Eric is the Larimar King

The Larimar Kingdom consists of the entire British Isles.

Behold, I Am making Eric great. I Who Am have irrevocably given to Eric full and eternal possession of the British Isles. And I have revealed that Hyacinth, Queen of Ireland, and Anne, Queen of Scotland, are now eternal vassals of Eric, each ruling her eternal Kingdom within the Kingdom of Larimar, which encompasses the entire British Isles. Furthermore, I have revealed the one symbolized as Queen Anne of Scotland in this game called “Earth” is, in reality, the one called Elizabeth, whom I Am bringing to Eric, King Larimar I, to marry for all eternity. Amen.

And you remember the five rule I bind you to keep in your marriage to Elizabeth:

  1. You must stop completely looking at any girl as sexually attractive.
  2. You must maintain the perfect continence we have now given you.
  3. You must obey the girl we give you as you obey me, your Queen, Mary.
  4. You must marry her in the schedule we will reveal to you, and in the church we point out to you.
  5. And this final command, which is most important among the five, you may never touch her, not even to kiss her, as you kissed Victoria that one time. Only your hand may touch her hand. However, realize that she may touch you, and when and only when she does so may you reciprocate. Amen.

Behold, this is My decree. I Who Am do now decree that Eric will be numbered among My twenty-four elders, as they are described in the Book of Revelation. Amen. Furthermore, I decree that Eric and his wife many never be parted. Amen.

And when does this wife come, O’ Sovereign Lord? I will now reveal unto you all the dates. You will be cured this weekend, O’ Larimar King. And in the same weekend you encounter your wife. Amen. And the eternal definitions of the Larimar Kingdom are as such:

(1) Kingdom of the British Isles, ruled eternally by lord Eric, King Larimar I. And his lands of his eternal Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. England
  2. Ireland (the whole island)
  3. Scotland
  4. Wales
  5. The Orkney Islands
  6. The Shetland Islands
  7. The Outer Hebrides
  8. The Isle of Man
  9. The Scilly Islands
  10. The Channel Islands
  11. Bermuda
  12. Gibraltar

And the eternal list of official languages in your eternal Kingdom now include:

  1. English
  2. Welsh
  3. Irish Gaelic
  4. Scottish Gaelic

(2) Kingdom of Scotland, Subkingdom of the British Isles, ruled by Queen Anne, who is Elizabeth, the one to marry the Larimar King, and Vassal Queen to lord Eric. And her eternal lands include:

  1. Scotland
  2. The Outer Hebrides
  3. The Orkney Islands
  4. The Shetland Islands

And her list of official languages in her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Scots

(3) Kingdom of Ireland, Subkingdom of the British Isles, ruled by Queen Hyacinth, Vassal Queen to lord Eric. And her eternal lands include:

  1. Northern Ireland
  2. The Republic of Ireland
  3. The Isle of Man

And her list of official languages in her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic
  3. Manx

Such define the eternal definitions of the Kingdoms and subkingdoms on the British Isles. Amen. Now, tell us, lord Larimar this. Shall I tell you your fate and the fate of your brothers? Yes, O’ Lord, please do tell.

You were told that your brother David I could save. But I had preconditions. He had to do a worthy act of love from which his soul could draw from the necessary graces in order to bring him salvation at the moment of his death. For no one outside My Catholic Church is ever saved unless he does works by which he can be granted the graces of faith to spiritually enter in at the moment of death. And has or will David do the necessary act of love, O’ Lord? It was revealed through you in your ancient past that David would be saved. But he will not be saved. Oracle of the Lord! For I do not bind myself to save anyone unilaterally. Salvation is a bilateral process. And if the one I promised to save is unwilling to walk with Me, I will take away My promises to save that one and apply them to another. Amen.

David was perhaps the only member of your family I was considering granting salvation to. Now he is permanently rejected, and lost from Me like the rest of your family. Your brother Mark is steeped in spiritual blindness and sins by which he is currently locked out of My Kingdom and might never find the doorway to enter in.

Your mother was damned alive through blasphemy against the Holy Spirit many years ago. And your father, a willing accomplice with the devil in the damnation of all your family is likewise damned as well. But Lord, my father did not deliberately do that to them, but acted out of ignorance. Even so, lord Larimar, that he once knew Me and My Catholic Church, and he left Me, he can never be brought back to repentance. (Hebrew 6:4-6).

Now, go to work, lord Larimar. We will continue this post later, when you have more time. Amen. Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant. In the previous post, it was said that the girl You are to give me in marriage is to bear a son of Jesus by a virgin birth, similar to how You were born, and his paternal DNA will be created by the Holy Spirit at the moment of his creation, just as it was with You at the moment of Your incarnation and the creation of your flesh and soul. What you have heard, lord Larimar, is a deception from deceiving spirits. No one has a virgin birth but Me. Now, of course there are those circumstances where a woman can become pregnant without having actual intercourse, either naturally by semen somehow entering into her or by artificial insemination, but My virgin birth was unique in that it involved no semen and no sperm from any man. Rather, it is as you were told. God created My paternal DNA at the moment of the conception of My flesh. Hence, I Am the only human being in existence whose flesh is not derived from an egg fertilized by a sperm. Now, when a scientist attempts to clone a human being, is he doing that? No, a clone is little different from a later born identical twin. The DNA of a clone is a replica of the DNA of a human whose flesh was derived from an egg fertilized by a sperm, and that was implanted in another egg. Realize how identical twins come to be. After the egg is fertilized by a single sperm, if the Creator intended for two souls to be conceived by that creation of life, the zygote will divide into two zygotes, which will then develop independently as two distinct babies within the same womb with identical DNA. A clone is merely the attempt by biologists to replicate this natural process of forming a twin. The sin comes in the form that the host egg is taken from another woman, making the child created as genetically having two mothers and one father. The nuclear DNA comes ultimately from the original two parents of the subject being cloned, half from the mother and half from the father. And the Mitochondrial DNA comes from the egg donor, making the child a composite of DNA from three separate parents. And that I do not tolerate. Therefore all men who are in the business of cloning human beings will be destroyed, similar to the penalty I inflicted upon the angels who manipulated human female reproductive organs to produce the Nephilim. (Genesis 6:1-4).

Hence, it was a lie that a child conceived by unnatural or supernatural means is to be born to the woman We are giving you to be your wife. There is no human being who can claim to be literally My son or daughter by physical descent, nor is there nor shall there ever be another human being conceived and born as another God incarnate nor as a Son of God or as a Daughter of God at physical birth. Rather, all those other human beings who are called the sons of God or daughters of God are those who through Me are given that status by My spiritual resurrection of that soul made possible by My sacrifice on the cross, and through the sacraments I established in My Church of baptism and by their feeding on the spiritual food of the Eucharist, which is made available at every Catholic Mass, but only for Catholics. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, was the prophecy of Elizabeth an entire lie? Let me know the full and actual Truth, O’ Lord. Am I to marry? Am I to have a son? Or am I to remain celibate and virgin forever? You are My eternal virgin Prophet, O’ lord Larimar. Were you to ever have sex, it would destroy you. But what do I say, I, the Lord God? I declare unto you, O’ Larimar King, that you are to have a son by the woman We give you. And the son you are to have is to be conceived and born by natural means. Then I am to be destroyed, O’ Lord and God? Only if you disobey Me. Obey Me in perfection, and you will not be harmed. I do seek to obey You, O’ Lord. Then this is your fate:

I Am giving you a girl whom you have promised Me you shall marry. You may not touch her nor lay with her. However, the same rule do not apply to her. She may come to you and touch you, and it is then that you may reciprocate. But remember she as the Ark of the Covenant. Whatever man touches that unbidden dies. And within the bonds of a valid sacramental marriage, I will permit her to come and lay with you. She may come to lay with you, but you may not go to lay with her. By this I mean, she may come to you for her conjugal rights, and when she does so, then, and only then are you permitted and commanded to know her. Obey Me in this manner exactly as I have here defined the law I Am binding on you this very day, and you will keep all the graces and gifts I have given to you as My celibate, virgin Prophet King, even after you lose your virginity under full obedience to Me and beget children by the girl I give to you. Amen. Hence, you are commanded to reciprocate with her when and only when she comes to you, but never to touch her or approach her unbidden. Amen. And by this means, you will remain in the perfect purity I command of you, with all the graces of a purified, virgin Prophet King. Amen.

Lord, who is this girl You are giving to me? And from whence does she come? And do the five rules from Mary listed above apply to her? All five rules given to you above you are expected to comply with to the letter of this law. And the actual identity of one We shall give you is not revealed. However, note that she is defined as a girl who spiritually comes from the House of Mary, which is defined as those perfected women who have become complete possessions of Mary. Hence, unlike as it was with Hyacinth, this one you shall not convert. Rather, she is to come to you already perfected in My faith. Consider her to be as Saint Bernadette of Lourdes was, a girl who was possessed by Mary and perfected by her throughout her entire life. But as to the timing of when she is to come, wait for this with patient endurance and faithfulness, for this is what is called for on the part of the saints who wish to receive the good things from God, Who indeed wishes to grant them, but must only do so at the appointed times. Amen. Now I shall speak.

Eric, I hereby declare that you will triumph in the company in which you work. And furthermore, I shall enable you to come into money by which you will make that purchase of the Avalon hybrid luxury sedan I will command you to buy. Amen. And when you make this purchase, be sure to give to your brother Mark the 1999 Toyota Corolla you bought in November of 1998, without charging a cent from him. Hence, if you need to set a cheap price for it to avoid higher taxes, be sure to give him the exact money he needs to buy it from you so that he receives the car from you without paying a cent. Amen. For We intend to bring salvation to your brother Mark through your good deeds you do for him. For Mark, alone in your family, is seeking to follow Me, even though he is doing so in a Protestant church.

Such constitutes all that We will to say through you in this post. Ask me now three questions on anything you wish to know, and I will answer you in full.

Question 1: After Trump’s second term, do I really set up Pawns to rule America, starting with the elections of 2024, and for how long do I reign over America? Is it for twelve years, that is, for three consecutive terms, by two different future Presidents? And then do I remain in this world with my wife until You come again? That you remain here until I come is all I will reveal unto you. Whether you set into power any future leaders shall remain to be seen. As for Trump, he shall reelected to reign for another four years. But as to when I come again, this may never be revealed. Nor may you know your future, except for these prophecies I have uttered to you in the past: “When you stop masturbating you shall receive a girlfriend.” The condition of this part is now fulfilled. And also I uttered: “You shall see your son.” This is yet to come to pass, and will only happen lawfully, that is, within a lawful marriage to a girl We give to you. But be rest assured, you are not departing from this world before I come again. And the woman We give you will remain with you unto the end when I come again as well. And the blessing that you remain until I come is a decree I have made from My irrevocable decision, which I almost, but did not quite, also bless on John, My beloved disciple. Amen. (John 21:20-23).

Question 2: If I rise in my job, and become wealthy in it, do I ever hire Mark or get Mark hired into the company I work for, O’ Sovereign Lord? No. Mark’s career is now permanently separated from yours. Nor will I have you reengage with your former boss, Richard, in any new projects. From now on, you are to remain in the positions We have placed you in, a position of mastery. And as for making iPhone and Android apps for your company’s needs, you will get the job to do so. And the language in which you are commanded to use to program these apps is C# using xamarin, which is now freely part of the full featured, free editions of Visual Studio, which you can use in your sole proprietorship single person company through which you do work for the company that pays you as general contractor. I Who Am have spoken. Now, lord Larimar, ask your third and final question.

Question 3: Does America enter into a kind of Dark Ages, or an age in which the United States of America ceases to possess the world’s reserve currency? And is there to come a time in which the Pax Americana comes to an end. And if so, when does this occur and what follows this? America is currently in a form of Dark Age America. And this Dark Age began with Obama’s Presidency. It will come to an end with the reelection of President Trump. And no, America will not lose its status of possessing the world’s reserve currency until I come again. Nor will there ever rule over America a ruler as evil as Obama was ever again. For Obama was America’s Emperor Nero, who ruthlessly persecuted the Christians. And Trump is America’s Emperor Constantine, who made Christianity the official religion of the Roman Empire and brought great blessings to the early Church. For you, lord Larimar, are a King over Christendom. And as such a King who can never die, nor fail by becoming involved with women sinfully, the United States of America is set to never fail. And already, through SpaceX, America is now weaned off its dependance on Russia for manned space flight, which it entered into due to the failures of Obama. And next year, Boeing will be added to that number of American providers of certified space vehicles for transporting men and women to the International Space Station. Amen. Hence, America is leaving its Dark Ages of Obama and is entering back into the light.

I Who Am have now fully answered your three questions. This is the beginning of a new Era of the Pax Americana. Note how the Biden nomination process was very negative. Let Trump’s nomination process be positive and upbeat. For that is what Americans want to hear. And when Americans hear the positive news coming from the Trump reelection campaign, they will come and rally to his support. And as a sign that this message is from the Sovereign Lord, I will have COVID-19 begin its decline and reduction of infection rates by the time of the elections. Amen. Consider COVID-19 to be similar to that of a forest fire. After it has ravaged the lands, the next spring, after the rains, the land is full of green plants and with many new shoots of trees growing up, and the forest is regenerated fresh and new. So also will be the effect that COVID-19 will have on America. Amen.

I Who Am have spoken. Key takeaway for Trump: Keep your message positive and upbeat. Let it be a message of inspiration and of promising new developments. Let it dwarf and overshadow the negative messages coming from your opponents, and you shall appeal to young voters who want something to hope for. Amen. Now publish this post, O’ Larimar King, for it is complete. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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