Eric now speaks on Trump, China, and Russia.

Lord Azurite is now reigning. He will reign for 17 years. And then I will take him away.

Behold, I Who Am shall now speak through Eric on President Trump, the mounting tensions between Trump and China, and the cozy relations between Russia’s Putin and Trump. The following Words are Mine, not Eric’s. Eric merely writes what I tell him to. I Who Am Am speaking through Eric, My servant and My prophet. Amen.

That Trump defeats Biden in the coming November 3, 2020, elections is true. That Biden will reluctantly concede is true, for he will see and acknowledge that the elections were fair, and that no rigging took place. For America is not yet like Russia, where rigging the election is a part of the practice of cult worship of the emperor.

But Lord, Biden is so far ahead in the polls. Those who make the polls make them to say what they want them to say. Also, COVID-19 infections will fall off from being as deadly as they are now by the time of the elections. I will do this for the sake of Trump’s reelection. For it is My will that Trump be reelected.

But what about Dragonfly no longer supporting Trump, O’ Lord? All that matters is that Dragonfly remain absolutely opposed to Biden. He does not have to be wholly onboard with Trump for My purposes to be served that Trump wins. Dragonfly’s steady opposition to a Biden Administration will keep Biden from winning. And his toleration for a Trump win will ensure Trump’s victory. For Eric wants the Republicans to win. He would prefer a Pence Administration, but Eric has no power to put that into effect. Therefore, Eric will allow Trump to win and then he will have his own Pawn come forward to victory for the 2024 elections, four years from now.

So the Republicans retain hold of the White House for a solid 12 years? That is correct, lord Azurite. And I will now tell you, since you are Mine, how long it truly is that you remain here before I take you up. I grant you 17 years to reign on earth as Azurite King. That means, you shall reign until 2037, when you shall be 67 years old. For 45 years you will have reigned a Christian follower of Jesus, with 35 of those years being as a full Roman Catholic. Amen. Hence, now you know when you die. And you know the rough time of when I Come Again. For when I take you away, shortly thereafter, I Come Again.

O’ Lord, the Players seem to reign for only two Presidential terms on average. How many Presidential terms does Eric receive in the United States of America? Three, lord Azurite. And then a Player will come and succeed you in America. For this was your fate in America when you were Emerald. You reigned through the two Presidential terms of Ronald Reagan, and through the one Presidential term of George H. W. Bush, and then your power over America ended, and Vesper came to claim authority over America with her Pawn, Bill Clinton. Now you have come again. And I grant you another twelve years to have your Pawns reign over America. These coming twelve years of the rulership of your Pawns over the USA will commence from the elections of 2024 to the elections of 2036. And then another Player will come and rule America, and you will be taken away in the following year of 2037. Amen.

Lord, do I really get taken away to heaven in 2037, or is that merely when my Azurite Reign ends, and I continue to live, but no longer as a Player of Power? Well done, lord Azurite. You know Me well. Yes, your Azurite Reign does end in 2037. As to where you shall be, that will remain a secret until that time comes. But if you do not die, a prophet you shall remain until you are taken away. For I have established you as an eternal prophet. As eternal as your celibate purity is, so also do I make the status I now give unto you as Prophet. Keep your purity, your virginity, and your perfect continence intact forever, and I will never take away your office as My prophet, but will prophesy through you until I Come Again. Amen.

And Lord, what about some of the nude images of women in some of the past posts I have here? Do I replace those nude images, O’ Lord? Lord Azurite, do not remove them, for I do not count them as immoral or dirty. For I declare toplessness in women as clean. Only that which is below the waist, in both men and women, do I declare as things that must remain covered. But a topless woman is not a sinner. And women may go topless, as they do in many other cultures around the world.

It is true that men may be distracted by the image of topless women, but I, the Lord, do not regard a topless woman as dirty. For should I do so, then Mary, My Virgin Mother, should be regarded as dirty when she breastfed her Divine Son Jesus. And such is not so. Hence, that women may expose the breast to feed their babies, neither do I require them to cover up their breasts when they are not doing this task. Hence, only the genitalia do I require to be covered in both men and women. But women have the full right in My sight to go topless just as men do. This do I declare. And none of the nude photos on your posts expose the genitalia, but only the breasts. Hence, your images are clean. And I order you to leave them as they are. Amen.

But Lord, though women may indeed expose their breasts, as You say, I myself am not permitted to lust after the image of any woman. And do you anymore, lord Azurite? Do you lust after any woman? No you do not. Your heart is fully purified now. A woman in the nude is no longer fuel for your fire, lord Azurite. For you are a servant in My Kingdom. And you are no longer a slave to the flesh.

Allow Me to tell you your fate with women now, lord Azurite. No longer do you look upon women as men look upon women. Nor do you love a woman in such a manner. For you are now clean. Rather, you see the woman as I see you. For you have asked Me to grant to you to love your neighbor and one another as I love you. And this request I grant to you. You will indeed love both men and women as I have loved you. And no longer will one thought of romance or sex enter your mind. Amen.

You I have made perfect. And I will perfect My creation of you. I will give unto thee all that thou need. I Who Am have spoken. Any relationship between you and any woman shall remain in a perfect platonic state, just as Clark Kent was platonic with Lois Lane in the original black and white Superman series that existed in the previous generations. And should I call you to enter My priesthood, you shall enter and triumph. Amen. And shall I call you to enter My priesthood, you should ask? Wait until you have been fully cured. For that is when your fate and vocation will have been fully crystalized. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now, let us discuss the immediate, pressing concerns. Trump, you know, shall win the elections and reign for another four years. He doesn’t resign. And the Republican leadership does not force him to. But Putin’s officers will stage a coup and force Putin to go into exile. And they will justify this act to the generals and army commanders by declaring free and open elections for all of Russia, with independent United Nations monitors invited into the country to oversee and guarantee the openness and transparency of the elections and to ensure their legitimacy in the minds of the people. And Alexei Navalny will be well enough to run. And I, the Lord, will make him well. He will win the elections in a landslide and rule Russia for the full two terms that he will be granted by the Russian Constitution to reign. And the Russian Constitution will be fixed. Checks and balances will be set up. And the Law, the Courts, the Legislature, and the Constitution will be corrected to ensure that one man never again can take control of the Russian Federation to make himself dictator. And all the money Putin funneled into his secret accounts out of Russia will be recovered by Russia and restored to the state. Putin will not be rich in his exile in Uruguay. I Who Am have spoken.

Now, what of Trump, China, and Taiwan, O’ Lord? Trump is selling arms to Taiwan to serve as credible deterrent to any attempt by mainland China to retake Taiwan. This is My decree for Trump, should he wish to be considered a real man. Let Trump have the United States of America give full recognition to the statehood of Taiwan and to its permanent independence from China. Do that, Trump, and I will respect you as a real man, one who is not scared of China. And to protect Taiwan from any retaliation from China by that act, I command that Taiwan be admitted to the NATO alliance as a full member at the same time. I Who Am do this declare. Do this, Trump, and your manhood will be recorded into American Hall of Honor. Amen. For let us no longer be pussies when it comes to China. Let China and the world see that America has balls. Amen.

As for Russia’s takeover of Crimea, Russia firmly believes that Crimea is rightfully Russian property due to their original possession of it in the formation of the Soviet Union. Crimea was originally part of Russia as early as 2014, and was transferred by the Soviet Government from the Russian Soviet Socialist Republic to Ukraine in 1954, without the intention or foreknowledge that this would become part of the permanent borders of future independent states, which is what the Common Wealth of Independent States, the successor to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, was and is. Now, how do I judge this case? How do I, the Lord, judge between Russia and Ukraine? To which nation do I, the Lord, declare Crimea to be the rightful property and territory of. I Who AM shall now speak.

The people of Ukraine are independent from the people of Russia. They have their own distinct language, their own distinct Orthodox Church, and their own distinct culture and history. Ukrainians are a people who do not identify themselves as Russians nor as even closely related to Russians. For this people, they are a distinct nation. And they do not want to come under resubjection to Russia ever again.

Furthermore, the nation of Ukraine received its independence from the U.S.S.R. on Christmas Day in 1991 with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, as Gorbachev signed away his very status as its last head-of-state. Immediately Boris Yeltsin, elected President of Russia, become head-of-state of the newly sovereign state of the Russian Federation. Yeltsin did two things that ensured peace in Russia. He immediately sought for signed agreements from all the constituent republics of the Russian Federation that they would remain a part of Russia. This served to prevent the breakup of the Russian Federation. And he also signed as officially binding Russia’s recognition of the borders of all fifteen constituent republics of the U.S.S.R. as permanent borders between independent states. By doing these two things, Russia remained in a state of peace. And there was no blood shed in that miraculous revolution.

But Putin demonstrated what would happen to Russia if he violated these things his wise predecessor had set up. Russia wanted Crimea, and so he took it. Now he has endless wars and endless sanctions. He broke the promises Yeltsin bound his nation to. Now no one trusts the Word nor the promises Russia makes. For if your country cannot keep its Word and its promises, then the treaties you sign and enter into will have no effect and no one will abide by them. And if you will not follow international laws, you will be banned from international trade, no matter how big a nation you are, and no matter how rich and full of natural resources you have. For if you cannot be trusted, no one will want to do business with you nor invest in your nation.

Hence, Russia made the wrong decision under Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and they are paying for it dearly. Russia cannot be righted by Putin. Putin has to go for Russia to be made right again. And do not let Putin leave with his money. Take back his stolen goods and all his offshore accounts in the process of exiling him to Uruguay. He is not to live as a rich man for the end of his days, but should experience the poverty that he brought to Russia by the mistakes and errors of his ways until he dies there in that South American state. Amen.

Only through a return of the Emerald Reign can Russia be righted. The man who was Emerald has now evolved. He is now wiser and more powerful. He is now called lord Azurite. And the first called forth Pawn of the Azurite Reign, the third Erician Pawn of Russia, shall be Alexei Navalny. This Alexei Navalny is called to rise in Russia to be its next head-of-state. This man can be trusted, for he laid down his life for Russia’s sake. He is not afraid to die for Me or for his nation. Hence, he will make an excellent choice of head-of-state. And let it be noted this. The protection I, the Lord, put over My servant Azurite, I also put over his Pawns. Therefore, whosoever orders the death of an Azurite Pawn, just as whosoever orders the death of Eric, will be dethroned and be utterly laid waste to. Oracle of the Lord. Do I make Myself clear?

Now, will Alexei Navalny owe anything to the Azurite Player, you ask, for setting him up to power? No, for the game called “earth” does not work that way. Pawns serve the purpose for which they are called forth by the Players. They never give glory nor recognition to the Players who set them up to power. Rather, they carry out the purpose for which their appointed rule was set in place. For the power to set up Pawns is a power granted by God. And therefore, the Players who set Pawns to power have no claim to themselves for any glory in their Reigns, but owe all glory in their Reign to God. That Azurite now reigns is My doing, not Eric’s. And as Alexei Navalny is a Pawn to Eric on this chessboard, Eric is like a Queen piece to Me on the same board. Like a Pawn who made it to the eighth square, Eric is as My Queen piece. And as My Queen piece, Eric will serve Me in My game of chess until I take him away in seventeen years time. Amen.

Now, someone points out, President Trump is racially disrespectful to Black leaders and to the Black Lives Matter movement. How does God address those grievances that prominent representatives of the Black community have against Trump? What does God do for Black people so that they can live with and accept another four years under Trump? Do I, the Lord, set up respecters of persons to rule over nations? No, I set up those I elect to rule to rule My people with an iron scepter, and to shatter them like pottery. In the first four years of Trump, the impious of this nation were struck. In the second four years, they shall be shattered like pottery. Chris Cuomo, the reason why you do not get it why religious conservatives support Trump is because your soul is dead and you have no religion. For if your soul was alive and you had a religion, you would understand the pro-life movement and you would then understand what motivates people to vote for Trump, despite his bad parts. For the good, to these people, outweigh the bad. And no amount of logic and reasoning will make them ditch one who gives them the good things that they want to vote for the obvious servant to Satan that Biden is and that all Democrats are in the holy war that exists in this nation. For until you realize the holy war between the religious pro-life and the anti-religious pro-choice, you will have no understanding of American politics, and you will continue to make a jackass out of yourself on CNN in your attempts to explain why you believe Trump’s supporters continue to support him. Realize that you are not a real and true Catholic, and then you will come closer to understanding what you currently do not understand. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, let us address Saint Bernadette and your association with her. Eric, your set of twelve chemical components making up the earth’s atmosphere was wrong. Helium is greater than hydrogen. You are as helium. You are an unbonded virgin. You are a perfect inert noble gas. Amen. You are not bound to a girl, neither here nor in the hereafter. Now, do We in heaven associate you two together? Both of you revealed Mary’s Word to you that affirmed the dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Both of you received that confirmation at her visitations to you both, in the independent apparitions you both received. Hence, you are both set as Rulers of a combined treasury that comes from the acknowledgement of Mary’s Words to you both that confirmed her Immaculate Conception, the dogma that says Mary was conceived free of the corruption of Original Sin in the womb of her mother, to give her the necessary Immaculate cleanliness to be worthy to bear the Son of God. For Jesus did not share his tomb with any other dead body. (John 19:41-42). Why, then, should he have shared his mother’s womb in which his flesh took form? Therefore, let all honest Christians come forth and give God the glory and say, Mary was reserved by God to bear one perfect God-man. No other, therefore, was permitted to touch her. And no seed of any man was permitted to enter into her flesh. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Thus, you and Saint Bernadette are eternally linked, but understand this. There are no sexual bindings in heaven. Everyone there is like the angels, where no one marries nor is given in marriage. (Matthew 22:30). And as for the celibate path, it is written of My Word, let he who can accept this path accept it. (Matthew 19:12). Friendships, if they are true, are eternal, should both of these two friends also be true to God. But lovers who mate, this only occurs on the earth, and only between the natural people who do belong to the higher calling of celibacy or virginity.

And now We, the elect in heaven, will leave you with a closing thought. Eric is coming to us in seventeen years. Hence, you on earth have some time, but not enough to raise a family. If you can accept celibacy, accept it. Do not be like the ignoramuses who think that the Church wants people to marry and have children. Rather the Church prefers you to remain celibate and virgin, but if you cannot live in this discipline then get married. But do not violate the station of life to which you are called. I Who Am have spoken. Now go, lord Azurite, and publish this post. And I will grant you success.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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