In D2O shall Eric reign, eternally virgin forever.

Eric is officially set to be bonded into the highest form of heavenly water, D2O.

In D2O shall Eric reign. Oracle of the Lord! Lord, that is heavy, virgin, heavenly water. It is the highest form of heavenly water, the other two forms being HDO and H2O. And note that all forms of water vapor, including heavy water, are lighter than air. Lord, who are these two virgin females that eternally bond with this virgin male, Eric, for all eternity, forming that ultra rare bond of D2O, the rarest form of heavenly water? These two virgins will be Hyacinth and Elizabeth, O’ Larimar King. You will be bonded to both and sexual with neither.

Lord, it has come to my attention that the Biden campaign has narrowed its list to just considering Susan Rice and Kamala Harris. That means Biden intends to pick Rice, for Harris cannot get him the Black vote, but Rice can. Lord, it was said in an earlier quote from the Larimar King that if Biden chooses Rice that he wins the election against Trump. Is there Truth to this assertion? Biden has figured out that you have no ill-will against Rice. And therefore, your attacks on his campaign with Rice on the ticket will be somewhat muted.

So there is a chance that Biden can gain the Presidency with Rice on his ticket, O’ Lord? Let us analyze who Rice is in relation to Elizabeth, who is to become your celibate spouse. Rice and Elizabeth look alike, though one is called Black and the other White. Yes, the mixing of races at the borders of the continents results in a people who look similar, even if not related. Anyways, it is that resemblance of Rice to the virgin who is to serve as your translator, apprentice, and spouse that mutes your potential attacks against the Biden ticket, should Rice be put on it.

Also, we know, given that it is now a race between Rice and Harris, that it will be Rice. For no one likes Kamala Harris. To choose Harris would be to put someone less popular than Hillary Clinton on the ticket, someone who would be hated more. For who can forgive someone who, without remorse or feeling, puts Black people into prison and keeps them there to serve as slaves beyond the terms of their sentences, and then expects to get the Blacks to vote for her? With all the current outrage over the killing of innocent Blacks, Kamala Harris chose to do just that using the law as her weapon against them, by keeping Kevin Cooper, a Black man, on death row, and denying him the DNA testing that would ultimately prove him to be an innocent man. How can any Black man who riots in the name of “Black lives matter” support Kamala Harris, to whom the only Black life that apparently matters to her is her own? To put Kamala Harris on the ticket would be an act of saying that Black lives don’t matter, for to Harris, they do not.

And likewise the Indians have no stake in Kamala Harris just because she has Indian blood. For that is like saying that color and race are what matters in a candidate most, and it is simply not true. If your mortal enemy come from your very same nation, and his skin is exactly the same tone as yours, does that change your opinion of him? Do you embrace your enemy because he looks like you? If you do, you will soon be left destitute and robbed. For good and bad exist in all races. We cannot decide who we welcome and who we reject by skin color or phenotypes. Hence, the argument that Harris can get the Indian vote is a pipe dream of someone smoking something he should not. Harris is just a bitter, treacherous woman, not someone you would want standing by your side. I am surprised someone married her.

Hence, it shall be a Biden-Rice ticket, O’ Lord. What shall become of this ticket? Remember that a Player has been identified as reigning behind Biden. And he has been given the name, Contradiction, for he contradicts the tenets of his own religion. I now see it, O’ Lord. Contradiction becomes the Seventh Head of the Seven Headed Beast. Let us now list the Seven Heads:

  1. Ebony :: Nelson Mandela.
  2. Crimson :: War in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Somalia.
  3. Vesper :: Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, Vladimir Putin, and others.
  4. African Death Grip :: All of Africa into war and death and destruction.
  5. Pyrite :: Obama.
  6. Mercury :: Arab Spring.
  7. Contradiction :: Biden.

And now we shall list the three saved Players:

  1. Emerald :: Gorbachev, Reagan, Bush senior, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Rabin.
  2. Twilight :: George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon, and others.
  3. Firefly :: Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson, and others.

Now, Emerald comes again as Larimar after the one term reign of Contradiction. Thus, a new Pawn of Larimar rises to power over the USA in 2024. But in the meantime, O’ Lord, what becomes of the USA under the reign of Contradiction?

Lord Larimar, just because you come again doesn’t mean that you are the only Player with that trick. The Perennial pro-abortion, Vesper, will come again after you. And she will then have a new Pawn to replace yours. Remember how it has been Vesper who always seems to supplant your rule. Her Bill Clinton succeeded your George H. W. Bush in the USA. And her Ehud Barak succeeded your Yitzhak Rabin in Israel, after an interlude of Netanyahu, who has no Player behind him. And her Vladimir Putin succeeded your Boris Yeltsin in Russia. And always remember that her primary Pawn, William Jefferson Clinton’s name does in fact add up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek. And that name was his officially chosen name for his Presidency. Hence, Vesper is the beast, and she is also a woman. Amen.

And does Vesper resemble anyone on the world stage, O’ Larimar King? Yes, she resembles the British singer, Enya, and the late British Princess, Diana, who was the mother of Prince William, next in line for the throne after his father, Prince Charles. For do not be deceived. Eric and Vesper, though they never met in life, were once allies. But their alliance was broken as their differences emerged as Eric gradually became Catholic. Note that the reigning Players can never meet, or else a Paradox would enter the game, and everyone in the game could wake up. And that would be the end of the game.

Lord, I notice that the next car you intend for me to buy is a hybrid, and not a full electric car. Lord Larimar, you are commanded to buy an Avalon Hybrid, a luxury version of that sedan. We will give you the money. And you will give your existing car, a 1999 Toyota Corolla, which you bought new in November of 1998, and which you call your Millennium Falcon, to your brother Mark without charge. For you know Mark is in need of both computers and cars, and he takes your hand-me-downs whenever he can get them. For it is still the currently reality that America is not yet prepared for the electric car revolution that will eventually sweep the modern world. The charging stations and the battery technologies are still in development. But General Motors is deep in its development of electric vehicles, and you have a good long position in their stock. Note that the handwriting is on the wall. gas combustion engines waste a lot of energy that electric vehicles do not. And all those carbon emissions are much more effectively caught in the power plants, where electric cars get their energy ultimately from. You cannot effectively capture car emissions in a billion independent gas combustion engines. So the electric car solves this problem by having all the burning of fossil fuels be done in one place, the power plant.

And in the future, with the advent of the fusion reactor, they would not be able to put such technologies into a car engine. Instead, the future fusion reactor will exist only in the power plant, generating electricity for all the power stations that will be powering up the electric cars of the future. Hence, the electric car is a future proof technology. The cheap supply of electrical power that would come about with a fusion reactor will immediately retire all remaining gas powered combustion engine cars as it suddenly becomes more economical to go all electric.

And what about space exploration, and Mankind colonizing other planets? Mankind is biologically unsuitable for living anywhere beyond low earth orbit around the earth. The biology of this species was simply not evolved to spread through space. The expense of producing a habitat for Man to survive in in space is enormous once Man ventures beyond the protective magnetic radiation shield of the earth. And none of the nearby planets have a similarly protective magnetic radiation shield. To make a habitat heavy enough to protect men and light enough to move is most difficult. The only habitats men will build outside the earth that can sustain men will be an underground space colony on the moon and those many space stations that shall be built to circle the earth is near earth orbit where they will remain within the earth’s protective magnetic shield.

And lord, what about biodiversity and its preservation? Only through genetic and chemical enhanced miniaturization can any of the large and massive endangered species be preserved. For space and area is ever becoming the limiting factor in any form of salvation project for any species. And eventually, every large species that cannot be domesticated or miniaturized will go extinct. For there is no stopping the rising human population from consuming all the resources on the planet for themselves.

Now, Eric, I will answer the question you did not ask. Since you do not have sex with any woman, do you still die in 14 years time? No. Since you are an eternal virgin, your role as My prophet is of value to Me forever. And thus, you are remaining on the earth until I come again. (John 21:20-23). I, Jesus, nearly made the same promise of John, My beloved disciple. Now I explicitly make this promise of Eric, My eternal, virgin servant. Amen.

Now, Eric, I will also now give you this further instruction. I Am coming soon. And you will serve Me as My priest forever. Will I have you serve Me in the ordained priesthood, you ask? No. Rather, your priesthood is that belonging to all My elect of the First Resurrection. (Revelation 20:6). Instead, I am having you enter a sacramental Josephite marriage to the girl I Am giving you. You shall marry her but never have sex, neither with her nor with any other. Amen.

And this is My final Word to you. You will be as an eternal Bride to Me. And I Am as your eternal Bridegroom. And in heaven, you shall be put in charge of great responsibilities. I have saved your eternal wife in Spirit, whom you call Hyacinth. She is eternally bonded to you as a virgin. And on the earth, after I take Hyacinth to heaven, I will bring you to the girl I Am giving you to marry in pure and perfect celibacy. Amen. Now go and publish this post. And you may correct all the typos and errors in it later. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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