Eric shall serve as a pillar of the Christendom he is given to rule.

Eric is a central pillar of the half of the world I now set him as ruler over.

I Who Am Am now speaking. Eric is sent to bring about victory for Trump in the November 3, 2020, elections. Lord, someone might accuse Eric of racism against Black people by having that as his mission. What sayest Thou to them? Get ready for the war canon. For Eric is a serious war machine and a one man army. He it not to be trifled with. And you know Eric’s strategy. He always takes out the central pillar of the enemy forces first. For he is that rare beast known as the Unicorn, the beast that bears but a single long and straight horn from the center of his forehead. He will defeat the Democrats by destroying the central pillar that props them up. And then they will collapse.

Remember how this Unicorn conquered the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics? He didn’t assemble a massive army and attempt an invasion, waging World War III. No, Eric is more cunning than that. Rather, he called forth a Pawn to rise up in Russia when he was a small child, by saying these words to the higher beings with his childlike faith: Let a ruler rise up in Russia who will be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who will carry out many reforms and end the Cold War. Now Eric has called forth a third Russian Pawn. The first two were Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev, and Boris Nikolayevich Yeltsin, the latter of the two being called forth during the Greater Emerald Reign with these words: Let a ruler rise up in Russia who will be a good ruler and not go corrupt, and who will be a rival to Gorbachev, but one rank below him. His purpose was to speed up reforms, which were becoming slow under Gorbachev. And it served Eric’s purpose that Yeltsin was the first democratically elected President of Russia, and that he became head-of-state of Russia at the dissolution of the U.S.S.R, which was really an empire comprised of 15 Soviet Republics: The 3 Baltic states, the 3 Caucasus states, the 5 central Asian Muslim states, Moldova, and the 3 Slavic states that formed the base of the Commonwealth the Independent states, Belarus, Ukraine, and Russia. And at that point, on Christmas Day, Wednesday, December 25, 1991, Mikhail Gorbachev signed the end of the Soviet Union, and the 15 constituent republics became sovereign states by the stroke of his pen, the last true empire having ended. Within seven months of that date, in early July of 1992, Eric Robert Dunstan, the Player who set him into power, was himself converted to Christianity and become a follower of Jesus.

With Russia now a sovereign state, Eric’s second Russian Pawn, Yeltsin, inherited all the authority in the United Nations that belonged to the USSR, and became head-of-state of the newly formed Russian Federation. But Eric’s power was short lived, for his conversion to Christianity put an end to the power of the Emerald Reign. For the angels fled from Eric the moment he confessed in the quiet of his room that he was Antichrist. But Eric then entered the path of Jesus and became a follower of His Way. And those who wield great powers are put to great tests. And hence, Eric was tested in the two Martyrdom Breakdowns, of June 1-2 and June 24-25, of the year 1995, the latter being exactly 3 1/2 years from the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. There is a police record of that incident. Eric was arrested, but not charged, on that date, his 25th birthday. And the Martyrdom Breakdowns were a test to see if Eric would obey God to his destruction and to his death, which he did, but did not die. And so he rode a Dodge Colt E in utter obedience to God. And the next day, he entered a Catholic Cathedral to be rejected by the priest, whom he obeyed and left as commanded without resistance and without saying one word. For he was at that moment possessed by the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit obeys Catholic Church authority. Amen.

Now, Eric, you have selected your third Emerald Pawn to reign over Russia. And the one you have selected is Alexei Navalny. He you have called forth to reign as the Third Emerald Pawn over Russia as Russian head-of-state. How does Eric now have the power to call forth Pawns again, O’ Lord? For he is a Roman Catholic now, and for the past 18 years. I Who Am have restored you to power, and I have given you a throne. And on this throne you shall exercise judgement over half the world. You shall topple rulers within the realms you control. And you shall overthrow kingdoms. And with an iron hand shall you rule the nations; like pottery shall you shatter them. (Revelation 2:26-28). As you have requested, when We cure Alexei Navalny of his coma, We shall also cure his eyes. For a ruler who is partly blind is impaired. But a ruler who is made to see all things rules much more effectively. And I agree with you, lord Larimar. Alexei Navalny is an excellent choice as leader, for he has passed the test of martyrdom for his people and his nation. He is not afraid to die. I Who Am shall bring him back from the door of death. He shall not die. Rather, he shall recover and I shall cure him. Amen. And let it be known, no one can defeat a Pawn called forth by the Emerald King.

For what are the Pawns? In Chess, the Pawn is the least piece on the board, but a piece with the potential to rise in rank to that of any of the higher pieces, except for King, once it reaches the eighth square. And who are the Players, O’ Lord? The Players are those who move the pieces. Lord in this game, there have reigned several Players, many of whom had Pawns. But I have seen no Knights, Bishops, Rooks, nor Queens. And I do not know what you would call a King. Perhaps Chess is not comparable to the game we are playing, O’ Lord? Chess is a primitive game in comparison to the game you are playing, lord Larimar. For one thing, your gameboard is this earth. And the moves you make have real consequences in the real earth. In this game, there are those who are Players, and those they call forth are Pawns. And each Player is given a time to reign, to see if he or she is worthy. We have found you worthy, lord Larimar. That is why you now reign again. And that is why We give you a throne. It will be understood by those with understanding that you are the Great Monarch who was prophesied to come. And just as the First Rider of the Apocalypse does not ride a white horse literally, neither does the Great Monarch descend directly from the Franks, but from the Irish, the English, and the Germans. For what folly befalls the man who rejects the fulfillments of prophecies simply because they do not agree with his literalist interpretations of the uttered Word!

Okay, if Eric is this Great Monarch, have you revealed the identity of the one to be the holy pope and the papal name that he shall take? In earlier posts, it was revealed that the next pope shall be Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence, Italy, and that he will take the papal name of Benedict, in honor of the pope who made him cardinal. And thus, he would be called Pope Benedict XVII. Is this the case, O’ Lord? Do you verify or reject this assertion? This Giuseppe Betori was ordained a priest on September 26, 1970, the year you were born. For Eric was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Yes, lord Eric, this cardinal has the correct attitude when it comes to the modern issues, such as homosexual marriages, abortions, and euthanasia. He clearly recognizes these as great enemies to the Catholic Church. Amen. I Who Am revealed to you that this was My choice for the pope who is to succeed Pope Francis on the Seat of Peter. Pope Francis represented Pyrite, the Player behind Obama. The pope who is to come shall represent you, O’ Larimar King. And he will be holy. But Lord, what about his papal name? Shall he be Pope Benedict XVII or Pope John XXIV? Such is an excellent question, for both numbers 17 and 24 represent you. Remember that Eric’s full legal name at birth, Eric Robert Dunstan, has 17 letter in English, and in these Greek letters: ΕΡΙΚ ΡΟΒΕΡΤ ΔΥΝΣΤΑΝ, his name adds up to 1717 according to the Greek gematria. And Eric was born on the 24th of June of 1970. So which will it be, O’ Lord?

I will now tell thee, O’ servant to Mary. Two popes shall reign as pope during the 40 year reign of Eric as the Great Monarch. Pope Benedict XVII shall reign first, followed by Pope John XXIV. And then I shall come. Amen. Giuseppe Betori is to be the next pope, and he shall take the papal name of Benedict and be called Pope Benedict XVII. And the pope to follow him shall be a man who Benedict XVII shall make as cardinal. And this pope who succeeds Pope Benedict XVII is the one who shall be called Pope John XXIV. Lord, Martin Luther said that the name of Benedictus adds up to 666 in Latin. Well, lord Larimar, there is a ‘D’, an ‘I’, a ‘C’, and a ‘U’ (‘V’). Add this all together, and you get 606, which is short 60 from the number of 666 according to Latin gematria. It seems that Martin Luther needed some lessons in math, or else he added letters to the name to get the number he wanted. Or rather, you misheard which language’s gematria he used. For Benedictos in these Greek letters: ΒΕΝΕΔΙΚΤΟΣ, does in fact add up to 666 according to the Greek gematria. And what does that make the pope who takes the name of Benedict XVII, O’ Lord? For that is bringing two numbers together, 666 and 17. Is he, therefore, linked to the Antichrist, O’ Lord? Rather, lord Larimar, he is linked to the one who once was Antichrist, but who converted to follow Me. And that one is you, lord Larimar. For your nature and your power remain as you are, but all these things about you are now turned to the service of God due to your conversion to My religion of Catholicism. For I Who Am Am a powerful God. And if the Antichrist himself humbles himself and turns to serve and follow Me, I will make him into My servant and My holy saint, putting to use all his gifts and talents for the service to My Kingdom. And all these things that I do unto you, lord Larimar, I do because you have chosen to follow and obey Me. And there is no greater act a man can do in his life than to make the decision to follow and obey Me, his Lord God Jesus Christ, who is God the Son, He Who was dead and now lives forever and ever. (Revelation 1:18). Amen.

Now I shall speak. I made Eric for this specific purpose. And this purpose is to serve as the pillar of the society he lives in until I come again. Just like the real Antichrist, Eric is never permitted to taste actual death. (Revelation 19:20). Rather, Eric is one those of the kind that the legendary Merlin was who were said to know too much. But in reality, Eric is not under that curse of knowing too much because he sought the correct knowledge in the correct Way. Eric knew many things, but he gave up everything to seek and to know Me. Whereas other wizards delved into black magic or necromancy or demonology or summoning the dead, or scientific mastery, or the master equations that explain all universal phenomena, Eric delved deep into religion, focusing on My religion, and put to practice exactly as My religion mandated of him. He did not study Catholicism to attain knowledge only. Rather, Eric practiced My teachings and put them to heart. Hence, Eric is one of those rare Catholics who knows what his Church teaches and practices it in full.

Now let us speak of Eric’s sex life. For Eric now knows that he is commanded to never marry and to never have sex. Whether he is to be called to the priesthood will be revealed when I cure him by the manner that I cure him. And the sign of his calling shall be the presence of a priest in his line of sight at the moment he is cured. Amen. Eric, I now declare you of sufficient purity to serve Me in My purpose for you. You will no longer serve Me where you are now serving Me. For I Am about to take you away from there. And where shall you put me, O’ Lord and Master? For you know well that the company I work for will collapse if I am removed from it. You will be removed and placed in a region where I will you to go. As for the current place you work, it will collapse whether you stay or go. For their business model is unsustainable. And they do not have astute, far thinking management. But you are astute and far thinking. And I have better plans for you than leaving you to work this 9-5 job that pays too low for the talent and skills that you provide.

This is My plan for you. Listen carefully. America will be destroyed on an unknown day. And everyone still in America on that day will be caught in the trap. But you shall be removed by the hand of God and placed in another region of the Christendom you are given to rule over. This America is done with you. There is no point in keeping you here in this United States of America, for the people here are due for great chastisements. And I do not permit you to be here in the USA when I begin hammering this nation hard. And the comet is coming, and it will wipe out a great part of humanity. But when this all is to take place, I, the Lord, alone have knowledge. And I will whisk Eric out of the fray before the situation gets hot. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His people. Amen.

But I will not place you in a nation where My enemies rule. Hence, though Russia is part of the lands you rule over, Vladimir Putin must be dealt with as a flyswatter deals with the fly before it is safe to put you there. All that I will reveal in this post of where I shall put you is that you will be put on an island. And there you will serve Me until I come. Amen. And so, what are some potential islands into which you may be placed that are part of your Kingdom of Christendom, you ask? I will name the seventeen largest habitable and hospitable islands of your Kingdom where I might consider placing you in, in order from largest to smallest: Greenland, Great Britain, Newfoundland, Iceland, Ireland, Hispaniola, Vancouver Island, Sicily, Sardinia, Jamaica, Cape Breton, Prince Edward, Hawaii, Cyprus, Puerto Rico, Corsica, and Crete. But I shall reveal this. In one of the aforementioned seventeen islands I have selected to place you and settle you in where you shall remain until I come.

Now, you have been faithfully carrying out My assignment of reading the entire Holy Bible in the order of the books that I have directed you to read. You have now read: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs, (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, (11) Joshua, (12) Hebrews, (13) James, and (14) Revelation. And right now you are in the New Testament reading: (15) John. After that, I have commanded you to read in this order: (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah, (21) Isaiah, (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians, (30) Tobit, (31) Esther, (32) Jonah. And as you progress further through the Holy Bible, We shall further list the books you are to read until We have listed all 73 books of the Catholic canon. And a note to our Protestant Readers, Tobit is part of the ancient Old Testament translation in Greek, called the Septuagint. It is found in every Catholic Holy Bible. But to find it in a Protestant Bible, you will need one that contains the Apocrypha. Protestant Bibles that include the Apocrypha contain the entire 73 books of the Catholic canon, though if Lamentations is considered a part of Jeremiah, it will be numbered as having 72 books. But either way, all the scriptures that make up the Catholic canon are contained. And note that Eric is commanded to read one or two or three chapters a day, but not to exceed that number for the day, so that what he reads he retains. And he is reading these books in a 1953 English translation of the Catholic Holy Bible. And why do We have Eric read an older translation, you ask? It is because the translation is more literal and raw, and has not been massaged by modern translators who have modern beliefs.

And why not have Eric simply master Koine Greek and Hebrew and Latin and get the real official translations from the source, someone asks? It is because Eric’s life is not that long. There are only so many things a man can master in this world before his time is up. In the past, Eric mastered the computer languages of Java and C# and C++, and programmed also in Perl, C, PHP, Javascript, and SQL. In his current job, he programs only in PHP and Javascript, working mainly with commercial websites based on Magento and LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP). This is about to change, for I Am having Eric master Xamarin (which uses C# for programming iOS and Android with a shared codebase.) and Rust (which can be compiled as WebAssembly to run on any modern browser, and can be compiled to run on embedded devices, such as the Raspberry Pi, and can be compiled to run on any modern computer system and run as fast as C.). Rust will eventually replace C as a superior and safer language. And rust has the full power of C in that you can do in Rust everything you can do in C, including building operating systems and system compilers and code interpreters with it.

Hence, given Eric’s assignment to learn these two new technologies and to master them both, he does not have the time to master Latin, Greek, or Hebrew. Furthermore, much more lucrative is the path of learning these two computer technologies than is the path of mastering the dead languages that the Holy Scriptures were written in. Lord, will Eric have completed his mastery of these two technologies to have a basic fluency in them before you remove him from his current employment and place him on one of those seventeen islands? Yes, first you will master both of these technologies. And will Eric buy that Avalon hybrid luxury sedan he was to buy before he goes to the island or after he arrives in that island? Before you depart from the land in which you now live, you shall buy a new car. And then when you arrive to the island you are destined to live until I come, an electric car shall you purchase there. The car I recommend you to buy here in this land is an Avalon hybrid sedan. Whether you choose the luxurious version or the basic version I leave up to you. This Avalon hybrid will provide you plenty of room, while still giving you the greater mileage compared to the non hybrids. Note that the basic 2021 Avalon XLE Hybrid mileage is: (43 city/44 highway/44 combined mpg), and the more luxurious versions don’t improve on mileage. And thus, that is my suggestion of what to get. Amen. For you are not a man who craves luxury. Your objective is to transport your goods and yourself from one place to another. And that is the motive of why you buy your cars.

Now, Lord, this girl you are giving me as my platonic companion, what becomes of her when I am whisked away to one of the seventeen islands? I have a higher purpose for her than simply being a companion to you. She also has an assignment that she is to accomplish. Just realize that your friendship with her, as it is with Hyacinth, is eternal. But you are not mates. And thus, you do not need to be kept together. Rather, you shall be friends only. And after the destruction has been wrought in the lands I take you from, I shall have a new assignment for you in the land I take you to. Just note that you do not need female companionship. But We shall provide to you all that you need. And really, your needs are met in Me. Now, ask me three questions, lord Larimar, and I shall answer them in depth. And then you must publish this post.

(1) Since I do not die, do I continue to reign over the half of the world You give me, that kingdom called Christendom, consisting of all of the Americas, all of the North Atlantic, all of Europe (except Turkey), and all of Russia, setting up rulers and overthrowing dictators, until You come again, O’ Lord? That is correct. Those are the lands to which We in heaven limit your rule. Everyone within those lands is your subject. And everything outside those lands, We let go to fallow. Amen. And yes, you will live with perfect health throughout all the decades yet to come before I, the Lord Jesus, come again. Amen. I do not give you a deadline of My Second Coming, by the simple reason in that I do not fix a cap on your age limit, that is, how old you may live to be. Consider yourself to be like Aragorn, a King granted unusual long life to live.

(2) Am I to concern myself primarily in the salvation of humanity, and disregard the plights of wildlife and endangered habitats around the whole world? Lord Larimar, you may concern yourself in saving and preserving things that I grant you the power to do so, but your primary focus is to be on the people. For only the souls of the people are eternal. All the rest in this world is passing away. And as for the earth in the age to come, this earth is but a shadow of it. And nothing of this shadow will persist to be in the earth that is to come except for those souls of the people whom I elect to save and their resurrected flesh. Amen.

(3) Is there to be a central Antichrist, the one called the beast and his false prophet, who are to come and rule and then be destroyed? Are shall there by many yet to come, some of whom will convert, as Twilight did, and some who will resist all conversion, as Pyrite did? And will any of them pose a danger to me? There are many antichrists, lord Larimar. And their number is as the sand of the sea. But I will conquer them and kill them through you. And those I command you to convert, you shall convert and save. And I command you to stand with Firefly, for she, as did Twilight before her, will convert and be saved by your obedience to Me.

I Who AM have spoken. Now publish this post and go home, lord Larimar. For I Am an all powerful God. And I tell you what to do, and you obey Me, and you triumph. And you now see that that illness you had has left you, exactly as I prophesied it would. Therefore, stay obedient to Me. And listen no more to any spirit or being who tells you that you are to marry or have sex or have children. For that is all now past you. And your state of eternal virginity is sealed. And I now anoint you as one of My two Blue Prophet Wizards. The other Blue Prophet Wizard is Lazurite, Steward of the Kingdom of Israel. And hence the two of you are called Larimar and Lazurite, the Two Blue Prophet Wizards of the End of Time. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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