Biden to be defeated in fall elections

Virgin Mary prophesies Victory of Trump over Biden

New prophecies from Mary, the Mother of God, say Joe Biden will be defeated by Donald Trump in the fall elections. Behold, the Virgin Mary shall now speak.

I am Mary, most high Queen of the Angels. And I have come to speak through My servant Eric, King of Christendom of Europe and the Americas. Eric will not be fleeing America, for Trump will remain the President. Biden has fallen into a trap and has been fooled. He has chosen Kamala Harris for sexual, not strategic, reasons. And it will cost him the Presidency. Remember that Kamala Harris is not a sexually moral woman, but one who uses her sexual charms to get ahead in rising to the top. But she is no match for the Blessed Virgin Mother Mary, who was the power behind Judge Brett Kavanaugh in his Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Rather, by taking a stand against my servant Brett Kavanaugh, she has made herself God’s enemy and is due for her destruction. And she will be slain by the fiery Word of God that comes from the mouth of my servant Eric. For whosoever seeks to harm my servants is surely to be slain.

I will see to it that an orderly election takes place this fall. And I will see to it that COVID-19 infections disappear by the time of the elections. Donald John Trump is not a bad President. It is just that he has pride and he speaks his mind rather than holds his tongue. To my faithful of that demographic called African American, do not despair at the prospect of four more years under Trump. For I will have Trump end the mass incarceration of petty criminals to serve as slaves in penal labor. And Trump will end the incentives for Black women to have out-of-wedlock children, which served the evil one’s plots to destroy the family.

And do not mind Trump’s glowing ego to have his name and face placed high, such as having his image etched into Mount Rushmore. He will not be so honored. Rather, he will be kept in check by my stern discipline. Nor will I allow him to pardon dangerous criminals. But there shall be enduring peace between Russia and America for all of the eight years of America under Trump.

At the same time, America has weaned itself off of dependance on Russia for its manned space flight to the International Space Station. I will have successfully certified the vehicles of both companies: the Starliner from Boeing, and the Crew Dragon from SpaceX. And both of these vehicles will serve the western nations for putting men and equipment into near earth orbit, to both serve the ISS, and to prepare for making other, commercially funded space stations. For we are now in the age of the space cities. And these space stations to be built will pay for themselves in breakthroughs of technological and scientific research performed on them, and in manufacturing goods in space, and in serving as space hotels for space tourists who have much money to spend. Many will be these space stations that are to be built.

Furthermore, a form of energy source will be developed on earth that works by fusing hydrogen atoms to form helium. This fusion reactor will be successfully created, but will exist in only certain places on the earth. These reactors will convert the energy from this fusion process to electrical energy, lowering its cost and reducing the demand for fossil fuels. And this will rapidly accelerate the development of the electric vehicles, to take advantage of the cheaper energy source of electricity. Electric cars will become easier to manufacture and require less factory workers.

New genetically modified megafauna to fit into smaller spaces will be bred. These will include the mini rhinos and mini elephants, which will be bred to legally produce and supply the strong market demands for rhino horn and ivory. This new miniaturization technique will be applied to other large endangered megafauna. And by this means, hard-to-reproduce megafauna will finally come under a form of domestication before being entirely wiped out in the wilds. For the encroaching human populations will eventually cause the wipe out of all wild megafauna that resist domestication. For this is the Age of Man, an age where Mankind becomes the dominant species on the planet.

To feed the ever growing human populations, the human diet will switch from eating read meat and fish for its protein needs to eating crickets and other clean insects. For God had Moses write in the Law that crickets are clean foods to eat. (Leviticus 11:21-22). Note that Eric, my servant, is master of the law. He knows every detail of it. He has studied each and every nook and cranny of what is permitted and what is not.

For example, Eric knows that God deals very differently between the sins of the homosexual kind compared to the sins of the heterosexual kind. Those who commit homosexual sins are to be wiped out. But those who commit heterosexual sins might be redeemed. For God does not allow the homosexual sinner to find the door to heaven. But the heterosexual sinner may repent and be granted access back to the City of God. It was for homosexual sins that Pope Benedict XVI was forced to resign from the papacy. And his papacy will be forever marked by his allowance for homosexual men to use condoms in their acts of gay sex. This allowance actually makes no sense, for homosexual men who have gay sex are not part of my Son’s Church. He was making rules and allowances for those who do not walk in my Son’s path. It makes no sense to rule over a lost people who are rejected by my Son.

And yes, Eric, I am setting to power a new pope. He will come to power soon after Trump victoriously defeats Biden in the fall elections. And he will be the one we pointed out earlier to Eric, Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence, Italy, who shall take the papal name of Benedict in honor of the pope who made him Cardinal. And hence, he will be called Pope Benedict XVII. This pope will be holy, and he will serve to clean away all the filth of the homosexuals and restore all the Churches and Seminaries to their correct form and cleanliness. For it does not make sense for my seminaries to be run by practicing homosexuals.

Now I shall answer Eric’s questions about the end of the world. The world will come to an end when the allotted number of souls as recorded in my Son’s Book of Life have been obtained for the Kingdom of God. When this will happen, the exact day and hour, can never be known until all the souls of the elect have been obtained and baptized into my Son’s kingdom. When the full set of souls of my Son’s elect have entered into my Church, then you will hear the seventh trumpet, and the end of the world will follow shortly after that. Amen. But is this years away, decades away, centuries away, or millennia away, this will not be answered.

And what of the Millennial Kingdom mentioned in Revelation, chapter 20, Eric asks? Realize that this Millennial Kingdom exists already, and is here, within this very Church Age. The baptized who follow Christ and are in communion with the pope are the people of my First Resurrection. And the people outside this group are those who, like the sand of the sea, surround the camp of the holy ones and of the beloved city, but fire always comes down from heaven and consumes them. Understand these passages mystically, rather than literally. For no item of prophetic literature has a purely literal fulfillment in history.

And what of Fatima and of my requirement for the consecration of Russia. Pope John Paul II fully satisfied my requirement implicitly, though not explicitly. And hence, there is no further need for the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate heart. Rather, prayer is needed to convert Patriarch Kirill to serve me in my Catholic Church. Pray for his conversion and that he may lead his Church to enter into communion with mine. For I have plans to make Russia Catholic. And what of the Russian Czar, President Vladimir Putin, Eric asks? Boris Yeltsin gave the chief executive branch too much power in his design of the Russian constitution. Now, one man controls everything, and all his mistakes and errors the people can do nothing about. Nor can they vote him out of office, as he firmly controls all elections and how they all turn out. Rather, this man is a liar par excellence. He cannot enter my Son’s kingdom. Nor is he honorable nor respectable. Rather, I will permit Eric to call forth a new leader to replace him. And I will then bless his request. Do so now, lord Eric.

Let a new leader rise up in Russia and take over the Russian leadership. And let this new leader be a man who loves God. Let him bring reform to the Russian constitution to prevent a return to power of another dictator. And let him make Russia Catholic and holy. Amen.

Good, lord Eric. I will have my Son carry out your entire wish. Let it be known why Eric has the power to do this. Eric has been granted rulership over all of the Americas, Europe, and Russia, with the exceptions of Haiti and Turkey, which are under the rule of others. And as this King of Christendom, I have made Eric most powerful among men. Eric will defeat despots and dictators. They will not defeat him.

Now, let us speak of your sexuality, lord Eric. It is true that you have been most unclean, though in a heterosexual manner, never as a homosexual. But my font of waters have washed away all your sins. For you are in reality clean and pure. And it is my decision that you are to receive a girlfriend soon. She will be given to you and enter your life. And when she has entered, you will observe that she is holy.

You may not have sex with the girl we are giving to you, lord Eric. For your soul has been reserved for my celibate and virgin elect. And you have now graduated to no longer need a woman as a companion. But this girl we will have enter into your life to be your apprentice and girlfriend. And she you will give training to so that she might become a servant of ours like you.

For it is in our wish that you become the trainer of many. And we need a school founded to begin the training of all such monks. And this girl we are giving to you shall serve as your assistant in the founding of this school. And note how we have had you cut off all ties with the one you call Hyacinth. For you are now celibate and virgin pure. And no girl who has designs on you are you permitted to keep in your company.

Now, Eric, you ask, should you go into work today to work a half day? Yes, for this post shall be finished shortly. And you will get the work you need to get done in the office today. As for when we shall cure you, it has nothing to do with any coming girl into your life. We will cure you at the appointed time. In the meantime, continue to bear your cross faithfully.

As to whether to notify a former friend of your being cured and how, forget that. Those who abandon their friends are unworthy of such announcements or warnings given to them. Now, as to our plans to make you an ordained priest, do we have such plans, you ask? You are now at age 50, which is the maximum age for entering in within your Los Angeles Archdiocese as a diocesan priest. We will make our decision known to you soon. Just realize that you are highly skilled in the job in which you are currently employed. To take you from there would spell the collapse of an industry and all those depending on it. Continue to work at your job. If you are called to a higher calling, we will inform you and open up the doors for you. Amen.

Now you may publish this post and go eat and then go to work. Amen.

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