Biden selects to be defeated.

Welcome to Abortion Land, starring Joe Biden. He will make sure your daughters abort.

Eric is My Prophet. He is unassailable. He always prophesies whatever I tell him. I told Joe Biden he had to act in a reasonable amount time. Biden failed to act. Failure to act is an action. Indecision is a decision. You no longer have a viable path to victory in this race for President on the elections of November 3, 2020, former Vice President Joe Biden. Your circus parading the Black females around as contestants for the position to be your servant in the White House is ended. Go and choose whoever you want. You are defeated.

But what about all the systemic failures associated with Trump and his Administration? Trump’s dream of having his face etched on Mount Rushmore as a sitting President is just about as likely as the pope having himself canonized a saint while he yet lives and reigns on the Seat of Peter. However, President Trump remains President until January 20, 2025. Get used to it. Every Judge and Supreme Court Justice who has ruled that LGBTQ persons have the rights not to be discriminated against based on their unlawful conduct and abominable behavior is going to be revoked and replaced. Amen. It is unlawful and brings down curses upon this nation to allow two men to legally sodomize and then to enshrine that as a legal marriage to be protected by federal law.

It is unlawful and brings down curses on this nation for any child to be taught that homosexuality is normal, okay, and not the accursed act it is in the sight of the Almighty and Wrathful All Powerful God. It is unlawful and deadly in the sight of God for men, of perverse natures, to be allowed to don women’s clothing, claim to consider themselves women, and then to be allowed to enter women’s bathrooms and locker rooms where they can look at women undress and masturbate in front of them. Obama was the filthy man through whom all such abominations entered in full into United States law. And Joe Biden was his Vice President then, agreeing and condoning every act of sodomy blessed as a marriage under Obama’s reign. Joe Biden agreed with Obama that Christian men could not follow their consciences and refuse to put two men figures on a wedding cake for two abominations who wanted to elevate their filth to the status of marriage.

Now, I give Biden a choice. He can abandon this perverse masturbation fest he has with limiting his choice to only women to serve as his Vice President, and open the race up to men, and make this a respectable contest. Or he can choose to keep to his sexist commitment to choose only a woman, and then select one of his female contestants aspiring to be his “woman Vice President of his” and face a battle for the Presidency that will define him as the pervert and sexist White slave master over all Black women that he will become manifest to be. Make no mistake about it, Joe Biden. Your name will be dragged into mud. You will not survive this politically. Either way, I have decided you are to lose. The only question is, how badly?

For I Am a gentleman. I offer a candidate whom I Am about to destroy a face-saving way out. I have given you your way out. You can open the contest to men, and then choose the most qualified man. And then go to the polls and be defeated with respect and dignity. That is your only face-saving way out to avoid total political ruin of your career, Joe Biden. But I have studied Adolf Hitler, and I have analyzed his sexuality. For those who are unaware, Adolf Hitler was a coprophile. And I have studied you in comparison to him. You also are a lover of filth. You have that much in common with the Nazi dictator. All of this secret knowledge will come out in the election campaign should you choose the hard road and stay with the requirement that your Vice President must be a female. Actually, such a requirement may be considered a violation of law. That too, and that you are such a lawbreaker, will be used against you in the campaign, should you remain in your insistence that your number two be a woman. And let’s look at your possible motivation for why this position must only be filled by a female? Is it because Obama had a certain intimate relationship with you that you feel you may only have with a woman? That Obama was a homosexual is a confirmed fact. For why else would he usher in the LGBTQ group as the master group and make all normal people as second class citizens to the LGBTQ? Why else would he institute homosexuality as the preferred sexual orientation for young Black men, and have it so that this teaching was directed to them? Remember that what is forced upon the students of public school systems much more drastically affects Black youth than it does more affluent youth whose parents can afford to send their children to private schools. Hence, Obama’s forced homosexualization of the public school system has had a much greater and much more damaging long lasting affect on America’s Black youth than it has done against any other demographic. Obama has been essentially teaching Black boys to be gays. Hence, if you are a Black mother, and you notice little Tommy coming home speaking about a desire for homosexuality, you have Obama to thank for that. And Biden is the new Obama, but as a White man. And according to Biden, if you don’t vote for that White trash that he is, then you just ain’t Black. Biden defines Black people, therefore, as people who consume his filth and then ask for more.

Biden has been pressured to choose a Black person as his Vice President. But Biden has pushed back, saying that White people can be just as good — all that matters is that she be a woman. It has to be a woman because he has a penis and women have a vagina. For think about it. Is there any other reason why she has to be a woman? The allegations made by Tara Reade are still there. And Biden has not offered up any defense against the charges other than to deny them. But these charges are not the blatant uncorroborated slanderous charges brought against the Judge Brett Kavanaugh in his confirmations hearings for the Supreme Court, a man who was innocent and who was unlawfully smeared by a Democratic constituency who so wanted to keep the right to kill babies in the womb that they would choose to smear and destroy an innocent man’s reputation to keep it. No, those people behind that smear campaign, most notably Senator Cory Booker and Senator Dianne Feinstein, unlawfully and knowingly brought false charges against an innocent man for their own sick political agendas. They wanted more babies to be killed, preferably Black babies. For isn’t that the root of the whole abortion movement? It is all about killing Black babies before they see their first light of day and take their first breath of air.

Obama was all into it to too. Obama wanted the Black race exterminated. You didn’t know there could be a man who sought to kill off his own race? Why else would Obama be a heavy promoter of abortions for young Black women and girls? So eager was Obama to get a girl to abort her baby that he made it so that the parents would never be notified that their teenage girl had an abortion. He wanted the boys and girls in all the high schools and middle schools to be pumping out babies and for all these babies pumped out to be aborted. And if any aborted baby managed to survive the abortion procedure, that baby still had to die, Obama demanded, and now this has become law in New York, all because of men like Biden and Obama. They all want Black babies dead. “Not my Obama!” cries out the sorry sap who voted for Obama twice only to see him do nothing for Black people, other than to teach Black women to kill their babies and Black men to have gay sex. More of that will you get with Biden, but coming from a White man. Remember, Biden isn’t going to give Black people anything. He already believes he has got your vote. Why else does he say, and I quote: “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.“? If you don’t vote for the man who wants to exterminate you, then Biden doesn’t recognize you as Black.

Remember that the abortion rate among African Americans is five times higher than that of Whites. And the argument is that it is because of all the unintended pregnancies of Black women. And the reason why so many Black women are having unintended pregnancies is that none of them are married. And the reason why so many Black sexually active women are unmarried is because welfare laws were designed by men like Biden and Obama in order to destroy the Black married family and they succeeded at it. Did you know that most Black couples were once married? And men like Obama and Biden, men who wanted to destroy the institution of marriage in the Black community, wrote up welfare laws to discourage women from marriage, but rather, to get a man to make them pregnant out of wedlock, and then to collect child support from the man through the state, along with a welfare check. These policies were thought up by the Democratic Party and implemented by men like Obama and Biden to basically destroy the Black race.

And you think Obama cares about the Black poor? His half brother in Kenya is starving there, and Obama gave him nothing, not even a shovel ready job. And Obama talks of initiating such things as “My Brother’s Keeper”? The rich bastard doesn’t give a damn about his own starving half brother and poor family in Africa. That, My friends, is not a brother’s keeper, but a brother’s betrayer. You Black people, do some independent Black research into Obama, Biden, and what they are doing and have done. For every crime you see in White people, you’ve done the same. It is a myth that Obama was a better President than Trump. Do some research. Compare the facts. And don’t listen to that Black poverty stricken Obama supporter who is now just as poor after Obama than he was before, if not poorer. A tree is told by its fruits.

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