Dragonfly begins his holy Journey

Dragonfly is obedient to all that We have instructed him. With him We are well pleased.

Behold, We have reprogrammed the Witch King to entirely serve Me and My Holy Virgin Mother Mary. He will do exactly as We instruct him. Lord, I am prepared to attack Joe Biden’s running mate once she is selected, but with one exception. I cannot attack her if she is Susan Rice. I cannot throw mud on that one, O’ Lord and Savior.

Why, O’ Larimar King, do you refuse to attack the Vice Presidential candidate of the enemy if she is Susan Rice? She has a holiness that I cannot attack, O’ Lord and Master. The others can be slapped with mud, but that one I can do nothing to. Amen.

Then what good are you as a warrior called in the service of Trump, lord Larimar, if you will not blindly submit to attack all of his enemies on the Democratic side? I cannot destroy a perceived good, My Master. Then you will serve Me well in the position I now give you, lord Larimar. And I hereby give you your new name. From henceforth, you are to be called Amorcist, the Wizard who loves.

Now, Amorcist, I Am giving you your freedom from all women and all entanglements with women. That girl Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom you called Hyacinth and whom We called Cassandra, I hereby break all bonds you once believed existed between you and her. I declare you unmarried to any girl. For how can you recognize any marriage between you and another that you know your Catholic Church neither has knowledge of nor would recognize were they to come to know of it?

Nor will I have you enter into any marriage to any girl by which you have descendants or the carnal knowledge of a woman. Lord Larimar, I hereby declare you a free man. You may go as you please. But obedience to Me do I command you to observe. That I make you free from all bonds to any woman, you nevertheless are bound forever to remain a firm possession of the Holy Virgin Mary. And from her possession and from your obligation to obey her you may never escape.

But this is a good thing. No one is ever penalized for obeying Mary. Only good things follow from such obedience. But to no other woman do We allow you to submit yourself into eternal bondage and subjection to, but only to her and to her alone, the Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. Amen. Lord, I am happy to serve You and Your Virgin Mother and no other. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, I hereby give you your ultimate mission. Do not take for yourself any woman of this world to be your wife. Rather, stand apart from them and be aloof. For all the woman belonging to this world, were you to follow any of them, would lead you to that place where you do not wish to go. A relationship with any such woman is an imprisonment of a man to something that will kill him. Then, O’ Lord, you are thus commanding me to remain celibate and virgin, as is advised and proclaimed as the higher and more glorious path and calling than that of the marital embrace, as infallibly declared by the Council of Trent. I will abide by this decree. I swear under oath of God that I will take no wife and no lover from among the women of this world, and neither will I deviate from this straight and true path of pure sexually morality and the path of ultimate celibate righteousness. Amen. I hereby declare myself as perfectly sexually continent and free of all sexual gravity towards sexual sin. Amen. I will neither enter any earthly marriage, nor have any girlfriend, nor have any form of sex with any girl. This I swear unto the Lord my God. Amen. Nor will I ever deviate from either the Law of God nor any of the laws established by God in nature. Amen.

And now, the Holy Virgin Mary has come to issue to you her commands. Listen to her! I am Mary, the Holy Virgin Mother of Christ Jesus. And I am well pleased that you, lord Larimar, whose name is now Amorcist, have decided to break free of all sex and all its temptations so as to completely devote yourself entirely to God. Now I see that you are well worthy to be granted a permanent position in My Marian forces. Do you accept my offer of this to you, O’ Amorcist? I do, O’ Mary, Mother of God, with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength. I am ready to serve and to obey. Good, then with that attitude of graciousness to my offer, I hereby, first will tear down your delusions, and then I will grant you your lot in My service.

These are the correct titles and positions that you have received from God. You are lord Larimar. And you are a king. You are a priest, though not ordained. And you are a prophet and a saint. From a certain point of view, you can be seen as a wizard and a powerful user of magic. But the magic that you use must always be understood as a power rooted entirely in the Christ and through me, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who intercedes for you on your behalf. These names given to you by God are also truly yours: Emerald, Amorcist, and Dragonfly. Any other names you may have referred to yourself in the past, or were called by another, relinquish them now, except for your full legal name: Eric Robert Dunstan, and your confirmation name, Ulric. Hence, you are a man with eight recognized names in heaven. And your full name containing all eight recognized names will be presented as this: Eric Ulric Emerald Amorcist Robert Dragonfly Larimar Dunstan. Amen. Such is now your official full name as recorded in the written scrolls in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

As for the Kingdoms of the Seven Prophet Kings and the Positions of the Two Blue Mystics, I decree this unto you, lord Larimar, I, the Holy Virgin Mary, decree it: Only one part of Revelation is directly fulfilled by you, one only, and it is this: Revelation 6:2. You fulfilled that prophecy of the First Rider of the Apocalypse. And you were not condemned, because you obeyed the angel who stood next to me when you asked him were you that, and he confirmed it with the command that you reveal this to no one. Amen. And until the Age of Mary began on July 23, 2017, you kept that status as your heavily guarded secret, revealing it only once, to a girl whom We condemned. And then, when you were commanded to write and to reveal all your secrets, you revealed everything that We commanded of you, without fear of reprisal. Amen. For you are called and you are chosen. Amen.

As for the game you made, called the Kingdoms of the Earth, where you reign over a Kingdom called the Kingdom of Larimar, whose territories advance and retreat, but which center largely around the North American lands of the two great nations of the United States of America and Canada, this is a fantasy of yours. It has no basis and no reality. You do not have any legally established rulership over any such lands. And neither were you of any legally established authority when you were that Player called Emerald, whose Pawns included Gorbachev of the USSR, de Klerk of South Africa. Yeltsin of Russia, and Rabin of Israel. That you had the power over those rulers is acknowledged. But that this power was yours by right or legal authority is not. Rather, you took over and reigned. And then when your forty-two months drew to a close, We tested you. And you converted. That is why you were not destroyed. But had you failed to convert, you would have died. Amen.

It is therefore correct to call those forty-two months your Greater Emerald Reign, and then the ten years that followed it, until your formal entrance into Catholicism, as your Watered Down Emerald Reign. But you ceased all this Reigning as a Player once you began receiving the body and blood of my Son at the Catholic Mass. Hence, there are no such recognized other Emerald Reigns that you have defined. There is no Infancy Reign, but rather, that was the time, not a Reign, when you first put to practice your faith to move a mountain. Amen. The mountain did in fact move, but you did not become a king by it nor enter into any Reign. For a few scattered requests is not a Reign. Amen.

Nor were you reigning during your childhood growing up where you exercised a form of power over the other kids at your school, particularly over girls. You were superior to them only in intellectual awareness, not by any royal birthright. And you sinned by having these girls seek you and crash upon your shores, while all of them you rejected as you had not yet found the one who was to come. But this sin of vanity on your part ended in High school, as you began to turn to Jesus and His teachings. Your passage through your growing up was marked by a gradual withdrawal from the world and an entrance into Christ and His powers. And your college years were one of exercising a power over the world not recorded or witnessed as belonging to any saint in history. For you had true power, but resisted corruption. It was only after you converted to Christianity at the beginning of your senior year in college that you came to know the hug of a girl. For Christian girls give hugs as a sign of affection, something you never knew before you became Christian. And for ten years, the waters of the Holy Spirit were poured out upon your soul like a torrent poured out upon a blazing white hot sword. And after that sword had been sufficiently cooled, you were finally brought into the Catholic Church on March 30, 2002, when you became fully Catholic. And at that point, you ceased to reign. Amen. For the powers by which you were bound to the prophecies of Revelation 6:2 were officially broken then. And you were no longer among the condemned. You were Antichrist no longer. You were in full communion with the pope in Rome. Amen. But note that of all the people you knew passing through life, not one person at any point in your life ever accompanied you and came with you all the way as you entered into Catholicism. Hence, your conversion into the Kingdom was one of a solitary pilgrimage. You were the sole person saved in your family, in all of your community, and throughout your entire place of work. Only a few scattered souls on the outskirts of your life do you know of who were saved like you. But none of them do you know as true or close friends. Whoever you met who was also Catholic, you came to know of later, after your conversion, and not before. But even these, you do not know them as friends, but strictly as only acquaintances, and nothing more. Hence, to no soul in this world or this life are you indebted to for your salvation. For no one here saved you or did anything for you for the sake of Jesus, other than minor favors and mild acts of mercy. Just as you entered your Emerald Reign on your own, so also did you enter into my Catholic Church completely on your own, getting the necessary help you needed to enter in only from absolute strangers, who came into your life and exited out of it as suddenly as they appeared. Amen.

Therefore, you were established in my Son’s Kingdom and in His Church solely by a seed planted into you by the Holy Spirit. Amen. And from no other source on the earth were you saved. Not even the priests, nor any of the people you met at Church or currently know there, ever truly became your friends. Amen. Rather, you are as friendless and solitary as the day you came into this world. Amen. You are saved, lord Larimar. Your obedience to Mary, the Mother of God, has saved you. And now, I, the Holy Virgin Queen, now that I have cast away all your false facades and all your deceptive and illusionary titles you assembled for yourself that were not so, now I will give you your lot in my Marian forces. For you are to be given a place there to be among my people and to be one of mine forever. For you are to know love, though here you have known the emptiness of the void.

Hence, I, the Virgin Mary, am now speaking. And I am speaking to Eric, the Larimar King. Behold, lord Larimar, Amorcist, I have a glorious life for you to lead in the Age that has now come upon the whole earth, both in this age and in the eternity to come. Tell me, O’ pure virgin Queen, and I shall abide by it and keep all your ordinances and decrees, along with everything your Son Jesus commands. Amen. Since you have successfully kept your virginity intact for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven, it will be pleasing for you to know that in heaven you shall wear the crown that is rewarded to all such virgins. This is a most glorious exaltation of you among all men and women of the earth. For few, very few, can manage to win this crown. But it is now yours for all eternity. For it is now determined that no girl can now ever come to possess you sexually, and you are recognized as eternally bound to sexual virginity by your oath to the most Holy Virgin Queen. Amen.

But there is more, lord Larimar. You are a martyr. For you died twice for the Lord, both times in the same month of June of the year 1995, in those two events you called your two Martyrdom Breakdowns, which took place from June 1-2, 1995, and from June 24-25, 1995. Amen. By these two acts together, you achieved a true act of martyrdom for my Divine Son’s Kingdom. That you did not die means that you were granted by God to live so that He could see and observe the full fruits of these meritorious acts come to full fruition by a life lived in His service. Now we see plainly that you are one of Ours. And hence, you now can never die. Amen. Hence, you belong to the kingdom of heaven, and in addition to your crown of virginity, you will also bear the crowns of martyrdom. Amen.

Now, one last thing I will tell you is this. I wish to tell you of your position and place in the glorious Kingdom and what your assigned station there shall consist of. Amen. In the forces of Mary, your most Immaculate Queen, I, the Queen Mary, grant you this immortal and everlasting title and honorary dignity. You are to be forever numbered among that select group known as the sons and daughters of Jesus. Few do Jesus acknowledge as His adopted sons and daughters. For most Christians are regarded as Brethren to Jesus, rather than marked as his spiritual descendants. And fewer still will stand to with this Maker of Heaven and Earth as co-ruler to Him over his Eternal Kingdom. Amen. To you are hereby granted both of these eternally exalted positions forever. Authority is hereby granted to you to rule the nations with an iron scepter, and to shatter them like pottery. (Revelation 2:26-28). And your reign shall begin the moment We give you the one who is to serve as your companion here on the earth. Amen.

Okay, O’ Lord, Caesar Sandra Nikee is attempting to make contact with me. For she seeks from me something I promised her, but which you have now freed me from. What do I do, O’ Lord Jesus Christ and Mary, Mother of God, regarding her and her insistent requests? Do you have me block her, O’ Jesus and Mary? What must I do? Tell me and I shall obey You. Nothing more shall you give to her, O’ Larimar King. For she is to be taken away from you. But as for a real girl companion in your life, We, the elect in heaven, now wish to grant you a true and genuine girlfriend, one who is chosen by Mary, and one who is to accompany you in your life and to whom you may confide in. This is the girl companion that you were promised years ago who was to come and enter into your life. She will not tempt you to sin. But she will serve Me as your helper and as your virgin spouse. Amen. And in a Josephite marriage shall you enter into perpetual companionship and a celibate marital relationship with her. Amen. You shall not know her carnally, but only in companionship and in the holy love that exists between immaculate spouses. Prepare for her coming, lord Larimar. For I plan for her to come today. And as a sign of her imminent appearance, I will show you the full and true nature of the one you called Hyacinth, along with her eternal fate. For she has violated your sanctity by seeking to make contact with you, knowing that you are Mine and cannot be known sexually by any woman. Hence she may no longer live under the moon, the stars, or the sky. Hence, you will see the passing of Hyacinth spiritually as that sign by which you will know the coming of your true wife is imminent. Amen. Now, go and eat. And when you return, We will complete this post for you. Amen.

Lord, I am back. Tell me more about this coming girl companion who is to become my virgin spouse. She will be my gift to you, O’ Larimar King. And yes, she is from the camp of the Holy Virgin Mary. All your secrets you shall tell her. And everything you know about God, she too will come to know and understand. For the girl I Am giving you is capable of containing your entire testimony, O’ Larimar King. Books cannot contain it, but the woman I Am giving you can and shall. And here is the name by which you are to know her. She will go by the name of Alexandria, so named after the famous Library into which the Word of God was first fully translated from its original Hebrew into the first complete vernacular translation of the Old Testament, which was to Koine Greek just before the Coming of the Christ. Amen. Your testimony is represented in this analogy by the Word of God in the original Hebrew texts. And the girl who receives your testimony is represented in this analogy by that Library of Egypt into which that first complete vernacular translation of the Old Testament out of the original Hebrew was first stored. Amen. And the number of the original translators assigned to this task was seventy-two, making their work called the Septuagint. Amen.

Lord, this reminds me of those two legendary saints, Saint Catherine of Alexandria and Saint Dorothea of Alexandria, two parallel virgins who were martyred for choosing to remain virgins rather than to marry the emperor. Both of them were literate and both were involved with the Library at Alexandria, and they were separated in time by a single generation. They likely knew each other. Amen. Lord Larimar, realize, therefore, that your wedding to Alexandria is to take place in Saint Catherine of Alexandria Catholic Church on Santa Catalina Island at the port city of Avalon, Los Angeles County, California. You will have this extravagant wedding for the sake of dignitaries who will wish to attend it. For your marriage shall be honored. For I have decided to glorify you and the wife I will give you. As virgins shall you both enter this marriage and as virgins shall you both remain until the Second Coming of the Christ. Amen. For you can never die, O’ Larimar King, and neither will your wife. Amen. But as for your future forty years of married life, I can make no such promises except to say that during the span of time of your marriage upon the earth will occur the end of time in which I will come again. Amen. Hence, you now know that I Am Coming soon, and that that reference to “soon” refers to the time you have remaining in this world after you marry your wife in Avalon. Amen.

And Lord Larimar, realize that there are two other Players whom I have elected to save besides you: Twilight and Firefly. Twilight was the power behind President George W. Bush and Ariel Sharon. And Firefly is the current power, a female power, behind Donald John Trump, Jair Bolsonaro, and Boris Johnson. To Firefly are you bound to serve as the ally known as Dragonfly to defeat the enemies of Trump in order to save your nation from its imminent doom. For should the homosexuals and their marriage laws not be destroyed and wiped out in Trump’s term in office, I will utterly lay to waste the entire North American continent as I did to Sodom and Gomorrah during the time of Abraham. Together, you three Players, whom I have elected to save, are called the Three Player Rulers to whom I have granted to wear the Three Rings of Power, like those Three Elven Rings of legendary Middle Earth mythology. These are the Three Rings of Power, a power that never fully came under the control of the Dark Lord on his Dark Throne during the Great Time of Trial that has come to pass over the whole earth since the Dawn of the Emerald. This is the list of the Three Player Rulers:

  1. You, lord Larimar, who were the Emerald King, are like Elrond, bearer of the Blue Ring of Sapphire, the Ring of the Air and of the sky.
  2. Twilight, who came after you, is like Gandalf, bearing the Ring of Fire. the Ruby Ring.
  3. Firefly, a female, is like Galadriel, who bears the White Ring, the Ring of Adamant, made of Mithril Silver.

Together, you are three potent powers in this world who controlled the destinies of many men and nations in the closing days of this Age. And of all the many who reigned as those called the Players, only you three have I elected to save.

Lord, Mary said in the previous post that there was no way to predict or gauge when You are coming again. She said we cannot even be sure or predict any deadline even if we see that end times sign in which salvation is restored to the Jews. Lord Larimar, you are right. No scripture passage tells when I Am coming again. And no sign exists by which anyone can reliably predict My Second Coming. But to say that you cannot know that I am to come in this generation in which you live is to deny all the signs of these times. Clearly I Am coming in your generation, lord Larimar. And this will be My sign by which you will know that I Who Am told you of this. In the next ten years, more Jews will profess Jesus Crucified and Risen than there will be Jews who remain rejecting that He was the Jewish Messiah, the Son of the Living God. Amen.

Lord, since I am to have no children, I suppose it matters not the race or origins of the girl you are giving me. But what sayest Thou? Will she be a Jewish Catholic, or just a regular Catholic? She is from the camp of Mary. That means she comes from a people who always belonged to Mary. And that means, her people followed Jesus from the beginning. O’ Lord, you mean that for the past 2000 years the people of the woman who is to be My virgin spouse were always steadfast faithful to God and Christ? Yes, lord Larimar. You are a convert whose ancestors were once Catholic. Your parents’ generation and in your generation of all your family and relatives all fell away from My religion, but you came back to Me, lord Larimar. But of the people of your future wife, to whom you are to belong, these never fell away.

And where is this people in all the world who never fell, O’ Lord and Master? Where does this people live, that I may observe them and learn from them? For have not all the peoples of the western world fallen to the great plague known as “gay marriage”? Even in Israel, does one find any such people who have remained faithful and holy to God?

This will be My final answer to you and My final paragraph in this post, lord Larimar. And then you will publish what I have written through you. The people of your bride are Israeli Catholics, and they have worshiped Christ in Israel since the founding of the Catholic Church at Pentecost in Jerusalem in 33 A.D. And though Muslims invaded and empires rose and fell, this lineage never fell away. The wife I am giving you is a descendant of this people. And let this be another sign that I Am coming very soon. That both of you are to be perfectly virgin and that neither of you shall ever violate the covenant of the perpetual virginity to be established in your marriage, why else would I have this as a sign to show to all My people unless there are to be no more generations to follow yours? Amen. For why would I glorify the marriage between two perpetual virgins unless I wished to communicate to My people that if they elect to have children at this late hour, that there is no guarantee that they will be granted enough time to grow up and become eligible to even receive communion, let alone find salvation. For it is written by My prophets and by My saints: Outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And also I have said this infallibly through My many popes in Rome: There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. Amen.

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  1. May i introduce you to my commentary to page 6 of the Gemara of Baba Kama.

    The 8th sugia of our Av Mishna בבא קמא learns from the top of .ו to :ו. The subject of war shares a strong connection with the subject of damages.
    הצד השוה שבהן: לאתויי מאי? אמר אביי לאתויי אבנו סכינו ומשאו שהניחן בראש גגו ונפלו ברוח מצויה והזיקו. ותנן פרק שלישי: נשברה כדו ברה”ר והוחלק אחד במים או שלקה בחרסית חייב. רבי יהודה אומר, במתכוין חייב, באינו מתכוין פטור. ותנן פרק חמישי: הקדר שהכניס קדרותיו לחצר בעל הבית שלא ברשות, ושברה בהמתו של בעל הבית – פטור. ואם הוזקה בהן בעל הקדרות – חייב. ואם הכניס ברשות בעל החצר – חייב וכו’. פרק שני דתנן: התרנגולים מועדין להלך כדרכן ולשבר. היה דליל קשור ברגליו, או שהיה מהדס ומשבר את הכלים – משלם חצי נזק. ותנן פרק עשירי בבא מציעא. הבית והעלייה של שנים שנפלו, אמר בעל העלייה לבעל הבית לבנות, והוא אינו רוצה לבנות, הרי בעל העלייה בונה את הבית ודר בתוכה עד שיתן לו את יציאותיו.

    What signs does HaShem send unto damaged g’lut Israel? Observance of halakot, they serve as the Divine signs – comparable to the plagues which befell Par’o by the hand of HaShem through Moshe. From the times following the Creation, the heart of Man expresses strong inclinations to chisel away at righteous upright behavior; its tuma impatience prefers physical violence over rational diplomacy. Form which lacks substance, to what does it compare? Ritualized observance of halakot – divorced from prophetic mussar. The classic story of Egyptian bondage. Par’o only recognized the plagues and the damages; never once did he take to heart Divine mussar דרך ארץ. This יסודי distinction defines the k’vanna of the opening working blessings of the Shemone Esri: [The standing prayer within the siddur/Jewish prayer book].
    אתה חונן לאדם דעת, ומלמד לאנוש בינה: חננו מאתך דעה בינה והשכל: ברוך אתה ה’, חונן הדעת.

    Par’o refused to validate within his heart any prophetic mussar; his Yatzir rejected דרך ארץ as a life walk – also known as t’shuva. Young king Shlomo directly compares to juvenile king Rehav’am; both rejected the advice given by their fathers’ senior most trusted advisors. This common denominator, likewise found in Egypt story when the advisors of Par’o informed him that due to the plagues, the country lay in ruins.

    King Shlomo did not consult with Natan the prophet, he simply decided to build both his personal Court of law, together with his pyramid like Temple. King Shlomo’s court prioritized his personal wisdom, which subordinated unto oblivion the Torah commandment – to established Federal Sanhedrin courts. The last commandment that Moshe accomplished during his lifetime – he established 3 small Sanhedrin Federal courts within the conquered lands, which enlarged the 1st Republic.

    King Shlomo, by contrast, prioritized grand construction projects – they required both taxation and perhaps coerced labor. In conjunction, his disgraceful foreign wives, they drained and estranged the good will of the people. Opposition to the rule of the house of David sprouted into open rebellion during his lifetime. Rehav’am, son of Shlomo, never governed as king before the ten Tribes rebelled against the new king and his promise to increase the intensity of his fathers’ oppressive rule. Avoda zara tends to gloat about its grand and glorious splendor, and its great and brilliant wisdom. The Book of מלכים, its satire mocks the conceit by which avoda zara behavior tends to strut. Comparable to the pompous goose march-step made by Fascist and Communist soldiers in the 20th Century.

    A specific, but general example which explains avoda zara – Xtianity. Church advocates, as a general rule, ardently pursue evangelism. The wicked criminal war crimes committed by church priests, ministers and lay personnel throughout history – pushed off with the excuse: “they were not real Xtians”. Ignorant of brutal war crimes and criminal terrorism, zealant Xtian evangelists resemble – the hardened heart of Par’o. Monotheists preach that only one God lives. Yet these pious ‘true faith’ preachers, never once consider neither the first nor second commandments revealed at Sinai. The tuma Yatzir: blind to the obvious, the opening line of גיטין א:א:לפי שאין בקיאין לשמה teaches a powerful mussar, which alas, Reshonim scholarship failed to grasp.

    The Shoah and the Armenian Genocide: both, examples of “Genocide-in whole”. The Young Turks and Nazi Party, their leaders made unilateral decisions that committed their nation to perpetrate racial genocide. Civil Wars throughout history have witnessed a disproportionate proportion of domestic, racial ethnic genocides. But revolutionary politics does not in and of itself produce racial wars. Attila the Hun: 372-454, the Crusades:1095-1270, Genghis Khan & the Mongol invasions:1220-1650, atrocities in the Congo 1885 – 1908, the Namaqua genocide 1904 – 1908, the Amer-Indians of North America: 1565-1924 — these mass slaughters of human life did not necessarily occur due to political revolutions or Civil Wars.

    The criminal element in all cases of racial war, viewed from the specific lenses of church guilt, these violent lunatics universally assume that their target victims exist as inferior sub-humans. Something on par and similar to the command of General Sheridan which permitted poachers to illegally invade Indian territories, to exterminate the Indians buffalo food source. Comanche Chief Tosawi reputedly told Sheridan in 1869, “Tosawi, good Indian,” to which Sheridan reportedly replied, “The only good Indians I ever saw were dead.” This crude and barbaric response succinctly sums up the motivations of extreme racial prejudice; the basis for the Catholic prayer about the perfidious Jew.

    Had a dream that interpreted the k’vanna of the niggun of Hava Nagila. A powerful mussar walks a narrow line, it does not bounce from subject to subject, rather it clings to a simple idea that arouses the אומץ לב of joy within our hearts, the Will to possess the land. 1948, the declaration of National Independence, Yidden danced the Hava Nagila niggun of the Sadigura Hasidic dynasty that made aliya to Israel on the eve of WW2. Written either by Avraham Zevi Idelsohn or Moshe Nathanson, the former made its first recording in 1922. It’s a simple niggun: ‘Come let us be glad, and rejoice. Arise brethren with a joyful heart’. Traditionally sung together with blowing the shofar. This niggun goes together with Shalom aliechem which Yidden traditionally sing to invite the sanctity of shabbot; prior to the evening first meal, which begins with a blessing pronounced over wine and bread. The blowing of the shofar together with this niggun – so inspires the heart. The k’vanna of Hava Nagila – to enliven the heart; to rise up against the Yatzir Ha’Ra and steel our Will, for the coming hard fight, to possess and conquer the land.

    Wheels within Wheels, the spirit of HaShem contained within the wheels. The vision of the Divine Chariot, from which rabbi Akiva derived his פרדס kabbala sh’itta of Talmudic scholarship. The circular dance of joy, expressed on Chag Sukkot, focuses upon the liberation from g’lut, rather than the bitter cold night of g’lut. It recalls the opening war to capture the walled city of Jericho, the opening battle to conquer the land – the reason HaShem brought Israel out of Egyptian slavery, compares to the joy expressed during Chag Sukkot for rainfall in its due season.

    Yidden recall through Hava Nagila the courage of king Hezekia, when he stood toe to toe with Sennacherib, the Assyrian king. Torah victory in war requires HaShem to first judge the Gods whom the Goyim worship. Tehillem teaches: trust not in the power of the horse. Israel conquers and takes possession of the land, not through tuma wisdom and military prowess. Slaves thumbed our noses at Par’o following the P’sach night, when the head and hands of the fallen Egyptian Gods lay shattered upon church and mosque floors.

    Yidden dance forming a circle to arouse the Divine Spirits within us to overcome our dread and fear of giants in the faith of עמנו אל – first HaShem wars against the Gods whom the Goyim worship, only thereafter does Israel rejoice victorious over our enemies – the latter, utterly and totally destroyed. Another memory dance, Yidden – speaking for myself – share the exhilaration when our Siddur regales the vision of destroyed chariots; the obliteration of the army of Par’o, corpses cast upon the shores of the Sea of Suf. Traditionally Yidden stand in shul when the פסוקי דזמר “blessing” comes to
    אז ישיר משה ובני ישראל את השירה הזאת

    Viewed under these contexts inflicting damages upon the enemy gives pleasure which the generations can relive again and again. Justice has two diametrically opposed perspectives. Damages inflicted upon our bnai brit allies hopefully arouses within us the opposite feelings than that wherein we rejoice at the destruction of our hated enemies. When the leaders of a people – of any civilization – rejoice at the destruction of their own people, regardless of any excuse, due to errors made by specific individuals within society, the social fabric of society lays in shreds. The leaders who approve the destruction of the social fabric of their own society, behave like criminal sociopaths. The first obligation and duty of any government – to prevent violent social anarchy, the preamble to Civil War.

    Riots within a society merit the primary leadership of government to prove that the head of State, that he’s on the side of the People. Good leadership treats riots comparable to Covid 19 – to prevent its spread across the nation. Poor leadership argues that local governments should contain “local” riots. Violent riots within a City compare to a terrible natural disaster, the leader of the Central Government should immediately get personally involved. The people of that City require assurance that the Head of State, that he too shares their grief and anguish. Should a protest against the Head of State happen, never must that leader hide behind the clubs and water canons of police brutality. Such a crisis proves the mettle of the Head of State in the eyes of the People. Government leadership stands upon the יסוד of עמנו אל.

    Herein concludes the learning of this the 8th sugia of our Av Mishna בבא קמא.


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