Eternal is the Word I speak through My servant Eric.

You are rich, lord Larimar, for you are now entirely freed from that enchantress.

Behold, I Who Am have now come to prophesy of My son, Eric. For many are the contradictions seen in his past posts. For how can a God who is Truth be telling Eric two distinct things? For in some posts, God is saying to Eric that he is to marry and have a son, for it was written in the ancient Emerald Trove, “You shall see your son.” But in other posts, God directly commands Eric, “Remain virgin.” And in another place, God says, “Marry the girl, but do not have sex with her.” And in another post, there is a compromise, by introducing that novel concept called, “virgin touch coitus,” whereby not only can a man have a son naturally and without losing his virginity, but it is also claimed that I, Jesus Christ, had offspring by My alleged betrothed, Mary Magdalene, by the very same means, and that we therefore both remained virgins, while a lineage of Mine perpetuated down through the generations until Eric arrives as a son of Jesus bearing My Y chromosome by unbroken male descent. That story gets an “A” for imagination. But I Am also a God of Truth. And in this post, I will declare what is True and what is false. For not all of these stories and posts can be true. Therefore, one of these “God” persons must be My impersonator, Satan, in disguise. And I will now tell you which one he is.

Satan desperately wants Eric to lose his virginity. For he cannot stand the sight of a virgin soul upon the earth. For virgins, not lawfully married men, are the ones who bring down great blessings upon all of society. And the strength of a nation is determined by the virgins who live therein. Therefore, Satan will go to extreme lengths to get Eric to lose his virginity, even by making up a form of sex by which the participants, by not having actual intercourse, can be said to remain virgins, but nevertheless exchange gametes and reproduce. And although technically such participants of this novel form of intercourse, called “virgin touch coitus”, reproduce without the male member actually penetrating the female member, biology nevertheless defines the act as an act of sex. For any exchange of gametes where sperm can potentially come in contact with an egg is defined as sex in biological terms. And also, even in this so called, “virgin touch coitus,” there is nevertheless a touch that occurs between the penis and the outer vagina that causes in the male a spontaneous ejaculation. But even if Eric were to do just that, merely touch his wife’s vagina with his penis and never penetrate it, and then abstain from sex from that point onward, Satan would have achieved his objectives. For by that touch, however brief, Eric would know a woman and no longer be declarable as a true virgin. And that is exactly what Satan hopes to achieve. And once he achieves that, so much easier is it to argue with Eric, “Look, Eric, God no longer considers you a true virgin. Therefore, why not just enter into your wife naturally and enjoy full blown sex?” Do you see how, when you give to Satan just one inch, he manages to take a yard from you?

A great example is to read the account of King David’s sin with Bathsheba. (2 Samuel 11:1 – 12:25). Great was David’s fall. But it all began with a stroll on the roof of his palace and the choice not to turn away from looking at the sight of a temptation he saw of a beautiful woman bathing. A man of God who kept My commandments would have repented at the moment he was told that she was already married and could not become his wife. A man of God who kept My commandments would have loved My law more than his object of lust, and would have killed his lusts rather than violate My law. I was testing King David here, to see which he would choose: My law or his lusts. And because he chose lust over My law, that decision forever came to define David as a man and as a king. For a man is defined by the decisions he makes in life. David repented. I forgave him. But he could not go back in time and change that decision he had made to make himself a different person. Hence, David will always be remembered for that sin. It is part of his character, like the character that is found in gnarled trees that makes them beautiful and interesting to see. Everyone has such scars of character on them. No one goes to heaven unscarred. Everyone bears some indication of the rod of My chastisement, except for one, the one Virgin who bore Me, the one who was born by Immaculate Conception. She alone in My Kingdom is a beauty unscarred and untouched. She is the Holy Virgin Mary. And no other can ever ascend to be like her.

But Satan triumphed with King David. And once he had him compromised, so much easier was it to get David to do nothing when his son Amnon raped Tamar, the daughter of David by another woman. (2 Samuel 13:1-39). The correct action, as mandated by My law, would be to put to death Amnon for that rape. But that David chose to do nothing showed the complete collapse of his authority as a moral leader in My Kingdom. I saved David in the end, but he is not ranked high in the hereafter, but low. For King David failed as both a man and as a king and as an example to his men. He therefore was not found worthy of a position of leadership in the hereafter, but is as low in the realms of the hereafter as Uriah the Hittite was beneath him in rank and position, from whom he took his only wife, and then his very life when it became apparent that David’s sin would not remain hidden. I chose to save David and not to eternally destroy him due to his acceptance of his guilt and of My chastisement against him. (2 Samuel 16:5-14). And now I shall speak.

Whatever prophet or speaker of prophesy tells to one of My virgins whom I have previously told that he is to remain a virgin, that he is to marry and have children, that one is a liar and a son of Satan. And whoever tells one of my virgin servants who has already accepted virginity as his vocation that he is to marry instead and have a son, or any number of children, and even if he is to beget them without actually entering into his wife, that one is a bastard of Satan’s, one who was conceived by sex from the rear entry. For I tell you truthfully, My virgins are the most despised and hated targets of Satan’s wrath. For Satan knows that if he cannot get that virgin deflowered, then that virgin will be seated upon a high throne in heaven and execute a great and terrible judgement against him. Eric is a 50 year old virgin male. He has never had sex, neither with another male nor with any female. He, therefore, is a great horror and affront to Satan. For Satan knows that if he never destroys that virgin state in Eric, then Eric will, upon entering heaven, execute a most cruel and devastating judgement against him, by the testimony alone that he brings with him of Satan’s many attempts on his purity and on his virginity. And although Satan triumphed in getting Eric to be impure in the past, such days are now over, and Eric has now passed from all such bondages and chains of possession. Eric will never be taken down, neither by a girl, nor by a guy. Amen.

For Eric belongs to Me, and he is now perfected. Lord, is Eric then to be as solitary Helium (He) or as a Hydrogen molecule (H2) joined eternally to the other virgin, Elizabeth, who is yet to come? He will be a H2, for Eric is found worthy of Me in a great many things. I Am giving a virgin girl to him, not to masturbate him nor to have sex with him, as men with fantasies may imagine, but to serve as his spiritual companion, both here and hereafter. Amen. She is to be a platonic girlfriend to him. And this relationship will be eternal. But Lord, will there not be an underlying temptation of the flesh between these two? Will they not be tempted to make out together, or even to kiss? There is a line I draw, lord Larimar, that if crossed, turns your platonic relationship into a romantic relationship. And that line I draw is as such. Should you ever conceive of your virgin girlfriend as an object of sexual desire and act on it, going just one step in that direction, your relationship will cease from that point onwards in being platonic and will have become romantic. And it will then not be far from that point where you and her will be tempted to have sex outside of wedlock. I have not willed for this outcome. And should you go down such a path, you will become like Superman who gave up his powers to marry Lois Lane and to have carnal relations with her. And remember that that was when he failed. I do not will for such a failure to occur. But Satan seeks it always. Therefore, I put you with this virgin. You will have the option to pursue the path of sex or romance, but realize that that path leads to your downfall and to your ruin. For the Council of Trent is correct. The virgin and celibate paths lead to a higher and much more glorious Kingdom than can be achieved by the one who enters the marital embrace.

Yes, lord Larimar. I Am not giving you a companion to have sex with, nor to make out with, nor to cuddle with. I Am giving you a companion to serve as a friend with whom you are to never have sex with. And she, like you, shall also be a virgin. For the love between such virgins that never crosses the line to the romantic or to the flesh is of eternal glory and the highest form of love that can exist between a man and a female lover. This is why H2 is ranked as higher than He (helium). For such bonds of love magnify the soul to such heights that render all those of the lower levels of heaven to seem to not really have true Life. And that is why H2 is the highest and lightest gaseous molecule of the universe. Amen. Now, lord Larimar, show again that list of the twelve major components of the earth’s atmosphere, and how they correspond symbolically to the eternal ranks of men and women in the hereafter. Amen.

  1. H2, Hydrogen gas. Highest, lightest gas in the universe. Perfect, celibate, virgins who enter into Josephite Catholic marriages or bonds of similar effect, including monogamous platonic friendships between two virgin lovers. The Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph are eternally bonded here, by a special dispensation eternally granted by Jesus Christ to Saint Joseph. Also, Eric and Elizabeth will be eternally ranked here. This is the highest rank of virgins because it consists of platonic monogamy, which is the highest form of love between two souls of the opposite sex. Hence, the souls of this highest level of heaven experience the truest form of eternal Life possible for a creature. Amen. molar mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. He, Helium noble gas. Highest, lightest inert gas. Perfect, celibate, unbonded, virgin souls. Perfected virgin saints, such as the Apostles, Saint John and Saint Paul, exist here. This rank, though very high, is less than H2 because two perfected united lovers are greater than one perfected soul, unbonded and by himself. Nevertheless, this soul is blessed with the freedom of not having any of those attachments that would make it heavier and of lower rank. Such is why this rank is the second highest level of heaven. Such souls are like eternal single stable stars, like our sun, that produce a constant shine and emit a constant light for all eternity. molar mass: 4.003 g/mol.
  3. D2O, Heavy Water. Water composed of two atoms of deuterium (2H), instead of normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Full virgin heavenly water. The male and the two females bonded here are all virgins. This platonic threesome ranks lower than H2 because is it lacks that ideal of spiritual monogamy. And it ranks below Helium as the single and free soul is better and higher than the one with multiple love bonds. But it is very high in that it constitutes the highest class of heavenly water. And all heavenly water is a rare commodity. molar mass: 20.02751 g/mol.
  4. HDO, Semiheavy Water. Water composed of one deuterium (2H) and one normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Partial virgin heavenly water. Only one of the two females is virgin here in this bond while the other female and the male have lost their virginity with one another in a sacramental marriage. This is the transitional form of heavenly water and heavenly level between the virgin camp above and the lower camps below. molar mass: 19.021 g/mol.
  5. H2O, Light Water. Two normal hydrogen atoms (1H) bonded to oxygen. Non virgin heavenly water. No virgins exist here. The male and the two females in this bond have all lost their virginity, but without sin or transgression. Hence, the sin of sexual polygamy has not been committed here. This is the most abundant form of heavenly water. And it exists beneath that level of heaven where only virgins may be admitted. It is the highest level that souls can ascend to who are not virgins, with the exception of HDO, which is one level higher due to the partial presence of virginity in the union. Though the ranks of heavenly water are such that the higher ranked are heavier, it is so ranked due to the fact that the woman who is virgin is represented by 2H, while the non virgin woman is 1H, for that extra neutron in the virgin woman is a symbol of her union with the Holy Spirit. These three levels of heavenly water molecules are the waters that flow and irrigate the heavens. molar mass: 18.01528 g/mol.
  6. Ne, Neon noble gas. Second highest inert gas. Souls saved within imperfect celibacy, Saint Augustine exists here as a sexual sinner who became celibate. And Saint Peter, the first pope, exists here as a man who left his wife to follow Jesus. And all the celibate saints of the Church who wear no crown of virginity, and who are not of heavenly water molecules, exist here. The souls here are barred from entering the higher heavens due to their past sexual histories, whether sinful or not. For the act of knowing a woman makes a man heavier and lower. Nevertheless, this sixth rank, along with all the higher ranks mentioned above, are all represented by gases that are lighter than air. And this gas, Neon, is the heaviest of these six lighter-than-air gases of these highest six ranks. molar mass: 20.2 g/mol.
  7. N2, Nitrogen gas. All the elect of the vocation of sacramental marriage, whether married or single, except for those belonging to heavenly water molecules, exist here. Thus, included here are many Catholic family men and women, those who lawfully marry and who raise families together in full accordance to Catholicism. Amen. Most of the air is composed of such Nitrogen gas molecules. And the molar mass of Nitrogen gas makes it only very slightly lighter than air, (average molar mass of air is approximately 28.97 g/mol). This signifies the blessed state of this lowest rank within the Church. molar mass: 28.02 g/mol.
  8. Ar, Argon noble gas. Celibate souls saved outside of the Church. Saint John the Baptist, and the celibate prophets, Elijah and Elisha, exist here. Saint Joseph is no longer ranked here, but as H2 with the Holy Virgin Mary, by a special dispensation granted by Jesus Christ, his adopted Son. The souls here do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but rather, exist at a lower level beneath it, but are regarded as among the elect nevertheless. They dwell in the eighth level of the saved, but only the upper seven are called heaven. These will be rulers on the eternal earth, and be ruled over by those who dwell in heaven. Amen. molar mass: 39.948 g/mol.
  9. O2, Oxygen gas. All the elect of the married vocation saved outside of the Church, whether married or single. All the great patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament who were saved are here. Included here are: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and King David. These are the ninth level of the saved. And this is the lowest rank of the elect. They are outside of heaven and dwell on the eternal earth where they serve God as creatures made to do His will for all eternity. Like all the saved, they behold the Beatific Vision, but as outsiders to heaven, and thus they gaze upon it as Moses did from Mount Nebo. Amen. molar mass: 32 g/mol
  10. CO2, Carbon Dioxide. The damned who are oriented to enter natural monogamous heterosexual relationships. These are the common criminals and sinners, those who rob banks and who cheat on their taxes. A complete break exists here between the above levels and this level. All in this level and below are forever condemned men who inhabit the realms of the damned for all eternity. They sink at death. They do not rise. molar mass: 44.01 g/mol.
  11. CH4, Methane. The polygamous, the sexually promiscuous, the harlots, and all the abominations of the earth. Everyone who identifies himself or herself as a member of the LGBTQ group exists here. This is the only rank of the lower six that is represented by a lighter-than-air gas. This indicates the deceptions by which these sinners attempt to present themselves as morally acceptable, but who you must purge from your midst in order to not be cursed yourselves with them. Hence, these attempt to rise and to enter the higher realms, but in reality, they are damned and eternally barred from heaven. molar mass: 16.04 g/mol.
  12. Kr, Krypton noble gas. The Satanist loners, the sexual monsters, the pedophiles, and all those of sick, warped psychologies. Adolf Hitler exists here. This is by far the heaviest gas among the major components of the atmosphere. This symbolizes that the members of this group fall to the lowest regions of hell. molar mass: 83.80 g/mol.

Now you have been told of the twelve kinds of humans or human relationships that exist in the eternity to come, as symbolized by the major chemical components of the earth’s atmosphere. Now I shall speak of the form of heavenly waters that flow through all of heaven. While there are those three groups of threesomes of human souls: D2O, HDO, and H2O, there is another form of heavenly water that is even higher. And this heavenly water is divine and is called the Holy Spirit. And the Holy Spirit pervades all seven levels of heaven. Such is why the Holy Spirit is said to be sevenfold. (Revelation 5:6). And each higher level of heaven contains a higher substance of the Holy Spirit, which is understood as the higher form of the heavenly water than that in the level beneath it, all of which are classified as divine heavenly waters, being infinitely higher and infinitely greater than the created heavenly waters formed from molecules of created human souls. For divine heavenly water, that is, the substance of the Holy Spirit, is the substance of God, and composed of pure, immutable Spirit substance that always existed and always will exist, and that was before the universe began and constitutes a Divine Person of omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient God. Amen.

Now I shall speak. It was said that Eric was to have a certain Kingdom on the earth, and that he was made duke of the West Indies in a previous post. But what do I say, I, the Lord? Do I give to Eric any of the lands as they exist here at this time in this world, you should ask? For what is land in this world, but things composed of perishable matter? None of what you see here in this world persists into the next. Hence, do not become attached to the things of this world.

Then why were Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob promised by God of the lands of Israel as their eternal heritage and also as the eternal possession of their descendants, someone asks? The lands of Israel are a symbol and a shadow of things to come, which are greater and higher, and are only symbolized by lands in this world. Amen. So also are the Kingdoms promised and the rewards of cities of which Jesus spoke in His parables references to higher, eternal glories and possessions only attainable and realizable in the Kingdom to come. Amen. For nothing of Paradise can be understood in its true reality by a soul who yet dwells in this world. Thus, while he dwells on the earth, he must use things such as lands, kingdoms, and cities to describe the indescribable joys, pleasures, and eternal possessions that are to go to those deemed worthy of everlasting life, and of entering into the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

So, are all those claims, therefore, of Eric’s Kingdoms in this world a fantasy and a folly? Yes. For no one can make a claim in this world to possess anything in the world to come. No one may call themselves a Baron, a Count, a Duke, nor a Baroness, a Countess, or a Duchess in the nobility of the Age to come. For who is ranked where there is not revealed to anyone here. Amen. Nor may anyone know his riches there while here, nor of his comparable riches to anyone else there while here. And if I reveal to anyone that his reward shall be great, trust Me that it shall truly be great, but it is of a greatness too sublime for you to comprehend or understand while here. Now I have spoken in full. You may publish this post and then go to work. For it is complete.

As for your task as Dragonfly to ensure the victory of Trump over Biden, be assured of your coming victory, for you shall claim it. And you shall reign on earth as such a leader for many years to come. Amen. And I will put many nations under your power. You are to be the successor to Firefly in America. And your reign here and through all the world where your rule is felt shall be known as the Larimar Reign. And in this world, this time shall be called the Age of Larimar. Now, is the Age of Larimar an eternal age, or does it end and give way to successors, whether better or worse, who come to reign and either improve or destroy the accomplishments you will have achieved in this world? Nothing is permanent here. Just as the Shroud of Turin gradually fades and decomposes slowly, and also the tilma of Our Lady of Guadalupe. And even the holy languages in which the scriptures were written are gradually forgotten, and the books preserved slowly decompose. And the languages of the original writings give way to newer languages.

Hence, lord Larimar, you are not God. You had a beginning. And you shall have an end in this world. And the memory of you shall live on. Some things will be remembered. Some things will become myths about you. And some things about you shall be legends. But the actual true Eric, who he was really like, will be a matter of debate. And if any records of you remain upon the earth a hundred years from now, realize that many times more will be the embellished stories, the myths, the legends, and the fantastic tales about you. And things that perhaps you never said will be put into your mouth and be believed to have originated from you. And people will compare King Larimar to King Arthur, with both equally embellished in legend, myth, and lore. Now I have spoken fully. Go and eat your breakfast. For you are working today. And note that what I write through you shall never perish from the face of this earth. Much will be written about you, but My Word written through you is eternal.

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