Eric’s Reign is Now!

Behold, As lovely as a virgin crowned, so also is Jerusalem lovely to Me! Oracle of the Lord!

Eric is now the Player of Power. And his Larimar Reign is now activated, as of today, Friday, this 9-11-2020. Amen. I Who Am do now establish Eric as My Player par Excellence, and he will set up Pawns and overthrow Powers throughout the world. Amen. And I will command Eric to take down superpowers and restore and empower Catholicism to many peoples of the earth.

Lord, is Eric to become a priest or is Eric to receive a bride and marry? Tell me, O’ Lord, and I shall obey you. This is the sign I give unto thee, a sign that will irrevocably determine for thee thine fate forever. And this decision shall be rendered unto you as crystal clear this very day, Saturday, September 12, 2020. For here is Our covenant with thee: Should today, before the sun sets, which at the hour of this writing is yet to rise, We give unto thee the girl of whom We had promised of old, as recorded in the prophecy you received on September 2, 2000, long, long ago, and you receive this girl before the sun sets today, which is Saturday, September 12, 2020, then thine fate is set to wed her and thou are to have five children by her, three of whom shall be daughters, and two of whom shall be sons. And should We do this for thee, you are bound to accept this fate. You may not reject the girl sent by Us on this day, should We send her. But should the sun set on this day, with the current state you have now remaining as it is, and thine purity remains unspoiled, still in the state of perfection in which thou now has it, and no girl sent by Us enters your life before the setting of the sun, then realize that thou hast been chosen for the priesthood, and that thine virginity is thus declared eternal, and that thou shalt be unto Us forever as John our Apostle is, whom We permitted to die well advanced into old age, in a state of utter perfection, eternally perfected in celibate, virgin purity. Amen. Such is Our sign unto thee and Our covenant with thee. Respect Us and obey Us in whatever plan We reveal is to be your fate on this day. For today We shall reveal unto thee Our Divine will definitively. And Our elected path for thee We will make irrevocably known to thee. And thou shalt know thine vocation definitively. This, I, the Lord do thus declare. Amen.

I vow to obey Thee, O’ Lord and Savior. For Thine Word is good, and I believe in Thee. Behold, I testify this. Thou are Jesus. And Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, the One Who came into the world, died, rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, and is seated at the right hand of the Father. Amen. Well dost thou testify of My name, O’ Larimar, Player par Excellence. I give unto Thee authority throughout the whole world to set up Pawns and overthrow Powers, rulers, despots, and kings, except that thou may not touch nor enter My state of Israel. That one nation you may not even sway the vote of one voter. I, this, do declare. The rest of the earth is yours, but Israel is Mine. Leave her to Me.

I agree, O’ most wise Lord and King. I will not set foot in her land. And I will make no repeat of what I did in days of yore, when I set up my fourth Emerald Pawn, Yitzhak Rabin, of whom on the night that followed when I read he had won the election, I converted to your religion, Christianity, and then, with angels having fled from my presence by my confession of being Antichrist, I obeyed Your command from Your angel who stayed, to complete the setup of Rabin, and I thus decreed for the Shas Party to join the coalition of Rabin, whereby he obtained the necessary majority in the Knesset, and became Prime Minister, the head-of-state, of Israel. This I will not repeat. I will set up no Pawn in Israel ever again. And I will not seek to change the heart of a single voter in Israel, nor involve myself with any business internal to that state. Furthermore, I will not make the slightest wish to make any political change in that nation. Instead, Israel is recognized as Yours forever, O’ Lord. And all her lands, including all those lands that the Arabs call Palestine, I eternally recognize as belonging to your state of Israel for ages unto endless ages. And of those lands I will not touch nor tread upon, neither in spirit nor in the flesh. Amen.

Not only that land, lord Larimar, but also all of the lands of Jordan, the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt as far west as the Nile, all of Lebanon, and all the lands of Turkey, Syria, and Iraq as far north and east as the Euphrates, and all of the island of Cyprus do I eternally claim for My people, Israel, as her promised lands that I will to give her to be her possession forever and ever, according to what is written in the holy scriptures. Touch neither Israel, nor the lands the Arabs call Palestine, nor any of the lands I have just mentioned. All of them are taboo for you to touch, to rule over, or to enter into. You may not even sway the vote of one voter nor the decisions of one resident or citizen dwelling in the land therein. For all these lands that I have thus declared unto thee are Mine. And whosoever touches but one square inch of that land unbidden by Me dies. Amen. Lord, I have this one question. You mentioned that Turkey as far north and east as the Euphrates belongs to Your people Israel. But what about the western part of Turkey, including that part in Thrace owned by Turkey, that is, that small bit of Turkish land that is in Europe, where exists that ancient city that has had three names: Byzantium, Constantinople, and Istanbul? Everything that is west of the Euphrates and that is part of Anatolia is Mine and I claim it for Israel. But Thrace, and any lands that exist in Europe, you may conquer and overthrow, including that small part of Europe owned by Turkey where exists My city, Constantinople. And I hereby order thee this. Conquer that Orthodox Church that exists there and that is headquartered there, and force Catholicism upon her. But make no advance across the Bosphorus into Asia Minor, for that land is Mine, of which you may never touch. Amen.

I agree to abide by Your decree as a law that binds me. And I vow under oath of God I will not violate this mandate that You, O’ Lord, bind onto me this very day. Amen. Hence, I will conquer all of Europe for Catholicism and for the Catholic Church, but I will not advance beyond the Bosphorus, nor take any part of Anatolia, nor touch any part of the island of Cyprus, nor advance east in North Africa beyond the Nile. Amen. Good, then O’ lord Larimar, I hereby anoint you King of the Latins. You will rule all of Europe, Africa, and Asia, except for the lands I have forbidden you to enter into that I have reserved for Israel to possess, and you shall also rule all of the the Americas and all the lands of Oceania as well, and all the many scattered islands of the earth’s oceans. Amen. Your Kingdom, lord Larimar, is declared as unconquerable. And your rule is declared as absolute. Whatever army opposes you and marches upon you will be thinned, and upon reaching you will have been thinned down to the last man. And he will then enter into mortal combat with you, but fire will come out of your mouth and devour him. For such is how any man who seeks to harm you is sure to be slain. Amen. And this is My solemn decree. Whosoever opposes Eric, understand this. you may march your armies against Eric, but you will not reach Eric with any of your armed forces still intact. And when you do finally reach bowshot of Eric, it will then be just a matter between you and him. And you will then seek to do battle with Eric, but he will breathe upon you a fiery flame, burning with the fury of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit will snuff out the flame of your soul, rendering you a lifeless corpse. And you will then find yourself as a soul no longer attached to your body, the cord that had once connected you to it having been severed. And you will then realize two realities that will never change: your death and your damnation. Amen.

For whosoever seeks to harm a hair on Eric’s head will find a lion awaits him in his den. And that lion will devour him alive. Amen. Eric may neither be touched nor taken. And whosoever touches Eric is hereby cursed with unending spiritual death. I, the Lord, do this decree. But what of the maid, the one who might marry me, O’ Lord? Is she also not permitted to touch the flesh of the Larimar King? I grant her the right, by virtue of her engagement and marriage to you, when that occurs. But as for anyone else, if they touch this prophet, they shall die. And O’ Lord, should Eric be called into the priesthood, what of those who would touch Eric as acts of friendship that contain neither malevolent nor sexual motives? You speak of such things as back rubs and massages, or pats on the shoulder or the back, and another harmless and nonthreatening gestures? Such things as these are not what I mean by the touching that I condemn. For the context of touch by which I will destroy the one who touches Eric is restricted to those touches whereby someone deliberately moves against thee with destructive intent. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Now, let us speak of Donald John Trump and Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Are you two cowards? Why do you hold back? Go and attack Eric with all of your might. For I wish to have cause to destroy you both and to annihilate both of you and your entire arsenals from the land. Do you not see that Eric wields no weapons. He carries no arms. He has in fact never been in a fight in his life. Go forth, therefore, and display your manhood and attack this defenseless man with all your military might combined in one well coordinated attack. For I seek to utterly destroy both you and all your weaponry together. Send your bombers and your missiles against him and bomb him, for I wish to reroute them back at you to test your defenses against your own offensive weaponry. Amen. Do this, for I want to see you blow up. Amen.

Deploy your troops against Eric. For I wish to demonstrate My power to you. I want not only to display My wrath upon your legions, by wiping them out, but also upon your physical arm that you use to signal the order. I wish to cripple it and make it lifeless and useless. Then you will operate with just one arm for the remainder of your days upon the planet. Amen. For Eric has no defenses but Me. But woe to the man who ventures to test out those defenses. He will not survive the wrath that is poured out upon his head. Amen.

Lord, you have made me King of the Latins. Am I, therefore, the Great Monarch after all? Let no one who has read and studied that prophecy believe he knows the future or what is about to come to pass. For I have not revealed it to even the prophets and saints who wrote about Eric who was to come. Let no one think he knows the future, no matter what he sees and hears. For the future will surprise and confound even the experts on all prophetic utterances ever before uttered. Amen.

Eric, I anoint you King. And you will rule the Latins. And all of Christendom shall be yours. And you will govern the whole earth, except for that land of which I have forbidden you to ever enter or to touch, that land I claim for My people Israel. Amen. And let it be known this prophecy for all to hear. Whosoever succeeds Eric in power, and marches on Israel to take her, he will go to his end with no one to help him. And I will pour out My wrath upon him. And he will be cast into the lake of fire without first passing through the door called death. And he will pass into the fires of that second death alive, with his soul fully attached to his mortal body. Amen. I, the Lord, do this decree. Amen.

Lord, for how long dost Thou give me to rule and reign over all of Christendom outside the Beautiful Land? I give thee a quarter of a century. And then the nations will turn against thee, and I will take thee from this land, and the people therein will see thee no more. Amen. And should I have offspring by the girl which Thou might giveth, what becomes of them, and of the woman whom Thou should give unto me? Should We give unto thee a woman to wed, and not make thou a priest, know that this woman is destined to goeth with thee unto the promised land. Hence, both of you wouldst be snatched up to heaven when I elect take you away, at an unknown hour of an unknown day. And as for thine children, these shall fly out into the desert, to a place prepared for them, where they shall be taken care for the twelve hundred and sixty days that are to last unto to the end of the Age. Amen. And then the devil will rage, but be powerless to find or reveal unto Antichrist where precisely exists this sanctuary, in which My angels will protect all those who are destined to enter in. For it is written that it must be located somewhere within the barren desert where they shall be taken care for for forty-two months. And then, in the fullness of time shall I come again. And the nations will see Me coming in the clouds, and they shall mourn. Amen.

And when the power of the one who is wicked has been broken, and his legions are strewn dead upon the fields of blood, forming that great feast for all the demons to gorge themselves on, feasting upon the flesh of the damned who have been slain, then and there, then shall the last day cometh and I come to judge the living and the dead. And I shall judge all the nations on the earth and render My just judgement on each individual who lived and had breath. And everyone who is Mine shall rise and shine like the stars of the firmament. But for anyone who has no name written anywhere in My book, he will be cast into the fiery lake, which is the second death, and never be seen again above the surface of that molten lava, into which he will sink like lead and be buried in magma deep within the bowls of the netherworld. And all who have no name in My book will be cast therein. But those who are Mine, whose works, together with My grace, have merited for them to have their names written in My book, which I alone possess, and I alone control, these will rise with Me up into heaven. And they will reign with me forever. And I will establish Kingdoms for them to rule, and cities for them to govern. And they will rule nations with an iron scepter. And as pottery shall they shatter them.

Lord, therefore even then, in heaven, there are still to be human beings on earth over whom Your elect are to rule in their glory, who are in need of discipline, such that they must be shattered like pottery? The ages of the earth have lasted for millennia since the First Coming of the Christ. And these ages constitute the thousand years that were spoken of in Revelation, chapter 20. My elect, upon their arrival into heaven, are given their authority and thrones upon which I grant them rulerships over nations, kingdoms, cities, and towns. And they thus rule all these lands and govern in My Kingdom, which is hidden and invisible, just as wind is invisible, but its sound is heard in the trees, and its presence is felt by through whom it passes. Hence, what was spoken through Saint Augustine in his interpretation of the Millennium is true. This is the Millennium. And throughout this figurative thousand years, My elect who have triumphed are reigning with Me, baptized into the First Resurrected and sanctified with the reception of the body and blood of Jesus, the Lamb of God. Amen.

Lord, what becomes of the gay movement, and all those judges and Justices who ruled that homosexuals have the right to marry and be protected from holy judgement and any religious condemnation of their foul deeds and abominable acts? A fire is to utterly consume them, along with all those who aided them and abetted them in their abominable practices and their unlawful unions. For I have a law that must be obeyed. My law is a just law and simple to learn. And I do not permit My law to be violated. And what is My law, you ask? A man can only be wed to one woman, and know no other. And a man may not know another man as a man knows a woman. Nor may a woman turn to another woman as a man cleaves to his wife. And no one may enter the marital embrace outside an actual marriage, validly conducted or recognized by My Catholic Church. And for any marriage to be recognized, it must consist of the joining of opposites in gender. And gender is established at conception by the sex chromosome that is carried by the sperm in human beings. Amen. Thus, no one may mutilate his flesh in the attempt to make himself appear opposite to the gender his DNA says he is. Male flesh in Mankind comes with a Y chromosome in each and every cell’s nucleus of his body. Female flesh in Mankind has no Y chromosome in any of the cells within her body. Let this, then, serve as the definition of what is male flesh and what is female flesh, biologically and scientifically, for Mankind from now on. Amen. Therefore, male flesh may only be united with female flesh in marriage, and female flesh may only be united to male flesh in marriage. And the two joined opposites are defined as one flesh. But let no one attempt to unite a male with another male, nor a female with another female. For such is an abomination in My sight, and I curse the earth upon which such souls dwell who practice such abominations. Therefore, do not deviate from this law I have written here, but bind thyself in eternal obedience to it. For all who violate this law will be vomited from the earth into the sea. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, what sayest Thou on porn and nudity, including the nude of the virgin crowned in the picture above? No nude is sinful to look upon unless that nude leads you to lust after your neighbor’s wife. Remember David and Bathsheba. He should have turned away when he saw Uriah’s wife bathing. And when he found out she was married, he should have killed the lust he had for her in his heart, so that he would not have transgressed My law and taken that which was forbidden him, and murdered the one who was to come to find out about his transgression and then seek justice against him. For My law may never be transgressed. David paid for his sin by the destruction of the line of kings descended from him. His lineage failed on the throne of Israel because he failed to keep My law when I tested him with Bathsheba. For whoever fails My commandments and then turns to kill another human being in order to cover up his failures and hide his sins, even if that other human being he kills is but a single celled fertilized egg in the womb, which a woman conceives through an act of sex, because he elected to snuff out that life of My unborn, he will from that point onward fail in life, and all his hopes and dreams here will also be snuffed out here in this world, just as violently and suddenly as he snuffed out the life of the one who came to be in the womb of the woman. For I destroy and lay to waste those who kill My little ones, no matter how small and unseen they might be. Therefore, if you encounter a sight leads you to lust after your neighbor’s wife, turn away from it and look at it no more. And if there is a sight or an image leads you to be impure, turn away from that sight also, and look no more at it. For it is better to not look upon anything that tempts you to commit sin and thus, to keep yourself clean and pure and holy, than it is to gaze upon nudity if that leads you into defilement and filthiness. And any image that displays unlawful behavior between two people, especially scenes of unnatural sex, and also those of natural sexual behavior which you, as a third party, should really not be permitted to view, then this too, you should avoid looking upon, and regard all such imagery as fitting the definition of porn. Amen. But as for the purely nude human form, when depicted in a natural pose that is not positioned for sexual arousal, this is not to be called porn, but rather a fine art, whether painted by artists or captured by photography. And thus, such fine arts may be viewed safely, so long as the viewer is not led by his own lustful thoughts to defile himself or others, imagining unlawful things as he gazes upon the nude flesh depicted in the fine art. Hence, the nude virgin with the crown in the image above is defined as fine art. It is not unlawful to look upon.

Lord, when a lawfully married man and wife come together to perform the conjugal act, is any form sexual behavior permitted to them, and may they have sex in any position they wish to have it in? Or are they bound to follow a law and a set of binding rules? And if so, what is that law? And what are those rules, O’ Lord and Master? Saint Thomas Aquinas ruled that only one position was lawful, and that was with the woman beneath the man, with the couple front to front, and that the couple were to practice vaginal intercourse only. But what do I say, I, the Lord God? I rule this. A man may not know his wife except in that position which is conducive for procreation and that allows for the possibility of the conception new life. I do not require for the spouses to physically possess the capability of producing offspring together in order to have sex with one another, but only that the sex act that they have together be of a natural form whereby children could come to be from it, should their sex organs be of the required health and age to make that possible. But should either of the couple have had surgery by which their sexual reproductive ability were artificially impaired, I command that they seek to reverse that operation if possible. For the usage of artificial birth control I strictly forbid in the sex act. Violation of this law is a grave matter. And the lack of true remorse for this sin, along with the lack of the firm intention to right it if possible, will prevent the absolution given by the priest in the sacrament of reconciliation from having any real effect on the transgressor. He comes out of the confessional just as dirty, if not dirtier, than he was when he entered in. Should a couple transgress My laws and My decrees in their marriage bed, they will pay for their transgressions by great failures that I will cause to happen to them in their lives. For there is no sin that ever goes unpunished. And if you do not see the chastisement from God for your sins in this world, then it is in the hereafter where God has stored up the punishment he intends to inflict upon you for your sins. Remember the proverb: God rebukes those he loves. Amen. Also, a male ejaculation intentionally done outside of vaginal intercourse in a sex act with a woman is the definition of the sin of onanism, the sin by which I killed Onan. For the sin of onanism is wickedness in My sight, and I will not tolerate it. (Genesis 38:9-10). Furthermore, couples may not trade sex partners with other couples, for such is clearly an act of adultery, against which I have commanded My people never to do. For neither adultery nor fornication may ever be permitted under any circumstances, even with the consent of all the human parties involved. For I also Am a party that is involved, and My jealousy is greater than that of any wife or husband. And thus, anyone who violates a marriage I have joined together, sins not just against the wronged spouse or spouses, but also sins against Me. And whoever sins against Me will forfeit many things, both here and hereafter. Amen. Furthermore, let no one sell sex or sexual content to anyone. For such is to live by a trade of filthiness. And let no one approach a woman and offer something in exchange for sex outside of wedlock. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, many men struggle with porn and masturbation. And this was my greatest sin. What sayest Thou to men who struggle with this sin? As Eric has fully conquered this vice and overcome it, I recommend for each and every man currently trapped in similar vices to learn from Eric and to seek to do as he did, and to follow the path he laid down in his walk with Christ. For whenever Eric violated himself mortally, he sought reconciliation with Me by the sacrament of penance, before receiving Me again in the holy Eucharist. But should the opportunity of confession not be available, and the reception of communion is necessary or obligatory, such as in the case of being married within in a ceremony involving a Mass, or in the case of receiving first holy communion, or that in the case where one seldom has access to the sacraments, then I permit may the reception of communion provided that the one who has incurred the grave sin is both penitent of his sins and is determined to confess his sins to a priest at the earliest opportunity that presents itself to him, and also that his sins are of a nature forgivable by a priest. Hence, they cannot be of a perpetual state, as is the case of being unlawfully wed. For the priest may only grant forgiveness to sins where the sins that the sinner both repents and resolves to never return to. Failure to keep this resolution does not invalidate the confession. But failure to have this resolution does invalidate it. And no one has such a resolution who remains in the state in which the sin exists. Unlawful marriage is cannot coexist with the reception of communion simply because the recipient is always separated from God, until that point where the sinfulness of his condition is ended. And then he is granted to receive. But the one who repents and resolves to sin no more, with the firm intent to confess all his mortal sins at the next opportunity to confess, is already forgiven in My sight, by My anticipation of his future confession, for his state of grace is already assured by his resolution to confess his sins at his next confession. But this permission to receive communion before an actual confession has removed the state of the mortal sin from that soul may only granted only to those sinners whose sins are definitely forgivable by a priest. For there are sins a priest alone cannot absolve. An excommunication requires extra recourse to the bishop by the priest. And if the sin is both mortal and of a perpetual nature there can be no forgiveness from it unless the sinner repents and leaves that state of perpetual mortal sin. An example of being in a perpetual state of mortal sin, as mentioned earlier, is to be in a marriage that in invalid the eyes of the Catholic Church. Hence, the one who is in perpetual mortal sin may not receive Me in the eucharist no matter what state of mind or penitent sorrow he has or experiences. Let him first prove his sorrow for his sins by actually ending the sin and exiting the perpetual state in which the sin exists. In the case of being in an invalid marriage, this can be done by either getting the marriage resolved and blessed as valid by the Catholic Church, or, if this is not possible, then by declaring the public intention to live with one’s spouse as brother and sister from that point onward, and having no more sexual relations in recognition that any sex act occurring between that couple constitutes a grave sin, for in God’s eyes the couple are not married to each other, and their marriage does not exist.

But the man who masturbates and then regrets his deeds may indeed be in a state of mortal sin, but his sin is not one that is perpetual in nature. Rather, he is to be called a man who seeking to follow Jesus and to wash his clothes white in the blood of the Lamb, and who also has a weakness to impurity that he must overcome. Hence, the masturbator who seeks to end his sins, but fails in his attempts to come clean, he must understand that he sins not because he is wicked, but because he is weak, and that he needs graces to overcome his past of sin that can only be given by God. Therefore, let he who struggles with impurity strengthen himself by going regularly to confession, and as often as he can to communion, received in a state of grace, and I will then pour out My graces upon his soul. And let not the man of impurity give up in his attempts to gain purity. Never think that it is impossible to be pure. And never think that perfect purity is something expected only from the great saints, and that, therefore, regular people like you are permitted to be impure and in sin. For such is not the case. Rather, unless you become a saint in My sight, or I at least find you hard at work seeking to conquer all your mortal sins on the pathway to sainthood, you will not taste the food at My banquet that I have prepared for those who love Me. Amen. No one enters My Kingdom unless he is washes his clothes white in the blood of Lamb. (Revelation 7:14). For each time you receive Me in a state of grace, you have washed yourself and your clothing in My blood and become a cleaner, holier, and brighter person in your eternal state of glory. Therefore, if you are not in a state of grace at present, by all means seek to get into a state of grace. End all your mortal sins and do what ti takes to enter My communion in a state of grace. Learn to confess the sins you have on your conscience to a priest. Do not hold back sins because you are embarrassed to reveal them. For believe me, every possible sin has been confessed in the confessional, and the priests who have served some years as priests hearing everyone’s confessions have heard virtually every one that exists. And they are ordered to forget the sins you have confessed to them when you exit the confessional. They may never bring up or speak of the sins you confessed outside of the confessional, nor may they mention them to any other soul, nor bring them up in any form of conversation, discussion, gossip, or any act of publicly or privately shaming the penitent. And by the absolution that the priest grants you at the end of the confession, you will receive the cleanliness and spotlessness you need to worthily partake in the banquet of the Eucharist, which washes white the eternal robes of all who consume it and which cleanses the recipients of all venial sins, when received in a state of grace. Amen.

Now, one last thing I will say unto thee. Everyone born of women also passes through the door of death at the conclusion of their earthly life. And those found worthy of eternal life rise in their their pure spiritual existence as disembodied souls to receive their eternal rewards in heaven after paying all their debts of the sins that were accumulated after the one baptism they received that washed their entire past record clean. It is in the fires of purification in purgatory that all such imperfect souls are cleansed and tortured to purge every last stain of sin from them, so that they are presentable to God, in whose gaze the gift of the Beatific Vision may be received without shame or reproach, but in that state of perfect purity and innocence necessary for looking upon the face of God. For of all possible heavenly rewards, the greatest gift, which is given to all who are saved, is the gift of gazing upon God face to face for all eternity. Amen. You, Eric, will see My face when I take you up to heaven, and so also will My servant Lazurite from Israel, the one who is like you, but mirrored into the Jewish culture and people. Amen. For Lazurite I send to My original chosen people, the Jews, to convert them to My Catholic Church. You, lord Larimar, I send to the gentile nations, and in particular, that nation that embodies Babylon the Great. And I command that you ready My people for My imminent return. For I Am truly coming soon, and My people are spiritually asleep. You are sent to awaken them. With these posts you are writing, My people are gradually awakening. Now I have spoken in full. Now let us conclude this post and get on with other necessary and pressing business that you must attend to. Have you anything further that you wish to ask about or say or contribute to the discussion, lord Larimar?

Lord, how do You separate the sheep from the goats? What is Your primary metric that you use in deciding who goes to heaven and who goes to hell? Or is everything already predestined and decided beforehand, and that You are merely following a preprepared script given to You by the Father? Salvation is found by entering into communion in the Catholic Church. Prior to that entrance, no one possesses true everlasting life. Now, people who have not received communion may be admitted into heaven, but much more glorious and transfigured are the souls and whiteness of their robes of those who have received Me in communion. And thus, receiving communion in a state of grace is the best and highest way to maximize your treasures in heaven. Amen. As for that concept called the limbo of the infants, the belied in the existence of such a place is to misunderstand the scriptures that say only two ultimate places exist for Mankind after death: Heaven or Hell. And Purgatory is a funnel that empties into heaven. Either you are inside the City of God, and a full member thereof, or else you are completely outside it. And the door of entrance into the City of God, the fold of the Good Shepherd, accomplished first through baptism, followed by the other sacraments. A child or infant cannot receive this necessary baptism to be saved unless the parents not only have him baptized but have him baptized with the correct dispositions on their part, which includes the full and honest intention to raise their children Catholic, and also to practice the faith themselves, serving as the role model to their child. Without that, the baptism does not save the child, and this child is only saved if later, as an adult, he converts as an adult and enters the Catholic Church correctly. But whoever receives My flesh and drinks My blood is called flesh of My flesh and bone of My bone (Genesis 2:23), and that soul is made a member of the Bride to the Lamb, wedded go Christ the King for all eternity. Amen. And he or she will be among the blessed called to the wedding feast of the Lamb. (Revelation 19:9). I Who Am have now spoken sufficiently. Now reread this entire post now, lord Larimar, correcting all errors. And when you have done so, you may ask for any clarification on any points or raise questions on any matter, and I will answer thee authoritatively. Amen.

Lord, please contrast and compare the wedding of the Bride to the Lamb from the wedding that occurs between a woman and man. What is similar and what distinguishes these two different concepts that employ the same visual language. The marriage between a woman and a man is a marriage between two created beings, and their marriage has a limitation in time. It lasts only as long as both live in this world. And the union of man into a woman, called the marital embrace, the conjugal act, the act of man knowing his wife, is a union of flesh to flesh with the exchange of sex gametes for the purpose of generating new human beings. And the drive to engage in these sex acts comes from biological needs for sex which is part of the flesh and its evolutionary design, whose most important urge is for self replication. Hence, the flesh strongly desires and yearns for sex simply because, it it did not, that evolutionary feature where sex was not desired would die out from the population, because all such specimens having that feature would simply elect not to reproduce.

But to be found worthy of My Kingdom, all men and women must become conquerors of their flesh. They cannot give into the desires of their carnal appetites and break My commandments, which is where all carnal desires lead those who give way the flesh and let themselves become natural, carnal men. For the supernatural man conquers his animal like body. For a human being is classified by scientists as a animal, a member of the order of the Primates, which contains other commonly recognized animals, namely the monkeys, chimpanzees, gorillas, orangutans, gibbons, and baboons. And the body of a man resembles the bodies of these other Primates in varying degrees of similarity because they had a common genetic origin. Hence, it is correct to reason that a man’s body is the animal part of him, while his soul is his angelic part of him. Hence, a man can be viewed as a created union of a an animal like carnal creature with an angelic like spiritual creature as a created union that is superior to both all animal kind and all angelic kind, having the best of both worlds and being a created combination of these two distinct beings as a single unit.

But for man to be saved, his angelic part, his soul, must conquer his animal part, his body. And the reward for doing so is that that man or woman is rewarded to be invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb. And this invitation also includes full membership in the body of the human saints, which makes up the Bride to the Lamb. Now, an angel is an eternal spirit. It never dies. And the same is true with the human soul. And so also is the Lamb not only eternal but also a divine being made up of divine, uncreated substance. For the Lamb is another name for Jesus, Who is God the Son. And this brings us to the marriage between the Bride and the Lamb, a marriage between two eternal, embodied, spiritual beings. And because they are both eternal, since neither dies, for there is no death in heaven, the marriage between the Bride and the Lamb is eternal as well. Note that God the Father never married any of the angels, and the angels never marry one another. For to marry you need flesh. And God is pure, divine, uncreated Spirit. and angels are pure, created spirits. And nothing that is pure spirit can marry, for it takes flesh to marry. And pure spirits have no flesh. For spirit cannot unite or join with spirit, but only flesh with flesh.

But Jesus is both divine God and also in possession of a divine body composed of fully human flesh, a body that started out as a zygote in the womb of a virgin. And the male contribution of DNA to that zygote was created by the power of the Holy Spirit, Who is also God, the Third Divine Person of the Trinity. And this divine body, within the womb of Mary, developed into a baby and was born to a holy human family. And this baby then grew and became a child, and then grew to manhood, learning both wisdom and patience. And then He, as the God-Man, taught many, worked great signs and wonders and miracles of healing that could only be worked by God, and was then raised up on the cross of his execution, died for the sins of Mankind, and then rose from the dead on the third day, and ascended into heaven to be seated at the right hand of God. This God-man is now of resurrected and glorified flesh. He can thus marry a whole kingdom of God-people, all of whom are carefully selected as souls who have conquered their flesh and mastered it, becoming spiritual creatures granted eternal life through the reception of the body and blood of Jesus Christ. And hence, the Kingdom of God is the united kingdom of all Mankind who have conquered their animal flesh through the triumph of their angelic souls by feeding on the flesh and blood of the God-Man, the Lamb, at each Mass. And through this union of this flesh to flesh, which occurs with every Catholic communion, the Bride and the Lamb enter into the highest form of marriage, that which eternally exists between the God-Man, Jesus Christ, and the God-people, the elect.

Hence, the wedding of the Bride to the Lamb is something that comes from above, whereas the wedding of a woman to a man is something that comes from below.

And such sums up how the wedding of the Bride to the Lamb is higher and holier than the carnal flesh that drives the lower marriages, those between women and men on the earth, and which involves the exchanges gametes, all driven by the animal sex drives that urge and compel men and women to mate like animals. Hence, the Council of Trent is correct. Higher and holier is the Way of celibacy and virginity, than is the way of carnal sexual marriage. I Who Am have spoken. You shall write again this evening, Eric. So now publish this post, for it is complete, and with it I Am pleased. Amen.

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