Biden will choose Rice – the Latest from the Lord!

Biden and Rice are destined to win the White House. Oracle of the Lord!

Behold, I Who Am have now decided on this election campaign. And I have decided to allow Joe Biden to choose Susan Rice, the only pathway to his victory over Trump in the November 3, 2020, elections. Do not be afraid of anyone who says the elections will be delayed, for such people do not understand the constitutional law that governs this nation.

O’ Lord, why are You abandoning Donald John Trump in favor of a false Catholic who promotes abortions and gay rights? I, the Lord, have chosen Joe Biden and Susan Rice to lead the United States of America, but they will not be leading a Sodomitic nation, but rather, a heavily cleansed nation. For I Am going to wipe out the homosexuals from all the land. Amen. Oracle of the Lord!

Eric, it is now 3:30 PM. The Saturday vigil Mass at Our Lady of Guadalupe begins in one hour. You are appointed go to that Mass and pay your tithes there. You will leave here in half an hour from now. I Am the Lord. And when you come back, We shall continue writing through you this post. Amen.

Lord, so it is now set who wins the November 3, 2020, elections? Yes, lord Larimar. And it cannot be undone. Marco Rubio, in his attacks on Karen Bass, ruining her name among the people of Florida, was the last straw in her rejection by the Biden campaign. Hence, Marco Rubio unwittingly may be directly responsible for Biden ultimately choosing Rice and winning the elections.

In other words, the Republican strategists attacked the candidate, Karen Bass, too early. For were she to have been chosen as Biden’s VP, such would have ensured his defeat come election time. Instead, the Republicans raced in, eager for the attack, and to score political points, not realizing that the one they were eager to attack was not the one who was going to go onto the ballot. They destroyed an easy to destroy opponent before she was finalized. Hence, now they will have Susan Rice to contend with. And she is a much more formidable political opponent, one who resists the mud being slapped on her. She is not like Karen Bass, who utters plenty of misstated words that could be easily turned around and used against her.

Hence, the Republicans, led by Marco Rubio, in their eagerness to attack and defeat Karen Bass, have in fact defeated her, and Lo! That easy to defeat candidate will not be there on the ballot. Amen. Hence, any Republicans who wanted Trump defeated by Biden owe their thanks to Marco Rubio. For he did an excellent job of ensuring that Biden has no choice left but Susan Rice, who, by choosing her, obtains the only viable path possible for Biden to achieve victory.

For the Larimar King cannot attack the Biden Campaign with Susan Rice on its ticket. Now, lord Larimar, is not your name also, Dragonfly? What now happens to Firefly that Dragonfly cannot defeat her enemies? And are We now witnessing the rise of a new Player, O’ Lord and God? Yes, lord Larimar. And I will now give you the name of the new Player who is behind Biden. And yes, this Player behind Biden is not of My elect.

What is his name, O’ Lord? Let us now list all the names of those in the set of Eleven Players of the game called Earth, along with a summary of their significance, such as their Pawn list, that is, the known list of who they set into power on this earth:

  1. Emerald :: Gorbachev, Reagan, Bush senior, de Klerk, Yeltsin, Rabin.
  2. Ebony :: Nelson Mandela.
  3. Crimson :: War in the Caucasus, the Balkans, and Somalia.
  4. Vesper :: Bill Clinton, Ehud Barak, Vladimir Putin, and others.
  5. African Death Grip :: All of Africa into war and death and destruction
  6. Twilight :: George W. Bush, Ariel Sharon, and others.
  7. Pyrite :: Obama.
  8. Firefly :: Sarah Palin, Tea Party, Trump, Bolsonaro, Boris Johnson.
  9. Mercury :: Arab Spring.
  10. Contradiction :: Biden.
  11. Larimar :: [Pawns yet to rise.]

Hence the Player behind Joe Biden shall be called, Contradiction, for he contradicts Catholic teaching while professing to practice Catholicism. He is the one you earlier called Lucifer-Man. But a better name is Contradiction, for that name describes what he shall do and what he is all about. Amen.

Lord, there are really just ten Players, for Larimar Is Emerald reborn. Amen. Lord Larimar, it is now 4:04 PM. You must now hurry to get to Mass this evening at Our Lady of Guadalupe, which begins at 4:30 PM sharp. Go now, and when you return, We shall continue this post. Amen.

Lord, are any of the Players saved, besides the Larimar King? For I now fear for the damnation of Firefly. Yes, lord Larimar. Firefly will fall apart. She will instruct her Pawn Trump to resist recognition of his defeat at the elections. But the military will stand by the constitution, and not with Trump. And without the military backing his coup, Trump will be forced recognize his defeat and stand down. Amen.

Welcome to the Reign of the Player, Contradiction. He will contradict everything the Lord saith. And after his reign has run its course, he will be struck down and no longer be seen anywhere in the land. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, is it just me, or am I correctly noticing a descent in the moral qualities of the Players and their Pawns as time progresses, starting with Emerald and ending with Contradiction? It is a fact, lord Larimar. You are witnessing the decline of Man into insanity. But surely there is hope, O’ Lord. For in each new generation there are those who seek You and who do good deeds and who practice Catholicism correctly. Are there not such good people who rise up with every generation, O’ Lord?

So, you wish to know if you really get those forty years to come to live with your wife on earth and raise a family, like a family man? Or is it rather that My utter wrath is to descend upon all the land, and, soon after the destruction that is to come, do I swiftly come again? Well, O’ Lord, I have heard You reveal to me that Your Coming really is indeed coming very soon. And how many years ago did you receive this message? Years ago. And so you know that it is not soon in the sense that you can wait it out, but soon in the sense that you do not have much time left here on the planet, regardless of whether you live long or short. Amen.

Lord Larimar, that promise of the forty years with your wife depends on your eternal choice. Choose right now. That you marry the girl We give you you have already been commanded to do. The only question is, do you have sex with her, or do you keep her holy and touch her not, regarding her as something sacred, like Mary and the Ark of the Covenant? Speak, lord Larimar, which do you prefer? And then We, the elect in heaven, will definitively define your eternal fate. Amen. I desire, O’ Lord, to remain a virgin with my virgin wife.

I, the Holy Virgin Mary, will hereby take you under my wing, lord Larimar. And you will now receive instructions from John, our Apostle, who shall instruct you on how you are to go about in our planned admittance of you into our priesthood. Oracle of the Lord! For the promises that were to go to your virgin son must now be applied to you. Amen.

Lord, I have now revisited the question, and I have now discerned my fate, and that fate is to marry and to have the prophesied offspring. Have I discerned it correctly, O’ Lord? You have, lord Larimar, and the girl We are giving you is very much like, in appearance, to Susan Elizabeth Rice, but as a much younger version, so as to be able to conceive and bear you your prophesied children, which shall consist of one son and three daughters. Furthermore, she will be over a decade younger than you. Amen. Lord, I am now fifty years old. That means she is under 40? Correct, lord Larimar. And she is not premenopausal. For it is a decree of the Lord that the girl We give you shall still be having her normal monthly periods by the time of marriage. Amen. And she will be still of normal childbearing age, where bearing and giving birth are still both possible and viable for a woman. Amen.

John you shall call your firstborn son. And as for the names of your three daughters, they will be called, Isabel, Esther, and Ariel. Oracle of the Lord! Do not be concerned that all three of these girl’s names were names you at one point or another used to refer to your coming wife. The actual name of the woman who is to be your wife is Elizabeth, as was previously revealed unto you, and as it is written in the Chronicles of Eric, the Emerald King. Amen. That her name was changed to Isabela was only for that period of time where the girl was considered to be Hispanic. But you know now, by direct revelation, that the girl We are giving you is White, and of the Semitic races.

Lord, which of the Eleven are saved? Just you and Twilight, O’ Larimar King. And realize that Emerald became Larimar. That you saved Twilight will be one of the mysteries of the Kingdom. And will I set up Pawns as the Player, Larimar? Yes. After the great destruction I render against the homosexuals and all who willingly accommodate them, America will be in ruins, though with the key infrastructure, technology, and talent remaining intact and still in place. But the vast majority of the people will have been wiped out, including most of the flagrant sinners. This will cast a pall over the Biden Administration, and then your coming American Pawn will rise up and win the elections of 2024. Amen. And as you did as Emerald, through the reigns of Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush, so also shall you come to control and rule the United States of America through two successive Pawns. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lord, Susan Elizabeth Rice, though she obviously has some White blood in her (for virtually all African Americans are partly White), she is nevertheless descended from Black people, both from African America and from Jamaica. Are you saying that the woman I am to marry is also Black, a Mulatto, or a woman of Color? The woman We are giving you is of the the olive skin found in the Middle East, where her people are known as a Caucasians, but who are not as light as those of northern Europe. For the White race has a wide range and variation of skin tones and colors. Hence, your wife will appear similar to Susan Rice, but actually be of White racial descent. And she will also be an expert in Hebrew, along with speaking fluent English. Amen.

Now, certain moral requirements do We, the elect in heaven, require and demand of you in your entrance into this marriage. You may not know your wife until marriage, and then you are to know only her and no one else. You may not masturbate anymore. Nor may anyone else masturbate you. This you have never done with another, but I include this prohibition here, lest the devil come and argue that it is okay.

Nor may you lust after Susan Elizabeth Rice or any other woman. And the conjugal act between you and your wife is not to stem from lust, but to be, rather, and act of mutual self giving. You must give yourselves to one another and hold nothing back. For the man who uses contraceptives or any form of artificial birth control is holding back the vitality of his seed from his wife and is gravely sinning in his conjugal act with her. And the man who seeks to kill his seed after sex also sins gravely. All these sins are classified as onanism, and I killed Onan for that exact sin. (Genesis 38:9-10).

Lord Larimar, the reason why Senator Cory Booker truly believed that Judge Brett M. Kavanaugh was going to back down when those false allegations were made against him in his confirmation hearings was because Cory Booker is himself guilty of those very same allegations made against Kavanaugh, and he assumed all other men were sinners like himself, men who put their hands on women and who grope their breasts, as Cory Booker has admitted to doing in violation of a young minor on at least one occasion. That makes Cory Booker a flagrant criminal in my book, and he has admitted that he had no excuse for his committing his criminal behavior. And I would have been lenient and forgiving to Cory Booker, had he not jumped up and down screaming similar accusations and demanding justice against Kavanaugh, who was innocent of the charges made against him. Hence, that penalty and fate Cory Booker attempted to do against Kavanaugh I rule shall be done against Cory Booker. Oracle of the Lord.

Senator Cory Booker will be defeated by Republican challenger, Rik Mehta, this fall in divine retribution from the Holy Virgin Mary for his high crimes of slander and of bearing false witness that he committed against the immaculate name of Judge Brett Kavanaugh at his confirmation hearings to be put on the Supreme Court, where he now serves as an excellent Supreme Court Justice. For My retribution is swift and deadly against all those who lie and who bear false witness against My servants. For note how every Democratic Senator in a competitive race who voted against Kavanaugh lost in midterm elections. Now I am taking out that prominent Black man who stood up insolently against My servant Kavanaugh, using his seat in the Senate, that Cory Booker, and I Am going to take him apart and dissect him. Cory Booker wants to talk about race? Let him talk all he wants about race as he is sued in court for the next assault he commits against women by putting his hands on their breasts. Amen. Maybe he will argue that as a Black man, he should be held to a lower standard.

Now, go to Mass now, lord Larimar. And when you return, We shall conclude this post. Amen. I am back, O’ Lord. Lord, tell me the Truth: Who wins in the November 3, 2020, elections? Trump or Biden? I will give you this chance, lord Larimar, to do your sworn duty. I know that you cannot attack the Biden ticket if it has Susan Rice on it. And it is also true that without you in the fight, Trump falls like a shooting star. And I will now prophesy this unto thee, O’ Larimar King. Should the Biden team believe these words you are writing are from heaven, they will abide by them and choose Rice and thereby defeat Trump in the elections. But should the Biden team believe you are really an Israeli plant, set up to keep Trump in office, they will reject your words from being from heaven, thinking that they are a cunning and clever ploy designed to deceive them and to destroy their election bid, and they will choose someone other than Rice, and then they will lose the election to Trump. So the fate of the race depends on from what source the Biden team considers these words you are writing are coming from, from what source they are derived.

Lord, why would any group consider me to be an Israeli plant? For I am a Roman Catholic, and not a Jew. I am not even a Hebrew Catholic. It is because, lord Larimar, it is recognized that the content that issues from you cannot come from a mere lone wolf, but from a complex mind far more advanced than yours. Hence, for those who reject the existence of prophets, their only recourse is to say you are receiving content from a state actor. And Israel is most likely that actor as you never speak a word against that state. More specifically, you are linked to a neo-Christian-Zionistic pro-Israel mode of thought. You only seem to appear as a lone wolf as no contacts have been detected between you and any other such group. And all this further supports the belief in the complexity of the Israeli plant that you must be set up to serve as.

Why wouldn’t they simply conclude that I am a prophet from God, and that it is simply God who is speaking through me. Everything suddenly gets much simpler then. It is because, lord Larimar, to admit to that would require a change in behavior. Remember when you were in Middle School and were studying the teachings of Jesus on your own initiative, but you yourself were not yet a Christian. I tell you Truthfully, the only reason you ever did become a Christian was because you decided, way back then as a child, that Jesus was Who He claimed to be, whatever that was. Acknowledgement that a man of God is in fact from God always ultimately results in behavioral changes. The only way a man can avoid changing his behavior in the presence of a man of God is by neither seeking the knowledge nor forming your own opinion on the matter, but rather, by dismissing that question as something you do not want to know about nor care to find out about. And such people are called lukewarm. All such people I spit out of my mouth. (Revelation 3:16).

Lord, when I begin setting up Pawns, over what nations will I rule over as Larimar? For when I was Emerald, I set up Pawns in Russia, South Africa, and Israel, while ruling from America. Yes, lord Larimar, you were as a mighty aircraft carrier, upon which were stationed many angels who did your bidding in the world. And as you were not at the time Mine, all these angels who served you were demons, the servants of Satan. And you were a fool to think you had power because demons followed your commands and obeyed you. Amen. The demons enjoy obeying these dupes they deceive into thinking they have great powers. For they know full well that on the other side they will be completely torturing those souls in hell. Remember Simon the sorcerer who asked Peter for the powers he had in exchange for money? (Acts 8:9-25). In extra biblical accounts, we see that Simon continued in his witchcraft and sorceries, and that he had the Satanic power to fly. But this power was taken from him at the prayers of Saint Peter, and he then fell to his death.

Hence, do not boast that you were Emerald. Do not make the claim that you took down the Berlin Wall. The Wall was taken down, but let others take the credit for it. For the works of God belong to God, but the works of Satan belong to whoever claims them. And you, by both your words and deeds, belong to either God or Satan. And whoever takes credit for a work of God, makes himself as a servant to Satan. But whoever attributes the good he does to God, I number him as one of Mine. Amen.

And even in your job, where all know you to be a Catholic, and all see the works I do through you, do not use the works I do through you as leverage to compel your employer to give you a higher wage. Do not argue your worth to your employer, saying you are worth a certain amount and should, therefore, be paid accordingly. For no one can do anything but what I empower him to do. So accept your wages and do not grumble against your employer. Also, do not give into jealousy, envy, or indignation that someone else is being given better treatment than yourself. For who are you to say what mercy I should show to your neighbor? And who has the right to demand mercy for himself? For is not mercy an act of relenting from delivering to you the punishment that you justly deserve? And if you justly deserve punishment and receive it, who are you to complain?

Now, I shall speak. I will indeed set up Pawns through you, as you call those leaders who rise in your reign and who serve as part of it. And your reign has already begun, as of your fiftieth birthday on June 24, 2020. But Lord, neither Trump nor Biden are my Pawns. I have no dog in this fight, do I, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, it is necessary that between Firefly’s reign, in which there rules Trump, and your reign whose Pawn is to rise and come to power, there must reign, between you two, the Antichrist. Amen. And he will be given his forty-two months and then be utterly destroyed. Amen.

But how can I reign after Antichrist? For is not the One Who comes after Antichrist the Lord? For I know these two things about Revelation: (1) The First Rider on a White Horse is me (Revelation 6:1-2); and (2) The Final Rider on a White Horse is Jesus and no other (Revelation 19:11-21). Correct, lord Larimar. You are not the Final Rider on the White Horse, mentioned in Revelation, chapter 19. Rather, you are among the kings set to come to rule the whole earth in Revelation, chapter 20. Amen. Your Larimar Kingdom comes into full fruition when I end Antichrist and cast him into the lake of fire, and have the devil locked away into the abyss. And you and your wife will then reign in that Sabbatical Age as immortals, glorified as members of the First Resurrection. It is this glory that you and your wife will receive, without dying, by which it will be correctly said that neither of you two will ever taste death. Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

Lord, will my wife and I be glorified as heavenly water, H2O, HDO, or D2O, or as the highest rank of H2, or of the lower rank of N2? Remember the married Spanish girl you drove out demons from by touching her forehead with your hand as God instructed you to do? She will be with you then where I place you and your wife, for you three will be called H2O, heavenly Light Water, that heavenly water molecule where none of the three component atoms remain as virgins in their earthly life. Note also that as glorified saints, none of you shall be impure ever again, nor have sex anymore. Lord, that is great! But how then do I have a son and three daughters by my wife if we are to be glorified as an immortal couple in the First Resurrection at the defeat of the Player behind Biden, called Contradiction? Are you saying that forty years are to be granted to us before Your Second Coming? For do not be silly with me, O’ Lord. I know that no one can know the day, nor the hour, nor the year of Your Second Coming. Hence, I know I cannot be guaranteed to have a long life as a mortal, or can I?

Lord Larimar, the transition from this Age to that Age described in Revelation, chapter 20, is not obvious. It does not happen in an obvious, clearly seen manner, but rather, will require great wisdom to discern when it occurs. Rather, it shall be as Jesus said: “The coming of the Kingdom of God cannot be observed, and no one will announce, ‘Look, here it is,’ or ‘There it is.’ For behold, the Kingdom of God is among you.” (Luke 17:20-21). The resurrection of the just upon the earth takes place spiritually, and goes unobserved, except for the many miraculous and unexplained healings that all such souls will receive, all that is who partake in the Resurrection of the just who still live upon the earth. Nor will the dead who are to be raised remain with those in the land who are living. For no proof of My scriptures is ever given as a testament to remove all doubt that I Am to My people. This is how the transition will occur with you and your wife. You will be having children together, as is prophesied. But when the flash occurs, and you two will be glorified spiritually, though your bodies will remain with no visible changes made to them, from that point onward, you and your wife will be members of the Church Triumphant on the earth, and you will no longer have relations with your wife, nor would this be possible for either of you two to continue to have sex.

Now, what happens with pregnant women at the moment of the flash? What happens to the babies within them? Are they glorified in their mother’s body? The answer is found by studying the tilma upon which is the miraculous image of Our Lady of Guadalupe as a pregnant woman. And close analysis of the tilma reveals a heart beat not only of a woman, but also of an unborn child within her. Hence, the unborn children still in their mothers’ wombs at the time of the flash are not lost. Rather, they are immortalized in that state of being.

Do these pregnant immortalized women eventually give birth to their unborn, or do they remain in their pregnant state with their unborn children remaining within them for all eternity, O’ Lord? For all those of the First Resurrection, who are transformed into glorified states, their bodies remain as they appear, as made of flesh, but this flesh ceases to change nor grow nor age and no longer needs any food to eat to sustain it. Therefore, Oracle of the Lord, all those who are raptured and all who are in the wombs of the raptured, never, from that point onward, experience any further changes to their flesh. At the same time, these sentient beings are fully sentient, whether or not they have eyes to see or ears to hear, and they are made to know and be aware of all things. Hence, the unborn child of a glorified mother never comes to birth and never leaves the womb of its mother, but exists throughout all eternity as a fully sentient baptized being within her. For the flash successfully provides a baptism of desire in each and every infant not yet born within the womb of every mother I elect to allow to live. And from that point onward, no more conceptions occur producing a soul in a state of Original Sin. For the curse of Adam and Eve ends at the entrance into the Sabbatical Age. Oracle of the Lord.

But Lord, how can anyone conceive babies if they are all glorified and unable to have sex? Two different groups of peoples will exist in that Age. And it will not be clearly discernible who is of which group, except by their reproductive acts. Some people will have been glorified and admitted into the Church Triumphant while still on the earth. These will have no sex anymore, for they will be the immortals of that Age, a people who can never die and never change in number from the moment that the flash occurs onwards. Others will be sanctified and made holy, but not given immortality. These will reproduce and live as long as trees. (Isaiah 65:22). And still others will perish in the flash and be among the dead, including all those guilty of mortal sin at the moment of the flash. Amen. Thus will begin the Age of Millennium. And it comes shortly after I destroy Antichrist. Amen. And note that though Satan is locked away, sin is not impossible. No confessions, though, will be available to sinners. Rather this will be the Age of Justice. The age we are currently living in is the final part of God’s outpouring of mercy. Hence, in an age with just justice and no mercy, all who transgress God’s decrees will die, as Achan died for having taken loot from Jericho in violation of God’s ban. (Joshua 7:1-26). He would have repented his deeds, as he said to Joshua, “I have indeed sinned against the Lord, the God of Israel.” But his life was not spared and he was put to death, as God commanded Joshua in order to remove the curse God placed upon the people of Israel for violating His ban. Amen.

Okay, O’ lord, here is the ultimate question: When the flash occurs, how do you draw the line between those marked to be immortalized and glorified, and those marked to be sanctified and holy mortals who reproduce and who live as long as trees, O’ Lord? All those who are of My elect and who are in communion with My pope in Rome at the time of the flash will be immortalized and glorified. Everyone else is either killed for their sins or mercifully granted to enter into My Millennium as long living mortals, mortals who live as long as trees, on account of their meritorious deeds by which I will to grant them this mercy. And everyone who was outside My Church but whom I spared is baptized by a baptism of desire by the flash. And from that point onward, no one may receive a baptism ever again, or he will die. Amen.

Lord, baptism is the doorway into the Catholic Church. Baptism is the sacrament needed to be received first, and only once, before any other sacrament may be received. Neither will there be any Masses held in the Age of Millennium, lord Larimar. Amen. The Church will be gone. Something new will have taken its place. Amen. Lord, what will you reveal to me about this new thing coming that takes the place of the Church?

Remember how I call all those I resurrect as part of the First Resurrection as such: “Blessed and holy is the one who shares in the first resurrection. The second death has no power over these; they will be priests of God and of Christ, and they will reign with Him for the Thousand Years.” (Revelation 20:6). These priests are not a reference to those who receive the sacrament of Holy Orders, but rather, refers to My entire body of My elect who partake in the First Resurrection. Amen. My religion to take shape in the Age of Millennium has this body of priests who shall serve in it. And this body of priests neither grows nor shrinks in all the millions of years that Thousand Year Millennial Age will last for. And yes, the Thousand Years is a metaphor to a much longer time, a time to last millions of years. Amen.

And so now you know there is no sacrament of baptism, no sacrament of confession, and no sacrament of the eucharist. But what about the other four: the sacrament of confirmation, the sacrament of holy matrimony, the sacrament of holy orders, and the sacrament of anointing the sick? What do you think, lord Larimar? Surely for those who are mortal, these four sacraments would remain with some form of applicability? You are correct, to a degree. I will continue to anoint My people who rise among the mortals to attain a level of perfection. These anointings can be viewed similar to the current reasons behind the sacrament of confirmation, but will mean very different things. Mortals will still marry, and their marriage will continue to last only for life. Hence, they will need some form of sacramental blessing for their marriages to be recognized as official and validated. Also, no additions or subtractions will be made to My priesthood of that Age, for the number of the First Resurrected is fixed number. My priesthood in that age neither decreases nor increases throughout that long Age, and is made up of all who belong to My Church found in a state of grace at the moment of the flash, including both the males and the females. However, the more mundane work that needs to be done in My religion in that Age will be done by deacons, who will be specially anointed from the ranks of the mortals. And the ritual by which they are so anointed can be viewed as a form of Holy Orders, for the deacons in the current Catholic Church are regarded as full clerics, receiving the lowest level of the sacrament of Holy Orders in Catholicism. Amen. And for those mortals who are approaching an end of life, these will be comforted by various means, which can be likened to what the priests do in this Age with their anointing of the sick. Amen. But as for baptisms, confessions, and eucharists, these three sacraments will no longer occur. And whoever tries to revive them in that Age will die. Amen.

Lord, do I rule a Kingdom in the Millennial Age? Or am I a fool to think such thoughts? You are a fool to greedily take all the lands that you think you rule over in that age. No one, I tell you, in the Age to come, is granted to rule a land larger than roughly the size of the state of California. There are no empires in that age. And no one needs armies nor police. But I will now tell you of the lands I will give to you in that age to come. You will rule the state of California. Oracle of the Lord! For are you not represented on the Californian flag by the image of the extinct Californian grizzly bear? You are that Californian grizzly restored. Amen. And as for the official languages in your state, these shall be: English, Spanish, and Chinese, for those are really the only three major languages of your Kingdom, defined as those languages in California that have at least a million speakers each living here in California. And all three languages fit the divine definition of immortality by having had the entire Catholic Bible successfully translated into their written form, and for the case of Chinese, I am referring to the Traditional Chinese form of writing, that form of Chinese writing popular and used in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Eric in fact has such a Chinese and English Catholic Holy Bible, containing both translations in full, and printed as two books, one for the Old Testament and one for the New Testament, published by Bible Vision, California, and the Archdiocese of San Francisco, respectively, and printed in 2017. Amen. Hence, Eric is satisfied that Chinese is an eternal language, and thus permits it to be the third official language of his Kingdom of California. Amen.

And what about Tagalog, Vietnamese, Korean, Armenian, and Persian, O’ Eric? I have elected to recognize only three languages, and to cut off those from being recognized as official as all those languages having fewer than a million speakers living in California at the time that this post is published. Amen. Good, lord Larimar. And I, your Lord God, order you to include one more: Hebrew, to honor the woman I am placing in your midst. For she will be a speaker of Hebrew, and you are to master her language in your time to be spent with her. Amen.

Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant. I know You have chosen a certain girl for me. And You may have picked her based on whether I have chosen to be eternally virgin with her or not. But this is my statement and ultimate testimony unto You, O’ Lord. I hereby render it unto You for You to decide my fate. If You prefer for me to marry and have sex and offspring, then I will go that route and come to this question no more, and I will receive that girl You have chosen for me for a sexual life, one who is to bear me children, and I will then have the prophesied children by her. But if You would prefer to have me as an eternal virgin, whether to live out the vocation of an ordained priest, or else to live the virgin married vocation, as Joseph had with Mary, that is, within a Josephite marriage where the couple do not consummate their wedding, then let me take that fate, and I will take it. And if You grant me this fate, I will further let You resolve whether you wish to make me a priest or a virgin husband to a virgin bride, just as Joseph was to Mary. Amen. And in the latter, latter, case, that of virgin, celibate marriage, I will then take that virgin You give me and protect her as Joseph protected Mary, and never know her in the flesh. I hereby surrender this choice unto You, O’ Lord. You decide, then, therefore. Whatever You decide to say unto me on these choices, let it be irrevocably decided, O’ Lord. And let us never revisit this question again, once firmly decided. Amen. What saith Thou?

I have decided. You are My virgin prophet. And of what value is a prophet shorn of his virginity? Do not, therefore, ever elect to lose your virginity, and then whatever vocation that you choose from that point to have and under those parameters, I allow you to decide. Amen. But I have decided. And that decision is final. Amen.

Then I am free of all sexual women. And now I bring the question to you, O’ Mary, for you to decide what God has left for me to decide. I will never have sex. But I am open to becoming a priest, which you said is my fate since the promises that were to go to my virgin son now fall upon me. I am open to being either a diocesan priest or a Religious order priest. Whatever you choose I leave up to you. If I become a priest, then I cannot enter into a sacramental Josephite marriage to another virgin, but only would be able to form a spiritual bond with her, which would suffice to make me and her rank as the highest gas: H2. And thus, now that I am of this high, virgin state, I see that I have only three possible ranks in the Age to come. And these three ranks are the highest three among the Twelve:

  1. H2, Hydrogen gas, formed between two perfect virgins in an eternal bond.
  2. He, Helium, the rank of the perfected, celibate, unbonded, single souls.
  3. D2O, Heavy Water, full virgin heavenly water, formed by one virgin male bonded to two virgin females for all eternity.

One of these three highest ranks of chemicals of the earth’s atmosphere symbolize the eternal rank that Eric is to belong to. So tell me, O’ Mary, Mother of God, which fate is mine? And if it is to the priesthood, then tell me what kind of priest and where?

Lord Larimar, this is my decree that I, the Holy Virgin, decree for you. You will be a diocesan priest. And you will retain control over your own finances and money. You will not make the vow of poverty that a Religious priest makes. Amen. Furthermore, you will have a spiritual bond to a virgin consecrated woman who will enter your life. And she will form that eternal bond between virgins with you for all eternity. And hence, you are to be ranked as hydrogen gas, H2, the highest rank, the same rank in which I am gloriously bonded to Saint Joseph for all eternity. Hence, let us now restate all the ranks of all twelve major forms of chemicals that make up the earth’s atmosphere.

  1. H2, Hydrogen gas. Highest, lightest gas in the universe. Perfect, celibate, virgins who enter into Josephite Catholic marriages or bonds of similar effect. The Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph are eternally bonded here, by a special dispensation eternally granted by Jesus Christ to Saint Joseph. Eric as a priest is to be ranked here along with a consecrated virgin he is to become eternally bonded with. Amen. molar mass: 2.01588 g/mol.
  2. He, Helium noble gas. Highest, lightest inert gas. Perfect, celibate, unbonded, virgin souls. Perfected virgin saints, such as the Apostles, Saint John and Saint Paul, exist here. molar mass: 4.003 g/mol.
  3. D2O, Heavy Water. Water composed of two atoms of deuterium (2H), instead of normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Full virgin heavenly water. The male and the two females bonded here are all virgins. molar mass: 20.02751 g/mol.
  4. HDO, Semiheavy Water. Water composed of one deuterium (2H) and one normal hydrogen atom (1H), bonded to oxygen. Partial virgin heavenly water. Only one of the two females is virgin here in this bond while the other female and the male have lost their virginity with one another in a sacramental marriage. molar mass: 19.021 g/mol.
  5. H2O, Light Water. Two normal hydrogen atoms (1H) bonded to oxygen. Non virgin water heavenly water. No virgins exist here. The male and the two females in this bond have all lost their virginity, but without sin or transgression. Hence, the sin of sexual polygamy has not been committed here. molar mass: 18.01528 g/mol.
  6. Ne, Neon noble gas. Second highest inert gas. Souls saved within imperfect celibacy, Saint Augustine exists here as a sexual sinner who became celibate. And Saint Peter, the first pope, exist here as a man who left his wife to follow Jesus. And all the celibate saints of the Church who wear no crown of virginity, and who are not of heavenly water molecules, exist here. This sixth rank, along with all the higher ranks mentioned above, is represented by a gas that is lighter than air. And this gas, Neon, is the heaviest of these six lighter-than-air gases of these highest six ranks. molar mass: 20.2 g/mol.
  7. N2, Nitrogen gas. All the elect of the vocation of sacramental marriage, whether married or single, except for those belonging to heavenly water molecules, exist here. Thus, included here are many Catholic family men and women, those who lawfully marry and who raise families together in full accordance to Catholicism. Most of the air is composed of such Nitrogen gas molecules. And the molar mass of Nitrogen gas makes it only very slightly lighter than air, (average molar mass of air is 28.97 g/mol). This signifies the blessed state of this lowest rank within the Church. molar mass: 28.02 g/mol.
  8. Ar, Argon noble gas. Celibate souls saved outside of the Church. Saint John the Baptist, and the celibate prophets, Elijah and Elisha, exist here. Saint Joseph is no longer ranked here, but as H2 with the Holy Virgin Mary, by a special dispensation granted by Jesus Christ, his adopted Son. Amen. molar mass: 39.948 g/mol.
  9. O2, Oxygen gas. All the elect of the married vocation saved outside of the Church, whether married or single. All the great patriarchs and matriarchs of the Old Testament who were saved are here. Included here are: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, and King David. Amen. molar mass: 32 g/mol
  10. CO2, Carbon Dioxide. The damned who are oriented to enter natural monogamous heterosexual relationships. These are the common criminals and sinners, those who rob banks and who cheat on their taxes. molar mass: 44.01 g/mol.
  11. CH4, Methane. The polygamous, the sexually promiscuous, the harlots, and all the abominations of the earth. Everyone who identifies himself or herself as a member of the LGBTQ group exists here. This is the only rank of the lower six that is represented by a lighter-than-air gas. This indicates the deceptions by which these sinners attempt to present themselves as morally acceptable, but who you must purge from your midst in order to not be cursed yourselves. molar mass: 16.04 g/mol.
  12. Kr, Krypton noble gas. The Satanist loners, the sexual monsters, the pedophiles, and all those of sick, warped psychologies. Adolf Hitler exists here. This is by far the heaviest gas among the major components of the atmosphere. This symbolizes that the members of this group fall to the lowest regions of hell. molar mass: 83.80 g/mol.

So, O’ Lord, you are giving me a celibate girl companion who is expert in Hebrew? And by this reason my Kingdom of California is to include the following four languages as official:

Kingdom of California, ruled by lord Larimar. And his official languages include:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. Chinese
  4. Hebrew

Correct, lord Larimar. And now I will explain who this girl shall be to you. You will be in a perfect, celibate, relationship established between two eternal virgins. It will be of utter perfection and cleanliness. Amen. And you are to teach her everything you know. She is to become an apprentice to you. Amen. And for whatever works you send to her, she will write perfect translations of My Word through you into Hebrew. Amen.

Now, one last thing I will say unto thee: Do not seek the priesthood, for that path is not open to you. Amen. Hence, you may become married to the girl We give you as Joseph was to Mary. And in fact, We have this celibate marriage planned out for you to take place after Lent in the following year from the point in which you are to meet her for the first time. Amen. Hence, she will marry you in perfect, immaculate celibacy. And now I will give you My blessing, O’ Eric, servant to Jesus and Mary.

I hereby bless Eric with a fruitful and bountiful marriage, one with endless joy and love. You will be blessed with a job that is both enjoyable and that pays all your bills. And you will be given the money to buy a luxury version of the Avalon Hybrid sedan. Furthermore, you will no longer work in your current place of employment, for I Am raiding that office, and all who sell there shall go to jail. Amen. Your employment will be from now on in a field where you can do all your work at home on your computer. And it will consist of troubleshooting Linux server configurations and fixing websites so that they work. For you are now very highly skilled in setting up and maintaining commercial websites in your current employment, which I Am bringing to an end. When I cure you, consider your job as having finished. And you will be mandated to go work at the company I direct you to seek employment from. Amen. This end of this current life you lead occurs now, with the act of publishing this paper. And note also this. I have emptied the bank accounts of all the world. No one will have money to spend or to make. Joe Biden will inherit an America that no longer enjoys the status of controlling the world’s reserve currency. Amen. Trump should be glad to be getting out. Amen.

Now speak, lord Larimar. Do you have sexual interests in the girl We intend to give unto thee? She is a sister to me, O’ Lord, not my sexual mate. We hereby command you to know her, for John, son of Eric, must come to be born. And after him, We require a certain number of daughters. If you agree to this condition, We will give you Our final blessings and publish this post.

I agree, but tell me this Truth. Does she really have a resemblance to Susan Elizabeth Rice, O’ Lord? She is very like her, but as a White version, whereas Rice is Black. Amen. Now hear Me and hear Me all. I herby decree this blessing on Eric and his progeny. They will be a mighty nation in the Age to come. And they will take the gates of their enemies and cast the homosexuals and their gay rights to the ground and trample on them and burn them. All United States law shall be thrown into the fire. And Eric will guide America in its passage through the dark night and into the light at the End of the tunnel.

Furthermore, abortion and gay marriage are to thoroughly come to an end under Eric’s reign. And Eric’s reign will be granted to last for forty years. And he will then come to My Kingdom, followed by his wife some twenty-five years later. And the age will continue indefinitely, from eternitude unto eternitude. Amen.

Gold and silver of the sun and moon
On this enchanting time
Combine upon the whispering dune
Into diamond valentines.

Under a starlit sky the shadows creep
Across a shimmery, shiny sea,
And the rosy red sun rolls ever on
Beyond the lands that I can see.

written by Eric Robert Dunstan
(Under the inspiration of God,
and written for a play in the year 1990.)

Published by


Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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