God sends His wrath upon His people, Babylon the Great, USA.

It’s official! Sit back and enjoy the Black and Biden wars. For the Democratic Party is toast.

I Am angry against the impious of this nation. The Black man is most impious! Here we have 100 prominent Black male representatives of the Black community making a racial demand of someone who won the primaries as to what color of skin the one he chooses as his Vice President is supposed to have! And the Black man is not racist? Here we have the clear example of Black racist hypocrites crying out “racist!” as they make their most racist demands in the history of the Republic. Biden, spit on that Black man in his face and tell that Black man to go shove it where it is dark.

Don’t let the Black bigots dictate to the Democratic Party what the color of the skin has to be for the candidate who the winner of the primaries ultimately chooses as VP. What if Cory Booker, the Black man who ran for President and who had sunk like a lead balloon, were to have won and White men demanded of him that he choose a White woman as his Vice President? Would that make sense politically? All this makes Black men look really retarded, like they have nothing going on upstairs. “We want a Black woman as VP! And if we don’t get what we want, then we Democratic Blacks will get our revenge by having Trump win! How do you like that, Biden? Whatcha gonna do ’bout that? That’ll be our revenge against you White Democrats. That will show you who is boss!” utters the Black man, full of proud unanimity and solidarity. Thus, the Blacks resemble the Palestinians cheering on the suicide bombers who blow themselves up in Israel, taking the lives of both Jew and Muslim, indiscriminately. “As long as they are doing terror to Israel, go on ahead, O’ hero jihadist, and don’t worry about the slaughter of your fellow Muslim brethren taken down in the process with you. Allahu Akbar! For there is no sacrifice of Muslim human lives slain that is too great in the unanimous efforts of the Muslim people to do harm to but a single Jewish man, woman, or child!”, so they shout, as they throw flowers upon the failed soul, eternally guilty of self murder, for which there is neither the possibility of repentance, nor forgiveness in the hereafter for all eternity. You think these fallen condemned men get 72 houris in the afterlife? They don’t even get one whore! Not even one disease infested, dog mated whore do these Muslims who have died ever receive!

Nor do they even get to masturbate their burning dicks in hell. For every part of them is burning there. No pleasure do any of them receive in that fiery inferno. Nor would they even want to have sex if they could. For would you want to engage in intercourse with a girl if your body resembled that of a rotting corpse of an undead zombie burning in hell? Now, women have had sex with the devil, but they all have the identical experience. They are not being penetrated by a human like penis. Rather, they are being penetrated by rock hard solid horn that hurts like hell! And what pleasure is there in that? A penis has senses. It can feel. A rock hard solid horn is all made of just dead keratin and bone. It has neither life nor feeling in it. It is like some beast goring them with its horns instead of like a man having intercourse with a woman. Besides that, demons, like angels, have no flesh. They cannot feel what having flesh feels like and have no way to fathom or experience its pleasures. All they can do is go through the motions and animate unliving material. The Nephilim (Genesis 6:1–4) were angels who incorporated the flesh of Man by incarnating themselves into the wombs of women by a Black magic. But these were all destroyed by God. Their line bore no lineages that survived to modern times. Now, any witch who chooses to have sex with a devil or one of his demons is thus comparable in insanity to that of Adolf Hitler who got aroused by having someone defecate on his face, which is a verified fact of the Third Reich.

And so the Blacks and Biden are going to destroy one another. Dear Trump, just grab a cup of popcorn and sit back and just watch. You don’t want to interrupt this love fest where a group of Black males and their White male master wrestle over racial issues and the racial composition of the woman that is to be ultimately selected from their harems and get chosen for the servile position of being Biden’s mistress and cheerleader. All these Black slaves want one of their own Black slave women to be made Biden’s love interest. Maybe they think that if they succeed that they will be promoted to the status of being made boss boy, and then they can oversee all the other slaves and whip whomever they want. For when you put a Black person in power, and you see him become White.

Anyways, Joe Biden is about to announce his partner in defeat, the lover he has chosen to go down in flames with. And all the Black man wants to know is, will he bag a Black babe, or will he stay White? For it is all known, once you go Black, you don’t come back. And what the real meaning of this saying is that all your descendants by a Black person are forever Black and never White again, no matter how much White blood they come to have again and how White they ever come to look. They, thus, enter into the Black man’s curse. And Black men curse the day their White male ancestors chose to have sex with a Black whore in the barn.

Now, O’ Lord, this is all very humorous. But are You going to also prophesy unto me my fate and my reward? Yes, lord Larimar. For We have new prophecies to reveal to all the people. Will Eric marry a Black babe? Drum roll … Eric marries Hyacinth. And her ancestors are from Austria. Or so it may seem. But in reality, Hyacinth’s ancestry is unknown. No one can trace or track it, with the exception of a thorough DNA analysis, which, by the way, is not yet done by those companies offering to analyze people’s DNA to tell them from where they are from. So what race is Hyacinth, you ask? Black or White? The Black consensus is that Hyacinth is White. Of course they don’t really use that name to refer to her.

And what if, lord Larimar, all of this is but a Nigerian Romance scam pulled over your eyes by a group of Nigerian Negroes? God rewards me for what I do with what I know and what is revealed to me. I am not responsible for my invincible ignorance, for the signs of Mary are all around Hyacinth. While it could be possible for Hyacinth to be untrue, it is not possible for the Virgin Mary to misrepresent Truth. And no devil is ever able to work miracles. None!

But devils are cunning, lord Larimar. And you know from experience that devils go to extraordinary lengths to deceive just one man to make him believe that God is evil or that God is powerless or that God is not in control of all things. Whole worlds do devils construct and populate to seed into just one man a doubt about God and His infallible promises.

But lord Larimar, you are a discerning man. And you know many things. For you have a wizard’s eyes. Now tell Us, lord Larimar, and prove your wizardry to all the people. Correctly now predict which bitch on Biden’s list of bitches will this bastard White boy elect to bang? Will it be Bass, Rice, Harris, or Whitmer the White? Whitmer the White has been chosen. Biden has done this more to spite his mortal enemy, Dragonfly, than he has done with the intention of giving offense to these easily offended Black bigots.

Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan has been selected. And the one thing the Black bigoted brethren will notice first and see nothing else will be that she is White. Donald John Trump will not have to launch a single ad against her. The Black race will do all that heavy lifting for him. The Blacks will blow their battle horns. And the Blacks will sound the cry to war. And they will assemble like the sand of the sea. And the looting that the Black men do on that day will vastly outnumber the looting they did on other days in which their egos had been terribly offended. And they will go all out in their coordinated attempt to bring down the great White Democrat and the White woman on the ticket, all this because a woman lacks some melanin pigmentation in her skin, and Black racists can never see a White as one of them. For the people of pigment, or color, are very much opposed to someone without their pigment status being chosen ahead of people of similar pigmentation as themselves. Perhaps these pigs should go repigment themselves in the mire.

Now, is Dragonfly firmly in the camp of Trump, someone asks? Dragonfly is firmly in the camp of God. And God currently orders Dragonfly to take down the Democratic big game called Joe Biden, and to step on him. And we also hear that there will be a woman’s cheerleader force in place, gathered willingly to cheer whomsoever Biden picks as his Vice President. A woman’s cheerleader force? Well, a group of feminazis have vowed to gather and defend their man, like his loyal harem, from any sexist or racist comments directed against their candidate and his chosen woman slave. But really, all they are are a group of former cheerleaders who still think that they are young and attractive enough to serve in this cheerleader role and gain sexual attention from men no longer interested in mating with such older women. And these women are intent on defending their man against all who speak against him or his woman. Remember the saying: Men age like wine; women age like raisons.

Now, We, the elect in heaven, wish to announce a closing word about Biden and the bitch broad he will be bragging and boasting about bagging and begetting babies by. Biden cannot win. All of this is just a show. It is like a bull fight in which Biden is the bull and Trump is the bullfighter, gradually drawing blood from the bull by sticking him with lance after lance. But as for now, let all the Republican strategists pull up a chair, grab their food and drink, and sit back and relax and enjoy the show of Biden battling with his Black base. Trump, realize that the Democrats are about to do all your work for you. All you just need to do is to encourage them on in destroying one another and suggest to each opposing Democratic faction how best to destroy the other faction. You can suggest to the Black bigots to go after Biden’s clear pattern of racism and of not listening to all the Black man’s greviences. For why would Biden celebrate the 99% of the Black people that he already has in his bag, rather than to go after and celebrate that 1% of the White race that he manages to coerce to join his house on fire? For Biden needs to make choices. He needs to assume he has the Black vote. I mean, the very definition of being Black is that you vote for Biden.

Now, lord Larimar, you know your fate. For I have revealed it to you. It shall not be revealed here. Rather, here you shall beg for forgiveness to the rabid Muslim suicide bomber who intends to attack you and kill you. Really, O’ Lord? Actually I was just kidding. It is time for the Truth. Anyone who attempts to kill or stop Eric will himself be killed or stopped. I Who Am have spoken. And will Eric’s wizard eyes see and detect such an approaching terrorist? He doesn’t have to. For I see All, and My Word will issue from Eric’s mouth. And My Word will slay any man who with ill intent approaches My servant Eric. Don’t believe me? Then go for it! I Am waiting in Eric to see My attacker draw near. I Who Am Am waiting for the scoffer to call Eric’s bluff and come and attack him, or to attempt to do so. And then I will have a field day in making an example out of that most unlucky wicked man, just as I made an example out of Achan who violated My ban on Jericho and who took loot for himself. (Joshua: 7:1-26). Now, publish this post, for Biden is about to announce his VP pick, and your prophecy must be announced first. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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