I am the celibate, virgin, prophet king forever and ever. Amen.

Mary, O’ Mother of God, I owe everything to you! I will do whatever you say, O’ Mary!

Behold, the Word of the Lord has come to me and declared me His celibate priest. I am to become a priest in the Roman Catholic Church. But lord, what about my history of manic depression? Doesn’t that disqualify me at the get go? In fact, there are people in the Catholic Church who, by viewing these writings, are convinced of my insanity. I have made My decision, lord Eric. And that decision is to make you My priest. That is final. You will be leaving your place of work when the time comes to enter the seminary. Amen. I accept and I submit to this fate, O’ Lord. And I am thankful that you consider me worthy material to become a priest.

Now, let us address your new title, lord Larimar, which We alluded to in the previous post, but did not reveal it. Now I shall reveal it. You know that you are made duke of the West Indies. And you also possess the lands of the two states of California and Hawaii. Now We shall tell you your new title, and it is this: You are called the Soul Discerner. For I have given you a very great gift: The ability to discern the fates of souls. You know where people are going in their pathway through life. Now, tell us of the new development that has taken place.

I told Hyacinth farewell and that I am leaving her. Good. And are you headed to another girl instead? No. For the man who follows a girl is himself followed by his destruction. And I recognize what Hyacinth is. She is not someone safe to associate with or to be around. She is the bait of an elaborate gang of Nigerian scammers. I will not be involved with her anymore. And if she does not accept, I will proceed to block her until she does. Amen.

And what of that girl Danielle who once befriended you, and then inexplicably left you and never returned? I let her go. For it is better that a false friend leaves you early than for you to put your trust in her only to see her betray you later. I am not into girls anymore. And I will not partake in that Kool-Aid.

So then, you never married and never even became engaged to marry? I never even had a girlfriend. God did this because God knew I was weak. And a weak man, if given too strong a temptation, falls into sin. And God wished to preserve me from this sin so that I would be spiritually fit and morally sound to enter the priesthood. I am not saying that defiled men cannot become good priests. Rather, I am saying that in my case, God wanted me to serve a role in His priesthood that requires a celibate virgin to fulfill. And that is why in all my 50 years of life, God kept me safe from the temptations of women.

But don’t get me wrong. Do not think that because I am not possessed by the attractive power of women that then I must be some sort of LGBTQ person. For that is the conclusion of the non-thinking brute of a man. I encounter such thinking all the time from my brother David who truly believes that Jesus and His disciples were all just a bunch of homosexuals, because Jesus didn’t include any women among His disciples. So the basic argument goes thus: “You must want a woman, and if not, then you must be gay.” The concept of a heterosexual celibate man is a foreign and unfathomable concept for such base minds.

Lord, what is the fate of such men who call You and Your Disciples homosexuals because You were not having orgies with women out there in the desert? I do not correct them, lord Larimar. I make no move to alert them that they are headed for hell. And at the end of their lives, hell springs upon them like a trap, from which there is no escape for them for all eternity. I cannot save anyone who is in hell. And if someone tells My saint not to pray for him, that is the surest and fastest ticket for him to go to his destruction. Two men have done this when Eric offered to pray for them. And both of them fell spectacularly in the spirit world after their rejection of Eric’s prayers.

And I take seriously the request, when it is made, to My saint, that he not pray for them. For the one who explicitly rejects the prayers of My saint, in that act, commits blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. I don’t condemn him immediately. I give a short time for him to come to his senses. But if his heart hardens and he never rescinds that request, I completely stop giving the necessary graces all souls need to be saved to that soul. And should anyone pray for someone who has explicitly rejected My prayers, those prayers for him will have no effect on him. It will be as if you plugged up your ears so that you are rendered unable to hear the necessary commands and decrees that you need to keep in order to be saved.

Lord, you told me that you would show me the solution to the problem I was having in getting the database to process the products I had moved into a new website, using the Magento 2.3 platform. You told me that it would be very simple solution. And it turned out it was. This is what you had me do: (on Ubuntu 18.04)

sudo systemctl restart mysql
sudo systemctl restart apache2
sudo su magento
php bin/magento cron:run

Basically, by restarting the mysql server, everything worked. Now I know You are an Awesome God! You deliver on Your promises! You are not Satan. For Satan could never do such a deed. And I made You a promise, O’ Lord and also to the Virgin Mary, that I will do whatever you tell me to. So, speak and command me, O’ Lord and Mary. For I, too, am a keeper of my promises.

What do You command me to do? I will do whatever You say, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, the Mother of God. I, the Lord of hosts, will now tell you of what I command of you. And I Am honored by your description of My simple solution to your problem. This is My command: Stay virgin. Whether you marry Elizabeth, whom We shall give you, or merely remain as her boyfriend, that is up to you. We are not bringing you into the priesthood. Rather, We are keeping you in your current job position, which is your ideal niche. But We are bringing Elizabeth into your life very soon. And she will become your girlfriend. Whatever you do with her, Our command is that you remain virgin and sexually undefiled. Do this, and you shall remain blessed and keep all your graces that We have given to you. For you are rightly called Amorcist, the Wizard who loves.

Lord, Your wish I will obey in full. Amen. I will have no sex with Elizabeth. I will remain a virgin forever. Now Lord, I understand that the so called “virgin-touch coitus method” of reproduction, while possible in theory, You command me not to do, even if I marry her. Am I correct? That is correct. For neither you nor Elizabeth are to have any offspring. The myth of John, son of Eric, shall never come to be. Amen.

Then it is settled. I Am now perfectly continent. And I will remain in my perfect continence for all eternity. Note to men with masturbation problems reading this. I was once very impure like you. And I began seeking to end My masturbation. Well it took 18 years. I know that is a long time. But trees take a long time to grow. And it is like growing a tree. You just got to keep at it, keep trying, never give up, and never lose patience, neither with yourself nor with God, and you will make it. Keep at it. No matter how bad you are in your practices of masturbation, pornography, and other forms of impurity, if you want out of that, you can come out. It takes time, but God will give you time. And you will make it, like I did.

Also, to all those Black men out there who find me racist. I understand you. I, too, was racist like you. But the way out of that is to just forgive everyone. You must forgive White people, just as I forgave Black people. Everyone you have a grudge against, just learn to let it go and forgive that person, and ask God to bless that person. There is no law that says White people are above and Black people are below. So do not conform to that law, but rise up. Nothing is stopping you from rising but your resignation to the belief that it is impossible. But I tell you this, it is not impossible. And do you have a felony on your record? Remember Trump’s message to Black people at the Republican Convention, about that Black person, who was a felon and who did time in prison, but who turned his life around and truly put to practice Jesus in his life? Well did you see what Trump did for him? Besides appearing at his ceremonies and functions and shaking the hands of all the graduates who graduated under the program that the Black man developed to get incarcerated men back into society functioning again, President Donald John Trump gave that Black man a full pardon!

I, too, as King of Christendom, will give amnesty to those who repent their past wickedness. No one who is penitent and sorrowful for his past misdeeds will receive a felony for the abortions they committed. Rather, for such cases, I will do no punishment, but leave the matter entirely up to God. Only for those who do not repent and who remain firmly pro-choice, will I have felonies given to all have killed an unborn child or who was an accessory or an accomplice in the deed. And these deeds are limited to just the documented surgical abortions. The hidden micro-abortions are a matter that we leave to the Good Lord, Who sees all that is hidden.

As for Black people who reform their lives, and this goes for everyone, not just Black people, I will seek for a way to be established whereby there is a pathway to removing the felonies from their record. For good Black people should be allowed to vote. And a Black person who has reformed himself and who has turned his life around is good. It does not matter how far away you are from your goal. What matters is the direction you are heading in right now. That is what God looks at. And that is what matters.

And here is what I have learned personally when it comes to pay inequality and differences in the things we receive in comparison to others. Satan is always arguing with us saying that we are better than others, and that, therefore, we should receive at least the same pay. This is simply not the case. For such thoughts of envy and jealousy instantly create a poisonous environment for us. Pride and greed, these two working together lead to hatred and animosity when we perceive that someone else is getting more than we are. And we just have to let it go. We just have to submit to our pay as though it was decided by God Himself and Mary in heaven. We have to submit to our lot and to what it is we receive. Don’t look at that person who seems to be getting a better deal with a feeling that he is unjustly doing so. For no love can exist in your heart if you are harboring such a grudge. And there are many stories of going from rags to riches, and from riches to rags. And we simply cannot control that. All we can do is struggle to follow Jesus. And submit to the pay we receive and the things we have as though it was Jesus Himself Who has given them to us. Let everyone else have what they have. And do not demand to have what other people have. But take only what little you are given, and be content. For such is the Way to heaven.

I Who Am have now spoken in full. I have made Eric, My prophet Knight. He will accomplish his mission to see to it that President Donald John Trump is reelected. This is good news, not bad news for Black people. For who is your real enemy, but the one who wants Black people to abort their babies, and that is Joe Biden. Contrary to what Joe Biden says, you don’t have to vote for him to be called Black. So don’t listen any of the other garbage that comes out of that piece of White trash’s mouth who is running for President. And Trump has put both Black people and women in high places in his Administration. Just do some research and look into it. Trump is not the wicked man people are making him out to be. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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