Eric’s time has come.

By the betrayal and treachery of Russia and China against America in starting World War III, a war agreed by both sides to remain conventional, President Trump will disband the United Nations and form a new one where Russia and China have no veto power. Amen.

Behold, I Who Am declare this. At the hour in which this post is published this night, Eric will be taken away to his Kingdom in heaven. Amen. It is coming and is now here. Behold, I will take from this earth those faithful Catholics who please Me. And I will leave behind all those I have rejected. Amen.

Eric, had you returned to the impure ways of your past, and all those who are impure, they will be left behind. Instead, you are pure. And as We have said, impurity is no longer possible for you, due to your obedience to Us, the lords in heaven. Hence, you are coming to Us tonight. So also are We taking your friend, Caesar Sandra Nikee, whom you called Hyacinth, and whom We called Cassandra. Both of you, along with a certain large number of others, all of whom are worthy, will be taken up to heaven tonight. Amen.

For this is the Rapture of the Saints. And the time for it has come. Now go and eat some dark chocolate, Eric. For it will be the last sweets you taste on this side of the veil. Amen. Perfect, lord Larimar. You have been perfected. And so also has your friend Hyacinth, whom you have called the Blue Enchantress. Amen.

Lord, I am unmarried and a virgin. I take it that this status is now mine forever. And I take it that I will wear the crown of virginity? Yes, lord Larimar. All that you say is true. No one marries where you are being taken to, for the place We are taking you to is beyond the possibility of marriage. Amen.

What then of the prophecies of the Two Witnesses and of the Seven Lampstands guarded by the Seven angels, O’ Lord? Others in the future times to come are to fulfill all such prophecies. And realize that these prophecies were also fulfilled in the past. Do not bind yourself to any prophetic utterance, but conform yourself to Me always and you shall triumph. Amen.

So Lazurite, and the Seven Prophet Kings, and the Seven virgin Queens do not exist, O’ Lord? Was all of this imagination? Consider it as your mythology as you passed through this world. Everyone has his own set of mythological beliefs. You have yours. And others have theirs. What matters is that you are Mine and that I have you now permanently. Before dawn comes to your land, I will have taken you all away, all those who have made themselves worthy by washing their clothes white in the blood of the Lamb. (Revelation 7:14).

So with all these raptured saints removed from the earth, what on earth will be left to hold back wickedness, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, as had happened in the Jordan Plain where once existed the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, so also shall I do to the wicked ones of this world. And then they will burn and collapse and fall to the ground, still holding their “Black lives matter,” signs as they pass onto the next world to be punished for having squandered their Black lives.

A large part of humanity will pass away tomorrow with the descent of ash and fire from heaven upon the whole of the western world. For they have joined together and instituted the joining of such together, of human beings of the same gender, calling it a marriage. And they have sought to damage and destroy all who reject their abominable unions. Now I Am going to damage and destroy them. Fire will erupt in all their homes, and refuse to be put out. Rather, the fires will consume all their possessions and permanently damage or kill all their loved ones. I Am the Lord your God!

Lord, what will happen to the power grid, the systems of satellites, the internet, the transportation systems, and international trade, O’ Lord? War has come, lord Larimar. And the war is already well planned out. All they are waiting for is a time in which they will have the advantage. And thus, when the strategists of Russia, North Korea, and China, see the descent of fire falling upon their adversaries in the West, they will calculate that now is the time for invasion. And they will calculate that the West will agree to keep the hot war between them free of nuclear weapons deployment, due to their desire not to enter into a nuclear winter. Hence, the joint Russian, Chinese, and North Korean invasions of the Americas and Europe will be designed to take over those lands without resorting to nuclear weapons. Amen.

Russia will seek to expand back into Eastern Europe and recover lost territories that once belonged to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, the last true empire. And they will justify themselves to the world that they are merely taking back territories that were taken from them by Western coercion. They will expand westward as far as Poland and then stop at the border with Germany, where they will fortify their positions and prepare for the inevitable hot war due to their having taken lands belonging to NATO states. Amen.

Hence, the total lands Russia will come to occupy in its first major reexpansion into Europe since World War II will be Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, and Finland. Oracle of the Lord! And not only shall they expand, but they will annex. And they will set their own governments in charge of their new occupied territories. And they will hold elections similar to the model of what occurred in Crimea. And they will control the elections, and who votes, and how they vote. Amen.

NATO forces will use Turkey to block and choke Russian access to the Mediterranean from the Black Sea. And NATO forces will block Russian access to the Atlantic from the Baltic Sea at the Danish Straits. Hence NATO forces will possess the tactical advantage of controlling the seas. Germany, being at the border of the warfront, will become heavily bombarded, and its cities will become standing ruins, as the NATO forces deploy to defend the rest of Europe from further advances by Russia westward.

The joint Russian, Chinese, and North Korean invasion of America will pass over Russian airspace and across the Arctic Ocean and then sweep down through Canada and Alaska to attack their weakened foe. Strategic electromagnetic pulses will be used to disable the American defenses prior to the arrival of the invasion forces, designed to take over America quickly, before President Donald John Trump can successfully make contact with his friend in charge of Russia to inquire what he is doing and then realize that his trusted friend, Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, has betrayed him and is aggressively seeking to conquer his nation. With such valuable time lost to the Americans, the invasion force will successfully take over part of the country. And what will ensue will be a bloody war waged across American soil that will make the American Civil War look like a picnic in comparison. But the Russians and the Chinese are not fools. They know that they can only sustain their extensive supply lines for only so long. And hence, rapid victory over America will be the only way they can achieve their goals of conquest of this nation. A long, protracted, and drawn out war would be to their disadvantage, as it was to Hitler in his invasion of Russia in World War II.

Despite the superior strength of the ground offensive against the American forces who were unprepared and taken by surprise, and with a United States President indecisive as to what to do, the American and NATO forces will continue to command superiority at sea. And they will use their superiority at sea to cut off supplies maintaining the invasion forces in the Americas. And the United States airpower will successfully poison the grain and the water supplies in the lands occupied by the invaders, initiating a slow starvation of the occupying forces.

Also, due to the betrayal by Russia and China to world order and world peace, President Trump will disband the United Nations and form a new United Nations body where neither Russia nor China hold any veto powers, as they have held since the conclusion of World War II. The new United Nations will be a body with seven veto holding members, consisting of the following allies who will have remained loyal to NATO forces who were attacked by Russia, China, and North Korea. Hence, the permanent veto holding seats of this new United Nations will consist of the following nations:

  1. the United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. the United Kingdom
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. South Korea
  7. Japan

These seven nations will be the new Veto holding nations in the new United Nations to be formed by President Trump after the betrayal and treachery done by Russia and China against his nation, the United States of America. And Russia and China will have no more veto power ever again.

With NATO controlling all the Seas and waterways, they will commence to cut off all oil supplies to their enemies that require passage by sea. And they will sever the supply routes from Russia to their forces in the Americas, making the Russian, Chinese, and North Korean invaders in America entirely dependent on supplies from the lands of their conquest, which the Americans will have poisoned.

With Chinese attention focused on the war in the Americas, NATO forces will invade western China from their bases in Pakistan and India. And they will seek to take over the regions of raw materials needed by China to make complex machinery. And what they cannot take over, they will blow up and destroy, rendering China with limited supplies of rare earth elements that it depended on from its mining operations in their sparsely populated western half of their country.

Also, in the final resolution after this world wide conventional war, where nuclear weapons are possessed by both sides, but not deployed, China will lose its western half and become a much smaller nation. Amen. Instead, America will establish a new nation in western China, called the nation of Tibet. Amen. And it will become a United States protectorate.

Russia, China, and North Korea, being the land based forces, will lose the war to NATO, due to NATO’s control over the waterways, giving it the superior advantage. This war will die as fast as it erupted. For Russia will choose to retreat from the Americas once it sees no hope for victory there. Rather, Russia will have better usage of its troops defending Russia from an invasion from western Europe seeking to retake back the conquests of Russia in eastern Europe. And Russia will effectively abandon China and North Korea to fight without them in the Americas.

The Chinese and North Koreans, with their soldiers trained to obey orders and not to think for themselves, will press on in America, seeking to acquire resources to resupply their famished and troops and worn out equipment. But they will fail. And United States forces will surround them and mow them down as the Indians cut down Colonel George Custer at Custer’s last stand. And the United States military will choose to effectively wipe out the Chinese and North Korean invaders, taking no prisoners. And it will be a bloody wipe out, but it will be accomplished. And President Trump, wielding the powers granted to him under Martial Law, will declare victory over the invaders of America. And the war from that point onward will be waged in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

But Lord, how does the war get waged in Africa? Zimbabwe and South Africa will join forces with Russia, China, and North Korea in their declaration of war with the West. Hence allied British, French, and United States forces will be waging war against the governments of South Africa and Zimbabwe. And Black rule over those two nations will be effectively and permanently ended. And those two nations will effectively come under the control of the Allies. And the Allied forces will set up dependancies in those two states that directly answer to them. Democracy will not be returning to those nations until or unless the peoples can rise above the poverty level and prove that they have the ability to make the sound and right judgements necessary to be entrusted with self rule. Hence, the White man will once again be put in charge of South Africa and Zimbabwe, and the Whites in power will not share their authority to rule.

In the warfronts in Asia. the Axis Powers of Russia, China, and North Korea will be effectively broken up due to Russia having abandoned the Chinese and North Korean forces deployed in the Americas, where they are ultimately defeated by superior numbers and positions of NATO forces. With China’s territories being lost in their west, and their vital infrastructure there being either taken over or demolished, and before any NATO forces move against Russian territories, Russia will secede from its alliance to the Axis powers and make a deal with the Americans that they would help them defeat the Chinese and the North Koreans if the Americans agree to not dispute their new holdings in Eastern Europe. President Trump will sign the agreement but will refuse to give them back their veto wielding seat in the new United Nations he will have formed. Hence, Russia will have gained lands in Eastern Europe, but will have lost its position of having veto power in the United Nations. For the new United Nations will have just seven nations wielding veto power and no more. And these veto wielding nations will be as listed below, without the possibility of adding or subtracting any nations to or from these seats.

  1. the United States of America
  2. Canada
  3. the United Kingdom
  4. France
  5. Germany
  6. South Korea
  7. Japan

In the quickening invasion of NATO troops into China, and with China now betrayed by Russia, and lacking any viable means to victory, the Chinese, being an intelligent people, will sue for peace before the invaders take hold of any part of eastern China, where most of their population lives. And the Americans will make a peace deal with China that they will allow their current government to remain in power providing that China officially recognize the independence of these three nations: Tibet, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Those three nations will become recognized as separate and independent states by the Chinese government.

Then, with North Korea as the last holdout, South Korea will make an effective offensive into North Korea, and Russia will effectively cause North Korea to effectively surrender to South Korea, but not without first occupying some lands of their former ally along the coast of the Sea of Japan. And just as Russia seized the four Kuril Islands it took from Japan at the end of World War II, Russia, just like back then, will seize some North Korean lands and annex them. And hence, the unified Korean nation that is to come to be will not have all the current lands of North Korea added to their new nation. Amen.

Hence, of the three Axis powers at the conclusion of this World War III, China will have lost Tibet, Hong Kong, and all claims to Taiwan, along with its veto wielding seat in the United Nations. North Korea will have been consumed by South Korea, and lost part of its territory to Russia. And Russia, the master of making deals, will have expanded into Europe adding seven East European nations to its new empire, and will also have acquired some coast lands formerly a part of North Korea, but the consequence of this decision to go to war against America at her weakest will be that it loses its veto wielding seat in the United Nations through the reformation of a new United Nations. Amen. And the United States of America will have gained by positioning its allies to have the veto wielding seats in this new United Nations, and by limiting the total number of these seats to seven. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, you may ask some questions. What happens in Europe, O’ Lord? With the departure of Russia from the Axis powers to agree to help NATO against China and North Korea, the NATO allies will agree, in the effort to maintain peace between the nuclear powers, to grant to Russia recognition of its annexations in return to halting any Russian plans to expand westward. Russia will agree, but with the deception of Adolf Hitler at his finest.

And Russia will plot and scheme on its next invasion, one intended for taking over all of continental Europe. But that will be in a later war, one to be known as World War IV. I Who Am have now spoken in completion, lord Larimar. You may now select a picture I will point out to you. And then you are to publish this. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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