Biden to choose Susan Elizabeth Rice as his Vice President nominee

Behold, your Vice President for the next four years! Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

Behold, the Lord has come and spoken to me a prophecy. Biden will choose Rice and win in the November 3, 2020, elections. And I am commanded to stand down and let it happen. For four years later, in 2024, my Pawn will come to power, and I will be reigning then for three Presidential terms, just as I had with the two terms of Ronald Reagan and the one term of George H. W. Bush back when I was the rising Emerald Player. Amen.

Note that I am an eternal virgin prophet saint now. I never die. Jesus has decreed that I will remain on the earth, serving as his Prophet Ruler, until He comes again. Note also that Hyacinth is to be taken straight to heaven now, the earthly passage of her voyage complete. She exits her life saved, eternally bonded to Eric, virgin to virgin, eternal virgin bonded to eternal virgin. It is an eternal and unbreakable bonding between these two virgins.

And yet, I Who Am Am giving Eric another virgin lover, one whose name is called, Elizabeth. And she is of the image of Susan Rice, but is of the Semitic peoples of the Near East, rather than of the African American and Jamaican ancestry from which Rice is descended from. This Elizabeth, who is yet to come, will marry Eric, but never have sex with him, for Eric and Elizabeth are to be wed as Joseph was wed to Mary, in that form of marital bond known the Josephite Marriage. And thus, there shall never come any child from either the loins of Eric nor from the womb of his virgin wife. Amen.

Now, someone yells out, why are you betraying Donald John Trump? And I declare, Eric is doing no such thing. Rather, Eric is obeying his Lord and Master. And Eric fights when I command him to fight. And Eric stands down when I command him to stand down. And let no one dare tell Eric who he owes his allegiance to. For Eric is a man with a primary objective. And that objective is to do the will of God, whatever that will turns out to be.

Now someone says about Rice, what about Benghazi? I myself do not know what Benghazi is. I had to, in fact, copy and paste the word to put it into this article because I did not know how to spell it. Likewise, 98% of the electorate also do not know nor care to know what Benghazi is. All they know is that it is some past scandal among countless scandals that really has no effect on what matters to them here and now. Remember that with each and every new year in America, there are millions of new American voting adults who know nothing about Benghazi, and who don’t care to find out about it, because it is old news belonging to the previous generation. And with each passing year, there are millions less of older adults who may have heard or had some passing knowledge of the various scandals of the past. Time marches on. Ignore Benghazi. It is a non issue. Look at how disinterested the public has become of Trump’s tax returns. Issues that were once considered as major news die out like the readings of past pages of a book that no one goes back to read again.

As for reading a book, I am now rapidly reading the Holy Bible in full, progressing book by book in the order God has directed me to read it through. And this is the sequence God has directed me to read so far, in a 1953 copyright Catholic Holy Bible: I have now read: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs, (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, (10) Exodus, and (11) Joshua. And right now I am in the New Testament reading: (12) Hebrews. After that, I am commanded to read in this order: (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah, (21) Isaiah, (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans, (28) 1 Corinthians, (29) 2 Corinthians. And as I progress further through the Bible, God will further direct me on what order I am to proceed through the entire Catholic Holy Bible until I read the last book. Amen. And I am commanded to read only 1 or 2 or 3 chapters a day, and sometimes 4 or 5 when the chapters are short. Amen. For by limiting how much you read causes greater retention of the knowledge you gain. Amen. Note that the Holy Bible is different from other books in that it provides edification and spiritual knowledge and insight to all who read it while in a state of grace and in communion with the pope in Rome. For all who thus read the Holy Scriptures, they find an endless reservoir of spiritual knowledge that, if incorporated into one’s mind while in full agreement with Catholicism, leads to an uplifting of one’s Spirit into a higher level of thought and peace. Amen.

Lord, my priest says that he rejects as false that God ever told the Israelites in the Old Testament to kill who all that they were ordered to kill. He rejects all that vast Biblical account where God commanded the Israelites to do such things as wipe out whole nations and kill every last man, woman, child, sheep and goat, in the various orders God is recorded as having commanded the Jews. But what do You say about that priest, who writes many papers on his beliefs and who considers himself to be well studied and learned on many archeological and theological works? Lord Larimar, that priest, Father Dave Heney, has fooled himself. He has taken today’s standards and norms and applied them to a past that never knew Christianity. You cannot understand the thinking of the Old Testament mindset from the background of how Christ has taught all men to act and to behave. For when Christ came, He transformed the whole earth. And it was never again as it was before He came.

And then, someone asks, why would God command the ancient Jews to do what would be unthinkable from a Christian point of view, considering the fact that God never changes, and that the God of the Old Testament must be and is also the God of the New Testament? Understand first of all one thing that Christ brought to the whole world that was not only lacking, but impossible before He came. And that was mercy and forgiveness of sins. For without the shed blood, the death, and the resurrection of the Christ, it was impossible for any man to have forgiveness of his sins and transgressions. The shed blood of Christ on the cross made it possible for all men and any man to find atonement of his sins and a restoration of friendship with God. For up until the death of the Christ, every man upon the earth stood condemned. And no one could be saved. It was impossible for any man to be a friend of God. That personal relationship with Jesus that the Protestants like to talk about simply had no basis in reality before Christ came and made it possible with His sacrifice of Himself on Calvary. For think about it. No religions that existed before Christ died on the cross ever spoke of having a personal relationship with God. That, which is commonplace today, was unthinkable in the ages before Christ.

Hence, the only solutions left for Mankind to struggle and make it through life was that they needed to purge the evil from their midst. And they needed to stamp out transgressors, lest they be destroyed along with the transgressor. And sometimes, whole cities were in fact condemned. For did not Jesus, in His ministry, likewise condemn whole cities and towns and villages that rejected the Word He came to give them? The only real difference, then, between the Jesus of the New Testament and the God of the Old Testament is that Jesus entirely was occupied by the Spirit and spiritual matters, whereas the God of the Old Testament focused on the flesh and the outer things on one’s exterior. For when Jesus condemned anyone, that condemnation was chiefly of a spiritual nature. And His Kingdom was rightly said to be not of this world. Hence, all the deaths, killings, wipeouts, and decrees of destruction that occurred in Old Testament times, did in fact continue into New Testament times, but concerned spiritual matters from that point onwards, rather than the flesh and the physical. People in the Old Testament died in the flesh, whereas people in the New Testament died in the Spirit. Emphasis was shifted up from the flesh to the Spirit at the First Coming of the Christ. Hence, what seems to us as barbaric when looking at the acts of the ancient Jews only seems so because we as a people have been spiritually uplifted. Christ has lifted the whole world to a higher spiritual level. People on earth see things differently. For they have been redeemed. Not all who are redeemed are saved, but all Mankind has been redeemed. And it is by that redemption of all Mankind that they now all see with eyes that can see and a heart that can love as God loves, in a spiritual way that was impossible for any man to be able to do before Christ came and died for Mankind and rose from the dead. Amen.

Now, Christ died for all Mankind, but He also is in possession of a very important book. (Revelation 13:8). And this most important book is called the Book of Life, which is the Book of Predestination. In it are written the names of each and every human being, before their existence, who are to come to be and who are to be saved. God ensures that these and only these will be saved by giving only these those essential graces for salvation called efficacious graces. Everyone on the earth is given sufficient graces. And thus, those who are damned go to hell by their own fault, for they were given sufficient graces to do right, but chose to do wrong. But those who in fact choose the right choices all the way to eternal life do so because they were not only granted sufficient graces but also efficacious graces that ensured that they would choose to do what is right. For efficacious grace ensures that you choose right, while sufficient grace makes choosing the right way possible, but doesn’t guarantee it, but serves to condemn all who choose what is wrong. Given the forces of Satan at work in all souls, with the exception the soul of Mary, who was preserved from all effects of Satan from the moment of her conception throughout her entire life, so as to serve as a fitting vessel for God to incarnate as Man within her flesh, all such souls are forever drawn to evil. For Satan is forever drawing them there. But efficacious graces, which flow through from Jesus through Mary to all the Catholic Church and to all the world, direct Mary, the shepherdess of eternal life, whom to go to and whom to touch to effect all predestined souls and awaken them and bring them into her Church, the Church of her divine Son, where all men must ultimately enter into in order to be saved. For there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Amen.

And thus, the Catholic Church is the institution set up so that all who belong to Me will find Me and be saved. For I have established her on earth to serve for the salvation of all My elect. And no one can come to Me unless I drawn him here. (John 6:44). For I draw all souls I have claimed to the fountain of eternal life. And all the souls I have predestined will enter in. Amen. For no one can be Mine unless I have chosen her from above. Amen. And whoever I have chosen, I will lead to receive eternal life. And I will lead that soul to enter in through the doors of My Catholic Church, and I will command the doors of My Church to open up for her, so that she may enter in and be saved.

Now, I shall speak of that choice by which some choose life, whereas others choose death. All who are brought to this ultimate decision of life are granted the sufficient graces to know which is right and wrong, and which choice leads to heaven and which leads to hell. But the forces of Satan are at work on all such souls to convince them that they should go the route that leads to hell, arguing to them a deception to lead them into wickedness. For no one who comes to this decision goes to hell without sinning. But for those whom I, the Lord, have established for eternal life, to these and these only are granted those efficacious graces that ensure that the forces of Satan do not ultimately overpower them, but rather, that they ultimately choose what is right and enter into eternal life. For no one can enter into the Kingdom of Heaven unless he is born from above. (John 3:3). I Who Am have finished speaking through Eric My servant for this post. Now, go, My servant. This post is fully read. Publish it, and I will do My works by it. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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