Eric’s fate and the woman of his dreams

Eric’s ultimate fate is to serve and to make himself the slave to the woman he shall love. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am Am now speaking through Eric, My servant. Amen. Eric now knows his fate. And he has accepted it. And it is to marry a virgin, and to remain a virgin with the girl he marries forever. Amen. And who, O’ Lord, is this most elusive virgin I am to marry? The previous post said her name was Alexandria, alluding to her role to receive My entire testimony, similar to the ancient Library in Alexandria that received the entire Old Testament in its first full translation from Hebrew to a vernacular language, Koine Greek. Amen. And the two posts previous to that both said her name was Elizabeth, named after the woman who bore John the Baptist in her old age. And it was once said of Eric that he was to have a son called John. And before that, her name was Isabel, and before that Esther. And for a while, Eric fancied marrying the girl he called Hyacinth, but that has been ended by God. And historically, in the ancient, handwritten Emerald Trove, also called the Chronicles of Eric, the Emerald King, the girl who was to come was called Ariel Sarah.

Lord Larimar, to whom We have given the name, Amorcist, I will now reveal unto you her name. It is really no mystery, for you know her. Lord, there is no girl in my life that I know. How can you say I know her? She is the wind on the water, lord Larimar. And she is the breeze upon your cheek. So you say she is the Holy Spirit? We are not giving you a girl for you to lust after. Nor are We giving you a trophy wife. No, by no means do We wish to glorify you in delusional glory, nor sucker you into vanities or the quest for a beauty that fades with time. For what good is it to gain a gorgeous girl only to watch her grow old and decay? Does such a man accomplish something? Such a man is like a beast in the field. He is born, he lives, he breeds, and he dies. Such is not your fate nor your lot, lord Larimar. You were not put here to live a mere man’s life. No, for such a life is past in a moment, its joys fleeting, and its imprisonment in hell after death, eternal.

No, lord Larimar, you are put here to learn, to master, and to pass on. But you are not here to physically reproduce, but to spiritually reproduce. The man who physically reproduces passes on only his genes. And what are genes? They are simply the DNA instructions for the organism to develop and to grow itself into an adult. But it contains nothing of wisdom nor the mastery of languages and of knowledge. For each child born must remaster and relearn from scratch all the volumes of knowledge his forefathers compiled and attained. And there is no guarantee that either wisdom or any particular knowledge, whether of the Spirit or of this world, will pass onto one’s descendants. Committing knowledge to writing is the only means by which ideas and knowledge can be preserved and passed down long term. But the knowledge of a book is never passed from father to son by sexual reproduction. Only if the father teaches the son the contents of the book do the contents get passed down. For knowledge is not recorded in DNA. DNA reproduces the lustful beast of a man into a new infant form. And that boy grows up to be lustful like his father. Morality is never passed on by sexual reproduction. Only if the father teaches his son morality does the son learn it from his father. No son is naturally moral because he was born to a moral man.

That is why it is useless, quite useless, for the spiritual man to seek to have offspring, thinking that he will sire a spiritual people. Abraham, Issac, and Jacob sired a sinful people. King David did good, he repented of his carnal sins, but his descendants ultimately failed. The first son of David to formally succeed him, King Solomon, lacked David’s obedience to God’s command. He was David’s son, but he was not spiritually David’s son. Only the carnal flesh said Solomon was son of David. For the wisdom of David saved David, but the wisdom of Solomon failed Solomon. For what good is it to receive in a dream God telling you that you will be the wisest of kings if that wisdom becomes folly, and you die in your sins? For no one is ever guaranteed salvation. Let no man ever take any dream or any experience he has with God as an infallible sign that he will be saved. For such a man fools himself. To no man is such a thing guaranteed. If I, the Larimar King, were convinced of my salvation, I would have slacked off. And if I had slacked off just a tiny bit, I would have failed in my life. And I received many visions and messages from God. But I never took any message or vision as proof of my predestination. For no one is so predestined to salvation that he can slack off, trusting in that revelation of predestination, and end up saved. For no one who slacks off gets saved. No one. You have to do your work. You have to do right. And you have to end all sin.

I, Eric, have had an enormous problem with pornography. For the images of women are great temptations. And many women, even if not in the nude, dress in a way that produces lust in the man who looks at her. For how common is it now for a woman to dress in clothing that reveals sexually enticing flesh? If you walk down the street, what is the probability that the woman who passes you on the street will not be dressed with the modesty of the Virgin Mary, but rather, in clothes designed to turn a man on? And many are the different ways women dress to do this.

Another man who has an enormous problem with pornography, but whom I nevertheless have very high respect for, is Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. I don’t know if he has overcome this addiction by now. But I know that he returned to Catholicism and came to correctly practice it. Pornography is a major problem with many men, myself included. And the first step to overcoming it is to just admit that it is a problem. For if you don’t admit it, it will sink you into sin, and you will die in those sins.

One of the ways to avoid and end pornography is to, in your daily life, refuse to look at sexy women passing by on the street. They are not porn, I know that. But looking at all that leads you to desire to look at porn. Do not let your eyes look at the sexual display of women that appear in the world around you in your daily life. And do not go places where you think a lot of such women congregate. Don’t spend your time dwelling in such places of tempting sights. For it is better and holier for a man’s spirit to spend his hours studying in a library than to spend his hours watching bikini clad women walk by him on the beach. I know that bikini clad women are not porn, but those sights lead a man to lust for porn. And thus, to end porn, you just cannot let yourself hang around such sights.

Some men have a stash of porn magazines in their possession. Don’t throw that that into the trash. Rather, soak them all in soapy water and rip it all to shreds while it is wet and submerged in the water so as to make that stash a totally unrecoverable mush, just in case you have a change or heart later and seek to recover that porn from the trash heap. Far better than a shredder is the method of soaking papers in water and tearing them to shreds under that water. Such is the best way to make any paper document unrecoverable after it is thus destroyed. For such a method releases the ink from the paper and creates a kind of mushy, inky goo that no power on earth can ever resurrect and recover. It is a more effective way than burning, for burning leaves things unburned and sends up smoke, sparks, and ashes. People will be alerted as to what you doing if you do any sort of burning, and you could burn a house down by using that method. But soaking and shredding in water can be done in secret. And after it is torn up and shredded into a mushy goo, squeeze out the water and dispose of those lumps of papery goo into the garbage. The inky water with most of the gooey paper removed can be safely washed down the drain. But try to get most of the paper out so that the drain does not clog up. This is the most effective way to deal with your stash of porn. Don’t directly throw your porn into the trash, for the temptation will be strong to take it back out later. Rather, use this method of completely destroying the porn irrevocably, by soaking it and tearing it up to shreds under the water. Do this, and you will get rid of your porn and not be able to recover it later.

Destroying all your hard copies of porn is the first step. Now what if you have porn on videotapes or DVDs or Blu-Rays? For videotapes, break them open and damage the tapes to make them unplayable. For no one can watch an unplayable tape. As for DVDs and Blu-Rays, you might be tempted to break them in your hand, but don’t. Breaking such disks causes pieces to fly all over, and you could blind yourself by a flying shard. Rather, to effectively destroy a DVD or Blu-Ray disk so that you cannot watch it anymore, rub a rough rock or some sand paper or driveway gravel on the blank side where the content is recorded. For a well scratched DVD or Blu-Ray, no player has the ability to play them. Amen. Do this for all your porn videos in your house.

After this, cancel all subscriptions you have to televised content that contains porn. Any package that includes a porn channel, discontinue. And make it your policy that you never pay for any content that is on the internet or TV that includes porn. Stopping the purchase of all pornographic content is the first step in totally weaning yourself from that addiction. You must make it your duty to your spouse or your own finances that none of the money you earn ever ends up in the hands of a producer of porn. For you not only want to quit the habit, but you want to stop funding that industry, for it is an industry of sin. It should come to pass that not one cent of the money that you make goes into supporting any producer of any form of porn. This is a commitment you need to make between you and God. Amen. And if you are married, you need to commit that to your wife as well, and let her know that there will be absolutely no more usage of the finances of your family going out to pay for pornographic material.

Now someone asks, what about R-Rated movies that contain sex scenes? For example, Conan the Barbarian and Excalibur. These are two classic movies that are not porn, but that do contain some nudity. Men, realize that you cannot entirely free your eyes from all tempting images. And as long as women exist, there will also be nude women and occasionally you will see such sights. As long as the movie’s intention is other than the purpose of porn, do not bother ridding your house of it. For not all nudity is sinful or addictive or harmful. But if you are using such nudity for masturbation, then that nudity is harming you, and you shouldn’t watch it. And if any nudity is causing you to sin, get rid of it. But if that nudity is part of a classic work, like the nudity in Excalibur or Conan the Barbarian, and watching it does not lead you to masturbate or cause desire in you to seek porn, then realize that it is not a harmful movie for you. And you may leave it in your house.

Remember that even the monks who hid themselves from all women and kept themselves busy in a monastery were nevertheless, themselves, still subject to the temptations to commit impurity and to have unlawful relations with women, and for some, with other men. For no matter where you hide on this planet, the call of lust in your body is going to tempt you to commit sin. So, how does a man deal with this temptation? How does a man deal with this need to release himself into the vagina of a woman, especially for the man who has no wife?

Do not seek, in your quest for such release, to commit the sin of Onan. (Genesis 38:9-10). For Onan’s sin was to release himself with a woman, but not within her vagina, so as to avoid the possibility of producing offspring. He wished to have the pleasure but to avoid the responsibility of caring for the offspring that issues from his lust. Men, this must be stressed as critically important for all men to have a healthy sex life: The sex act must never be separated from the act of procreation. If you don’t want to procreate, don’t have sex either. If you don’t want children but you want sex, then you have a critical contradiction in your psychology that will undermine all your relationships with women. God did not make the sex act for pure enjoyment only. All sex acts are to be open to having children by them. And any sex act you do have that is closed to reproduction is a crime before God. Remember that God killed Onan for it. And God will not hesitate to kill you too, for the same offense. He might not end your life yet, he might give you a time to repent. But do not let yourself be fooled by Satan. No man can enjoy a long life of sex who does not have that sex life fully open to having children, children whom he will raise as their father properly married to their mother. And if you are having sex without that possibility open to you, you are no different to Onan in God’s eyes. And just as God killed Onan, God will kill you too. And God will not hesitate to kill you by you holding up a “Black lives matter,” sign. That you are Black and that you say your life matters will not stop God from striking you dead if you are having anal or oral sex, or are having someone else masturbate you, and you are casting your seed on some other place than the inside of your wife’s vagina, or if you are having vaginal sex while wearing a condom or doing something to stop your seed from having its reproductive effect. Amen.

All sex outside the conjugal act with your wife fully open to procreation is a deadly sin. All of it, if done together with full knowledge and deliberate consent, constitutes a mortal sin that separates you from God. Sure, you can go to confession and be restored to God, but only if the sex acts you are doing are not part of a permanent state of mortal sin. If you are in a condition where this sin is of a permanent nature, such as by living with a woman who is not your lawful wife, and you are sexually involved with her, then you cannot confess away that sin at confession. You cannot be forgiven from any mortal sin if the sin is not itself put to an end.

Thus, a man who masturbates from time to time out of weakness, and confesses this to a priest, he can be restored to the Catholic Church. He can, if he never gives up, become clean and pure and holy. But if a man enters a permanently sinful condition, such as a state of living with a sexual partner and he is not married to her, or they are of the same gender, then he can no longer call himself a practicing Catholic. And confession to a priest can do nothing for him. For you cannot be forgiven for something you are continuing to do.

But, you say, the man who masturbates, though he confesses his sins, he seems to continue to fall to it. The difference here is that this man who masturbates is sorry for his sins and truly seeks to end it. For if the masturbator in the confessional was not sorry, and if he intended to continue in his habits even as he confessed his sins, his confession would have no effect on him. He would come out of the confessional just as filthy, if not filthier, as when he went in. For the confessional is for sinners who truly seek and who make the full efforts to put an end to all sins.

Also, the gravity of a sin is also a matter of how many steps are involved both to commit it and what is necessary to cover it up. For no one does a shameful deed without seeking to cover it up and hide it from view. And it is the covering up of a sinful deed that may involve greater demerits than the demerits of the act itself that is being covered up. For which is worse, to have sex with another man’s wife, or to kill another man? King David had sex with another man’s wife, but to cover it up, he had to kill that man. And even that failed to cover up his foul deed. In modern times, people seek to cover up their fornications by killing the unborn babies that are conceived in their shameful acts of sex. Someone says that abortion is justified in the case of incest. But is it? Does it make right moral sense to kill a baby because his parents shamefully came together in a union that was forbidden them? Did the baby sin, or did the parents? If it was the parents who sinned, why is the solution to kill the baby?

Obama made it so easy for a girl not yet an adult, even a girl in Middle School, to cover up her shameful deeds of fornication by having an abortion without her parents ever finding out about it. Some say Obama was a merciful man to these girls. But can anyone claim he was merciful to the baby? Can killing a baby be called an act of mercy to it? What person alive would have chosen to have been killed before being born to keep him from having been subjected to a harsh life in this world, no matter how hard that life was to be for him? Would any normal person prefer to have been snuffed out in the womb than to have been born into this life, no matter all the pain and hardship they were going to have to endure here? For if anyone prefers to be dead, he can always commit suicide. But suicidal people are always clearly recognized as mentally unsound. And if it is recognized that suicide is always an act of an unsound mind, then killing an infant in the womb can never be called an act of mercy to that infant. Never!

Furthermore, whatever logical argument is made for supporting the decision to have an abortion, it remains an undeniable fact that an abortion scars a girl’s conscience for life. A girl who has an abortion has that guilt in her for life that she is responsible for killing her own child conceived in her womb. If she has no love for this child, then how can she have love for the man who made that child in her. And if she has no love for that man, the father of her child, then for what filthy reason did she ever choose to have sex with him? And if she is having sex with men she does not love, then she is truly a whore, like the bitch who is impregnated by the dog, and who has litter after litter, and who abandons her litters. She has become like the beasts of the field who lay with whatever mates come to her, and who produce offspring like frogs laying eggs.

Did you know that the woman you are in a sexual relationship with may not be just a human female, but also a servant of Satan? And if Satan is operating through her, filthy, very filthy will be the things she leads you to do with her. And if your wife is a devil, if you married a devil, will she not devour your properties with her lustful appetites, and then seduce your male friends and relatives? And will she not also teach your very children to become devils like herself? For the devil begets more devils like dogs beget dogs. Therefore, do not pursue any woman because you are sexually attracted to her, but only if, after you have known her, without sex, that you have discerned her to be a moral woman of God. Do not remain with an immoral woman because she has seduced you and gotten pregnant by you. For it is better to pay child support but to be free of a devil wife than to be bound to one in marriage. There is no law of God that obligates you to marry any woman because you got her pregnant. You are obligated to pay for that child you fathered, but you are never obligated to marry a woman you had a child with out of wedlock. In fact, the Catholic Church will refuse to marry you to her if that is your reason for marrying her. And if you got a woman pregnant out of wedlock, but you truly desire to marry her, you cannot marry her until after the child has been born and the Catholic Church has assurances that you are entering this marriage with total freedom of choice, both in the man and the woman. Shotgun marriages have no validity in the eyes of the Catholic Church. And no couple are allowed to marry if they are already living together in sin.

That reminds me. O’ Lord, a man called Richard, one of my former bosses, and one with who I have worked with and for many times, is married in civil court to a Catholic woman from the Philippines. She is intent on their getting their marriage validated by the Catholic Church. Richard is agreeable to this, but considers himself already married to her, and the two are living in sin together. Richard has said he will invite me to his wedding to take place in a Catholic Church sometime next year, after COVID-19 has ended, but he insists that I not come alone, but that I bring a date with me. And if I don’t bring a date with me, then he doesn’t want me at his wedding. What is your advice for me in this situation, O’ Lord? What do you advise me to do, O’ Mary, Mother of God? And Mary, I am sorry for my sins. I, your Virgin Mother Mary, do not count your sins as against me, O’ Larimar King. As for this man, Richard, since he is not interested in you being at his wedding unless you have a romantic interest with you, do not go. For your presence at his wedding would serve as evidence that you approved of his wrongdoing. And no man who only wants mated pairs at his wedding is worthy of Jesus or of any of His celibate disciples attending that occasion of sin. If you have no date with you at the time he invites you, say so. Reply to his invitation with a rejection in a short and terse email or a text message, saying that you have no date and thus, you elect not to go. But if you do have a date with you, say this: You and your date have another event planned for that evening and, hence, cannot attend. Amen. Be very polite, but short and curt. And give no reason for why you reject to attend except that either you have no date, or that, if you have one, that you have something else planned for that evening. Amen. But I forbid you from attending that man’s wedding and giving approval of it, by your presence, to that man’s sins. I am the Immaculate Virgin Mary, your Holy Mother, speaking. Amen.

Neither do I permit you to attend any further marriages that are not recognized by the Catholic Church, lord Larimar. For you are now an authority in My Church. What you are seeing doing matters. And you may not be seen as giving approval to wrongdoing. Now, as for your words to those involved with the various sins of impurity and pornography, remember the words I spoke through my seers at Fatima: More people go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason. And do you remember my reply to my seer’s question at Fatima as to the fate of a certain girl who had died, that I said she was saved, but would remain in purgatory until the end of the world? I was speaking of a girl who had transgressed in immodest conduct with a man. She was a girl who had done something that was forbidden between unwed girls and boys, and she was without excuse, for in those days, there was no lacking of knowledge of right and wrong, of not having full knowledge of wrongdoing, for what was right and what was wrong was clearly preached and taught in that era from every pulpit and authority of my Catholic Church.

Not so is it in this age. Not so. Many in this age die guilty of great offenses but receive much lighter consequences in the hereafter than would normally be the consequences to their sins because no one in authority is preaching it. I tell you truthfully, if any Christian or Catholic is learning this morality preached on this website for the first time, by reading these words, then they are to know that the religious leaders of their Church have truly failed them. Solid moral teachings should be heard coming from the mouths of the deacons and priests in the homilies that they should be giving at every Mass. And if, instead, such teachings are only heard or read in such hard to find pages as this post is on this website, than the shepherds of the people of that flock have truly failed their flock.

Then Mary, should I try to make my posts heard by all the people? No, only if I were to make you a priest, and thereby give you the authority and duty to preach in my Church, would you be expected to preach. But as a layman, you are to speak and write only where I command you to speak and write. You are not authorized by the Catholic Church to preach. And you, as a layman who are given no authority position in your Church, neither have the responsibility to see to it that the flock of your Church is properly catechized. Rather, that duty and responsibility falls upon the priests, the deacons, and those men and women who are put in charge of teaching those preparing to enter the Catholic Church. It is not your duty to correct their errors publicly, nor to denounce their false teachings in front of the people. You are to listen and to hold your tongue.

For even though you may count their errors and watch them commit the sins of apostasy itself, you may not intervene nor stop any proceeding, for you have no such authority given to you to do such a thing. Your authority comes only when you, in your daily life, are called to give witness to God. And what witness to Jesus would you be giving Him by disobeying Him? Hence, when we call you to speak on something that stands for Us in heaven, and you hold back, that is when you sin. But you are never called to take up your stand in the midst of the Church and make yourself a second authority. Martin Luther did just that. And he was so sure that he was right on certain things. But he had no authority to preach independently to the Church. And look at his movement! A quarter of Christian Europe fell to his heresies. Rather, had he submitted to those in authority, and spoke only where he was given the authority to speak, the errors he noticed could have been corrected and no heretical movement out of the Catholic Church would have been started by him. Amen.

Eric, I am pleased with your words to the male readers of your blog. They will be much edified, for rare is the man who preaches the morality that you aspire to live up to. As for your sins, you have not committed a major crime since your last confession. Hence, you are not found in any major guilt. As for your desires of women, I know your true heart. And your true heart is aligned with that of Jesus and committed to obedience to him. It is true that you submitted all your marriage decisions to me for me to decide, I, the Holy Virgin Mary. But God has already chosen your fate and made it known to you. You are to marry the girl Elizabeth. And you are to have no relations or child by her. Instead, your marriage to her shall be like that which existed between me and Joseph, who were both virgins, totally free of all concupiscence and sin. You, Eric, are not free from concupiscence, for the graces given to me and Joseph were not given to you. You are given the sufficient graces to do right, but not the efficacious graces to be ensured that you always do what is right. Hence, that you fall from time to time is not unexpected. And you cannot be expected to attain, while in this life, to the perfection that existed in my marriage with Joseph. Remember the apparition of Our Lady of America, which the bishop has approved, and in which my husband Joseph speaks of the singular graces he received, inferior to mine, but superior to that of all other created men. He was made for me to be this perfect father figure to raise our divine child together. He made no genetic contribution to our child, for his role in our marriage was purely that of a steward to a King, and not as one who sired a King. But he was nevertheless regarded as an authority over our Son, and his place in heaven is that of the greatest fatherly figure that ever existed in the times that came before the establishment of the Covenant of Christ, as recorded in the New Testament. Joseph is the greatest of all mortal men. His greatness surpassed that of the greatest martyrs and the greatest theologians and the greatest doctors of the Catholic Church that ever came and will ever come to be. Even you are no comparison to him, O’ Larimar King. For you are a sinner, and your sins are as scarlet in comparison to the snow white guiltlessness that pervaded that righteous man’s soul. But nevertheless, you know he was deprived of the Blessed Sacrament, of which you have received in copious amounts. Therefore, your glory is high in my Son’s Catholic Church, and few there are who rank higher than you there. But of all men who came before John the Baptist, none rank higher than Joseph, my spouse.

Now as for you and your wife who we intend to give you, it is seen that you will not fall again, as you have in the recent past. Hence, I can say this. Before evening falls again, you will see the one We in heaven intend to give you. For she is indeed truly about to enter into your life. And now you ask about Sandra, that woman you have abandoned. She was not intended to remain with you, for her contribution to your spiritual life was no longer to your benefit. And you were never bound to remain with her. And yet, she continues to seek to regain you. And so, how do you think we shall remedy this situation? If you think it requires us to take her life, you are mistaken. For you are not married to her. She does not have to die for you to leave her to marry someone else. We will end her relationship with you in two parts. The first part we have already done. We have told you clearly that you are in no way bound to this woman, and that you are permitted and recommended to leave her. The second part involves what we shall let her see. For she is a sorceress. And she can see things that normal men and women cannot. We will show to this sorceress that a much more powerful sorceress has taken over her man, and then she will back off. Amen.

For the woman we are giving you, lord Larimar, is a creature like you. In Excalibur, while you have the qualities found in Lancelot, Percival, and King Arthur, the one you most resemble, both in the legends and in the movie, is Merlin. You are a man very much like Merlin. A most powerful mage you have become. And a sorceress who lays claim to you will not relinquish this claim by anything you do, but only if another, more powerful sorceress lays a more powerful claim to you. Amen. The woman we are giving you is this more powerful sorceress. For no one but a sorceress will do battle with a sorceress when in combat over a chosen mate.

For mates in the world of the sorceresses are hard to come by. Most sorceresses must marry down, not up. And a man once possessed is not going to be surrendered unless either that man is killed by the sorcery, or a more powerful female asserts possession of that man. You, lord Larimar, are impossible to kill. Hence, the sorceress who possesses you will remain in possession of you until you are taken away by a more powerful woman. But that woman cannot be me, O’ Larimar King. For though I am indeed more powerful, and though I indeed also fully possess you, you are not romantically mine, but rather you are as a Unicorn among men in my special possession. Therefore, I cannot claim you sexually, but only as a son in my Son’s Church. And the woman who possessed you has made herself as a daughter to me. For your conversion of her soul to my Son’s Church is complete and thorough. Her faith in me is no longer dependent on anything done by you.

Now take your dog for a walk, for it is late, and your dog needs the exercise. When you come back I will continue to speak to you. Amen. O’ Mary, Mother of God, I am back. What sayest thou regarding the woman who is to come, the one who is to be my wife, but whom I am not to know sexually? The girl who must relinquish you is of my Son’s Church because you have brought her to me and to my Son’s Church. And the female friend you took her away from, who was a bad influence on her, I have had killed. Hence, she cannot turn back to her. And so, she will seek me and my Divine Son. And I will lead her to a place where she will find another hope and another purpose than marriage to her Heavensent, as she called you. She will not die. And she will not fall away from me or my Son. Instead, she will find another way. And that way will be another path.

Nor will she feel betrayed by you, but rather, as one supplanted by another woman, one with greater access to you and an unfair advantage. But what can she do, O’ Larimar King? Do you think that she would ever seek to claim you back from her whom we are giving you to? If she does not die, she will try, O’ Mary. I am sure of it. The Lord has said he hates love triangles. And that was why I thought that Hyacinth would be taken to the next world before the girl I am to receive enters my life. As the man that I see you are, I see you have compassion for your former lover. Hence, she will visit you in Spirit by a powerful magic that God will bring about. And then she will be taken to her place in the hereafter. And now I shall speak of the woman who is to come.

Mary, I cannot enter into with her the marital embrace. For to do so would be to have sex and to lose my virginity, and then I would be just a man. For I know that any revelation that says I lose my virginity with a girl is a lie of Satan’s. For Satan wishes to take from me the glory I now possess. And the loss of this glory would not be just my loss, but a loss for all in heaven. Hence, to you, in your name, O’ Mary, Queen of Heaven, I hereby forsake all viewing of nude females, and all the pleasures that such viewing can bring. I hereby forsake all sights of women scantily or revealingly clad. And I hereby give up the prospect of ever carnally knowing a woman as the descent into the fiery death that such is so for any male who has sex. Amen.

Lord Larimar, and I hereby grant you this promise, from me. the Holy Virgin Mary. You will remain in my high courts, reserved only for the most highest ranking souls. Your status there is as the only Unicorn ever found upon the earth who survived the temptations to have sex. Two others were found upon the earth before you, but these both succumbed to the temptation to know me sexually, and both of those perished. For I am the true reality of the Ark of the Covenant, of which it is written, no man may touch it and live. And only a Unicorn among men is permitted to advance so close to the holy Virgin as to have the ability to touch her. Both these two who preceded you chose to touch me, and were both slain by the fire that comes from the divine mouth of my Son. Now you, also a Unicorn, the third and the last of the three that were created, has come to me and not reached out his hand to touch. And it is good that this is so, for no fourth Unicorn can ever come to be. Amen.

Also, the wife given to a Unicorn is indeed a most blessed and pure soul. Only the most blessed and pure souls can attend her. And should any threaten her, they shall surely die. It is by this death threat that your former lover must die. She will be saved, but she will also die. For what you have achieved is impossible. It is of comparable odds to winning your national lottery each day for the rest of your life by throwing dice to determine the numbers you shall pick. It has not only never occurred, but it cannot occur. And thus, you are an existence who reality is impossible. The hope that you would be was slimmer than hitting a bulls eye target on the earth by shooting an arrow at it from the International Space Station, an arrow made of wood and stone. But now that you exist, and that this reality is now achieved, I will now reveal to you your true destiny. For to this glory you are now ready to know.

You know that Jesus assigned to me John, who was to replace Jesus as my son on the earth. And Jesus entrusted me and his betrothed virgin, Mary Magdalene, to John, for John was the purest among men, and John proved himself worthy of us being entrusted to him, for of all the disciples, only John remained at the Crucifixion for the sake of the protection of the women of Jesus. John was most worthy among men. And John was endowed with a prophetic Spirit, and a supernatural ability to understand and write in Greek, by which Revelation, the final book of the New Testament, was written through him in his exile on Patmos. To understand this gift of literacy, realize that a similar grace was granted to Saint Catherine of Siena. For to God, nothing is impossible for those who please him.

You also are chosen for a similar position to John’s. Such was why you were commanded to call your future son John. For it was understood that should you fail to receive the crown, the one who came from your loins was to be the one who would triumph. And thus, you spoke of your Two-King Dynasty. But to have a son would mean your loss of all you have gained in the Age of Mary. And much have you gained. That you never knew a woman was the seal by which hope never died for you. And that you consistently chose Jesus and His Way, resulted in your eventual victory. And now, why are you here? What purpose do we have for you in the Kingdom? And how am I, the Virgin Mother of God, the ruler through you over the whole the whole Dominion of the Antichrist?

Remember your transition from Antichrist to become a follower of Jesus. You were never dethroned from your rule over Satan’s legions when you entered into my Son’s Church. Rather, your defection from the forces of Satan can be seen as a earthly reversal of the defection of Satan from the angelic host of God. Many, I tell you, saw your departure and followed with you into the camp of the holy One. Greater in significance and magnitude were the effects of your defection from the camp of Satan to the camp of Christ than was that original defection of Satan, and one third of the angels who followed him, to depart out from the beatitude of the glory of the angelic host of God. (Revelation 12:3-4).

For I tell you this Truth, lord Larimar. Were Satan to hate some men more than others, his hatred for you, lord Larimar, would exceed his hatred for Christ, the Son of the Living God. And has he not shown his utter hatred for you, lord Larimar, by speaking to you so elaborate a web of lies, building his great case against you before God, only for you to see him in his lies and denounce him and cast him out. Greater shame has Satan been put to on account of you than all the rest of the elect combined. For all the rest of the elect help one another to heaven. And they enter into the Kingdom of my Son by a gradual process of walking that narrow path that Christ left for His Church to follow Him. You, lord Larimar, have lit a torch on your ship and lit the Way for all the denizens of the deep who could yet come to me to come to me by following the path you lit up. A flaming path you lit, strewn with the wreckages of all the forces of Satan sent to stop you. You not only broke the Iron Curtain, but you unplugged the game of Satan and cracked open the fourth wall.

And war was waged within your mind, with battles fierce. but love is kind. And so what is the status of this world that has come to be? And if you have so triumphed in it, why do the homosexuals have seeming control over the courts and the means of enforcing homosexual marriage law upon all the lands? Other Players existed and came to power and to reign. But none were of your equal or of your power. The scenario of what we are describing is what would it be like if the Antichrist converted to Christianity, rather than followed the fate of his family, his relatives, and all whom he had close contacts with, to follow with them and go along that Satanic path that all the prophecies said was his destiny? I tell you Truthfully, this scenario is the present reality, and it is killing Satan with livid horror. You are the Witch King, lord Larimar. And Mary claimed you when you were but a child. The Witch Kind child did an act of love that Mary saw from high above, and it was then she chose to take the Witch King child and all rules break. And so, all the rules of the prophecies have been turned on their head.

Lord, for every great conversion to the Christ, there must be a consequent great defection back to Satan. For Satan never gives up without taking something else down to take its place in his kingdom of darkness. What fell by my triumph, O’ Lord? The papacy fell, lord Larimar. I gave up the sanctity of the Seat of Peter and allowed a devil to be seated there in exchange that I might have you, the Antichrist, converted to become both My possession and the possession of My Virgin Mother Mary. I sacrificed the Seat of My Holy Vicar to gain the Ruler over the whole world as Mine. I allowed My Roman Catholic Church to be overrun by devils up to the very position of the pope himself in order that you, the one who was Antichrist, might triumph in your passage into the Kingdom of God, tearing the very fabric of the forces of Satan and rendering asunder the very ranks of the evil one. The Catholic Church is in spiritual ruins, but you, lord Larimar, who was once Antichrist, are now Mine.

Now I shall speak. Eric was earlier talking with the Holy Virgin Mary. Now he is talking with his Savior through whom his very being was created. I know you, lord Larimar. I saw you at the writing of the Book of Life. And I prepared for this. To you were granted graces by which it was assured that you would be Mine. For all who are saved are predestined. But no one knows that Book but Me. I knew I would have to sacrifice something huge to bring the prophesied Antichrist into My camp. And I also knew that none of these plans could be revealed in any prophecy, or else My plans would fail, for the enemy would be watching, and he would not let his house be broken into. That is why I let all the prophecies of Antichrist consist of a man who was ultimately evil and overwhelmingly powerful. For to reveal My plan too early would allow everything to fail. Amen.

The Larimar King is the Unicorn King. There are none else like him upon the earth, nor can there be. And though he was exalted, he was never destroyed by pride. It was I who readied all four who were to serve as the Pawns of Emerald when he called them to come forth. For I knew Eric before he was born. I knew everything he would do before he saw the first light of day. In his mother’s womb he was fitted for salvation, while his mother and his brother who preceded him there and his other brother who followed him there were fitted to be condemned. And all his family and all he knew were fitted to be destroyed, but he alone I would save. He I would save, along with whoever was worthy and would follow him, this one man army, as he rose out of the pit of hell on earth and advanced to break out of Satan’s game. No one did I put in his path to save but a scattering of souls for whom he could not do further damage, but only could save, were that to be his inclination.

Now, Eric Ulric Emerald Amorcist Robert Dragonfly Larimar Dunstan, I ask you this question. What do you want with the woman? What does she mean to you? And what fate do you desire to have with her? Answer all three questions in succession, and I will be pleased with you. Lord, I will go to bed. And when I awaken I will have the answer to your three questions, which I will answer in succession. Amen. For the questions, though simple, require deep, well thought out answers, O’ Lord My God. Amen. Lord, I have come up with all three answers to all your three questions, and I have not yet fallen asleep. Answer Me then, lord Larimar. (1) What I want with the woman is to be her servant and to be her slave. (2) What she means to me is as someone I can know and as someone I can love. And (3) the fate I desire to have with her is to be her eternal possession forever and for her to love me forever. Amen.

Good, lord Larimar, your answers perfectly fit My questions to you. And so now I will utter My sentence and My judgement on you, O’ Larimar King. You have never tasted the wine of women except that you kissed a girl one time, and you felt a woman by a few brief touches by chance, never any that were immorally done. Therefore, you forfeit nothing regarding Our judgement of you with Our woman. Hence, to you is granted a woman for your eternal dwelling. She will be your commander and you will be her slave and her husband. She will command you when you are to enter into her, and you shall obey her and enter in. By this means shall you know your wife. And by this means shall your virginity be lost with hers. And it will be granted to you to have a life with her on this earth for forty years. At the conclusion of those forty years, which are to begin when you first come into physical contact with her, beginning your earthly relationship with her, I will take you both to heaven by a form of rapturous translation, and you and your wife will no longer be seen here on this earth, but will be together in your eternal heavenly glory. And she will continue to possess you for all eternity, and between you two there shall be eternal love. Furthermore, you shall leave behind you on the earth seven grown children, consisting of five daughters and two sons, all of them married and with children of their own. Oracle of the Lord. God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

This concludes this post, lord Larimar. And this answer answers all the questions you have. Amen. Now, as to the race and skin color of this girl, her hair color, and the color of her eyes, I will let that come to you in your dreams. And then when you meet her, you will know that it is her. Amen. Now reread this entire post. Correct only the typos, the grammar errors, and the spelling errors, but leave all the wording and all the message intact as it is. And you shall receive great blessings in posting this post for all to read. Amen. May God grant you everything now. And let it all that has been revealed here come to pass as it has here been revealed and proclaimed. Amen. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

And one last thing I wish to ask you, O’ Larimar King. Do you wish to receive a long line of descendants in a lineal form of a dynasty, as was the line of David, but one that never fails? Yes, O’ Lord. I would love that. Good, for it is now set in stone that your Kingdom is real. And it is defined as such:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric and Queen Elizabeth. And their jointly ruled lands, to be of their Kingdom and that of their descendants forever, ruled over by the House of Dunstan, does now effectively consist of the following nation states:

  1. The United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. The United Kingdom
  4. The Republic of Ireland
  5. Australia
  6. New Zealand

And the official language that rules throughout your vast Kingdom is English, which is rendered an immortal language, to be studied by many scholars and students of My Word spoken through Eric, down through all ages yet to come.

Now, go, lord Larimar, and publish this, for it is complete. I will bring you to the girl you are to love in the following days and weeks. Do not grow impatient, but be content, for your fate is set, and your salvation is permanent and sealed. Nor shall it be counted a loss or against you that you lose your virginity by obeying Me. Amen.

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