The Enchantress is to be married to Eric

An Enchantress shall be wed to Eric. The only question is who?

Behold, it has been decided. The Blue Enchantress will eternally possess the Larimar King. But Lord, is the Blue Enchantress trustworthy? I grant you this, lord Larimar. If the Blue Enchantress is trustworthy and true, then she will be your bride. Otherwise, you shall be wedded to the Celestial Enchantress, whom you do not know. But because you have been faithful to Us, the lords of Heaven, We, the elect in heaven, have conquered lands for your Kingdom. And We, the lords of Heaven, do give you another series of lands to rule, over which you will restore Catholicism and drive out the Sodomites, starting with eliminating all the judges and Justices who rule in the favor for the fags. All of them will be removed and replaced. And you, lord Larimar, will see to it that all My judges and Justices who My favored rulers nominate are passed and approved by whatever body needs to approve them to get them onto the benches of their courts. Amen. And you will not stop until every last rotten apple and all its filth have been eradicated from all the courts of all the lands. Amen.

For We, the elect in heaven, are using you, O’ Larimar King, an in particular, your power to make decrees in faith to move mountains, to remove Sodomy from the land and restore Catholicism in full. For not even Pope Benedict XVI was worthy of the stature of his office when he contemplated the possible merits of sodomizing men if they elected to use a condom to protect their partners in crime in their very acts of criminal wrongdoing. That pope did not seem to understand that it is not possible to merit anything when the act you are committing is by definition a mortal sin. When a man sticks his penis up another man’s anus, that is defined as mortal sin and abomination, period! There is no way to merit for any man while he is committing that act, whether he wears a condom or not, whatever his thoughts or motives are. Both men committing that act together are cut off from God, period. No one merits in hell. And likewise, no one merits while in a state of separation from God. Amen.

And what about the next pope, O’ Lord? Have you revealed him to me? Yes, he has been revealed, and I shall now reveal him again. Amen. The next pope shall be Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence, Italy, whom I have selected to rule as the holy pope who reigns during the same time as the Great Monarch. He was made Cardinal by Pope Benedict XVI, and in honor of him, he shall take the same papal name and be called, Pope Benedict XVII. For I have found him worthy of Me. Like Eric, Cardinal Giuseppe Betori is against the pro-gay fad that has swept all the courts of the western world into abominable sins. He will stand with Me and with Eric in eradicating all legal protections for the homosexually immoral from all legal precedent and all legal rulings of law and all interpretations of rights and all constitutional bodies of law. For it will be reestablished that homosexuality is a moral wrong, and that no one has a right to commit a moral wrong, and that the protections in law against sex discrimination does not apply to the sexually immoral nor to the sexually abominable. And all who disagree with this and who are in the position to rule and make judgements I hereby grant Eric the power and duty to remove and replace. For Eric is made the ruler called Dragonfly. And he will utterly lay to waste the entire homosexual agenda of the western world that is to come under his rule. And now We shall define the Seven Kingdoms of Christendom, so that all are aware that there are Seven Such Kingdoms: And note that Eric has conquered much of Europe. And all of Eric’s conquests were conquered by Me, the Lord God, for I have judged of Europe her rulers, and I have decided to take the gold coins from those who did not produce and to give them all to the one who produced ten. (Matthew 25:28).

Hence, behold the Kingdom of Larimar, under its new defintions:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric and Queen Isabel. And their eternal lands of their eternal Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America
  4. Saint Pierre and Miquelon
  5. Greenland
  6. Bermuda
  7. the Bahamas
  8. Turks and Caicos Islands
  9. the United States Virgin Islands
  10. Puerto Rico
  11. the Republic of Ireland
  12. Northern Ireland
  13. Great Britain
  14. France
  15. Belgium
  16. the Netherlands
  17. Luxembourg
  18. Germany
  19. Switzerland
  20. Monaco
  21. Malta
  22. Italy
  23. Greece
  24. Bulgaria
  25. Romania
  26. Moldova
  27. Ukraine
  28. European Russia (Russia west of the Ural Mountains, excluding Karelia and Kaliningrad, which belong to Queen Anna’s East Baltic Kingdom)
  29. Belarus
  30. Poland
  31. Czechia
  32. Slovakia
  33. Austria
  34. Hungary
  35. Slovenia
  36. Croatia
  37. Bosnia and Herzegovina
  38. Serbia
  39. Montenegro
  40. Kosovo
  41. Albania
  42. Macedonia

And the official languages of their jointly ruled Kingdom include the following:

  1. English
  2. Spanish
  3. French
  4. German
  5. Italian
  6. Greek
  7. Polish
  8. Hungarian
  9. Romanian
  10. Russian

And over this Kingdom rules Eric as Dragonfly, and his task it to root out all abominable rulings and the judges who made them, replacing each and every one of them. Amen. Lord, let us look at the Kingdom Casualty report. The following Kings and Queens and their respective Eight Kingdoms have been totally obliterated with their rulers forced to swear fealty to Eric, their Eight Kingdoms becoming Vassal States of the Kingdom of Larimar.

  1. Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by, ruled by Queen Elora
  2. Kingdom of Northern Ireland, ruled by Queen Anne
  3. Kingdom of Great Britain, ruled by King Philip
  4. Kingdom of the Poland, ruled by King Aurelian
  5. Empire of Western Europe, ruled by Emperor Charlemagne II and Empress Regina Angelium
  6. Kingdom of the East Latins, ruled by Chrism and Queen Camomile
  7. Kingdom of the West Balkans, ruled by Queen Vesper
  8. Kingdom of European Russia, ruled by Queen Katarina

Meanwhile, these Five European Kingdoms have remained unscathed:

(2) Kingdom of Iceland, ruled by King Narwhal. And the lands of his Kingdom include:

  1. Iceland

And the main languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. Icelandic

(3) Kingdom of Scandinavia, ruled by Queen Elsa. And her eternal lands inlude:

  1. Norway
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Svalbard
  5. Jan Mayen
  6. Faroe Islands
  7. Gotland

And the languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Danish
  2. Swedish
  3. Norwegian

(4) Kingdom of the East Baltic, ruled by Queen Anna. And the lands of her Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. Finland
  2. Karelia (from Russia)
  3. Estonia
  4. Latvia
  5. Lithuania
  6. Kaliningrad (from Russia)

And the list of official languages in her Kingdom include the following:

  1. Russian
  2. Lithuanian
  3. Latvian
  4. Estonian
  5. Finish
  6. Swedish

(5) The Vatican City, ruled by whoever is the current pope. And his eternal lands include the following:

  1. Vatican City (within Rome, but not on any of her original seven hills.)

And the official languages of this Kingdom include:

  1. Latin
  2. Italian

(6) Kingdom of Iberia, ruled by King Azul and Queen Estrella. And their united kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Spain
  2. Portugal
  3. Andorra
  4. the Canary Islands
  5. the Balearic Islands
  6. the Azores Islands
  7. the Madeira Islands

And their official languages of their kingdom include:

  1. Spanish
  2. Portuguese
  3. Catalan
  4. Basque

Lord, since I, Eric, am now ruler over France and much of Europe, do I now qualify to be called the Great Monarch? Indeed, lord Larimar. And to you is appointed the divine task to rule all of North American and European Christendom. Amen. And the five independent Sovereign Kingdoms left in Europe will serve as nations under your influence. Now, O’ Lord, that seems to define that Kingdom of Christendom. Now what about the other six? I will now define them for you, O’ Larimar King.

This is the summary of the Seven Kingdoms of Christendom throughout the whole world, featuring the notable Kingdoms in which My Church is quite strong:

  1. Kingdom of Larimar, over North America and Europe, ruled by King Eric, the Great Monarch.
  2. Kingdom of Spanish America, ruled over by King Jadeite
  3. Kingdom of Brazil, ruled over by King Cacau
  4. Kingdom of Catholic Africa, ruled over by King Congo
  5. Kingdom of the Philippines, ruled over by Queen Jasmine
  6. Kingdom of Iberia, ruled over by King Azul and Queen Estrella
  7. United Kingdom of Northern Europe, ruled over by Queen Elsa and Queen Anna

Lord, why was the Kingdom of Haiti passed up and not included among the Seven Kingdoms of Christendom? It is because they are poor, Black, and in endemic poverty? Haiti is not a real nation, lord Larimar. Real nations fend for themselves and can stand up on their own and produce viable economic output without needing a constant influx of foreign aide to prop them up. Haiti, rather, is a group of amateur despots that have no unifying language. Did you know that Haitian Creole is spoken only in Haiti, and that most Haitians wouldn’t know how to read it if they saw their own words written down in their own written language? And their language is without standardizations, consisting of ever changing dialects unique to their geographic regions, and these are not mutually intelligible. Hence, to call Haiti a nation is a misunderstanding. The correct understanding of Haiti is that it serves as a reservation and as a concentration camp for a formerly enslaved people that the world currently has no use for. Amen. The world feeds them to keep them alive, for some possible future purpose, like caged animals in a zoo.

Then, O’ Lord, the Afro-Black people are a possessed race. The Whites possess them and trade them, like cards in a poker game. Whenever the Whites need slaves, they call their lobbyists who instruct their bribed leaders to arrest more Black criminal wrongdoers to feed the prison slave labor industry. Therefore, it is not in the interests of these White men to stop Black on Black crime. They want the Blacks to murder one another so that they can justify making the Black perpetrators penal slaves.

There will never be a solution to the “Black problem” because the problem with the Blacks is intentional. High crime rates in Black communities are intentional and all part of the plan to justify the imprisonment and enslavement of Black people. The Black family unit was destroyed and the single welfare motherhood was institutionalized to justify the slapping of child support payment requirements upon unemployed, unwed Black fathers to force them into penal slavery for their felony failure to pay their child support debts. Note this key criteria. The Black man has to pay his child support to the state, regardless of the woman’s wishes, once she starts receiving welfare checks. And the woman has to name the father to get her welfare. This cleverly designed scheme was intentionally made to target and destroy the Black family unit and render Black men to be raised without father figures. This psychological blow on the Black man makes him easy pray for turning him to crime, and thereby funneling him into the penal slavery system.

Lord, is there no solution to this great mess? For do not these Black lives matter? Yes, there is a solution, lord Larimar. Government policy needs to be shifted back to encouraging the Black family unit, rather that seeking to destroy it. The incentives to be a single mom must be taken away. Sex education must advocate abstinence, morality, and teach that unwed sex is taboo. Sick men must not be permitted to enter the girl’s bathroom because they want to be a different gender than what they were born as. Only biological girls must be allowed into a girl’s bathroom. And only biological boys must be allowed into a boy’s bathroom. And biological gender is all about your genes, what sex chromosomes you have. If you have two X chromosomes you are a woman. If you have an X and a Y chromosome, you are a man. And if you are a freak that does not fit that normal pattern, then your gender is male only if you have at least on Y chromosome in your genes. Otherwise, you are female. If someone with a Y chromosome dresses up like a woman, and makes himself look like a woman, and does surgery to make him appear like a woman, that Y chromosome still makes his flesh man flesh, not woman flesh. Hence he cannot enter a woman’s bathroom, and he cannot marry a man. For all humans possessing a Y chromosome are male. Amen. Male flesh is human flesh created by genes with a Y chromosome in them. Female flesh is human flesh created by genes with only X chromosomes and no Y chromosome in them. Amen. And marriage must be defined as a union of a human being with a Y chromosome united to a human being without any Y chromosome. For the Y chromosome makes all human beings who have it male. And the Y chromosome is always passed down to the next generation from father to son, never to daughter.

Eric learned all about this during his undergraduate degree in Whittier college where he earned a B.A. in biology in 1993. Now Eric has a career in the computing field, and is an expert on creating and managing eCommerce websites on Linux servers. I know, the two fields are not related. But Eric realized he was fit for computing in his senior year in college when he took and aced two computer programming courses. Nevertheless, Eric’s purpose is always to serve his Lord. Hence, what career God gives to Eric, Eric submits to it and thrives. But what advice do You, O’ Lord, have for all those unemployed, and for many, unemployable people who are suffering financially and seek, but cannot find, sustainable work?

Never seek this world or anything in it. Rather, seek first the Kingdom and its righteousness, and all these other things you need will be given you besides. (Matthew 6:25-34). Just a word of advice from Eric: Putting to practice the teachings of Jesus, no matter how counterintuitive they seem, does in fact work. I am not here to preach the prosperity gospel, which is that Protestant error that you will become rich by following the teachings of Jesus. Rather, I preach that the place you want to go to, you will arrive there if you follow Jesus. And to follow Jesus correctly requires you to let go of all your security holds on this life. Why did Jesus say it was so hard for a rich man to get to heaven? It was because the rich man just cannot let go. Like the monkey caught in the trap who would be free of it if he just let go of that fruit in his hand, neither can the rich let go of their riches in order to save their soul.

Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant. If Eric is to be the possession of Hyacinth, why is Isabel listed as the wife of King Eric in the definition of his Kingdom? It is because Hyacinth cannot be your bride, lord Larimar. She is due to be taken away from this world soon. That you loved her selflessly, seeking only for her salvation, is credited to your account as righteousness. You will be substantially rewarded for saving this soul. But nevertheless, We are taking her away very soon from your life. That you obeyed Us in all things that pertained to her has saved your soul. Amen. But she cannot remain here. Her time to die has come.

As for Isabel being your bride, rather than Esther, this was a decision made from all eternity. Amen. For all couples who validly come together sacramentally were united to each other by My divine will from all eternity.

Lord, I notice that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is now in the hospital. Is this the beginning of her departure from the Supreme Court? Yes, expect her condition to become critical, and then unrecoverable. She will eventually go into a coma, like Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon fell into for eight years straight, to finally die then, never having reawakened. The same will happen to this miserable wretch. The time to celebrate will be when her brain waves record brain dead activity upstairs. By that time, President Trump will have lined up his perfect replacement, an impeccable man, like Brett M. Kavanaugh, and one who is a true conservative, not one of those pseudo-conservatives, as Robert and Gorsuch turned out to be. And it will be your task, lord Larimar, to see to it that this man passes the confirmation in the Senate. You have only one shot at this. For he must be put onto the Supreme Court before the elections take place. Doing so will rally the Trump base to come out and vote Republican, and will discourage the liberal left from voting. Black people will assume their votes don’t matter, just like their lives, and they won’t show up to vote.

Remember that the key to winning the elections from now on is getting Hispanic votes, And this factor is only going to grow as the Hispanic voters continue to increase in numbers. This very election in 2020, they will now outnumber the Blacks. And the Blacks themselves aren’t increasing. They’re all killing their own babies in the womb. So Biden’s money spent on winning the Black vote has limited rewards. And a few Biden gaffes, such as the Biden quote, “If any of you Black folk are considering voting for Trump, then you just ain’t Black,” will put a dampener on the Biden Black base real fast every time his bad quotes resurface. Also, realize that a Republican presidential candidate who can push Hispanic support north of a generally reliable 30 percent, as Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did, can take the Electoral College. So, Trump doesn’t need to get an actual full out majority of the Hispanics to win, but only needs to have a good, solid, strong, and loyal Hispanic base, say north of 30%. So, get that strong, solid, and loyal Hispanic base, secure it for the elections, and focus on the economy, which is what matters most to Hispanics, and Trump will take the electoral college. Also, whatever woman Biden chooses, let her be portrayed as a tramp. Biden shot a big whole in his foot by limiting himself to choosing a woman as his Vice President. And women are particularly vulnerable targets when put in the spotlight. And they have that knack of taking down their male running mate with them in the polls. Whatever woman Biden chooses, at least half the country is going to hate her. And that half that hates her can be used by Trump to whittle away at Biden’s popularity. Remember that Hillary lost because she was hated by over half the country. And people tend to have stronger emotional opinions about women than about men.

Furthermore, a woman in a man’s arena must be constantly trying to prove to everyone that she is up to the challenge of that position, despite being a woman. Negatively focusing on her and tearing her down will do wonders for defeating the Biden Campaign. Remember how Sarah Palin destroyed it for John McCain by putting too much of her personality into the election campaign. Draw out those bad personality traits from Biden’s female VP candidate and let it all hang out for everyone to see how terrible she is. Think about it this way. Biden is still seriously thinking about having Kamala Harris as his VP. That shows he is already flatfooted and desperate. He cannot find any good woman who is not going to shoot a hole in his other foot, and make him lame in both feet.

I will now tell you Biden’s fate. Joe Biden is going to choose Representative Karen Bass as his Vice President running mate. And why her, someone asks? It is because she is calculated to offer Biden what Dan Quayle offered to George H. W. Bush. Basically, a pretty potted plant that stays where it’s put and that doesn’t distract the audience from the main actor, the Presidential Candidate. As long as controversy is low, and everything is low key about her, Biden thinks that by choosing her, he can coast into the elections, get the Black vote by having a Black on his team, and then do nothing more for the Blacks for the remainder of his term, just like Obama did nothing for the Blacks, other than be Black. There are ways to defeat Biden through her that I will discuss once her choice has been finalized. But make no mistake about it. The weakness of the woman is how the Serpent took down the man in the Garden of Eden. Amen. It works every time a man is so foolish to choose a female as his running mate. Amen.

Now, publish this post, lord Larimar. You are guaranteed to defeat Joe Biden. And Ginsburg will be taken out and disposed of so that her replacement may be nominated by Trump and confirmed by the Senate just in time for the elections. Amen. And you will have a packed four years in which the other three liberals and the two pseudo conservatives on the Supreme Court must be likewise revoked and replaced with the efficiency of a Terminator sent to accomplish his mission and not be stopped. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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