Eric is to be a priest

To the priesthood do I now irrevocably call My Azurite King. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now speak. Behold, an incompetent and unqualified woman has been removed from the Supreme Court. Now, Trump is commanded to nominate her replacement before the elections take place. The confirmation hearings and the vote to confirm him can take place after the elections. I Who Am have spoken. And remember the holy war that governs American politics: that between the religious, pro-life right and the anti-religious, pro-choice left. Choose a Supreme Court Justice who shall likely get the votes necessary to pass, but who is also clearly aligned to the right. A Supreme Court Justice as Kavanaugh is was an excellent choice. But also be prepared for the same kinds of underhand tactics that were employed against Kavanaugh to be deployed against your nominee. Do not abandon your nominee, just as you did not abandon Kavanaugh in the face of all the accusations made against him, which were all lies and deceit. Remain backing the one you have chosen, and he will be passed.

When the Supreme Court convenes in 2021, with a 6-3 Conservative Majority, they will rehear a case that involves Roe vs. Wade, and they will overturn that decision. Oracle of the Lord! Now, I shall speak. Eric is called to the priesthood. This is My ultimate decision on his fate. Amen.

But Lord, what about Eric’s history of manic-depression. The seminary does not accept those who have such conditions. Or do they? Remember, lord Larimar, I cure you first, fully and completely. Only then do I send you to the priest to tell him of your vocation. I have called you to My priesthood. And you have chosen to follow Me there. Because you have chosen this, let Me assure you that you are saved. Amen. Before you die, I now assure you that you are saved. Amen.

Also, I place you into the same company as My Apostle John. And the Apostle John I assign to be the one who guides you in this journey. He will lead you and instruct you on what you are to do. Now, it was said in the previous post that I granted you a seventeen year reign as Azurite King. But I did not tell you what follows this. You do not die, lord Larimar. Instead, you have been blessed to remain here until I come. Amen. I hereby give you the blessings and the graces that I considered giving John, and that is, that you will remain in this world and in this life until I come. (John 21:22-23). And throughout all your remaining life, you shall maintain perfect continence, purity, and remain a virgin. And your status as My prophet, through whom I speak, will never be taken away from you. Amen.

Now, let us discuss President Donald John Trump. Note that Trump is far from being called the model Christian. Rather, it is important to view Trump as a kind of Emperor Constantine, who also was far from being anything close to a model Christian. But We chose Trump to serve in America, similar to Our choice of Constantine to serve in the Roman Empire, to serve a crucial role in the history of the Catholic Church. And Trump will be remembered, just as Constantine is remembered, for his role in saving the Catholic Church from the destruction it faced at the hands of Obama and Biden. Good work, Trump. Just remember who your allies are. The Republicans are your allies, despite some of them turning away from you or against you from time to time. For remember the holy war that governs American politics. No one who does not understand the struggle between the religious, pro-life right against the anti-religious, pro-choice left will be able to understand American politics. Your allies, Trump, are those of the right. Remember that always.

Now, under Obama, NASA became dependent on Russia to send men into space. That is the kind of America Joe Biden wants to return America to: dependance on foreign nations and on our enemies for our technological needs and capabilities. For people like Obama and Biden do not believe that America can be successful in science and technology. But it is in our strategic interests that America has the capability of sending men into space and to the International Space Station. And two American companies are now in the process of getting their spacecraft certified. These two American companies are completing their projects under Trump’s watch. Already, with SpaceX, has America sent men to the ISS with its Dragon 2. And Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner is scheduled to complete its testing and certification by next year. Both of these companies will get their spacecraft certified, and NASA will then have two separate, independent providers for manned space flight operations.

But Lord, in a previous post, I read that SpaceX’s spacecraft is destroyed. Lord Azurite, there is a hidden bug in SpaceX’s design that leads it to be unstable. And this bug, when found, will be most difficult to correct. Hence, when this bug becomes apparent, with the loss of life of some astronauts, the Dragon 2 will become reserved for backup escape needs and cargo resupply roles. Also note this, Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner will be ready for certification when the bug in SpaceX’s design becomes manifest. That is when Boeing’s stock will begin its rise. And from that point onward, Boeing will win the contracts for providing manned spaceflight to serve the ISS and any other space stations that are to be designed and built. For a disclosure, Eric is long BA.

Also, we are entering the Age of the Floating Cities, which will refer to the series of Space Stations that will be built, serviced, and permanently manned in this age. Three major roles will be served by these Space Stations that will provide positive returns on investments: (1) Scientific Research, (2) the Manufacturing of Products in Space, and (3) Space Tourism. All three roles will play in various means of providing positive returns on investments into the building and servicing of these Space Stations. Also, new Space satellite technologies will bring about ubiquitous internet access everywhere on the planet. This will replace the current technologies known as cellular and Wi-Fi networks and connections. Hence, future laptops will be able to access the internet everywhere you go by the new satellites to be set up in space. And also watches and wallets of the future will have internet access.

Furthermore, we have arrived to the age in which people no longer go to school, but do all their learning online over the internet. It took a disease like COVID-19 to effectively inaugurate this policy. But now that it is being inaugurated, there shall be no return. For it is cost effective. For imagine the vast acres of school properties that can now be sold by cities and governments to real estate developers and the money that is saved and generated! And no more expenses of paying teacher salaries or future pensions. And past obligatory pensions can be dealt with through bankruptcy debt restructuring. For the pension funds do not exist anymore for the servicing of the former teachers’ pensions, and they will have no choice but to accept the terms of the court decisions by which school districts may remain solvent.

Vast amounts of money will be saved by retiring the fleets of school buses, bus drivers, and school personnel. And these vast savings can be redirected to helping low income parents buy and pay for the computers and laptops their children will need to learn online and to participate in online video meetings by which they are to be instructed. Behold, we have entered the Online School Era. Hence, the days of dealing with the schoolyard bully have gone. From now on, you shall deal with cyber bullies. Brains now become more of an asset than brawn.

Lord, it is now strategically important that people who wish to get good jobs, that they enter the technology fields. Is this the case, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, Africa will be left behind in the global technology revolution. They will remain that continent of backward nations But the Americas, Europe, Asia, and the Pacific shall excel. India will outcompete Africa and begin its takeover of that continent. For India will see Africa as that ideal land in which its people can expand into to form a kind of New India. Also, China and the nations of Indochina will also seek to colonize the dark continent. For Africa is to be taken over by foreign powers. It is no longer to be populated or controlled by the Negroid races.

Lord, are all Negroid lineages to suffer extinction? Negro lineages that learn to integrate into modern society will not die out. But all that vast array of the peoples of Africa who have remained backward will die out, for they simply cannot compete in modern society and culture. Lord Azurite, what about that girl Hyacinth, who lives in Nigeria? What about her? Hyacinth is past news. She is long ago rejected from Eric’s life: “For when he found that she had lied, the love that was between them died.” And Eric has no more dealings with any such peoples that can be met online, for the purposes of social interaction or romance. For Eric is now beyond all that. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, does Eric rule any lands or any Kingdom here in this world, or on this earth? And does Eric receive any titles here? None of the lands of this world do you rule, lord Azurite. For your Kingdom is not of this world. But this is My decree of who you are to Me. You are My anointed, sent to serve Me in the warning of My people of My imminent return. And therefore, it shall not be long before I return. If I give you seventeen years to reign as Azurite, followed by twenty-three further years after that to serve Me humbly as My priest, then regard those years as the forty years that I elect to grant to you as king and ruler in the service of My Kingdom in the Age of Mary. Amen. But of your years, how long you will reign, and when I come, this I will not reveal. Amen.

Now, I have spoken at length. Black people will go extinct in Africa, to be replaced by Asians from India and from the Orient. You, lord Azurite, are destined to serve Me as My priest, and to you I now assure you of your salvation, for you have made the ultimate decision to follow Me in your election to fulfill My calling of you to My priesthood. And should any girl enter your life, regard her as but a test, and not as your destiny. For I do not destine you to any girl. Quickly reread this entire post, lord Azurite, and correct all errors in it that you find, and then I permit you to ask any questions. Amen.

(1) Lord, since I am to become a priest, does the work I do for the company I work for no longer have long term importance? Just as the girl We are putting into your life, these things in your life that belong to the world are Our way of testing you to see which way you will go. Do you prefer the things of this world, or will you burn your bridges here to returning to this world, as Elisha did, and fully embrace your calling to enter My priesthood? (1 Kings 19:19-21). What must I do to burn these bridges, O’ Lord? Serve Me and do My will, and the bridges that link you back to this world will be burned and destroyed. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

(2) Then, O’ Lord, I burn my bridges by serving You and by doing Your will. When do these things come to pass that I am cured, that I tell of my vocation to the priest, that I give notice to my employers that I am leaving them for the priesthood, and that I formally enter into the seminary? Amen? By this time next year, you will have been admitted to the seminary and be busy studying to become a priest. All the other dates of the events you mentioned, they will be revealed in the course of time in which they occur. Furthermore, because you have obeyed Me in writing this post, I will see to it that you accomplish the two things you promised your employer that you would complete over the weekend. Now, ask one final question, and then We shall publish this post. Amen.

(3) My parents and my brothers, what becomes of them? Do any of them enter into the Kingdom to become saved? I Am saving Mark. The rest of your family will be damned. For Mark seeks Me. And Mark remains in Me, though imperfectly due to his Protestant faith. By your compassion for your brother Mark, he will receive necessary helps and be saved. And you shall indeed give to Mark that 1999 Toyota Corolla of which you now drive. But as for your next car, I order you to buy a 2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid instead of an Avalon Hybrid, for it is not in accord to the life of austerity to which you are called to live by as My priest for you to indulge in the luxuries as found in an Avalon. Buy the Camry Hybrid that I will direct you to buy when the money you need to buy it becomes yours. This you will do by Christmas. I Who Am haves spoken. Amen.

This post is now complete. When you have finished publishing it, go and eat your breakfast, cash your check, pay your bills, and then do the work your employer demands of you. I will see to it that you accomplish both directives that you are assigned to accomplish this weekend. And then you will watch your new Blu-ray movie on Sunday evening that you bought for your father’s birthday. For those who are curious, Eric bought the movie Skyscraper, released in 2018, for watching with his dad to celebrate his 88th birthday. Amen.

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