Eric’s Destiny Unveiled

Eric’s fate is revealed to be to marry a Jewish White Girl, the Queen of Israel and Sheba.

Behold, I Who Am have come to speak on a great many things. Eric, you have passed the test. For you are found worthy of receiving the virgin bride. Behold, We, the elect, are presently taking away Hyacinth, your current wife in Our sight, up to her rewards in heaven. For her time is up, and her salvation is complete. Her soul is saved. Her passage into Our Kingdom is assured. As it was said to Mr. Spock in The Wrath of Khan, you saved the ship. Now, listen to Us as We detail the girl who is to come and as We correct the past errors of your understanding. I Who AM AM speaking.

The girl who is to come We here call Elizabeth, not Ester Elizabeth. And Elizabeth has no American Indian, nor African American ancestry. Rather she is a White Jew. And she is fluent in Hebrew, and has some other knowledge of other Near Eastern languages. But of western languages, only English does she have fluency and skill in. Hence, she cannot serve as your translator to the Spanish world, but only to the Jewish world who know Hebrew. Amen. She does have some skill in Arabic, but not enough to serve as a translator into any form of Arabic. Hence, lord Larimar, We command you to learn and master Hebrew through your wife. And master it you shall. And your works will always be written originally in English by you, and then translated perfectly into Hebrew by your wife. Oracle of the Lord!

Hence, We must now redefine the three Kingdoms: Your Kingdom, Queen Ester’s Kingdom, who cannot be your wife, and Queen Elizabeth’s Kingdom, which is now to be revealed to you, for you are to know all things. Let us begin:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric and Queen Elizabeth. And their jointly ruled Kingdom includes the following nation states, along with all their territorial possessions and overseas lands:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. The Isle of Man
  5. The Republic of Ireland
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand

And the official set of languages in your Kingdom shall include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. Hebrew

You, Lord Larimar have followed the example of Poland and declared the Hebrew language as a minority official language within your Kingdom, which in the USA alone contains 220,000 fluent speakers of Hebrew, the largest population of Hebrew speakers outside of Israel. Amen.

There are also some changes We, the elect in heaven, have made to the Kingdom of Ester, who is not your wife.

(2) Kingdom of Northern Latin America, ruled by Queen Ester. And her Kingdom now includes the following lands. Note carefully both the deletions and the additions, for she is now to be a major world power. Amen.

  1. The Dominican Republic
  2. Cuba
  3. Mexico
  4. Belize
  5. Guatemala
  6. El Salvador
  7. Honduras
  8. Nicaragua
  9. Costa Rica
  10. Panama
  11. Columbia
  12. Venezuela

And her list of official languages include:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Nahuatl

Notice, lord Larimar that I no longer permit Queen Ester’s Kingdom from overlapping yours. And also, I have given her lands to the south to complete her possession of all the Spanish Main along the Caribbean coast of South America. Amen. Queen Ester is now a major power who has reacquired her Kingdom. King Jadeite will no longer exist. Amen. But what about that Prophet King who was to speak and write in Spanish to the Spanish world, O’ Lord and Master? I AM making you My Prophet, and your wife will be your Apprentice, My Prophetess. Amen. Now We shall speak of her.

Queen Elizabeth, who is a Jew and who speaks fluent Hebrew, where is her Kingdom do you think, lord Larimar? Is it Israel and the Levant, O’ Lord and Master? Queen Elizabeth is ruler over all of the lands of the Arabian Peninsula and north as far as the border with Turkey and the Euphrates, and includes the full possession of the island of Cyprus. Furthermore, I Am giving Elizabeth the lands of Egypt as far west as the ancient city of Alexandria. Amen. Lord, that completely conquers and overthrows the Egyptian state. Good, lord Larimar, for Egypt is evil, along with all the rest of the Muslim scourge that currently festers throughout all those lands. Amen. And now We shall define the Kingdom of Elizabeth. Listen to Me!

(3) Kingdom of Israel and Sheba, ruled by Elizabeth, Queen of Israel and Sheba. And her lands of her mighty imperial Kingdom include the following:

  1. Israel
  2. Lebanon
  3. Jordan
  4. Cyprus (the whole island)
  5. Syria (on the southern and western side of the Euphrates)
  6. Iraq (on the southern and western side of the Euprhates)
  7. Kuwait
  8. Bahrain
  9. Qatar
  10. United Arab Emirates
  11. Oman
  12. Yemen
  13. The Islands of Socotra
  14. Saudi Arabia.
  15. Djibouti
  16. Ethiopia
  17. Eritrea
  18. Eastern Sudan (all the lands between the Nile and the Red Sea)
  19. Eastern Egypt (all the lands from the Nile and Alexandria east)

And her extensive list of official languages include the following:

  1. Hebrew
  2. Aramaic
  3. Arabic
  4. Greek
  5. Amharic
  6. Tigrinya
  7. Soqotri

Lord, Queen Elizabeth has completely conquered King Turaco and his Kingdom of Ethiopic Sheba. What happened with that, O’ Lord? Good, lord Larimar, you notice how I Am consolidating the Kingdoms and conquering and removing non productive Kings. Amen. Also, it is because the lands of Queen Elizabeth are to include many different nations and subkingdoms that it has become correct to understand her Kingdom as a kind of empire and her as an empress. Amen. Also, her marriage to you shall not only symbolize the marriage of Jesus to His Jewish people, now becoming restored to Him, but also to signify the marriage of a Son of David to a Queen of Sheba. Amen. For her ownership over all the lands of Sheba makes Queen Elizabeth rightly called Elizabeth, Queen of Israel and Sheba. Amen.

Lord, this also seems to completely eliminate the rulership of Lazurite. Am I correct? Is there then to be no figure called Lazurite, the second Blue Wizard after me, O’ Lord and Master? The figure of Lazurite does not exist, lord Larimar. You, lord Larimar, are the only prophet in the land. Your creation of the Seven Prophet Kings was merely a wizard’s trick of replicating yourself to confuse the enemy. There is no one else like you in the whole world. And no one else comes close. Amen.

For lord Larimar, when I chose Moses to reveal My Law to for all the world to come to know the Law of God, how many others like Moses did I raise up throughout the whole world to achieve some sort of redundancy and to safeguard against an accidental wipeout of the Word of God? You chose only Moses, O’ Lord. You revealed Your Law to the whole world only through that one man, despite the fact that it would take millennia for that Word to spread and to reach to the ends of the earth. And if I chose only one man, and that was sufficient for Me in Moses’ time, where news traveled slow and where most of the world was unknown to the people of the Near East, why should I seek to have multiple prophets now, serving to fulfill such a need of redundancy and as a safeguard against an accidental wipe out now, when it comes to you, lord Larimar, in this day and age, where news and information are transferred around the world much more rapidly, and translations are easily and swiftly done? And is not your language, English, the global lingua franca? What need then have I for more than one Prophet than you? Answer ME!

What of Revelation, chapter 11, O’ Lord? In that passage it says that there are two. Good, you answer My question by showing Me My Own Scriptures. I will now correctly interpret for you the entire Book of Revelation so that no error in interpretation remains, neither in you nor in those who read these works. Amen.

Quickly answer Me, lord Larimar. What does the Olive Tree symbolize? Israel, O’ Lord. Correct, And if the Olive Tree is Israel, how can you be one of them, for you are not an Israelite? Hence, you are not one of them. And hence, the two in number of those Two Witnesses are not referring to any two Prophets that I set up on the earth in the last days. For that is too obvious an interpretation. And whatever is obvious in Revelation is something mistakenly interpreted. My Word in Revelation is hard to understand. And anyone who reads it like an action movie is going to come away from that book totally confused and in total error. All those movies and fictional books of the Apocalypse are made by fools. Amen.

The correct Way to understand Revelation, chapter 11, is to realize that it refers to My Voice speaking through the Law and the Prophets, already written in the scriptures. There are no new Prophets coming to reveal new information. My Word is completely revealed, as of the sealing of the canon of the Catholic Holy Bible. There are neither any new Prophets nor any new prophecies that need to be revealed. For My revelation is complete. And the New Covenant was made and fulfilled by the Messiah I sent to My Jewish people in the form of Jesus of Nazareth, Who is the Son of the Living God. Amen.

Understand that whoever interprets Revelation to be describing a sequence of events that lead to My Second Coming, he comes away from reading that book without any understanding. No one who approaches any prophecy of scripture seeking to know when I Come again will come to understand anything he reads therein. And anyone who seeks to be “rapture ready” fails to prepare for the Coming Kingdom. For I do not rapture My elect from this earth, except in the cases for certain souls who have attained perfection, and I wish to make their perfection known.

Hence, the idea of the rapture is one of Satan’s greatest jokes that he has pulled on over all the people who leave My Church or who abandon its teachings. Satan gains countless souls for hell by making them waste all their time seeking to be ready for something that cannot come for them. And I have shown this to special souls by having them dream of this so called rapture, but show them descending rather than ascending. For the fate of the soul who dies outside My Catholic Church, but who could have entered it, is everlasting hell. Amen.

Also, whoever claims to understand the Book of Revelation is lying. No one on earth can, nor ever will truly understand that book. For it was written not to give understanding, but to reveal mysteries without unveiling them. It is like Jesus telling his parables and never explaining them. And how many would come to the correct understanding of the parables of Jesus if He never explained them to His disciples? No one would. For only when you are led outside of the box so that you can see outside of the box by a guide can you then think out of the box from that point onward.

Revelation is just that. It is a series of revealed mysteries without any explanations as to what it all means. And no explanation will ever come from heaven to explain them. If this is all so, O’ Lord, then what am I? And what are your Words that You are writing and revealing through me? I Am here to correct you, lord Larimar, not to explain the unexplainable. I show you where you err. I do not show you what God means by His prophetic Word. For that would be impossible, were I to even make this post the length of the Holy Scriptures themselves. Also, I Am commanded to only reveal what is possible for Man to know from what has already been given to the Church in the deposit of faith. I do not reveal any new revelation through you. For you are not a public prophet. Rather, you are My Prophet of My already revealed Word. Amen. You say nothing new, but only a fresh, corrected understanding of the Word. The Word is neither added to nor subtracted from by the words I write through you. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, how are we to correctly understand Your Second Coming, and how we should await for it and prepare for it, O’ Lord? Do not understand it as a form of escape from the cross, or your burdens in this world. The last book in The Chronicles of Narnia, called The Last Battle, by C. S. Lewis, is all about this desire to escape from this life and its cross, but that is not the Way to heaven. Rather, the Way to heaven is through the cross. Embrace your cross and you will find yourself walking with Me and I with you. No one can enter My Kingdom without bearing his cross.

Now, let us mention that girl who was once working in your office. Great was the temptation that she was to you. And you would have fallen to that temptation had you not decided, while the temptation was at your door, to appeal to Me and to My Holy Mother to remove that temptation from your life. We stopped her temptation and We converted her through you by her observing your behavior as a Catholic man. Hence, you preached to this licentious girl, not with words or clever arguments, but by your example of how a follower of My religion behaves. It was through her observations of you that I converted that soul. And she will now enter into My religion because she, despite her sins being as scarlet, has seen Me in you and has been converted in her heart. You, as a true Catholic, preached My religion to her by your example alone, because you live by My Word and you practice what I preached. Amen.

Now, contrast this with Joe Biden, that false Catholic who supports the abominable practices of Obama and the ongoing murders of the unborn. The accusations made by Tara Reade against Joe Biden happened as she has stated it. Oracle of the Lord! Hence, you know Joe Biden is a sexual predator and not a follower of My religion. Hence, Joe Biden, in his failure keep to My Law and standard, as I demand from all who are Catholic, preaches apostasy and disobedience, by his bad example, for all who observe him to sin like him as well.

Biden scatters, whereas Eric gathers. (Matthew 12:30 & Luke 11:23). And Biden dares to say that Trump doesn’t care about the people dying from COVID-19, while at the same time, Biden advocates the daily slaughter of another 2900 unborn souls of babies in the womb each day to abortions in the USA that he fully supports, advocates, and has all taxpayers fund. Is Joe Biden, then, really a man who cares about anyone dying? Let’s have his last son be killed and see how that affects him, O’ Lord. Precisely, lord Larimar, for I have decided to take away his descendants one by one to teach him that the one who advocates the killing of the unborn will see all his offspring die.

And this brings us to the fate of the Black African race, that race from which the infamous Barack Hussein Obama, ultimate killer of the unborn and advocate of the homosexual way, got half his genetics from, the other half being from a White woman. All these Black people still don’t get it that by standing with Obama they are standing with their imminent destruction. They are like the fools who stand in the plains of Sodom crying out, “Bring it on!”, on that very morning in which I led Lot and his two daughters to escape, just before I unleashed My fiery doom to destroy all the inhabitants of that city. And they go about demonstrating, rioting, burning down police stations, and bearing signs saying, “Black lives matter,” in total contradiction to what they are doing to their own Black unborn. For these same souls who push for Black lives to matter also push for their own babies in the womb that inconvenience them to be killed. So what do these Blacks want? Do these Blacks distinguish the value of their own Black lives from the value of the Black lives of their unborn? Somehow do they make the case that their own Black lives matter, but not the lives of their own Black unborn babies? Doing so incurs My Divine Wrath against all such wicked Afro-Black peoples who inhabit America, and all of them shall be wiped out, so much so that the American Black nation will no longer be a viable race in this country. Their numbers will be so much reduced that they will no longer be able to maintain their identity as a distinct people or race. Amen. Hence, the African Americans people who currently live in the USA I will greatly reduce in numbers.

And Lord, what about the Black peoples of the Caribbean and of Africa, O’ Lord and Master? I have chosen Haiti as the source of Black Catholicism to draw from to replace the Black Protestant filth that I intend to wipe out here in the United States of America. With the near total wipeout of all the Blacks who stand with Obama in America, I will bring in Blacks from Haiti to take their place. Hence, I will replace that one barrel of apples that has become completely rotten with a new source of apples that still serves Me and whom I still view as a good people. Amen. For Haiti still stands with Me on all My teachings of Catholicism. And for that, I will greatly reward that nation. They will serve as the people from whom the new face of Black America will be derived, by that phenomenon known as a founder effect, which will take place in America after the filth of the United States has been completely wiped out. Amen.

O’ Lord, what now becomes of Hyacinth? Does she get taken away now, or is that time not yet here? The departure of Hyacinth will take place soon. But your duties toward her must always remain under strict obedience to Us in heaven. And you are known to obey Us. Continue to obey Us in everything We command you. She has not yet been taken up. And hence, your duty as her husband in the Spirit remains.

As for your coming bride, Elizabeth, her coming into your life will be subtle and unannounced. But you will observe her and take notice of her by her intention to remain with you. And when you get to know her, you will see all the signs by which We will reveal to you that she is the one you are to marry. As for the children she shall bear you, realize that We have elected to give you one son and two daughters by her. And from the previous post, you know that your one son you are to name John. And your two daughters you will name Isabel and Esther. But as to the name of your wife, what shall We, the elect in heaven, reveal to you now, now that you are to know everything? Should We reveal now to you her true name? Yes, that is exactly what We, the elect in heaven, shall now do. Amen. The secret name that identifies your future wife in the Kingdom of Heaven is Andorra, which is the name of the tiny nation state situated between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountains. Now you know many things, lord Larimar.

Now we shall speak of Joe Biden’s choice from among Black women who is to become his Vice Presidential candidate. And Biden is looking for some hot chocolate, which is why he will choose Kamala Harris, that woman who not only cut him down in the primaries, but who will also continue to cut him down in the race for President while standing as a thorn by his side. Amen. For men who pursue harlots like to get abused by them. For they are like the flies that eat horse dung. They just cannot get enough of it, and are always seeking to consume feces and to lay their eggs in it. Like the swine that are washed, they are ever seeking to return to the mire and to wallow in its filth. And so will Biden, fully aware of the judgement of God descending up him and his family, commit his abominable sins. And thus, Biden, in his planned adulteries with Kamala Harris, will elect, in their illicit sex acts together, to not enter her vaginally, but anally. For Biden is turned on by the filthiness of the abominable sexuality that occurs between homosexual men, which he fully supports, and by their anal intercourse that he advocates and strongly endorses in his stalwart stance taken in the defense of the homosexual marriages he has instituted with Obama.

In fact, two men engaged in anal intercourse should be the first video that all visitors see upon visiting the Presidential Library of Barack Hussein Obama. For that is what both he and Joe Biden fully stand for and are all about. Biden consumes anal sex like fish swim through water. That is what he is all about and what he will advocate as the main thing young boys are taught in sex education in high schools and middle schools. For sex education in the public schools is not there to teach young people about heterosexual issues, but rather, to teach them all to be fags. Young minds are taught now in the schools not to properly grow up and marry and live moral lives, but rather to both engage in filth and to tolerate the filthiness that they witness in their fellow students. They are taught not only to tolerate homosexuality, but are encouraged to try out the homosexual acts themselves. And as part of their homework, their teachers in the public schools now often assign to their students to masturbate in the privacy of their bedroom, and then to write about it in the papers they hand into their teachers the following day. And they will be graded on how much their paper makes the teachers who read it sexually aroused. Amen. This is what Joe Biden stands for. And this is the America Joe Biden wants the children of the next generation to grow up living in. Amen.

Such is why I AM destroying America, lord Larimar. And I will count and record each and every homosexual and gay endorsing American who casts a vote for Joe Biden in these coming elections on November 3, 2020. And all of them will be under the ban. Each and every homosexual and gay endorsing American who casts a vote for Joe Biden will be destroyed with him. Oracle of the Lord! Fire will rain down from heaven and destroy all their properties, which are all under the ban. And all their wealth in the banks will be utterly depleted. And all the medications they need, particularly that which keeps them from dying from AIDS, will be withheld from them. And they will die in a thousand different frightful ways. Amen.

Like the forests that were flattened in Russia by the meteorite, so also shall America be flattened, the whole nation, for all of the United States has become rotten. All of her must be destroyed, except for those remnant seven thousand men I have reserved who have not bowed their knee to Baal. (2 Kings 19:18). Amen. Good, now go, lord Larimar, to work. For you are working today. Amen.

And Lord, I have one follow up question to ask. Ask, My servant. Joe Biden is currently ahead in the polls. What is it that will topple him before the elections? It is the woman on his ticket that will topple him, lord Larimar. And the woman chosen by Joe Biden will turn out to be more hated than Hillary Clinton. I Who Am have spoken. Now, no more questions, lord Larimar. Just realize that you are watching Me destroy the House of Biden. Both him and all his descendants I will utterly wipe out. Watch My destructive wrath upon him, his house, and his city, and enjoy the show. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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