Eric speaks volumes on sex

The girl Eric is to marry shall soon be revealed.

I Who Am do now declare Eric is worthy of Kingship and eternal glory. Amen. Behold, a woman of Semitic origin shall become the wife of the Larimar King. I Who Am Am giving her to Eric soon. And is she drop dead gorgeous like the woman in this picture, O’ Lord? Or do I settle for less? She is very sexy, lord Larimar. But We will not compare her with other women, for each beautiful woman’s beauty is unique to herself. That is why pornography is so destructive, O’ Larimar King. The man who seeks gratification in porn denies himself from having a normal relationship with just the one female he has, with her imperfect body. For a woman with a perfect body is a fantasy. No women, not even the woman whose picture it is that is portrayed as perfect, is perfect. Pornography gets the male brain to expect a certain kind of fantastic being in the opposite sex. And thus, when he finally comes to the real thing, his dick fails him. If this has happened to you, just stop doing porn, and after some period of time, when those images wear out in your brain, you’ll get your erections back when in the presence of the real thing.

Now, there are two females who are to have eternal claim rights upon the Larimar King. And these shall be Hyacinth and Elizabeth. But Lord, how are there to be such claims in eternity if no one can have sex there? Also, the Catholic Church has no official recognition of second wives or of concubines. And if I were to have children by a secondary wife or a concubine, while I am already married to another, I would not be able to have my children baptized, for the Church will rule me as not in good standing with the marriage laws of the Catholic Church. Realize, lord Larimar, that the Catholic Church does in fact recognize more than one marriage, but just not at the same time, but in the sequence in time, where the second marriage takes place only after the previous marriage has ended by the death of the previous spouse, provided that you had nothing to do with that death. For if you in any way participated in the death of your previous spouse, even if it was an assisted suicide, canon law says that you invalidly contract marriage if you intended to marry again after your spouse’s death. Also, assisting in a suicide puts you into mortal sin. So never do that.

Hence, in the eyes of the eternal God, you are to be married to two women, lord Larimar, but in a sequence in time and not at the same time on the earth. Your first wife, by her enchantment, will come to you in Spirit before she is taken up to heaven, and in that way, you will know her in Spirit, but not in the flesh. And by that Spiritual union between two virgins, this bond enters into eternity and takes on an eternal status. In heaven, this one called Hyacinth will never depart from praying for you and interceding for you before Jesus. And she will remain in a perpetual spiritual friendship with you throughout your entire life. For her spiritual bond with you is unbreakable, lord Larimar. For by your obedience to Me, this girl’s soul is now Mine. Amen.

Because it shall be in Spirit and not in the flesh that you shall know your first wife, Hyacinth, your flesh shall remain virgin for your entrance into the sacramental marriage you are to enter into with the second virgin woman who is yet to come. The one who is yet to come We called Elizabeth in these writings. And your marriage to Elizabeth will be real, sacramental, physical, and will bring forth children. It is for this reason that only this coming marriage shall have recognition by the Catholic Church on earth. And because the Catholic Church will recognize the latter marriage, but have no knowledge of the former, the description of the wife of the Larimar King in the definition of his Kingdom on the earth may only include the latter woman’s name, Elizabeth, and not both women who are bonded to you forever. But in the reality seen by God, Eric is to be eternally bonded to two.

Understand the nature of this three member bond in the analogy of a water molecule: In each molecule of water, one oxygen atom is permanently united to two hydrogen atoms, forming H2O. That oxygen atom symbolizes you, lord Larimar. And the two hydrogen atoms bound to it symbolize the two girls, Hyacinth and Elizabeth. And water, once formed, does not come apart very easily. Photosynthesis does in fact break apart water naturally using energy from sunlight to form of sugars in green plants. And respiration is the reverse of this process by which stored energy ultimately from plants is released to do work in the cell, producing the byproducts of water and carbon dioxide. A green plant with light other than green shining on it, is always using the energy from mostly the blue and red wavelengths of visible light to photosynthesize, taking in the necessary carbon from carbon dioxide in the air and outputting oxygen to form the basic sugar. The basic formula for photosynthesis is: 6CO+ 6H2O + energy → C6H12O+ 6O2. And the basic formula for respiration, which is the reverse, is: C6H12O6 + 6O2 → 6CO2 + 6H2O + energy. And whatever green light is shining upon the green plants is reflected back, giving the pigment, chlorophyll, which absorbs the energy from light for photosynthesis, its distinctive green appearance. However, in your case lord Larimar, your water molecule is eternal. It is classified as a form of heavenly water in My Kingdom, and heavenly water is never taken apart again, once formed. But realize that the ideal union between a man and a woman is in reality that they are bonded as a single mated pair. And such are the most common bonds seen in the heavens in the form of binary star systems. Most star systems in the universe are in fact binary stars, that is, two stars orbiting one another. And as it is seen in the natural heavens, so also is it in the reality of the Spiritual world. Thus, most of My elect in heaven are like the binary star systems there. Most of My elect exist in a binary love bond with just one other soul for all eternity. As such they can be likened to the most common molecule making up earth’s atmosphere, N2, which is the union of two equal nitrogen atoms into a stable bond that strongly resists being pulled apart. And all such bonded souls, where both souls enter into heaven, become eternally bonded there as well. For it is written: Husbands and wives tend to drag one another either to heaven or to hell. A lawfully married couple tend to go to the same place after death. And you know that most of the atmosphere on earth is made up of N2, which is the formula for nitrogen gas.

There are also a fair amount of stable single kinds of gas atoms in the atmosphere, known as noble gases, that do not form molecules with other atoms. Nor do they need to in order to remain stable, due to their chemical nature. The most common of these in the earth’s atmosphere are argon atoms, followed by neon atoms, followed by helium atoms, followed by krypton atoms. These are denoted by the symbols: Ar, Ne, He, and Kr, respectively. Krypton (Kr), together with Xeon (Xe) and Radon (Rn), are those noble gases known for being very heavy relative to the air, and thus rapidly sink in air, as do the damned in the spiritual realms. Those elect who successfully enter into heaven as single souls may be symbolized as single stable atoms of argon, neon, or helium, with the formulas: Ar, or Ne, or He, respectively, with argon representing the lowest levels of such saints in heaven. and with helium representing the highest of such saints in heaven. They are analogous to the stars in the firmament that are not bonded to another star. Our sun is such a solitary star, though it is believed that in the distant past our sun was indeed part of a binary relationship with another star identified as HD 186302. Yes, all the stars that have been observed by Man have either been given a name or a number that identifies them.

Although such single atoms of the noble gases do exist in the earth’s atmosphere, they represent less than 1% total of the volume of the air upon the earth. Water vapor tends to be more common, making up to as high as about 4% of the earth’s air in volume, depending on where you sample the air from on the earth. Some air on earth has no water vapor, while in other places, the air is saturated with water, making up to about 4% of the air in volume. And the warmer the air is, the more water vapor it can hold. Also, as it is in the earth’s atmosphere, so also is it in the heavenly Kingdom. The souls who enter into heaven that are united in heavenly water molecules are in fact more common than those souls who enter in as single, solitary souls. However, the most common bonds found in souls in heaven are those forming the binary star systems, which are analogous to being two equal partners in heavenly nitrogen gas molecules, symbolized by N2.

Lord, tell me more about water molecules in heaven. Are they always gender specific of one male bonded to two females? In heavenly water, it is always made up of one male to whom two females are strongly bonded. Although this is somewhat of a rare occurrence compared to the binary bonds between men and women, heavenly water does make up a significant portion of the heavenly court, and in certain realms of the Kingdom of Heaven, as it is analogous with the high humidity found in fog and clouds upon earth, heavenly water can be the dominant or most common heavenly molecule. And in such heavenly seas of waters, the Holy Spirit flows most fluidly. And it is from those of such heavenly seas who are primarily heard singing the song of the Lamb. (Revelation 14:3).

Lord, it was previously revealed to me that of every 110 souls conceived 60 were males and 50 were females. And I was also told that heaven is very skewed toward the female gender, while hell is very skewed toward the male gender. However, I wish for you to set the record straight. For the 60:50 male to female soul conception rate may have come from diabolic origins. And I was hoping that you, now that you speak to me, since the Age of Mary began on Sunday, July 23, 2017, that you would clarify all of this, and tell me where I am correct, and correct all my errors. Amen. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord. And speak, O’ Lord, for your servant is listening.

Lord Larimar, now I shall speak. The rate at which males are conceived compared to females is very high, and it must be high due to the much higher death rate in males compared to females. Otherwise, by the time of sexual maturity, there would be a shortage of males for all the females according to the natural monogamous sexual nature of Mankind. Evolution has thus adjusted the exact ratio of males to females at conception to best optimize reproduction rates by having it so that the male to female sex ratio becomes roughly equal in number by the time of the practiced age of reproduction for that particular race and people. For the more equal the sex ratio is at the age of reproduction heights for that race and people, the higher the reproduction rates become for the monogamous species that human beings are. Thus, it is evolution that has established the sex ratio between the genders at conception for each particular race and people. It was not God Who decided it arbitrarily as a fixed cosmic ratio. Rather, gender is a genetic thing, determined by the genetics of the sperm that fertilizes the egg in human beings. And all that is genetic is governed by evolutionary forces. Hence the exact gender ratio at conception varies and drifts according to the evolutionary pressures designed to optimize the sexual reproduction rate of the species. And of course, the widespread practice of abortion interferes with these evolutionary forces, as it kills off what would otherwise be counted as a successful reproduction arbitrarily among the specimens of the species.

However, it is established by God what the exact gender ratio found in heaven is, and everyone’s gender is part of the predestination of all those whose names are written in the Book of Life. And yes, far more females are recorded in the Book of Life than are their male counterparts. And as a consequence of this, by simple mathematical deduction, you therefore know that hell is mostly male and heaven is mostly female. Amen. Most of those who go to hell are male. And most of those who go to heaven are female. But also realize this very important Truth: The percentages of people who go to hell are always much higher that those who go to heaven in both genders and in every major demographic. However, it must also be noted that percentages of the reprobated are always much higher among male demographics than they are among female demographics.

Now, I shall rank all of the Kingdom of Heaven, giving the analogical chemical formulas that fit metaphorically each people of each such rank. And in addition to the descending ranks of heaven, I will also follow with the descending ranks of hell, identified by their analogical chemical formulas, in the metaphorical view that all these ranks make up major components of the earth’s atmosphere. Amen.

  1. He, Helium noble gas. This is the highest rank in all of heaven, and the rarest and lightest of the three largest noble gas components found in the earth’s atmosphere. These are those virgin souls who have mastered celibacy and who have partaken in the sacraments of the Catholic Church. The Virgin Mary is here represented as a such a single soul, and not within a dual star system with Joseph, as they exist in separate dispensations. All who belong to this rank have received the sacraments, and all of them die in communion with the Roman pontiff of the Catholic Church, the first Roman Pontiff having being the Apostle Peter, who was martyred in Rome. All the perfected, celibate, virgin Apostles and saints, including Saint John, Saint Paul, and also that eternal virgin who was betrothed to Jesus on earth, Saint Mary Magdalene, are ranked in this highest group of virgin souls. Only celibate virgins are ranked in this highest rank among of the saints. And all in this rank are eternally glorified with the crown of virginity. They are symbolized by helium, which is the lightest of the noble gases, lighter than air. Only pure hydrogen gas, (H2), with a molar mass of 2.01588 g/mol, is lighter than helium, (He), with a molar mass of 4.003 g/mol, among all the gases that are lighter than air, which has an average molar mass of 29 g/mol. This is why helium, due to its lightness and inert nature, symbolizes the highest rank in heaven. And helium is highly preferred over hydrogen to serve as lift for dirigibles, such as zeppelins and blimps, due to its inert, nonexplosive nature. For hydrogen reacts violently with oxygen, forming water vapor along with great heat, and thus is ill-suited for providing lift to flammable airships. Thus is why those analogous to helium dwell in the highest dominions of the Sea of Peace. Amen.
  2. D2O, Heavy Water, is H2O where both hydrogen atoms are actually known as deuterium (2H), that is, they are hydrogen atoms that contain both a neutron and a proton in their nucleus. This effectively doubles the mass of the atom, compared to a normal hydrogen atom (1H) containing just a single proton by itself in its nucleus. However, despite the doubled mass, deuterium is still lighter than air. Also, all forms of water vapor are lighter than air, including gaseous D2O, which has a molar mass of 20.02751 g/mol, compared to the average molar mass of air at about 29 g/mol. Note that deuterium is a stable isotope of hydrogen. Hence, D2O is not radioactive water, but is highly stable. Hyacinth in the water molecule with Eric is to be ranked as deuterium due to her holiness and destiny to enter heaven as a crowned virgin. D2O is the highest class of heavenly water, and is also the rarest. Amen. All heavenly water of this class consists only of virgin souls. No non virgin male or female can enter a D2O molecule.
  3. HDO, Semiheavy Water, is H2O where only one of the two hydrogen atoms is deuterium (2H), while the other hydrogen is the regular form containing only a proton in its nucleus. The water molecule to which Eric is fated to belong to is classified as such semiheavy water, for only Hyacinth is to remain a virgin. Elizabeth is fated to lose her virginity with Eric and become analogous to regular hydrogen (1H). This is the second class of heavenly water. Only one of the two women in semiheavy water has retained her virginity in order to win the eternal crown of virginity in this form of heavenly water. It is the middle level of the three classes of heavenly waters. Gaseous HDO is lighter than D2O, having a molar mass of 19.021 g/mol.
  4. H2O, Light Water, is H2O where both hydrogen atoms are regular atoms of hydrogen (1H), each containing just a single proton. This is the lowest class of heavenly water, and also the most common among all the classes of heavenly water. In this form of heavenly water, neither of its two women representing the hydrogen atoms of the molecule retain their virginity. This is also the lightest form of gaseous water, having a molar mass of 18.01528 g/mol.
  5. Ne, Neon noble gas. This is the second level of single souls in heaven. This level includes those souls who lost their virginity but who became celibate and were saved in their celibate vocation. They also include those virgin souls who were inclined towards the married vocation, and who may have even sought to marry, but who never found a spouse. Saint Augustine belongs to this group for he left a life of sin to became celibate. And the Apostle Peter also belongs to this group, for he left his wife to follow Jesus. Neon gas, though much heavier than helium, and also heavier than all forms of gaseous water, is nevertheless, lighter than air, having a molar mass of 20.2 g/mol, compared to the average molar mass of air at 29 g/mol, and thus rises in air. Neon gas is also slightly heavier than gaseous heavy water, whose molar mass is 20.02751 g/mol, compared to the molar mass of neon at 20.2 g/mol. This reflects how this class of saints are of a high spiritual level, though not as high as the celibate virgins represented by helium, nor quite as high as the spiritual states found in those souls that form heavenly water molecules.
  6. N2, Nitrogen gas. These are the elect among all sacramentally married souls. In heaven, they are like the stars that belong to binary star systems. However, not all sacramentally married couples are such that both spouses go to heaven, and in such cases, the heavenly spouse is represented by a single nitrogen atom (N) in heaven. These elect include all validly married Catholics who are saved and who enter into heaven, but who are not privileged to be a part of any heavenly water molecule. This is the largest group of the sacramental elect in heaven. And most of the earth’s atmosphere is composed of nitrogen gas. The molar mass of N2 is 28.02 g/mol, making nitrogen gas as roughly equal to, though slightly lighter than, the average molar mass of air at about 29 g/mol. It is the mixing N2 with O2, which is heavier, with a molar mass of 32 g/mol, that makes the average molecular weight of air slightly heavier than that of nitrogen gas (N2), its principle component. Most of the heavenly court is made up of such sacramentally married souls. Their slightly lighter than air status metaphorically symbolizes their elevated spiritual state compared to the baseline of the spiritual world. All who exist in this group are fully saved and fully members of the Bride to the Lamb, fully partaking in all of the Biblically promised rewards of heaven. Amen.
  7. Ar, Argon noble gas. This is the third and lowest level of the single souls who enter into heaven. To this group belong all single souls who made it to heaven but who remained outside the Catholic Church and who had no access to her sacraments. John the Baptist is of this group. All celibate saints who entered the Limbo of the Fathers are here, including the prophet Elijah and his apprentice Elisha. Saint Joseph, the spouse of Mary, also belongs to this group, as he remained a virgin all his life (See the testimony of Saint Joseph in the approved Marian Apparition: Our Lady of America.). Argon is a noble gas that is significantly heavier than air, having a molar mass of 39.948 g/mol, reflecting on the lower spiritual nature of these souls due their having never partaken the sacraments of the Catholic Church. Also, argon is the most common of all the noble gases in the earth’s atmosphere. Hence, more celibate souls belong to this group than in any other group among the celibate elect in heaven.
  8. O2, Oxygen gas. These are all those elect who belong to the marriage vocation in life, but who never entered the Catholic Church. Their marriages were not sacramental, but were nevertheless blessed by God. Souls in this group include all the married elect who entered the Limbo of the Fathers, including Moses, King David, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This group also includes all the married women as well, who like the men, were saved in those ages before the coming of the Church. All married souls of the Limbo of the Fathers are here, with the exception of those belonging to Josephite marriages, who are ranked higher. Oxygen gas, with a molar mass of 32 g/mol, is heavier than Nitrogen gas, having a molar mass of 28.02 g/mol, reflecting on the reality that these married souls are of a significant lower spiritual state in comparison to the souls who married sacramentally in the Catholic Church.
  9. CO2, Carbon Dioxide. These are the damned souls who are able to enter into natural heterosexual relationships. Carbon is the element with the atomic number of 6, being the element containing six protons. Hence, the chain of Carbon, C-C-C is also representable as 6-6-6. Hence, Carbon represents Adam and the fallen human nature. Hence, CO2 represent all the damned who are capable of entering into natural monogamous heterosexual relationships. The two oxygen atoms symbolize the natural bonds between heterosexual couples, and the one carbon atom uniting them represents the natural, carnal, attractive bonds of the flesh that bind the members of these couples with one another. Carbon dioxide, having a molar mass of 44.01 g/mol, is heavier than oxygen gas, which has a molar mass of 32 g/mol, reflecting on the lower, animal like, spiritual level of these souls compared to the married elect who go to heaven, symbolized by lighter gases of O2 and N2.
  10. CH4, Methane. These are all the polygamous and sexually promiscuous damned. These include the harlots and all the abominations of the earth. These include souls that enter into many sexual relationships but who never truly practice the normal, natural monogamous nature of being a normal human being, but who rather live like sexual animals. Also included in this group are all the sexual deviants who like to call themselves the LGBTQ peoples. This gas is actually rarer than helium in the earth’s atmosphere. For the homosexual is, as a rule, a freak of nature, and thus, is indeed an uncommon phenomenon. Methane, with its molar mass at 16.04 g/mol, is lighter than water vapor, H2O, which has a molar mass of 18.01528 g/mol. Methane’s light weight comes from its hydrogen atoms. That methane is lighter than water vapor signifies that these souls attempt to pass themselves as moral and righteous like the saints, and yet, unlike water vapor, methane is highly combustable, and thus, is never chosen as a means of providing lift to passenger carrying airships. Amen.
  11. Kr, Krypton noble gas. These are those Satanist loners who remain single souls and who do not enter bonded relationships with other people. Included in this group are the sexual monsters, the pedophiles, and those who utterly fail to enter into any healthy relationships due to the sickness of their minds and their warped psychologies. Adolf Hitler belongs to this group in hell. This gas is the heaviest major component of atmospheric air on the earth, having a molar mass of 83.80 g/mol. This noble gas rapidly sinks in the air, reflecting on the utter lowness of the spiritual state of these souls. And this noble gas, though rarer than methane in the earth’s atmosphere, is still considered one of the major components of the earth’s atmosphere.

Now, you have been told all the major components that make up atmospheric air, and how they are all symbolic of the various ranks of souls that go to heaven or hell. Amen. Now, O’ Lord, I have seen how the heavier gases tend to be reflective of lower souls, but not always. For methane is much lighter than air, but symbolizes the damned. And of the three forms of heavenly water, all being lighter than air, it is the heavier forms, those containing deuterium (2H), that are holier and of higher rank, due to the virginity in women that deuterium symbolizes here. That is correct, lord Larimar. You are astute and accurate. Now, I shall speak. These listed souls are the Eleven major categories of eternal relationships found among souls that characterize spiritual life and their interrelationships both in this life and that continue on into the afterlife.

Lord, since I am to belong to the middle grade of heavenly water, due to Hyacinth retaining her virginity forever, but not Elizabeth, who is prophesied to lose her virginity with me and bear children, how does this effect my eternal status in heaven, O’ Lord? All heavenly water is very holy, lord Larimar. But few among the elect can attain it, for it requires sinless bonds between one male and two females. A male who has a sexual relationship with two females at the same time does not attain it, for he is guilty of great transgression. Also, no man can attain it by his own election, but only by the election of God. And heavenly water forms only among validly baptized Catholics in full communion with the pope in Rome. And understand this, lord Larimar: All heavenly water molecules that form were predestined to form by God. Amen.

But the man who has two or more sexual lovers at the same time commits sin. He is likened to methane gas, a highly explosive and hellish smelling gas, when mixed with hydrogen sulphide (H2S). And those symbolized by methane relationships in hell are indeed highly mixed with H2S, giving them that hellish characteristic rotten egg smell of flatus gas. For God created Adam and only gave him one wife, Eve, to symbolize the monogamous nature that God created Mankind to be and to aspire to. For God elevated Mankind above the primates and other mammals by giving him this monogamous nature. There are in fact other primates, such as gibbons, and other mammals, such as beavers, otters, and wolves that also exhibit this monogamous nature, as given to human kind. But among mammalian species, only about 3% exhibit the monogamous nature as found in human kind. Contrast this to birds, where 90% of the avian species are monogamous. Hence, the birds are closer than the mammals are in representing the ideal relationships that God expects from His elect. And such is why angels are depicted as having the wings and feathers of birds rather than the fur of mammals. Amen.

Lord, why were Lot and his daughters not punished for their sex acts together, after they were led out of Sodom to escape from your destructive wrath against the sinners of that city? For Lot’s daughters were blessed to become the mothers of nations, but the sons they had that fathered those nations were conceived by sex with their father, Lot. You punished Sodom for its homosexuality, but you tolerated and blessed the daughters of Lot, despite their incest with their father, which was committed by the decisions of the daughters while their father was under the heavy influence of alcohol. Indeed, lord Larimar, I punished all of Sodom for their filthiness, by which they sinned against My natural law. For My natural law is that no two men may have sex with one another. (Leviticus 18:22). For that is an abomination. But heterosexual impurities and transgressions, such as incest, though extremely sinful, are in fact not contrary to the natural law. Furthermore, women in the ancient world did indeed have the right to a mate. And if their male provider could not provide one for them, I permitted such women to mate with their male provider to produce children by him. Realize that I also permitted this with Tamar and her father in law Judah, son of Jacob, who failed to provide her with a mate after her two husbands had died in succession, leaving her childless. And so she disguised herself as a harlot and mated with Judah, as I granted her to do, in order to have a child by her male provider. And as proof that I both allowed this and in fact blessed this is the scriptural testament that Tamar became the ancestor of the line of Judah that gave rise to King David and all his royal line of descendants all the way to Saint Joseph, who became the foster father of Jesus, the Son of God. And Jesus is by this adoption thus called the Son of David, who was descended from Judah and Tamar Amen.

But nowhere in the Biblical lineage of Abraham to David, nor from David to Joseph, is there any indication of any form of homosexuality in any one in that chain of successive generations. But many, I tell you, are the details of heterosexual sins and transgressions that occurred throughout that lengthy chain of succession. Now understand this point very carefully: I give wide levels of toleration for sins of the flesh provided that they remain heterosexual in nature. But as for the homosexuals, these I utterly destroy. The homosexuals I can never tolerate to allow to live in the land. The homosexuals must, and always are, completely wiped out from the face of the earth wherever they occur and rises up to prominence.

Such is why America, where you live, will be destroyed. I Am going to wipe out both the homosexuals and all who accommodate them willingly. I Am going to flush the Supreme Court of all its pro-gay filth. And I Am going to wipe out all pro-gay law on all the books of all the courts in the land. I Am destroying America, but I will allow a remnant to survive and to rebuild. And the remnant I allow to live will be holy. Amen.

Lord, the girl I am to receive, I received a message that this girl is Queen Ester of Spanish America. Was this from Satan or from You, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, you have been told this sign by which you will know Elizabeth has arrived. A virgin will enter your life and not depart from you. For she will have inner knowledge that you are the one. And she will speak in Hebrew and English. And her religion will be a blend of Judaism and true Catholicism. When you see these signs in the girl, realize that she is the one. Therefore, lord Larimar, can this girl also be of Spanish culture and of the Spanish language? Answer me!

There are Jews who emigrated to Spain and who converted there to Catholicism. And from Spain, these descendants of Jews may have emigrated to the Americas. Thus would it be possible for a Hispanic woman of the Spanish culture to be of Jewish descent. Correct, lord Larimar. And now We, the elect in heaven, shall define your wife and her Kingdom upon the earth:

(1) Kingdom of Spanish North America, ruled over by Queen Ester Elizabeth. And her vast dominion includes the following lands in the Americas:

  1. The contiguous United States of America (ruled jointly with Larimar)
  2. Puerto Rico (ruled jointly with Larimar)
  3. The Dominican Republic
  4. Cuba
  5. Mexico
  6. Belize
  7. Guatemala
  8. El Salvador
  9. Honduras
  10. Nicaragua
  11. Costa Rica
  12. Panama

And the official languages of her Kingdom include the following:

  1. Spanish
  2. English
  3. Nahuatl
  4. Hebrew

Lord, how does she include Hebrew as one of her official tongues? Lord Larimar, look at Poland. It also recognizes Hebrew as an official language. And more speak Hebrew in the United States of America than in Poland. The USA is where live most speakers of Hebrew who live outside of Israel. And Queen Ester rules the contiguous United States of America jointly with you, where all these American speakers of Hebrew live, O’ Larimar King. Amen. Hence, she is ruler of that realm outside of Israel where live the greatest populations of the speakers of Hebrew.

And now, We shall redefine your vast Kingdom, as was last defined:

(2) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric and Queen Ester Elizabeth. And their jointly ruled Kingdom includes the following nation states, along with all territories and possessions belonging to them.

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. The Isle of Man
  5. The Republic of Ireland
  6. Australia
  7. New Zealand

And the official languages of this vast Kingdom shall include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French

Lord, I notice the addition of the Isle of Man to the list of nations. Yes, it was an accidental omission from the previous list. It is intended by God to be a member of your Kingdom, sharing in the same basic common language and culture found throughout your vast Kingdom. Amen. Note also this: The Isle of Man is independent from both the United Kingdom and from the Republic of Ireland. That is why it must be explicitly included to be included at all. But all the overseas territories belonging to your seven nation states are in fact implicitly included into this eternal definition of your Kingdom, and thus, no lengthy list of islands and overseas possessions of your seven nation states needs to be appended into this definition to include them. Amen. For they are already fully included implicitly.

Lord, then what has become of King Jadeite? For his Kingdom has now vanished. Go, lord Larimar, and cash your check. When you return, We shall complete this post through you. Amen. King Jadeite is no longer in power. His Kingdom is taken from him. Amen.

Lord, this girl, Ester Elizabeth, what languages does she speak? She is fluent in both Spanish and English, and her knowledge of Hebrew is deep. And where does she live, O’ Lord? Where your Kingdoms overlap in southern California. You shall meet her very soon, lord Larimar. I have arranged for the whole thing.

And what ethnicity is she, O’ Lord? What is her skin color, her eye color, her hair color, and her race, O’ Lord? Do you remember the first and only girl you ever kissed, whom you kissed only one time? She was Mexican, a mixture of Mayan and other native Mexican races along with some Spanish White ancestry. Well the girl We are giving you is a similar mix, but her White ancestry is heavily Jewish. Amen. And her family is Catholic going back centuries in Europe. Amen.

Lord, if my Kingdom includes the British Isles, due to being of the same culture and common language as in America, why doesn’t Queen Ester Elizabeth’s Spanish North American Kingdom include Spain? It is because, lord Larimar, the two cultures are quite different. American Spanish and that of Spain are distinctly different dialects of Spanish. And the cultures and racial compositions of the two regions are widely distinct. But the seven nation states of your Kingdom are largely of one culture and people. Hence, though your Kingdom is vast and great, it remains a Kingdom and not an empire. Amen.

Lord, will this girl you give me serve to translate my works, the Word You write through me, into Spanish and Hebrew, O’ Lord, since she is fluent in one and has deep knowledge of the other? Yes, in fact, that will be her job that she is to serve as your spouse. Amen. She is to take your works, written in English, and translate them into both Spanish and Hebrew, and then publish them on a website like this one, as freely available content, without any advertisements, and open to all readers on the internet, free of charge. And if she ever gets stuck or confused in her work of translation, she may ask you directly what you meant by any particular passage or statement. Amen. For she will have full access to the source of her translation works because she will be married to him. And you two will be given forty years to do this work together, starting from when you first make physical contact with her. Amen.

Lord, We have now entered into the fourth year of the Age of Mary, which began on Sunday, July 23, 2017. Lord, forty more years will make the span of time I am granted to live in the Age of Mary as 43 years. And 43 is the 14th prime number. Amen. Lord Larimar, the time has come for you to publish this post, and then you must set up your new computer. Ask any questions you have of Me, and I will answer you them. And then this post will be completed. Amen.

Lord, as you have commanded of me, I have helped Hyacinth, whom you say is my wife. What is our fate together, O’ Lord? And by what transition does the course of events take place that Hyacinth enters into heaven and Ester Elizabeth enters my life to marry me in the flesh? For I understand it must take place in a certain way to create that eternal, predestined bond of heavenly water between us three souls, O’ Lord? It is correct to understand Hyacinth as your wife, lord Larimar. The marriage that exists between you and Hyacinth is a spiritual one, one that binds you to her, but not one that has been officiated by a priest on the earth. But I have officiated it, lord Larimar. I have declared it legal. Now, these are the sequence of events that will take place by which Hyacinth shall enter heaven, in eternal union with you, and how Ester Elizabeth shall then enter your life, who is set to be sacramentally and sexually married to you. Amen.

  1. At an unknown day and hour, you will be visited in Spirit by your wife, Hyacinth. By this meeting, it will be communicated to you by sure spiritual knowledge both the eternal permanency of your union with her and of her definite passing from this world. And then you will see her no more, except in spiritual apparitions that I will grant for you and her from time to time for the remaining forty years of your life on the earth. Amen.
  2. Shortly after this vision takes place, a girl of the prophesied description above will make her appearance into your life. And she will not leave it. It will be by her decision to remain with you that you will know she is the one. Amen. And she will immediately begin consuming your works and, with your permission, begin translating them to Spanish and Hebrew. Amen.
  3. Almost as soon as you are familiar with one another you shall become engaged to marry this girl. In a local Catholic Church, perhaps the one she is domiciled in, or if not there, where you are domiciled, you shall marry this girl in a low key, little publicized, and low cost marriage. This marriage will take place after Lent of the next year. Amen.
  4. I shall grant children to be born to your marriage. I will grant you to have one son and two daughters. Your one son shall be named John. And your two daughters will be called Isabel and Esther. Amen. But Lord, isn’t that their mother’s name, in slightly different forms? The name, Ester Elizabeth, is an encoded name. It is not her real name. Her real name you will come to know when We give her to you. Amen. Lord, how do we prevent ourselves from having more than three children? I, the Lord God, will do that for you Myself, lord Larimar. You are commanded to welcome all the children into your family that your wife conceives for you. It is just that I Am prophesying to you ahead of time that I Am giving you just three children, one son and two daughters. Amen.
  5. After the forty years I give you comes to a close, your life on this earth terminates, lord Larimar. And I take you to heaven by whirlwind, as I took up Elijah.
  6. Your wife will witness your ascent into heaven as Elisha witnessed Elijah go. I have a further purpose for your wife to remain on the earth after you are taken up. Like Elisha succeeded Elijah as prophet, so also shall your wife succeed you, and inherit the deed to the House of Dunstan and all your properties. Amen.
  7. Your wife shall found an order to be called the Order of the Witch King child. And it shall be organized as a school to teach women on how to become like you and to master the teachings that your wife will have mastered by having lived with you as both your wife and your apprentice for forty years.
  8. At the conclusion of the Age of Mary, I take your wife up to heaven to complete the water molecule formed in eternity between you, Hyacinth, and Ester Elizabeth. This is the conclusion of time for the earth. Some time will pass on the earth, and then the Lord will announce that the time for the harvest has come.
  9. Then all these things upon the earth come to an end, and the I come again with My recompense to award My people for their meritorious deeds. This is when the Kingdoms will be set up and all the spoils will be divided up for all, in accordance to merit and the judgements I will have made on each individual’s soul. The End. Amen.

Lord, does President Trump defeat Democratic candidate Joe Biden in the Presidential elections this November 3, 2020? Yes, lord Larimar. You have ensured that this will take place. And Trump will reign for another four years. And he will groom his successor, who will successfully win the elections to take place in 2024. Amen. Also, you may now make your second decree on COVID-19, and I will answer you. Speak, lord Larimar your request!

I decree this, Lord of Hosts! Let COVID-19 dissipate, as previously decreed, but let the people of all the lands where homosexual marriage has been legalized be utterly wiped out down to that remnant of survivors who shall do the will of God and abolish all the Satanic laws of homosexuality and all their abominable rights and protections. Let it never again be the case that people in America, nor anywhere else in my Larimar Kingdom, who sin are protected with the right to commit their sinful behaviors, as the laws currently protect homosexuals and the sexually aberrant from their just and due expulsion and extermination from the land. Amen. And let all those people who stand with the princes of iniquity, as many who are Black still stand with Obama, that all of these, without exception, are put to the sword as Joshua put to the sword all the people of the promised land that he conquered, as God had commanded him through Moses. Amen. And let a good pope come back to rule over the Seat of Peter and restore the Catholic Church to correctly teach all that she stands for to all her flock. Amen.

Done. Your decree is made. It will be carried out. And I noticed how you mentioned the Book of Joshua. For you have completed your reading of Exodus and are now over halfway through the book of Joshua in the path of books I set for you to read for your eventual reading of the entire Catholic canon of the Holy Bible. And it is your 1953 Catholic Holy Bible that you are commanded to read all these books in. Amen. Hence, you have now read: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs, (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, (9) Genesis, and (10) Exodus. And right now you are reading (11) Joshua. After that, you shall read in this order: (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah, (21) Isaiah, (22) Leviticus, (23) Numbers, (24) Deuteronomy, (25) Matthew, (26) Luke, (27) Romans. And as you progress to the end of that list, I will show you the next books you shall read. And eventually you will have read the entire Catholic canon of books in the Holy Bible. And you read these books as I command you: 1 or 2 or 3 chapters a day, limiting yourself to that so that the knowledge you gain is retained, though in books where the chapters are short, I allow up to reading 4 to 5 chapters in a single day. Amen.

Lord, I wish to make one final follow up question. Am I a special type of Unicorn possession in the flock belonging to the Virgin Mary? And since I am to marry and have a son and two daughters, do any of these inherit my Unicorn nature, O’ Mary Mother of God and My Lord Jesus Christ?

I, your blessed Virgin Mother Mary will answer this, your last question of this post, lord Larimar. And then this post will be published. Your Unicorn nature is a singular occurrence in time. It does not get inherited, nor passed down to your descendants. Nor will your son enter into a marriage. We, rather, plan to make him a parish priest. And he will serve our Church as a consecrated virgin and celibate soul. He will be in heaven as you describe as those who are symbolized by Helium. Amen.

Your two daughters will enter the school to be established by your wife. They will both marry and bear their husbands daughters. And in this way will the knowledge of the Order of the Witch King child be passed on from mother to daughter, and from female master to female apprentice until the end of time. Amen.

As for my possession of you, I, the Holy Virgin Mary, was given full possession over you after my visitation of you in early December of 1996, when I put my foot on your head to humble you in your pride, and then when you, in your humbled state, then stood before me and the angel who guarded me and asked us both two questions in succession, the first to me, and the second to my angel, that you completely obeyed us both and made no move to touch the untouchable Queen who was standing directly in front of you in your presence. You were then made my complete possession. And I then prepared for the marriage you were to then enter into. And though you wavered between the celibate path and the married path, what I showed you at the beginning of the Age of Mary, on Sunday, July 23, 2017, when I gave you the Mandate of Mary, ultimately triumphed. And your mandate was clear: You are to marry the girl we give you. And you are to teach her everything you know and everything you come to master, leaving nothing out and holding nothing back. For you are the prophet, not her. And when you are taken away, all that the female Order of the Witch King child will have left to themselves of you will be what you passed on to your wife and what you wrote down for her while you lived in this life.

Now, get up and get ready to go to Church. You are meeting your wife soon at one of these masses. And I will bring her to you. And that she never departs from you will be my sign to you that this is the one. Amen. Now, go, O’ Larimar King. For you must not be late to Church. Amen.

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One thought on “Eric speaks volumes on sex”

  1. 28.Srpnja
    Da Vas Isusova milost nije rasvijetlila i privukla k sebi, sličili biste luđaku koji, nakon što je cijelu noć hodao po obali rijeka a da to nije ni opazio zbog gustog mraka koji ga je obavijao, u osvit dana koji mu je pokazao prebrođenu opasnost, prezire svjetlo, nastavlja hodati i prkosi opasnosti. Nesretnik! U jednom se trenutku pod njegovim nogama rastvorila zemlja i on pada i utapa se.
    I Vi ste hodili dobrim dijelom noći stazom provalije, ali je Isusova milost bila toliko golema da se nije ograničavala samo na to da Vas prosvijetli i upozori na istinsku opasnost, kojoj ste do sada bili izloženi, nego je htjela još više učiniti za Vas, naime, privući Vas sebi snagom ljubavi, ne dirajući pritom ni najmanje u Vašu slobodnu odluku.
    Vi ste tu snagu ljubavi osjetili i niste se mogli suzdržati a da joj se ne predate. Isus se mogao prema Vama ponijeti onako kako se svjetlo ponijelo prema onome nesretniku. Ali, ne, njegovo Vas je smilovanje htjelo potpuno za sebe. Promotrite kako taj Otac pun ljubavi postupa s Vama. On Vas od tada, iz ljubavi dostojne divljenja, nije ostavio ni jednoga trenutka. Uvijek Vas okružuje, upravlja, gleda i podržava da neprijatelji, koji Vas okružuju, ne bi obesnažili Vašu volju.

    #svetipadrepio #padrepio #sanpio
    Follow 👉@sv.padrepio


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