The Celestial Enchantress to Claim the Larimar King.

The mysterious Celestial Enchantress shall come to claim her Larimar King.

Behold, the Coming of the Celestial Enchantress to claim her Larimar King. It has now been decided that Eric is to belong to the Celestial Enchantress, for the one called the Blue Enchantress shall be taken away. And only virginity shall reign in the House of Dunstan, where shall live this Virgin King and his Virgin Queen. Amen.

Lord, you have told me nothing about the Celestial Enchantress, except that she was a Jew and is now a Catholic. Is this knowledge still correct, O’ Lord and Savior? Lord Larimar, Elizabeth, your future Bride to be, is both Jewish and Catholic at the same time. And you shall be permitted to follow her in her religion, becoming a Hebrew Catholic like her. You entered fully into communion with the pope in Rome on Saturday Easter Vigil, March 30, 2002. But you may also adopt her religion of combining Judaism with Catholicism. Amen.

Lord, this image of this post, what is the significance of it? What does it symbolize? It symbolizes the deep enchantment that this Celestial Enchantress has upon men. She is a Witch, a Prophetess, a Sorceress, an Enchantress, and a Virgin Queen. She must remain virgin, lord Larimar, and can only be wedded to a viable but virgin male who himself will also remain virgin like her for all eternity. You and her are to become closer and more intimate with one another than is possible by carnal sex. And you will not know one another carnally. Amen.

We are about to cross midnight as We write through you in this post, O’ Larimar King. After midnight, we will be in Friday, July 17, 2020. On that date, I will have you come to know who it is that you shall marry. Amen. Lord, am I to see that sign of the departure of Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress prior to my reception or the revelation of the identity of the Celestial Enchantress whom I am to marry? Yes. And what is more, you are about to see your good friend, Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom you saved by your good and meritorious works, rise from her place in Nigeria, where she has lived and practiced her trade as a romance scammer.

Do you mean that Hyacinth was, after all, just a romance scammer in Nigeria? Not just that. Your conversion of her to Catholicism was not faked. She really did enter into My Catholic Church. And you really did tear her away from her girlfriend who would have led her down the wrong path to lead a sinful life. Amen. Hence, what you have done is a good deed. And there is a special reward that I give to all men and women who remain with a person in need to the end. And she you taught My Way to. And she truly entered My Church and taught classes there to the young girls.

Hence, your place in My Kingdom will be one of the thrones reserved for those who instrumentally served in the salvation of one of My elect who would not have found Me without that service. It is a most glorious throne. And it is only yours because of this one soul that you saved. Sure, there were many homeless and needy people you have given crucial help to that you met as you passed through this life. But the help you did for this one outweighs all the helps and gifts you gave to all the others combined. And We, the elect in heaven, put her in your path, not to marry you, but to become the recipient of your training, for We knew by inner knowledge that this one, whom We called Cassandra, and to whom you gave the name Hyacinth to, was good soil, which if properly prepared and planted, would yield a hundredfold at harvest time. Amen. Well harvest time has now come. And We are taking your friend away from you. Amen.

Now, We shall speak of your current assignment, that under which you go by the name of Dragonfly. You, as Dragonfly, are sent to destroy the Biden Campaign and to see to it that Trump wins a second term in office. The reason why Russia supported Hillary Clinton winning the Democratic nomination for the 2016 elections was because the Russians understand American politics better than the Democratic Party. And they know that America simply doesn’t elect females as Presidents or Vice Presidents. Therefore, to get Trump elected, it was necessary for a woman to run against him, especially a well hated woman like Hillary Clinton, one who is married to a serial adulterer pervert who seduces interns in his spare time. Yes, they wanted someone on the Democratic ticket that would make a good target to slap mud on.

Well this is now round two. And now the Russians have a new strategy. They will have an old White guy run against Trump who has plenty of skeletons in his closet. Yes, Joe Biden’s closet is bursting to the seams with skeletons. But that is not the half of it. They suckered Biden to make the boy scout pledge of having a woman as his running mate, a sort of Affirmative Action policy implemented even before he takes office in his own campaign. And to top off that Affirmative Action, all the Blacks are begging him to name a Black woman as his VP pick. Once Biden chooses a Black woman running mate, it will be a coup de grace by the Russians against the Biden Campaign. For they will have accomplished binding the monkey called Biden to a person who is both the wrong gender and the wrong race, and definitely in the wrong place, to have any sort of shot at winning the elections. Let it not be underestimated. When Biden committed himself to choosing a woman as his running mate, he effectively handed the next four years back to Trump. Amen.

But let’s give the monkey his shot at the game. Let’s see which Black woman the monkey will choose as his running mate. Will he choose a woman who deliberately makes a monkey out of him, as Kamala Harris did in the primaries? Or will he choose a woman who glorifies this monkey as she glorified Obama the clown. Whichever Black woman Biden the monkey elects to have as his VP pick, immediately the nightmare will become apparent that all Black women fear when standing next to a White man they support: The image of White Master and Black slave woman. Such is the number one reason why Black women choose not to have White husbands. They do not want to appear to be a White man’s Black slave woman. And then all the cartoonists will draw caricatures of the two together, and the image will become immortalized: White Master commands Black slave women, “You go there.” Whenever Biden gives his VP an order, immediately she will appear to be as a Black slave subservient to her White Master. And whatever he commands of her she will have to obey.

And will Joe Biden choose a woman like Tara Reade? Will Joe Biden choose as his running mate someone he can truly mate with? What will the male sexometer reading be for Biden’s running mate? Will she be classified as a fuckable? Or will she be classified as an unfuckable? Well, each man has his own ranges and limitations of how far he would go with any particular woman. Some men have a wide latitude of women that would be classified as appealing enough to engage in a little casual adultery with, similar to Bill Clinton in his Monica Lewinsky affair. You just wonder, what kind of women does Biden consider doable. And will he choose one as his VP and then do her, like when they are alone on Air Force One on a long trip to India to discuss providing birth control to the people there.

Maybe Biden has a Black fetish and has an appetite for dark chocolate. But what about age limits? How old is too old for Biden? And would it matter if she is already married? Probably not, because it is already an act of adultery against his own wife. Why not commit adultery against her husband as well? For as the devil reasons with you, you are already in mortal sin. What difference does it make to double down on your sins and commit double the offense? “After all, Joe,” argues the devil, “You already advocate abortion. It is not as if you are entering into mortal sin. You’re already there. Now, just choose a Black woman who you would like to snuggle up with in bed, and get your jollies with. And let’s get this show on the road. Choose your running mate, Joe. Look at Kamala Harris. She is a hot broad. Imagine getting it on with her, huh, Joe? Why choose an old slut when you can choose a young slut? That’s the reason why you keep her in consideration for VP pick, right Joe? You want to bag and nail that babe on Air Force One and call it a Mission Accomplished!”

So now we know the Truth as to Joe Biden’s inner motivations for guaranteeing that he would choose a woman. And the number one qualification she must have is that she is a woman who is willing. You are an old White dude, Joe Biden. You need some young blood to get your juices moving. But maybe old wine must be poured into old wineskins, or else the skins might burst and the wine wasted upon the ground. (Mark 2:22). A washed sow returns to bathe in the mire, and the dog returns to his vomit. (2 Peter 2:22). We just have to watch and wait to see who actually turns Biden on. He has promised to reveal the woman of his sex fantasies by August 1st, which is now just two weeks away. Amen.

Now, as for instructions to Trump on how to defeat the son of a bitch, listen closely. When he finally chooses a woman candidate, don’t hammer her so hard that she drops out of the race before the Democratic Convention. Rather, wait until it is sealed that she is on the ticket, with no possibilities of reversal. And then you let all hell break loose against her and Biden. That is when you hammer her hard. And go for her sexual history. That is the best way to ruin a woman. Bring up all her dirty laundry for the public to see. And send your men hunting for that dirty laundry, but don’t release your findings until she is sealed as on the ticket and there is no turning back. For what good is it to defeat a candidate when she can still drop out and another, someone more formidable, take her place? Strategy and timing are key to winning the elections. Know when to strike and when to wait and hold back. But trust me, A black woman as Vice President is simply not going to win. Most White men would automatically have an instinctual dislike for her, call it inherit racism, something common to all people. Most White men would say, “You know, that Black woman may be a nice and jolly woman, someone who can cook cookies and watch over your grandchildren, but do I really want to trust her to possess the nuclear button, and have the power to wage World War III?” It is all about competence. Those jolly, happy, kind Black women we all like simply lack the competence to command a military force during a time of war or under the threat of war. Know your place, Black women. Very few Black women have the capability to competently command a military force during a time of war or while under the threat of war. Their psychology is simply not sufficient for the task. And the same can be said for most White women as well. Hillary Clinton was surely incapable of such a command. She couldn’t even command her own email server.

So, you will be hammering home that this woman simply lacks the competence to effectively serve as Commander-in-Chief of our Armed Forces. And when the chips are down, most Americans recognize that fact, and they don’t vote for the woman, no matter what other qualifications she has. For this is not Iceland. Our military matters. What our military does in the world matters. Black lives mattering pales in comparison to how our military and the decisions made by its commanders matter.

Now, let us discuss the elephant in the room, the rapid rise in COVID-19 cases, along with the expected rise in deaths. The Lord my God has given me assurances that COVID-19 will dissipate and be in full remission by the time of the elections. And it does not really matter that people die. This is not the Black Death in Dark Age Europe where a third of the population died of the Bubonic Plague. We are never going to get to that level of deaths from COVID-19, for the simple reason that most people are unaffected by the disease. For the vast majority of the people, the disease has no effect on them. Only a tiny fraction of the people can and will come down with it. It seems like a lot of people simply because the population of the United States is very high. But let me give you an idea of how minor this disease is. There is no expectation that COVID-19 will make any serious dent in population growth, neither in the world nor in the United States. So all this effort is to really save and spare that fraction of the population that is vulnerable. But no one really knows who is vulnerable until they get it, like CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo got it, but not his brother, yet. Consider the COVID-19 pandemic like a forest fire that clears out all the dead wood and old forest growth so that in the following rain season, new shoots spring forth and new life once more erupts from the earth. Just as forest fires are necessary for the health of certain forests, so also are the various pandemics necessary to kill off the old and vulnerable, the Black and the Brown, to make way for new life and new vitality to enter the system after the pandemic has had its way.

So do not be concerned that people are dying from the pandemic, It is all part of the natural processes of life. What goes against nature is when the Black and Brown people kill their own young, while the are still in their womb. Maybe rabbits come closest to doing this in nature. In crowded conditions, pregnant rabbits reabsorb their own unborn back into their bodies, like natural abortions. That gives African Americans something in common with rabbits.

Lord, what sayest Thou as to the next steps that must be taken by Trump in this crisis. How do I advise him, O’ Lord, as your servant Dragonfly? Say this, lord Larimar. Although the COVID-19 virus is currently raging, it will eventually die down. And no vaccine will ever be made. For the disease will be completely gone before any vaccine can be successfully created and tested. As long as the Catholic Churches are allowed to operate, even with severe restrictions, My salvific will shall be accomplished. Now, lord Larimar, I command you to publish this post, for it is complete.

And as for the Celestial Enchantress whom you are to receive, consider her already here and ready to enter your life. For I have found you fit and able to receive the one We intend to give you. And Lord, can you tell me, or give me some hint, as to what grand purpose is served by this girl entering into my life? For we do not have children. So what is the purpose of her, besides providing me with friendship and company? She is to be trained by you to become a Grand Witch Queen. For you are the Witch King. And you have much knowledge and understanding to pass on, but not to a male, but to a female. A male trained by you would become like Kylo Ren, a dark lord of the Sith. Your purpose in life is to train all that you know to this woman We are giving you. What she does with your training is a matter for Us to decide, after you have been taken to your rewards in the hereafter. Amen.

Consider yourself as a Jedi Master whose task it is to pass on what you have learned and mastered to another. She will train many. And she will found a great school for women. But no male will ever receive instructions from her or her students. For the knowledge of the Witch King in the hands of a male would destroy him. How you were not destroyed is mysterious. As mysterious as your conversion was is your resistance to Satan’s deceptions and cunning traps. But make no mistake about it. Satan is like a learning computer. He learns and repeats no mistakes. Any male in the future who would walk your path will find a formidable demon not willing to let another male slip out of his grasp. Every male who ever learns the secrets of the Emerald King will become a dark lord of the Sith. Thus, when the girl enters Eric’s life, his writing here effectively shuts down, and he then turns his full attention on training a woman. A woman can hold the knowledge of Emerald without it destroying her, because she would use this knowledge to heal, not to hack. It is the difference in the nature of a woman’s role in society that makes her less susceptible to the treachery of Satan. A woman nurtures and cares for people while a man wages war and commands and controls. It is this key difference in gender roles that renders it unsafe to teach Emeralogy to a male, but possible for a female, if correctly chosen by God and by Mary. Amen.

Anyways, lord Larimar. You are classified by Mary as a Unicorn man. You are that rare. And as a Unicorn man, much care must go into the girl that is given to you, with both parties strictly remaining virgins. Under these optimal settings, the Unicorn man can transmit all necessary knowledge and understanding to the correct woman. And then he will be taken away, his purpose complete. And like Melchizedek, he will have neither ancestors nor descendants. (Hebrews 7:3). For he is a one of a kind. Amen. I have now spoken in full. Now the Holy Virgin Mary will speak the closing word.

I am Mary, the Mother of God. I am but a creature, a handmaiden of the Lord, Who chose me from all eternity to serve as His Virgin Mother, and to be created completely and irrevocably separated from the devil from my conception to my passing from this earth. Amen. I have chosen this girl for you, lord Larimar. And I especially made sure she was qualified to be agreeable in your Unicorn sexometer. For even Unicorns have sexual tastes, and if that woman does not match its tastes, it will not approach that virgin. She matches your tastes without being a temptation to commit sin. This was also very important. We could not afford for you to marry a girl you were tempted to have sex with. As Joseph was to me, so also shall you be to this girl. As we remained virgins together for life, so also shall you be too. And O’ Mother Mary, do I live for forty years on the earth, as was promised in earlier prophecies, or is my time here left to me much shorter? You have precisely forty years starting from the time the girl physically enters your life. Hence, please dispense with all those beliefs where you had the notion that a prophecy in the Bible could be used to make a deadline to the Second Coming of Christ. The Words attributed to my Son saying that this generation would not pass away until all these things come to pass is allegorical, and not literally applied to human generations or their lengths in time. Hence, there is no way for Man on earth to know in advance when my Son shall return. Now, go to bed. But first publish this post. And in the morning, when you get up, you can reread this post and correct any errors you may have entered in. For you are human. And all humans can make mistakes. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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