The time for the enthronement of Eric, the Larimar King, has come.

Eric shall be enthroned the moment he is with the girl and cured by Me. Amen.

Lord, I notice that the news say that COVID-19 deaths are once again rising. Lord, if I am a false prophet, will not the people call my bluff and stone me? Lord Larimar, if you are a false prophet, from where are you getting your prophecies? For you know well that they are not coming from you. And Satan, when he speaks, is incoherent, illogical, sensational, and without substance in any of the words and messages he writes through his servants, the false prophets. Amen.

But since you are My prophet, and since you have said what was required of you, I shall now tell you of My plans for the COVID-19 virus. Though a surge in new infections has indeed taken place, and a consequent rise in deaths, this rise in deaths will prove short lived, and the rates will continue back to the dramatic downward trend that one would expect of a miracle of God, were God Himself ending COVID-19. Most infections from now on will be benign. And in those not yet uncommon cases where one contracts a harmful version of COVID-19, realize that this is ending soon, as all harmful strains of COVID-19 are supplanted and replaced by harmless ones.

Now, this does not mean that those who were permanently damaged by COVID-19 will be healed. Take for example CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo. He suffered a severe case of COVID-19, and has gotten over it. But the legacy of that disease and its effects on his health and life he will carry with him for the rest of his life. And many are like him. Now comes the ultimate question readers will have for Me. Was the COVID-19 sickness that Chris Cuomo experienced a chastisement or a punishment directly sent by Me to punish Chris Cuomo for his many sins, you should ask? To answer this question requires some background knowledge that most modern people seem to have forgotten or discarded.

I, the Lord God, have full control of everything that happens to all people in their lives. It is a heresy to say that I Am not in full control, or that I do not intervene in history to work miracles, to punish transgressors, and to answer the requests and prayers of My people. For if this were the case, that I never intervene or answer prayers, than what is the purpose of prayer? If I Am not in control, but rather Satan, then it would make sense for Man to pray to Satan rather than to God. Instead, Satan is fully subject to Me, as are all in heaven, hell, and on the earth. Nothing happens without My permission. And I control each and every event that happens in each and every person’s life.

Now, let us dispel myth number two, that of the butterfly effect. Say someone goes back in time to the ancient past and steps on a butterfly, and then returns to this world and finds significant changes have taken place, including who wins elections and the courses of nations, all because someone stepped on a butterfly and this led to a domino effect that eventually resulted in a complete fork in the history of time to make a completely new trajectory in the path of history, where everything is fundamentally changed. But what do I say? What do I, the Lord, say?

I say this, that the theory of the butterfly effect can only exist in a imaginary scenario where everything occurs as a chain of pure consequence and reaction, with no intervention from a divine Creator standing outside His Creation. Such would be called a history that unfolds purely as a chained series of linked events, controlled solely by the mechanism of cause and effect. But that is the myth of atheism. But in a true and correct understanding, the effect of misstepping on a butterfly has no real effect when all things are viewed correctly as under My direct and firm Sovereign control. Since I control all things that happen, then whether you step on this butterfly or that snail by accident, these things will have no consequential effects on the course of history or of the souls to be saved in My Book. Realize that I Am in control. That Jesus died on the cross occurred under My firm and complete control. Amen. Everything happens as I control it. And as for your freely willed decisions, We grant you the ability to choose which way you shall go, but how you move toward that goal you ultimately choose to take is firmly and completely under Our control. Whether you will be in a automobile accident, that too is under Our control. Whether you will be hit by a car as you walk down the street is also firmly under Our control. Whether you come down with COVID-19, whether you live or die, and the entire damages it shall do to your health, both longterm and short term damages are also directly and firmly under Our control.

Thus, realize the importance of prayer and of being right with Me. I allowed Chris Cuomo to heal. But I gave him permanent damage so that he is always aware of the transgressions he committed by which he was inflicted by so deadly a bout of that disease. And he will have various relapses before COVID-19 is entirely rendered harmless. I order My angels to allow for these relapses to happen to Chris Cuomo so that he realizes that, though he earns many millions of dollars a year, about seven times more than that of his African American friend Don Lemon makes, who does the same sort of work as an anchor on CNN at a later hour on the same TV channel, I inflict Chris Cuomo with these relapses so that he knows that his millions are nothing more than Monopoly money in a game of Monopoly to Me when it comes to an attempt to utilize his wealth to cure himself of a disease that I, the Lord, have imposed on him. For remember what I said about the rich man getting to heaven, that it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to get to heaven. (Mathew 19:24 & Mark 10:25). Hence, rich men typically do not enter into My Kingdom.

And what about Bill Gates, who is actively giving away his billions of dollars of money liberally to many different causes, O’ Lord? But carefully take note, lord Larimar, that he retains full control as to where and to whom all this money is given, and all that he gives is seen transparently to all men. Hence, I tell you solemnly, Bill Gates has received his reward. (Matthew 6:1-4). For there is no way to merit in giving away any amount of money in God’s sight unless that act of giving is done in secret. For if you reveal to men what has been done, their knowledge of your good deeds will be your reward in full.

Then why, O’ Lord, does Eric receive the reward of Kingship over North America due to his having given to an angel disguised as a homeless Black man on his way to work in the year 2017, by which You, O’ Lord, elected to spare America from its then imminent destruction? For that deed is revealed now to all men, as it can be seen even here, within this very paragraph for all who read this to see. It is because, lord Larimar, that you revealed this deed not to brag about nor to receive glorification from your fellow men, but out of direct obedience to God. For it is written: A king’s secret it is prudent to keep, but the works of God are to be declared and made known. (Tobit 12:7). And you declared and made known these works you accomplished exactly when and how We commanded you to do in perfect obedience to God. Amen. For you are a saint. And you have the power of God granted to you by your role as an intercessor. For to all My saints do I grant the right to intercede to Me on behalf of another. I permit such intercessions made by both My saints who live on the earth and also by all My saints who have passed away. And this is why I allow My people to pray to the saints. The saints they pray to are not gods, but intercessors to Me, the only One Who is God. Amen. And every canonization of any saint has always occurred only because of a medically confirmed miracle that was worked through the intercession of that saint in heaven or in purgatory that was prompted by someone praying to him or her. For My saints in both heaven and purgatory have full access to Me on My throne to intercede to Me for anyone on earth who has prayed to them or made any request of them for some help or aid. Amen.

So, yes. Consider all things that happen to you as coming from Me, and repent and turn to Me for all the solutions you need for the problems in your life. But this does not excuse you from working and carrying out your given duties in life. You are still required to do the work you have been assigned to do. You are still required to do what is required of you to support your family and any children you bring into this world, whether within or outside of wedlock. And now I hear a Black man complain, “But Lord, the child support payments I am required to make are too great for me to afford. And if I don’t get the money they are going to send me to prison, where I am to be made a penal labor slave. What choice do I have but to turn to crime? For I cannot accept a return to slavery, not after all that my ancestors did and fought for to achieve freedom in America from the yoke of slavery, both for themselves and for their descendants.” And to this Black man, I respond, “My child, it is true that your ancestors fought and struggled hard so that you, their descendant, would be a free man and a responsible pillar of the Black community. But tell Me this, how is this ideal served by you committing crimes or resorting to crime for any reason to cover your expenses or debts? I understand the desperation that you face, but the solemn truth is always summed up as this: Crime never pays. You can never get ahead in My sight if you are robbing Peter to pay Paul. But I understand also that the laws are indeed fixed to funnel Black men into the prison labor system to serve as penal labor slaves. For it is in fact a trick done by the White slave masters. Clever were they to abolish slavery except in the form as a punishment for a crime. For from now on, slavery is no longer defined as based on race, but on criminal behavior. And hence, the slavery of the Black man today stands up before the just scrutiny of the people, because all those people who go to prisons today appear to be dangerous criminals who have the committed crimes by which they deserve slavery. And therefore they are claimed to belong there in prison, working as slaves. And this slavery is justified because it is fitting to punish wrongdoers with enslavement due to their sins and crimes. They are a bad people, and hence, bad things are due for them as a consequence for bad behavior. And why not put them to use doing prison labor so as to not burden the taxpayer for their stay in prison? Besides, the penal labor system of slavery is a very lucrative business for all involved. Why stop that gravy train out of concern for the slaves who are criminals anyways? Hence, I understand you well. And I know that your guilt by which you are made a slave is something that is over punished for your people, while similar offenses found in the White races are more tolerated by the White law enforcers as a form of White privilege.”

And so, what advice can be given to such a Black person, you ask? If he wishes to go to heaven, he must obey My laws, and all My statutes and decrees. Being Black and desperate does not excuse a man from obedience to My laws, My statutes, and My decrees. And there are no Affirmative Action policies at the Last Judgement for admissions into heaven. There are no racial quotas that need to be met for filling the Kingdom of Heaven of souls to guide the Just Judge as to who should be allowed to enter into heaven. But what is guaranteed is that My people in heaven come from each and every tribe, race, color, and nation on the planet. (Revelation 7:9). But what My elect do all have in common is that, while they were on earth, they washed their robes white in the blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 7:14). They did the necessary work on their souls by which they became clean and worthy of My Kingdom. If they were forced to pay child support, they did so faithfully and humbly. And they did not resort to anything sinful to make ends meet or to meet any payment deadline. For when a man turns to crime as a solution to his problems, that is an act of turning his back on God and going to Satan for a solution, where he trades his birthright for a single meal. (Hebrews 12:16). And all that animosity you see in the riots between the Black rebellious youth and the White policemen is the sign that that rebellious people are condemned. For to reject submission to authorities placed over you is a sin, and it leads to destruction. Amen.

Hence, it is as Eric has said. That race known as the African Black American peoples in the United States of America are headed for extinction. And they will be replaced by other Black peoples, including the Indo-Blacks from India and the Afro-Blacks from the West Indies. These immigrant Black peoples are more acceptable to Me, for they do not rebel against authority as do the Afro-Blacks endemic to the United States of America, those Blacks who are descended from the slaves who were forced to work the Plantations in the USA before the Civil War. And these immigrant Black peoples coming into the USA work hard and study hard to get ahead. They obey laws and submit to the authorities put over them. They will gradually move in and replace the endemic Afro-Blacks of the USA, who are set to vanish and disappear from this nation, due to their rebellions, their rioting, and their refusal to do work. Amen.

Lord, Eric is now fifty years old. And you will give him another forty years. But even so, it is but a blip in time. Why is Eric’s Kingdom to be called a Two-King Dynasty if his son is to see a long line of descendants to come from him? It is because there is a break off point that occurs while your son is but an adolescent, before he has children. That break off point is the point of the Termination of the Catholic Church and all her sacraments. From that point onward, no one will need baptism nor receive it. Those who are granted Kingdoms to rule in that age must consist of only those of the First Resurrection, which is effectively limited to just those who were baptized.

Your son will marry and have children when he matures, but his offspring will be of the lesser ranked. For it will be the Dispensation of the Thousand Years. Those belonging to the group called the baptized will become an exclusive group set up to rule all kingdoms and places throughout the whole world. And your son will become the father of many nations, and produce a long line of descendants in that glorious Age of the Sabbatical Rest of God, but none of those to be born after him will be kings, but only him, for the status of kingship will belong only to the baptized.

And the sacrament of baptism will have ended. Were someone to go through the motions of that ritual and pour water over one’s head, or submerge one in water, and say the words, “I baptize you in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,” he would die on the spot for taking the name of the Lord in vain, and there would be no spiritual change in the one he did that act to, for the power of the sacraments will have vanished.

Now, lord Larimar, I command you to watch Ben-Hur. When you are finished, come back here to complete your post. Amen. I Am back, O’ Lord. And it is after dawn, Friday morning, on July 10, 2020. Lord, tell me, You say the next dispensation of the Church begins at my enthronement? When does my enthronement take place? And over what am I to be enthroned, O’ Lord and God?

I will now tell you, lord Larimar, and this will be the last question I will take from you in this post. You know that your Kingdom consists of all of North America within the nations of Canada and the United States of America. This Kingdom is to be ruled over by two Kings, in a Two-King Dynasty. You are Eric, the first Larimar King. And your son shall be called John, the second Larimar King, and he shall be called John, son of Eric. Amen. Another name for your Kingdom is Christendom moved one continent to the West. For the Christendom of Europe is being consumed by Islam there. In coming years, Muslims will become the majority in Europe, and then, through democracy, they will elect to establish Sharia Law everywhere in Europe. And Europe will then effectively become an Islamic Caliphate, ruled by Muslims and atheists, but no longer by Christians. It will then be like living in Saudi Arabia, where thieves get their hands cut off, and where journalists who criticize or show any disrespect toward Islam, the Koran, or Muhammed are killed without any legal consequences to the killers. For it will be established European law that it is a capital offense to speak against Islam or any Islamic figure. Also, the European means of deciding legal cases and all the courts and judges and the legal system itself will be effectively replaced by the Islamic way of deciding cases, as defined in the Koran. How things are currently done in Saudi Arabia and other parts of the Islamic world, so also will they be done in Europe. And women caught outside with too much flesh exposed will be severely beaten in this new Caliphate of Europe. Oracle of the Lord!

Now, your Reign as Larimar King was officially recognized as beginning on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, on your fiftieth birthday, which is also the feast day of the nativity of John the Baptist. That was when your reign officially began. But your enthronement itself shall occur at the moment We give you the girl you are to receive and you have realized your cures, which will be My infallible sign to you that that girl is from God and that God sent her. Amen.

And you will know your wife on your wedding night and from that day forward only as We command you both. For the consummation of your marriage may not be delayed. Amen. And you shall marry her in a local Catholic Church, either that parish where you are domiciled, or that parish where she is domiciled. And one son shall come from your union with your wife. Amen. For just as Abraham had one son by his wife Sarah, so also do We will for you to have one son by your wife Esther, whom We are about to give to you. Amen.

Now publish this post, lord Larimar, for We have written in it through you all that We wish to reveal at this time in this post. Now go, so as to not be late for work. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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