The Descent of Fire begins…

Rain is falling from heaven, and it is burning all the lands with fire. Amen.

Behold, the rain of fire! It has begun. The fire is set to descend upon America and all the abominable nations of New Sodom. Amen. Behold, I Who Am Am a wrathful God. And I have set My sights on destroying and burning up all the houses of the abominable filthy. Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

Amen, the fire is now falling. And nothing will stop My blazing wrath. Nothing! I Am destroying every green blade of grass, and every unharvested crop in the field. Hence, I Am wiping out the food supplies of this world. And the wicked of this world will starve, the wicked, that is, who do not die outright from My falling fire! Amen.

Behold, Eric is most holy. He is no longer to be of the molecule of HDO with one virgin and one non virgin girl. No, by no means shall I have this. Rather, Eric is now of D2O, that is, Eric is a member of a heavy water molecule, the highest form of heavenly water, where every member of that molecule is an eternal virgin. Amen. And Eric is a sworn possession of the Virgin Mary, who reigns over him as his eternal mistress, his eternal Queen to whom he is to obey in all things. Amen.

Now, does Eric enter into any form of sacramental marriage to any other soul, you should ask? No, lord Larimar, for sacramental marriage is unnecessary for the members of a D2O molecule of heavy water. For the eternity of the virginity of all three members and the virgin bonds between them need no extra sacrament officiated by a priest to make the bonds of the D2O molecule eternal.

Instead, Eric shall enter Religious life and become a priest. And of the two girls who are to be bonded with him for all eternity, Hyacinth, who is eternally bonded to him now, is to be taken to heaven this evening, as fire falls from heaven and wipes out the nation of Nigeria. Oracle of the Lord! For I intend to take that most populous nation of Negroes and thoroughly wipe out their people so much so that they will only recover by being repopulated by massive immigrations of people from the overpopulated nations of Asia.

And as I shall do in Nigeria, so also throughout the rest of Black Africa I shall wipe out entire populations of people, razing the entire cities of African nations south of the Sahara to the ground, and putting to death the entire bodies of inhabitants in all those cities, without exceptions. For so thorough will be the extinction I render against the Afro-Black nations that there will be no recourse but for these nations to open wide the doors of immigration to the overpopulated nations of Asia. And in will the nations of Asia flow into Africa, bringing along with them the practices of many religions. But once in Africa, all of these Asian peoples will convert to Catholicism, without exception. Oracle of the Lord. The Lord, the God of Hosts, has spoken. Amen.

All the many native languages of Africa, consider then now all extinct. People will speak them no more, all their native speakers in Africa having been killed. Amen. Only English, French, German, Portuguese, and Spanish will remain as spoken languages in Africa, along with those languages brought in by the incoming masses of Asian immigrants. And they will bring with them many Asian languages, including Hindi, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, and Filipino. Those languages from Asia and many others will come to flourish in Africa, in addition to the already established languages from Europe.

And Lord, what about Afrikaans, that language in South Africa descended from Dutch? Afrikaans will survive, one of the few languages of native Africa to do so. And the people who speak it will be restored to power over their nation. Amen. And no longer will there be that classification of Black people in their country, but only two groups: the Whites and the Asians. Those who were Black will be small minorities in isolated pockets of the nation that somehow survived the rain of fire, but who will have no more political power and no more viable political presence, consisting only of a few scattered clans and cities. Amen. For Black Africa will be obliterated. They will be a people who have ceased to exist. There will be Blacks in Africa in that age to come, many Blacks, but all of them shall be classified as Indo-Blacks, that is, Blacks who descend from the dark skinned peoples of India and other South Asian nations. But those who were called the Afro-Blacks will have totally disappeared and their remnants absorbed into the populations of the immigrating peoples from Asia. Amen. For I Am destroying the people who identify with Barack Hussein Obama, the dark, damned demon from hell. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. It is done. I have wiped out the infidels of all the homosexualized nations and all the nations that were pro-Obama. They are all defeated. Their very flesh is burning and melting off their bodies. All their possessions in this world are burning and being consumed by fire. Amen. Not one of their housing or business structures is remaining standing without being utterly burned down to their cement ground or to their metal core. For all of these people are to be destroyed. All of their possessions are to be incinerated. I Who Am have decreed this to come to pass. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, if Hyacinth is taken away today, does Andorra come today or tomorrow into Eric’s life? It is good that you address Elizabeth by her secret name, Andorra. For that is her secret name that I have made manifest, as of the previous post, whereas Elizabeth is merely an encoded name. Andorra does in fact enter your life now. And she will be as a companion to you, but you and her will not marry. For I Am making you a priest, lord Larimar. That is your destiny in this world as the eternal virgin you are destined to remain.

For remember this ironclad Truth. The Virgin Mary never takes complete possession over another soul who does not himself or herself become eternally virgin like her. When We sent Mary to put her foot on your head, while you were boasting to the spirits about how beautiful your wife would be, threatening your wrath against anyone who refused to agree that she was the most beautiful girl of all Creation, We had this firm resolution made out. Either you would, by Mary’s entrance into your life, become a complete and eternal virgin possession of hers, or else you would die the spiritual death and assume your other possible destiny, that of being Antichrist par Excellence. Amen. There was no middle ground nor middle option available for you. There was no possibility of a path of marriage for you, no country cottage with a white picket fence, in which would live you, your wife, and your children. For that possibility was not for you. You would either become Our eternal virgin prophet, or else you would die. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Lord, you say I am to become a priest. But I am 50 years old, and I have a medical record that would seem to preclude me from the priesthood. No one where We will put you will have access or any knowledge of the medical records of which you speak. For UCLA Medical Center, and all her medical records are going to be wiped out entirely, and razed to the ground, with all the doctors and staff who worked there entirely wiped out. There will be no means to access your medical records. Besides, the medical conditions recorded in your records will be entirely cured by God. Hence, your past records, were they to exist, would not be applicable to you, for you will have been completely transformed back into perfect health. And the priests who recommend you to the seminary will find nothing in you that disqualifies you from the priesthood in any way. Amen. Not even your age will be an issue for you. For it will be seen that you are a man of 50 years only in wisdom, but with a body of a 30 year old man. Amen. For you age like wine, lord Larimar, not like raisons.

Your future companion, Andorra, cannot enter your life before We take Hyacinth away, or else the D2O water molecule between you three will not properly form. And all heavenly water molecules that come to be, whether H2O, HDO, or D2O, are predestined to form by God. And in these eternal relationships, the first bond with the first woman must become eternal, with that woman entering heaven, before the second woman comes to form the second bond. For the two bonds cannot exist simultaneously upon the earth, or else it becomes the sin of polygamy, and polygamous relationships never become heavenly water, but rather, form methane, that is, CH4. Amen. And with every formation of methane, there is the accompanying hydrogen sulphide, H2S, that brings about the terrible stench pervading all of hell. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of Eric’s wife, Andorra, who is to come. She is the White Jewess that was prophesied to come and detailed in the previous post. And she is holy. In Spirit only shall Eric and Andorra be married, not by any from of sacrament officiated by a priest. For these two will not have sex, nor have any children together, nor will they ever live together nor combine their assets. Amen. For the marital bonds that unite them are to be virgin, pure, and unblemished.

But, O’ Lord, do you intend for Eric to enter into a Josephite sacramental marriage with this girl officially in the Catholic Church, where the couple remains in perfect perpetual virginity, but live together nevertheless, as Joseph and Mary lived together in their perfection, or do you plan to make Eric an ordained priest in your Roman Catholic Church, where he is to serve You and Your purpose as a member of the ranks of Holy Orders, feeding your sheep and preaching homilies in your Church at Mass each and every day? Amen. Decide which fate is to be Eric’s for it is decidedly not possible for Eric to enter into both vocations. Amen.

I, the Lord God, have decided. And My decision is final. Amen. A marriage to this girl you shall enter into, lord Larimar. But as Joseph was to Mary shall you live out your commitment of marriage to this girl for the rest of your forty years of life that I grant you to live from today onwards. Amen. That you marry this girl is final. And that you will practice perfect continence in your marriage to her is now guaranteed. Amen. We have the guarantee. We are not guessing. Eric’s purity is complete. The efficacious graces he has received. He will never depart from his celibate station of stewardship over this virgin vessel We put under his power. Amen.

Now, go home, lord Larimar. Head to that place you planned to go to on the way home but realize you shall not reach there before We render Hyacinth no longer of the land of the living. And you will witness her departure from your seat as you drive in your car. And by the time you arrive home, the fiery rain of hail will have begun to fall. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

Please reread this entire post before you leave, correcting all the errors you find. And then you may make a closing statement or ask any questions. And after that you are to publish this and head out. Amen.

Lord, I have this one question to ask You, and then I shall depart from the office and head to the planned place, and from there, to home. Ask, My servant, Eric. Is the Josephite marriage I am to enter into with Andorra a sacramental marriage to be officiated by a priest, and if so, when and where and in what Church does this take place at? And where do we live out our lives together, O’ Lord and Master? Amen.

A sacramental marriage of the Josephite form, validly officiated by a priest, shall you enter into with this girl before you come to live with each other and combine your assets. Amen. Your marriage takes place in Europe, where you shall be stationed, together with your wife, until We call you home to your heavenly Kingdom. And now I shall tell you where you two shall live. In the Orkney Islands, in the city of Kirkwall, you shall set up camp and live out your forty years. Amen. And when the time comes for you to come to Me, so also shall I take your wife. For it is the eternally resolved decree of God that the Wizard Kind and his wife shall never be parted. Amen. Now go, Lord Larimar. You shall be instructed on where to go and what to do. Amen.

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