the Sovereign Kingdoms defined upon the earth and of the Eternal Phase. Hence, the Queen’s Knighthood outranks the system of Heavenly Royalty that exists beneath it in Heaven. Only those who have been true martyrs in My name, whether they lived or died, may be Knighted into the Queen’s Knighthood. But note that this rank is not automatic. God in heaven decides who shall be thus Knighted and who shall not. Amen.
  7. Seventh Heaven. These are the Queen’s Gardens where none are permitted to access or enter into but the purest of virgins. Eric will go here, to play with Saint Bernadette, who is eternally defined as Eric’s soulmate. And should Hyacinth triumph as Eric leads her on the path of perfect, virgin celibacy, I will permit Hyacinth to come here too. This is the highest level in heaven. There is no higher level. All who enter here are the most blessed among all of heaven. And these are called the Images of God. Amen.

Now you know many things. Lord Larimar, We have an announcement to make unto thee. Your friend, Hyacinth, has triumphed. And she is found eligible to accompany you in the Rapture of the Saints from this world, to take place shortly before the elections take place this November 3, 2020, in America. Lord, I thought that the Rapture of the Saints was a Protestant heresy. And yet, You say You will rapture me and Hyacinth from this earth before the elections take place. How the Protestants understand what I Am about to do is in their error of heresy. For they do not know of My plans and what the true meaning of My rapture signifies. The Rapture of the Saints only affects true Catholics. And not all true Catholics are taken up, but only those who have been deemed worthy to partake in this exodus of souls from the earth. For many who are of My elect must remain behind to lead My faithful and to teach and to guide souls to My Kingdom. Those whom I have selected to take are those who are to go and enter the dominion of the virgins. And these are My highest elect. They sing a song before Me that can only be learned and sung by these virgins. (Revelation 14:1-5). Before the elections take place in America, I Am taking My virgin elect, who are called the 144,000 first fruits of the human race, from this world to heaven. Be ready for this hour, lord Larimar, for it shall be thine finest hour. And it is coming very soon. Amen.

Now, this trio of souls, Queen Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, King Azurite, and Queen Hyacinth, are all to be given eternal lands upon the earth as a part of their eternal dominions in heaven, from which they will rule together from their three thrones situated in the seventh heaven, and in which they will play together forever in the Queen’s Gardens. Now We shall define these three Kingdoms, which together form the three mighty Kingdoms of Azuradette. Amen. And Azuradette is composed of these three Kingdoms ruled by these three Monarchs, as detailed below. Amen. Now, let Us define in full the three Kingdoms of the Kingdom of Azuradette. Amen.

The Three Kingdoms of Azuradette

(1) Kingdom of Heavenly Hibernia, ruled by Queen Hyacinth for all eternity. And the lands that make up her eternal Kingdom include the four following lands:

  1. The Republic of Ireland
  2. Northern Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man
  4. Bermuda

And the eternal list of official languages in her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

(2) Kingdom of Bernadette, ruled by Queen Saint Bernadette for all eternity. And the lands that make up her eternal Kingdom include the following nine lands:

  1. France
  2. Corsica
  3. French Guiana
  4. Madagascar
  5. Quebec
  6. Andorra
  7. Belgium
  8. Monaco
  9. Saint Pierre and Miquelon

And the eternal list of official languages in her Kingdom include the following:

  1. French
  2. Occitan (the language she spoke)
  3. Malagasy
  4. Corsican
  5. Catalan
  6. Basque

(3) Kingdom of Azurite, ruled by Sir Eric, the Azurite King. And his eternal lands of his Kingdom include the following nine lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada (excluding Quebec which belongs to Saint Bernadette)
  3. The Contiguous United States of America
  4. The Dominican Republic
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. The Bahamas
  7. Turks and Caicos Islands
  8. The United States Virgin Islands
  9. The British Virgin Islands

And the eternal list of official languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Together, these 22 lands of these three combined Kingdoms form the Kingdom of Azuradette, which is an eternal Sovereign Kingdom of the Seventh Heaven. Amen. And to this Kingdom I Am taking Eric and Hyacinth from this world very soon. Amen. For they have both triumphed, and both of them are worthy of eternal glory. Amen.

You, lord Larimar, are going to Church this evening at Our Lady of Guadalupe. By now you know you will not be remaining here much longer. Thus, you now know that you will neither marry nor become a priest, for there is no more time for that. Amen. But your sainthood is completed. The task We gave you to accomplish in life has been accomplished. And the listing ship has made it to its destination. Congratulations, lord Larimar. Your labors are complete. And I Am well satisfied in you. Amen.

Now, I have a few things to announce before We close this post. Since this virgin prince is to be removed from America, along with all My other virgins destined to rise in the great exodus known as the Rapture of the Saints, what then becomes of this world and America with Eric having been removed from her? Did you not read what has been written through Eric? The Age of Mary has ended, as of Sunday, September 20, 2020. And from this point to the End is the Age of Justice. In this age, the mercy that I offered to the people of the earth I now take away. And the door of mercy that was once opened is hereby shut. From now on, all those who refused to enter in through the door of My mercy must now pass through the door of My justice. I sent Mary to usher in the Age of her mercy. And that was the final means of salvation given to My people. Those who refused to enter when My mercy was offered will now taste My just displeasure for their indifference to My sacrifice on the cross and the salvation and graces it offered to all Mankind. From now on, justice, not mercy, will reign throughout all the lands. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, if Eric was one of the Two Witnesses, he is scheduled to depart from this earth contrary to how it is described in Revelation 11:7-13. That is because, lord Larimar, you are not one of My Two Witnesses. Rather, the only direct mention of you in Revelation is found in Revelation 6:2. No other verse in the Holy Bible other than that verse directly concerns you. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Then, O’ Lord, who are Lazurite and Azurite? Are they not the two Blue Wizards sent into the world to prepare it for Your Second Coming? And have you done so, lord Larimar? Have you prepared My world for My Second Coming? You have done My will, and that is all that matters to Me. My Second Coming is now imminent. That is why you and My holy virgins must be removed. For I will not allow My virgins to be despoiled in the utter wrath that I will now have descend upon all the earth. And it is in the days of that utter wrath, not before it, where My Two Witnesses, whom I have not revealed, shall reign and speak Words of fire to the inhabitants of the earth. They come in a time that follows that point in which you and My virgins are taken away.

Also, to you I give a special reward, lord Azurite. For you are not merely coming to My Kingdom as a holy virgin, but you are bringing another virgin with you, whom you have prepared for Me and for My Kingdom. Hence, I saved you, and I get in return, two virgins for the price of one. Amen. I saved Emerald, who was transformed into Azurite, and now I am receiving two by that work, both Azurite and Hyacinth, two eternal virgins into My Kingdom. Amen. The reward for that is great. Amen.

Now, you should ask, what happens to the inhabitants upon the earth after I have removed My virgin elect from it that belong to My group known as the 144,000? According to Protestant understanding, O’ Lord, there is to follow the Rapture of the Saints a period of seven years, known as the Great Tribulation. But what do You say, O’ Lord? Let no one seek to count down the days, for the days of Tribulation are to be many. And in those days, I will sift through the earth to uncover and bring to salvation the last of My elect to be saved. And when My last elected soul is enrolled into communion with the pope in Rome, I will come and end this Age. Amen.

Lord, by using the word “Age” instead of “World” or “Time”, that leads some readers to believe that there may in fact be an age to follow this upon the earth. Is there, O’ Lord? When I end this Age at the conclusion of salvation history, there is no more time given to Mankind that he may repent or gain merit or glory for the Kingdom of Heaven. But you are correct, there are ages to come after this Age is concluded. But in the ages to come after this Age of salvation ends, no more is there a devil to test the inhabitants of the earth. And there is no more a means by which any man outside My Kingdom may enter in. Men will still exist, many who are mortal, who will continue to live and breathe and multiply upon the earth. But the effort to save them will have ended. Amen. This is the mystery of the ages alluded to and described as the thousand years in Revelation, chapter 20. The men born into that age never experience the First Resurrection, nor will they ever come to receive that. But I will bless the men of that age, all who keep themselves holy, to live to the ages of trees, as was promised in My Word spoken through Isaiah. (Isaiah 65:22).

And do these men, if they prove holy at death, ascend to go the first heaven, where exist all those elect who never had the graces offered by the sacraments? The elect of those days will be like My elect before I came. And when they die, they will ascend to the same heaven that those elect are now living in. Yes, they cannot progress beyond the gates into the heavens open only to those who are sealed by the sacrament of baptism. For baptism ends at My Second Coming, and no more are any to be baptized in My name after that point in time in the history of the earth when I come again. Amen.

This Age is now come to an end, the Age of the outpouring of Spirit. And I Am about to take up to heaven all that this Holy Spirit has made Mine. But O’ Lord, many such human souls are not numbered among Your virgins. And yet, you shall also bring them up as well? Remember that My Rapture consists of two assemblies: Those called the 144,000 (Revelation 7:1-9) and the Great Multitude (Revelation 7:10-17). Both assemblies Am I about to raise up to heaven in succession, both in the blink of an eye, the second immediately following after the first. Amen. The first are My virgin elect of whom I have already described. And the second group consist of all my other elect who have have also made themselves ready, with their clothes washed white in the blood of the Lamb, that is, My shed blood on the cross, made available to My people at every valid Catholic Mass. Amen. Whereas the first group enters the highest choir of heaven, the second group will people the rest of the heavens to be granted to those who are Mine.

And what of pregnant women, O’ Lord? What becomes of their unborn if they are counted among those worthy to be included in the second assembly, which doesn’t require virginity? Their unborn are raptured with them and given adult bodies in heaven. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. And any who are infants at breast, who belong to those who faithfully keep My commandments and who are to be included in the rapture of the second assembly, these too, I will bring to heaven and transform them into adults, but where they go depends on baptism. The baptized infant goes to the second level of heaven, whereas the unbaptized may only go to the first level. This is by an eternal decree. It cannot be changed. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, Saint Joseph, the spouse of Mary, dwells in the lowest level of heaven, where go all the elect who received no sacraments? The three members of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph were exempt from the need to receive the sacraments in order to ascend to the highest heaven. Hence, Saint Joseph dwells in the seventh heaven with Mary there forever and ever. Amen. For Jesus is the living sacrament. And he is the source of the power that flows through them.

Now, one last question, lord Larimar, and then you must publish this and go to Church. Lord, are you coming again at or near the end of the Second Millennium of the founding of Your Catholic Church at your Crucifixion and death on the cross, or sometime soon within the beginning of the Third Millennium of that death and Resurrection from the dead? What is written regarding that, lord Larimar? It is written: “He will revive us after two days; on the third day he will raise us up, to live in his presence.” (Hosea 6:2). Explain this passage to me, O’ Lord. Then you are to know I Am coming again at the dawn of the Third Millennium of My death on the cross and My Resurrection that took place on the third day. Amen. But the day and the hour remain unknown and unknowable. Go now to Church, lord Larimar, or you will be late. Amen.

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