Bass will be Biden’s Bane.

Dragonfly Reveals his hand. And it is to destroy Biden and his campaign.

Behold, the Biden Campaign distrusts the Larimar King. They think that Larimar is deceiving him. And they know what the psychological result would be if they chose Rice and won. They would from that point onward become prisoners to the prophecy of ultimate doom for his campaign and the damnation of himself and the Player behind him, called Contradiction.

But Lord, if Biden chooses Bass, who would be his bane, what effect does that have on Lucifer-Man, or as that Player is now called, Contradiction? If Biden loses, Contradiction will merely be biding his time and be waiting for that time to come when he gets another clear shot at the White House.

But understand Me, O’ lord Larimar. No Player is ever guaranteed that their Pawn will win any election and take over that nation. For think about this: So far there have been a total of 9 Players who have ruled the game called, Earth, but only 5 of the have ruled through actual Pawn leaders who served as Presidents of the United States of America. Let us review the Group of Five:

  1. Emerald :: Ronald Reagan (40), George H. W. Bush (41)
  2. Vesper :: William Jefferson Clinton (adds up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek.) (42)
  3. Twilight :: George W. Bush (43)
  4. Pyrite :: Barack Hussein Obama (44)
  5. Firefly :: Donald John Trump (45)

I make no guarantee that the 6th Player will in fact be Contradiction, nor do I guarantee that Contradiction will become a major Player. He may just vanish, and the spirit of Antichrist may then desert that failure and go seek to find another dupe.

Lord, could this Group of Five eventually become that Group of Seven heads of the Beast, or that Group of Ten horns of the Beast? (Revelation 13:1 & 17:3 & 17:7-14). You are of neither Group, lord Larimar. Nor is Twilight, for you have saved his soul. Amen. But there are in fact already 7 such Kings and Queens among the Players who I have condemned. These are:

  1. Ebony :: Nelson Mandela.
  2. Crimson :: War in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Somalia.
  3. Vesper :: Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, Vladimir Putin, and others.
  4. African Death Grip :: All of Africa into war and death and destruction
  5. Pyrite :: Obama.
  6. Firefly :: Sarah Palin, Tea Party, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson.
  7. Mercury :: Arab Spring.

Of these Seven Heads, two are females (Vesper and Firefly), and the rest are males. Lord, this is looking very interesting. Revelation 17:11 states: “The Beast that existed once, but exists no longer, in an eighth King, but really belongs to the Seven, and is headed for destruction.” The Seven mentioned above are all condemned Players who have either Reigned already, or who are currently reigning.

I had seen this prophetic picture before, but I had mistakenly concluded that the Beast who was to come again would be Twilight. But now we know Twilight was saved as Eric was saved. And neither of them remain in the game. Amen. The only truly moral Pawns of the Americas during the time of the game were the Pawns set up by these two Kings. All the other Kings held out the carrot for Israel to follow along with sticking a gun at their backs. For Trump’s peace plan for Israel is deadly in My sight, for it proposes and commits My nation of Israel to agree to give up land away to the infidel Muslim nations in return for permission Israel doesn’t need to annex the lands I, the Lord, have given her in the West Bank. For any people who attack you may be put down. And an abominable people may be exterminated from all the lands.

I hereby order Israel, I make this decree to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, you are to annex Gaza and the West Bank. Leave not one square inch of occupied territory unannexed. Israel has already annexed all of Jerusalem. Declare this to be the official stance of Israel. And this is how you are to annex Gaza and the West Bank with a minimal of casualties on the Israeli side. You will cut off all water, food, gas, and electricity supplies to all the Muslim occupied territories until they make a complete surrender. And then, with all the men who have surrendered, you will send them back into each building blind folded and with their hands tied behind their backs, and their fingers locked together, and with no ability to use their hands for anything. These men will be used to trigger and set off all the booby traps, explosive devices, and hazards set up by the evacuating Muslims. You can justify your usage of these men for this purpose as putting a worthless people to some good use for a change in Israel. Amen.

Then, with all land surrendered and retaken by Israel, you will set up a program where the Israeli government sells many of the lands regained to its state to its private citizens who wish to have land and have money to pay for it, providing that they have no connections to terror. I Who Am have spoken. Carry out My orders perfectly and I guarantee to you, Benjamin Netanyahu, that you will be exonerated of the accusations made against you, and you will once again be ruling Israel after your court proceedings have ended and you are allowed to run for election once again. Amen. Now someone asks, whose Pawn is Netanyahu? For Emerald set up Yitzhak Rabin. Vesper set up Ehud Barak, and Twilight set up Ariel Sharon.

I will now tell you the story behind Netanyahu. Realize that between the election victory of Rabin and the moment Emerald called for the Shas Party to join Rabin’s coalition, completing his Pawn’s rulership over Israel, that very day, Eric spoke to a Christian, losing his ride home to talk with him, and then had to face the wrath of his parents when he got home, his brother Mark having told his parents everything. And then that night, by himself in the quiet of his room, Emerald confessed to Me that he was Antichrist, and then he turned and converted and chose to follow Me and to be of My religion of Christianity. Amen. I tell you Truthfully, all of hell trembled with fear. For one of their own, the Antichrist par Excellence, was as a ship leaving their harbor. And all the ships sent to intercept it got blasted to bits by this battleship.

Then, as the gates of the harbor were closed shut to keep him from escaping the Harbor of Satan, the Witch King accelerated his battleship to ramming speed. All warning signs he crossed. As a Ship guided by an unknown God, the Witch King rammed the gates and caused them to buckle and collapse. And forward the Witch King sailed in his heavily damaged and listing-to-one-side warship out upon the high seas. And in his wake, there floated the flotsam and jetsam of all the enemy vessels who tried to stop the Witch King from leaving the harbor. And many were the vessels that followed the path of the Witch King to salvation. Amen.

And part of the conversion of Eric was the realization that he violated God’s covenant promises to His people by having Rabin give up lands to the Palestinians. And so he regretted his actions through Rabin. And so, after he broke out of Satan’s Harbor, and Rabin died by assassination some months later, Eric decided not to choose his successor, but rather to choose neither side, but willed that the Israeli people decide who they wanted to rule them and to set the course for their own nation, and then that they take responsibility for their chosen leader’s actions. And in the closest vote in Israeli history, the people ultimately chose to go with Netanyahu. Hence, Netanyahu is defined as the leader who won the elections in Israel when the Player Emerald who had power over Israel relinquished that power back to the people, letting them choose their leaders and assume the responsibility of their decisions. For Eric was following My advice: “On that day, I will make Jerusalem a weighty stone for all peoples. All who attempt to lift it will injure themselves badly, and all the nations of the earth will be gathered against her.” (Zechariah 12:3). Eric on that day refused to lift that stone any further, and neither did he gather against her, but rather, became her permanent ally. Eric, thus, proved to be a man who could be taught. Amen.

Rather, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is the symbol of the Emerald King’s conversion to Christianity and his wise disengagement from her politics. That is why in all the back and forth of territories gained and lost on the game called Earth, Eric never gains control over Israel, but always recognizes the primacy of a Jewish Catholic leader who lives there as its citizen as the proper Steward ruler over that land, long awaiting the Coming of her Messiah, the Christ, as the Return of the King. And that Israeli Steward Eric never conquers nor ever seizes territory from. Amen. Hence, in Eric’s game, he has owned land on all continents but Africa and Asia, those two continents whose bridge between them is Israel. Amen.

Lord, back to the Group of Seven heads, which one of those heads becomes the eighth King or Queen who was to come again? (Revelation 17:11). Why Eric, is it not obvious? For whose Pawn among the Seven Player’s Pawns has his official full name in serving as President of the United States of America a name that adds up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek? That was Vesper, whose Pawn’s name, William Jefferson Clinton, does in fact add up to 666 in both Hebrew and Greek. Therefore the Beast who is to return as ruler again must be a reboot of Bill Clinton, who was a Pawn of Vesper. Hence, which VP candidate among those Biden is considering fits the bill of being possibly Vesper’s Pawn?

Lord, the spell regarding Susan Elizabeth Rice has now worn off. I can now oppose her and attack her. I no longer consider her a good person. Hence, I am back as Dragonfly, sent to attack any and all opponents of Trump that rise in the Democratic Party. Amen. I will put down Biden and destroy whatever Vespertine candidate he chooses. But mark my words, the candidate chosen by Biden will be a Vesperine Pawn. For Vesper is the Beast that comes back. And note how she has ruled all these years through Vladimir Putin in Russia.

Why then is it, O’ Lord, that Hillary Clinton and Vladimir Putin are not allies if they were set up by the same Player, Vesper? Their antagonism is a deception by the mastermind of Vesper. Remember how arch villain Emperor Palpatine, in Star Wars, engineered opposing peoples to fight one another? And see how he gained power over both? And see how he was the secret leader of both sides? Not even Darth Vader was ever let in on this secret. Vesper thinks exactly the same way. Hence, Vesper, who controls Russia through Putin, only needs to take over the United States of America to assume total world control, and then she will usher in an utterly dreadful dark age upon the earth.

Lord, I know this is a wild question, but is it possible that Biden may choose Hillary Clinton as his running mate? Well she is not Black enough for the Blacks. And she is hated by a majority of the electorate. No, lord Larimar, Biden is not that stupid. No, Biden’s stupidity is limiting himself to choosing only a woman, and then by letting the affirmative action people take over and convince Biden that he owes it to the Black nation that he choose a citizen of Blackdom to serve as his side kick in the White House.

Well, whoever Biden chooses, let the record be set straight. The Larimar King is not in love with the woman, Susan Elizabeth Rice, and he will attack her just as viciously as he will attack any other woman Biden chooses. For Eric is Dragonfly. And Eric will defeat Biden. Amen. And now Eric will reveal the method to his madness. Eric did all these posts to sow confusion into the Biden camp and to cause them to erroneously postpone and delay too long their announcement of their VP pick. And now they have postponed it so long that the bubble of anticipation has popped, and when Biden finally does show his hands, all the energy will have dissipated, and all his supporters will feel let down who were anticipating something worth their wait, and Biden’s pick will be clearly not worth it, and all his enemies will then begin preparing their attacks, which will show no mercy. Amen.

This time, Marco Rubio, wait until the convention takes place for when you are to begin your attacks on the candidates with full strength, lest you cause some good targets for attacks to be replaced by more formidable ones. Just realize that Eric is not under any Democratic woman’s spell. Amen. Eric is going to fight with the Republicans to keep the Senate in Republican hands and to give another four years to Trump. Amen. And no woman in this world can stop him.

Now, O’ Lord, we know the girl I marry is a White Jewish Hebrew Catholic. Anything else that I can know, O’ Lord? Sleep now, lord Larimar. And we will get you up in time to complete this post before you go to work. Amen. Lord, I slept and dreamt of an Hispanic girl. What is the meaning of this dream, O’ Lord? Its meaning is that I Am giving you the girl now. And that before you receive her, you shall be cured. Amen. Now, go to sleep again. And when you awaken again, you will know everything. Amen.

Now We shall explain everything, lord Larimar. You marry into a large Middle Eastern Catholic family. Many will be the priests who are relatives of the girl you shall wed. And you shall go with her to Israel to see her relatives there, both before and after you are married to her. And this family pressures their women to have large families. She will be expected to have more children with you than a mere four. Hence I will give her to have two sons and five daughters by you. The two sons will belong to Me, and I will call them both to enter into My ordained priesthood. But the five daughters she shall have will belong to her and will attend the school she will set up for women, to be called the Sisterhood Order of the Witch King child. Amen. And in this school, your wife will pass on to her daughters and students the mastery of the Way she will attain to just before I take you away from this planet. Amen. And it will be a fact that your male lineage ends with your two sons, but continues on indefinitely in all the descendants of your daughters, down to the end of time. Amen. For your Y chromosome is a state secret. I will not allow it to be revealed until your two sons are made priests and there is no more chance of any further descendants coming from your male line. Amen.

It will also be a fact that all the women of your descendants will have their sons become priests, while their daughters will be trained to become witches and enchantresses in the Order of the Witch King child. Amen. This is both a fact and a curse that no male in your line of descendants by your wife will ever produce offspring, but only the women. And that is the root of why you are to be called the Witch King. Amen.

Now, ask me whatever is on your mind, and We shall conclude this post. Will Firefly be saved, now that I am Dragonfly again, fighting by her side so that Trump wins in the elections this autumn? No, lord Larimar, she is not saved. Nor will she ever come back to Me. Then, O’ Lord, do I do right or wrong to wage war on Biden to make Trump win? Your efforts to do this will help Me alleviate my chastisement upon America. That you will get Trump reelected will make Me punish America less. And I will certainly not destroy America’s fledgeling space program. Amen. Rather, America will return back to manned spaceflight in full during the second term of Trump. And Trump will groom a successor to take his place in 2024. And what about my man? When does my man come to rule America? He will come in 2028 and be reelected in 2032. And then another Larimar Pawn will be set up in 2036. And then I take you away in 2040, some 40 years after you began attending Saint Bruno Catholic Church with your father every Sunday, leading to your full entrance some two years later on Easter Vigil, Saturday, March 30, 2002.

Lord, is it so that I am lord Larimar of California? Is it so that I possess no other lands? It is good that you seek clarification on this question. There are no massive rulers over vast Kingdoms in the Kingdom of my Son Jesus, other than Jesus Himself. I am Mary, the Mother of God, and I will answer your final questions in this post. Amen. The Kingdom in eternity that is to be assigned unto you shall be this state of California in which you now live. Other kings and rulers will be set to reign over other lands. For Jesus prefers a flat pyramidal structure, rather than a tapering pyramid of authority. For it is written in the Words of Jesus: “Do not be called ‘Master’, for you have but one Master, the Messiah, and you are all brothers.” (Matthew 23:8-10).

Also the rulerships we grant to our elect are always ruled by single rulers, and are not shared among a married king and queen, as such a royal couple might share their rulership in this current age. For the rewards in heaven go explicitly to the one who earned them. They cannot be transferred nor shared with anyone else, no matter the love that exists or may have existed between the two. That is why in any list I make through you of the Kingdoms on the earth will no longer show a sharing of kingdoms between royal husbands and wives. Also, realize that the size of My rewards can increase in size in colder areas to account for the less vegetation and the lower abundance of living beings supported on the same sized area of land. Hence, to your son, John, I Am giving to him Alaska, the full and whole state. And you will rule over all of California. John receives a larger land reward than you, but his lands are less covered with biodiversity and arable lands than are yours. That is why his kingdom is made larger. Amen. And only you and your son John are given such Kingdoms. The rest of your descendants shall be like landless urchins and peoples who are to be ruled over forever by those I anoint to rule. For only you and John, son of Eric, will form your Two-King Dynasty. But the lands you two rule will be distinct Kingdoms. And John does not inherit the lands of your Kingdom, because you never cease from possessing it. Amen. Rather, John is to inherit your name to be called King Larimar II. And his Kingdom will be defined as all of the state of Alaska. Amen. And in the opening of the Arctic Trade Routes, your son’s Kingdom will become very blessed and prosperous, for all mercantile ships passing through those Arctic shipping routes will dock at ports such as his near the Bering Strait, which he will share with only one other lord, the one who is set to rule Chukotka of eastern Russia. Amen.

But as for the very large nation states of Russia, Canada, the United States of America, China, Brazil, and Australia are concerned, all of these massive states will cease to have central ruling bodies, but instead, Christ will directly appoint regional rulers throughout all such lands who all answer only to Him. And realize the Age in which these Kingdoms are to be set up is in the Millennial Age when I anoint all who are to reign. And note that My appointments are eternal. And I will only anoint to rule those who remained with Me to the End, including all who died sharing in My passion. You will rule, and so will John, who is to be your firstborn son. But no other in all your family will I grant any form of rulership anywhere upon the earth. And after the phase transition occurs with the flash, all the living, along with those select few I restore from the dead, will enter into the Sabbatical Age of the Earth. Amen.

Now ask one final question, lord Larimar, and I, the Holy Virgin Mary will answer it and then give you my blessing and the have you publish this post. Amen. I was told that I am to remain working where I am now working, even after I am cured. Do I make all the wages I will need in my current job? And tell me of what I heard from the Church about women giving blessings, O’ Mary, Mother of God. Yes, lord Larimar, since your employer has sufficiently humbled himself to the will of My Son, he will retain you as his worker. For the value of any company is not the money or investments put into it, but who are the developers and makers of technology within it. You, lord Larimar, are part of a team. Like the ecosystems that surround the elephant, all the multitude of species involved are essential and needed. But the main animal there is the elephant. And if the elephant is taken out, everything else that was there collapses.

Such is why your previous job went out of business. It is because you left it. But that employer demerited to no longer have you in his presence. And his daughter, whom he put in charge, was a temptation to you. And so I removed you from him and have now placed you here, where you are now subject to Me. And your current job is in My service doing exactly as I command you. And that you are now expert in Linux, and commercial websites, and maintaining them, and making custom changes to them, and adding new features, makes you to be a most valuable asset. But remember what Jesus said to you. All of this that you are and do comes from God, not from you. Therefore, always give God the glory, and never become bitter or jealous that someone else who may appear to contribute less is being paid more.

And now I, the Holy Virgin, will give you the blessings that we women are allowed to so bless. For everyone can bless. But Holy Orders allows you to bless in certain ways and things not open to those outside of Holy Orders. I hereby bless you, lord Larimar, with long and healthy life. You will always rise for your wife when she is ready for you to know her. And I will bless you with abundance and sublimity of thought. In peace shall the people of your household dwell all the days of your life. Amen.

Now go and eat your breakfast, lord Larimar. And publish this post, for it is complete. And let it be known to all. Dragonfly fights for Trump to remain in office. And Dragonfly will succeed in destroying Biden’s chance to win. Also, Biden will choose a loser as his Vice President. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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