God explains the root of Black slavery and why it persists

This is where Blacks will serve under a Biden-Harris Administration.

I Who Am Am in control. And I will now tell Eric My secrets. Behold, the divine will of God is thus: Eric will marry the one I send to him. She will bear him a son, followed by some daughters. The son Eric is to have shall become Mine. And I will make him My priest, serving Me in My Roman Catholic Church. Amen. Eric, discount the previous post, for it was spoken of a different age. For We are in the Age of Eric. And the Age of Eric begins today, Saturday, August 29, 2020. Now, count the weeks. From the beginning of the Age to Mary on Sunday, July 23, 2017, to today, the beginning of the Age of Eric, there is a completion of 162 weeks. (162 = 34 x 2). Yes, the Age of Eric has begun on the 1134th day of the Age of Mary. Amen. And what is the Age of Eric, you ask? It is like the Age of Charlemagne, but in the modern world. This is the Age of the Reign of Eric, Lord of Christendom and Duke of the West Indies.

And who will recognize these claims to these lands, O’ Lord? I will, lord Eric. And now I anoint you to be the duke also of Newfoundland and Labrador of Canada. These are eternal designations decreed from Almighty God. They last forever and ever. Amen. Hence, the total lands of the Larimar Kingdom ruled by King Larimar I shall be as detailed here:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by lord Eric, who is King Larimar I. And his lands eternally put into his possession consist of the following lands:

  1. California (State of the USA)
  2. Hawaii (State of the USA)
  3. Cuba
  4. Hispaniola (including both Haiti and the Dominican Republic)
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. Jamaica
  7. The Cayman Islands
  8. The Netherlands Antilles (including Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao)
  9. Trinidad and Tobago
  10. Barbados
  11. The string of islands of the Lesser Antilles along the eastern Caribbean
  12. The Virgin Islands (including both United States and British claims)
  13. The Lucayan Archipelago (including both the Bahamas and Turks and Caicos Islands)
  14. Bermuda
  15. Newfoundland and Labrador (Province in Canada)

And the list of official languages in Eric’s Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Dutch
  5. Haitian Creole
  6. Hawaiian

And Eric’s son, who is to be called John, shall inherit as his eternal lands in his eternal Kingdom as follows:

(2) Kingdom of Alaska, ruled by King John, Larimar II, son of Eric. And his eternal lands of his Kingdom shall consist of the following lands to be eternally assigned to him:

  1. Alaska (State of the USA)
  2. Yukon Territory (Province in Canada)
  3. British Columbia (Province in Canada)

And his eternal list of official languages in his Kingdom include the following:

  1. English

And the Steward of Israel who is to serve Me as lord Lazurite, and who will prophesy to the Jews as I have Eric prophesy to My people of the western world, has as his dominion over which he reigns as eternal Steward as thus:

(3) Kingdom of Israel, ruled by lord Lazurite, whose name is Nathaniel. And his eternal lands of his dominion over which he reigns as eternal steward consist of the following lands:

  1. Israel
  2. Palestine
  3. Jordan
  4. Lebanon
  5. Cyprus
  6. Syria
  7. Iraq
  8. Kuwait
  9. Saudi Arabia
  10. Bahrain
  11. Qatar
  12. United Arab Emirates
  13. Oman
  14. Yemen
  15. The Islands of Socotra
  16. Northern Somalia
  17. Ethiopia
  18. Djibouti
  19. Eritrea
  20. Sudan (excluding South Sudan)
  21. Egypt

And the eternal languages of his Kingdom consist of the following:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Arabic
  3. Greek
  4. Aramaic
  5. Tigrinya
  6. Amharic
  7. Coptic

And lord, you have made Eric the ruler of all of Christendom, consisting of half the world? That is correct. And in that half of the world, I grant you power to overthrow rulers and set up Pawns, that is leaders and heads-of-state. And now We shall define this Kingdom of Christendom, over which you are made ruler over in the Age of Eric. And in this Emerald Reign of Christendom, you shall rule the nations with an iron scepter, and dash them like pottery.

(4) Kingdom of Christendom, ruled over by lord Eric, King Larimar I. And his Kingdom consists of the following lands:

  1. North America
  2. South America
  3. The West Indies
  4. The North Atlantic
  5. Europe (excluding Turkey)
  6. The Russian Federation

And the list of official languages in this Kingdom of Christendom include the following fourteen:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Portuguese
  4. French
  5. German
  6. Russian
  7. Italian
  8. Polish
  9. Ukrainian
  10. Dutch
  11. Hungarian
  12. Greek
  13. Danish
  14. Lithuanian

And now, We shall diagram the entire Emerald Reign. As you know, Eric Robert Dunstan (which adds up to 1717 in Greek) was born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970. And since he began to put to practice the teachings of Jesus, he has reigned the following Emerald Reigns:

  1. Infancy Emerald Reign: around 1980. The call for a ruler to rise up in Russia, to be a good ruler who would not go corrupt, and who would carry out many reforms and end the Cold War (Gorbachev). The call for a disease to come forth to reduce the populations, and yet be hard to be spread (AIDS).
  2. Vanity Emerald Reign: 1982 to 1988. The misuse of Eric’s power and beauty to have girls seek him, whom he rejected, letting them crash upon his shore.
  3. Greater Emerald Reign: February 2, 1989 to July, 1992. Called for the fall of the Berlin Wall. Toppled Eastern European Communist governments. Had Germany give up claims to Polish lands to ensure peace and the reunification of Germany. Received request from Ebony of South Africa and called for ruler to rise up in South Africa to be a good ruler and not go corrupt and to end South African Apartheid (Frederick de Klerk). To speed up reform in USSR, called for a ruler to rise up in Russia, who would be a rival to Gorbachev, but one rank below him (Boris Yeltsin). Waged Desert Storm, Persian Gulf War, to bring into the newspapers the details of the Israeli-Arab conflict, believing he could solve it if he knew enough about it. Had Israel resist engaging in battle against Saddam Hussein of Iraq to generate good will for Israel in the region, with United States and allied forces stationed in Saudi Arabia taking care of that defense, in the preparation for war. In last ditch effort to avoid bloodshed, had God send the Prophet Muhammed to appear to Saddam Hussein to tell him to leave Iraq (He gave him military advice instead, in a dream.). Chose to stick with Clarence Thomas for Supreme Court due to Anita Hill’s testimony as lacking a second witness, as God’s law requires. Broke up U.S.S.R. seeking to follow the pattern of the British Commonwealth: Goal was to enable true democracy in Russia, which requires the Muslim populations to be minimized. This was achieved by separating the USSR into its constituent republics. The Muslim republics to the south were permitted to remain as dictatorships, for that is how you rule Muslims. Russia was intended to become a Christian democracy. Plan was interrupted by Eric’s conversion to Christianity as he completed his setup of Yitzhak Rabin over Israel (a call for a ruler to rise up in Israel, who would be a good ruler and not corrupt, and who would bring peace to the Middle East). Goal of the peace breaking out all over the world was to restore Eden to it. But the conversion of Eric to Christianity interrupted everything. After speaking to a Christian at a booth at California State University, Fullerton, Eric confessed to being Antichrist that night and chose to follow Jesus as a Christian from that point onward. And God had Eric complete his setup of Rabin over Israel.
  4. Watered Down Emerald Reign: July 1992 to March 30, 2002. Officially became a Christian at the moment his rule entered Israel (the call for the Shas Party to join Yitzhak Rabin’s coalition, giving him a majority in the Knesset, and making him head-of-state of Israel.). Called for South African government to come to an agreement over giving suffrage to all South African citizens (and he rushed them, leading to the take over of unqualified Black people over South Africa and the eventual ruin of that nation.). With Eric’s powers in steep decline, due to his conversion to Christianity, he let Vesper, Player behind Bill Clinton, take over his Yeltsin Pawn, and it was she, through Yeltsin, who appointed Vladimir Putin, whom Eric recognized as a devil from the start. Rabin’s assassination occurred after Eric’s Martyrdom Breakdowns, freeing him from his rule over Israel. Instead of choosing the successor, Eric had the people choose, creating the narrowest election in Israeli history, and the people chose Netanyahu to represent them. Vesper then overthrew him and set up Ehud Barak, but sought Emerald’s advice on what to keep of the Golan Heights in a peace treaty with Syria. Eric told her to keep all the lands around the Sea of Galilee, the strategic large freshwater lake of Israel. By taking this stance, no peace deal was agreed to, and in the end Israel kept all of the strategic Golan Heights. Emerald advised Vesper to have her Clinton Pawn invade Haiti to restore democracy there, and this was a mission accomplished, ending the refugee crisis. Emerald also strongly advised Vesper to have her Clinton Pawn not commit perjury in the Monica Lewinsky testimony under oath, promising her that he would not be removed from office if he came clean. Eric turned against Vesper in the end, resulting in a kind of spiritual death in her, with Princess Diana and Mother Teresa dying in the world stage at the same time, as a symbol of it.
  5. Eternal Emerald Reign: March 30, 2002 to forever. Eric became a full Roman Catholic in full communion with the pope in Rome. Eric also entered into the Sea of Peace. As it was written by Saint Augustine, My heart was restless until it rested in Thee, so did Eric experience the same thing, as he began to receive the body and blood of Jesus in the Catholic Mass. As Eric progressed in Catholicism, he adapted praying the Rosary each day and began to go to Mass and receive communion each day. Eric also began reading Catholic works, such as by Augustine, and the Catholic teachings on Predestination. Eric’s power in the world had all but ended. He was no longer Antichrist par Excellence. Eric at first opposed Twilight, the power behind George W. Bush, but later began praying the Divine Mercy Chaplet on him. And with that chaplet, combined with the recitation of the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, Eric converted Twilight and George W. Bush, ending the drive to start war in Iran. It was Eric who suggested to Twilight how to have his Pawn bail out the three American Auto makers to keep them from going out of business and from where to get the money for it. In the Obama Administration, Eric opposed Obama throughout his Presidency, seeing in Obama a man who could not repent. Obama proceeded to open the floodgates for the LGBTQ community and made Abortions available for everyone, including underage daughters without their parents knowing about it. And Obama gave perverse men the right to dress as girls and to go into girls’ bathrooms and shower rooms where they could view girls undressing and masturbate before them. On election day of 2016, Eric was in communication with Firefly as she proceeded to win the election through her Pawn Trump. Though Eric at first opposed Trump, God ordered Eric to defend Trump and make him win in 2020, which brings us to now.
  6. Emerald Reign of Christendom: August 29, 2020 to present. An age within the Eternal Emerald Reign, called the Age of Eric. Eric is granted authority over half the world: All of the Americas, Europe (excluding Turkey), and Russia. Eric will make this half of the world Catholic and work the soil in all these lands to produce a great harvest for My Kingdom. The rest of the world will lay fallow. The lands left to fallow include all of Africa, all of Southern Asia and the Orient, and the nations of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Hence, the rulers of those nations will watch as onlookers as Eric conquers and converts the inhabitants of his Kingdom. And Eric will set up Pawns and enact Peace Treaties between nations. And Eric will overthrow despots and the wicked who rule, but will be limited to doing these things to the nations within his Kingdom. Amen.

Lord, I do not like the corruption I see in Latin American police forces. The practice of tolerating the policemen in taking bribes makes those nations lands of lawlessness. Hence, I now issue a new decree. Let all the police forces in all Latin American nations be reformed and the practice of taking bribes completely eradicated from all practice. And let rulers rise up in Latin America who will cast out all such corruption and force the just rule of law and order. Drivers on Argentinian streets should not have to speed through stop signs and red traffic signals in order to keep themselves from being mugged. Nor may state authorities have the power to take people into custody without just cause. Resisting an arrest is not a just cause for that arrest. Also, I will have video cameras positioned on the body with activation required before police make their moves to confront suspects and make arrests. True testimonies and an accurate account of it in video recordings are required for courts to properly process cases and determine guilt or innocence. I want all these things to be done in Latin America. The most Catholic continent in the world should not be a corrupt land of lawlessness anymore.

Lord, I have heard many rules and laws on how I am to behave and who I am to obey when the girl You give me enters my life. Will you clear up all these rules, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, O’ Mother of God? I will indeed. You are commanded to abide by the following set of five rules for when the girl We intend for you enters your life:

  1. You may not seek to see her naked, nor to imagine it, nor the naked body of any girl. No more pornography are you to ever view. And no more are you to look at scantily clad women, for even that is a source of lust that leads to your destruction.
  2. You may not deviate from the course We put you on. You are to follow Us and obey Us in the timetable We have mapped out for your engagement and marriage to this girl, to be completed by this time next year. Amen.
  3. You must listen to her and abide by her requests of you. Consider her to be a person representing the Holy Virgin Mary. She is not Mary, but is given that authority in your life. Obey her and do as she says.
  4. Your continence is now perfect. Keep it that way. Never again are you to masturbate or do any immoral thing with your own body. Nor may you seek to fulfill any sexual fantasies you had or may have upon the girl We are giving to you. For she is holy. And her body is to be respected just as your body is to be.
  5. You will enter your wife and know her, but only as she wishes it. Only when it is her wish are you to enter your wife and have intercourse with her. Nor may you have any form of pre-marital sex. There is to be no making out, not petting, no cuddling, and no tasting of the pleasures of your wife before the sacrament of marriage is sealed. And after the sacrament is sealed, you are to do these things only at her desire and wish.

Lord, will you at this time reveal anything about this girl who is to enter into my life? Yes, I shall. Her name is Elizabeth. She is some thirteen years younger than you. That would make her about aged 37. Correct, lord Larimar. Her biological clock is ticking, and she must marry soon if she is to have children. She is a White girl of Middle Eastern descent, including having much Jewish Arab ancestry. And she is expert in Hebrew and fluent in English. And it will be appointed to her to serve Me as My translator of your works to the Jewish Hebrew world. Amen.

Her first child by you shall be the prophesied son. All children born to you after that will be daughters. You will live in and raise your family in the house in which you currently live. For by the time of your marriage in August of 2021, all of your current family, with the exception of your brother Mark, will have died. I Am leaving Mark alive due to his attempts to follow My religion. None of the rest of your family are making any similar attempts at following Me. For of all your family, only you are Catholic, and only Mark is Protestant. And the rest have no religion whatsoever. Now, will I save Mark, you should ask? If he remains struggling to follow Me, I will save his soul. But as for his daughters, these were born in sin and must die. And his wife shall abandon him, for she is unworthy of Me and My Kingdom. She will leave with her two daughters by him and her other two daughters by her previous husband and then proceed to collect child support payments and other payments from her ex-husband to feed her drive for luxury. Mark at that time will not possess a car except for the car you give him when you go and purchase your new Avalon Hybrid luxury sedan. And that will be the only possession he will have to his name, besides the computers you give him and will continue to give to him as you get newer ones. Amen.

Lord Larimar, you are successful at your job because you cry out to Mary, and I help you find solutions and solve problems. Now you have received the book you bought from Amazon on Xamarin. Study that book. Read it from cover to cover, for you are entering into the field of making iPhone and Android Apps. And you shall use the now free to use technology of Xamarin to do so. I Am well pleased with you. Also, do not neglect studying the Rust language. For that, too, has many uses. And your vocation is to be a married man and a developer for life. Lord, it is said that most developers are young men. That is because, lord Larimar, most men burn out. But you do not. And you shall not. For I have given you a Prophet’s mind. Your brain is unique in that it does not stop learning and mastering new technologies. And you have found that fountain of youth contained within the Eucharist. Amen.

Lord, what about COVID-19? The infection rates for COVID-19 will be in steep decline at the time of the elections of November 3, 2020. As for President Trump’s representative saying that everyone in the country will eventually become exposed to the virus, and that this is inevitable and therefore should not be a concern is in fact a viable strategy for dealing with COVID-19. Just note that this strategy will result in a greater thinning of the American populations, particularly among colored people, who are the most prone to dying from infections of the disease. But if these losses the President can live with, then this is the way to go. If it is acceptable for a larger section of America to die, especially from among African American communities, in order to get the American economy booming again faster, then this plan is worth executing. If Black lives matter, while still being expendable when the needs outweigh the costs, then it can be reworded to say this: Black lives matter, but American livelihoods matter more. Black lives matter, but American strategic interests matter more. Black lives matter, but America as a prosperous nation matters more. In the end, everything is relative. Black lives matter. That footprint on the moon left by Neil Armstrong also matters. And that butterfly you see flitting by also matters. Everything matters if you think about it. The only question is, how much do these things matter? And to whom do they matter? Certainly the White housewife cooking for her White family is not at that moment thinking about Black lives. To her, Black lives are not her concern. Nor do they matter to her. Nor should they. Everything matters, but some things matter more than others, and to each individual, things matter differently.

If the Black man thinks that he can get a free handout because he walks up and down the street holding a sign saying, “Black lives matter,” he is mistaken. Nor should he expect to get any form of positive results to whatever cause he has by doing by such acts. For only one method will get him results. And that method is by applying himself to his studies to get ahead and to make something of himself. But if he gives up, claiming the cards are stacked against him, and then expects to receive a bailout because he is Black, he is mistaken. If you will not work willingly, expect to work as a slave. And if you will not use your freedom responsibly, expect to be imprisoned and enslaved. And you know Joe Biden’s running mate, that so called Black woman, Kamala Harris, she is totally in favor of locking up Black men and having them slave away as prison labor, while she sleeps her way to the top. Amen. In fact, Kamala Harris enjoys her sex affairs by which she climbs the ladder, while at the same time, countless Black prison inmates are working hard at their slave labors, men she put behind bars and kept there, even when aware of their innocence. For guilt and innocence do not matter to her. Only slaves matter, and the satisfaction of the market for slavery by the prison labor industry, of which Kamala Harris is a prominent part of. Amen.

So Black men, if you want to be returned to slavery, of if you want your son to serve as a slave in the mass incarceration of Black men, designed to serve for the need for slaves, then you must vote for pro-incarceration Joe Biden, and for Black slave overseer, Kamala Harris. And they will see to it that you and your Black brethren are secured in your future vocations as slaves, along with all your children. Amen. And you will get your guaranteed slop to eat each day. And you will stay in your prison cell and there you shall rot, until you are fitted and approved for slavery, and after that, your lot is to work in hard physical labor until you are old and worn. I Who Am have spoken. And that is why Joe Biden says you ain’t Black unless you vote for him. For Blacks are resources for slaves. And, according to Biden, the Black man ought to vote for his return to the Age of Institutionalized Slavery for Blacks. For Joe Biden and Kamala Harris intend to make it a rite of passage for the Black man to go to prison and become a slave. And the real reason behind the destruction of Black marriage is so that one Black stud outside of prison can impregnate all the Black breeding does, while the rest of the Black males are doing time. This would be legally challenging if that Black stud had to commit adultery to accomplish his impregnation of all the fertile Black does on his turf. And that is why Black women have babies outside of wedlock and are encouraged to do so. And the abortion mill is used to effectively control this production of Black babies to precisely meet the demand for Black slaves. Excess Black babies are effectively removed from the equation by the increase of Black abortions as directed by the Democratic Party backers.

Hence, abortion under Biden is a tool of long term control of the production of Black slaves. Blacks are to continue to reproduce out of wedlock, and the men produced are to be enslaved in prison labor. And the women are to serve as breeding females to produce more Black slaves. And it only takes a few Black studs roaming free to service many Black fertile women in the neighborhood, and keep those Black babies being pumped out. And without abortion in usage, the numbers of Black men produced would exceed the demand for slaves. And that is the whole reason why Joe Biden is in favor of abortion for Black people. It is to keep the production of Black slaves under control, producing the right number to match the demand for slaves. Amen. Also, since Blacks are bred for slavery, there is no need to educate them. Just coral them off in their slums and let them listen to rap music and get laid until it is time for them to serve their White Masters as slaves.

Now one last thing I will say unto you, lord Larimar. And it is this. Black lives matter precisely because they are bred to serve for the institution of penal slavery. And it takes a lot of investment to raise a Black man to be made suitable for his position as slave. Black lives matter directly because investment into Black slaves matters. All this is backed by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. They will keep the Black men going to prison, and the Black women reproducing new slaves for the system. Hence, if you are Black and you want to be a slave, be sure to vote for mass incarceration man, Joe Biden, and his side kick, Kamal Harris, famous for putting Black men behind bars and keeping them there working as slaves, such as for serving the needs for fighting forest fires, long after their probation recommendation dates would have released them. For when Kamala Harris looks upon a Black man, she sees a slave. And when she looks upon a successful man, she sees an opportunity to rise by sleeping with him. Now, publish this post, lord Larimar, for it is complete. Amen. Black men will continue to be used to supply the needs for the slave labor market. And Black women will continue to serve in supplying the needs for the production of new Black slaves. Amen. Such is America as led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris and by those who back them.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

One thought on “God explains the root of Black slavery and why it persists”

  1. For every black slave sold by their black African chiefs to a black slave trader in the US, four white slaves were raided by black Muslims from Europe and enslaved in North Africa. 1.25 million from the 1600s to 1800s. Please also write about this and about how black chiefs shamelessly caught and sold their own.


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