Eric is Mary’s Unicorn

Behold, the Virgin Mary’s Unicorn is the Larimar King. Amen.

Behold, I reveal a mystery. The Virgin Mary was instrumental in the salvation of the Larimar King. And who is the Larimar King. He is Amorcist, the wizard who loves, and he is Dragonfly, the Emerald Armored Dragon, and he is the Virgin Unicorn King.

But Lord, will he remain the Unicorn King after he loses his virginity with the girl You shall give him as his wife? You are Mary’s eternal possession as her Unicorn, lord Larimar. And I tell you Truthfully this. Since Mary owns you in totality, you will only marry and lose your virginity if it is the direct will of the Sovereign Queen, Mary Mother of God. And now the Holy Virgin Mary shall speak.

You are to marry, my son Eric. And the girl we give you shall be holy and eternally a virgin, just as we will for you to remain as. That you are told God needs you to have sex so that there is a son born to you who is predestined and shall be called to the priesthood is from Satan. Rather, we wish for your happiness, and you will obtain the most happiness if you keep to what you know God has commanded of you: “Marry the girl We give you, but do not have sex with her.” It is very important in spiritual warfare to realize what is from God and what is from Satan. Amen.

Eric, also realize this. I own you as the virgin owns the unicorn she captures and ensnares. Hence you are my captive unicorn for all eternity. Define a unicorn, O’ Virgin Mary, Mother of God, please. Yes, lord Larimar. I will now do just that. A unicorn is most rare mythological beast. It is defined as a sexually pure animal that bears a single horn, representing the fact that this rare creature keeps to the straight and narrow path. And as a virgin, the unicorn is attracted to certain chaste and pure women, and such women must be virgins, or he will not approach. Case in point: the Mexican girl Eric kissed, the only girl he ever kissed, and who he kissed but one time, is a virgin, and became an old maid. Had you kissed multiple girls, I would not have allowed you to become my unicorn, O’ Larimar King. However, I saw in you sufficient purity to serve me as my unicorn.

Now, are you the Unicorn King, you should ask? That would imply a race or nation of unicorns, over which rules a king. There are no other surviving unicorns but yourself, O’ Larimar King. Two unicorns did precede you. But I rejected them both, for both of them sought to touch the Immaculate Queen, the one who may never be touched. Amen.

O’ Holy Virgin Mary, what am I to do about Hyacinth, who you have saved through me. I dare not abandon her, lest she be lost. For now I know she cannot be my wife, for this one has strong desires of the flesh and of a marriage with children, and for me to marry her would lead to my corruption. Or do I enter a Josephite marriage to her, or to some girl who is yet to come? Hyacinth we have given to you as your eternal friend. And we wished to see the purity of your love, and how far you would go in the quest for her salvation. That she is saved is testimony that you are Amorcist, the wizard who loves. Yes, if you marry Hyacinth, you will lose your virginity and become a bondsman to the flesh, as all men become who have sex. And we in heaven do not will this, but rather that you remain in your virginity with the girl we wish to give to you. And so, if you will this, if you ask it of me right now, we will separate Hyacinth from you, and in her place, put the girl who is both capable and willing to live out her vocation of a Josephite, virgin marriage with you. Do so, O’ Mary, Mother of God, yes, I do will for this and I do ask it of you.

Then, O’ lord Eric, we have this deal. I will give you Elizabeth, the one who is to remain eternally virgin with you as your Josephite spouse. She will never depart from her commitment to her marriage with you. In return, you must agree to the following stipulations, and you shall have her:

  1. You must stop completely looking at any girl as sexually attractive.
  2. You must maintain the perfect continence we have now given you.
  3. You must obey the girl we give you as you obey me, your Queen, Mary.
  4. You must marry her in the schedule we will reveal to you, and in the church we point out to you.
  5. And this final command, which is most important among the five, you may never touch her, not even to kiss her, as you kissed Victoria that one time. Only your hand may touch her hand.

Yes, she is that holy. Amen. Mother Mary, I agree to this and I now vow to submit to all these five commands you have given me. Amen. I fully reread them and I fully agree to all your stipulations, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Let Hyacinth be now separated from me as you have promised, and let me then receive Elizabeth in immaculate marriage as my eternally virgin spouse. Amen. Also I would wish to know the kinds of fruits this union shall produce by you by joining her to me. O’ Holy Virgin Mary.

Yes, lord Larimar, you are correct to call this Josephite marriage between two virgins as eternal. Amen. And the fruits of this marriage, if you fully comply with all our wishes, shall be the highest and purest form of love, giving you the key of love that allows you to open all the doors of the highest realm of heaven.

Now Eric, I wish to make this point clear. Obey her as you obey me. Can you do this? Yes, O’ Mary Mother of God. But I will have to address her by her own title. So, tell me, O’ Mary, Holy Immaculate Queen, by what title do you wish for me to address her by? You shall call her Elizabeth, Immaculate daughter of Mary, and bearer of John, son of Jesus, who shall be called, King Larimar II. Amen. He will be born of a virgin, and have Jesus as his spiritual father, and his set paternal of chromosomes shall be created by the working of the Holy Spirit, just as the Holy Spirit did so in my womb when I conceived Jesus. Amen.

Now I have heard all things and am very thankful for this revelation. I agree fully to comply with this, just as Saint Joseph complied with and was obedient to the commands God placed upon him. And he recognized Mary as his superior, rather than as his subject. Likewise shall I do for the wife you are giving me, O’ Mary, Mother of God. And I will obey my wife, Elizabeth, Immaculate daughter of Mary, exactly as I obey you, as you have commanded me, O’ Mary Mother of God. Amen.

Lord Larimar, because you have kept the faith and have obeyed us in all these things, We, the elect in heaven, are giving to your eternal Kingdom that you possess certain additional lands that you will own for all eternity. Amen. Hence, this is now your entire Kingdom that you alone will rule forever:

(1) Kingdom of the British Isles, ruled eternally by lord Eric, King Larimar I. And his lands of his eternal Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. England
  2. Ireland (the whole island)
  3. Scotland
  4. Wales
  5. The Orkney Islands
  6. The Shetland Islands
  7. The Outer Hebrides
  8. The Isle of Man
  9. The Scilly Islands
  10. The Channel Islands
  11. Bermuda
  12. Gibraltar

And the eternal list of official languages in your eternal Kingdom now include:

  1. English
  2. Welsh
  3. Irish Gaelic
  4. Scottish Gaelic

Is this list complete, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Yes, lord Larimar. And so what happened with the Kingdoms of Queen Hyacinth and Queen Anne, who ruled Ireland and Scotland, respectively? They still have their Kingdoms, but they are now both subjects and vassals to you. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. And tell me this, O’ Sovereign Lord. Is Eric to be as Hydrogen with Elizabeth, or as D2O in bonds to the two virgins, Elizabeth and Hyacinth? You are eternally to be bonded to both. Hence, let us now return to the list of atmospheric gases that represent all the peoples and their relationships in the next world.

  1. H2, Hydrogen gas. Highest, lightest gas in the universe. Perfect, celibate, virgins who enter into Josephite Catholic marriages or bonds of similar effect. The Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph are eternally bonded here, by a special dispensation eternally granted by Jesus Christ to Saint Joseph. Amen. molar mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. He, Helium noble gas. Highest, lightest inert gas. Perfect, celibate, unbonded, virgin souls. Perfected virgin saints, such as the Apostles, Saint John and Saint Paul, exist here. molar mass: 4.003 g/mol.
  3. D2O, Heavy Water. Water composed of two atoms of deuterium (2H), instead of normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Full virgin heavenly water. The male and the two females bonded here are all virgins. Eric will exist here together with Hyacinth and Elizabeth, the two virgin females to be bonded with him forever. Amen. molar mass: 20.02751 g/mol.
  4. HDO, Semiheavy Water. Water composed of one deuterium (2H) and one normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Partial virgin heavenly water. Only one of the two females is virgin here in this bond while the other female and the male have lost their virginity with one another in a sacramental marriage. molar mass: 19.021 g/mol.
  5. H2O, Light Water. Two normal hydrogen atoms (1H) bonded to oxygen. Non virgin heavenly water. No virgins exist here. The male and the two females in this bond have all lost their virginity, but without sin or transgression. Hence, the sin of sexual polygamy has not been committed here. molar mass: 18.01528 g/mol.
  6. Ne, Neon noble gas. Second highest inert gas. Souls saved within imperfect celibacy, Saint Augustine exists here as a sexual sinner who became celibate. And Saint Peter, the first pope, exists here as a man who left his wife to follow Jesus. And all the celibate saints of the Church who wear no crown of virginity, and who are not of heavenly water molecules, exist here. This sixth rank, along with all the higher ranks mentioned above, are all represented by gases that are lighter than air. And this gas, Neon, is the heaviest of these six lighter-than-air gases of these highest six ranks. molar mass: 20.2 g/mol.
  7. N2, Nitrogen gas. All the elect of the vocation of sacramental marriage, whether married or single, except for those belonging to heavenly water molecules, exist here. Thus, included here are many Catholic family men and women, those who lawfully marry and who raise families together in full accordance to Catholicism. Amen. Most of the air is composed of such Nitrogen gas molecules. And the molar mass of Nitrogen gas makes it only very slightly lighter than air, (average molar mass of air is approximately 28.97 g/mol). This signifies the blessed state of this lowest rank within the Church. molar mass: 28.02 g/mol.
  8. Ar, Argon noble gas. Celibate souls saved outside of the Church. Saint John the Baptist, and the celibate prophets, Elijah and Elisha, exist here. Saint Joseph is no longer ranked here, but as H2 with the Holy Virgin Mary, by a special dispensation granted by Jesus Christ, his adopted Son. Amen. molar mass: 39.948 g/mol.
  9. O2, Oxygen gas. All the elect of the married vocation saved outside of the Church, whether married or single. All the great patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament who were saved are here. Included here are: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and King David. Amen. molar mass: 32 g/mol
  10. CO2, Carbon Dioxide. The damned who are oriented to enter natural monogamous heterosexual relationships. These are the common criminals and sinners, those who rob banks and who cheat on their taxes. molar mass: 44.01 g/mol.
  11. CH4, Methane. The polygamous, the sexually promiscuous, the harlots, and all the abominations of the earth. Everyone who identifies himself or herself as a member of the LGBTQ group exists here. This is the only rank of the lower six that is represented by a lighter-than-air gas. This indicates the deceptions by which these sinners attempt to present themselves as morally acceptable, but who you must purge from your midst in order to not be cursed yourselves with them. molar mass: 16.04 g/mol.
  12. Kr, Krypton noble gas. The Satanist loners, the sexual monsters, the pedophiles, and all those of sick, warped psychologies. Adolf Hitler exists here. This is by far the heaviest gas among the major components of the atmosphere. This symbolizes that the members of this group fall to the lowest regions of hell. molar mass: 83.80 g/mol.

Good, lord Larimar. And now We, the elect in heaven, shall give you the dates of when all these things shall come to pass. Saturday, November 21, 2020, the feast day of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is when you become formally engaged to marry the girl We will give you in a Josephite marriage. And on your 51st birthday of Thursday, June 24, 2021, which is also the feast day of the Nativity of Saint John the Baptist, you shall enter into holy matrimony with your bride sacramentally in perfectly pure, perpetually virgin marriage. Oracle of the Lord! And then, O’ Lord, at what point does Hyacinth get taken away and Elizabeth enter into my life? I will now tell thee, O’ lord Eric. You meet the girl We in heaven wish to give you on August 22, 2020, the feast day of the Queenship of the Blessed Virgin Mary. And will you tell me when I shall be cured, O’ Lord? Yes. The full cures that are to take place at the Mass you go to this weekend.

Then, O’ Lord, I am to be cured in the presence of the girl, or in the presence of a priest? And if I am cured in the presence of a priest, does that mean I am called to enter the priesthood? You remember Our commands of you well. Yes, We are going to call you to enter the priesthood. And so, you will decide between your two fates: marriage to Elizabeth, or the priesthood. And should you choose the priesthood, the marriage to Elizabeth shall still take place, but in the spiritual realm, rather than by sacrament. Lord, if You call me into the priesthood, I will elect to become a priest. Done!

Eric is now formally set to enter into Our priesthood. And in the eternity to come, he shall be of spiritual D2O, due to the eternal bonds of friendship that will have been established between him and these two virgin females. Amen. Now, go to work, lord Larimar. For with you We are well pleased. And We will direct you to go to the priest whom you are to tell all I command of you immediately after I cure you at Mass. Amen.

As for Hyacinth, We are taking her to heaven shortly. You will observe her passage. And she will appear before you on her way up. Oracle of the Lord. I Who Am have spoken to My servant Eric.

As for the race between Trump/Pence and Biden/Harris, realize that the man with the woman form a weak ticket, and they shall fail. For whatever woman chooses to run for President, and whatever Presidential candidate chooses a woman to be on his ticket, the Party that nominates that foolishness fails in the elections. Also, as Eric has requested, the Senate will firmly remain in the possession of the Republicans and Trump allies. Now, no more shall I prophesy in this post. Publish this, lord Larimar, and go to work. Amen.

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