Azurite has chosen his destiny

Meet your next pope, Cardinal Raymond Burke. He comes after the descent of the fire.

Behold, Azurite has made his decision. And that decision is to comply and to submit to the will of God. Lord, what is the fate of the races between Trump and Biden in America? Trump will be leading in the polls by election day. Biden will be a sore loser and call for a nationwide protest to repudiate the election polls that will say he lost. Many who are Black will come out in support of the riots and then go to jail. And the cities and areas that will be burning will be those places that support the riots. Many who are poor and disadvantaged will join into the riot only to find themselves worse off by that decision. And Black Lives Matter groups will hold massive rallies and them be dispersed with pepper spray. And many Black thugs will take advantage of the riots to rape, pillage, loot, and steal. Chaos will ensue in all Democratically held and governed states, while Republican states will enforce law and order, arresting all the Black rioters who rise up to cause problems. Black leaders will urge their followers not to accept the results of the election and choose to recognize the one who lost, Biden, as the rightful claimant to the White House. But these Black leaders will be tagged, marked, and arrested for sedition, and punished with huge felonies.

With most Black leaders locked up in jail or awaiting trials for crimes of sedition, organizing revolts, are staging unlawful unrest, the Black community will find themselves demoralized and heavily disheartened. And they will then give up on the message and teaching that Black people can get what they want by burning down neighborhoods and blaming it on a President they don’t like because they do it under his watch. For they will see that they made no solid gains, but rather, that they lost big time. And the Senate and the House will have tilted a few votes to the right in both chambers. Republicans will have gained seats in many key contests. And many governor races will have tilted to the Republicans, who will be seen as more reliable for putting down the Black protests and in subduing Black rioters and in sending them to jail.

Don Lemon of CNN will be arrested and charged with inciting rebellion on his television program. And after that arrest, the Black protest movement will die down and run out of steam. Then will come the work necessary for rebuilding America. But the Black neighborhoods will basically only receive a continuation of the welfare that encourages single parent moms to have children out of wedlock so that Black fathers who cannot afford to pay the child support payments demanded of them by the state are imprisoned with felonies for not paying their debts. The governments of such Black neighborhoods will be invariably Democratic, and pro-BLM. And they will blame the White man for all the problems that plague the Black man. But the real reason is that the Democratic leadership makes money on the penal labor system. And by increasing the arrests of Black men to serve as penal slaves, this increases the revenues that flow into their pot, allowing them to balance budgets and to pay pensions for past administrators and highly paid government retirees, and to even give all the higher ranking government officials their annual 4% raise in pay. Such is the Biden plan for utilizing Black lives as things that matter. They matter as a means of making money, just as Black lives mattered to the slave traders, as each Black represented a major amount of profits in American gold to them. Negroes were bought from African Kings in exchange for rum. And in the Americas, the colonists gave gold to the traders in return for good, healthy, and strong Negro slaves fresh off the boats from Africa. And then in Europe, the traders used some of the profits in gold to buy more rum to continue this Triangular Trade. And they would get the cheapest and lowest quality rum to maximize prophets with the African Kings, who were only too happy to exchange the Black prisoners they captured for more cheap tasting rum, so as to fill their bellies and get drunk, while their fellow Negroes, for whom they did not look upon as brethren in that age, were transported across the Atlantic to continue the slave trade in human cargo.

There should be a video game made called Triangular Trade. And the goal is to maximize profits as a slave trader, plying the Atlantic and trading rum for Negroes in Africa, Negroes for gold in the Americas, and gold for rum in Europe. And the goal would be to rise in rank, wealth, and prestige as a successful trader of Black slaves. And the more Blacks you can successfully transport from Africa to America, the greater your profits and points. And the goal is to retire as a wealthy plantation owner in the Americas, and to acquire a wife. And the wife has to be one of the more beautiful ones, for they produce the most points, giving the Player a higher ending score and a higher end status at the end of the game. And the highest rank at the end of the game is be named, “King’s Adviser,” all from carefully maximizing one’s profits in the successful trading of Black slaves.

And to give an action scene involving hand-eye coordination to increase skills in dexterity, There would be scenes where the Player must choose to discipline the slaves. And a variety of slave disciplining tactics will be presented. The effective performance of these disciplinary measures on the Black slaves will determine the slave trader’s effective control over his human cargo. A well controlled ship will result in fewer deaths in the trans-Atlantic voyage for bringing healthy African slaves, fit for service in America, to the lucrative American markets for sale, increasing the profits and the final scores for the game. And the proven skills with a whip will serve to keep subdued the captive Negroes and keep them under control, resulting in higher points rewarded. Exceptionally poor skills in disciplining one’s Negro cargo could lead to a mutiny on the part of the slaves, and only and effective strategy of wiping out the certain alpha-males responsible for the uprising will bring the human cargo back under control. Of course, such wipeouts eat into the profits, as this constitutes the loss of healthy slaves.

And of course, sometimes slaves must be jettisoned into the water to hide the fact that one is a slave trader. This will be in higher, more difficult levels for plying the slave trade, during the ending of the slave trade, while slavery is gradually banned and made illegal in most countries. And so, the effective removal of the slaves from the ship, with a suitable weight attached to their chains to ensure that their bodies don’t float, will be key to avoid detection. Correct calculations must be made to ensure that the weight is heavy enough to submerge all the Blacks chained so that their bodies do not get detected in the water, and it become seen that one’s ship is serving the slave trade. And various graphic video sequences will show the digital imagery of the Blacks as the weight they are tied to is cast into the sea, and they themselves are pulled overboard to sink into the dark abyss of the ocean.

Then there will be the romantic scenes where the hero chooses one of the female slaves for sex or for raping. And this part gets graphic for those gamers who are not subject to parental control. And these adult gamers get to enjoy radical realism of digital rape and sex scenes as they strip good looking Negresses, exposing their nudity, and engaging in carnal sex acts with them, all filled with visually titillating imaging and pornographically arousing realism. And as for those players still under parental control, the same exact game play remains for them too, but black bars appear over the Black breasts of the women, keeping the picture from being called nudity, and thus keeping the game clean and heathy for the younger players.

Actually, now that I have fully thought out this action/adventure game, I realize that it would probably not serve the public nor produce good in society. But I am sure certain right wing fringe groups, upon reading these words, will right away get started on making such a game, or a similar game that avoids the obvious racism. Instead of trading in Black slaves, it could be the trade in orcs or goblin men. And the slave trade could be located in a fantastic land where slaves are acquired from Kings of nations with no obvious connection being drawn between the fictional slave trading activity in the game and the actual slave trade of African Negroes across the Atlantic that occurred in early previous centuries of American colonialism.

For in Dungeons & Dragons game books, there is a distinct resemblance between that race called the half-orcs and the African American peoples. As for the elves, these most closely resemble the northern Europeans, especially those with light hair and who are fair of face. And the dark elves represent the White races of southern Europe, who have black hair. Eric would thus be a dark elf, for he is White but with black hair. And then the Asians, with their smaller stature, and who engage in their scientific works and advanced technologies, resemble the dwarves who mined for mithril silver, and who forged advanced weapons. Hence, the races depicted in Dungeons & Dragons are a creative representation of the real races that do exist in the real world, though without drawing obvious connections that would alert the casual reader.

One of the major weaknesses of the game Dungeons & Dragons is the absence of the Catholic Church in it. Such a glaring omission creates a distinct and obvious difference that the fantasy land of that game has in that it does not realistically conform with the true Middle Ages of Europe, also called the Dark Ages of Europe, from which the basis for the time and age and setting of the game of Dungeons & Dragons is universally derived from. For in true history, the Catholic Church dominated and was central to Medieval life. J. R. R. Tolkien, who created Middle Earth, took the Middle Ages and removed all references to the Catholic Church, or of any religion, and created a land that had no supernatural God and which was devoid of all religion and all prayer to any deity in his works, The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. It, hence, should be a surprise to find out that he was a Catholic and was devout to his faith. And yet, his colleague, C. S. Lewis, who wrote the seven book series, The Chronicles of Narnia, transformed the Lion hero, Aslan, that he originally created in his first book about the talking animals of Narnia, called, The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, into a kind of Jesus. And C. S. Lewis developed this Aslan further as figure of Jesus in his later written books of that series, incorporating his own Protestant religious theories and End Times theological belief structures into creating a fictional fantasy world in seven books that gives a strongly religious, but highly heretical, Protestant teaching of who and what God really is. It should, therefore, be no surprise that he lived and died a Protestant.

Now, O’ Lord, which of these two men were saved? Eric, J. R. R. Tolkien added God into his Middle Earth in his later book, The Silmarillion. And that God was correctly conformed to Who I Am. And it contained a creature who became a leader of evil called Melkor, who was later called Morgoth, who conformed to who Satan is. Although The Lord of the Rings is truly lacking in a visible Catholic Church, it is filled with spiritual symbolism that hides My Church and My Kingdom within the story and the plot. You have read both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings twice. I will have you read both books a third time, but this will be after you have completed the full reading of your copyrighted 1953 Catholic Holy Bible, in the sequence of books I have prescribed, as detailed in the previous post. For the works of J. R. R. Tolkien are holy and written by a saint who was immersed in the Holy Spirit of the Catholic Church. And hence, his writings are very spiritual.

Contrast this with The Chronicles of Narnia, and we see a blind fool leading other blind fools into the pit. The classic sign of a Protestant who never converts is that he hates the Virgin Mary. And who are the villains of most of the books, but Queens! The Magicians Nephew, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and The Silver Chair all had female Queen Witches as the main antagonists, and the final book of the series, The Last Battle, omits the elder girl Queen, Susan Pevensie, saying that she turned bad. And in that book, an Ape called “Shift”, represents the Black man seeking to become a White man. Meanwhile, there is a race of Calormen, the name derived from “colored men,” who are indeed Black people who are in fact permanent enemies of the creatures of Narnia, even after thousands of years passing by. And through all that time, only one language is ever spoken, English.

To get a clearer idea of the errors of C. S. Lewis, read his book, Mere Christianity, and he details his beliefs with all their errors. One of his errors is the belief that sexual purity is not central to Christianity, but is sort of like an appetite for food. And he then compares the desire for sex with the desire for food. But he makes it clear that he rejects the need for himself to achieve any sort of purity to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is sort of like Martin Luther’s teaching that a Christian is like a dung hill covered in snow. Not so is Catholic teaching. Not so. In the Book of Revelation, the City called the New Jerusalem are made of pure gold, transparent like glass. (Revelation 21:18). Now if our very dwelling place is going to be transparent as glass, that means that no one has the privacy to commit secret sins anywhere in the City. And that means a horrible sinner covered with snow, or any covering, will simply not be acceptable in heaven. Your sins have to be expiated before you can enter heaven, either on earth by good works or in purgatory by suffering. Also, covering sins makes no sense when you consider that God is not blind. He sees all things. And hence, you covering your sins will not hide them from Him. Only by expiating them and by washing your robes white in the blood of the Lamb will anyone be saved.

Lord, were Saint Augustine and Saint Thomas Aquinas saved? These were two great thinkers and great theologians of the Catholic Church. I saved Saint Thomas Aquinas, for he kept himself clean for My Kingdom. But as for Saint Augustine, he pleaded for me to bring him into his Kingdom, but not yet, not until he had sated himself with sex. And hence, when he finally answered My calling of him, his place had gone to someone else. Such was the true nature of his lament that he could not pass through the doors due to his sexually sinful past. Remember that I Am serious about following Me. And those who put off following Me, because they prefer to wallow in sin, I reject. And if I have rejected someone, I never change My mind about it again, despite someone like Saint Augustine going through all the motions of the sacraments and rising to the rank of bishop in My Church. I save whom I will. And no one makes that choice for me. Now ask your last question, lord Azurite. And then you must publish this post and go to sleep. Amen.

Will I receive a girlfriend in this world? Or am I to remain in perfect virgin celibacy like a priest, even though I cannot be one? The power to decide any future romance, or relationship that is to come to be between you and any girl in this world, this will be strictly a decision for Saint Bernadette of Lourdes to make. For you have vowed your fate and your life to her for her to decide all things in for thee, lord Azurite. It is a decision that you have sworn and that has eternal consequences. But that the prophecy of the girlfriend God uttered to you some twenty years ago may be fulfilled in this world, which it must indeed, for I Am Truth, Saint Bernadette will choose and reveal the one whom you are to marry. We have delegated this authority to Saint Bernadette only because you have sworn her to be your Liege Lady, to whom you now owe your allegiance irrevocably and eternally. But it is not as slave that you are in a relationship with Bernadette, but as a best friend to her. And though she is the female and you are the male, she is forever superior to you in glory and standing before Me. Amen. But in the eternity that is to come, only with Bernadette are you joined in rulership over Azuradette, for the Kingdom of Azuradette is the storeroom of all the treasures of the world that have come to be and that will come to be by the dogma of the Immaculate Conception having being confirmed by the Virgin Mary through you both. To no other has this been granted. Amen.

Now, publish this post, lord Larimar. Correct its errors later, after you have slept. And I have made it so that the next pope, who shall be Cardinal Raymond Burke, shall serve My Church until I take you up to heaven. And the last pope destined to sit in the Seat of Peter will canonize Lazurite and Azurite as saints as his last papal act. And then I shall come. Amen.

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