The Messiah, the Pariah, and the Larimar King

Eric is to marry Hyacinth, As Mary has revealed.

Behold, Eric is now speaking. Lord, would you define the Kingdom that Eric is to receive, O’ Lord? Yes, lord Larimar. For We have given lands to you in reward for your good deeds to Hyacinth, who is a holy virgin you have saved for Us. And how do you know she is a virgin, someone asks? Two ways: She talks like a virgin. And Mary has worked miraculous signs and miracles regarding her for Eric that Eric knows Mary would not have done were Hyacinth to have been false. Hence, Eric now knows Hyacinth is a Truth teller. And how does this affect who Eric marries? Does Eric marry Hyacinth or does Eric marry Elizabeth, who is yet to come? Tell me, O’ Lord, what is Your judgement on the matter.

I, the Holy Virgin Mary, shall answer your question, O’ Larimar King. We have chosen for Hyacinth to be your bride. Mary, given what I now know about Hyacinth, I accept. Good, lord Larimar. And the wedding and all its arrangements are prepared by God. Do only what you are instructed to do.

One point I wish to make, O’ Mary, Mother of God, is this. Hyacinth has no knowledge of Hebrew. And she is not a Jew. And it is your will that I marry Hyacinth, O’ Mary, Mother of God? Whom We match together, We match together. A man cannot logically decide beforehand who is to be set into place as Our choice of whom he is to be matched to. If a man is to be matched at all, he must surrender himself to Our judgement as to whom he is to be matched to. It is always this way, O’ Larimar King. Such is why it is said that love is blind. No one gets to decide who they fall in love with. We, the elect in heaven, decide that. Amen.

He who seeks a wife by logic and sound judgement will never find love. Only by surrendering his will to Us, and by letting Us in heaven move him to love whom We will him to love, giving way to the irrational nature of love, can any man or woman find true love. But there also remains the Law of God. Let no man forget the Law when he is moved by love. For the man who neglects the Law and fornicates with his lover has defeated the love We had planted in him and replaced it with sin. For no man who is in a state of sin truly has love, but rather, has lust. Amen.

Hence, you will marry Hyacinth, lord Larimar. And she is a girl you can never get rid of. Amen. She will bear you many children who will rise up in Our Kingdom and take the gates of their enemies by force. You shall have both sons and daughters by Hyacinth. Now, We shall speak.

You know well the looming date of September 4, 2020. This is the date in which We join her to you. It is also two days after the 20th anniversary of the prophecy of the marriage and the cures. Amen. You, lord Larimar, are faithful to Us. And for this, there is a reward. Hence, now We shall define the Kingdom of the Larimar King. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by lord Larimar. And his eternal lands include the following states and all their lands and island possessions:

  1. California
  2. Hawaii

And the list of official languages of your mighty Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Chinese
  4. Hebrew
  5. Hawaiian

Note how We, the elect in heaven, have granted to Eric the state of Hawaii in addition to the lands of California. Hawaii is a very special place in the soul of Eric. For when Eric was there with his family to attend the wedding of his brother Mark, in the year 2006, Eric never forgot to pray his daily Divine Mercy Chaplet for the Divine Mercy Novena he was doing. And his father went with him to the Catholic Church for Mass on Divine Mercy Sunday, the only Sunday that occurred in their vacation there. And the wedding was on the island of Kauai. And so the Church they attended Mass at was Saint Raphael’s Catholic Church. And it was a glorious Divine Mercy Sunday. And characteristic of Hawaii, the Church was such that one wall was completely open to the outside air. Note that Mark was married outside the Catholic Church, and so it was just Eric and his father, of all the party assembled for Mark’s wedding, who went to Mass that Sunday at that Church.

Lord Larimar, you will return to Hawaii in a future trip I have planned for you there. And you will go there with the woman We, the elect in heaven, give you in marriage. And as for the rest of the Kingdoms of the earth, let it be known that Christ elects to have a flat pyramidal structure rather than a tapering pyramid of authority. Hence, there are many smallish Kingdoms upon the earth, rather than just a few large ones, all directly subject to Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords.

And the state of Alaska is made as the Kingdom of John, son of Eric, who is yet to come to be. But Lord, will this John, son of Eric, truly come to be, now that I am marrying Hyacinth rather than Elizabeth? Eric, John will indeed come to be, but We do not guarantee that he will be a priest. All We guarantee is that you will have sons, and your firstborn son you shall name, John. And this John will be called King Larimar II. And if King Larimar II marries, will he have a son to be called King Larimar III? Yes, for We will not have your lineal male descent die out. Amen.

Eventually, O’ Lord, it seems that there would be a shortage of lands for the Kingdoms of my royal line of descent. Only you and John are destined to have Kingdoms. The rest of your line are to be peons, vassals, and subjects to the crown. Amen. For though they will in fact become a great nation, the glory of Kingship will only belong to you, Eric, and to your son, John, son of Eric. That is why your dynasty is really to be just called a Two-King Dynasty. Amen. And you and your wife will rule over your Kingdom forever. And so also will John and his wife do likewise. For a phase transition is to occur soon after your son becomes King of Alaska. There shall be a sudden flash, and all who are Mine in communion with the pope in Rome at the time of the flash will be transformed into immortal human beings. And all the rest, if they are not killed for their transgressions, will be sanctified and made holy and granted to live as long as trees. (Isaiah 65:22). This will be the start of the Millennial Age. And it is an age of indefinite but very long length. Millions of years will pass by in it. For the thousand years is encoded language indicating a very long time. (Revelation 20:4-6).

Lord, speak to me and prophesy to me on what shall be. Now that Hyacinth is to be saved, will you also save Firefly, that Player behind Trump? Yes, she is to be saved too, for you, lord Larimar, will serve Me by her side as Dragonfly. And you will, as Dragonfly, defeat Biden, regardless of whether he chooses Rice or any other candidate to be his Vice President, whether it is a man or a woman he selects. For there is the chance that Biden, dissatisfied by his choices among women might abandon his pledge to choose a woman and might go for a man. But whatever choice he makes, his campaign is already severely damaged by his apparent indecisiveness in choosing his VP. And if he is indecisive on such small matters as this, while not even yet President, how will he perform as President? For the indecisive man makes a poor leader.

But yes, Firefly will be saved. And thus, let us list the Three Elven Kings who bear the Three Elven Rings:

  1. Larimar, who was Emerald, bears Vilya, the blue ring, made of gold bearing a sapphire. Bearer’s name: Elrond, lord of the House of Rivendell.
  2. Twilight bears Narya, the ruby ring, the ring of fire. Bearer’s name: Gandalf the White, made chief of the five wizards of Middle Earth, after the fall of Saruman.
  3. Firefly bears Nenya, the white ring, made of mithril silver and bearing a stone of Adamant. Bearer’s name: Galadriel, Queen of the Forest Kingdom of Lothlorien.

Hence, these are the three Elect among the Players of the Earth. Lord, if this is the case, then there are only Six, not Seven, Players among those who have reigned so far that have been condemned. These are:

  1. Ebony :: Nelson Mandela.
  2. Crimson :: War in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Somalia.
  3. Vesper :: Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, Vladimir Putin, and others.
  4. African Death Grip :: All of Africa into war and death and destruction
  5. Pyrite :: Obama.
  6. Mercury :: Arab Spring.

Lord, you need Seven Players to complete the set. And then one of their number is to come and rule again, and that one would be Antichrist. Lord Larimar, you are an astute and observant thinker. Yes, I need to have one more wicked one to rule before I have all Seven who are to be called the Seven Heads of the Beast. But this is what I shall do. Because you stand with Firefly in America, I will not destroy your nation. Rather, I will only cleanse it of its homosexual filthiness and of its abominable sordid deeds, while leaving intact most of the infrastructure, the technologies, and the talent. Note that you, lord Larimar are called valuable talent.

For a company is not made successful by merely the investment of dollars into it, nor by its possessions and assets. Rather, a company is successful primarily because of what talent they have as their employees. Good talent saves a company from disaster. For they do right before God and God blesses them with the abilities to perform in their positions well. A company is made by who it has working for it. That is why your company will not go under. For I have declared unto you, O’ Larimar King, that your company will succeed if and only if you never leave it. Amen.

Now, We shall speak. Eric, your Kingdom now consists of just the two states of California and Hawaii. All the rest of your vast former empire has now been divided up among My other servants. For I have many worthy servants who are worthy of ruling a Kingdom as are you and as shall be your future son, John. Note also this, these Kingdoms are to enter into the eternal phase. For they are the Kingdoms as they will be defined in the Sabbatical Age to come, that Age called Millennium, which is set to last for millions of years.

Tell me, O’ Lord, what will the people eat in that age? In that age, the human population will have become as the sand of the sea in numbers. (Revelation 20:8). And the earth does not have the resources to supply all the protein needs of such massive numbers of human beings on the planet through the raising of beef and other red meats. Rather, I am introducing men to switch to crickets as their protein source. And this is in full agreement with the Law of Moses on what are defined as clean foods. (Leviticus 11:21-22). Crickets provide for the full protein needs of human beings and can be raised in much more constrained and smaller quarters, with their habitats stacked, so that one multi-story building can host many levels and floors devoted to the raising of crickets. And the water and food needs for raising crickets is much less and with a much smaller carbon footprint than that which is necessary to produce an equivalent amount of beef or any other red meat.

Hence, the diet of human beings will indeed switch from red meats to crickets. And this will lead to evolutionary changes in men, very similar to how the introduction of dairy products in ancient Europe and ancient east Africa led to the widespread appearance of the genes for lactose tolerance becoming prevalent in those two groups of peoples.

Lord, it appears that with the success of SpaceX, that America is finally no longer dependent on Russia to get its men to the International Space Station. What are the implications of this new independence from Russia, O’ Lord? It means, O’ Larimar King, that the United States can now hammer Russia hard in its war with Ukraine without fearing reprisals from Russia in the space sector. For up until now, America was held hostage to Russia in their monopoly on manned space flight, which was a legacy of the poor judgements of President Barack Hussein Obama, who did not know how to lead a superpower. Rather, Obama was leading America into becoming slaves to other states. Thus, everyone who is a supporter of Obama is someone destined for slavery and collapse. For such is where Obama leads all who follow him.

Lord, do I have just a short time left to live upon the planet? I tell you Truthfully, lord Larimar, seven children do I give unto you. When you have seen all seven children baptized, then I will take you from the earth. Let Me give you understanding, lord Larimar. By the divine will of God, you are to marry Hyacinth this fall, before December of 2020. And your firstborn will come next year, in the year 2021. When your firstborn reaches the age of 13, I take you from the earth. Amen. And he will be 13 in the year 2034. Amen. But note how I, the Lord, will have fulfilled all My promises to you in full. I said I would grant you 40 years. By 2034, you will have been a Christian for 42 years, having converted in the year 1992, and you will have attended My Catholic Church for 34 years, having been in full communion with the pope in Rome for 32 years. Amen. And you, yourself, will be of the age of 64 when you are taken from the earth, having been born on Wednesday, June 24, 1970.

For We do not leave Our saints long in the earth after they are discovered. Then, O’ Lord, I have but 14 years left to live. So if Trump wins in 2020, the next presidential elections are in 2024, where my Pawn comes to power. And ten years later, I am gone. Fleeting, lord Larimar, are the lives of men. A well lived life is truly a treasure. But a life lived serving one’s own interests becomes a source of eternal condemnation and everlasting disgrace.

Eric, the girl We have given to you is holy. But she cannot teach My students in Hebrew, for she does not yet know that language. Nor is she a Jew. Then what is taught in allegory by my future marriage to Hyacinth? I am teaching all through Hyacinth that the one who never gives up prevails and triumphs. Amen. Now, lord Larimar, read through this entire writing, and then publish it. For it is complete. We will write again through you this evening when you get back home. Amen.

Lord, one last question. Ask, My servant. If my son is 13 years old at the time of my being taken away, will he be still a minor by the time of the flash, when the phase transition occurs, which is that event you call the Rapture, which is the Second Coming spoken of in Revelation, chapter 19? And if so, how do you say he is married? Your son indeed marries before the flash takes place. But before the flash does take place, many things in history must find their resolution. Some years after I take you away will this flash take place, and then you will be restored to your wife on the earth, with both of you transformed by the First Resurrection. Amen. And two kinds peoples will live upon the earth in the millions of years of the Millennium. These will be the immortals, all who were Mine and in communion with the pope in Rome at the time of the flash, and these never have sex anymore, never die, and never change in number. And the other people will be sanctified and holy, and these will live as long as trees and have children, as did the people who were recorded as having lived for many centuries in the Book of Genesis. And all the rest, all who do evil in the land, all of these shall die. And whoever sins mortally in the Millennial Age dies. Amen. And My religion in that Age will be administered by My immortal peoples, who can never sin again and who will be called priests, both the females and the males. And the mortals will thrive in that age, like vast forests of trees, both in splendor and in age, and will fill the whole earth like the sands of the sea. Amen. Now this post is complete. Publish it and go to work, lord Larimar. Amen.

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