The human body is beautiful, but the devil of impurity is relentless

The human form is both enchantingly beautiful and deadly. Hard is it to walk the straight and narrow path of pure sexuality where one never falls to the temptations of the flesh.

Behold, the only Way into heaven requires that all men and women become pure. And how are men and women to achieve perfect purity, O’ Lord? For I transgress. I fall to temptation. I fail the Lord in this task to maintain perfect purity and perfect continence. The key, lord Azurite, is that you obey your Lord and do not follow Satan.

For the one who follows Me shall never fall. And the one who obeys Me shall be kept safe from the temptations. Remember that girl who worked in your office, called Sam, who was a temptation to you? And remember your first recourse was to turn to Me asking me to take that temptation away from you. You did not ask me to do this as Saint Augustine did, who said, “Please take me away from this temptation, but not yet.” For that path, the decision to satiate oneself in one’s illicit pleasures, with the intention of coming back to Me later, after you have sated yourself in your lust does not work. Your act of remorse in that case is not genuine. And therefore, in such a case, you may not receive complete forgiveness for sins.

But you were not like Saint Augustine in that you immediately asked Me to take away that temptation. And so, I made her stop coming near you, and eventually, she moved on to another job, and you saw her no more. Know, lord Larimar, that that girl was not the finest and greatest assault Satan has to offer. He will try again, but with a girl who is not a temptress. For I removed her due to her being a temptress. And thus, Satan, to tempt you, must send a temptation who is not a temptress next time.

But lord Larimar, let it never enter your mind that it is impossible to achieve perfect continence and purity. You fall from time to time, but you have not fallen all the way. And because you stop short of the complete failure, I do not condemn you. For only those who complete the act or attempt to complete it are under the ban. But those who stop short, and back away from the temptation, these are following Me. These are remaining in Me, and I Am remaining in them.

Therefore, lore Azurite, if you wish to become perfect, I will tell you of the secret Way that infallibly leads to perfect purity. Listen, then, and learn. Always have recourse to the Holy Spirit in any decision you are about to do, and you will be guided to Truth and out of error. For the impure man is lied to the lie that his impurity is okay. And only after the act does he receive the conviction of the true nature of his sins. But My secret is not to go that route, but instead, when you are struggling with temptation and are at a loss of what to do, invoke the Holy Spirit to lead you to make the correct decision. And he will guide you correctly every time. Amen.

Remember that the Holy Spirit is a real person, the Third Divine Person of the Holy Trinity. And all baptized men have access to Him. For Jesus, by dying on the cross, enabled for all men who come to Him and who are baptized, that they will receive the Holy Spirit, Whom Jesus called the Advocate that He promised to send us after he departed from this world. (John 14:15-17). And remember that this Advocate is not a mere person limited in time and space. Rather, this Divine Person is a Personality of the One Triune God, possessing all the divine attributes of God in being omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient. He is fully capable of helping you if you ask Him to.

Lord, someone may object to me having this image of this nude girl before a mirror at the top of this post, saying that it could lead to greater immorality and greater impurity. Lord Azurite, the Way to perfect purity is to get used to those things that tempt you so that they do not. In those cultures where women go around topless, are the people there constantly lusting for the women who go by naked? No, for they are used to such sights and they see them as normal. And so these sights do not harm them nor do they destabilize them.

Just do not let these sights lead you to commit impure acts. Do not touch yourself in an impure way that leads to incontinence. For a man must not shed his seed, unless he is married. And the married man does not have a license to sin. Nor is marriage a license to be perverse. The same discipline by which you govern yourself as a chaste single man, and as a chaste engaged man, must also guide you in married life.

Discipline, obedience, and recourse to the Holy Spirit, these three virtuous practices in your walk with God effectively defeat the devil. And the best Way to deal with Satan when he offers something to you is to say these Words: “You, Satan, are powerless to fulfill any promise that you make. All you can do is speak. You can never fulfill any promise permanently.” Say these Words and say no more. Converse not with Satan but cast him away. For whosoever converses with Satan is led astray by the subtle truth of his arguments, twisted in lies to destroy the most disciplined minds. That is why, when you uncover Satan, denounce him and then cast him away. Amen. Also, if any spirit is speaking to you, and you cannot figure out whether he is Satan or God, ask him, “Are you Satan?” And God will force him to answer you Truthfully. And whenever any spirit admits he is Satan, that is the last you must deal with him. Cast him out and speak with him no more. Amen.

O’ Lord, what sayest Thou of those Catholic leaders who teach that God created sex and that it is a good thing that He created, but that it must be only had within the valid binding of holy matrimony? Sex is a good thing, lord Azurite. And those who have it lawfully are performing acts of justice and righteousness. But lord Azurite, the married life is very hard. And few can live in that life and keep themselves free of mortal sins.

For how many married couples who are having sex do so free of all artificial birth control? This question is not merely a matter of opinion or personal choice. It is a matter that determines your state of grace and your salvation. Those married couples that turn to use artificial birth control transgress gravely and are ineligible to receive communion. All such people who receive communion anyways are sacrilege junkies. Amen. Chris Cuomo of CNN is an example of a sacrilege junkie.

Lord, Mary told me that I am to be a priest, that that is my destiny. But what sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Do I marry a girl and have a child or children? Or do I remain celibate and attain to perfect continence? And let God speak, not Satan. I Am calling you to enter My priesthood, lord Azurite. You never marry, not even into a Josephite marriage. That girl you know in Nigeria, you now well know her to be a liar and a deceiver. But you do not hate her. But neither do you converse with her anymore. For just as you are to avoid conversing with Satan, so also must you avoid conversing with any liar and deceiver you discover in this world. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, since I do not marry, then do I still get raptured to the British Isles? Or does my fate change yet again? Tell me, O’ Lord, my fate. For it was said in the previous post that I was to be cured, married, and transported to the British Isles where I was to live out my celibate marriage. But since I am to become a priest, none of that can happen. Am I now correct, O’ Lord and God? Yes, and now I shall detail your future, lord Azurite. Lord Azurute, it is 11:11 PM. you have now rested and are refreshed. And now I shall tell unto thee thine vocation. And it shall be understood that I Who tell you this vocation Am He Who Am. So let us proceed.

you cannot marry, lord Azurite. For you have laid your hand on the plough, and it is now forbidden for you to look back at anything that you have left behind. Amen. Furthermore, you will not flee America. Here, you shall stay, and here you shall hide and be unfindable by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, who are set to come into power and to force their sins upon all the people. He will enact the law called the mark of the beast. Whosoever refuses to receive that mark will be slain. Oracle of the Lord! But whosoever agrees and willingly receives the mark of Biden, the beast, he will burn in the everlasting fires of hell in front of the Lamb and His angels. (Revelation 14:9-11). Amen. You are to remain here in the land and outlast him, lord Larimar. He will seek to destroy you, but he will find himself unable to do so.

And a woman shall be sent to you to seduce you, lord Azurite. For it was Eve who was the ruin of Adam. And it was Delilah who was the ruin of Samson. And King David ruined himself by his lust for Bathsheba, a married woman. And King David’s eldest son, Amnon, transgressed My law by raping his half sister Tamar, and then he suffered his due death at the hands of her full brother, Absalom. For no sin is without its consequence. And deadly sin results in equally deadly punishment. Amen. I will allow Satan to put this girl into your life, not to tempt you to fornicate with her, but to tempt you to marry her. Amen. For you are forbidden to marry. And should you walk in just one step in that direction you shall die. Amen.

Hence, your calling to My priesthood is assured. Furthermore, I wish to make clear My election of your soul. It is not that you were predestined to be saved that I have elected you, but rather, that you remained in Me and with Me through all your trials and tribulations. For that is really what determines if I will save any individual soul. He who remains in Me and I in him shall be saved.

Lord, will you save anyone in My workplace? Yes. I will save Butch, who is a Catholic. And I will bring Jose back into My Catholic Church. But the rest will never enter into My Kingdom. Oracle of the Lord! For Eric, you are not preaching to the people of your workplace by words, but rather, by the example you show of your own life. For how a man lives, not what a man says, who follows Me correctly, is the most powerful act of preaching to My people of My religion. Remember what I said: By your love for one another, My people will know that you are My disciples. (John 13:34-35). And when My people witness this, they will convert. Amen. For no one converts because someone argues with them, but that they see My people and wish to emulate them and to be like them.

But if My followers lead impure lives, if they do not practice My religion correctly, then they serve rather to turn My people who see them away from My Catholic Church. Hence, at the time of judgement, when I judge all human beings, and I judge each man’s failures or triumphs in following Me, I will not look merely on the effects of those acts on that man’s own soul, but also on how it affected all those who observed him. Good men worthy of My Kingdom lead other men to enter into My Church by the good example of their life in correctly following the requirements of My Catholic Church. Bad men, worthy of damnation, transgress My laws and requirements, and by their transgressions, serve to turn people away from My religion.

Now, let us look at why the Jews rejected Jesus. Their arguments were that He claimed to be God, and yet, did not keep the Law of Moses. And how did He break the law of Moses, you ask? Well, He cured people on the Sabbath and He allowed His disciples to pick grain from a field to eat it on the Sabbath. Did not the Jews know that the Son of God Who was to come would be Lord of the Sabbath and not subject to that Law? (Matthew 12:8). For if God Himself works also on the Sabbath, why would not the One He sends into the world to save it not also do likewise? For when God gave Moses the ten commandments, He was not binding Himself to follow those commandments as well. For if God bound Himself to the Law of Moses, how can He take life? Rather, the ten commandments serve to guide men to conform themselves to be made pleasing to God. Hence, it is a grave error to judge the Messiah on how he keeps to the Law of Moses, but rather, on the authority he exhibits in both His Words and in His deeds. If this man, by His authority, commands the lame to walk, and they walk, and for the blind to see, and they see, and for the deaf to hear, and they hear, then that is the basis on which the Jews were expected to recognize My Messiah. They were not to take the Law of Moses and apply it to My Messiah and reject Him because in their sight He did not keep it. For who made them the judge of My Messiah? For if they themselves fail to keep to My law, then they err grievously to set themselves up as judges on who keeps to My Law. For the hypocrite will not escape condemnation.

Hence, the Jews had no credible claim on rejecting Jesus. For they rejected him on breaking a Law that they themselves were unable to keep. Now, do I reject the Jews even to this day, you should ask? My rejection of the Jewish people is over. And I now allow the Jews to come into My Church. All who enter in, their names will be written in My Book. But all who remain outside, neither will I record their names in My Book. And when the allotted time to enter in has passed, I will shut the door to My Kingdom and proceed to judge the world. Those who are outside My Kingdom I will condemn. And those who entered in and remained in Me I will save.

Now, one final thought. No one who does not follow Me will be saved. But woe to that man who sets himself up as My model follower and then proceeds to judge others on how well they follow Me or whether others follow Me. Woe to that man who tells others of My judgements on them, and who holds himself up to be a model of perfect discipleship in My Church. For no one can keep to My law perfectly. And therefore, he who applies My law to others, serves to drive them away from My Church rather than in bringing them in. Let, therefore, men seek to remove their own sins first, before they seek to remove the sins of their neighbors. For he who does not gather with Me scatters. (Luke 11:23).

Now, I shall prophesy unto you the fate of Trump and of his Administration. He will be defeated at the polls by Joe Biden. For Contradiction, the Player behind Biden, the one Eric calls Lucifer-Man, is rising. His reign has now come and he cannot be stopped from rising. Hence, Trump and the Republicans can get Amy Coney Barrett passed and confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice as one of their last acts, but after that, the Republicans will no longer have power in the Senate until Lucifer-Man’s reign ends after his allotted 42 months have passed and Azurite comes to power in 2024, with his Pawn to succeed Joe Biden on January 20, 2025 as the 47th President. Amen.

For no one can stop the wicked from rising when their time has come. But Eric’s decree that Alexei Navalny replace Vladimir Putin as head-of-state of Russia, I promise to fulfill. For the reign of Vladimir Putin is coming to an end. And if Putin will not step down as I command him to, then he will be forced down as I command his officers to overthrow him. And then they will call new elections so as to validate the authority of their coup. And to ensure their validity in the eyes of the Russian people, international monitors from the United Nations will be called in to monitor the elections so that the people are confident that their votes will be counted and that the elections will not be rigged, as they have been rigged under every vote that Putin has conducted. And then Alexei Navalny, whom I will have cured, will win the elections in a landslide. Vladimir Putin will see this from his exile in Uruguay, where he will remain to the end of his days. I Who Am have spoken.

Then, O’ Lord, Antichrist comes to power as the Player behind Joe Biden. And then Azurite follows this with his own good Pawn. But when do You return? After Eric has reigned 17 years as Azurite King, Lucifer-Man returns to power to reign as Antichrist par Excellence, until the ruin that is decreed is poured out upon the horror. (Daniel 9:27). After that ruin of the second reign of Lucifer-Man, do all things in this world come to their end. But many are the years between now and then. Amen. In the meantime, My people must convert and follow Me, so that I may save them. And whosoever follows Me and remains in Me I will save. Amen.

Now, lord Azurite, do you have any questions to ask? At what point do I leave my job to enter into the seminary? I will make you a priest, but this will take place in a time and setting of which only I know. But realize that your removal from this nation takes place soon, for you cannot remain in the land that I will destroy. But I will grant you this consolation. I have made you pure. And from this purity you shall not fall. Now, publish this post, lord Azurite, for it is complete. Amen.

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