The Mystery of the Seven Heavens.

Azuradette, ruled by Eric and Saint Bernadette together, is in the highest heaven.

Eric, dost thou wish to know the fate of thine brother, David? I will now tell thee. David is the epitome of a man who has completely wasted his life and all his chances to be saved and to enter into My Kingdom. He has passed through his life without a care. And now it is coming to an end, and he knows it not. For the time for revelations from God has come. And the time for you to be revealed is now.

Death now stalks the decks of the mighty Storm Dancer. The listing ship has reached its destination. And the time has come for all things to be revealed. Jesus is to sit in judgement of all nations. And all shall be gathered together to be judged. For the Age of Mary is ended. And the Age of Justice is now begun, as of today, Sunday, September 20, 2020. Amen. Now has come the time for those who have done good to be resurrected to eternal life and to see everlasting glory and triumph. And those who have done wickedly shall see everlasting horror and disgrace.

Lord, Eric cannot know the timing of Your return. What revelations, therefore then, dost Thou reveal? First, I shall reveal your identity. For it is My divine will that it be known who you are. And who are you, Eric? Am I as your second John the Baptist, O’ Lord, the one sent to prepare Your Way before Your imminent return? And am I sent here with Lazurite, to serve the Two Witnesses as prophesied in Revelation, chapter 11? Lazurite and Azurite are indeed My Two Witnesses. But though you have witnessed all the Players you have defined, just as a man witnesses the wind by observing the movements of the leaves in a tree, Lazurite you have witnessed not. Rather, you have decreed his existence, but are unaware of his existence. Hence, your knowledge of him is from conjecture and with neither sensory nor spiritual awareness. But he does exist. It is merely that you know him not.

Allow Me now to reveal the salvation of people you know in My Catholic Church. The Hispanic man, John, who once did custodial work at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, and who had long black hair, and who you observed faithfully go regularly to Mass and confession, I will save.

That woman, Isabel, along with her daughter, whom you helped all those years ago, who you observed banging on the door of the rectory crying for help, because she was about to lose her home, and whom you led to the office where they were able to contact the charitable organization, Saint Vincent de Paul, both of those two I saved.

Father Edward Becker, Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe, who is definitely one who speaks with and knows God, I shall save. To him am I sending thee to tell of thine vocation to the priesthood. Amen.

And no, lord Azurite, that you lapse from complete holiness does not take you away from the path I have set you on. My will is that you become a priest. Do not deviate from that will. Now, hear Me as I describe the fate of all your family.

Both of your brothers, both Mark and David, are under the ban. Both are in a state of rejection and condemnation. Both were highly rich and successful in their careers. But now, only David remains rich, employed, and prosperous, though single and without any love life. Mark, on the other hand, is penniless, broke, hopelessly in debt, and completely struggling to make it, but he has so far kept his marriage intact and cares for four daughters, two of whom are his own, and two of whom are step daughters, for his wife was married before to a Jewish man, and she divorced from him.

One of these I have elected to save. And one of these I have elected to abandon. Can you guess which one? Let me remind you of My Word: “For whom God loves, He disciplines; He scourges every son He acknowledges.” (Hebrews 12:6). And also: “He takes away every branch in Me that does not bear fruit, and everyone that does He prunes so so that it bears more fruit.” (John 15:2). David is given nice things. He has a bright new and expensive yellow Camaro. And he has all the money he needs, along with a secure pension. But Mark, because He has become a Christian, I have elected to chastise him, so that he becomes a better Christian. But I make no chastisement of David, who has no religion, and who has rejected Me and My Church, along with all My Word. Guess who I Am saving? And guess who I Am condemning? If you cannot figure this out, then neither can you figure out any other Truth pertaining to My gospel. Amen.

Hence, Mark I will spare from the coming wrath of God about to descend upon all the inhabitants of this earth. Now, go to Mass, lord Larimar. When you come back, We shall conclude this post. Amen.

I am back, O’ Lord. Good, now We shall speak of the priesthood to which I have destined you to enter. You are to become a diocesan priest, not a priest belonging to a religious order. Hence, a vow of poverty you shall not make. I will also make you fluent in Koine Greek and in Latin. And you will study My Word in both the Latin Vulgate and in the original Koine Greek forms of the New Testament and the Septuagint. As for your current disciplines, your knowledge of computer technologies, and your mastery of computer languages, realize that a man can serve only one Master. A man cannot serve two. For he would be devoted to one and despise the other. (Matthew 6:24). Then, O’ Lord, do I no longer study Xamarin and Rust? All your time belongs to Me now, lord Azurite. And all your time is precious and valuable. Tell Me, what do you think? Is it possible for a man to learn and master Latin and Koine Greek, which he has only lightly studied so far and is far from mastery as of yet, and also to be able to master the latest computer technologies, such as Rust and Xamarin? No, Lord, I can choose one or the the other, but not both. Then cease to study Rust and Xamarin. From now on, your task is to focus exclusively on that which pertains to My priesthood. And all your time I demand from you to serve Me.

But as for your current job, continue to do the work that is required of you there. You will become rich and successful in the position in which you currently work. And in that workplace, a woman I will put there to tempt you. But do not take this woman, neither sexually nor romantically. For she is put there only as a test. And you will be called to give up your then successful position in that company when the time comes for your entrance into the seminary. For the prospect of a successful career and a potential wife are great temptations to return to the world for the man who is called to serve Me in My priesthood. And by your endurance in spite of these temptations to remain on the path I have called you to will make you worthy of My calling.

Today is Sunday, a day of rest, but you are called to work today, at home, to complete the projects your employers have laid upon you. And complete these two projects you shall, and on time. For you are well disciplined and steadfast in what you do.

Now, one last thing I wish to say unto you before I turn you back to your labors. And it is this. The Age of Mary has ended, as of today. And today is the beginning of the Age of Justice. Hence, the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2020, lasted 1155 days. Amen. It is now done. And because the Age of Mary is now done, I will now punish all evildoers. And I will destroy all those who have violated My Covenant. Hence, America is to see fire descending from heaven, in the sight of all Mankind. And it will wipe out a great proportion of humanity. Go, lord Azurite, and eat some dark chocolate, and then come back. And when you come back, We shall write everything left that is to be written in this post. Amen.

It is accomplished. And I now assign you to your fate. That condition that you have long had, consider it healed, as of today. And as for the cures you sought for your ailments that you asked of Me many years ago, and received the promise of your cures on September 2, 2000, realize that all these conditions I will now cure. Amen. For the habit of your past sins has ended. And the impurity of your past has been vanquished. Now, should you return to your former ways, you will be like Moses who struck the rock twice. And I did not allow Moses to enter into the promised land.

And therefore, what became of Moses in eternity, you should ask? No one who lived and died before I enacted My sacrifice on the cross, and who received not the benefit of that sacrifice, has entered into My Kingdom. Such was the mystery contained in My Words regarding John the Baptist, and all Old Testament saints, when I said, “Of those born of women, no one is greater than John the Baptist. But the least in the Kingdom of Heaven is greater than he.” (Matthew 11:11). For outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lord, then are there two places for the elect in the hereafter? One place for the elect who never received Thee, and another place, called the Kingdom of Heaven, where exist all those elect who received Thee? Lord Azurite, I save no one unless he is enrolled into My Kingdom. Those who lived and died without ever finding Me or knowing Me cannot be saved.

Then, O’ Lord, do you say Abraham, Issac, and Jacob were sent to hell? No, for the Place called the Limbo of the Fathers was set up for people such as these. This state of Limbo ended at the time of My sacrifice on the cross. And then all those who belonged to the Limbo of the Fathers entered the lowest realm of Heaven. And there they remain and there they find their eternal station.

Then how do You say they cannot be saved if they have an eternal station in the lowest realm of Heaven? All those who enter this lowest realm are not those who never received Me, but rather those whose reception of Me was spiritual in nature. For I make Myself spiritually available to all I elect to save. I see you have trouble and confusion on these matters. So I will diagram My seven levels of heaven to thee and then all your confusion shall end.

  1. Level One: In this lowest level belong all My elect of Old Testament times and earlier and all who lived on the earth without ever being exposed to the Catholic Church, and yet, whom I found and saved through a spiritual means known only to Myself. Before I died on the cross, the place in the hereafter that all such souls went to was called the Limbo of the Fathers, And from the crucifixion onwards, the destiny of all such souls became the lowest level of purgatory, to which these all happily go. Amen. For everyone in purgatory is saved and will be admitted into heaven once their sins have been fully expiated in those cleansing, loving fires. Amen. And then they proceed to the lowest level of heaven. And in this Level One of Heaven, these saints receive the basic package of eternal life, which includes the Beatific Vision, which is the most coveted possession of the hereafter. And these are the many who are ruled over for all eternity by My higher saints. The people in this group are called the Peasantry of Heaven. Amen.
  2. Level Two: This higher level of heaven, and all levels higher, are open to only those who validly enter My Catholic Church. These include those validly baptized who are saved. The validly baptized baby or infant who dies goes here. And all who were baptized and who remained Mine, but who never advanced further in My Church to receive Holy Communion exist here. Their salvation is achieved by their baptism and by their spiritual communion that I provide for them at the moment of their death. Hence, those of this group are called the Royal Children of Heaven.
  3. Level Three: This higher level, and all levels higher, are open to only those who have actually and worthily received the Eucharist, the Blessed Sacrament of the body and blood of Jesus, which is made available to My people at every valid Mass, but which may only be received validly by one who is in a state of grace and who has formally entered into the sacramental life of My Catholic Church. The people of this group are called the Royal Bride to the Lamb, consisting of both men and women in communion with the pope in Rome. Amen.
  4. Level Four: In this level are those who are to be rewarded with great responsibilities. And these include those who are given to rule over cities, towns, manors, and castles. These are called the Lords and Ladies of heaven. They, too, are counted as members of the Bride, but are higher than the lower level in that these are given great responsibilities, such as cities and manors to rule over for all eternity, due to their merits and the eternal fruits of their labors.
  5. Level Five: In this level are those who maintained a state of virginity, or who adopted the way of celibacy. This level includes those who enter Religious Orders. The people in this group are made the Princes and Princesses of Heaven. And they include those given Dukedoms and Duchies to rule over for all eternity. Amen.
  6. Level Six; In this level are those who died for Me, including those who laid down their life, but whom I spared from actual death. The people in this group are called the Kings and Queens of Heaven. And these include those given sovereign Kingdoms to rule, all as eternal Subkingdoms of My vast and mighty Kingdom of Heaven, which is without limit in time or space. Amen.
  7. Level Seven: This level is set aside for those whom I anoint to speak My Word in My name and to those who know Me most intimately. In this level I have designated the soul mates, lord Azurite and Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, to rule over forever the heavenly Kingdom of Azuradette, which they will rule over together for all eternity. These two are admitted to the highest realm of heaven, called the Queen’s Gardens, for they both spoke the holy words of Mary to My people, confirming the Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception as witnesses of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And the people of this group are called the Images of God. Amen.

Hence, to summarizes the Seven Levels of Heaven, We shall call them as such:

  1. the Peasantry of Heaven
  2. the Royal Children of Heaven
  3. the Royal Bride to the Lamb
  4. the Lords and Ladies of heaven
  5. the Princes and Princesses of Heaven
  6. the Kings and Queens of Heaven
  7. the Images of God

Such are the seven levels of heaven. And you know that you are to dwell in the seventh heaven, the highest heaven, together with your soul mate, Saint Bernadette of Lourdes. For though you have vowed her as your superior, in My divine eyes, the two of you are equal before Me. And that is why the two of you are placed together in the Queen’s Gardens. Amen. And now, everything should be made clear unto thee. I Who Am have spoken. Go now and complete the projects which you have been assigned to complete. For you are given the time to accomplish them. Amen.

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