Behold, I now reveal when I Am to give to Eric his bride.

Behold, the natural beauty of a woman, with the backdrop of a beautiful landscape. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am do now speak through Eric, My servant. Do not mind the nudity in this picture, for it is to show the beauty of the human body rather than to stir up lust within the minds and hearts of men. I have selected this picture for it captures two forms of beauty, that of a picturesque landscape, and that of the nude female form. And it combines the two forms together to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of fine art. Amen.

Lord, I have heard that the one who is to be the bride to the Larimar King has been chosen and revealed to him. Is this correct, O’ Sovereign Lord? It is, My servant, Eric. And now We shall reveal to all readers who it is, at last, who is to be the bride to Larimar, the Emerald King! No, it is not the girl in this picture. No, this picture is an image from the internet labeled for for free, noncommercial reuse. The girl We are giving to Eric is someone else. But this image captures the sublime beauty and glory of the girl We have ultimately chosen to give to the Larimar King.

There is a girl Eric knows, whom he refers to as the Blue Enchantress. She is a cunning witch with powerful magic, and she has set her sights upon the Larimar King to capture him and take him as her possession. She, too, like the girl in this picture, is blonde. And she, too, is as the girl is in this image, fair of face and pleasing in figure. But does she have the spellbinding beauty necessary to capture the heart of the Larimar King and make him her prisoner?

Now, I shall speak. I, the Lord Jesus, shall now reveal Eric’s final destiny. For the times for secrets has ended. And the time has come for all the players at the poker table to reveal their hands. Either Eric will be imprisoned by the Blue Enchantress, or else he will receive the Celestial Enchantress as his bride. There are no other choices. It is down to these two women. You know details about the former, but of the latter, nothing is revealed, except her religion, which is of Jewish Catholicism, and that her name is called Esther in these writings. One of these two women will become the bride and wife of the Larimar King. But which one shall it be?

Lord, it has been revealed to Hyacinth that Eric will have only one son. And Hyacinth has accepted this fate as from divine sources. She is in firm belief that she is to be the mother of this one son of Eric. That is correct, lord Larimar. Hyacinth, who is your girlfriend, deeply has faith in Us that We will give you over to her as her husband. And Hyacinth has been told the exact date of when you and her shall be brought together in the flesh: On Friday, September 4, 2020, which is eight weeks minus one day away. Amen. Realize that Hyacinth is a powerful sorceress. She can see things that most mortals cannot. But will I allow Hyacinth, the Blue Enchantress, to take the Larimar King as her husband? Or do I plan, rather, for a different woman to be the Bride of Eric, one who is not yet manifest to Eric in the flesh?

O’ Mary, Mother of God, and my Lord Jesus Christ, please reveal to me my fate. Which direction am I to go? For should I take one step in either direction, my fate shall be sealed to that woman. Lord Larimar, you have an excellent mind. It is not captured by the beauty of women. Rather, it thinks higher and above the ways of lust and sensual love. You, lord Larimar, have no bindings in the flesh. And you cannot be captured by any woman. Not even that girl you saw at Saint Bruno Catholic Church, whose eyes pierced your heart, has any more hold upon you. She cannot possess you either. For you cannot be taken, neither by women nor by men. And as for men who have sought you, to these you have always politely rebuffed, telling them that you are not gay. For you are not gay. Your heart is purely heterosexual, and yet, it contains no more sexual desires. For you have been purified, O’ Larimar King! You have been made clean. And I Am well pleased with your progress in becoming Mine.

And yet, I Am giving you a woman. And you are to know her as I command you to. For the son you are to have by her is a matter of predestination. He must come to be born by you and the woman We assign to you. Amen. And so, O’ Lord, who is this woman? Is she Caesar Sandra Nikee, the one heaven calls Cassandra, and the one to whom I have given the name Hyacinth to? Or do you take this Hyacinth up to heaven and then give me a different girl, one who is more closely aligned to your purposes for me?

Excellent question, lord Larimar. Excellent question. Shrouded in mystery the future is. And yet, you have found a true love in Hyacinth. And she truly loves you in return. What objections do you have to marrying the Blue Enchantress, O’ Larimar King? It is this, O’ Lord. I am not quite sure where her testimony pertains to Truth and where it pertains to fantasy and deceptions. I am not sure whether I could trust her, O’ Lord. Maybe with time I could. But I do not know. For there are many things I do not know.

In that case, O’ Larimar King, We shall enlighten you to a great many things. We are sending a girl to you very soon. Who she is will not be revealed until you realize that you have been cured. Amen. Before you meet her in the flesh the cures will have taken place. For you are now victorious. And you may no longer be defeated. But We do now reveal to you this. Hyacinth has deceived herself. For she has believed that she is the one who is to be her whom you are to marry. But she is not. Rather, she is to come to My Kingdom of Heaven. For I have a higher plan and a higher place for her than that of the marital embrace of a man in this world. Amen. Therefore, you know that Hyacinth is not the one.

Rather, the Celestial Enchantress will claim the Larimar King as her possession. And who is this Celestial Enchantress, O’ Lord? When does she make her appearance, O’ Lord? Tomorrow, lord Larimar, she is to come into your life. Amen. But Lord, I have agreed to help Hyacinth tomorrow. What am I to do? Help your friend as We command you, but always be attentive to Our direction in your life. When We tell you to do something or not to do something, you have now correctly learned to discern Our voice from that of Satan’s, and you have learned to obey Us. Amen.

For We have found in you satisfactory obedience to Our commands. You will make an excellent teacher of witches. I am to teach witches, O’ Lord? And what about other wizards? Only witches will you teach, for your magic is not to be taught to any male, lest he come to rule the whole earth as the Antichrist you would have become had you not miraculously converted to My religion. Hence, you are forbidden to teach your magic to any male magic user, but only to a female, one whom we shall send to you to be your wife. Amen. And this female witch will be commanded to found a school for witches, sorceresses, enchantresses, and prophetesses, open only to females. For the magic she shall teach may never be taught to a male, lest that male come to know your power, lord Larimar, but without your fate and destiny, and thus become a dark lord of the Sith. For dangerous is the magic you possess. No male can possess it without going corrupt, except for you, among users of magic in this world. Therefore, to females only shall this magic be passed on. And all females so trained in it will take an oath that binds their soul in eternal obedience to never reveal the magic to any soul other than to another woman inducted like her into the Order to which they will belong, that which shall be called, The Order of the Witch King child. Eric is a member of this Order and he is to be the only male to be ever admitted to it. Amen.

That’s great, O’ Lord. Now, what about my son, John, son of Eric? Will he be excluded from this knowledge, O’ Lord? The predestined man who is to be your son will be a normal man, not a wizard. Wizardry and enchantment will skip his generation. But his children will consist of wizards and witches. But, O’ Lord, aren’t his children to be born after the Termination of the Catholic Church and the end of the power of the sacraments? I thought no wizards or witches could exist in that Age of Millennium. Am I mistaken, O’ Lord? There will always be witches and wizards, lord Larimar. But none of them to come in that future Age will ever have power like you have.

What about Lucifer-Man? Will not he eventually defeat and kill the Larimar King in battle? You speak of a Player who has not yet set a single Pawn into power. He is less powerful than you, lord Larimar. The Emerald King, in his day, commanded a larger military might and kingdom upon the earth than has any earthly king who ever made a pact with Satan to receive such powers. And yet, Emerald never turned to Satan in his journey to the Kingdom of Heaven. Hence, this Emerald Player, now the Larimar King, is mightier, I tell you, than Lucifer-Man. Only by Eric’s surrender to My will does Lucifer-Man come to possess the ability to slay him. And even then, this dead lion will be worth much, much more to Me in My sight than will that living dog be who slew him. And no one will be allowed to touch your corpse, not even the flies nor the ants. And in the depths of the earth will you be, suffering to pay the last penny of your debts to Me, until you are suddenly released. And you will then ascend, retake your flesh, having been gone for but 84 hours. And all who see you rise will be amazed. And then I will say unto you, “Come up here!” And you will ascend up into heaven to Me as in a cloud. Amen.

And what of the other of the Two Blue Mystics, the one called Lazurite? Doesn’t he have a parallel fate in the Hebrew world? Yes, he is very like you, so much so that it is uncanny. But the bride We give to him is very different in manners and ways than is the bride we give to you. Both will be virgins at marriage, like their husbands, and both will be Jewish Catholics, but that is the extent of their similarities. And yet, they will become fast friends when they meet, at the twilight of this age, after their husbands will have been martyred, resurrected, and translated into heaven. Amen.

And what of Lazurite’s offspring by his wife? Does he have one child or many? Like you, lord Larimar, Lazurite will have but one child, but his will be a daughter. And your son and his daughter shall have a cosmic bond between them, like that between Ben Solo and Rey in Star Wars, the Rise of Skywalker. They will be like a dyad in the Force. Amen. And they will marry and many will be the nations that issue from their love. Amen.

But Lord, you say that My son will not be a magic user, that the traits of Wizardry will skip his generation. That is correct, lord Larimar. And so also will it be the case with his wife, the daughter of Lazurite. Hence, they will be bonded together like a dyad in the Force, but will not possess the magic to harness that energy. Rather, it will be their descendants who will possess magic and the abilities to discern Truth. They will be the soothsayers and wisemen and wise women who will populate the earth in that Age after all the sacraments will have ceased to be.

Lord, tell me about this Age to come when the sacraments cease to be. Will men explore the cosmos in that Age? And will men be walking on the moon in that era? The mathematical genius skills and mental abilities necessary for men to be able to send rockets into space ends in mortal man with the Resurrection and glorification of the baptized saints. This is the First Resurrection. The Second Death has no power over them. Only those of My baptized elect who still live on the planet at that moment of the rapture at the Second Coming will remain alive and still in their mortal bodies to be granted the right to procreate. The rest of mortal humanity, including all the heathens, the heretics, and the unbaptized peoples will be slain by the sword that comes from mouth of the One Riding on the White Horse. (Revelation 19:21). The Rider on that White Horse will be Jesus Christ, the Messiah, at His Second Coming, come to usher in the Age of the Sabbatical Rest. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, are You saying that You are going to slaughter on that day all of humanity left upon the earth except for the baptized elect? Correct, lord Larimar. And it shall be these baptized elect who will produce the generations who are to come who will live and grow up in the Sabbatical Age where there is no yoke, no cross, no Church, and no sacraments. For in that age, men will be sanctified in their wombs. And hence, all Mankind will possess a connection to God. And woe to the man who turns away from God at that hour, for he shall surely die.

Lord, will this baptized elect who procreate in that Age, do they eventually die? All My baptized elect will be glorified in that Age. But those still in their mortal flesh, because they were still alive at My Second Coming, will remain in their mortal flesh, while they themselves are immortal. Hence, these immortals are given the right to marry and procreate, for their flesh remains mortal. And the flesh in which they dwell shall age slowly. But when their flesh finally perishes, they will vanish, and enter into heaven. Their bodies will not be buried, for they will be gone as Enoch was taken. (Genesis 5:24). Amen. Hence, they will be like the elves of Middle Earth, immortal beings, but within flesh that can perish.

But do not confuse these who are like elves with those who are resurrected. The resurrected baptized who are to reign with Christ for the thousand years, which is a symbolic number meaning many years, these who are resurrected after having died will be clothed in heavenly bodies, as Jesus was at His resurrection. And these cannot marry nor have sex. For both they and their flesh will have immortality. And immortal flesh is not permitted to procreate. Amen. Rather, these will serve Me as eternal, incorruptible rulers to permanently reign over Kingdoms I will set up at that time that will last to the End of Time. Amen. Hence, of the Two-King Dynasty of Larimar, Eric, who will have died, will return as an immortal ruler in immortal flesh. And he will rule the Kingdom of Larimar forever. But as for his son, John, he, too, will be an immortal, but still clothed within his mortal flesh, and thus, he will be granted the right to procreate with his wife and produce many children by her. But eventually his flesh will fail him, and he will then vanish and be translated into heaven, followed shortly after by his wife. Amen. But not all who are in heaven now will partake in the First Resurrection, but only those whom I have elected, due to their acts in life of having shared with Me of My burden of the cross.

Men of the future will continue possess spirituality and gifts from heaven in that Sabbatical Age to come. But they will no longer be able to build towers of Babel, those great technological feats that defined Mankind’s heights in science, technology, and innovation. Rather, Mankind’s gifts and orientation in that Age will be correctly ordered to serve Me and to do My will. Hence, the ability to make rocket ships, and the knowledge of how to fly them, will pass away from human understanding and memory. And other than those twelve White American men who have walked on the moon, no other human being will ever be added to their number nor granted such a distinction again to the end of time. For the brains of Mankind will lose their capabilities to do the necessary mathematics and to master the necessary technologies to make such endeavors possible ever again. Amen.

Hence, this current International Space Station represents the height of human achievements. And when this generation has passed away, so too will pass all the skills and all the ingenuity that made all of this possible. Men do not colonize Mars in the future. Rather, human technology declines. Civilization reverts back to an older age. Inventions and how to make them will become forgotten. And the abilities of men and women growing up in that Age to come will become devoid of the many gifts of knowledge and understanding and comprehension that I will have granted to Mankind up until the end of the Age of the Catholic Church.

Yes, the average size of the human brain was at its largest at around the time of Jesus, and is now in steady decline. Rapidly shall the human brain continue to decline throughout all the ages of Millennium to come. And to the people of those future generations, the idea that men once walked on the moon will be considered to have been a form of magic, and science itself will be seen as an impenetrable body of words they cannot understand, like a book of magic where the meanings of the writings are cryptic and incomprehensible.

But men will walk on the moon in that Age to come, but they will not arrive in rocket ships, but as Astral bodies and via Astral travel, while their physical body sleeps in profound meditation. Hence, in the Spirit and in the dream world will Mankind do such things that he once did through science and technology in the physical world. Amen.

And what of electric cars, O’ Lord? Will the technology continue to advance so that Mankind drives electric cars in that Age? Or will he revert back to riding horses, camels, and mules? He will revert back to his older ways, lord Larimar. For technology will decline and a great many advances will be forgotten. And the secrets of the masters of yesteryear will be forgotten in future times. And there will come again a time when men, once again, seek to transform base metals into gold. For they will have forgotten the mysteries of science, and the Periodic Table of the Elements they will not understand. And hence, there will reappear the famous profession of the alchemists, as men, once again immersed in ignorance, attempt once again to do things that they cannot do. Amen. Expect this time to begin, and for this mental decline to start, at the moment the Catholic Church terminates, which will take place at around the time your son will be of the age that I was at the time I was found in the Temple area of Jerusalem, speaking to the elders and asking them questions. For it shall be around that time, during the adolescence of your only son, that I shall come again. Amen. And then technologies will fade and decline as Mankind progresses inward and seeks to develop his spiritual interiors.

Hence, the minds of men will evolve toward spiritual peace and spiritual discernment, while their mathematical and logical thinking skills rapidly decline over the ages to come. And Lord, these human beings to come, do they go to the same heaven as will I and my wife and my son go to? To a lower caste shall they all belong, all those born after the powers of the sacraments cease. And this lower caste is in a way an equivalent to the Limbo of the Fathers, as a similar group of people. For like them, they will be saved, and also like them, they will not know or have access to the sacraments. Hence, they will be a much lower people, as lower to the people of the Resurrection as are the forests beneath the clouds. But they will nevertheless be in a state of My grace, to which they will be restored to while within their mothers’ wombs. And they will live perpetually in such a state of grace, for Satan will not be there to tempt them in any way. (Revelation 20:1-3). And as long as trees shall be their lives. But should they ever fall into deadly sin, they will die in their sins, for there will be no sacraments in that age by which they can be healed of any deadly sin they may fall into. For without Satan to lead men astray, neither is there need for sacraments to heal and to make whole. And with all Mankind born in a state of grace, no more need is there of being initiated into a Church, and there will be no more churches, mosques, synagogues, or temples. Amen.

Now, I have concluded My long revelation through you. You will now reread this entire post. Before you publish it, but after you have read the whole thing up to here, I will permit you to ask questions. Now read this post, lord Larimar. And correct all the errors you find. Amen.

Lord, if my reign as one of the Two Witnesses began on my fiftieth birthday, which was Wednesday, June 24, 2020, then 1260 days from there brings us to Wednesday, December 6, 2023. Do I die then, O’ Lord? Or do I die around then, like two days later, on Friday, December 8, 2023, which will be the feast day of the Immaculate Conception? For I believe I must have heard wrongly that I was to be given a forty year reign with my wife, because You, O’ Lord, have said that You return when my only son to be is around twelve years of age. Amen. And if I am to be martyred by Lucifer-Man, or whoever is the Beast at that time, then I must die before Your Second Coming, O’ Lord. Am I correct, O’ Lord? And there must be enough time between my martyrdom and Your return for the Beast to reign for his forty-two months. Am I correct, O’ Lord, in these beliefs? And please correct all of my errors, O’ Lord.

Lord Larimar, that you reign with your wife for forty years is allegorical. It was not to be taken literally. That the prophecy of the Two Witnesses in Revelation, chapter 11, refers to the Two Blue Mystics, Larimar and Lazurite, is true. That you and Lazurite will soon be with Me in heaven is also true. But that your reign began on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, is not from Me. Lord, does that mean that My reign as one of the Two Witnesses is yet to begin, or that it has already begun some time ago? In 2017, at an unrevealed date in the Age of Mary, did your reign as one of My Two Witnesses begin. Then in that case, O’ Lord, the 1260 days of My prophesying is to come to an end sometime around the early half of the year 2021? That is correct, lord Larimar. You are spot on. And when they come to an end, I am to die? Correct, lord Larimar. Then how am I to have a son, O’ Lord? If I do have a son, he will still be in the womb at the time of my death, O’ Lord. And is not the woman in Revelation, chapter 12, pregnant and with no husband to protect her, lord Larimar? Yes, O’ Lord. And so shall it be the case for your wife. Amen.

Lord, I see only two possibilities for marriage then to this girl. Either I marry her before Lent begins, that is, before Ash Wednesday, February 17, 2021, or after Lent and after Easter Sunday, that is, after Sunday, April 4, 2021. For it is impermissible for a Catholic to marry during Lent. Do you reveal when that will be, O’ Lord? You will marry her after Lent of next year, O’ Larimar King, and within the month of April. Oracle of the Lord! And yes, your engagement to the girl will begin soon after you and her meet on September 4, 2020. Amen. And yes, it is as Hyacinth says. You and the girl meet on that date.

Lord, am I a sinner? Your transgressions do not rise to the level of deadly sin. However, be careful not to pursue temptation, for to move one step in that direction will utterly destroy you. Amen. But the nude girl in the picture at the top of this post is not porn nor a temptation, but rather is fine art. Learn to discern the difference, lord Larimar. It is a matter of how the subject in the picture is displayed. If she is displayed in a manner of suggesting sex to the viewer, then that is porn. But if she is in a manner that is a neutral position and with the photographer’s intent on displaying the natural beauty of a human being, rather than to suggest sex, then what you are seeing is fine art. Amen. Therefore, you now know that photography of nudes can be fine art. Nudity in fine art is not limited to just paintings. Amen. But do not spend your time looking for such art on the internet, lest your eyes see porn and you become destabilized.

Just for your knowledge, lord Larimar, you cannot be brought down by any girl. Only if We command you to go to any girl can any girl take possession of you. For so disciplined is your mind, that you cannot fall to sin. So, O’ Lord, You say that Hyacinth was correct that I meet the girl I am to marry on Friday, September 4, 2020, but that she was wrong to believe that the girl I meet on that date shall be her? What you have said is correct, O’ Larimar King. For Hyacinth’s salvation is to die married to you. And in sense this marriage has already taken place, lacking only the priest to officiate the wedding vows. She you will meet in Spirit before the Celestial Enchantress enters your life. And when you see Hyacinth in spirit, realize she has passed from this world, and is then entering into her eternity. Amen. I repeat, lord Larimar. Do not expect the Celestial Enchantress to enter into your life until you first are visited by Hyacinth in Spirit. And Hyacinth will appear to you before she enters into her judgment before God. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

So, O’ Lord, that is seven weeks and six days away. Is there any possibility, such as by a failure in me, that this prophecy fails to come to pass? No, lord Larimar, for We have looked deep into your heart. And We see purity, like snow white purity. Caesar Sandra Nikee could not be that girl for you due to her lesser purity. For we match pure men to pure women. Otherwise, we would be unequally yoking two people together. You are now saved. And you now go to Mass twice a week, once on Saturday evening at one Church, and the other time on Sunday morning at another Church. And you split your tithe equally between the two Churches. For you are a good man. And I know that We will succeed in this prophecy by which you will receive everything you have asked for.

Lord, given that My Reign as one of the Two Witnesses began as you say, in 2017, then going 1260 days forward from the last day of 2017 brings us to Sunday June 13, 2021. Lord, by Your testimony to me, am I to conclude that my death shall take place no later than Sunday, June 13, 2021? Or should I not take the 1260 days that I am to reign literally, but as a symbol of something else? You die, lord Larimar, on June 7, 2021, some 1260 days from Christmas Day, Monday, December 25, 2017. Amen. Lord, I therefore have just 331 days left to live. Good, lord Larimar. Now you acknowledge that the time you have left is short. Amen. Wise, therefore, are you to have given all that you have done for the poor and homeless. For had you not given, had you deferred your good deeds to a later time, you would have found your death coming now, and that your hands would be empty of any good works when you would be coming before Me to be judged.

Woe unto that man who appears before Me with empty hands. Amen. Remember what I did to the man who hid his gold coin away and did not put it to work? I took it from him and gave it to the one who produced ten gold coins. You produce for Me, O’ Larimar King. The same cannot be said for any member of the rest of your family. Amen. This post is now complete, lord Larimar.

And one last thing I will say unto thee. When I take you away from this world, Antichrist immediately comes. And he will come seeking to rape and to destroy, to sodomize and to molest. He will definitely be interested in acquiring the son of Eric for his torture chambers. But his efforts will be frustrated. Because I Am Who Am. And no power on earth can thwart My will. Amen. The son of Eric will be snatched away to My throne. And as for your widow, she will escape by My power to go to her place out in the secret sanctuary, where she will remain safe and be taken care of until I come again. And when I come again, time ends for all Mankind. For the belief in a future Sabbatical Age is a heresy I allowed you to believe in to see how you think. But it is false. Time ends when I come again. Amen. Now go and cash your check and then fulfill your promises to Hyacinth. And then prepare for Mass for this evening. And in the meantime, you must also read from your Holy Bible and pray your rosary. Amen.

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