President Trump to be found guilty of treason, executed, and Eric’s Pawn to rule America.

Eric as the now reigning Player has executed his right to set up his Pawn to replace Trump.

Behold, Eric has sworn an oath, “I will not marry Hyacinth!” Eric, what sayest thou regarding the charges of rape being leveled against President Trump? Since the alleged rape allegedly took place inside a sex party, it is outside of my realm of judgement. My judgement ends at the point where the participants elect to enter the sex party, the brothel, or the whore house. That is the sin, the act of entering into such a place, that matters to me and to my God. What takes place after that point, unless it rises to the level of murder, is not in my realm to judge. Amen.

Behold, the Lord has spoken to me. I am to become a priest, ordained in the Holy Roman Catholic Church through the sacrament of Holy Orders. And in heaven, my eternal status is to be like that of the highest inert gas, helium (He). A special sign will occur when I arrive at the office today. And if it occurs, it will signify that I am truly to become a priest. Is this the case, O’ Lord? I Who Am declare this to be so. When you arrive at the office, if you observe this sign, know that I Am at the gates. And that I Am about to cure you and instruct you on entering the priesthood. Furthermore, reject as false and Satanic any attempt to turn you back to women. Now go. Or you shall be late. Amen.

I am in the office, and the sign has occurred. Lord, now I know that I am to become a priest. Amen. And I hereby reject all notions of me having sex, or sons, or daughters, or even entering into the platonic companionship with a woman. For the woman who the priest marries is the Church. Amen. And of course, priests may not father children, or else they can no longer be priests. Nor can they get married. I hereby state I am celibate and virgin forever, after the model of John, the beloved Disciple. Amen. Now, my Lord, what will Thou Saith to me now?

These are My Words to you, lord Larimar. The Kingdoms you fancied yourself as ruling, fancy them no more. For they never existed. Nor are you made a 40 year ruler over half the world, over that fanciful Kingdom you called the Kingdom of Christendom. All that was deception. And you were being a dupe of Satan to believe such. And Satan made a monkey out of you in all that he got you to write about it here on As for the Great Monarch and the holy pope who were to reign at the same time, as the ancient Catholic prophecies say, regard all of that as poetic and fictional lore. It will not happen. Kings may rise and popes may come and go, but the End continues onwards, and there are no clear markers that will ever signal when I Am to finally return. And let no one believe he has a clue as to when I AM coming again. For I give clues to no one. Amen.

But you will become My priest. And you will serve Me in the Los Angeles Archdiocese. And President Donald John Trump will win another four years as President. Kamala Harris will be said to be the error that will have cost Joe Biden the Presidency. And they never learn, do they? But you are correct, lord Larimar. Had Joe Biden chosen Susan Rice, he would have won. Amen.

As for the kind of priest you shall become, you shall become a diocesan priest. Hence, you will not make a vow of poverty. And you will remain a stock investor. Also, I will make you successful in the office today, as a sign that you are on the road to My priesthood, and that I have put you on this road. Amen. Lord, you say I have no Kingdom in this world? Why do you then still call me, ‘lord’? It is because, lord Larimar, I have made you My saint. And a saint is both a lord, a king, a priest, and a prophet. You are not the Lord, but you are nevertheless, a lord. Amen.

And what about Lazurite and Larimar as the two blue mystics? Or the two blue wizards? Or the two blue mages? Is any of that of any truth? And is there any reality in Lazurite? And if so, is his real name Nathaniel? Lazurite lives. But his real name is hidden. And where he dwells is a mystery. Does Lazurite have a connection to the Jewish religion? Is he a Hebrew Catholic? Lazurite is very like you, lord Larimar. Hence, it is accurate to refer to you both as the two blue prophets, for the gemstones that represent you both are blue, which is the color that represents Mary and the sea of peace. Amen. I will reveal nothing further about Lazurite to you here, for he is a secret figure, and he is not to be revealed at this time. Amen.

As to whether you and Lazurite, the two blue prophets, are also the Two Witnesses as recorded in the eleventh chapter of Revelation, that is a valid view of interpreting the appearance of you both in the world. It is a valid conclusion. And both of you are eternal virgin men. Amen.

And what about the other five prophet kings? I am talking about the three mystics of the Orient, and the two mystics of Latin America. Do they also exist? There is neither mention of any such kings in prophecy, nor do they exist in any reality that is in connection with you. But realize that there are many who are mystics scattered throughout the whole world. But as for a special three in the Orient or a special two in Latin America, bringing a count that includes you two blue prophets to a total of seven prophet kings, this is sheer fantasy. For if these numbers existed, they would have been included in the prophecy that concerns you two in Revelation, chapter 11. Amen. Concerning the prophets through whom I intend to expound during these end times, there is just you and Lazurite. All the other prophets that exist at this late hour are passing prophets, that is, prophets who merely receive only a few prophecies, and of those, they are seldom and rare as rule, and few of these are even from the Lord. Amen. But you, lord Larimar, are a permanent prophet. You will prophesy until you are taken up into heaven. And it shall be then, not before, that you will come to be aware of the other one who was like you, but who is stationed in another part of the world, and speaking in a different tongue. And is it Hebrew that this Lazurite shall speak in, you should ask? Yes, he speaks the language of the Jews, while you speak the lingua franca of that great city of the world known figuratively as Babylon the Great, and that lingua franca is English in this age and epoch. Amen.

Lord, by your Words, You seem to indicate that this scenario of Revelation, chapter 11, has played out before, and that it may very well play out again at another replay of the End Times in a future age and a future epoch. Is this the case, O’ Lord? It is, lord Larimar. Your intellect does you well. The end of time, when it is to come, let no man be so foolish as to think to himself that he can wait it out. For the end of time is shrouded in mystery and is in fact beyond time and beyond this universe. You cannot reach the end of time by progressing along this dimension of the space time continuum in which you are currently traveling through this universe. For the space time continuum of this universe continues here in an endless spiral until this universe suddenly pops. And then, that is when everyone’s eyes will be opened and all will be awakened, some to eternal glory, and others to everlasting disgrace. Amen. But scientists are now at least aware that the universe is no only expanding, but that the rate of that expansion is accelerating. At some point, unknown to anyone but God the Father, the fabric of this universe is to be punctured from outside. And that will be when it pops, and then everything within this universe comes to an end, with the exception of the eternal souled creatures. Amen. But no one from within the universe has eyes that can see outside of it. That is why no one will know when the puncture will take place, for it is impossible for creatures who only have dimensions within this universe to perceive perpendicular to those dimensions and gaze outside the universe and see the impending puncture point. It is as if the universe were the surface of a balloon, and all the creatures on that surface can only see along the surface, but cannot look outward to see the pin that is coming and is about to pop that balloon.

Now, lord Larimar, do you wish to know your reward in the hereafter? Do you wish to know your titles? And your lands? And your kingdoms? I will tell unto you this much. The lands that were promised to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and to their descendants, My people Israel, are but a sliver of a strip of wasteland in the midst of a desert. At least that is the state of that land as it is now, in this age, after Israel has reclaimed their lost Biblically promised homeland. There are no oil reserves there. There is not much arable land there. Nor are there any vast forests there nor any major water resources, unless you consider the freshwater sea of Galilee major. And yet, people fight over that worthless plot of land consisting of a just few thousand square miles of territory with their very lives. And they think they will go to their religion’s heaven by dying a death for that land in the service of their religion. But it is an utter waste. For Jesus did say, “A time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem… Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks.” (John 4:21-23). Hence, all this effort to claim this land or that land is in utter vain. For I Am everywhere. And My people may pray to Me everywhere. There is no need to possess Jerusalem to obtain God. And Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is gravely mistaken if they think that they can destroy My Catholic Church by sacking Rome. For My Catholic Church is universal. I does not absolutely require that My pope be stationed in Rome. And there was a time in the past, from 1257–1377, when the popes were in fact stationed in other nearby lands, which are now other parts of Italy and France, instead. Hence, I do not need Rome to exist and remain standing for My Catholic Church to continue to flourish. Nor is it necessary for My popes to remain in Rome if, in the future, the lands of Italy, or of Europe in general, become a desert wasteland overrun by Islam. For I can quite easily, and with perfect justice, relocate My Vatican to the Americas, and perhaps relocate it to be on the very Catholic island of Hispaniola. Hence, there are no lands here in this world, lord Larimar, that have any true value. What matters is what is in your heart, and the treasures that are stored therein. Amen.

And as for titles, such as Baron, Count, and Duke for males, and Baroness, Countess, and Duchess for females, such titles do not exist in My Kingdom, lord Larimar. And thus, you are not and were never made a duke of the West Indies nor over any other such lands. All of that, please disregard. For none of it is from Me. The devil has been actively speaking through you. And I permitted him to fool you only because you were willing to follow him as far as women were concerned. But now that you have committed yourself to My priesthood, I AM showing you everywhere in your past where the devil has lied to you.

And what to make of those twelve chemicals that make up the earth’s atmosphere, which you made into the following seven ranks of heaven: H2, He, D2O, HDO, H2O, Ne, N2, followed by two ranks of the elect below heaven: Ar, O2, followed by three ranks in hell: CO2, CH4, and Kr? What do I say about all this utter creativity, but false nonsense nevertheless? Lord Larimar, everyone who goes to heaven is like Helium (He) there. And there are not two classes of the elect in heaven: such as Helium for the virgins and Neon for the non virgins. For I do not rank My saints by that metric. Rather each of my saints has his entire reward for all his works in perfect justice. And to those of My saints who reached the age where sex is possible, but who maintained their virginity from that point onward, I give to them the crown of virginity. And to those saints who, in their service to Me, voluntarily lay down their life for My sake, whether they actually die or not, I give to them the crown of martyrdom. For example, My Apostle John gave up his life for Me many times, but I never took it from him, and so he lived to an old age and died of old age, unlike any of the other Apostles. Now, what is just that I do for him? John, My Apostle, is justly given both the crown of virginity, for he remained virgin throughout his life, and also the crown of martyrdom, for he truly and willingly died for Me, but I took not his life. Amen. That is My justice, lord Larimar. And you are very much like John to Me. I consider you, too, to be My beloved, as I loved John. Amen. Also, a third layer of glory in heaven is that which comes from all the meritorious communions one has received in life. All those meritorious communions My servants receive in life serve to clothe them in light and splendor in the eternity to come.

Now, how do I glorify those who have received Me meritoriously? And how do I distinguish these from those who receive Me sacrilegiously? The act of sacrilege, when it comes to receiving Me in the eucharist in a state of mortal sin, is so terrible an act that in the afterlife, just one such act, if I hold that person responsible for that decision to receive Me unworthily, will weigh them down in purgatory until the end of time. They cannot ascend out of purgatory with that crime on them until all the blood of My wrath has been completely poured out upon My people on earth, and the emptying of purgatory is decreed to take place. You, Eric, received Me sacrilegiously twice. The first time was in 1989, when you went to receive Me in My Catholic Church, seeking to partake in it without having properly entered My religion and been made ready, and you went up to receive Me only because your father, who was fallen away, had previously told you that this was permissible. My Holy Spirit quickly convicted you that this was not so, and you received Me no more until you received your confirmation and first holy communion on March 30, 2002, some 13 years later. Because you obeyed Me in Spirit, and because you were never regarded as in a state of mortal sin before your formal entrance into Catholicism, the crime of that act of sacrilege was not counted against you, but only against your father, who knew better, but who did not correctly advise you or train you in Catholicism, nor have you properly catechized. And it was noted that you fully confessed that sin in your first confession, before you received the sacrament of first holy communion, at that time when you converted to enter into My religion of Catholicism in 2002. Amen.

The second time you received Me sacrilegiously, Eric, was also not your fault. Rather, it was the fault of one of My priests, who deliberately made the Eucharist invalid. And thus, when you received Me in that Eucharist, you distinctly tasted dead flesh, rather than the living body and blood. This priest was a priest who fell because he was in dire need of your prayers, Eric, but when you offered to pray for his spiritual interior, he rejected that and told you to only pray for his health. Such was a terrible mistake on his part. And for that reason he totally collapsed in his priesthood, and I took away his eyesight, by which he could no longer properly read the books necessary to conduct Mass with all the correct words. Hence, he made many very questionable Masses in his latter years of his ministry, but they were all valid in My sight until that one in which he deliberately made it invalid, and it was shortly after that invalid Mass that he was removed from Saint Bruno and officially retired from saying Masses ever again. And another error, one in which he resisted correction on, was in failing to fully comply with Pope Benedict XVI’s change of the words of consecration in English back to the more correct and Biblical form. For the correct form is that My blood was shed for “many”, and to say “all” here is to slightly blaspheme My blessed sacrament. It remains valid, but the priest who does this, since Pope Benedict’s official changes were enacted, sins. And for those who wish to look up this retired priest, or to conduct their own research about him, he goes by the name of Father Jim. Amen.

Hence, though you have received Me sacrilegiously twice in your long life of receiving Me validly in the blessed sacrament, in neither case do I hold you guilty. Rather the blood of those two deeds fall, rather, on those two fathers who were much more responsible, and therefore held guilty, of the foul deeds that were committed. Those two fathers, your dad and that priest, will pay for the full penalty for those two deeds that you committed, but for which I have excused you out of your innocent ignorance at the time. Amen.

Another thing that colors souls in heaven is if they were ever guilty of killing the unborn. And this can be done unseen, by using artificial birth control methods that work by keeping the fertilized egg from surviving in the womb. Do not be deceived, My people, into thinking that you have not killed someone because you have only killed a single cell, a fertilized egg, by taking medication to do this unseen, in order to prevent the pregnancy. For those who do such things are not held guiltless. Each and every act of such deaths caused by you are counted by My angels against you. And each time this act is counted against you, you sink deeper and deeper in your state of mortal sin. For it is no light matter to keep one of My little ones from seeing the light of day. Every abortion, including all such micro-abortions, results in an automatic excommunication from My Catholic Church, in accordance to My canon law. Now Pope Francis has made recent changes allowing his priests to restore to My Church those who are guilty of these sins through a simple confession to a priest. But it also remains true that until you do so, and confess those sins, if you are using such methods of birth control, then you are in fact in a state of excommunication from My Catholic Church, and you should not be receiving the sacraments, except for confession as Pope Francis has made possible. Amen.

Lord, do I remain working in my job? Or do I immediately begin walking the path of becoming a priest? And what should I do about my studies in the technologies of Rust and Xamarin? Continue to study those languages and technologies, for the knowledge of both will do you well. For just as My Apostle Paul also worked as a tentmaker in addition to serving as Apostle, you too, shall work an extra job while serving Me as My priest. And that extra job will be to serve in the IT departments of where I will station you as My priest. Amen. For you are highly skilled in IT, that is, Information Technology, knowing many languages and computer technologies, and having much experience in a vast array of computing disciplines. Amen. Rust is in fact the future language for systems programming. And it is excellent for embedded devices and also can be compiled very well into highly optimized Web Assembly, which runs natively on all modern browsers. And Xamarin uses your mastery of C# and .NET technologies to allow you to use those very same skills in making very highly optimized Apps for both Android and iOS with a shared codebase all written in C#. Amen. And in your current position, you are now very highly skilled in setting up Linux servers and LAMP stacks (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) and installing, running, and maintaining fleets of commercial websites, all based on the open sourced and highly popular Magento platform. Amen.

Hence, stay in your current position and remain working there until I call you and you have been admitted into the seminary. Amen. And this shall happen soon, within one year from this date. Amen. But as for girls, and any girls that stray across your path, realize that these are distractions from your goal. And if you follow any of them to become sexually involved with any girl, you will disqualify yourself from My Kingdom. Sure, it is possible for a man to marry and have sex. But I Am calling you to a higher vocation. And woe to that man who elects to walk the lower way when I have called him to walk the higher Way. Amen.

Now, let us address President Donald John Trump, and his prior knowledge by which he clearly knew ahead of time of the great danger that COVID-19 was to the American people, and instead of preparing them for the danger, kept the danger hidden from them and, instead, encouraged his people to conduct themselves in ways that would increase their risk to exposure to the deadly disease, and thereby bring about far greater numbers of dead and permanently damaged Americans. This is not the act of an incompetent leader, but rather, the premeditated act of a traitor and a betrayer. And given his close and secret communications with Vladimir Putin of Russia, it is clearly evident that Trump is following Putin’s orders in these acts against Americans, thereby committing the high crimes of treason, which are punishable by death. Amen.

Lord Larimar, as you have set up Alexei Navalny to replace Vladimir Putin in Russia, I now permit you to set up who you wish to set up in Trump’s place over America. For I Am taking Trump down. And he is going to be tried and executed for treason. Amen. You may now issue your decree. For you are in fact a Player again. I do not give you a Kingdom to rule here. And I do not make you any form of King in any way. But a Player you really are, and I have granted you the power again to set up Pawns all over the world. For the Larimar Reign is now in effect. Amen.

Lord, this is My decree: Let a good ruler rise up in America, who will be a good ruler and not corrupt. And let him take President Trump’s place on the Republican ballot and win the elections. And let this ruler care about human souls, and also be careful about minimizing human caused harm to the environment. And let this ruler restore the correct form of morality to America that was responsible for making America a great nation in the past. Amen.

This request, I will honor and obey. You have done well, lord Larimar. I will now immediately bring about President Donald John Trump’s resignation, and make Vice President Mike Pence the acting President until your Pawn is elected and assumes command this coming January 20, 2021 as the 47th President of the United States of America. That is all, I Who Am have spoken. It is a great tragedy when great leaders fall. But great acts of treason are never ignored nor ignorable. And the traitor, Donald John Trump, he will be quickly brought to justice. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, ask Me any question you may have, and I will answer it authoritatively. Lord, it was said in earlier posts that COVID-19 was to dissipate and vanish by the time of the elections. What shall come of these statements and of Eric’s decrees that COVID-19 vanish. I will grant this one consolation to America. Execute Trump, and right after his death, I will bring about a cure and a fix to this terrible mess that he has created in America. Amen. Now go and publish this post, lord Larimar, for it is complete. Amen.

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