Kamala Harris is now riding on Biden, but they will fall to ruin.

A woman now rides the Beast, but they will not win the elections. Oracle of the Lord!

Welcome to the next four years of President Trump. Behold, Biden is now in his bear trap. He has chosen the one woman who is hated the most, and the Black woman who does the least for his campaign among Black voters. Why choose a Black who does nothing for you among the Black electorate? This is a question that will have Biden banging his head into the wall nonstop.

Donald Trump and the Trump team, now is the time to hammer Kamala Harris hard. Point out to Black Lives Matter that Kamala Harris didn’t agree with them that Kevin Cooper’s life mattered when she was State Attorney General and could have ordered the DNA testing that would have set him free but didn’t. Kevin Cooper is an innocent man behind bars and the DNA says he is innocent, but Kamala Harris kept him behind bars and denied him DNA testing that would exonerate him. In fact, he would have been executed for the crime had his story not been leaked to the press and Kamala Harris shown as the slave overseer that she is.

Black people do not like Kamala Harris. And the deeper they look, the more they do not like about her. So the task for Trump is to give to Black people a viable alternative to Biden and Harris. Give them something to hope for in your Administration, some reason for them to reject Biden’s statement where he said: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black,” and to come and vote for you. If you can make another four years of Trump seem easier in the eyes of Black people than electing a Black cop woman who likes to put Black men into prison to serve as slave labor, keeping them there beyond their sentences so they can serve in fighting fires and other state needs for slave labor, then you will get their vote, come November 3, 2020.

For what purpose is served for the cause of Black Lives Matter if you are putting into power the very Black woman who says by her actions as California State Attorney General, the state’s top law enforcement officer, that Black lives do not matter? The only time a Black life matters to her would be in that rare occasion where he is above her in rank, and therefore she should choose to sleep with him in her strategy of sleeping her way up. Given the fact that Willie Brown admits that Kamala Harris slept her way to the top, and given the fact that Joe Biden can’t keep his hands off of women, we can safely conclude that what went on behind closed doors by which Biden agreed to have Harris as his VP had nothing to do with political advantages and everything to do with sex.

For Biden is now the beast, and Kamala Harris is now his rider. Kamala Harris controls Biden and will command him as to what he is to do. And the Beast will do whatever she tells him to. Are you saying, O’ Lord, that if this couple is elected, that it will be Kamala Harris, not Joe Biden, who will be the decision maker and the one in command? That is correct. Harris will control Biden through sex. And Eric, is that nude girl riding the horse in the picture at the top of this post a figure representing Kamala Harris, with the horse representing Biden? It is the best I could do, in looking for free noncommercial images. But actually that girl in the photo looks a hundred times hotter than I would imagine the 55 year old middle aged Kamala Harris would look like nude. And that beast she is riding is well bred. Can’t same the same about Biden.

Now tell me, O’ Lord, what are your plans for Donald John Trump? I understand that his election is now assured. Biden took the bait of reverse-reverse psychology and put Kamala Harris on his ticket. Now his ticket is absolutely doomed. Tell me now what happens with Trump and Biden. Yes, lord Larimar. You are clever indeed. Biden has shot his campaign into pieces. He has no recovery from this decision. He has no way to win the elections. But were Biden to win, Biden would be the figure of the beast, and riding on him would be the woman who would command him and control him, the one described in Revelation, chapter 17. And she would be this Kamala Harris. But Lord, that would make Contradiction, who is the Seventh Head of the Beast, the ultimate Player who comes again, headed for his destruction.

Well said, lord Larimar. You understand much. Lord, I also notice that when I prophesy certain things, that I am proven wrong. So I fear I may be wrong again that Biden and Harris will be defeated. You are. And for that reason, you are to be sneaked out of the country before Biden and Harris assume control. With COVID-19 in play, all the borders are in lockdown. Difficult, most difficult, has it become for anyone in America who wishes to escape now to do so. Whoever is still here, let him realize he delayed his escape too long. But I, the Lord, will provide My escape for those select few whom I wish to spare from the utter doom I Am bringing down upon this nation.

Lord, you have told me of where you are taking me to. Am I to keep all the details a secret? Correct. Reveal them not. And realize your wife will be awaiting you where We shall bring you to. Hyacinth will be your wife. It is now firmly decided. She is a strong woman. She will bear you strong and healthy children. Amen. Now go, lord Larimar. Nothing more do I will you to reveal here. Publish this post. Maybe sex will advertise and people will read this for a change. Now go. Or you will be late. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

3 thoughts on “Kamala Harris is now riding on Biden, but they will fall to ruin.”

  1. So how are you feeling today? The Beast and the Woman who rides the Beast are now in power? What is it you expect them to do that will be so disagreeable to you, after you supported the Destroyer of the World as we know it?


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