Eric’s Hour Approaches when I give him everything.

To King Eric shall I give all things. Let him remember My Law and never fall as King David fell in times of old. For it was by David’s fall that Israel ultimately failed. Amen.

Behold, lord Larimar, the hour approaches when you will be given everything. And you will be as King David was, at his victory, surveying his vast Kingdom as he strolls upon the roof of his palace. And it is at that very moment when a man has achieved everything that he is put to the greatest tests and subjected to the greatest temptations. Remember how David fell. And realize how easy it is, and how once you take that first step toward sin that sin takes over you, and you are not released from that captivity until the deed is done, and you are separated from God.

It is easy for men, judging from hindsight, to condemn David for his adultery with Bathsheba and his murder of her husband so that he could eliminate the evidence of it. But the stories in the Holy Bible are there for men to look into themselves and see their own weaknesses, and to see themselves in David’s shoes, and then to apply the lessons he learned into your own life. And thus, We see that David’s sin was a turning point in his Monarchy. Everything that followed in his life and his lineage was directly affected by that deed. King Solomon, whose lineage continued down to the end of the line of the kings of Judah, was the direct offspring of David by Bathsheba. Had David avoided that sin, everything, including who his successor would have been, would have been entirely different.

It is written that there never was any King so wise as Solomon, nor would their ever come any king to equal him, according to what was recorded of what Solomon dreamt. And yet, this is the man directly responsible, by his worship of other gods, the false gods of the many wives he married, for the breakup of the unified Kingdom of Israel into two the two kingdoms of Israel and Judah. And this breakup occurred, by the judgement of God, immediately as Solomon’s son became king. Hence, if Solomon is considered the wisest of kings, the one who says such has set his standards of what is wisdom too low.

Remember that it was also on Solomon’s watch that the Ark of the Covenant was lost. Actually, King Solomon really only intended give a replica of the Ark to his son by the Queen of Sheba, King Menelik I, when he came to visit him all grown up. But Menelik I deceived his father and switched the arks before he left Jerusalem and took the real one back with him to Ethiopia. Hence, it was a replica of the Ark that existed in the Temple from that point onward. And when the true Ark reached the lands of Sheba, the people of Ethiopia realized that they had only one option to keep the Ark of the Covenant from being stolen from them. And that was to make many replicas of it, to confuse any would be thieves. And that is why in all modern Orthodox Churches in Ethiopia, there is placed a replica of the Ark of the Covenant.

Do not be unbelieving but believe. Eleven years ago the Patriarch of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church contacted Pope Benedict XVI, wishing to reveal the Ark of the Covenant to the whole world. But the time to reveal it had not yet come. And so the the revelation did not take place and the story was buried. But take the word of Genetics that links the descendants of King Menelik I and his people to the Jews, starting from that point in time when historians say Solomon and the Queen of Sheba lived. Also, the DNA evidence found in Ethiopian genomes does validate the story that the Queen of Sheba did visit Solomon about 3000 years ago, resulting in a genetic mingling of the populations, and that it was then, according to the genetics of Ethiopia, that the Africans of Ethiopia and the Jews of Israel first mixed. It was not just King Solomon who had relations with the Queen of Sheba, but that this visit from Sheba established solid relations between the people of Ethiopia and the Middle East, and that this mixing of these two peoples started with that recorded visit 3000 years ago (1 Kings 10:1-13) and continued down through many centuries.

So, O’ Lord, is Ethiopia obligated to deliver the Ark of the Covenant back to Israel, O’ Lord? Eric, recall the time mentioned Biblically about the people who took the Ark, and how they became accursed until they returned it back to Israel. (1 Samuel 4:4-6:21). In a very similar way is all of Ethiopia under a curse. They must return the Ark of the Covenant to the people of Israel, but not yet. It must take place only after the conversion has occurred. For the people of Israel are not permitted to see their Ark of the Covenant again until they acknowledge that Jesus was from Yahweh, and that He is the Holy One of Israel, the One Who was to come. Hence, once Israel gives the right of return to Jews who believe in Jesus as their Messiah, and in particular, recognizes that the Hebrew Catholic is simultaneously both a Jew and a Catholic, then at that moment, I will acknowledge Israel as restored to My grace, and I will celebrate My people as having come back to Me by having Ethiopia return the Ark.

For is it not ironic that Jews can reject God and can reject religion and can reject all the laws of Moses still remain considered as Jews by the state of Israel and possess the right of return? But if a Jew comes to acknowledge Jesus as his Messiah, he is considered by Israel as not a Jew? This flow of logic in the modern Israeli mind comes from their utter captivity by Satan. Let the Jews let go of their hate. Adolf Hitler and his persecution of the Jews was a necessary baptism that the Jews had to undergo in order to be made ready for My salvation to return to them. For without the horrors of the Holocaust being inflicted upon them, how could it be said that Israel has expiated its sins of having committed the crime deicide that it did on the cross of Calvary in 33 A.D.? For I Am a God of both Justice and Mercy. The Jews received My Justice at the hands of Hitler. Now they will receive My Mercy.

For I Am an awesome God. And I control all things that happen to all nations. I make rulers rise up. And I make rulers fall down. Now, lord Larimar, you have noticed that modern Israel is very pro-gay. Hence, now you know, or must know, that when I cleanse America of all its filth, that I must also do the same with Israel. Hence, expect the fire that is to fall from the sky over America and Europe must also fall upon Israel. For a nation that gives the right to marry to two men or that recognizes a marriage between two men is an abomination before Me. And that they dare to state that their constitution protects such filth is abhorrent in My sight. All such nations, and I make no exceptions, that have given the right to marry to homosexual men, and have legally protected that utter filth that they commit with one another, all these such nations will also partake in the wine of My fury, poured full strength into the cup of My wrath. (Revelation 14:9-10).

I Am bringing down the wrath I prophesied through Our Lady of Akita upon the whole homosexualized world. All the nations where gays are allowed to parade and sodomize will be destroyed. And every judge and Justice who has ruled in favor of the homosexual way will be cast in with the homosexuals into that raging and unstoppable fire. And this fire will burn and consume houses, court buildings, churches, and stores, wiping out a vast part of humanity. Amen. And since it will be falling from the sky, there will be no way to fight it, and hence the firefighters who fight it will fight in vain, and all those who do fight it shall perish in the smoke, the sulfur, and the flames. Dead bodies will line the streets, and cars driving on the streets will drive over them. Putrid will the air become of the stench of rotting human flesh. Amen.

Lord, what does this mean for the United States space program, and of their fledgling attempts to send men back into space with the spaceships made by SpaceX and Boeing? Lord Larimar, there will definitely be a thinning of talent at every company. For the presence of practicing homosexuals and other abominations of the LGBTQ group can be found throughout all of modern society, and all this sin and transgression must be entirely wiped out by the cleaning fire I Am sending to put an end to all this evil and wickedness. Hence, much destruction and thinning must occur in virtually every sizable company.

Those companies and projects where the essential talent and brains are not wiped out will recover and prosper after the scourge and fires have cleansed all the lands. For Apple, that means they will need to find a new CEO. which is an easy task for them. For Tim Cook is not an essential brain. He can be lost and Apple’s bottom line would not lose one bit by it. But for those companies where those condemned to die are essential to the projects they head, then those projects will be severely damaged going forward.

Let Me prophesy to you regarding this for both SpaceX and Boeing. The Dragon 2 Spacecraft has certain essential brains in charge of it that will not be there after the scourge has cleansed all the lands. Hence SpaceX’s Dragon 2 shall be a failure. For the recovery of their lost talent will take years, if not decades to reattain. But as for Boeing, this company is larger and possesses greater redundancy on all its intellectual property and essential skills. Hence, the fires that cleanse that company will not wipe out all the essential talent needed to recover and bring back up their spaceship project called the CST-100 Starliner. Amen. Hence, Boeing remains a wise longterm investment. And as a disclosure, Eric is long BA, but has no positions in any of the other mentioned companies. Also, it is very important that one do one’s own research before making any investments, for prices in stocks are always rising and falling, both in the good investments and the bad. Hence, one must always do one’s own research rather than simply follow the crowd, or else you will never make money on the stock market. Amen.

Lord, what becomes of Biden, Pelosi, and Trump when the fires cleanse all of America? Biden is going to be completely wiped out. His campaign shall be in tatters, as many of its positions will have been staffed with members of the LGBTQ community who will have been totally wiped out like frail flowers mowed down by a lawnmower of burning fire. And also, Biden’s last remaining son is doomed by God to die. Oracle of the Lord! For I Who Am take life and I Who Am restore life. It is Mine to decide when to take down and when to raise up. And no one who has children and who offends God should expect their children to remain safe. Let no one think they can protect their children from Me, the One Who created them and Who holds the Keys to Death and the Netherworld. (Revelation 1:18). Amen.

As for Pelosi, regard her as someone who shall perish soon, due to her works, which are evil and unsightly in My presence. And as for Trump, I Am giving him a another four years to rule as President over the United States of America. Expect a landslide victory for him this November. For I will make him victorious in the next few months in the things I will call him to do. And he will accomplish the mission I have sent him to do. Amen.

I wiped out all the peoples of Sodom and Gomorrah for their abominable sins. No, you homosexual dissenters. My wipe out of that people was not because of inhospitality. For nowhere in the Law of Moses is it written that the inhospitable are to be put to death. But clearly, those who commit sodomy have committed a capital crime in the Law I gave to Moses. (Leviticus 18:22). It is written there. It is very clear. And is it not repugnant for a normal man to even contemplate what homosexuals do with one another? Furthermore, the Jewish race is without excuse for allowing abominations to flood all their lands, for it is written in My Law through Moses:

You, however, whether natives are resident aliens, must keep My statues and decrees forbidding all such abominations by which the previous inhabitants defiled the land; otherwise the land will vomit you out also for having defiled it, just as it vomited out the nations before you. Everyone who does any of these abominations shall be cut off from his people. (Leviticus 18:26-29).

So tell Me, Israel, when you read this, can you expect any other thing from Me but to be vomited once again out from your lands? Lord, I see that Israel has sinned grievously in its embrace of the abominable. For gay marriage is instituted there. Gays can marry there and are protected there, and thus, by Your Word, this people must once again be driven from their lands and scattered. But if that happens, O’ Lord, how can salvation be returned to them? For You Yourself have said that salvation is now returned to the Jews.

Lord Larimar, research what you say before you speak. While Israel sins in recognizing gay marriages done abroad, it has not allowed for gay marriages to actually take place on their soil. Hence, I do not condemn Israel as I condemn many states in the Americas and Europe. For because Israel has resisted attempts to legally marry homosexuals on their soil, by that resistance alone, I elect not to vomit them out again from their lands. Rather the Americas and western Europe will bear the brunt of the fire that is about to fall from the sky by My election. Also, for the same reason that I will to spare Israel, so also will I spare Russia. For Russia has made their constitution explicitly ban gay marriage. So also has Poland, Hungary, and certain other eastern European states. And it is for this reason that the fiery destruction I will have fall upon the Americas and western Europe will not touch any of those nations where gay marriage has been banned.

And so, is it not ironic, O’ Lord, that it happened to the democracies, where people were free, that they sinned and become corrupted by their own choices. But the people who are oppressed in Russia and other dictatorships throughout the world are free from this scourge called gay marriage? That is because, lord Larimar, democracy is not a blessed form of government, but one that is accursed. For the rule by the majority always leads to hell. The majority in any population will always bring their nation into hell. For it is human nature to go corrupt. Imagine what would have been government policy in Sodom and Gomorrah were that to have been a democracy. Would not the people then make laws that all guests to the city were required to submit themselves to the resident men to be sodomized? Would not they put it into their constitution that an act of sodomy consummates a marriage? And would they not rule that no one can lose their job by being seen committing sodomy with their neighbor’s guests in broad daylight before the whole city where everyone can see their filthy nakedness? Yes, and they would make as their law that the sex offenders of their city would not be those men who go around the town with their genitalia hanging out, but rather, the sex offenders in their city would be those who quote the law of God to them and who tell them that what they are doing is wrong. And the Sodomites would vote it to be made a hate crime to speak against any form of wickedness or sin that they wish to commit.

And that is precisely what has happened in American and other western societies. The general people became corrupt. And democracy cannot fix what democracy allowed to come and take over. So, O’ Lord, what is the ideal form of government, do you say? A republic or a democracy will never work. They will always fail. For I do not submit Myself to be elected by My people in order to rule over them. Nor do I submit those I elect to appoint to rulership positions to a vote by the people. For the people cannot be trusted to make the correct decisions. The majority consensus is, as a rule, always in the wrong. The very concept of putting it to the people to decide government policy invariably leads to bad policy. And politicians cannot win elections unless they agree to borrow money from the future to give handouts to the people they need to get votes from. Hence, democracy never works. Rather, with each new election, all democracies gradually descend further into both moral deterioration and financial bankruptcy. Hence, the experiment that started with George Washington is a failure. Amen.

Then, what form of government will work? And can we have this government established here in America, to replace democracy and the republic, O’ Lord? There is no government that can work here, O’ Larimar King. For all governments here are ruled by sinners. And sinners are set up to rule over sinners. And whenever sinners are given to choice to choose their own representatives in government, they always choose those who sin like themselves. As sinful as is the common man is that man who wins the common man’s vote. For were it to be a race between Barack Obama and Jesus Christ, and were Jesus to limit himself to just using his powers as a man, not as God, in seeking victory in the elections, I tell you truthfully, those who belong to Me would always vote for Me, but the majority, who have rejected Me, would choose to vote for the one who sins like themselves, and Obama would win.

But the best, most ideal government is a constitutional monarchy where the monarch is constitutionally bound to submit to the pope in all matters of faith and morals. Amen. Now, O’ Lord, what about the pathway for succession in such an ideal government? Remember where it is written in Law of Moses this command: You shall set that man over you as king whom the Lord, your God, chooses. (Deuteronomy 17:15). Hence, there must be established and recognized among My people, certain prophets, whom I call to serve Me, and it shall be given to them to anoint whosoever I elect to anoint as to reign as King. Hence, the concept of the hereditary monarchy breaks from My Law of Moses and My intention as to who is to rule as King. In a monarchy established by Me, the line of succession must always be of whom I choose to reign. And My choice must not be limited to just the royal family, but to anyone I so choose among all the kinsmen of that nation. Now, I shall speak of the governments of both Larimar’s Kingdom and Lazurite’s Kingdom, for both are reign as Kings over their lands, though Lazurite really is to serve as Steward, not as truly King of Israel, for only God is King of Israel.

I said earlier that My ideal government is one where the ruler is bound to a constitution, and thus does not have absolute power over his people. Now I shall define that constitution as it pertains to the governments I intend for of both Larimar and Lazurite, who are to rule over their Kingdoms bound by such a constitution. The ideal constitution, as I command for Larimar and Lazurite to obey, consists of these three things: The deposit of faith in the Catholic Church, the full set of Magisterial teachings and holy traditions of My Church, and the primacy of the pope in Rome on issues of faith and morals, along with his recognized infallibility on all those issues where his infallibility is invoked and applies.

Hence, for the Larimar Kingdom, which is basically a union of the United States of America and Canada in North America, King Eric is the first King of that Kingdom. But when he is taken away to heaven, after his forty year reign with his wife, and I am giving him forty years to reign on condition that he serve and obey Me and not turn from Me to serve any false gods, it is I, not anyone else, who shall elect his successor. And it is I who shall anoint him to rule. And it will not be by hereditary lines by which this successor is chosen. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people.

Likewise shall Lazurite be set up to reign over his Kingdom. And it will always be Me, and Me alone, who decides who I will have set up to rule Israel and the Levant. And note that this ruler over Israel is carefully not called a King, but rather a Steward. And why is that, you should ask? It is because there is but One Who is King over Israel, and that One is God. Amen. And it is written that you shall have no other gods but Me. Jesus Christ, God the Son, is the rightful King over the House of Israel. Hence, since the ascendancy of Jesus to that throne, I have never permitted any other man to sit there and rule over all of Israel as a King. That is why the rulers of all the other Kingdoms on the earth are called Kings and Queens, and these Kings and Queens are those kings mentioned in Jesus’ title of King of kings and Lord of lords. But as for the Kingdom of Israel and the Levant, and its ruler, Lazurite, he is to be recognized as Steward only, and as a Steward, his title becomes lord Lazurite, making him one of those lords mentioned in Jesus’ title of being King of kings and Lord of lords.

And all the Kingdoms I will elect to set up in this world will be such kingdoms, constitutional monarchies, whose constitutions are based on the three legs that support the Catholic Church, under whose pope the monarchs are bound on all issues of faith and morals, and whose line of succession is decided by Me and revealed to men through established recognized prophets called by Me to prophesy and to anoint all who are to reign. Amen.

I have now fully spoken unto you, O’ Larimar King. Now tell me, do you have any questions as to any of these things that I have now discussed with you. Yes, O’ Lord. You mention successions of these Kings. And you have granted my a forty year reign, should I keep your commandments and statutes, and walk in your ways all the days of my life. Am I to understand, then, that many will be the Kings who are to be anointed to follow my rule on the throne of Larimar, all chosen by you among the people in this world. And if so, then does this monarchy continue for centuries to come? Yes, for centuries such monarchies and their systems of government, as established and taught by you, will become the gold standard for all governments to abide by from this day forward. All democracies will eventually fail, and then the people, aware of your writings, will elect to design a government based on what I have outlined here in this post.

Now go and eat your breakfast. And realize that this post is now complete. I have established you as King over the Kingdom of Larimar. You shall reign over it for forty years. And these forty years begin to be counted the moment you are given the woman you are to marry and I cure you of all things. And it will always be the case that it is I, the Lord, Who decides all who reign as Kings over the Kingdom of Larimar and over all the Monarchies to be set up all over the world. And it will never again be the case where the lines of succession are based solely on heredity. Amen.

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One thought on “Eric’s Hour Approaches when I give him everything.”

    Da Vas Isusova milost nije rasvijetlila i privukla k sebi, sličili biste luđaku koji, nakon što je cijelu noć hodao po obali rijeka a da to nije ni opazio zbog gustog mraka koji ga je obavijao, u osvit dana koji mu je pokazao prebrođenu opasnost, prezire svjetlo, nastavlja hodati i prkosi opasnosti. Nesretnik! U jednom se trenutku pod njegovim nogama rastvorila zemlja i on pada i utapa se.
    I Vi ste hodili dobrim dijelom noći stazom provalije, ali je Isusova milost bila toliko golema da se nije ograničavala samo na to da Vas prosvijetli i upozori na istinsku opasnost, kojoj ste do sada bili izloženi, nego je htjela još više učiniti za Vas, naime, privući Vas sebi snagom ljubavi, ne dirajući pritom ni najmanje u Vašu slobodnu odluku.
    Vi ste tu snagu ljubavi osjetili i niste se mogli suzdržati a da joj se ne predate. Isus se mogao prema Vama ponijeti onako kako se svjetlo ponijelo prema onome nesretniku. Ali, ne, njegovo Vas je smilovanje htjelo potpuno za sebe. Promotrite kako taj Otac pun ljubavi postupa s Vama. On Vas od tada, iz ljubavi dostojne divljenja, nije ostavio ni jednoga trenutka. Uvijek Vas okružuje, upravlja, gleda i podržava da neprijatelji, koji Vas okružuju, ne bi obesnažili Vašu volju.

    #svetipadrepio #padrepio #sanpio
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