Greetings, Earthlings. I, lord Larimar, have come to rule.

Behold, Eric is My Great Monarch, of whom I spoke through the prophets and saints.

Behold, this is the 245th extant post on (245 = 7 x 7 x 5). I am Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary. And I am sent to speak. You, earthlings, are in for one hell of a ride. And I will be commandeering this vessel. Behold, the time has come to shake off the cobwebs and bring life back into the Roman Catholic Church. I am sent to do just that. I am the Harbinger, the one who is sent ahead to do the Lord’s bidding and to make ready his earth before He comes and sets His claim upon all the land. No one is found worthy in the sight of my God who opposes the preparations I am sent to make in advance of the Second Coming of the Christ.

Now hear me and hear me all! All that homosexual filth you regard as marriages between two men or between two women has got to go. Let no man be caught with the stains of having approved of a gay marriage on their hands at the time of the appearance of my Lord. For He will assign all such men and women to the lowest spot in the lake of fiery, infernal hell. All those laws and judgements in favor of that filth that is called LGBTQ has got to be wiped clean from the books. Let no one execute a law or make a judgement from the bench that in any way respects the rights of the LGBTQ community to exhibit and practice their deviant and abominable behavior, or there will be hell to pay for that soul and all other guilty souls who were accessories or accomplices to the crime.

For my God is a most wrathful God. Did He not warn you about this in the Holy Scriptures? Did He not utterly lay to waste the Cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? Indeed, so he did. And you know the name given to that deviant and abominable behavior that was derived from that annihilated city: the sin of sodomy. For I tell you truthfully, everyone who endorses a gay marriage receives on his right hand or forehead this number, 666, or else the name of the beast, and he is thus destined to drink the wine of God’s fury poured full strength into the cup of His wrath, and will be subjected to torture in burning sulfur before the holy angels and before the Lamb. And the smoke of the fires of their torment will rise forever, and they will have no relief, day or night, forever and ever. Amen. (Revelation 14:9-11). Now, the Lord God Jesus Christ shall address the multitudes. Speak, O’ Lord King Jesus Christ, for Your servants are listening.

I AM WHO AM. And now I shall speak to the many classes of peoples, from every nation, tribe, race, and tongue. Through Eric, My eternal, virgin Prophet Am I speaking. And a great many things shall I discuss with the nations assembled to listen to My Word through Eric, the anointed servant of the Kingdom. Amen.

You, Eric, are commanded to conquer all Kingdoms within the Kingdom I have assigned to you. That means that all insolent and impious rulers of Europe, Russia, and the Americas are about to fall. I WHO AM give Eric this power to do these deeds. For Eric is the Great Monarch of Catholic End Times prophecies. He is the one of whom it was prophesied who would rise up near the End of Days and rule all of Christendom with an iron scepter. Like pottery shall he dash the nations to pieces. And all will obey him or be crushed under his ironclad rule. Let no one think that he can stop My Larimar King. Let no one decide to order his assassination. For I will be with that one when he goes to bed that night. And from his sleep he will not awaken.

And whoever tries or has tried to destroy My Catholic Church, now you shall be paid back for your unwise decisions. If you are Black and you say, “Black lives matter,” you had better not be one of those guilty of killing the unborn, that is, of having an abortion, or even a micro-abortion, as is caused by those artificial birth control methods that work by killing the fertilized egg, or else you will then be found deadly guilty of the opposite of that slogan that you preached, and I will have you severely beaten before all the people. And if this happens to you, give heartily thanks to the good Lord that He has not outright annihilated you, as you deserve on account of your works. And then they will know how I view hypocrites who preach that Black lives matter, while they themselves fail to practice what they preach. Hence, if you are pro-choice, and you put a Black Lives Matter sign on your home, don’t expect to see it again standing. And if you are pro-choice, and you put a Black Lives Matter sticker on your car, don’t expect to have arrive at your destination in safety when you embark on a journey while driving that car. For how can anyone expect to have a home or a safe trip when you have denied such to My little ones? For I Am a God of Holy Vengeance. And I avenge those who wrong My little ones and My defenseless ones. Now, I shall speak.

Eric is sent to uproot and destroy all who oppose Me in this world. But I limit Eric to just doing My works in half of the world, to there till the soil and sow the fields, while the other half of the world I allow to be in fallow and to grow wild and undisciplined. Eric’s half of the world consists of all of the Americas, all of Europe, except for Turkey, and all of Russia. And the rest of the world, that is, Africa, the Middle East, Southern Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania, these will be where will live those who are not subject to Eric and his iron scepter. Those who live in those lands will develop without the rule and the rod of discipline by Eric. Instead, whoever rules there will continue to rule there. Eric is commanded not to interfere with those regions. However, whatever despot or wicked ruler, dictator, or elected evildoer Eric finds in any of the lands of his Kingdom of Christendom, he is given free reins to topple and overthrow, or to wipe out and lay low. Every such ruler who refuses to acknowledge the One God, the God of Israel, the God known as Jesus, will be utterly annihilated from the face of this earth. And Eric will establish that Catholicism is the only valid Church in the land. And every valid Church will be forced to become Catholic. By a valid Church, it is to be understood, I Am talking of those Churches who have maintained Apostolic Succession. All such Churches may form their own Eastern Rites within the Catholic Church, but their entrance into Catholicism will be mandated of them.

And which Churches do I mean, you ask? Since Eric has no power over the Middle East or Africa, he will not be doing anything to the ancient Orthodox, Coptic, and other valid churches of those regions that have broken from Rome. And since Turkey is excluded from Eric’s reign, he will do nothing to Church based in Constantinople, where exists the Seat of the Eastern Orthodox Church, called the first among equals in the Orthodox world. Rather, Eric’s reign will be directed to convert only the Orthodox churches in Eastern European states and Russia. And Eric has set his sights on converting Patriarch Kirill of the Russian Orthodox Church to Catholicism. As for the Anglican Church, these may choose to become Catholic through Anglicanorum coetibus, which Pope Benedict XVI set up to bring Anglicans into communion with the pope in Rome. But without that, the Anglican Church is not a real church, as it has no true Apostolic Succession. All the valid Orthodox Churches within Eric’s Christendom will be forced or coerced to convert to Catholicism. As for those of invalid churches, those who have no valid Apostolic Succession, and the mosques, the synagogues, the Hindu temples, the Buddhist temples, and all the other religions under the sun, they will be left alone, as God has commanded Eric in Jesus words: “Let them alone. If the blind follow the blind, they shall both fall into the pit.” (Matthew 15:14). Hence, the wicked of all the false religions will merely be defanged and then let loose to lead the sinners to the hell that they are leading them to. For Black Lives Matter, even for Blacks who go to hell. And there they will be taught that, should they have practiced what they preached, then they might have not ended up there if they had. I Who Am have spoken. Now I will detail My judgement on the nations and their rulers.

The United States of America is currently headed by President Donald John Trump, who, though his morality is questionable, serves as My indispensable Emperor Constantine of America. He will continue to rule there and, by the triumph of Eric, he will be given a second term in office. As for his political opponents, Joe Biden, and his she-witch, Kamala Harris, these both I will have Eric utterly defeat and put to great shame. Joe Biden, some of your granddaughters are pretty good looking women. Hopefully they will manage to find good husbands not suffer the fate destined by God for Kamala Harris. For it is the fate of the temptress that she is destroyed. (Revelation 2:20-23).

As for Eric’s wife, I hereby declare this now and for all nations to behold! Eric is My eternal, virgin, celibate Prophet King. Eric’s chosen saint name for his Confirmation into My Catholic Church, which he entered in as a 31 year old man on Easter Vigil, Holy Saturday, March 30, 2002, over 18 years ago, was Saint Ulric of Augsburg. And what does Ulric mean? It means Wolf Ruler. And the name of Eric means Honorable and Eternal Ruler. Hence, Eric’s full name: Eric Ulric Robert Dunstan means: “Honorable and Eternal Ruler, the Wolf Ruler, of Bright Fame, coming from a Brown Rock Quarry”. Eric is the ruler of the wolves. And these I shall now call on to obey Eric, the Ruler over many Kingdoms. Whatever wolf of society who refuses to obey the Larimar King will be destroyed by My eternal fire. And this shall be Eric’s first executive order to all the wolves: Speak, lord Larimar and utter your first decree as Prince over all of Christendom.

Let all those wolves who wish to become a celibate Knight and follow the celibate, virgin Wolf Ruler, let this be the first test of your resolve: Lay down your weapons of guns, knives, bombs, and projectile weapons, and embrace the True Power exercised by lord Emerald, the power that comes from following Jesus. For Jesus grants true power to all who obey Him. For what power is there in the gun compared to the power of the God Who controls that bullet that is fired from it? For you may have guns, but I have access to the power of God. And perhaps I can call down fire from heaven in the full sight of men? (Revelation 13:13). For was I not once that one in power and authority? Or was I, rather, irrevocably converted to obey and follow Jesus and Mary for all eternity? I am converted. I am no longer Antichrist. Amen. Therefore, let all who wish to be so numbered among the host of mounted knights in allegiance to Emerald, lay down your physical weapons and take up your spiritual weapons, weapons of infinitely greater power, to harness and to lay to waste those in opposition to God. And all who are so numbered will be given a name. This army shall be called the Emeralites. And they will be a most powerful force in this world, all dedicated to serving both Jesus and Mary with their very lives. Amen. Lord, I have made my decree. What is Your Judgement, my Master?

I clearly endorse your armed forces to be called the Emeralites, as long as they remain dedicated in obedience to Me and to My Virgin Mother Mary with their very lives. I, Jesus, do now endorse this battle plan. Let all those who wish to be so numbered among Eric’s army from now on no longer resort to physical weaponry, but realize that true power is in the weaponry given by the Spirit of God. Amen. Whosoever discards his physical weapons from now on to serve in Eric’s army, I will call him an Emeralite. And he will regarded as a Knight in My Kingdom of Heaven, serving both Jesus and Mary forever and ever. Amen.

Now someone objects in this regard. How can we pledge to follow Eric’s orders if we do not know if he is 100% a servant to Jesus and Mary? For what if he orders us to sin? If we obey him and sin, will we not then be destroyed, along with the one who would be that leader in sin, Eric, whom we will have followed to our destruction? What saith Thou, O’ Lord, to this question? Lord, I, Eric, pledge to make no orders to the armies that will follow me except those which flow from or are derived from My consultation of You or Mary, O’ Lord Jesus Christ. Men and women of God, hear Me, your Lord and Master. Eric is Mine. He will not fall to the dark side. But if he ever did, and you came to realize that darkness dwells in him instead of My light, then I give you the freedom to turn from away him and to follow him no more. Amen. For I do not hold anyone bound to obedience to one who has rebelled from My Way and become corrupted and turned to bad. Amen. In the same way, when the Eastern Church split from the Western Church, where the true authority of the papacy was contained in Rome, where Peter, the first pope, served to his martyrdom, I did not expect My bishops and priests in the East to obey their immediate superiors over Rome. Rather, I demanded of them that they obey the pope in Rome or else die the spiritual death. Amen.

And this brings us to the question of the current pope, Pope Francis. Is Pope Francis to be obeyed or disobeyed? Answer Me, O’ Eric, and show us a display of your wisdom. Pope Francis, a validly anointed pope, is to be obeyed, except when he gives orders that directly contradict the infallible teachings of the Catholic Church. Correct, lord Larimar. But since you have mastered obedience, I Am giving you a new pope, one who will give correct orders and to whom your obedience will produce great fruit. This coming pope will be the holy pope that was prophesied to reign during the time of your rulership over Christendom. Amen. He is coming, and he will put an end to transgression and sinful conduct in My Catholic Church. That so called “gay lobby” that Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI speaks of shall be uprooted and cast into the fire.

Now Eric, you are ordered to comply with all my wishes in all their excruciating detail. Just as I was tortured on the cross to My death, so also is the ordeal through which you will be proven of similar pain and suffering. For each and every saint called to greatness is also called to great suffering. Or else, he is not My saint. And this is My plan of how you are to suffer for My Kingdom. Amen. Listen carefully.

You are to be wed to a girl of exquisite beauty. And she will be your Master, as I declare her to be to you as Mary is, a Queen enthroned among those high. Like you, this girl, too, will be eternally virgin. And she will be untouchable, like the Ark of the Covenant. Remember how David’s servant, Uzzah, touched the Ark seeking for its good, and God instantly put him to death? (2 Samuel 6:6-7). So also shall it be with you and your wife. Do not touch her, even in seeking to help her, lest you incur My wrath and I kill you, lord Larimar. And if I treat Larimar this way, how can anyone else on earth expect to fare better? But note that I permit the girl to touch you, though, and then you may reciprocate. But there shall be no sexual conduct between you two. That is an order that carries the death penalty if broken. Lord, let me comply in full completion to this order you impose on me today. And is it your statement that this imposition is in any way comparable to Your suffering of that great torture by which you were put to death?

It is, lord Larimar, a form of torture. For you will be required to exhibit complete and total obedience and perfect continence. For you come from a long history of impurity, not with others, but with yourself in the form of masturbation and pornography. And yet, you made the genuine effort to completely put an end to this malady starting on July 15, 2000, which was followed seven weeks later with My prophecy to you in September 2, 2000, where I told you I shall cure you and give you a wife who was to bear you triplet sons. And I told you that you would be cured when the time came for her to enter your life. And for over seven years you kept yourself physically pure. But you then failed and fell back into impurity because of your pride and lack of faith. And from that year of 2008 and onwards, you struggled to regain the purity you once had. Now I Am giving you true purity. For all purity is a grace and a gift from God. No one merits for Me to give him this grace. Rather, I give this grace to those I elect to give it to among those I find worthy, and I take it away from the proud, the insolent, the impious, and the wicked.

Lord, what is the hidden meaning by the vision of the triplet sons? For I understand this this was not to be taken literally. Am I correct? For I know that I do not have sex. And therefore, should any sons be born to my wife, they cannot have me as their biological father. Perhaps, this wife shall bear sons as a virgin? But you have said that only You are the One born from a virgin who conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit, and that there may be no other. So, O’ Lord, please explain the mystery of the triplet sons in that vision of 18 years ago. I will happily do so, lord Larimar. You may not have intercourse with the woman We are giving you, nor may you break any rule I have made to you. You are to remain in perfect continence. And no sexual conduct must ever pass between you and the woman We are giving you, or else you shall die. Therefore, who and what may be signified by the image of the three identical sons?

When you see the passing away of Hyacinth, which you will observe in Spirit, I will then reveal the mystery behind the triplet sons in the vision you saw. Just realize that there will be no stain of sin or transgression in the marriage I will put you in with this woman. And neither will you ever come to know her flesh. For she is as the Ark of the Covenant to Me, of which no man may touch and live. Amen. And is her womb to bear offspring as Mary’s did? For why else would you command me to obey her as I obey Mary if she was not like her in many ways? Her virgin womb is indeed to bear offspring, but she will not conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit, but rather, she will bear your offspring, Eric. But how this comes to pass remains a mystery I Am yet to reveal. But just realize that there will be no carnal knowledge by which the offspring you are to have is to be conceived. Nor will there be any true intercourse, nor any marital embrace, nor any violation of My imposition of perfect continence upon you.

Then how is the conception of this offspring achieved? How was it revealed unto you that Jesus had sex with Mary of Magdalene, who bore Him a son? Answer Me! It was as thus: With Jesus and Mary Magdalene fully clothed, they exposed their genitalia to come together to have but a single touch, by which the seed passed out from Jesus and onto Mary Magdalene’s genitalia, without penetration and without erection. And Mary Magdalene was on her back so that the seed would flow down inside her and impregnate her. Good, you have answered adequately. And you are rightly and genetically correctly called a son of Jesus. You will do likewise with this girl We are giving you. And all such acts will only be done by her command, to which you will obey as you have been shown. But Lord, isn’t this a form of sexual conduct passing between me and my future wife? This form of sexual conduct is known as virgin-touch coitus, and is acceptable to Me for eternal virgins as it neither involves lust, nor masturbation, nor the loss of virginity by either party. Amen.

So then, Mary Magdalene’s revelation to me in June of 1995 that she had sex with Jesus was the Truth? Only if the form of sex she had is understood to have been an act in the manner as that which has been described and detailed above. And remember that without penetration or erection or deliberate stimulation, there is no loss of virginity and no loss of perfect continence. For when the ejaculation is spontaneous and not of deliberate action, the perfect state of continence is not violated. For neither do wet dreams, or nocturnal emissions, violate a man’s perfect continence. But you very rarely ever have nocturnal emissions. So also, it is a fact, you do not dream of sex.

So then, O’ Lord, did Mary Magdalene only have one son? She had one son, and he was taken away by the monks as a child to keep the matter a secret. For why else would this woman be living in the same house of Ephesus with the Virgin Mary, under the protection of the Apostle John, after the Crucifixion and Resurrection, if she was not somehow related to the Virgin Mary by a marital relationship with her Son? Marriage worked differently in those days before the sacraments were established at the birth of the Catholic Church. For Jesus and Mary Magdalene had this act but one time, and it took place shortly before his Crucifixion. For the mission of a man, if it is to sire offspring, he will be sent to complete that mission before he dies. And for certain men who are to sire offspring, it is sometimes done as a final act before they go to their reward.

And will this be a final act with me, O’ Lord Jesus, my Master? It is written of you, lord Larimar, these words: You will see your son. Therefore, you know you will not depart from here before you see your son born and baptized. Very well, O’ Lord, I submit to Your decisions. And I accept your rule and law. How long will I live with this woman you shall give me to marry and to protect, but not to touch? From the day you marry her to the day you are taken up, there shall pass thirteen years. And when your son reaches the age of twelve, you will be taken away to go to your heavenly reward. Amen.

And it is this son who shall be called to Your priesthood who is to serve in that position in which I may not? That is correct, lord Larimar. And now I shall utter unto you another prophecy. No one shall attend your wedding but you, your bride, the necessary two witnesses, and the presiding priest and any other cleric who chooses to be in attendance. Amen. And you shall marry in the Church known as Saint Mary of the Assumption Catholic Church, for it shall be there where you shall find your wife. Lord, I hardly ever visit that Church anymore. I will send you there on a day you do not know. And when you are there, you shall meet her whom I Am giving to you.

Now, one last thing I will tell you. As to the dates in which this engagement begins and the marriage that follows at least six months later, this shall be the sign by which you shall know it is about to occur. Hyacinth shall appear to you. And she will tell you good news and bring glad tidings. And she will be on her way to heaven. Amen. When this vision has passed, I will join you to the girl you are to marry. And thus, so it will come to pass, that as D2O shall you be bonded to these two eternally virgin women, with all three of you remaining as virgins for all eternity. I Who Am have spoken. Now list again the twelve atmospheric gases by which all Mankind exist in the hereafter and in which their eternal relationships are represented by. Before I do so, O’ Lord, please tell me the name of the girl you have decided to marry me to, or at least the symbol of her name? Her name is Elizabeth, and the firstborn son you shall have be her shall be called John. I Who Am have spoken.

  1. H2, Hydrogen gas. Highest, lightest gas in the universe. Perfect, celibate, virgins who enter into Josephite Catholic marriages or bonds of similar effect. The Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph are eternally bonded here, by a special dispensation eternally granted by Jesus Christ to Saint Joseph. Amen. molar mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. He, Helium noble gas. Highest, lightest inert gas. Perfect, celibate, unbonded, virgin souls. Perfected virgin saints, such as the Apostles, Saint John and Saint Paul, exist here. molar mass: 4.003 g/mol.
  3. D2O, Heavy Water. Water composed of two atoms of deuterium (2H), instead of normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Full virgin heavenly water. The male and the two females bonded here are all virgins. In this level will be Eric, eternally bonded to both Hyacinth and Elizabeth, with all three of them remaining as eternal virgins forever. Amen. molar mass: 20.02751 g/mol.
  4. HDO, Semiheavy Water. Water composed of one deuterium (2H) and one normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Partial virgin heavenly water. Only one of the two females is virgin here in this bond while the other female and the male have lost their virginity with one another in a sacramental marriage. molar mass: 19.021 g/mol.
  5. H2O, Light Water. Two normal hydrogen atoms (1H) bonded to oxygen. Non virgin heavenly water. No virgins exist here. The male and the two females in this bond have all lost their virginity, but without sin or transgression. Hence, the sin of sexual polygamy has not been committed here. molar mass: 18.01528 g/mol.
  6. Ne, Neon noble gas. Second highest inert gas. Souls saved within imperfect celibacy, Saint Augustine exists here as a sexual sinner who became celibate. And Saint Peter, the first pope, exists here as a man who left his wife to follow Jesus. And all the celibate saints of the Church who wear no crown of virginity, and who are not of heavenly water molecules, exist here. This sixth rank, along with all the higher ranks mentioned above, are all represented by gases that are lighter than air. And this gas, Neon, is the heaviest of these six lighter-than-air gases of these highest six ranks. molar mass: 20.2 g/mol.
  7. N2, Nitrogen gas. All the elect of the vocation of sacramental marriage, whether married or single, except for those belonging to heavenly water molecules, exist here. Thus, included here are many Catholic family men and women, those who lawfully marry and who raise families together in full accordance to Catholicism. Amen. Most of the air is composed of such Nitrogen gas molecules. And the molar mass of Nitrogen gas makes it only very slightly lighter than air, (average molar mass of air is approximately 28.97 g/mol). This signifies the blessed state of this lowest rank within the Church. molar mass: 28.02 g/mol.
  8. Ar, Argon noble gas. Celibate souls saved outside of the Church. Saint John the Baptist, and the celibate prophets, Elijah and Elisha, exist here. Saint Joseph is no longer ranked here, but as H2 with the Holy Virgin Mary, by a special dispensation granted by Jesus Christ, his adopted Son. Amen. molar mass: 39.948 g/mol.
  9. O2, Oxygen gas. All the elect of the married vocation saved outside of the Church, whether married or single. All the great patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament who were saved are here. Included here are: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and King David. Amen. molar mass: 32 g/mol
  10. CO2, Carbon Dioxide. The damned who are oriented to enter natural monogamous heterosexual relationships. These are the common criminals and sinners, those who rob banks and who cheat on their taxes. molar mass: 44.01 g/mol.
  11. CH4, Methane. The polygamous, the sexually promiscuous, the harlots, and all the abominations of the earth. Everyone who identifies himself or herself as a member of the LGBTQ group exists here. This is the only rank of the lower six that is represented by a lighter-than-air gas. This indicates the deceptions by which these sinners attempt to present themselves as morally acceptable, but who you must purge from your midst in order to not be cursed yourselves with them. molar mass: 16.04 g/mol.
  12. Kr, Krypton noble gas. The Satanist loners, the sexual monsters, the pedophiles, and all those of sick, warped psychologies. Adolf Hitler exists here. This is by far the heaviest gas among the major components of the atmosphere. This symbolizes that the members of this group fall to the lowest regions of hell. molar mass: 83.80 g/mol.

And now you know why you are commanded to obey her as you obey your Queen Mary. For she is to conceive and bear you a son, but she can never be known by you, and neither of you may ever lose your virginity, and there can be no incontinence in you. Rather, your seed shall be transmitted from you to her by the Immaculate means of virgin-touch coitus, where the ejaculation occurs by a single nonpenetrating touch between the exposed genitalia, with the woman lying on her back so that the seed enters into her by gravity. And this act can only be done when your wife wishes it. And neither of you may ever excite the genitalia, neither your spouse’s nor your own, for that is the sin of masturbation. Amen. Now repeat the five commands Mary gave you, and then this post will be complete.

  1. You must stop completely looking at any girl as sexually attractive.
  2. You must maintain the perfect continence we have now given you.
  3. You must obey the girl we give you as you obey me, your Queen, Mary.
  4. You must marry her in the schedule we will reveal to you, and in the church we point out to you.
  5. And this final command, which is most important among the five, you may never touch her, not even to kiss her, as you kissed Victoria that one time. Only your hand may touch her hand. However, realize that she may touch you, and when and only when she does so may you reciprocate. Amen.

And furthermore, I will add this one final command: Never give into the temptation to seek to enjoy sex or its sexual release, or else you will become its prisoner. And the lot of the prisoner is that he is punished severely for his crimes and transgressions. Now I permit you to ask Me questions.

Question 1: Will this John ever have any descendants? And will I have any other children? And if so, will any of them live to have children? Your lineage will last to the Second Coming of Christ, lord Larimar. But you will not remain here in this world to witness that. As to the possibility of there being other children, this is to remain shrouded in mystery. But all the children you are to have must be conceived by this virgin-touch coitus method and by no other means, for you and your wife are to be numbered among My virgin, celibate elect in heaven. Amen.

Question 2: Lord, It seems that I can be gone by the year 2034. And if the marriage is soon, that will definitely be the year of my departure. Am I correct, O’ Lord to say this? That is correct, lord Larimar, you do not have much longer to live in this world. On June 24, 2034, you will reach the age of 64 years of age. And at such an age, I will take you to heaven. Amen.

Question 3: Is Elizabeth a White girl? Does she have blonde hair? Or is she a brunette? Or is she of the darker skinned races? What race, skin color, eye color, and hair color does she have, O’ Lord? She is White like you, and she is of dark eyes and with black hair and with an olive skinned complexion, for she is descended from the Jews of the Holy Lands. Amen.

Question 4: Do I bear the Y chromosome of Jesus, implying a direct, unbroken, male line of descent? Yes, and so also is it the case with your two brothers. Your father has had himself fixed from having any further children, which is the root reason for My rejection of him from My Catholic Church. And your brother Mark, who is married with two living daughters and no son, has also had himself fixed to prevent more children, which is the root reason why I have thus far refused to let Mark see the door to enter My Church and gain salvation for his soul. As for your brother David, who is involuntarily celibate, he is likened to me as a dragon hoarding his gold. And that is how he shall die, as a dragon not wishing to let go of his wealth, and so it will be taken from him by his death. Amen. Now ask just one more question and this post shall be complete. Amen.

Question 5: Do I remain living here with my parents forever? Or do I ever move out? You will be the one son who inherits your house from your parents. As for your mother, she will perish and go to her judgement soon after Elizabeth enters your life. As for your father, he will live longer and he will remain in this world until just before your marriage is to take place. For it is the decree of God that this man may not witness the blessed Catholic wedding of his son when he had done so much to destroy the blessedness of his son’s Catholicism. Neither shall there be any other relative of you or your wife at the wedding. For I allow only two witnesses to be present. And these two witnesses will be people who will know and be familiar with you both. Oracle of the Lord! And thus, your wife will take up residence in your house and sleep in the master bedroom where your mother now sleeps. And for you, where will I have you sleep? What saith Thou? Since touching, even by accident, is prohibited, I cannot sleep in the same bed as my wife. Correct. You shall remain where you are now. And as for your son, he shall take the other bedroom where your brother David stays when he comes over. Will David be okay with that arrangement, O’ Lord? No, he would strongly object, should he live to do so. But I do not permit David to live to even set his gaze upon your bride. He will perish in his bright, new, yellow Camaro, which he bought new off the lot and for which he obtained every form of insurance possible for it. His car will be totaled and he with it. With the payout by his insurance to his estate, that money shall be divided up between you and your brother Mark. And you will use the money you receive to buy your new Avalon luxury sedan that I have promised to you that you shall buy. Amen. And what becomes of Mark, O’ Lord? If Mark remains in Me despite his great suffering, then, when his wife inevitably leaves him, I will lead him to come back to My Catholic Church and be saved. Amen.

Now, you have been told everything. Reread this post in its entirety, correcting all errors, and then publish it. Amen. I have reread the entire post, O’ Lord. And I have one question. Ask it, lord Larimar. Life here is so fleeting, while in the afterlife, it is eternal. Why so different are these two states for a man? Life here involves great suffering. Therefore, the man who serves Me is glad that his suffering here is short and that his reward in the hereafter is eternal. Contrast this with the man who disobeys Me and does as he pleases. He enjoys his life here and regrets that it is short, for after it ends, he pays for his sins by burning in hell forever. Amen. Earth was made to develop My elect. That is why I made life on earth short and the afterlife I made eternal, for the sake of those who love Me.

As for you, lord Larimar, you have borne a heavy cross for 18 years. And now I shall lift it off your shoulders, and in its place, I will put a new cross, that of enduring in a marriage to one of exquisite beauty that you may never touch, lest you die. Amen. Lord, I wish to triumph in this new life, together with the woman You are giving to me. Then, in that case, Eric, I offer you this one last time. Do you wish to become My priest, ordained in My Catholic Church? I do, O’ Lord. And from this decision I will never turn back from. And like Elisha did to his oxen and plowing equipment when Elijah called him to be his apprentice, I will completely burn my bridges and never look back. Amen. Then, come, Father Eric, and I will make you My priest. Give Me three days. In three days if I do not set you on the sure path to the priesthood, you may call Me a liar and return to walk your way in the path you have been walking. Is it a deal, lord Larimar? It is a deal, O’ Lord. Good. Three days. Remember. Amen.

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