Eric is to marry the Celestial Enchantress.

Though Eric thought for a time that he was to marry Hyacinth, it is the Jewess Esther, the Celestial Enchantress, to whom he shall be ultimately wedded. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am shall announce My decree as to regards the future spouse of Eric. Do not mind the picture associated with this post. For it is here for mere imagery. The actual image of the spouse of Eric is allegorically represented by this image but not identical to it, nor necessarily resembling her in any way. This painting is of a partially nude girl entitled, Enchantress. Also note that this image is not a photograph, but a painting, and hence, the identity of who she is not exact, but is left for the imagination of the viewer to discover. For I have plans within plans.

Hyacinth is the spouse of Eric. The Blue Enchantress has triumphed, and has captured the Larimar King. Amen. Now I shall speak.

  1. That Eric is to remain virgin and celibate forever is fact.
  2. That Eric is eternally espoused to Hyacinth is fact.
  3. That Eric will sire no heir, but remain a One-King Dynasty is fact.
  4. That Eric will reign for forty years on the earth with his spouse is fact.
  5. That all Seven Prophet Kings remain virgin is fact.
  6. That all Seven Prophet Kings eternally rule their Kingdoms is fact.
  7. That with the advent of Eric to his throne on earth, that the Age has ended is fact.

What Age has ended, O’ Lord? The current dispensation within the Age of the Roman Catholic Church comes to an end. But, O’ Lord, it is written that the gates of the netherworld will never prevail against Your Church. How then can the Age of the Roman Catholic Church come to an end, O’ Lord Jesus Christ?

I tell you Truthfully, O’ lord Larimar. The Age of the Roman Catholic Church exists until the Second Coming, but the age within it, that dispensation in which men performed works of penance and of merit in order to gain treasure for the Kingdom of Heaven gives way to a new and more sublime era. For the Catholic Church always serves for the purpose of helping Man to ascend to God. And the Catholic Church operates primarily with its daily sacrifice of the Mass. For at each Mass, the sacrifice of Jesus to God the Father, on behalf of all humanity, is recaptured and reenacted with full spiritual benefits, by the validly ordained priest with the consecration of ordinary bread and wine into the true fleshy body and blood of Jesus. And then this holy food and holy drink is distributed to all the people who are worthy. And it is Catholic teaching that whosoever consumes the body and blood of Jesus, whether under either the species of bread or wine, partakes in the full and whole sacrament of the Eucharist. He does not need to consume in both species to receive the full graces. And this reception of the body and blood of Jesus at the Mass is the central feature of Catholic life. The Mass is central to Catholicism. And all who partake in the Mass lawfully inherit good and essential things that lead to eternal life. But as for those who receive unworthily, and in a state of mortal sin, these consume their damnation by which they are destroyed.

Such is the Age of the Catholic Church in all its glory. But now with the advent of Eric to his throne, the Age of the Catholic Church transforms into a new Catholic Age, that of the Age of the Sea. What is this Age of the Sea, O’ Lord? Tell me about this mystery. For I wish to understand. Amen. You know, lord Larimar, that the Age of Mary began nearly three years ago, on Sunday, July 23, 2017. The Age of the Sea is the completion of the transformation that began then. The Age of the Sea is the Age of Mary in its totality. It is a new dispensation that occurs within the Age of the Catholic Church, and it is led by Mary. Amen.

And in the Age of the Sea, the Catholic Church expands and rises to higher forms of spiritual development. Are You saying, O’ Lord, that men and women no longer need to abide by the rules and requirements of the Catholic Church, or to attend Mass at the Catholic Church, or to observe any of its teachings? No, lord Larimar. Rather the Catholic Church enters a new Age, but the infallible decree never changes: There is no salvation outside the Catholic Church. And outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen. Hence, men must continue in cleanliness and purity, so as to remain worthy of receiving the blessed sacrament at the Catholic Mass. Amen.

For just as Judaism and its religious practice gave way to Catholicism and its religious practice, so now does Catholicism now proceed into the Way of the Sea, but without losing any of its eternally defined beliefs, practices, and holy traditions. But who leads this movement, O’ Lord? And how can there be any new movements, for it is written in Catholic teaching that You, Lord Jesus, are the final revelation. Amen. Yes, such is written, but realize that My Virgin Mother Mary is part of My ultimate revelation to Mankind. And it is through her that My Church will ascend into the Way of the Sea. Catholicism remains being called Catholicism, but the Spirit takes over and men will walk on clouds as Peter walked on water. Amen.

Lord Larimar, come to understand that the observable rituals and practices of Catholicism and its Mass are the physical manifestations of My Religion on the earth. But the Way of the Sea is the Invisible Kingdom that comes from Me, starting with your advent upon your throne. Your enthronement upon the earth inaugurates My Way of the Sea upon all the earth. Men will not see it, for the Spirit is invisible. But for those who belong to Me, these will be caught up by it, and they will experience for themselves its power.

Do not think that the Way of the Sea ends anyone’s practice of My Catholic Religion. Rather, My Way of the Sea uplifts all who now practice it to a whole new level of spirituality. Hence, the priests will faithfully continue to do the Mass, and you who are Mine will continue to go Church and to Mass and continue to receive communion and the sacraments. But you will no longer be operating under the yoke. For the Way of the Sea ends the yoke. And there is no cross in the Way of the Sea. For the Way of the Sea is a part of the Age of Mary. It is the Age of Mary in its totality. And Mary is no enemy of the Catholic Church, but rather, is its Queen.

Lord, is Hyacinth really to be given Ireland as her Kingdom in the Age to come? I will now define the Kingdom that Hyacinth is to rule as your eternal spouse, lord Larimar. For she is your eternal spouse, for the two of you are married to each other as virgins. And your bond is now unbreakable. The Kingdom given to Hyacinth shall the the entire island of Ireland, along with the Isle of Man. Oracle of the Lord! Such will be her eternal dominion. But what about Queen Margaret who rules the Republic of Ireland and of Queen Anne who rules Northern Ireland, and of King Philip who possesses the Isle of Man as part of his Kingdom of Great Britain? King Philip now has one less possession. And as for these two Queens, they become vassals to Queen Hyacinth who now eternally rules over them, over both of their countries. Amen. Hence, Queen Hyacinth is now recognized as the Sovereign Queen of Ireland, while Margaret and Anne are her Vassal Queens who rule Kingdoms beneath her and who swear fealty to her. Amen.

In the same way is Saint Queen Kateri Tekakwitha, Lily of the Mohawks, a Vassal Queen ruling her eternal lands, under the dominion of the Larimar Kingdom. And she swears fealty to the Larimar King, who is Sovereign King over all of North America that is contained within Canada and the United States of America. These Kingdoms and their rankings are real, O’ Larimar King. Oracle of the Lord! And many shall be the Vassal Kingdoms beneath you in your Kingdom of Larimar. Amen.

Lord, President Donald John Trump has expressed his very strategic interests in purchasing Greenland as a new state to add to the United States of America. But Denmark does not want to sell it. What sayest Thou to that? Mark My Words well, lord Larimar. At the rise of Antichrist in Europe, Greenland will separate itself from Denmark and gladly enter into the United States of America as a new state for its own protection. And by that time, the language of English will have supplanted both Greenlandic and Danish in that territory. Amen.

But, O’ Lord, this development cannot add territory to the Larimar Kingdom, for the definitions of the Larimar Kingdom are now firmly declared as consisting of North America within what is now called Canada and the United States of America, excluding the United States possessions in the West Indies and in the Pacific. Am I correct? And therefore, nothing can be added to nor taken away from the eternally established territories and lands of Eric’s Larimar Kingdom. Do I speak correctly, O’ Lord?

You speak absolutely correctly, lord Larimar. How your Kingdom is defined can never be changed, regardless of the political gains or losses incurred by the worldly countries that are defined as parts of your Kingdom. Hence, Greenland will become like Hawaii is to you. It is a state within the United States of America, but is ruled under the Sovereignty of another King or Queen. For Sovereignty, once established, becomes eternal when that Sovereign King or Queen triumphs. Amen.

Lord, who rules Hawaii, O’ Lord? For I have heard contradictory claims. So tell me, is it King Nacre of Japan, or is it Queen Jasmine of the Philippines, or is it King Pounamu of the vast Pacific Island Kingdom, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, besides those who speak English, the people from the Philippines, with their various cultures and with their languages of Tagalog and Ilocano and others, are the next most numerous peoples among all the inhabitants of Hawaii. Hence, to Queen Jasmine of the Philippines shall eternally belong Hawaii, to be regarded as her eternal possession. Amen. And what exactly are the full set of possessions of Queen Jasmine, O’ Lord? Queen Jasmine possesses the Catholic archipelago nation of the Philippines, the United States possession of Guam, the United States state of Hawaii, and the island nation of Palau. Amen. And her Kingdom is united by the common languages of English and Tagalog (Filipino), and contains many other languages.

Tell me, O’ Lord, is Queen Jasmine an eternal virgin, as are the Seven Prophet Kings? No one can attain a Sovereign status in this game without retaining their eternal purity and virginity. Amen.

Lord, why do some of the Sovereign Kings possess great regions, while others among them possess much smaller or much more modest sized Kingdoms? Has the one who has more done more to receive his greater rewards? No, lord Larimar. For remember that the one who washes dishes is the same as the one who prophesies to the masses in My sight in My Kingdom. Each man and women is judged not by what they are given, but by what they do with what they are given. If more is given to someone, it does not mean he is necessarily greater, but rather, that I will be more demanding of an accounting from him of what he did with what I gave him at the end of his life and at the final Judgement. Amen.

Do not consider these lands in this game as real possessions, lord Larimar. For all of this is but a game. Like Monopoly money gained in playing a game of Monopoly, many take it seriously while they are engaged in playing that game, but after the game ends, no one regards any of that money as having any remaining value, and it is all returned back to the game for future players to use. So also is all land and wealth in this world to be regarded as nothing more than Monopoly money. Use it to see to your needs and the needs of others, but do not hoard it or seek it instead of Me. For it is valueless in My sight. Would it make sense for someone to miss Mass to play Monopoly? Likewise, nothing here matters, but that one does the will of God. And then you will be serving My intended purpose. Amen.

Lord, it is your intention that I learn Hebrew, Koine Greek, Classical Latin, Classical Nahuatl, or Spanish? Or would you rather that I learn the Rust programming language, so that I can program in that cool new language that has many applicable possibilities for the one who has mastered it? Which of these languages, if you mastered it, would serve My purpose for you the most, lord Larimar. For remember that you are My servant, and that all your time must be spent in serving Me. If I were to master Spanish, it would open up many doors for my entry into the whole Spanish Catholic world in the books that I could then read fluently. Good, lord Larimar. And I now assign you to learn the following languages for reading the books you will eventually be reading. Learn Spanish and modern Hebrew. Oracle of the Lord!

So I am to master Hebrew. What ever happened to that Jewess I was to marry, O’ Lord? How did that one entirely disappear, O’ Lord? And was it all in my imagination? And what of the Seven virgin Queens who were to marry the Seven Prophet Kings in eternal virgin espousals? Good, lord Larimar, you are finally on the same page as Us. Hyacinth is your virgin wife. But she is not the Jewess of whom We promised you. But does God ever break any of His promises, lord Larimar? Answer Me! The only time that God promises but does not fulfill is when what He promises is conditional on a certain requirement being met and that requirement is not met. Am I correct, O’ Lord? Hence, so also are the promises We gave you, along with any conditionals that We have specified.

Good, and so moving on, you know that the reason why line of the Kings of Judah failed was because they failed to keep to My commandments. For had they kept the commandments, that line would not have died out. But you have kept to yours. For though you have transgressed here and there, no serious violations do you commit anymore. Amen. And so, why do We give you Hyacinth rather than Esther, the Jewess? Speculate, lord Larimar? Is it because I have shown compassion on Hyacinth and have sent her aid? No. For We commanded you to act in the way you have acted. Is it because Hyacinth is my wife until she is taken away by You to the Kingdom? Hyacinth is your eternal spouse, lord Larimar. By My taking her away does nothing to change that eternal decree. Is it the realization of the eternity of my espousal to Hyacinth that no other woman can come to me, O’ Lord and Savior? Correct, lord Larimar. No girl can come to you because the Blue Enchantress has laid a claim on you that no one else can touch. And by your mutual vows to each other, there is no dispute as to the eternal nature of your bonds to one another. Hence, all this talk of other girls is futile. Only one can come to you, and that is Hyacinth. But should We take her from this world, and you remain here, realize that whatever bonds remain between you two, they are spiritual in nature and no longer do they pertain to marriage or sex. And hence, under that scenario, another girl you may enter a relationship with then, possibly the one whom you call the Celestial Enchantress.

Then what becomes of us, me and Hyacinth who are so eternally linked? What fate do you plan for us to have together in this world? Or is our eternal friendship to belong to the world and age to come, and perhaps someone else is to come to me instead, perhaps one who is better able, logistically, to become my wife? In June of next year, you will be officially united sacramentally to your wife, in perpetual marital virginity. Amen. And your marriage will take place in your local Church, the one either where you are domiciled in, or else the one where your bride is domiciled in. And your wife will then come to live with you in perfect celibacy, and you shall have no sex. Instead, she will sleep in her own room in her own secured privacy.

And what if she wishes to have children, O’ Lord? For Hyacinth wishes to have many children in her marriage to me. How do you change her mind on that, O’ Lord? You will have one son by your wedding and marriage to the girl We are giving to you, as is prophesied of you and of your ultimate wife. Now realize that these are two teachings: one, that you are to know your wife as We command you and when We command it, and two, that one son shall be conceived through this carnal knowledge you will have with your wife. And therefore, realize that, despite your heroic achievements in sexual purity, you are still indeed called to have a son. Amen. And hence, the crown of virginity you will surrender to Me as I give to you in exchange the crown of obedience. For it is better to obey Me than for any man to castrate himself. And let no one resort to self castration to save himself from his lusts, for the mutilation of your sexuality does not make any man pure. It is better to fall and have natural sex sinfully than it is to cut off your genitals. For realize that of the former, if it is sinful, can always be repented and confession is there to help you. But of the latter, this is a desecration of an image of God that can never be undone. Amen. It is better to be natural than it is to be a freak. But if one can ascend to the spiritual, he ascends above the natural and is no longer under its power, though the natural desires urge him to sin, and continue to tempt him. For lust is the thinking of the natural man, while love is the thinking of the spiritual man. And all men know this: You cannot both lust after a woman and love her at the same time.

Lord Larimar, I know your obedience to Me is now perfect. I will command it when you and your wife are to engage in the conjugal act. And this will occur when the time comes for your son to be conceived. Amen. I know when that shall take place. Amen. Lord, I will obey you in full, but what about Hyacinth? Is her obedience to be also perfected as shall be mine? No, lord Larimar, for her development in My Catholic Church is not as deep and thorough in her as it is in you. Amen.

Lord, I can be in full agreement with You, but if my wife is not equal with me in her obedience to You, as I obey You, what is to stop her from seeking the conjugal act with me when you command it not to be? Do you then order me to refuse her? The girl you ultimately marry will be obedient to Us, just as you are. Hence, now, by this answer We, the elect in heaven, have given you, you must now know that We are taking away Hyacinth from you and giving someone else to you to be your wife instead, one who will obey Us and do as We instruct her, in full perfect obedience as it is found in full perfection in you, lord Larimar. Amen.

Who then is this girl who is to come? Is the a Jewess? Or is she of another nationality, race, color, or tongue? She is a Jewess and a Catholic. Oracle of the Lord. Now publish this post, lord Larimar. For much have you discerned in it. And the hour is late. Amen. May I ask one last question, O’ Lord, before I publish this post? You may, and then you will submit. Amen.

Please restate with accuracy the second paragraph of this post and the subsequent list of seven facts to align perfectly with Your revealed Truths to me. For I see discrepancy and I seek resolution, knowledge, and wisdom. Amen.

Lord Larimar, here are those passages repeated, and corrected from all misunderstandings. Amen.

Hyacinth is the heavenly spouse of Eric. This Blue Enchantress has triumphed, and has captured the Larimar King for the eternal Kingdom. She will possess him for all eternity there as her eternal friend. However, another woman is to be Eric’s wife in the Age of this world. And before We give her to him, Hyacinth must be taken away to enter into her eternal rewards. For no love triangle will We permit in the affairs of Eric. Amen. Now I shall speak.

  1. That Eric is to remain virgin and celibate forever is fact, except as God commands.
  2. That Eric is eternally espoused to Hyacinth is fact, within the heavenly context.
  3. That Eric will sire an heir, but be the first King of a Two-King Dynasty is fact.
  4. That Eric will reign for forty years on the earth with the woman we give him is fact.
  5. That all Seven Prophet Kings remain virgin, except for Larimar and Lazurite, is fact.
  6. That of the Seven Prophet Kings, Five are eternal Rulers of their Kingdom is fact.
  7. That the Two Mystics of the Seven Prophet Kings share their rule with a son is fact.
  8. That with the advent of Eric to his throne on earth, that the Age has ended is fact.
  9. That Larimar and Lazurite have a long line of descendants in the Age to come is fact.
  10. That the descendants of Larimar and Lazurite are to be Hebrew Catholics is fact.

Lord, explain the nature of an heavenly espousal? It is a spiritual status and condition whereby a virgin man may join a virgin woman, and they retain their virginity unto death. Amen. Then, O’ Lord, am I to have this son? For to have this son requires that I lose my virginity? For I cannot both lawfully have a son and also retain my virginity. What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Speak, and I will do as you command. And what sayest thou, O’ Mary, Mother of God?

I shall now speak to you, my servant Larimar. For I am Mary, your Mother. This is what you are to do regarding Hyacinth. She is to be given what she needs until we take her away. By this means, you will save her soul. As to marriage, We have another who is to be your wife. She will bear you offspring, exactly as God commands you to have by her. And both of you will be obedient to God and comply. But as for marriage in the next world, there are spiritual friendships there and bonds of love, but nothing there is called a marriage. I have now spoken to you at length. Tonight I will have you watch a movie I have selected from your collection of movies. You will watch Ben-Hur, the 1959 film. For in it, I wish to reveal hidden Truths and mysteries by which you are to come to understand your fate.

And do not mind anymore anything about the so called Prophet Kings and their virgin Queens. For you are our Prophet, and that you obey us is all that matters. And yes, I will ensure that President Trump wins the next election. It will be a landslide, for the people will see that he was right on COVID-19. The deaths are going down because harmless strains are supplanting the harmful ones. Hence infections will continue to rise, but they will be benign. And it is God who is doing this through the decree He had you make to prove that He is God, the Holy One of Israel.

And yes, you will study and master Hebrew because I wish for you to immerse yourself into the family and culture of the Jewess Catholic woman we are giving you in marriage. This is a command from the Lord. Help Hyacinth as she requires, but realize that the one who will come to possess you as her husband shall be Esther, which is the name given in these writings to the Celestial Enchantress who is to become your bride and who is to bear you a son. Amen. Now publish this post, lord Larimar. And the nude painting entitled, Enchantress, that represents this post, We in heaven have selected. For sex sells, and We wish for many to read these words. Amen.

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