God anoints Eric to be Sole Survivor of His coming Wrath.

Eric and Esther shall survive the great fiery wrath of God about to descend upon the earth.

Eric, you are a good man. And by what do I, the Lord, mean when I say that you are a good man, do you think? For it is written as the Word of Jesus that there is no one who is good but God. (Mark 10:18). Why, O’ Lord, do tell me? I call you a good man because you are one of Mine and because you are obedient to Me. Because of your willingness to do My will and to serve Me, that is the root of why I define you as good. For whoever does My will and serves Me in Truth I define as a good man or a good woman.

Now, lord Larimar, what do you think I call your neighbors and the people who inhabit your neighborhood? Lord, I know no one here. Good. And that is why I do not know them either. For they are not Mine. And I reject them. I do not reject you. But I reject them. They are called filthy abominations and harlots. And the city in which you live is a mother of harlots and of the abominations of this world. I cannot stand them anymore, lord Larimar. For their sins have piled up too high into the sky. Rather, the time has come for Me to wipe out this filthy people from all the lands. I must cleanse your lands of its filth to prepare it properly and to make it fit for your rule. For you are to rule My people with an iron rod. But I will not make you a ruler over Sodom and Gomorrah. All the filth that make up that city in your lands must be cleansed from these lands by fire falling from the sky. Oracle of the Lord!

Hence, I Am going to wipe out American civilization and allow for only a remnant to survive. You, lord Larimar, will be of that remnant. I hereby anoint you to be sole survivor of your people and of your immediate lands. I Who Am have spoken. Amen.

Lord, I have this question. This post you are writing through me, will I publish it before or after I go to Mass this evening for the 5 PM evening Mass? For today as I write this, it is Saturday, July 4, 2020. This post will be an extensive post, lord Larimar. You will go to Mass when the time comes, and when you come back, you shall complete this post.

What of the Jewess I am to meet and marry? She must be one of those sole survivors too, O’ Lord? Yes, and I shall have you meet her soon. Do not tire in waiting for My appointed time to take place. For the appointed time shall come, and you must be ready when it is here. Amen.

Eric, now I shall detail who shall rule those islands in the Atlantic who border your Kingdom. For they are to be ruled by certain Kings I have set in place. You rule North America, but Greenland, Iceland, Bermuda, Ireland, and Great Britain have been given to other Kings. And mainland western Europe is the seat of the coming Antichrist. Now, I shall detail exactly the Kingdoms of the North Atlantic, and all the rulers therein. Amen. But first, let us summarize the Kingdoms already described in the previous post:

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric.
(2) Kingdom of China, ruled by King Bombyx.
(3) Kingdom of Korea, ruled by King Jade.
(4) Kingdom of Japan, ruled by King Nacre.
(5) Kingdom of Spanish America, ruled by King Jadeite.
(6) Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau.
(7) Kingdom of Israel and the Levant, ruled by Lazurite.

Kingdoms of the North Atlantic

(8) Kingdom of Great Britain, ruled by King Philip. And his lands of his Kingdom include the following lands:

  1. England
  2. Scotland
  3. Wales
  4. the Isle of Man
  5. the Outer Hebrides
  6. the Orkney Islands
  7. the Shetland Islands
  8. the Scilly Islands
  9. the Channel Islands
  10. Bermuda

And the main languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Scottish Gaelic
  3. Welsh

(9) Kingdom of Northern Ireland, ruled by Queen Anne. And the lands of her Kingdom include:

  1. Northern Ireland

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic

(10) Kingdom of Ireland, ruled by, ruled by Queen Margaret. And the lands of her Kingdom include:

  1. the Republic of Ireland

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English
  2. Irish Gaelic

(11) Kingdom of Iceland, ruled by King Narwhal. And the lands of his Kingdom include:

  1. Iceland

And the main languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. Icelandic

(12) Kingdom of Greenland, ruled by Queen Permafrost. And the lands of her Kingdom include:

  1. Greenland

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Greenlandic
  2. Danish

Thus have We in heaven now defined in entirety all your neighbors in the North Atlantic, except for mainland western Europe, which is to become a Caliphate ruled over by Islamic Sharia Law. Amen. But the five European island Kingdoms specified above in the North Atlantic will escape the rule of Antichrist, the Jew who shall lead the Islamic Caliphate of Europe and declare himself Messiah and take the name of Yahweh. He shall also declare himself to be the fulfillments of every coming hero or savior in every prophecy of every religion. And he will claim himself to be an incarnation of God. But his attention will be focused towards Israel and the holy lands. And he will be intent on capturing Jerusalem to make it his capital and to set up his throne there as emperor for life. Amen.

Now, let us define your neighbors in the West Indies. As you know, King Jadeite shall rule all of Spanish Latin America, including Mexico and those nations in the Greater Antilles dominated by Spanish. These are Cuba, the Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. Amen. But what about the rest of the West Indies. Now we shall specify all the other rulers who rule the West Indies, completing the entire definitions of the Americas. Also, recall that over the Kingdom of Brazil rules King Cacau. Thus, these next nine definitions will completely define all the Kingdoms in those lands known as the Americas. Amen. Now, lets us define these Kingdoms.

Kingdoms of the West Indies

(13) Kingdom of the Bahamas, ruled by Queen Okra. And her Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. the Bahamas

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English

(14) Kingdom of Turks and Caicos, ruled by King Cyclura. And his Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Turks and Caicos Islands

And the main languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. English

(15) Kingdom of Haiti, ruled by Queen Choeblack. And her Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Haiti

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. Haitian Creole
  2. French

(16) Kingdom of Jamaica, ruled by Queen Jemima. And her Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Jamaica

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English

(17) Kingdom of the Cayman Islands, ruled by Queen Turtle. And her Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. the Cayman Islands

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English

(18) Kingdom of the French Lesser Antilles, ruled by Queen Awara. And her Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. French Guiana
  2. Guadaloupe
  3. Martinique
  4. Saint Barthelemy
  5. Saint Martin

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. French
  2. Antillean Creole

(19) Kingdom of the Dutch Lesser Antilles, ruled by King Puma. And his Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Suriname
  2. Aruba
  3. Bonaire
  4. Curacao
  5. Saba
  6. Sint Eustatius
  7. Sint Maartin

And the main languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. Dutch
  2. English
  3. Papiamento

(20) Kingdom of the English Lesser Antilles, ruled by King Ibis. And his Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Guyana
  2. Anguilla
  3. Antigua and Barbuda
  4. Barbados
  5. the British Virgin Islands
  6. Dominica
  7. Grenada
  8. Montserrat
  9. Saint Kitts and Nevis
  10. Saint Lucia
  11. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
  12. Trinidad and Tobago

And the main languages of his Kingdom include:

  1. English

(21) Kingdom of United States Virgin Islands, ruled by Queen Isabela. And her Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. the United States Virgin Islands

And the main languages of her Kingdom include:

  1. English

Thus, We have now fully defined all your neighboring Kingdoms in both the North Atlantic and in the West Indies. Amen.

Now, take special note of this, lord Larimar. Note of the ethnic backgrounds of the Seven brides given to the Seven Prophet Kings. What were their races, do you remember, lord Larimar? The three virgin Queens given to the Three Asian Mystics come from the same Oriental extraction as do those Kings. And as for the two virgin Queens given to the Two Latin American Kings, these are each from the same Hispanic peoples as their husbands. Those five Virgin Queens given to the Five are to remain in their virgin state, just like their Prophet King husbands. But as for Larimar and Lazurite, both circumcised Catholics, but only the latter being Jewish, to these Two Blue Mystics are granted Jewish brides who are given full conjugal rights to their husbands. And that makes the offspring of both men designated as Jews, according to Jewish law as written in the Traditional Halakhah. For it is the mother, not the father, that if Jewish makes their children also Jewish, according to that law. So it seems to me, O’ Lord, that of the Seven Prophet Kings, to those who You destined to have offspring, and only to those, that it was granted that the wives given to them would be Jewish so as to ensure that all the offspring to be counted as coming from the Seven would be Jewish. Am I correct, O’ Lord? And may I inquire as to why this is the case?

It is the case, lord Larimar, and here is the reason. Salvation has returned to the Jews. Thus, My focus is now on the Jewish race. And no longer Am I focused on converting any Gentile people, but only the Jews. Hence, I do not allow any of the Seven to procreate except those of the Seven whose descendants will be both Catholic and Jewish. I Who Am have now spoken. And this post will be completed prior to your scheduled Mass at 12:30 PM at Saint Bruno Catholic Church today, which is now Sunday. Amen.

For realize this most important point, lord Larimar. Since the times of the Gentiles are over, the Gentile peoples are no longer called to have children to fill My Church and to people My Kingdom. For from now on, I am seeking new converts exclusively from those who are Jews.

Now, you have asked about a certain girl you saw at Church. If We, the elect, give her to you, that is the one. But do not you make any advance toward her, but do only what We command of you. For realize that We have full knowledge of your heart. And We know that her eyes have pierced it. And We also know that if We were to allow it, that she would come to completely possess you. The only defense your heart has against her is the law and obedience to Me. For you obey Me. And I can place you wherever I wish and expect full obedience from you.

I will do as You command O’ Lord. To You shall I obey in all things. Good, lord Larimar. And I have now new orders to give to you that you are to obey. In your daily duties to Me, you are faithfully reading your 1953 Catholic Holy Bible book by book to eventually read it in its entirety. And you are progressing through it in the order We specify. Hence, you have now read: (1) Job, (2) Song of Songs, (3,4,5,6) the four Books of Kings (which are 1&2 of Samuel and 1&2 of Kings), (7) Ruth, (8) Judges, and (9) Genesis. And right now you are reading (10) Exodus. After that, you shall read in this order: (11) Joshua, (12) Hebrews, (13) James, (14) Revelation, (15) John, (16) Mark, (17) Ezekiel, (18) Daniel, (19) Lamentations, (20) Jeremiah, (21) Isaiah. And as you progress to the end of that list, I will show you the next books you shall read. And eventually you will have read the entire Catholic canon of books in the Holy Bible. And you read these books as I command you: 1 or 2 or 3 chapters a day, limiting yourself to that so that the knowledge you gain is retained.

And you are also faithfully praying your rosary to My Mother Mary each day. All this is good. And now I have new orders to give to you. And these are such: When I fully and completely cure you of all things when you come to be in the presence of the woman We are giving to you, you shall realize that you are joined to a Jewess. And as a man so joined, you will be required to immerse yourself into her culture. Hence, you will, from that day forward, begin mastering the Hebrew language. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His servant. Amen.

So understand us completely, lord Larimar. We make no promises that the girl whose eyes pierced your heart will be the one. Rather, We promise you that the girl We give you shall be a Jewess and a Catholic. No more shall We speak of her in this post, other than to affirm that the name of Esther prophetically fits as a name ascribed to the Jewess who is to marry you, as recorded in these writings. Amen.

Go and eat your lunch, lord Larimar. When you get back, We will conclude this post, for it is almost complete. Amen. I am back, O’ Lord. Good, lord Larimar. And these are our final Words given to you in this post. They contain your final assignments that you are expected to obey in order to count as Our servant.

Speak, O’ Lord, for Your servant is listening, and Your servant shall obey whatever you command of him. Amen. This is the path We have elected for you to follow, lord Larimar. Keep to this path and you shall not lose your way. You have stopped masturbating. Never return to that illicit pleasure. And as a consequence that you are now stopped, We shall fulfill all that We have promised you of old. But how you marry the girl We give you must be done as We now outline here.

You shall not kiss her in that form called the French kiss. The kiss must be clean. It cannot be an exchange of saliva. For such kisses are offensive in My sight. Nor will you make out with this girl. For she is to be called holy. And she may not be defiled. In the marriage you enter into with her, you will know your wife only when and as she wills it, and in no other time or manner. Also, that position in which the dog mounts the bitch, such will not be how you have sex with your wife. Only in this position shall you know your wife: Where she and you face each other, with front to front. And ideally, you will be above her, for in such positions, the seed better remains in the woman after the sex act. But this ideal is not a command. But it is a command that the ultimate climax of the sex act be completed within the act of vaginal intercourse. Failure to comply with this command is the sin of onanism, which is deadly. Amen.

Further, lord Larimar, We command that all sex acts you have with this woman are to remain in the privacy of your or her sleeping quarters. I do not require you to sleep in the same room or in the same bed. And the time of day you and her are to have sex is ideally at night, but this is not a command, but a suggestion. For at night, you and your wife will not see each other’s bodies as clearly and give way to lust. For when a couple lust for one another, their conjugal acts are immoral. Hence, I do not permit you to lust for your wife. And to protect against that, the sex act is ideally done at night. Remember a man’s wife is not a sex object. She is a human being like yourself. And hence, her body must be respected and treated as sacred. Hence, know her only when and as she will it. Amen.

When We give her to you, do exactly as We command of you. Deviate neither to the left nor to the right. Remember King Saul, how he was rejected from the great height he had ascended to because he did not obey Me in My commands of him through My prophet Samuel, who anointed him king. Remember the Word Samuel spoke to King Saul: Obedience is greater than sacrifice. (1 Samuel 15:22). For no amount of sacrifice can make up to Me for one act of disobedience.

Now, We shall conclude this post with the following words. I AM pleased with you, lord Larimar. And you are not in violation of My law. Do, therefore all that I ask of you, and I will grant you a life with the one you are to marry. Keep faithful to My commands to you, and a forty year reign on this earth I will grant to you. And you will live to see grandchildren. But should you disobey Me and turn to other gods, I will take away all that I will have blessed you with and you will be left in utter ruin. And yes, that forty years are future years to come, not part of the past.

So, lord Larimar, you are to be given great gifts. We give them to you because We intend to use you to do great things in the service of Our Kingdom. Comply with all We command of you and all things will be made to work for you. Amen. Now, I permit questions. Ask, and I shall answer you. Amen.

Since I am to live to old age, when I pass away, what becomes of my wife? Does she flee then to the secret sanctuary, as prophesied in earlier posts? No, she remains in charge of your household when I take you away at the conclusion of your life. That Antichrist takes over Europe does not pose a danger to America. For realize that no Antichrist can ever nor will ever command and conquer all the earth. Hence, the Antichrist in Europe, when you see him rise there, expect him to follow in the pattern of the two who preceded him there, namely Adolf Hitler and Napoleon Bonaparte.

As to what your widow does after you are taken away to My Kingdom in heaven. she will in fact found a school for prophetesses. And this school, in full compliance to Catholicism, will be called the Order of the Witch King child. Amen. It will serve to pass on, from woman to woman, all that you will have taught her and trained her in making her a likeness of yourself. Amen.

Now, ask one more question, and this post will be concluded.

Then, O’ Lord, Your Second Coming is perhaps centuries away still? You have spoken with understanding. For all those who seek the scriptures for clues as to when I Am coming displease Me. But you please Me, for you do the works I require of you. For whosoever submits to the cross I place over him will please Me. But the one seeking escape from this world is committing the act of rejecting My cross. He who bears My cross willingly will receive his reward at the End of Time. But he who rejects the cross, and seeks My Kingdom without the cross, he will fail to find the door. Amen.

Now, go to Mass, lord Larimar. And listen to all I command of you. And if you see that girl again, let her come to you if she does. For if We give her to you, then she is the one. But if not, then the one to be yours is someone else. For We know how her eyes have pierced your heart, and that you would be powerless to resist her if she should take you. Only the law and obedience to Me are your defenses in her possession of you, should she try and We allow this to take place. Amen. Now go, lord Larimar, for this post is now officially complete. A new post you will begin tonight. Amen.

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