Eric prophecies on Trump and Biden

I Am calling you, My beloved. I Who Am shall join you to Eric. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now prophesy through My servant, Eric, on the campaigns of incumbent United States President Donald John Trump, with Mike Pence as his Vice President on the Republican ticket, and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, who is yet to show his weak hand of his Vice President pick. Who will Biden pick, you ask? I will now tell thee. Biden says he is considering four Black candidates. By “Black”, we mean candidates that have some trace of ancestral DNA that goes back to subsaharan Black Africa, but who may not really look all that Black. For there is no legal consensus as to what exactly defines one to be a Black or a White. There is just some sort of general agreement that someone who people subjectively identify as as belonging to a particular color or race, that that undefinable subjectivity in the minds of the people at the moment determines that that person is a genuine Black or White. So, let’s dispense with the codewords, “Black” and “White”, for they really mean nothing other than to serve as words of accusation for mistreatment at the hands of a perceived member of another race or color.

Hence, the words, “Black lives matter,” has just about as much meaning as to say, “Green frogs matter.” And imagine if you had a large group of people trotting up and down the street holding up signs saying, “Green frogs matter.” What really matters is Truth, Justice, and the Way of righteousness. Back dignity matters, not Black lives. For why would a Black life matter if that Black lived the life of a dog, mating and breeding and dying on the street like an animal? I tell you Truthfully, the life of such a man does not matter, because he made his life not matter. If all you do all day is get high on crack cocaine, how does your life really matter? Rather, you have made a statement, by your flushing your life down the toilet of this world, that you consider the life God gave you as something that matters not. To God your life mattered. But you made it not matter, by the deeds and decisions you made in life. If all you do is sit in your ghetto and breed like rats, than your life matters no more than that of a rodent that lives today and dies in the mouth of a cat the next.

Do you think that rodent’s lives matter? Then why should your lives matter if you breed like rodents in your ghetto and produce about the same value for society? If you want your Black life to matter, then get up and do something to make it matter. Do some good in society by which you will have been of some value to God and to His Kingdom. For if you are of no value to God, then your life matters nothing more to Him than as fuel for the fires of hell. Now I shall speak.

Biden is going to choose a woman candidate to be his Vice President pick. But which woman? I will now tell thee. Joe Biden will choose Kamala Harris. But why her, O’ Lord? Biden wants to get it on with her one on one on Air Force One during a long trip to India, where they will plan on introducing contraceptives and abortion on demand for all the little girls in school so that they can fuck all the little boys in school and not worry about getting pregnant and their mothers and fathers finding out about their secret little abortions and their sex lives. Biden will reintroduce the Obama dream of making it irresistibly easy for any girl, no matter her age, to have sex and fully cover up all that filth and to kill dead that baby that forms in their wombs to hide all the evidence.

When Martin Luther King Junior made his, “I have a dream…” speech, Obama followed suit with his own, “I have a dream…” speech, saying “I have a dream that all the little girls will be able to fuck all the little boys in their classroom and not be found out.” And Obama went on further, saying, “I have a dream that any boy who wants to be a faggot can go and dress up like a girl and enter any girl’s bathroom or shower room to watch the girls undress, and masturbate in front of them.” And furthermore, Obama said, “I have a dream that no one should have any rights in America unless they are homosexuals, Muslims, or women who want to kill that baby that has unlawfully taken over their uterus and must be put down for that capital offense.” And Obama then said as his closing statement, “Let’s make it a hate crime to hate crime!”

Now I shall speak. Let’s speak of COVID-19. Recently there has been a surge of deaths. However, realize that the Wall Street Journal has published an article based on 26 studies saying that for every 1000 people infected, only between 5 and 10 people will die. Hence, If the death rate is overestimated, the article says it can result in actions such as stay-at-home orders doing unnecessary harm to the economy. All this economic damage is being done for the sake of those 0.5% to 1% of the population likely to die from the disease. Why sacrifice the 99.5% for the 0.5% who will die anyways? People die. Get used to it Gavin Newsom. Even you will meet your death some day. Death is not something you can prevent by having everyone shut down their lives and hunker down in the basements dreading that the sky is falling. But I know your true motives. You want to destroy the Catholic Church, and all Christianity in general. It was Trump, not you, who declared religious services as essential. Without Trump, you would still have all the Catholic and Christian Churches in lockdown. And that is because you are an evil, red, forked tongued son of Satan. Your mother conceived you by spreading her legs to a dog and mating with an animal.

Lord, what shall you do with Gavin Newsom? What fate do you have in store for that foul wretch? I will let him come down with such a disease and he will die from it. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen. For it is fitting that the one who ushers in draconian efforts to prevent the deaths of a disease that kills no more than 1% its victims should himself die from that disease in spite of his unnecessary, draconian efforts. Amen. Now, let’s look at the numbers. There are more than 329 million people in the United States, and guess what? Even with COVID-19, there is a net gain of 1 person every 16 seconds in America. The population is going up, not down. Is this the description of an emergency pandemic? Wait until the human population begins to decline before you start sounding the alarm bells that massive numbers of people are dying. From the numbers, the numbers being born greatly outnumber the numbers dying. And COVID-19 doesn’t change that fact one bit. Say that all of America becomes infected and the maximum of that 1% of infected die, how many is that? That is about 3 million lost lives. 3 million people die in a population of 329 million. Who would even notice? Their empty seats will be quickly filled by all the new babies constantly being born into this world. If you want to control the human population, then maybe you should let the diseases run their course and reopen up the economy. Worst case scenario: 1% of America dies, and the population continues to grow.

Overreaction and the herd mentality of a panicking flock of sheep is how to describe this world and America. Now, there are people who come down with the disease. And it is very serious for them. But only 1% maximum will die. Maybe even less, maybe 0.5% will die. And you are destroying the American economy because a tiny fraction of the people are going to die from a disease that cannot be stopped anyways, but that kills just a half a percent of the people it infects? Go take a course in mathematics. Spend your efforts saving the elephants and the rhinos. Their populations are in danger of dying out. But the human population? The human birth rate is out of control. You would need a global nuclear war to wipe out human beings on the planet, and then, even then, you will find survivors who, like rats, manage to survive and reproduce.

Lord, since Eric is to marry and have children of his own, will there be a long, long age left for Mankind on the planet? For how is the earth going to grow enough meat to support all those human beings? Meat will be replaced by crickets. Replace all the meat producing facilities with cricket producing facilities, and you can support many, many times more humans than are currently living on the planet. With crickets as the protein food source, and it is a complete protein source for human beings, it will not be food that limits the numbers of people who can live on earth, but living space. Also, crickets are clean foods in the Law of Moses: “The various winged insects that walk on all fours are loathsome to you. But of the various winged insects that walk on all fours you may eat those that have jointed legs for leaping on the ground; hence of these you may eat the following: the various kinds of locusts, the various kinds of grasshoppers, the various kinds of katydids, and the various kinds of crickets. All other winged insects that have four legs are loathsome to you.” (Leviticus 11:20-23).

And Lord, what becomes of the wild elephants? And what of the rhinos? Only through a process of genetically induced miniaturization can these species be preserved. For space will be the greatest limiting factor in the age to come. And all large animals that are not successfully domesticated will die out. Elephants resist domestication, for they breed very poorly in captivity. But a genetically induced miniature elephant could be potentially be given plenty of space it needs on a small plot of land. And thereby, they could possibly successfully mate under those conditions. Also, it is much more easy to control an animal if you are bigger than it. Also, a small miniaturized rhino could be bred to produce rhino horn, which is worth its weight in gold. Hence, there is definitely a lucrative interest in producing a rhino that can live on a very small plot of and be bred there for the production of rhino horn. It would be more lucrative than owning a gold mine. And miniature elephants could be bred for their ivory. If elephants need to live in a herd and have wide open spaces to mate, then miniaturization would be the solution, because a few acres of specialized habitat could serve for the roaming needs of your miniature elephants, and then they would breed.

That’s great, but what about the oceans, the whales, the manatees, and the coral reefs? What happens with them? For miniaturization won’t work with them, or will it? The ideal of the hobby aquarium is to reproduce aquatic or marine life on a miniature scale. Hence, successful miniaturization applies here too. A miniature whale can be supported by a marine aquarium much more easily than a full grown whale. And thus, many of the large creatures of the ocean depths will only be salvable and preservable by a program of genetically induced miniaturization. For I tell you truthfully, the day will come when everything in the sea has died. (Revelation 16:3). And when that happens, the only survivors of the sea will be those creatures successfully bred in aquariums, including whatever large creatures were successfully miniaturized. Amen. Too slow is the process of selective breeding to miniaturize these beasts. Their very DNA must me modified, and chemicals that induce miniaturization must be perfected. Amen.

And whales successfully miniaturized could serve for the production of whale ivory. Many are the animal products, currently banned, that could be made legal by being raised as miniature livestock in small living quarters, all made possible by a successful genetically induced miniaturization of various species. Consider the case of the miniature horses. They fetch very high prices and can be raised on lands much smaller than the required acreage to have regular horses. The miniature horse is the product of selective breeding, and they are bred to be the size of a goat or a dog. Imagine the much more efficient means of breeding introduced by genetic induced miniaturization. With a successful technique, then any regular sized existing breed, like the Arabian horse, could be potentially miniaturized and then kept and raised on much smaller acreages of lands.

Lord, what about the rapidly declining biodiversity in the destruction of rainforests and coral reefs? Even with successful miniaturization, what has gone extinct cannot be miniaturized, because it is a dead lineage. You are correct. It is impossible to bring back the mammoth with today’s genetic technology. But with bio labs of the future, it will become possible to recreate genetic lineages from genetic material that is kept preserved. Hence, even with the drastic loss of biodiversity, it will become possible to bring some of it back. And scientists will learn how to create new species to fill niches left empty by something that has gone extinct.

Okay, let’s talk about energy. How will the world’s energy needs be met with the eventual exhaustion of fossil fuels? Exciting new developments are approaching the achievement of nuclear fusion for an earthly power plant. This achievement will be huge for mankind. It will lead to a sudden switch from fossil fuels to electricity generated by fusion plants. Of course there will be new problems that come into play with each new technology. The replacement of the horse and buggy by the car got rid of the huge problems of those days of feeding the horses and the disposal of horse manure. But the cars and trucks that replaced them introduced the problems of smog and unclean air. These problems are alleviated by the advent of the electric car, which introduces the problems of the disposal of the car batteries. But the arrival of the fusion plants, together with the electric car, will spell a new age for Mankind. And what will this new Age be called, O’ Lord? It will be a post-fossil fuel age. It will be called the Age of Planetary Fusion Energy. Amen.

And Lord, what about interplanetary exploration on the part of Mankind? Will Mankind achieve the status of becoming an interplanetary species? Will a lunar colony peopled by human beings ever be established on the moon? And what about on Mars, and around the outer planets and their strange moons? Man never goes beyond Mars, lord Larimar. Mars is the outer limit I put on Mankind’s advance into space. He will send robot explorers throughout the known solar system. But he will not successfully establish a human presence beyond Mars. Amen. For I do not give Mankind unlimited time to advance and explore the whole of this cosmos. I Am still coming soon. And Man will colonize the moon and put people on Mars. But beyond that, Man will not be able to go. For he will simply not have enough time to develop the necessary technology needed to advance beyond the red planet before I return to judge the living and the dead.

Lord, will Mankind sort of terraform the red planet? Will Mankind introduce microorganisms to the red planet capable of living there in order to terraform it? Man will try. But nothing Man puts there will last. All earthly organisms introduced into Mars will eventually die out. For Mars is a dead planet. And earthly life was not created to live there. The colony on the moon will be sustained by the steady stream of traffic from the earth to replenish supplies. But in Mars, sporadic will be the presences of Mankind there. And no permanent colony will be established there except those run by robots. Amen. For Man does not have a long time left to explore the known universe. He will discover many things. And then he will discover that this was all just a dream. The universe is nothing but a dream.

Lord, what about finding intelligent life forms on other planets or other places in the universe? And are there parallel earths? And if so, are there parallel Christs? Man, in his ignorance, imagines other solar systems to have a life supporting, civilization bearing planets like the earth. Such is the mythology found in such science fiction stories as found in the Star Trek and Star Wars movies and books. There is in fact much life found throughout the entire cosmos. And this life is called angelic and demonic lifeforms. But of embodied creatures, these are only found exclusively upon the earth. God did not create his Genesis effect twice. Amen. Only on the earth did God create living organisms. Amen. That means that the only beings that will ever answer Man as he probes the universe for intelligent life will be demons, angels, and God. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, you have a question on Hyacinth? I helped Hyacinth, O’ Lord. And we are together again. But I believe you say I am to marry someone else? It is good that you ask about her. For she has been greatly helped by you. And in Our eyes, you are as her provider and husband. But Lord, do I not need to marry her in the Catholic Church, that is, sacramentally, in order for her to be my wife, as seen in heaven? I will marry you to her, lord Larimar, and then you will be married in Spirit to this girl. But that is short of a sacramental marriage, O’ Lord? You cannot be married to her sacramentally because she is to be taken to the Kingdom, and another girl to come is to enter into the marital embrace with you. That girl who is to come, who is called Elizabeth in these prophetic writings, is the one who will marry you sacramentally, and bear you seven children, two being sons and five being daughters. And before you and her depart for heaven, you will see all seven of your children grown and married, and all seven with children of their own.

Lord, am I to be the possession of the Virgin Mary, the possession of Hyacinth, and the possession of Elizabeth for all eternity? The Virgin Mary is the one who possesses your soul as a lamb in her flock. She is a shepherdess. And you are one of her lambs. As for Hyacinth and Elizabeth, these will be like stars that orbit your star system forever. Consider it like an atom of Oxygen forever orbited by two Hydrogen atoms. Hence, you and these two girls will form a kind of heavenly water molecule for all eternity. This is the mystery of the concept you spoke of many months ago called heavenly water. It is a very rare molecular arrangement among souls in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. Just realize that Mary’s possession of you is on the higher, soul level, while these two girls are on your equal spiritual level of possessing you. And they will share in this possession of you as the two hydrogen atoms share the oxygen atom between them in molecular water. Amen.

And this molecule of water is an eternal relationship between me and Hyacinth and Elizabeth, O’ Lord? Yes, it enters eternity and then ceases to change, and thus, becomes eternal. There are many souls who enter into heaven. And there are very many different molecular arrangements of these souls in their relationships to one another. It is very like the stars in the firmament of the heavens. And you know that the star systems are vast and varied throughout the whole of the cosmos. Amen.

Lord, since you say that I am a King of the Larimar Kingdom, consisting of the six nation states: (1) the United States of America, (2) Canada, (3) the United Kingdom, (4) the Republic of Ireland, (5) Australia, and (6) New Zealand, only one of those states have I never been to: New Zealand. Do I ever visit that island nation? And are there other such Kingdoms that you might define? Such as one for the Spanish world, and one for the Portuguese world, and three for the three Asian Kings, O’ Lord and Master? If you wish it, I will grant you to visit New Zealand with your bride. This may be on your honeymoon or afterwards. I wish it, O’ Lord. Good, for it is important that as King you visit every state in your Kingdom. Is that a joke, O’ Lord? If you find it funny, then it must be a joke, mustn’t it be, lord Larimar.

And what about any other Kingdoms you might define? Any other Kings? Only one other shall We define here. That of Lazurite, the Hebrew Catholic Jewish King of Israel and the Levant. His exact lands are not defined as a matter of nation states, but as a Biblically promised territory made by God to the Jewish people. And he is not exactly its King, but its Steward. Jesus is its King, and He grants Lazurite to rule there in the eternal position of Steward over all those lands. Lazurite’s name is Nathanael, which is the name of the Disciple of Jesus whom Jesus called a True Israelite. (John 1:47). And the wife of Lazurite is in these passages called Agatha, which means, “good” in Greek. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, We have a question for you. How will you recognize Elizabeth when We give her to you? I expect similar to how Samuel recognized David when God told him who to anoint as King. Very well then, this is the sign by which you will know Elizabeth has arrived. A virgin will enter your life and not depart from you. For she will have inner knowledge that you are the one. And she will speak in Hebrew and English. And her religion will be a blend of Judaism and true Catholicism. When you see these signs in the girl, realize that she is the one. Amen.

And you are to have some sons and daughters by this girl. Your firstborn son you shall name John. And your firstborn daughter you shall name Esther. I Who Am have spoken. Now go, lord Larimar. There are no more things I wish to reveal through you tonight. And you have passed the final test. Tomorrow you shall see the fulfillment of all these things that are promised. And the girl herself will come on a day unexpected at a time you cannot know. Amen.

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