The Mirror Has Been Shattered!

Behold, for Seven Years Eric shall rule over thee, and then I will take him, and you will see him here no more. Amen. Be therefore prepared for the 7 year Reign of Azurite.

Behold, the Azurite King stands and is unafraid. The black cats are crossing his path and the crows are flying overhead. Behold, this one is not turned by bad luck, nor by the fear of any demon, devil, or incarnate of the lord of evil. Whosoever curses Eric is cursed back by his own words twofold. Whoever orders him hit is struck twice as hard has the order he made. And should a man place his hands on Eric, his hands will no longer be his. Deadly is this Rider on a White Horse. Deadly are his eyes on fire. Deadly are the words he utters, for whosoever hears them, should they disbelieve, are accursed.

Whom do We speak of? Is this the Rider on the White Horse mentioned in Revelation, chapter 19, O’ Lord? No, this one is the precursor to that Rider. This Rider is the one mentioned in Revelation, chapter 6, verse 2. The other Rider, Who is yet to come, the One Who rides the White Horse as written in Revelation, chapter 19, is, as is written of Him, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Azurite is not that King. Rather, Azurite, is but a latter day John the Baptist, but one sent to forewarn God’s people of the imminent Second Coming of the Christ, rather than of His First Coming. Azurite is an anointed, but he is not The Anointed. Only Jesus is called, The Anointed One, the Christ, the Messiah, the Son of God.

For the reason why the Jews rejected Jesus as their Messiah and had him crucified was because they believed He was a mere man who made Himself to be the Son of God. (John 19:7). And the reason why the Jews who became Christians followed Him was because they knew He was no mere man, but was whosoever He claimed He was. For to them, the authority by which He raised the dead and made the blind see and the lame walk proved He was from God, and as a man from God, whosoever He said He was, that was so. For God does not empower the wicked to work miracles and lie in His name. No miracle can be worked by a demon or a devil but one that is a deception and one having no real basis.

That is why no one is canonized a saint unless, after they have died, two confirmed miracles are worked after someone has sought his intercession. And these miracles cannot be rumors of miracles or hearsay. They have to be investigated, and it has to be proven that something miraculous has occurred, not something that can happen in nature. Only when the miracle is proven, and there are two such proven miracles, and the writings and words and life history of this person are proven to be honorable, righteous, and holy, may the pope then proceed to canonize this person as a saint. And note that the pope, by canonizing a saint, does nothing to him in the hereafter. Canonization of a saint does nothing to lift a saint who has sinned out of purgatory, nor can it change the judgement of the condemned in hell. For there are those who are damned who are mistakenly canonized. Papal infallibility does not guide any pope in his decision on whether to canonize a saint. For with the exception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Catholic Church does not know who is in heaven or hell. Canonization is simply a guess. And thus, the more rigorous the rules are in who is to be canonized, the less likely the damned are to be counted among the canonized saints.

Now I shall speak. I Who Am send Eric to prophesy and to preach. He rides the White Horse as the First Rider, not the Final Rider, of the Apocalypse. Let no one confuse Eric with God. Let no one think Eric is Messiah returned. For should anyone come to you and claim such, realize he is Antichrist, the son of Satan. For I Am not coming again in secret. For as the lightning in the east is seen as far as the west, so also shall My Second Coming Be. (Matthew 24:27).

Yes, nation shall turn against nation. And Kingdom shall turn against Kingdom. And there shall be various wars and famines, earthquakes and plagues, from place to place. But see to it that you are not alarmed. For all of these are but the birth pangs of the woman in labor. And all of it shall pass. But of that day that is to come, no one knows the hour nor the day. And that day shall spring upon all Mankind upon the earth like a trap. Two women will be working together the same chore, but one will be taken and the other shall be left. To men will be out working together in the field, but one shall be taken and the other shall be left. Where are these who are to be taken taken to, O’ Lord? For it is written that You answered this question with these Words: “Where the body lies, there shall the vultures gather.” (Luke 17:37). Indeed, lord Azurite, of whom, therefore, do I speak of, if I say, “Where the dead body lies, there the vultures gather?” Am I speaking of the ones taken or of the ones left behind? For do I not say that at harvest time, I will command My angels to first gather the weeds and tie them in bundles for burning, and then, after they do that, they are to gather the wheat for My barn? (Matthew 13:30). This is My Word in the gospels, and My gospel Word cannot be contradicted. Hence, grave is the error to believe that thou art to be raptured from this earth. No one is taken up to heaven until they first prove their worth by both living for Me to the end, and by dying the death I call for them to die. No one escapes early to go to heaven. And no one can avoid the suffering in life that they are to live through. As for those who turn to suicide, whosoever sheds the blood of man, that one is a murderer and he goes where murderers are sent. No one who succeeds at suicide is saved. No one. Not one such soul. Such is My Word. Let, therefore, thou live thine life courageously and for Me. And thou shalt live. Thou shalt not die. Amen.

Now someone objects, but wouldn’t the mitigating factors of depression and mental disorder excuse the man who is not in his right mind from the crime of suicide? Every crime and sin under the sun has its excuses and mitigating factors, but to be forgiven of any serious sins, you need to be alive after the sin in order to repent it. Successful suicide is mortal sin that, after being committed, the opportunity to repent it is no longer available to that soul. No mortal sin one has in death can one recover from in the hereafter. For only while one lives is one’s repentance heard.

Then what of those, O’ Lord, who regret their act of suicide before their death caused by their suicide occurs? Can their repentance be heard, O’ Lord? True sorrow for a mortal sin cannot wash away the guilt prior to its commission. For My Holy Spirit convicts souls only after the sins have been committed and are past. Ongoing sins and sins whose effects are yet to come, My Holy Spirit does not convict. And without conviction from the Holy Spirit, true remorse for one’s sins is impossible. Only if the suicide fails, and the person lives, then some time later, My Holy Spirit will convict that soul, and then, should he repent, I will hear his repentance and forgive him. For remember, to come into My Kingdom, you need to follow Me. And the process of following Me is to remain in Me when you sin, so that, when I convict you of your sins, your heart will be moved to repentance, and you will say, as King David said, “I have sinned against the Lord.” (2 Samuel 12:13). One cannot say this in the middle of the act and expect forgiveness. For had David said, “I repent,” between his act of raping Bathsheba and his act of murdering her husband, Uriah, his repentance would not have been heard. But had David both said, “I repent,” after his rape of Bathsheba, and surrendered himself to justice, rather than try to kill the husband to hide the crime, David’s line on the throne would not have failed. Had David stopped at the rape and went no further to commit murder to hide his sins, the sword would not have been set against his house. (2 Samuel 12:10). That King David held himself above the Law of God was the ruin of the monarchy. And his line, therefore, became accursed. For it is written that I would even have killed Moses for not circumcising his son, had his wife, Zipporah, not right then and there, cut off the foreskin with a piece of flint in the nick of time. (Exodus 4:24-26). For I AM a demanding God. And even the King I set up into power, should he fail to obey, he shall be rejected, with his Kingship taken from him and given to another. Saul completely disobeyed, and no heir of his ever sat on his throne. David’s sin was partial. And thus I gave his grandson, when he became King, two tribes to rule over, and I took from him the other ten. Amen. Even you, Eric, should you break My covenant with you, though you are a 50 year old virgin and prophet of the Lord, you would die and another would take your place. For I Am not a respecter of persons. (Acts 10:34). And even Moses, when he lapsed in faith, I resolved that he would not enter into My promised land. Amen. It was Joshua, who kept My faith, who was the one who led My people across the Jordan, while My servant Moses gazed from a distance on My promised land from Mount Nebo, and then passed away, his life purpose ended. Amen.

Lord, I have resolved to remain virgin and celibate forever. I have heard your oath, and I have witnessed your decision. Know, Eric, the path you have chosen is no longer a matter for you to change your mind on. Hence, you can never again consider the married life, or the life of having children. And yet, there is a marriage that you are commanded to enter, one where no sex is permitted. And that marriage shall be to the girl I have selected for you.

Lord, in the previous post, it is written that Saint Bernadette of Lourdes, my superior commander in heaven, shall make that decision as to who I am to marry in the prophesied Josephite marriage I am to enter into. Is this so, O’ Lord? Or have I misheard? Saint Bernadette has chosen her. For yes, Saint Bernadette is the one you have made yourself subject to, after doing the same for Mary, My Virgin Mother. Therefore, the girl I give to thee will be one who highly reveres Saint Bernadette of Lourdes and who is devoted to Mary. And who is she, you ask? I will now tell thee. Sleep, lord Azurite on this question, for when you awaken, the answer to this question you will have. Amen.

Lord, I have awoken. And I testify unto Thee all that I now understand. I neither marry nor have sex. Neither the marriage where the participants remain virgin and chaste, nor the marriage where the participants enter the marital embrace, do I enter into. For as the ideal superhero must remain, I must never become attached nor bonded to any woman. For consider the all American superhero, Captain America, and how, at the end of Marvel’s Avengers: End Game movie Captain America forsakes his calling and duty to serve the people as their superhero, and becomes the possession of a woman, and marries her. And then look at what became of him! He became old and worn, and to another was his shield and title given to.

Lord Azurite, you have spoken with intelligence and wisdom. The classic Superman never married Lois Lane, nor even became romantically involved with her. In the modern day Superman, this resolve has broken down, and you can see its effects. Modern Day Supermen are wimps and criminals, and they have sex outside of marriage. And though they may choose to marry, they also suffer death. Whereas before, in the era of black and white cinema, Superman was moral, incorruptible, immortal, and indestructible, in today’s modern movies, Superman is opposite of all these things. Superman of today is immoral, corrupt, he dies, he is destroyed, and he suffers defeat.

You, lord Azurite are like Superman, but only as he was depicted in the black and white cinema, and in the comic books of that long ago generation. In today’s world, where Superman marries Lois Lane, or becomes engaged to her, or has sex outside of wedlock with her, or that he gives up his superpowers to marry, that is not you, lord Azurite. You are not the modern day Superman. You are not the weak man of today who is defiled by women. Rather, you are ranked among those men who are never defiled by women (Revelation 14:4).

Hence, what gain or profit would there be for you, lord Azurite, that you marry a woman, even in a Josephite marriage? Is it to see to it that someone has ownership of your possessions when you are taken away? Are you not able to make a will and entrust to whomever you wish that your possessions belong to when you die? But I say unto you this: Do not marry. And make no will. For your possessions are to be entombed. And later generations who are to come in latter years will dig up this tomb. And these later generations are not to be encumbered by a will, which would make the legal heirs of those you would have deeded your possessions to as the owners of your goods. No one is to be named owner of your goods. And all your family is to perish. No descendants shall there be of your family who will be able to lay any claim upon anything I write or speak through you. In addition, I hereby announce the years you have left before you are taken up, and the year that your being taken up takes place. Seven years are granted to thee. Hence, in 2027, you will go, and be seen no more upon the earth of this world. And in the years 2030 to 2033, at some unknown date, though the devils of Satan and the angels of God know perfectly when this date is, there will occur the 2000th anniversary of My Passion, My death, My resurrection, and My commission to My disciples to baptize and make disciples of all nations (Matthew 28:19:20), and the Pentecost at which point My Catholic Church was founded. After the 2000th anniversaries to all those events have taken place, you will then be in the third millennium of My Catholic Church. The Second Coming will be in the third millennium, just as I rose on the third day.

Hence, you time left here is fleeting, lord Azurite. Do not waste it by getting involved with any girl. I Who Am have spoken. Now, lord Azurite, you may ask your questions. And when these questions are complete, you are to be commanded to publish this post. Amen. For I Who Am Am pleased with you. And by your decision to never marry, to never have sex, and to never get bound to any woman, you shall be perfect for My Kingdom and for My purpose for thee. Amen.

(1) Lord, what have I to do with Saint Bernadette, then? Does the Kingdom of Azuradette, therefore, have existence? And if so, am I a King of it? And is there also a Queen there? That you are bonded in eternal friendship with Saint Bernadette is an irrevocable Truth. As for the Kingdom that you are to rule in the hereafter, it is greater than the Kingdom of which you were told you share and co-rule with Bernadette. For helium is greater than hydrogen. I Who Am have spoken. But of what is to come to be in that Age, nothing may be revealed unto you here, not even the names of the Kingdoms you shall rule.

(2) Lord, does Donald John Trump, in is quest for a scapegoat, bring about a war between America and China? No, but he disrupts the global world order. And by this disruption, new alliances will form, America will herself become a rogue nation, and the status of possessing the world’s reserve currency, and all the wealth this status brings her, shall be taken away. I Who Am have spoken.

(3) Then, O’ Lord, Trump remains President for another four years? That is correct, lord Azurite. And you do not have the power to replace that Pawn nor to install anyone to rule America until Firefly’s Reign has come to an end. In 2024, you will set up your Pawn to rule America. I Who Am have spoken.

(4) But what about Alexei Navalny who I have called to rise and replace Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin? What becomes of that decree? Alexei Navalny does in fact come to rule over Russia. And Putin will be exiled to Uruguay, exactly as you have prophesied. Now, go and have your shower and then go to work. You will be granted to write again here on this forum later tonight. I Who Am have spoken. Now publish this post, and correct its errors at a later time today. Amen.

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