Trump produces at least some very good fruit. Hence, he must be a good tree in God’s eyes.

For a good tree can only produce good fruit, and a bad tree can only produce bad fruit. (Matthew 7:17-18).

Now We shall present the two competing narratives. First We shall present that narrative by the alleged, “I AM,”. that is, one who appears as Me and who tells Eric that he is to marry and have sex. After this, I Who Am shall speak and denounce the angel who was leading Eric into sex and away from the celibacy he has already accepted and reveal that his true identity is the angel of deception and trickery, Lucifer, the enemy of all Mankind. Now let us begin:

***** Now Satan is leading the Discussion and impersonating Me *****

(Sunday, August 30, 2020) I Who Am have set Eric as My eternal prophet. And he will marry a Jewish girl who shall translate all his works that I, the Lord Jesus, shall command her to translate into Hebrew. The girl’s name is Elizabeth. And she is some 13 years younger than Eric, making her capable of bearing Eric the prophesied son by natural means. Elizabeth shall be given to Eric, who shall marry her by August of 2021. And she will bear him the prophesied son, who shall be Mine. And I will call him into the priesthood where he shall serve Me. As for the rest of the children Elizabeth shall bear Eric, these shall be daughters, and there shall be two of them. These two daughters will be trained by Elizabeth, who shall be called the Grand Witch of the Order of the Witch King child. The Witch King child from whom the name of the Order is derived shall be from the epic poem written by the Virgin Mary through Eric. And it refers to Eric, who was once Antichrist par Excellence, but whom Mary chose to save and take as her own son when he was but a child by an act of love. This act of love was an act of getting up early in the morning on a Irish farm of Eric’s mother’s relatives on a vacation to Ireland in 1980, and Eric got up early, as a ten year old child, to show attention to some neglected puppies on the farm. Later, on the same farm, Eric was climbing a tree and a woman offered to help him down, and Eric jumped down, saying he never needs help from anyone. And at the moment he said that, he slipped and fell into a hidden ditch, and got a gash in his right eyebrow, narrowly missing his right eye. That scar Eric bears to this very day. God showed this mercy on Eric by two things: Eric had been praying to God well before that incident that he not lose his eyesight. And Eric had done this meritorious act of love for these two puppies.

Now We shall reprint the epic poem of the Witch King child, written by the Holy Virgin Mary through Eric. Amen:

The Poem of the Witch King child

The Witch King child did an act of love that Mary saw from high above,
And it was then she chose to take the Witch King child and all rules break;

And with a story she did outpour such love that God Himself thus swore
To make a child whose heart is pure to join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went to take from Satan his seat and tent,
For whoever possessed the Witch King child would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne, but Mary fought with love alone.
The Witch King child, and adult man, was now where Satan took his last stand;

And war was waged within his mind, with battles fierce, but love is kind.
The man who was the Witch King child did turn from sin and Satan died;

And Mary took this man and made perfection where before sin stayed;
It was in him where Satan lost and Mary won beyond all cost;

And now with Mary’s throne within, the Witch King made her Kingdom win;
And by her final act of war, the Witch King to her allegiance swore;

And by that final, decisive deed, the war was won, the world was freed.

written by Eric Robert Dunstan (as inspired by God and Mary)

Hence, Elizabeth shall found this Order of the Witch King child soon after I take Eric up to heaven. And Eric will be taken away when his son reaches the age of twelve. Lord, it seems that this son may be born as early as 2022. And if so, then Eric is to be taken away, at the earliest, by the year 2034. Precisely, lord Larimar. Your time now is fleeting. Do precisely as I command you in all things, and everything will flow accordingly. Amen.

Hyacinth has contacted you. And you have, in obedience to Me, given her nothing more. Continue in this resolution. For the money I give you from now on shall be devoted to the future marriage I shall put you in. And Hyacinth I shall soon take away. Also, in heaven, you ask are you to be regarded as HDO, with eternal bonds between you and Hyacinth and Elizabeth? For that you and Elizabeth are to have sex is not only granted, but mandated. For the son of Eric is predestined to come to be. And that you are to marry and have this son is part of your predestined glory. And your daughters will enter the Order to be founded by your wife. Amen. Note that this Order of the Witch King child is strictly a Sorority and a coven for females only. Not even the transgendered man who makes himself appear as a woman will be accepted into it, but only those women who are female at birth. And the women who are to enter must either be born to member witches or be selected to join by the Matriarchs who shall run this Order. For the knowledge possessed by the Order shall be secret knowledge, forbidden to be given to any man, lest another Witch King, like Eric, rise again to power, but one who, unlike Eric, would not convert and become good. For the conversion of the Witch King is a one time event. It never repeats. Hence, for another Witch King to rise to power after Eric, he would be most powerful and most formidable were he to possess the power and knowledge of Eric.

So, this knowledge that is written here by Eric is not all the knowledge that is possessed by the Witch King? Has Eric revealed how he commanded the Berlin Wall to fall? And has Eric revealed how he commanded the rise of the four called forth Emerald Pawns? And has Eric revealed how he walked the path by which he fell not? Has Eric revealed the secret by which he attained to perfection? And has Eric revealed all the secret knowledge that he possesses here on these pages? No, for Eric is commanded to reveal all secrets to the woman whom he is to be given as his wife and as his apprentice. To her he is to reveal everything. And her he is to train to master all that he has mastered. So important and time consuming will be Eric’s training of the woman that I, the Lord, decree this. From the moment the girl enters Eric’s life, Eric will cease all writing here on And from that point onward, Eric will train the girl he will have been given. Hence, to all readers of this blog, when you witness the cessation of writing here by Eric, that is the sign that the girl will have been given. And Eric will be given her soon.

Lord, Eric’s time here is fleeting. Let us see now. Eric converted to Christianity in July of 1992, while he was a senior in Whittier College. And Eric converted to Catholicism, entering into full communion, on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002. And Eric is taken away to heaven as early as 2034. That means Eric will have reigned as a Christian for about 41 to 42 years. And Eric will have reigned as a full Roman Catholic for about 32 years. And Eric will have lived for about 63 to 64 years. For Eric Robert Dunstan, whose name adds up to 1717 in Greek, was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. Amen. And he took the name of Ulric as his confirmation saint name in 2002. Now you know all things, lord Larimar. Hence, you shall train your wife for some 13 to 14 years. And then I will take your soul to heaven. Amen.

Some may compare Eric to Abraham. For both of these men were promised a son. And both of them will have realized the promise as men well advanced in age. But there are some differences. Abraham had an illegitimate son before he had Isaac, by a slave woman, Hagar, that his wife, Sarah, gave him in error to have sex with in order to in some way have a child by Abraham in her name. Later, when Isaac was born to Sarah, she had Abraham send Hagar and her son Ishmael away so that an illegitimate son would not share in or compete for the inheritance that was all to go to Isaac, the legitimate son. With her son finally born, Sarah died soon afterwards, her mission in life complete. But Abraham went on to marry again, for he had the need for sex. And the sons he had by this woman, Keturah, he sent away east, so that they would not compete with Isaac for the inheritance. (Genesis 25:1-6).

Eric, on the other hand, is a virgin still. And he has never known a woman. And the son to be born to Eric will be of the perfect continence suitable for God’s purpose in calling him into the priesthood. Eric’s continence is imperfect, for his past acts of impurity have deep roots. Therefore, Eric is not suitable for My purposes in My priesthood. Instead, those purposes will be served by his son, whom I, the Lord God, shall bring to the perfection I need for the position I have planned for him to serve.

And the girl I Am giving to Eric is also a virgin. And Eric and his future wife, Elizabeth, shall lose their virginity together. And so, the question is: Shall Eric and his wife be as N2 or as HDO with Hyacinth, who is to die virgin? What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Though you have loved Hyacinth, you have lacked knowledge of her. And hence, you cannot be eternally bonded to her. Rather, the other bond you are to have shall be to the Spanish girl whom you drove out demons by touching her forehead. This girl is a married woman. Hence, the eternal bonds into which you are to be called to enter into shall be the third class of heavenly water: H2O. Now, show again the entire detailed list of the twelve major chemical components of the earth’s atmosphere and how they symbolize the twelve ranks of human kind in the next world and their eternal relationships there.

  1. H2, Hydrogen gas. Highest, lightest gas in the universe. Perfect, celibate, virgins who enter into Josephite Catholic marriages or bonds of similar effect, including monogamous platonic friendships between two virgin lovers. The Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph are eternally bonded here, by a special dispensation eternally granted by Jesus Christ to Saint Joseph. This is the highest rank of virgins because it consists of platonic monogamy, which is the highest form of love between two souls of the opposite sex. Hence, the souls of this highest level of heaven experience the truest form of eternal Life possible for a creature. Amen. molar mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. He, Helium noble gas. Highest, lightest inert gas. Perfect, celibate, unbonded, virgin souls. Perfected virgin saints, such as the Apostles, Saint John and Saint Paul, exist here. This rank, though very high, is less than H2 because two perfected united lovers are greater than one perfected soul, unbonded and by himself. Nevertheless, this soul is blessed with the freedom of not having any of those attachments that would make it heavier and of lower rank. Such is why this rank is the second highest level of heaven. Such souls are like eternal single stable stars, like our sun, that produce a constant shine and emit a constant light for all eternity. molar mass: 4.003 g/mol.
  3. D2O, Heavy Water. Water composed of two atoms of deuterium (2H), instead of normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Full virgin heavenly water. The male and the two females bonded here are all virgins. This platonic threesome ranks lower than H2 because is it lacks that ideal of spiritual monogamy. And it ranks below Helium as the single and free soul is better and higher than the one with multiple love bonds. But it is very high in that it constitutes the highest class of heavenly water. And all heavenly water is a rare commodity. molar mass: 20.02751 g/mol.
  4. HDO, Semiheavy Water. Water composed of one deuterium (2H) and one normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Partial virgin heavenly water. Only one of the two females is virgin here in this bond while the other female and the male have lost their virginity with one another in a sacramental marriage. This is the transitional form of heavenly water and the heavenly level between the virgin camp above and the lower camps below. molar mass: 19.021 g/mol.
  5. H2O, Light Water. Two normal hydrogen atoms (1H) bonded to oxygen. Non virgin heavenly water. No virgins exist here. The male and the two females in this bond have all lost their virginity, but without sin or transgression. Hence, the sin of sexual polygamy has not been committed here. Here exists the molecule formed by Eric, Elizabeth, and the married Spanish girl whom Eric drove out demons by touching her forehead. This is the most abundant form of heavenly water. And it exists beneath that level of heaven where only virgins may be admitted. It is the highest level that souls can ascend to who are not virgins, with the exception of HDO, which is one level higher due to the partial presence of virginity in the union. Though the ranks of heavenly water are ranked such that the higher ranked are heavier, it is so ranked due to the fact that the woman who is virgin is represented by 2H, while the non virgin woman is 1H. And that extra neutron in the virgin woman is a symbol of her union with the Holy Spirit. These three levels of heavenly water molecules are the waters that flow and irrigate the heavens. molar mass: 18.01528 g/mol.
  6. Ne, Neon noble gas. Second highest inert gas. Souls saved within imperfect celibacy, Saint Augustine exists here as a sexual sinner who became celibate. And Saint Peter, the first pope, exists here as a man who left his wife to follow Jesus. And all the celibate saints of the Church who wear no crown of virginity, and who are not of heavenly water molecules, exist here. The souls here are barred from entering the higher heavens due to their past sexual histories, whether sinful or not. For the act of knowing a woman makes a man heavier and lower. Nevertheless, this sixth rank, along with all the higher ranks mentioned above, are all represented by gases that are lighter than air. And this gas, Neon, is the heaviest of these six lighter-than-air gases of these highest six ranks. molar mass: 20.2 g/mol.
  7. N2, Nitrogen gas. This is the seventh rank of heaven and forms its lowest level. All the elect of the vocation of sacramental marriage, whether married or single, except for those belonging to heavenly water molecules, exist here. Thus, included here are many Catholic family men and women, those who lawfully marry and who raise families together in full accordance to Catholicism. Amen. Most of the air is composed of such Nitrogen gas molecules. And the molar mass of Nitrogen gas makes it only very slightly lighter than air, (The average molar mass of air is approximately 28.97 g/mol, slightly heavier than pure nitrogen due to the large Oxygen content of air, which is a heavier gas.). The slight lightness of this gas compared to the average molar mass of air signifies the blessed state of this lowest rank within the Church. molar mass: 28.02 g/mol.
  8. Ar, Argon noble gas. Celibate souls saved outside of the Church. Saint John the Baptist, and the celibate prophets, Elijah and Elisha, exist here. Saint Joseph is no longer ranked here, but as H2 with the Holy Virgin Mary, by a special dispensation granted by Jesus Christ, his adopted Son. The souls here do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but rather, exist at a lower level beneath it, but are still regarded as among the elect nevertheless. They dwell in the eighth level of the saved, but only the upper seven are called the true ranks of heaven. The members of this group below heaven will have honor and distinction on the eternal earth, but will nevertheless be ruled over by those who are of the ranks of heaven, known as the First Resurrection. For no one saved outside the Church partakes in the First Resurrection, which requires baptism to enter into. Amen. molar mass: 39.948 g/mol.
  9. O2, Oxygen gas. All the elect of the married vocation saved outside of the Church, whether married or single. All the great patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament who were saved are here. Included here are: Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Samuel, and King David. These nine levels listed thus far are the nine levels of the saved. And this is the ninth and lowest rank of the elect, the body of those who are saved. They are outside of heaven and dwell on the eternal earth where they serve God as creatures made to do His will for all eternity. But as it is with all the saved, they too behold the Beatific Vision, but as outsiders to heaven, and thus they gaze upon it at a distance, similar to how Moses gazed at the promised land from Mount Nebo. Amen. molar mass: 32 g/mol
  10. CO2, Carbon Dioxide. The damned who are oriented to enter natural monogamous heterosexual relationships. These are the common criminals and the typical sinners, those who rob banks and who cheat on their taxes. A complete break exists here between those of the levels above and this and all lower levels. All in this level and below it are forever condemned men and women who inhabit the realms of the damned for all eternity. They sink at death. They do not rise. molar mass: 44.01 g/mol.
  11. CH4, Methane. The polygamous, the sexually promiscuous, the harlots, and all the abominations of the earth. Everyone who identifies himself or herself as a member of the LGBTQ group exists here. This is the only rank of the lower six that is represented by a lighter-than-air gas. This indicates the deceptions by which these sinners attempt to pass themselves off as morally acceptable, but who in reality you must purge from your midst in order to not be cursed yourselves along with them and share in the punishments for their crimes. Hence, these attempt to rise and to enter the higher realms, but in reality, they are damned and eternally barred from heaven. molar mass: 16.04 g/mol.
  12. Kr, Krypton noble gas. The Satanist loners, the sexual monsters, the pedophiles, and all those of sick, warped psychologies. Adolf Hitler exists here. This is by far the heaviest gas among the major components of the atmosphere. This symbolizes that the members of this group fall to the lowest regions of hell. molar mass: 83.80 g/mol.

Lord, explain how the bonds between one male to two females in heavenly water molecules are distinctly different from the sinful practice of polygamy. Polygamy violates the ideal union of one man bonded to one woman established by God in the Garden of Eden, with the creation of one male and one female as the first two human beings who formed the first married couple, Adam and Eve. This ideal binary bonding is represented in heaven by virgin couples in H2, and by sexual couples in N2. Now, while this bonding is ideal, it is also impractical to accommodate all the females who are to be so bonded in heaven, for due to the uneven sex ratio in heaven, most women would therefore need to be thus represented as solo inert gases, such as by helium (for solo virgins), or by neon (for celibate non virgins), or by argon (for solo people saved outside the Church). For there are many more women than there are men who enter into heaven. For you know well that the people found in Catholic churches are, as a rule, predominantly females. And those who practice Catholicism tend to consist more of females than of males. And more women than men faithfully fulfill their Sunday duty to go to Church.

Hence, with heaven having many more females than males, a compromise was eternally decreed by Almighty God that not not all bonds in heaven would be binary, with the only alternative being to be without bonds as an inert gas. Thus, God decreed that some bonds are to be ternary. And the ternary bonded souls are to consist of one male bonded to two females, similar how in a water molecule, one Oxygen atom is strongly bonded to two Hydrogen atoms, forming the smallest unit of water. And these bonds are typically established in life by some form of holy physical contact. And now you know why there is no such bonds between you and Hyacinth, with whom you have never met in the flesh. Nor can any male enter into such eternal bonds of heavenly water in heaven who have been sexually polygamous or promiscuous. For the bonds of heavenly water are reserved for only those souls who are clean and pure, whether they form D2O, HDO, or H2O, the three classes of heavenly water. Rather, the bonds reserved for the sexually perverse and sinful are the rotten sulfurous smelling CH4, which is called methane, and the destiny of these is to go to hell. And the males who convert from great sexual sins to live holy lives never go on to form heavenly water molecules, but rather, form neon if saved in the Church, and argon if saved outside the Church. But if such converts belong to the married vocations, they then form N2 if married and saved within the Church, and O2 if married, but saved outside the Church.

And just how female is heaven, O’ Lord? And how male is hell? The perfect ratio of gender in heaven is such: for every five males who got to heaven, there are seven females who go there. Hence, heaven is roughly 58.3% female, O’ Lord? That is correct, lord Larimar. Hence, for every 9 male to female binary bonds existing in heaven, there are 6 heavenly water molecules formed, which involve a total of 6 males bonded to 12 females, each entering a molecule consisting of one male bonded to two females. And as for the single souls in heaven (the inert gases), for every 5 who are male, there are 7 who are female, but these form no bonds, but are inert for all eternity. Amen. Hence, the gender ratio among those bonded in heaven is identical to those forming unbonded inert gases in heaven. And because gender is a past concept in heaven, those forming inert gases are not distinguished by gender. And these strong molecular bonds that form in heaven are eternal, for nothing ever changes there, being part of timelessness. They are, thus, predestined by God. And they are formed only as God decrees them to form. Amen.

And how male is hell, O’ Lord? Those who go to hell are uncounted souls, lord Larimar. The Black lives that go there cease to matter. But to give a rough approximation, there are roughly six males in hell for every five females there. Amen. Hence, hell is very male and heaven is very female. In addition, many times more people inhabit hell than inhabit heaven. So great is this difference in numbers between the damned and the saved that the greater numbers of females than males entering heaven does not have any significant impact on the gender ratio of those who go to hell. Hence, by this knowledge, you know that of souls conceived, there are roughly 6 males conceived for every 5 females conceived. And in every phase of human development from zygote to old age, the death rate of males is greater than that of females. And even you, lord Larimar, you know that you will live to be only 63 or 64 years old, roughly, but for your wife, I shall have her live well into her old age. And she will accomplish great things in the years to follow your passing away. Amen.

***** Now God is Speaking *****

(Monday, August 31, 2020) Now We have heard sufficiently from the Dark Angel, Lucifer. Now, I Who Am shall denounce him. What you have heard above is from Satan. It is Satan who wishes to lead My virgin servant, who has accepted celibacy, which is the higher and holier route to heaven, into losing his virginity and by having sex. For I value Eric’s virginity more as he is now than for him to have a son who would then be a virgin for Me far into the future. Therefore, let Me set the record straight. Eric is celibate and virgin forever. He will never marry and he will never have sex.

Eric, I also establish your continence as perfect and permanent again. Do not listen to the devil that you are to break from that perfection. Amen. Now I shall speak.

That Eric is to have an apprentice is false. Eric reveals all his secrets here on The secret to Eric’s power is that his faith is like that of a child’s. For it was as a child that his Emerald Reign first began and that he called forth Gorbachev to power. What Eric did was no different to a Christian asking for something from God. And Eric acquired the knowledge of how to do this not from reading an actual Holy Bible, but rather, from reading a Children’s Holy Bible, for he was but a small child at the time. But the words of Jesus by which he carried out his requests are also found in the actual holy scriptures themselves, and concern what Jesus taught about the power of the man with whose faith is the size of a mustard seed being able to move mountains. The simplicity of these teachings of Jesus in the simple mind of Eric as a child was how Eric gained a brief form of power over the whole world. And the Poem of the Witch King child as shown above really is from Me and was by My inspiration through Eric so written.

However, there is to be no founding of any secret society, such as the Order of the Witch King child, by any wife of Eric. For Eric is not involved with secret societies. And in fact, the Catholic Church does not permit its members to belong to any such secret societies. Hence, if Eric were to marry, it would have to be to another eternal virgin, and they would both be required to maintain perfect virginity and purity, as is expected in the Catholic vocation known as the Josephite marriage, and were Eric’s wife to choose to start any such Order to teach anything to other women, that Order would need to be established within the rules of Catholicism. And it would, therefore, either be established as a Catholic Religious Order or as a Congregation. But as to whether this Order would be open to all genders or just to women, that would be up to the decisions of the foundresses of that Order. But no secret knowledge, other than the simplicity that is contained within the scriptures themselves, would ever be taught therein.

Now, as to whether Eric is to even enter a Josephite marriage, I, his Lord, say this. No. Do not enter into any marriage. For in this age there is no such need. You are to have no dependents and no similar responsibilities. And as for the girl, Hyacinth, I Am not against her, but she is neither your dependent nor your wife, nor shall she ever be such. So do not make her one. Regard her, rather, as you would a sister and a neighbor, one to whom you are not indebted to. Now, as to whether you are to help her again, there is no such need to do so. She is such a person who, if you were to give to her, she will consume what you give her and then need more. So break out of that habit and give to her no more. Amen. Her needs are not your responsibility. And you are not called to send money to her. Let her go to the will of God. For do I not take care of My own? Amen.

Now, let us address the request by a reader that We speak on slavery within Africa itself. African peoples, including many of the Black tribes and Black peoples of Africa, also had slaves, including slaves that were White and from Europe. And this was also a widespread practice. Now, does this make the slavery by the White peoples against the African Blacks just? No it does not. But neither does it make the slavery practiced by the White Man unique to White culture. Slavery, except as a punishment for a crime, is always unjust. And it seems that, until modern times, this unjust practice of slavery occurred in just about every culture and in every people. And it is even found, uncondemned, in the Holy Scriptures. But that the Patriarchs practiced slavery and God allowed it in that dispensation does not make it a permissible practice among the members of My Church. For in the same way, polygamy was also practiced by those very same Patriarchs, and you know that God does not permit polygamy anymore. For Jesus established a new code of conduct in the eternal and timeless truths, decrees, statutes, and teachings on which His eternal Catholic Church has been founded.

For I made Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden to be monogamous. And thus, monogamy I desire from My people, if they marry. But as for the twelve chemicals of the atmosphere that Eric keeps on mentioning throughout his many posts, I have this to say. Everyone who goes to heaven is like helium gas there. They are all like the inert gases there. All in heaven are bondless and celibate servants of God, very much like the angels, except that they also have flesh. For marriage truly ends at death. And the bonds that bind females to males here cease to have any effect in the age to come. Hence, there are no binary nor ternary star systems in heaven. Everyone in heaven is an unbonded and celibate saint in heaven, like the angels there. No one is married there, and everyone there is a saint. And no one can get there unless he or she becomes a saint. Amen. Also, those known as the canonized saints in the Catholic Church are not all saved. For I do not give infallibility to the pope nor to his advisers in the process of the canonization of the saints. Papal infallibility does not apply to the pope in making any pronouncement or declaration that any soul has been saved, with the exception of Mary’s. And the canonization of the saints itself is a practice that was started over nine centuries after I established the Catholic Church, with the canonization of Saint Ulric of Augsburg, Eric’s confirmation saint, who was the first such saint to be canonized by a pope. And it was Pope John XV who first instituted the practice with the canonization of Saint Ulric of Augsburg on July 4, 993 A.D. Amen. Hence, the practice of canonizing saints is not a part of Catholic Holy Tradition, but rather, is an later made and added tradition to My Church, and hence, it can never be associated with the deposit of faith, which is the only place, along with issues of faith and morals, where My Vicar’s infallibility may be applied to.

Now, who is Eric? Eric asked My angel at his visitation by the Virgin Mary in early December of 1996 whether he was the First Rider of the Apocalypse. To Eric, the angel said, after a period of silence, “You are, but do not tell anyone.” And this command Eric obeyed, breaking it but once to a non-consequential person. We freed Eric from this restriction in the Age of Mary, which began on July 23, 2017. And then he was commanded to reveal everything. And now, We shall elaborate as to exactly who Eric really is. Eric is a servant of Mary. And Eric is one of her slaves, one who does exactly as she commands of him. But what of the prophecies? What of all those figures of prophecy who are yet to come, you ask? Never take a prophecy as literally to fulfill to its letter. And so, Eric is in fact one of many fulfillments of Revelation 6:2, and yet he has never owned a horse. He has ridden white horses, but he has never actually ridden one while carrying a bow and wearing a crown. And so, literally, Eric never fulfilled Revelation 6:2, but rather he fulfilled it mystically. And that is how all prophetic literature must be approached. And hence, it is a great mistake to search through history or current events and say, “look, there is Antichrist, or there is the Great Monarch, or there are the Two Witnesses, or there are the ten kings or the seven kings, or there are the four riders.” For prophetic literature never matches up with historical events like that. And you cannot use a prophecy to predict events. For no one knows the future. But doesn’t God know the future, O’ Lord? And cannot God reveal it to Man? Did you ever hear about the fact that if you insert a piece of knowledge into the timeline you change the course of history from that point onward? Hence, God does know everything, but he can reveal nothing, or else he would change everything in the future by that given revelation of it.

Eric, you have asked what is Hyacinth’s solution to her problems. It is this. It is not money that she needs, lord Larimar, so do not send her any. For do you not know that I can at anytime supply any of My subjects with all that they need? Tell Sandra rather this: She will obtain her necessities by simply asking it of Me. For Am I not the One Who provides for all things. Tell her to seek it purely from Me and no longer from you, and she will find what she needs by local means. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

(After nightfall, Monday August 31, 2020). Lord, it is quiet and it is night. Lord, I have been rethinking about Trump. Do you really order Me to make him win in the November 3, 2020, elections? For he seems to be intent on utilizing the divide and conquer strategy. And he seems to be fomenting hatred and violence, rather than leading the nation into harmony and cohesion. For I testify to this Truth: Unnecessary wars never lead to a good or a better place. Lord, the Black man who is rioting is like a cornered animal whose only choice is to fight back. Trump has cornered him and provides no solution for him other than his destruction. But what do You say, O’ Lord? And let the One Who says that I am celibate and virgin forever be the God Who answers my questions for the remainder of this post, and in all posts from here onward. And also I say this, O’ Lord. I see Trump’s warmongering against China as an attempt to shift the blame of his handling of COVID-19 on an innocent foreign power, for I do not believe that COVID-19 is an act of biological warfare on the part of China to destroy the USA. Rather, the destruction that America has suffered is the direct result of the incompetence of the President in handling the crisis. Take off your blinders, Republican Senators and Congressmen in the House, and see the Truth that is clear as day. Trump is incompetent. He is in over his head. And his only response to the disaster that is his fault is not to try to fix the problem, but only to blame it on a foreign power with false accusations that no credible scientists are taking seriously. If America is being led to hate one another, that is the downfall of this nation. Seriously, the transfer of the United States embassy to Jerusalem, which, in my opinion, is a good and worthy act, it exists as one of only a few good things done by this President in a sea of terrible and awful decisions. Yes, Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. And shame on all the previous U.S. Presidents who declined to make that move. But why do we have a tree with some fruit that is good, but a whole mess of fruit that is totally bad?

Lord Larimar, what did Jesus teach authoritatively on judging a tree by its fruits? He said, O’ Lord, that a good tree can only produce good fruits, while a bad tree can only produce bad fruits. And so, lord Larimar, you yourself acknowledge that the tree of Trump does in fact have some truly good fruits on it. And it is not just the embassy move to Jerusalem, but the lower taxes for small businesses, which you directly benefited from in your income taxes that you filed in April. And you know well that Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh is a superb Supreme Court Justice, one higher in moral integrity and personal conduct than the one Supreme Court Justice you had confirmed when you were last reigning over America, that is, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who was nominated to the court by President George H. W. Bush, though both of these two are excellent Justices for the Supreme Court in My eyes. And not just the Supreme Court is Trump stacking with good Justices, but he is also stacking all the lower courts as well.

Lord Larimar, are these not all very good fruits? Is there any deception or hidden evil in any of them? No, my Lord, the fruits you have mentioned of Trump are all purely good fruits. Then what must Trump be? Is he a good tree or a bad tree? For a tree is known by its fruits. Lord, I would not chop this tree down, for the sake of the good fruits that it produces. Then neither must you abandon this President. Hence I send you to remain as Dragonfly. You will write what I give you to write. And you will remain as I command you. Trump is destined to win the elections provided that you remain ally to Firefly, the Player who is behind him. Amen. And you know that this Player is very like Sarah Palin, her first Pawn. She has much personality and drive, but does very shallow thinking. And yet, her heart is aligned to Mine. And that is why I command you to remain with her. For by your obedience to Me, you also saved Twilight, who was the Player behind President George W. Bush.

Now, ask Me any questions you may have at this time? (1) Since I never marry, then there is no cause or reason for all my family to die out in the next year, is there, O’ Lord? The prophecy of the early deaths of your family members is from Satan. Now, does a girlfriend nevertheless enter your life? Yes, but she will be just a friend, and her relationship with you shall be platonic. I Am giving her to you, not because you were destined to marry or have any child, but merely because you asked for such a companion, for I give to those who ask. She will be your celibate girlfriend, but what languages she knows is not of any prophetic significance as far as you are concerned. Nor is her race or ethnicity of any real importance, for no children will ever come from your relationship.

But realize this most important fact: Whenever a girl and a guy come together, and seed is spilled, a sin has been committed by them, unless they are a lawfully married couple in My eyes. You will never be married. Hence, do not take a sip of the pleasure that I will place before your eyes in the girl I Am giving you. For she is sacred and may not be touched. Failure to obey Me in this to the letter will result in your death.

(2) Lord, do you call me to the priesthood? For I am willing to enter it if called. That will be demonstrated in the manner in which We cure you. If a priest is present in your line of sight when you are cured, then you are called. But if not, then not so, and you will be commanded to remain in your current line of work.

(3) Lord, I do wish to be in such as that platonic relationship to the girl You are giving to me, and I also wish to answer Your call if You call me into the priesthood. Let it all happen, therefore, as You have said it, O’ Lord. And what sayest Thou to this? Then so shall you be cured, O’ Larimar King. And the girl you are to be given as your platonic friend is coming rapidly. But the day of your death, when this shall be, this I do not reveal. All I will say is that My Coming is imminent. There will not be long to wait from now unto that final climax of history that occurs when I Come again. Amen. Now publish this post, for it is complete. Amen.

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