No one can break My Catholic Church.

No power on earth or below it will ever be granted to destroy My Bride. Amen.

I am Eric, servant to Jesus. And Jesus sent me as Prophet to speak to all people and to all nations. So hear me, O’ people of Israel and all the inhabitants of Christendom! The Lord God now speaks through me. In the first person shall the Lord be speaking.

I AM Jesus, the Lord God Almighty. I Am the Maker of Heaven and Earth. COVID-19 is threatening the whole world. It is I, the Lord, Who Am the One who sent it. And it is I, the Lord, Who have complete power over it. And through Eric’s decree shall I render it harmless. I, the Lord, shall do this to prove that I AM.

Eric, issue your decree!

Let COVID-19 dissipate and then entirely disappear from the face of the earth, leaving scientists and biologists without anything to make a vaccine against. All new cases of COVID-19, let them not harm the ones who become infected from now on. For the harmful strain is to be supplanted by harmless strains. Amen.

Good! Effective immediately upon the sealing of this post at its moment of being published will I go to work to implement your decree, lord Larimar. Then all the inhabitants of the earth will know that I AM. For I have the power to take life. And I have the power to restore life. And no man can do this for himself except that I grant him that power. Amen.

Eric, the employment that you have, what is My command to you? You have commanded that I not return to work on Monday? Correct, lord Larimar. For you are Mine. And I have another destiny for you. All work you do for your current employer is to be done from home. For from now on, you are Mine. And I will give you all that you need.

What will be my source of income, O’ Lord? For will I not need a good one since I am to support a wife and five sons and two daughters? My provision for you is infallible. Therefore, seek not the things of this earth, but rather, seek only to do My will and to accomplish what I will for you. Anything you need in this world I will provide, including a living arrangement suitable for a couple with seven children. I have spoken. Amen.

Your brother Mark is dying soon. He and his two natural daughters are going to perish. It will be to Marlene, his wife according to civil law but not according to My Church, as though Mark in her life will have never been. For she will have acquired nothing from him. All the money will be gone. All her children by him will be gone. And Mark himself will be gone. All she will have left will be her two legitimate adult daughters by her first husband, a Jew. And he will refuse to let any of them back into his house. Amen.

David, your older brother, I will not destroy. He will be left as he is. And eventually, he will enter into My Church, just before his end. For he has love, but he has not used it effectively to find Me in My Church. I will bring him to Me. And then he will be saved. But as for his bright new yellow Camaro, this will be a total loss for him. He will emerge from the wreckage unscathed, but his car he will never see again. And through the loss of this physical slavery to this car, he will come to know Me. And I will lead him to paths of more effective usage of his money to serve Me and My Kingdom. Amen.

Now I shall speak of your father, Robert. He too I will save. And his loss of hearing will be restored to him. For I have the ability to take away one’s faculties, and I have the ability to restore them. Hence, I Am curing your father. And I will then make him Mine. He will then go with you to Church. And he will be restored to Me by an act of confession to a priest. Amen. For only through the sacrament of confession can baptized people be restored to My grace. Amen.

Now I shall speak of the current Administration over the United States of America, that under President Donald John Trump. When it becomes evident that COVID-19 has been dispelled, and that all new infections have become harmless, this is what shall become of the Administration of President Trump. I will render Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a Jew, unable to continue in her position as the cancer renders her to be on life support. She will be forced into resignation, freeing up a new position for Trump to force in a new conservative Justice, a righteous one like Kavanaugh, into the Supreme Court just before election day. Oracle of the Lord! And together, with the victory over COVID-19 and the victory of appointing a new good Supreme Court Justice, the people of America will turn out to vote for Trump, and he will win against Biden. As a landslide will this victory occur. Amen.

Now we shall speak of Russia, and of her illegal annexation of Crimea, which she will return to Ukraine in accordance to the signed treaties made by the first democratically elected President of Russia, Boris Yeltsin. Amen. I will force this deal to be made between Russia and Ukraine. And a deal will be forged between the two, under United States guidance, where Russia permanently gives back to Ukraine all lands currently under occupation by either Russia are Russian proxies, and agrees to provide a reliable and sufficient flow of fossil fuels to Ukraine provided under fair and market level prices, in return for a permanent lease, one that does not expire, over the military naval base in the port city of Sevastopol of Crimea. Amen.

It was written by Eric that Russia was to be divided into two nations. Rather, the treaties Boris Yeltsin achieved with all the constituent republics of Russia at the dissolution of the USSR will serve to hold the nation of Russia together. In addition, the Russian Orthodox Church will convert to Catholicism and become a new eastern rite Catholic Church, headed by Russian Patriarch Kirill. By this means, the breakage of relations between the Patriarchate of Moscow and the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Orthodox Christian world will become complete. Amen.

Now, we shall discuss the fate of Europe, into which Islam is pouring. The Catholic Church is to become minority throughout all of western Europe. And the Islamic Sharia law will become established, for I have rejected My people in Europe, for they do not follow Me as the Americans do. And that which is now called the European Union will become a Caliphate. And the Vatican of Rome will become an island state in a sea of Islam. No Catholic army or armed forces will ever take back control over Europe to make her Catholic, or even Christian ever again. Instead, The Vatican of Rome will become as Jerusalem is, a nation under siege, but one that no one on earth can ever destroy. Amen. Only the United Kingdom, Ireland, Iceland, and Greenland of western Europe will remain free of the power and rule of the Caliphate of Europe. Amen. And as for the nations of eastern Europe who do My will, these will not be disturbed or overrun. For the Muslim presence will be of western Europe, and not of the east.

Then what of the Great Monarch and of the holy pope who are to come to reign in the last days, O’ Lord? Charlemagne, Emperor of the Franks, crowned by Pope Leo III on December 25, 800, served Me as fulfillment of that prophecy in full. History never repeats, but rather, it rhymes. In you, lord Larimar, shall this prophecy come to rhyme. But your Kingdom will be Christendom moved one continent to the west. And the pope who shall be holy during your reign, which has already effectively begun as of Wednesday, June 24, 2020, your fiftieth birthday on the feast day of the nativity of John the Baptist, this pope to come shall be Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence, Italy. And he shall take as his papal name, Pope Benedict XVII, naming himself after the pope who made him Cardinal, becoming the 267th pope in the history of the Catholic Church. Amen.

Lord, will my descendants by my future wife come to be a great nation, consisting of many generations, or does your Second Coming come to pass at around the time of the beginning of the third millennium of Your Catholic Church in 2033? Your time and the time left to the inhabitants of this earth is short. But many will be the generations of saints that will issue from your loins through the wife I shall give you. For you must never count down the years to the end, and you must never think that though you see signs in the moon, the stars, and in the sky, that I must be coming in this generation in which you now live. But rather, always be on guard, for even if I don’t return now as seen in the clouds, it is the truth that for each person on the earth at the time of their death, not caused by suicide, I appear to them and take them to My Judgement seat. And when I appear to such a man while he is dying, that is when he must put his trust in My mercy, for the opportunity to repent will have gone and it will be impossible to effectively make an act of contrition. And thus, for souls who have separated themselves from Me by mortal sin, only My mercy and the trust in My mercy can save such a soul in those last moments of his life. Amen.

Lord, it is written that when the times of the Gentiles is over that salvation will return to the Jews. When My servant Lazurite is seen and heard prophesying in Israel, as you are sent to prophesy in America, that will be My sign that salvation has effectively been restored to My people the Jews. And all of them, all whose names are written in the Book, will come to Me and to My Catholic Church. And I will allow them all to enter in as either Catholics or Hebrew Catholics. Hence, they have the option to completely leave Judaism to enter My Religion, or they may retain the ancient customs and religious practices of Judaism in the form that I have accepted, as is practiced by My Hebrew Catholics, who are Jews who practice Catholicism in full. Amen.

The two of you, Larimar and Lazurite, serve Me as the Two Witnesses. And both of you will enter into heaven by being translated there in the flesh, after your dual martyrdoms. Exactly as it was written of you two in Revelation, so shall it be made to occur. And then My people will know that what I prophesy in My scriptures I make come to pass. For even though much of Revelation is symbolic and containing hidden meanings and truths, that you two are the Two Witnesses is true and will become realized through time. And as I said to you before, history never repeats, but rather, it rhymes. But when I Am to come again, let no man seek to count down days or years. For the days and years written in the prophecies of the scriptures are always symbolic in nature and never to be taken literally. For was it not said by prophecy from My mouth in scripture that the Son of Man would be in the belly of the earth for three days and three nights? (Matthew 12:40). And was I? Not literally, but in symbolism was the number of days and nights that I lay dead fulfilled. For I died on Friday at 3:00 PM, and was raised from the dead on Sunday, before dawn. A literal three days and three nights does not fit within that timespan. Hence, consider this and then come to realize that the numbers of days and years written in prophetic literature is never to be taken literally or to be applied exactly to the historical timeline. Amen.

Now, let us address the woman We have elected to serve as your wife. You are commanded to marry, but to have no sex except as she wishes it. For her conjugal rights may not be denied. And seven children will come to be in your marriage to her, consisting of five sons and two daughters. Amen. As to whether she is a Jew, a Jewish convert to Catholicism, this detail We shall now address. Esther is the name used to refer to this woman in this prophetic literature. And what was Esther in Biblical literature? For those of you who are unfamiliar, I suggest you read the Book of Esther in the Old Testament. It is present in all Holy Bibles. Amen. Esther was a Jewess. And she was married to a Gentile King. Some ask, how was this acceptable and blessed by God, for clearly this was a Jewess married to a man of an uncircumcised people. But the Jewish rabbis explain that a Jewess could remain in her obedience with God provided that she had relations with her uncircumcised husband as something forced upon her to which she passively allows and not as something she willingly does. But once she approached the king to save her people, she willingly gave herself to an uncircumcised man in order to serve the interests of God. And therefore she remained in God’s obedience, for this sacrifice of her body to uncircumcised love was an allowed permission when it came to be necessary for the salvation of God’s people. Hence, Esther was a Jewess who gave herself to an uncircumcised husband she was forced to marry in order to save the people of Israel. And for this reason she was blessed and her story was written in Biblical literature. Amen.

But Lord, Eric is a circumcised man, for his family and the people of his nation continue to practice this ancient custom inherited from Judaism. For it is medically found that the circumcised penis is healthier than the uncircumcised, and is less likely to receive and spread venereal disease. Thus, the custom started though Abraham continues to be practiced, even in Christian and secular American society, due to its medical benefits. Hence, the Jewess woman I am to marry will not be marrying an uncircumcised Gentile, but a Roman Catholic who happens to have been circumcised at the time he was a baby, in accordance to Biblical tradition that continues to be practiced in many Catholic cultures and peoples. Amen.

Correct, lord Larimar. And it was necessary for you to be a man of circumcised flesh to prophetically fulfill the prophecy in visual symbolism that I Am Coming back to marry My Bride. It is a matter of symbolic significance that I am bringing you to marry this Jewess. For you will be as AM I, and she will be as is Israel. And your marriage to her will be as My marriage to the House of Israel. But do not be concerned with the legal logistics of marrying a Jewess in the Catholic Church, for she too is Catholic. And her conversion to Catholicism was not without retaining her Jewish practices and customs. Therefore, she is called a baptized Catholic Jew, known as a Hebrew Catholic. Amen.

The Antichrist, when he comes, will also be of the Jewish faith. And he will reject Catholicism and obedience to My pope in Rome. Since neither of these describe you, let it be known that this man, Eric, cannot be called Antichrist. Amen. Rather, the Antichrist will rise in Europe. And he will rule Europe and conquer all of continental Europe west of Poland. Blind in his right eye, with one arm lame (Zechariah 11:17), this man seek to destroy all Holy Bibles and all writings that proclaim Christ crucified and risen. With the zeal of Saul who became Paul will he persecute My Church, but without ever converting to My faith. And he will rule nations. And he will govern over lands. And the size of the western half of the Roman Empire will his Kingdom come to encompass. But no part of the British Isles will he come to possess.

And what nations in the east will he occupy, O’ Lord? For the term, west of Poland, leaves much ambiguity as to where his borders will be drawn, both to the north and to the south. I will now tell you exactly, lord Larimar. The eastern borders of the empire of the Antichrist in Europe will include the following nations: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, and Greece. All the nations of Europe to the east of this border, which consists of these seven nations to come under his control, will be free from his power. I Who Am declare this to be so. And large parts of North Africa will he also possess, but his empire will not reach the Suez Canal during the reigns of Larimar and Lazurite, who are now reigning, for that strategic canal will remain under United States power and control while theses Two Blue Mystics serve as Prophets and prophesy in the name of the Lord. Amen. But I thought Egypt controlled the Suez Canal, O’ Lord? The Suez Canal will come under United States direct control once Antichrist threatens to invade Israel and take over the Holy Land. And doesn’t Antichrist eventually do just that, O’ Lord? Yes, but only over your dead body, lord Larimar, and also over the dead body of Lazurite. I Who Am have spoken. Oracle of the Lord!

Lord, why does Antichrist, if he is a Jew, wish to invade Israel and take over the Holy Land? It is because he is self proclaimed to be Messiah. And as Messiah he will see it as his duty and right to rule the whole world with his throne established in Jerusalem. Hence a greater enemy than any Muslim leader will be this Jewish leader to the nation of Israel. And in his practice of Judaism, he will proclaim himself equal to the God who spoke to Moses. And over the House of Israel will he set himself up as Yahweh, which will be the name he will require all Jews in Israel to call him and to refer to him by. And he will speak with the mouth of a dragon. And unholy curses will he utter against all the hosts of heaven and every heavenly saint. Amen.

But remember this, lord Larimar. You and Lazurite are not just Prophets, but Prophet Kings. Both of you are given the power to not only prophesy, but also to rule, and to rule well. Both of you will rule My people in your respective kingdoms with an iron rod. And it is because of the iron rod over which the two of you shall rule your respective peoples that the peoples of the whole world will rejoice and celebrate when Antichrist defeats you and kills you both. (Revelation 10:11). And then anarchy will ensue. For Antichrist is lawless. And he enforces no law except that one worship him and that one be filthy like himself. For once these two Prophet Kings are slain, the floodgates of hell will be loosed upon all the land, and all the inhabitants of the earth will be inundated with filth and the temptations to commit sin. And no safe place will be left upon the earth free from of this evil scourge except that secret sanctuary where I will send your wife and children to flee to, where they will be safe until Antichrist is destroyed. (Revelation 12:6 & 12:14). Amen.

And Lord, what about Lazurite’s wife? Does she give him children? And does she flee to the same secret sanctuary as will my wife? Yes, to both questions, lord Larimar. For Lazurite is a mirror reflection of you, but in the Jewish world. And he will have a Jewess wife too. Both of these women will be holy, but both of them will be distinct. And I will permit them to encounter one another and become friends, when both are widowed and hidden away in the secret sanctuary where they must remain hidden, far from the devil, until Antichrist is no more.

Lord, these events seem to be distinctly saying that You are coming very soon after these events take place. How then, O’ Lord, can you say many generations are yet to come for my descendants to live and have children upon the earth? You will see My Second Coming, lord Larimar, but not from the earth, but from heaven. But your children and your widow, along with Lazurite’s children and his widow, will in fact witness My Second Coming from where I will station them at the End of all Things. After the children of Larimar and Lazurite have come to be, no further generations will be produced from those two lineages before I come again. Amen.

And Lord, this question may sound like the heresy of Millenarianism, but will these two lineages of Larimar and Lazurite continue on after you have come again? Will the date of your Second Coming be followed by an age in which these two lineages can continue and for many more generations to come to be? Or does time itself end at Your Second Coming, and no events follow upon the earth by which new generations may come to be? Lord Larimar, it is true that there will be intermarriage between your offspring and those of Lazurite. And generations will indeed follow and come to be in the Age that is to come, the Age of My Sabbatical Rest. Amen.

For though Millenarianism is correctly defined as heretical, I have established that on the earth I will have an Age of Rest before everything upon the known planet is destroyed and all My people are brought into My Kingdom of Heaven. And in this Age of Rest, both you and Lazurite will rule over your respective Kingdoms in glorified immortalized flesh. I will not rule there, but you two shall. And others I will raise whom I have anointed to rule as I anoint you, those of My elect who gave their lives to Me as will you two have done at the close of the previous Age. These also will I station upon the earth in that Sabbatical Age, with the wounds of their martyrdoms clearly seen, as testimony of My sacrifice and what is required of the one who wishes to serve Me and to receive a share in My Kingdom. And forever will this Age to come upon this earth last. Amen. This earth itself will perish, but the Sabbatical Rest that is to come will never come to an end. Amen. Earth and heavens will pass away, but the Sabbatical Rest is forever and eternal. And in eternity, the eternal home will come to be realized, that place known as the new earth with the new heavens. (Revelation 21:1).

But, O’ Lord, what about the release of Satan from his prison at the End of the Thousand Years? (Revelation 20:7). Remember that all numbers in prophetic literature are symbolic. And come to understand that only when the Book of Life has been entirely filled, with all the named souls therein found and saved, will that event of Satan’s release at the earthly conclusion of My Sabbatical Rest take place. But trust Me, O’ Larimar King, the names written in the Book of Life are of a number that cannot be filled until many ages yet to come have come to pass upon this Earth. Indeed I will return soon to set up this Sabbatical Age. And then My servants, whom I elect to resurrect, will rule over it until all those whose names are written in My Book of Life have become Mine and entered into My salvation. This is the Sabbatical Rest. It never comes to an end. Amen. For though this earth is to end, the Sabbatical Rest I establish on it never ends. And when eternity comes to be realized, the new earth and the new heavens will come to be known. Amen.

For even that event of which you describe of the devil’s release will not happen until all things upon this world that are to serve Me and My Kingdom have been fulfilled. But once the predestined holy number of My elect in the Book of Life, written by the Father before time began, become sealed and fixed with all its members belonging eternally to Me, then all the doors to My Kingdom will be shut upon the earth, and all those outside, led by Satan, will lay siege to My City, until fire comes down from heaven and consumes them all. And the fire that consumes them will consume the earth, the heavens, and all that remains belonging to this world. For all of it must perish, for it was made from nothing and to nothingness must it return. But My people will remain with Me unscathed, and I will place them in My new earth, under My new heavens. And in that new place, they will enter into their heavenly Sabbath, where they will be clothed in heavenly flesh, glorified and immortalized. And they will come to realize that it is as I said. My Sabbatical Rest, when it starts, never comes to an end, though the earth beneath it and the heavens above shall be completely changed anew. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, you have a question as to the other Five? For Seven is the number of the golden Lampstands, all protected by Seven Seraphim in My right hand. (Revelation 1:12 & 1:16 & 1:20). There are indeed Five other Prophet Kings sent to speak and rule over their respective Kingdoms, in addition to the the Two called the Two Blue Mystics. Unlike the Two, these Five are to retain their virginity forever. And to them are given the Five virgin Queens who are to rule with them forever and ever. Both you and Lazurite are to marry and produce lineages that become vast tribes, nations, peoples, and kingdoms upon the earth. But of these Five, their Kingdoms shall be of heavenly natures, and they and their celibate consorts will rule them forever and ever. Amen. Now, let is list the Seven Kingdoms, along with the names I order you to give them in this prophetic literature, lord Larimar.

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by King Eric. And his Kingdom consists of the following lands:

  1. Alaska
  2. Canada
  3. the Contiguous United States of America

And the Word written by him shall be in English.

(2) Kingdom of China, ruled by King Bombyx. And his Kingdom shall be composed of the following lands:

  1. China
  2. Taiwan
  3. Hong Kong

He will write in Traditional Chinese.

(3) Kingdom of Korea, ruled by King Jade. And his Kingdom shall consist of the following lands:

  1. North Korea
  2. South Korea

He will write in Korean.

(4) Kingdom of Japan, ruled by King Nacre. And his Kingdom shall consist of the following lands:

  1. Japan
  2. the Northern Mariana Islands
  3. the four southernmost Kuril Islands

He shall write in Japanese.

(5) Kingdom of Spanish America, ruled by King Jadeite. And his Kingdom shall be made up of the following lands:

  1. Mexico
  2. Central America
  3. Cuba
  4. the Dominican Republic
  5. Puerto Rico
  6. Columbia
  7. Venezuela
  8. Ecuador
  9. the Galapagos Islands
  10. Peru
  11. Chile
  12. Bolivia
  13. Paraguay
  14. Argentina
  15. Uruguay
  16. the Falkland Islands

And the language he will write in shall be Spanish.

(6) Kingdom of Brazil, ruled by King Cacau. And his Kingdom shall contain the following lands:

  1. Brazil

And the language in which he shall write and speak is Portuguese.

(7) Kingdom of Israel and the Levant, ruled by Lazurite. And his Kingdom includes the following lands:

  1. Israel
  2. Jordan
  3. Lebanon
  4. the Sinai Peninsula
  5. the lands to the north and east as far at the Euphrates
  6. the lands of western Arabia as far south as the border with Yemen
  7. the Island of Cyprus

And the language he shall write and speak in is Hebrew.

That is great, O’ Lord! Mighty are these Kingdoms upon the earth. And what about the other lands, and about the other Kings and Queens who are yet to come to rule, O’ Lord? These shall be revealed in a post to come. Suffice it to know this and be content. The Kingdoms defined here among the Seven are eternal. And the Seven Prophet Kings set to rule them are eternal rulers over their Kingdoms. Even the Two who are set to lose their virginity shall be granted eternal rulership over their Kingdoms with the Five who retain their virginity, for these Two are to perform the conjugal act under strict obedience to Me and by My eternal decrees. For only in observance to the conjugal rights of their wives, as they assert them, will the Two Blue Mystics enter the marital embrace. For the marriages that Larimar and Lazurite are to enter into with their wives are to be open to lawful carnal knowledge. And these two women, both Jewesses, will have full conjugal rights over their husbands. And many will be the children that each of them will bear for their husband. And of the Seven Consorts, only these two who marry the Two Blue Mystics will be Jews.

And what are the fates of these Seven wives of these Seven Kings, O’ Lord? Five of them are to remain virgins like their husbands, but two of them shall lose their virginity with their husbands and bear them many children for the Age that is to come. As these two who are to bear children are both Jewesses, the only Jews among the Seven Queens, their offspring will also be regarded as Jewish, in accordance to Jewish law contained in the Traditional Halakhah. Are the fates of the five virgin wives of higher glory than that of the two who are permitted to engage in sex with their husbands, as it is written in the words of the Council of Trent, O’ Lord? Lord Larimar, indeed the virgin, celibate path is higher than that of the marital embrace. And yet, if a man burns, that is Me indicating to that man that he is called to marry. For not all men and women are called to the higher path. Remember that I have a Book of Life to fill. And how can I fill it if none of My people procreate. But that you and your wife obey Me and keep My Word, and if both of you keep your marital bed clean, as high, if not higher, will you be ranked in heaven in comparison to the other Five. And the same promise of future glory is also made to your wife, as far as she is to be ranked in comparison to the other five queens. And this promise also applies to Lazurite and his wife, should they also obey Me in full and also keep their marriage bed clean. For remember this fact closely: No one loses anything in eternity by obeying Me, and it is by obedience to Me that the Two are to have carnal relations with Jewess wives and produce Jewish offspring. And it is predestined that the Seven women who are to serve as the wives of the Seven Prophet Kings will be seated on their own seven thrones in the glory of the Kingdom to come. And all Seven of these glorified women will be granted to partake in the eternal rulership with the ones they were married to in this world, both those who entered Josephite marriages and those who entered the marital embrace with their husbands, in the respective eternal Kingdoms set up and defined for each of the Seven Prophet Kings. But will these Seven glorified women still be considered as married to the Seven Prophet Kings in that Sabbatical Age to come and in the eternity to follow, you should ask? Only to those still in their mortal flesh is it granted them the right to marry and to be of married status. But as for those who have been glorified, their holiness becomes like that of the angels, and these cannot be in any form of marriage other than as figurative Brides to the Lamb. Hence, these Seven eternal Queens will reign forever on their eternal thrones. But their relationships to the Prophet Kings that they married in life will not consist of marriage when they enter their Sabbatical glory of the Age to come. The simple and pure bonds found in the unions of friendship will be what the relationships consist of that shall forever bind the Seven Queens to their Seven Kings for all eternity unto eternity to come. For only friendship, and nothing carnal, can bind anyone to any other in the Age that is to come. And all the spiritual dominions of the Seven are eternal Kingdoms in heaven. But of the progeny of the Two, these shall multiply on the earth, and these two lineages shall flourish upon the earth until the Book of Life is completed and all the elect are saved. Amen.

Lord, do the wives of Larimar and Lazurite reign with them in the Sabbatical Age to come, similarly resurrected in imperishable flesh as shall be the Two Kings? Yes, for they, like their husbands, are scheduled to be translated into glorified flesh. But their translations occur at the moment Jesus is seen Coming in the clouds, whereas their husbands are translated shortly after the end of the outpouring of the Spirit of Prophecy, an event that takes place at the onset of the Reign of Antichrist. Amen. But as for the children of these two couples, they enter into the Sabbatical Age as mortal inhabitants of the earth. And to them is given the right to marry and to multiply upon the face of the earth in all its Sabbatical glory, as the Dawn comes to the Age of God’s Rest. And as for the Five couples who retained their virginity for the Kingdom of God, all ten of these souls will translate to heaven just before Dawn comes after the darkness of Antichrist has passed away. Amen. And thus the Ten shall sit on their Ten thrones, glorified with crowns of virginity, and set up to rule their Kingdoms forever and ever. Amen.

Now, lord Larimar, I propose for you to ask Me a question. Ask for Me to explain anything, and I shall do it for you. I Am waiting for your question. Lord, is the Kingdom of Heaven to come an area in the spiritual domain separated from this world by the gradient of the spiritual dimension? For I understand that the five dimensions are as such: length, width, height, time, and the spiritual gradient. Good, lord Larimar, for you have asked a question of which you cannot come up with an answer on your own. Hence, when you receive My answer and My explanation, you will realize that I Am God. Amen. Now I shall explain.

The dimensions of length, width, and height do not exist, but are concepts that attempt to explain the universe as it is currently observed. Time is an unraveling of a continuum that had a beginning and that will have no end. Rather, time forks at the so called End of Time. It does not end then, but changes in nature into a new nature as it becomes an element of eternity. And as for the spiritual gradient, the realms of the spiritual dominion are the only places where true existence of created beings occurs. Therefore, understand that the vastness of the Cosmos, as observed by scientists with telescopes, is a microcosm of the true nature of the reality of the existing Creation made by God at the beginning of time. Amen. For in the true reality, what scientists understand as stars, planets, and the gatherings of stars they call galaxies, are in reality representatives in the known universe of the spiritual dominions among the angels I created from nothing. They symbolize My Creation of angel kind. Each angel I created is represented among the lights in the skies visible to the scientists of the earth. And it is estimated in science that many times more stars exist in the known universe than there are grains of sand upon the earth.

And thus, this vast array of lights in the heavens are created symbols of the denizens of My spiritual Kingdom. And every angel is represented by lights in the sky. But then, what are the black holes? And what are the dark objects that roam the heavens, providing no light? As darkness was separated from the light, the dark objects that bend light by their massive gravity wells are in fact representatives of the angels I condemned in their places of hell. Hence, theological astrology combined with science, rather than the science of astronomy alone, divorced from God, is far closer in coming to a correct understanding of the true nature of the observable universe, along with My intended meaning by it that I willed to be understood by My people when they study the heavens to find meaning to their lives. Science is good, but if God is abandoned in the quest for knowledge, none of the findings have any meaning. God must always be included in any quest to understand the known universe. And those who know not God know nothing.

Now, I shall speak of the spiritual gradient you, lord Larimar, referred to as the fifth dimension, in your understanding of Creation. Remember that there are two forms of Spirit. There is created spirit, and there is Uncreated Spirit. Uncreated Spirit is the substance of God. No one can understand or comprehend Uncreated Spirit. For it is beyond the ability of the created to comprehend its Creator. As for the created spirit, this exists in seven layers. Seven layers of created spirit exist in the eternal reality of Creation encompassing all spiritual states. Such is why it is written that the Holy Spirit consists of a Sevenfold Divine Spiritual Being (Revelation 4:5), and why Jesus Himself is spiritually endowed with Seven Eyes (Revelation 5:6). For the divine reality of the Holy Spirit’s sevenfold nature is directly reflected in how the Creation of the spirit world unfolded when God the Father said, “Let there be light”.

And the spiritual gradient, therefore, consists of these seven layers or spiritual realms. In the highest of these Seven realms dwell the highest, most sublime created spiritual beings. The Virgin Mary is one of these. Her spiritual Kingdom exists in this realm. And every spiritual creature of heaven, both here and in the lower realms of heaven serve her. For she is the highest and most exalted creature of all Creation. She is made Queen Mother. And her rank can never be equaled, neither by a male saint nor by another female saint. Hence, this highest realm in heaven is known as the Queen’s Gardens. And most blessed and holy are those admitted, in eternity, to dwell in this highest level of spirituality for all eternity. Amen. With her, in this highest realm of the spiritual gradient, exist all the highest choirs of angelic beings of heaven, the Seraphim, the Cherubim, and the Thrones. There they dwell and reign forever, in direct adoration of God. Amen. Hence the name given to this highest level of the spiritual gradient is called the Dominion of Mary the Virgin Holy Queen.

The second highest level of heaven is that realm where go all thinkers and developers of theology. It is the place of thought and of peace. All the choirs of the Second level of angelic beings dwell here. These include the Dominations, the Virtues, and the Powers. In this region dwell many of the great doctors of the Church, who developed much theology. And also dwell here those who contemplated and comprehended the teachings, putting to practice what Jesus taught as He intended it. This level is the goal of all who wish to be saved. For in this level, the full share of the Beatific Vision is granted, and also to all those who dwell in the gradient above. Eric will dwell here, along with the rest of the Seven, for all Seven will be trained by the Holy Spirit to come to understand the unfathomable depths of theological thought. And the works written through them will consist of very high, deep, and profound theological thought. Amen. Hence, the name given to this level is the Dominion of the Sea of Peace.

The third highest level of heaven is the lowest level of eternity. In this level dwell all the third level of angelic choirs: The Principalities, the Archangels, and the Angels. It consists of the spirits of romantic love and of the spiritual bonds in the love between friends. All those who truly love God and neighbor enter into this realm. It is a realm of pure love. It is in this level where all enter when they enter the City of God, the New Jerusalem. And the lowest level of the New Jerusalem entirely exists within this level and no lower. It is the area of the purest light and of the living waters. Hence, the name given to this level is the Dominion of Love.

The fourth highest level of the spiritual gradient is the level of dreams and the level known as the Astral dominion. This is the level immediately beneath heaven in the spiritual gradient. It is a place of wonder and of refreshment. Men and women come to this level in their dreams. And it is in this level that people on earth see visions and images of God and His angels. When Jesus returns at the End of the Age, he will be seen by all Mankind through their spiritual eyes, whether the people seeing him are blind or can see, and the visions they see will consist of beings manifested in this level of the spiritual gradient. And whenever any man or woman encounters God or his angels in this world, it is always a manifestation of God or an angel within this level of spirit. Such is why it is said that angels and God must descend from heaven in order to appear to men on the earth. For this level is below heaven, and men on earth cannot see any level above it until they pass beyond that veil that is called death. Amen. Hence the name given to this level is the Dominion of Dreams and Visions.

The fifth highest level of the spiritual gradient is the level of the awakened human mind. All minds who are awake in this world operate at this level. It is a practical level and a level of having the ability to make full usage of one’s brain and of its awareness and mental consciousness and of the reception of sensory inputs from the senses of the body, and to make use logic and rational thought to solve problems and to arrive to new truths. This is the level of spirit found in Man as he studies books, seeking to learn new things, and in going about the world seeking to acquire knowledge and wisdom while fully awake and aware. It is the level men exist in while awake and while alive. Hence the name given to this level is the Dominion of the Awakened Earthly Mind.

The sixth highest level of the spiritual gradient is the realm of the dead undamned. It is the holding place where all souls go at death who do not merit My Kingdom and yet, who I have not elected to destroy. No one here goes to hell, but neither are they ever admitted to heaven. The place called the Limbo of the Infants exists here. It can be likened as a place above hell, but whose inhabitants never get sucked down into those fiery depths, but rather who dwell over it, like darkened bodies eternally orbiting a Black Hole, but not so close as to be drawn into their gravity wells. Whoever failed to be baptized and failed to seek Me in life, but who did not do a deed that would be worthy of damnation, exist forever in this pit. Amen. They are forever unworthy of My Kingdom, but have not incurred the wrath of their heavenly Father by an actual rejection of the Kingdom offered to Mankind by God. At the throwing in of all souls not written in the Book of Life into the Lake of Fire at the End of the World (Revelation 20:15), these souls are those who, at being thrown in, orbit that fire, and never descend. They enter into an eternal orbit over the fiery lake, where they will remain for all eternity. Amen. Like the Rings of Saturn do these souls orbit hell, never descending and never leaving that orbit. Hence, the name given to this level is the Dominion of the Outer Rings of Hell.

The seventh highest, and thus, the lowest, level of the spiritual gradient is the dark realm of Hell. Here dwell all the damned angelic spirits, and all those people condemned to hell by God. It is a place of packed confusion, intense suffering, and howls of pain. Everyone there is under eternal never ending torture and torment throughout their entire beings. No one receives mercy here, but only justice. No one sees God here, but only Satan and his demons. And Satan and his demons are put in charge of the torturing of all the human souls in hell. And they torture them exactly as they are sentenced by God to be tortured for all eternity. This is the level of the lowest spiritual state. It is impossible for a spirit of eternal consciousness, those beings known as the angels and the humans, to descend lower than this level within the spiritual gradient. This level is known as the level of spiritual death. Spiritual death occurs here in spiritual beings who cannot die, and hence they are called undead. Hence, this is the realm of the undead, the damned, and the eternally condemned. Hence, the name given to this level is the Dominion of Everlasting Hell. Amen.

Hence, now We shall list in summary the names of all Seven Levels that form the created sevenfold spiritual gradient, in which dwell all the eternal spiritual creatures of Creation, that is, all those spirits created by God that were endowed with an eternal consciousness. And these created spiritual beings who dwell in this gradient consist of that set that includes all of humankind and all of the angelic kinds of all existence in both time and in eternity. But this set does not include those creatures endowed with temporal consciousnesses, those whose spirits perish with their flesh when they die, such as the spirits of the animals and the plants. Such irrational beings dwell in a lower gradient that has no eternal spiritual nature, but that will perish with the earth when it is destroyed. Thus, the list of the names of the Sevenfold Spiritual Gradient, in which dwell all eternal spiritual created beings, is as thus:

  1. the Dominion of Mary the Virgin Holy Queen
  2. the Dominion of the Sea of Peace
  3. the Dominion of Love
  4. the Dominion of Dreams and Visions
  5. the Dominion of the Awakened Earthly Mind
  6. the Dominion of the Outer Rings of Hell
  7. the Dominion of Everlasting Hell

Now, one last thought I will give you, lord Larimar, in this post before I conclude it. And it is this. My Catholic Church is unbreakable and indestructible. And all who fall upon that Rock are going to get smashed. (Matthew 21:44 & Luke 20:18). And all who that Rock falls upon shall be crushed. Let the reader be forewarned. I protect My Church with the jealousy of a king who protects his bride. Whoever tries to defile My bride I will seize him and bind him and have him tortured before Me in My presence and in the presence of My holy angels. (Revelation 14:9-10). For I Am Jesus, the Holy One of Israel. And all are required to obey Me in all that I command. For I Am the good shepherd, and obedience to Me leads to everlasting Life. Amen.

Now, Eric, I hereby conclude this post. Your position in My Kingdom is that of one of the Seven Prophet Kings and one of the Two Blue Mystics. And when you are taken away, a mysterious Order will be created by the widow of Larimar, one to be called the Order of the Witch King child. The following poem encapsulates this mystery.

The Poem of the Salvation of the Witch King Child

The Witch King child did an act of love
That Mary saw from high above;

And it was then she chose to take
The Witch King child and all rules break.

And with a story she did outpour
Such love that God Himself thus swore

To make a child whose heart is pure
To join the Witch King child now dear.

And so in battle Mary went
To take from Satan his seat and tent,

For whoever possessed the Witch King child
Would rule all Kingdoms far and wide.

And Satan fought to keep his throne,
But Mary fought with love alone.

The Witch King child, and adult man,
Was now where Satan took his last stand;

And war was waged within his mind,
With battles fierce, but love is kind.

The man who was the Witch King child
Did turn from sin and Satan died.

And Mary took this man and made
Perfection where before sin stayed.

It was in him where Satan lost
And Mary won beyond all cost.

And now with Mary’s throne within,
The Witch King made her Kingdom win;

And by her final act of war,
The Witch King to her allegiance swore;

And by that final decisive deed,
The war was won, the world was freed.

Written under the inspiration of God,
By the Eric Robert Dunstan,
The Witch King child.

And this concludes this post. I, O’ lord Larimar, will choose the picture you are to put at its head. And then you are commanded to reread the entire post from beginning to end, correcting all typos and errors. And then you are to publish it. I, Jesus, have spoken. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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  1. Most of what you state is supprisingly precise and that makes me wonder the reason why I had not looked at this in this light previously. This article truly did switch the light on for me as far as this specific issue goes. But at this time there is just one factor I am not necessarily too comfy with so while I make an effort to reconcile that with the actual central theme of the point, let me see exactly what the rest of your readers have to say.Well done.


  2. The kabbala of chariot mysticism stands on the distinction that, unlike a wagon, a chariot rolls upon two wheels – daat & t’shuva.  Daat separates and distinguishes external events from internal feelings and reactions. T’shuva struggles to define how a person dedicates his or her life before HaShem in the coming year, based upon contrition upon previous errors committed in this last year.  The wheels within wheels within the Shemone Esri have gone full circle with the annual reading of the Torah beginning anew with בראשית ונח.  The dedication of middot blocks directly learns from the annual weekly reading of the Torah.  Both the Torah and tefilla begin with the k’vanna of the general Big Picture concepts of faith, prior to delving into the specifics of the Cohen family of Avraham.“The Existence of God.”   What evidence do atheists accept as valid? The Koran, the New Testament, the Hebrew T’NaCH, or perhaps the faiths as taught from India, Japan, and China?

    The Koran declares “Only one God lives”. This bold declaration, blatantly negates the Sinai 2nd commandment: “Do not worship other Gods”. By logical inference: if only one God lives, which the Muslims name as Allah, why does the Sinai revelation command not to worship other Gods? Shall we attempt to declare that Par’o of ancient Egypt worshiped only Allah? Therefore based upon the false declaration of Monotheism made by “the prophet”, who declared himself a prophet on the order of T’NaCH prophets, the Koran strict monotheism stands totally debunked.

    The title: New Testament makes reference to the foundation of Torah faith known as “the brit”. The first word of the Torah בראשית this word contains within its 6 letters ברית אש\brit fire. The translation of brit into English, based upon the stories of the Avot: alliance. The opening Book of the Torah directly and repeatedly addresses the subject of cutting political alliances. The skill required to cut a political alliance with others, applies equally to us as it did to them.

    The problem with the ”New Testament”, that collection of books never once brings the Name revealed in the 1st Commandment at Sinai. The Name – exists as the living Spirit, and not just another word. Despite the declaration otherwise, as found in the opening pages of the book of John’s gospel. Moshe the prophet forbade pronunciation of the Name, according to the grammar of its four letters. The opening account of Creation, the Name blew his Spirit unto clay, transforming this clay into the living man – named Adam – and Israel at Sinai heard the sound of the Shofar.   Pronouncing the Name, as revealed at the Sinai revelation, perverts and defiles the Spirit of the Name.  It demotes the Name a common word. The kabbalah of writing a Safer Torah stands upon this fundamental distinction.

    Never in all the pages of the New Testament do any of these Greek books bring the Name as revealed at Sinai. Translation of words from language to language, compares words with other words. But you can not translate a Spirit by making it into a word.  It requires great skill to define the nature of a color using word metaphors.  HaShem does not compare to anything in the earth, heavens or Seas. Words simply do not breath life. Quote Shakespeare to dead person and the corpse remains dead. To cut a Torah brit alliance requires swearing a Torah oath using the Name. This kabbalah learns directly from Moshe the prophet. Therefore both the New Testament & the Koran, stand totally debunked. Both counterfeit faiths failed to discern that brit means alliance.

    A proof that brit does not translate into covenant: Where do the Gods ‘Father’ & Allah live? The counterfeit religions teach that their Gods live in the Heavens. The brit alliance, this faith by contrast teaches that HaShem lives within the hearts of the Cohen nation. The mitzva of tefilla, based upon the authority of the halacha, exists as a duty of the heart. The halacha requires that a Yechudi face toward Jerusalem, in order to teach the mussar that a Man must turn unto his heart. Torah faith teaches that HaShem lives within the hearts of his Cohen people. The brit faith established by Avram at the brit between the pieces, our father made an oath alliance which sets the pre-condition that HaShem lives within the hearts of the Cohen seed of Avram. This brit faith defines the idea of the ‘Chosen People’.

    Torah commands the opposite of Muslim Monotheism, it validates the existence of many Gods. Clearly the Hindus and Chinese peoples never swore a Torah brit alliance. Atheists in Russia, or Europe, or America, shall they make unilateral declarations which negate the Gods which these billions of people worship? Hubris arrogance, every atheist I ever met from Russia, Europe, or America does not speak the language of Hindu, Japan, or China, much less Vietnam or Korea etc etc etc. The Books these millions upon millions of people, upon which they base their beliefs in their Gods, these above mentioned hubris arrogant atheists from Russia, Europe, and America, their negative worship, it only validates their self centered Ego beliefs; which seeks to invalidate the traditions of peoples whom they do not know.  Atheism for this reason stands totally debunked by simple humility and logic.

    What      בראשית ב:ז – ויפח באפיו נשמת חיים ויהי האדם לנפש חיה … ועץ החיים בתוך הגן ועץ הדעת טוב ורע      faith does this teach touching the chosen Cohen nation? It seems to me, by the sh’itta taught to me from my Rav, that rabbi Akiva derived his kabbala of פרדס from

    ב: י – ונהר יצא מעדן להשקות את הגן ומשם יפרד והיה לארבעה ראשים.  [The concept of פרדס, the logic system format known as p’shat, drosh, remez, and sod].

    The פרדס kabbala taught by rabbi Akiva and all his students, addresses the meaning of the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system revealed unto Moshe at Mt Horev, 40 days after the sin of the Golden Calf; specifically: Moshe has died, who will teach us the rest of the Torah revelation at Sinai? Moshe derived through logical inference the 611 commandments which he commanded, as his primary source commentary to the opening two Sinai commandments, which the Cohen nation accepted upon the soul lives of all generations of our children, as our faith worship unto HaShem who brought the Cohen nation out of Egypt.  This פרדס foundation defines and gives purpose to all scholarship within the pages of the Talmud.

    The Big Picture concept of faith as taught by the Parsha of בראשית which defines the k’vanna of the opening daat blessing of the first ברכה within the 13 middle blessings of the Shemone Esri, [wheels within wheels], this concept of faith, weighs the commitment of the generations to walk in tohor before HaShem. The subject of tohor applies strictly and only unto the Cohen nation. Neither Goyim or Yidden who assimilate and kiss the calves of foreign non Jewish cultures and customs, this huge branch of Humanity has no concept or idea what tohor means. Keeping the commandments as the ‘sign’ of the brit, most essentially requires that the Cohen people commit before HaShem only to do avodat HaShem while breathing tohor spirits – as acts of holiness.

    Doing mitzvot לשמה understands that the din of כרת comes and cuts Israel off from Israel when ever the Cohen people behave with hubris arrogance and attempt to do avodat HaShem while breathing tuma spirits. On par with a woman, attempting tohorat ha’biet, who goes to the mikveh while holding a dead rat in her hand; comes out of the mikveh and declares to her husband that she has made herself tohor. As this example invalidates the mitzva of tohorat ha’biet, so too tuma spirits invalidates observance of all the תרי”ג mitzvot.

    ג: יד – ויאמר ה’ אלהים אל הנחש כי עשית זאת ארור אתה מכל הבהמה ומכל חית השדה וכו’.

    The נחש teaches a central Torah משל. The נמשל which interprets that משל, the tuma Yatzir Ha’Ra lives within the hearts of all bnai brit  – unto all eternity – together and likewise with the tohor Yatzir Ha’Tov spirits within our hearts. HaShem judges the struggle of the 2 Yatzirot within our hearts in each and every generation. The story of king David and Bathsheba, teaches as similar mussar משל.  Learning Torah requires that students ask: What mussar does the Torah\NaCH command each and every generation?
    דכתיב ג:יט – כי עפר אתה ואל עפר תשוב.

    Xtian theology preaches on a physical resurrection from the dead.  The daat of “soul”, by Torah faith, by contrast refers to the generations of the bnai brit offspring, as the Olam Ha’Bah of the Cohen nation. How many children did Avram have when he cut the brit between the pieces?  None.

    The story of Cain teaches the mussar of the tuma inheritance which the first murderer caused his children to inherit. The identical tuma which women who abort their children, they cause their seed to inherit; the most basic and fundamental of Torah curses, denounces an earth filled with violence and injustice. A simple proof: all women who abort their babies, such women never kept the mitzva of tohorat ha’biet. T’shuva, no regret or remorse can ever atone for the crime of abortion.  In like din, the same applies to gross European guilt during the 20th Century.

    בראשית ה:כט – ויקרא את שמו נח לאמר זה ינחמנו ממעשנו ומעצבון ידינו מן האדמה אשר אררה ה’.

    The 2nd wheel of the mystic Divine Chariot – t’shuva. The dedication within our hearts to keep the commandments לשמה, meaning through the dedication of tohor middot unto HaShem, do the generations of the Cohen nation validate t’shuva from g’lut? The Cohen nation commits to restrict avodat HaShem to tohor middot, which we breathe from within our hearts. Tefilla – strictly a matter of the heart. A man who does not discern between the tohor/tuma spirits within his heart, such a man cannot do t’shuva לשמה – meaning in the Name of tohor middot dedicated unto HaShem.

    Tonight Yidden light the first of the Hanukkah lights. The Gemara of Shabbat teaches the famous dispute between Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel concerning lighting the lights of Hanukkah. This famous dispute always puzzled me, what difference does it make whether one begins with lighting 8 candles the first night or only one? What does lighting the lights of Hanukkah have to do with the life and death struggle against Greek cultural domination of the tiny Jewish State?

    The B’hag, whose Torah shined during the waning domination of the Gaonim schools.  Reshonim scholarship followed the lights of the Gaonim schools. The B’hag holds that the rabbinic mitzvot of both Purim and Hanukkah, that their “light” shines as part of the 613 Commandments which Israel received from HaShem and Moshe Rabbenu.

    The Rambam denounced the “light” by which the B’hag directed the generations of Israel. The B’hag links Hanukkah, as does the Talmud to the mitzva of Shabbat. He held that lighting the lights of Shabbat – this mitzva – too a Torah commandment; its light shines on par with the Torah mitzvot of Purim and Hanukkah. To comprehend the leadership direction, or “light”, as revealed by the Torah of the B’hag, Yidden must discern the common denominator between the Houses of Hillel and Shammai in their debates over lighting the lights of Shabbot. Their Talmudic debate within the Mesechta of Shabbot, teaches the halachic k’vanna of the mitzva of lighting the lights of Hannukah throughout the generations.

    Assimilation … the 1st face of avoda zara based upon the לאו דווקא commandment: do not follow the ways of Egypt and Canaan. G’lut Jewry traditionally faces extreme disasters when Yidden assimilate unto the culture and worship the Gods of those countries. The God of the US, the dollar. Pre Shoah Europe witness rates of assimilation similar to that which plagues g’lut Yidden today. Opening Gemara of גטין Yechudim in g’lut do not know how to do mitzvot לשמה. Proof: the Reshonim confused this opening line of the Gemara with that of the name of the woman. Problem with that understanding … the same problem did not occur in the writing of a woman’s כתובה. The mitzva of the Hannuka lights and its relationship to the war of Independence against the Syrian Greeks, Yechudim made a commitment to only interpret the Written Torah by relying upon the logic of the Oral Torah. Logic stands upon the יסוד of Order. Herein interprets the famous dispute between Hillel and Shammai: both in harmony and agreement teach the need for Order.The Rambam did not understand the kabbalah of Rabbi Akiva: his chariot פרדס sh’itta of Torah Sh’Baal Peh. The Rambam never wrote a commentary upon the Aggaditah of the Sha’s. No one learns the commentary on the Aggaditah made by the son of the Rambam. The sh’itta of פרדס pairs ד with פ, and ר together with ס. The first mentioned pair, required to learn Aggadita – 1/4th of the Sha’s. The 2nd pair links up with the Halacha. The Aggadita/Halacha Order found throughout the entire Sha’s compares to the Warp and Woof of weaving. The Rambam divorced Halacha from its wife Aggadita and his code failed to even give Aggadita her גט! The halacha of the Rambam compares to a mirror image of the halacha ruled by the Rif and the Rosh. But real life – 3 dimensional whereas a picture or mirror of real life only 2 dimensional. The post 2nd Temple Talmud stands upon the יסוד of the pre-& 1st Temple T’NaCH kabbalah! Aggaditah, all Midrashim – developed by the Geonim scholars who preceded the Reshonim – explain the Aggaditah/Mishna Order by learning these or similar stories to the Midrash/TNaCH Order. The Yalkut Shemone, a very early Reshon might have composed, but it  toofollows faithfully the traditional Order established by Geonim classic Midrashim.Alas, the ignorance of the Rambam of Aggadita has passed into the Yeshivot today. Many magid shior teachers of Talmud skip over Aggadita to focus upon the halachah. A fundamental error in learning. This silly sh’itta of learning Sha’s perverts what defines Halachah. Yeshiva students grow to assume that they keep the Halachah b/c its written in the Shulchan Aruch! Pathetic. Small wonder Reform Judaism revolted against Traditional Judaism. The purpose of Aggaditah, it follows the sh’itta of Mishnaic common law. The latter stands upon precedent. This explains every Gemara written upon every Mishna.The precedent which Aggadita searches to understand … the mussar within the pages of the T’NaCH. An Aggaditah employs a p’suk, something like a car requires a key inserted into the ignition to start the car. A p’suk operates in the identical manner. That p’suk quoted by an Aggadic source exists within a larger T’NaCH sugia. Just as the Talmud has sugiot so too does the T’NaCH.  All these sugiot which supply the basic Order of the T’NaCH; as opposed to the Order of chapters and verses imposed by the ignorant Xtians. Logic stands upon the יסוד of Order. רמז words within words, like as found in בראשית, ברית אש, ראש בית, ב’ ראשית. The concept of סוד expands like as in the ever repeated יסוד foundation.A person learns T’NaCH not to determine the p’shat, that’s טפש. A person makes a drosh upon the T’NaCH to learn the prophetic mussar applicable to each and all generations! Once the student of the Aggaditah links the quoted p’suk to its larger sugia, then the learning requires for that student to search for the mussar within that sugia of T’NaCH! The mussar of that T’NaCH sugia then transforms unto the P’shat of the Aggadic story within the Sha’s. The רמז סוד sh’itta permanently attaches to the Halachic components of the Talmudic warp/woof relationship. A person keeps the Halacha based upon the mussar learned by way of the Aggadic drosh back to the T’NaCH prophets.Rashi’s commentary to the Chumash teaches this concept of p’shat. Not so his commentary to the Talmud, which relies upon a completely different and separate sh’itta of P’shat!! Rashi did this, the 1st Crusades came toward the end of Rashi’s life, he sought in his Talmudic commentary to assist young students to correctly read a page of Gemara. Common Law stands upon precedents not reading a page of a law book. The pilpul sh’itta — totally false. The Baali Tosafot understood this and their Talmudic commentaries focused upon learning Talmudic law by means of bringing a precedent … like every page of Gemara on the specific Mishna which it learns.

    The Greek empire conquered the Persian empire, which uprooted the Babylonian empire, who destroyed Jerusalem and expelled the Yechudim from the lands ruled by the king of Yechuda of the House of David. Greek hostility to the Torah centered, not upon the Written Torah, but rather the Oral Torah. This latter Torah logic format/“light”, expresses itself through a unique t’shuva, by which Yechudim, following the error of the golden calf, dedicate their souls, meaning their children, how the generation will interpret the language of the Written Torah.  The t’shuva made by post golden calf Israel, we rely strictly upon the Oral Torah logic format alone to interpret the k’vanna of the Written Torah. This logic format/Oral Torah/“light”, it alone guides how the Cohen nation, throughout the generations, understands the k’vanna of the Written Torah Constitution of the Jewish Republic.

    The Greek schools of philosophy taught completely different logic formats. The logic of Plato and Aristotle philosophers overshadow the ancient Greek contribution of knowledge to humanity unto the present day. Yidden, humiliated from our disgrace of the avoda zarah of the Golden Calf, the t’shuva made by our forefathers, we swear the same Torah oath, in all generations. The Yechudim people sanctify as our eternal dedication unto the Sinai Torah revelation — to interpret the Written Torah by the “lights” of Oral Torah middot logic, which Moshe the prophet orally heard at Horev, 40 days after the golden calf on Yom Kippor.

    The lights of Shabbot, the dedication to strive to achieve shalom among family and friends. The lights of reading the Megillah on Purim, the dedication of tohor, as opposed by tuma middot – unto HaShem. The Book of Ester, the only Book of the T’NaCH which lacks the Name of HaShem. The Name המן and המלך their numerical equality teaches a רמז Gematria of tohor as opposed to tuma middot. The k’vanna of “kingship” (To make a Torah blessing requires both Name and Kingship), as a king stands at the head of a nation, so too the sanctification of tohor, as opposed to tuma, middot unto HaShem – middot blocks of logic, expresses the faith touching the revelation of the Torah, throughout each and every generation. The mussar of the Book of Ester teaches middot, the contrast the middot expressed which contrasts the behavior of Mordecai and Haman and their social interactions with others..

    In similar fashion the Gemara of Shabbot, teaches the k’vanna of lighting the lights of Hannukah, expressed through the contrast of opinions taught through conflicting opinions of Bet Shammai and Bet Hillel. What defines the Oral Torah? Logic middot blocks serve as the יסוד/foundation of Oral Torah ordered thought and analysis. The Order of the middot block logic system contrasts with the ancient Greek mathematical logic formats, developed by Plato and Aristotle.

    An example of the Oral Torah middot blocks logic system:  You can not achieve justice, when Western leaders refer to civilian ‘colored’ casualties as “collateral damage”.  The great powers  ‘police actions’ have shaped the internal affairs of foreign societies – not just limited to the post WW2 Cold War, that pits the West against the East. A fundamental issue of the Western interventions and imperialism in the Middle East and North Africa, Western society dominates, even and has even conquers Arab and Muslim societies.

    But the stark contrast: Arabs and Muslims faith, to a large degree, remain strong in the Koran; whereas Western societies to an ever growing percentage embrace the scientific mathematical secular model as their central supporting column of faith. Western civilization has abandoned Xtian theology, perhaps due to the corrupt reputation the church’s evil and perverse actions of oppression, violent murder throughout the Ages. Today, Western societies view the Church on par with ancient Greek and Roman polytheism and the worship of mythical Gods. The question stands: How did the unfaithful conquer and defeat the faithful? A fundamental question that has no easy answers for the folks, which the West refers simply as “collateral damage”.

    What causes the disaster of internal revolution and Civil War, to rank as the worst natural disaster to any people or civilization throughout history? When the “ethical containment force” that makes a peoples’ culture and customs, separate and unique, from all other peoples and societies, when this “social fabric” rips apart and becomes a tattered rag blowing in the winds of war, generally – the first American Civil War excluded – with the collapse and anarchy of the Central Government. The consequences of social and political chaos, foreign governments intervene in the internal operations and government of such a collapsed society torn apart by internal revolution and Civil War.

    Lincoln, his illegal decision to initiate and invade the Confederate States, takes the first American Civil War out of the picture of virtually all other internal revolutions and Civil Wars. Because Civil War, by general definition, effectively means the collapse of Central Government order and stability. Even still, without the leadership of Henry Seward as Lincoln’s Secretary of State, Britain’s Prime Minister Palmerston at the time, would most probably have recognized the Confederate, ‘States Rights’ revolt against Lincoln’s extreme anti-Jeffersonian ideas of democracy.  Judge the wrestle which both enemies & allies build strength, dignity, and respect. In all Judicial matters of Capital Crimes Cases/din’a nefshot – Torah law requires no less than 2 witnesses. One witness in any Capital Crimes case – acceptance or reliance upon a single witness – tuma. Tuma, commonly expressed as l’shon ha’rah or mo’zteh shem rah.

    The Torah middot logic blocks, as expressed through every page of the Talmud, stuggles to understand a “Case”, by making similar but different “Case” studies from different subjects.  The Case/Rule format style of the Mishna establishes this legal code upon a judicial format of Common Law.  Jewish common law justice, attempts to resolve conflicts through analysist of similar precedential prior Court Case rulings.  For example:  How does Israel differ from other nations who experience a terrorist attack?

    “DUHOK, Iraqi Kurdistan region,— A convoy of KDP Peshmerga
    militants came under attack by PKK militants when trying to enter
    PKK areas in the Chamalke district in Duhok province in Iraqi
    Kurdistan following a roadside bomb that exploded next to the
    KDP forces. The attack resulted in one death and three injuries,
    KDP-affiliated Kurdistan24 TV. Head of Culture and Media Culture
    Department at the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG ) Peshmerga
    Affairs Ministry Babkir Faqe Ahmed told the KDP official media outlet
    that the PKK fighters fired from far distance and it was not a direct attack
    on Peshmerga forces”.

    A different “Case”: the ‘blood libels’ & pogroms came after the 1st crusade war crimes. Church mobs slaughtered German Jewry across, perhaps most, the kingdoms or fiefdoms; the soul of the German people, the Romans viewed them as – barbarians. What contrasts/opposes, perhaps mirrors or opposites, criminal violence?  The Talmud aswers this question by proscribing lateral 3 Justices common law Courts . Prosecution and Defense, 2 of the 3 court judges.  These Court Judges comprise the opposing Court system of all Talmudic legal understanding, in both Torts and Capital Crimes Courts.   Two Yatzirot “wrestle” within the hearts of the bnai brit Cohen nation – light unto the nations — includes all Yechudim residing in g’lut.  Yaacov wrestled with the angel of Esau.  The Torah defines ‘angel’ in that case, as the agent who has power of attorney for Esau.  Meaning prior to meeting his brother, Yaacov struggled within his heart.  Torah logic interprets the k’vanna of the written word.

    Justice judges l’shon ha’rah/motze sham-rah contrasted by tohor middot. In order to determine who has an obligation to compensate for damages. Who leads the hearts of men? Upon these scales — all Nations – throughout all generations – stand in judgment.  The above case compares an act of terrorism.

    Another hypothetical possible example: this Talmudic Cohen Court system judges the domains of a North African Trade Route. Israel calls to all Sahara nations, help build a deep river/canal that connects the Mediterranean Sea unto the Salt Sea. This action would not only bless both Israel and Jordan; the canal which connects the Mediterranean to the salt sea, ocean acidification permits easy electrolysis which converts water into hydrogen and oxygen gases. Israel and Egypt, both countries could cut a salt canal from the Mediterranean Sea, and form an inland salt sea.

    Bring rain water to the Sahara desert, and make North Africa bloom. While building such a deep canal, remember Mark Twain’s tales of the Mississippi. Israel dedicates to train the refugee Balestinians, in agriculture farm work. Revert the electrolysis gases back to water in the atmosphere, make it rain upon the Sahara.  Build a topsoil upon those desert lands, plant trees upon all and every hilltop. Cause a rainforest to dominate the Sahara.

    Such a work requires the dedication of multiple generations – no less than three. No less than 3 generations qualifies as a strong connection alliance. Shalom requires Trust. Trust among nations never begins till a ‘good eye’ prevails.  An act of honor, Israel shall never unilaterally expel the Arab stateless refugees from any lands of our Republic, like as did the Europeans; they oppressed Jewish stateless refugees for over 2000 years, and no European court has ever condemned the Church fathers. Justice means providing a tohor medium which facilitates airing disputes over damages, and both opposing parties accepting the Judicial rulings, g’lut Jewry never received such an option by any European court of law.

    Justice has a definition of – determining restitution for damages. Something similar to ‘insurance’. All mine or partially mine? Jerusalem – just for example. Israel rejects the Nazi consequence which resulted in the post war division of Berlin. How many Germans fought and died in Hitler’s War? Arabs, by comparison, rejected both the UN, prestate of Israel, mandate alternatives – Republic or 2 nations. Arabs lost two major wars to throw the Jews into the Sea, both 1948 and 1967 which they started.

    Honor: Arafat declared that the forefathers of Arab refugees in Israel, as the Philistines. Balestinian rhetoric declares that these non Arabs Philistines, that they fathered the Balestinian people? Shaking my head, since when did Europeans sire Arabs? The post war mandate given to Britain by the League of Nations, an international assembly established after WW1. The League named this mandate, based upon the 1917 Balfour Declaration ‘Palestine’. A European name.

    During the British mandate, the only folk who called themselves Palestinians, the Jews. Arabs ‘settlers’ likewise moved to the mandate territories searching for work. Had they referred to themselves as Palestinians, this would imply that Arabs validated the Balfour Agreement, which all Arab leaders fervently rejected. Important to repeat, the League of Nations established the Balfour Agreement as the foundation by which it awarded the ‘Palestine” mandate unto Britain.

    Britain, after receiving the League awarded mandate, almost immediately there after the British government took steps to negate the Balfour treaty.   Churchill imposed the Churchill White Paper, June 3rd 1922. Shaking my head. Two points, straight line. Judge. 23rd of May 1939, Neville Chamberlain and his response to the 1936–1939 Arab revolt in Palestine – 2nd White Paper which totally negated the Balfour agreement mandate.  The Balfour Declaration came as a result of Weizman’s success at making acetone from the starch, found in cereal grains. This solvent the British Army and Royal Navy desperately required to fire their artillery shells.

    Having won the war, Britain now abandoned their Balfour Declaration ally. A sacrificial gift dedicated to the Nazi Gods of War. In like and similar fashion, Xtian nations of Europe over and again broke faith with the sermon on the mount ideal. By comparison, if a mother has the right to kill a 9 month pre-born baby, then that same mother has the same right to kill that 9 month post-birth baby. Better for a new born mother to see and reject her child, than to vacuum abort  her child, which she shall never behold. Responsibility requires accountability.  Because accountability builds a reputation. Post Shoah seals the evil reputation, the bad name of Europe. Chamberlain imposed a two state solution upon Czechoslovakia in 1938. Two points equals a straight line. Third witness: Pope Pius XII surrendered the Jews of Rome to the Nazis. Western secularism has rejected the God of the New Testament throughout the bloody history of Church European ‘darkness’.

    Since the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, Beijing has vehemently opposed separatist movements abroad.  Its opposition to secessionist activities within China: Beijing officially considers separatism as one of the “three evil forces” besides terrorism and extremism. This reflects China’s uncompromising devotion to maintaining its territorial integrity at all costs, primarily concerning Taiwan, Tibet, Xinjiang, and Inner Mongolia. China avers that self-determination should not necessarily involve national independence and that stateless nations should not necessarily form or be given states.

    Contrast the cases of Chinese domestic rhetoric against its imperialist foreign policy toward the Middle East. China upholds the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, mutual non-interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit, and peaceful co-existence! Yet concerning Middle East hot-spots, the Chinese system promotes “peace and the reasonable settlement of disputes through dialogue and negotiation”, emphasizing the role of the UN Security Council. China promotes the intervention of foreign powers to determine the borders of foreign countries.  Chinese revisionist map making supports an independent state of Balestine with full sovereignty, based on the pre-1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital. This obvious double standard, likewise expresses EU Middle East hypocrisy as well.

    Nietzsche teaches that God is dead. Which God? The Xtian God. Mythology has an enduring popularity. But mythical persons, by definition, have never lived. Allah? The prophet of that God, thought Jesus physically lived as a T’NaCH prophet. The Koran repeatedly uses & reuses that word, prophet.  Alas like all other religious rhetoric, the Koran failed, even once, to define the critical term upon which its entire faith hinges – prophet.   The New Testament in similar fashion failed to understand the Torah definition for the key term brit. The faith of the Hebrew T’NaCH likewise hinges upon this key term.  The New Testament, in a similar comparison likewise never defined rhetoric word: love – upon which the New Testament faith stands.   Both of these alien theologies about God, neither this nor that ever once brings, or acknowledges, the Name revealed to Israel at Sinai: the 1st Commandment. Proof: that both theologies profane the 2nd Sinai commandment. What do either of these foreign theologies give as their defense?

    Bill Kerr Sr. used to tell me that a Man did not know any subject which he debated, if he could not argue persuasively, on both sides of the dispute. Both alien theologies excluded the Name, the first Sinai commandment. Neither gives as their reason, their fear of the kabbala of Moshe the prophet, which forbids the pronunciation of the Name according to its letters. These rival belief systems about God, they do not teach that their scriptures bring pronouns of the unpronounceable Name, which the Torah calls middot. If the Name revealed at Sinai exists as a noun, then the middot which Moshe the prophet orally heard at Horev, they function as pronouns to that Name.  Why the command not to pronounce this Name?

    The defense of both religious rhetoric systems, both fail to validate the revelation of the Name as the Spirit of Life.  Both, this writer submits therefore introduce new Gods, based upon the belief that the 1st commandment Name, that this Sinai Name exists, as but only another word; and can therefore be translated as either ‘Father’ or Allah.

    Alas this ‘religious rhetoric’, expressed by the ‘daughter religions’ has no foundation. Both mythologies do not know, much less even consider, the basic reason why Moshe the prophet forbade all persons to pronounce the Name? According to the Gospel of John: the Word and the Name are one, the Word was God. Therefore the defense of the Gospels employment of the metapphor: ‘the Father’, employment of this pronoun takes a hard blow, because HaShem breaths the Spirit of his Name into the flesh, causing all generations of Man to live.

    But ‘the Father’ has the counter: Do not middot, such as ‘King’ serve as pronoun metaphors of the Name? This defense of the Gospels story of Jesus, makes Jesus simply a משל/parable metaphor?  Jesus after all taught by means of parables.  This parable of Jesus instructs on the subject of leadership … or light. This defense transforms the Gospel narrative unto prophetic mussar.

    But this defense, it collapses because both ‘daughter religions’ teach as fundamental faith, that Jesus physically lived on this earth. The comparison to middot does not hold because middot most essentially functions – expressed through logic – Church dogma, by contrast stands upon Dogma and Belief.  The unique logic system known as Oral Torah. The Name – the Spirit of life, lives not as a word. The Name breaths Spirit unto all generations of Adama clay.   ‘HaShem’ breathes the Spirit of His Name, causing all life to live. Therefore the Name exemplifies the Spirit of life. Try to pronounce the Spirit of Life, and cause inanimate clay to live.

    The Name lives as Spirit, and not a simple word printed upon a page. This basic distinction separates a Safer Torah, the Name written by the Sofer לשמה, from a printed Torah book which writes the Name, as if it exists comparable to just another word. In similar fashion the k’vanna requirement to daa’ven/pray.  This mitzva of tefilla, most essentially requires that a man distinguishes the Name Spirit from all other words. The substitute word employed by the pronunciation by the tongue for the Name, Adonoi.  But tefilla requires k’vanna.  What distinguishes the tefilla from Psalms?  What difference separates praying a blessing from praying a praise?  Praying a blessing requires the k’vanna of swearing a Torah oath.  Praying a Psalm praise does not require the k’vanna of not swearing a Torah oath.  A Torah brit requires swearing a Torah oath.  A Torah oath requires swearing in the Name of HaShem.  Brit as defined as ‘alliance’, stands apart from covenant as defined as personable belief.

    The mitzva of blowing the shofar – serves as a second witness.  Mitzvot learn from other mitzvot. The dedication of spirit within our hearts, learns from the Akada ram’s horn. Life not death. The question that Yitzak asked Avraham … this same question Ishmael likewise asked the servant of Avraham, circumcised 2nd after Avraham? The blowing of the shofar signaled that the Name provided a ram in the place of Avramham’s son – Yitzak. The mitzva of blowing the shofar on Rosh HaShanna announces the din of life rather than death. This mitzva teaches how to pronounce the Spirit of the Name of life – Tekiah, Teruah, Shevarim. Tefilla requires the dedication of blowing the spirit within the heart dedicated unto God, just like Avraham dedicated the life of Yitzak unto El Shaddai.  The study of kabbala requires an active knowledge of the Divine Names, as well as the ‘middot logic blocks’ pronouns.

    Pardon implies a successful defense. Does this mean that these two counterfeit religions, both based upon mythology, that the worship of either Xtian or Islamic God does not violate the 2nd Sinai commandment: not worship other Gods?  The ‘prophet’ Mohammad permits eating camel flesh. The Torah directly forbids consumption of both camel flesh, together with any of its by-products, such as milk. In the order of succession tuma foods, camel precedes hog.

    The Torah establishes the foundation of the Cohen people upon tohora. Muslims do not eat pork, but do eat camel, or camel by-products, like milk. Muslim theology teaches a strict monotheism. Neither Xtianity nor Islam teach the faith of the Cohen nation, the basis of the Chosen People faith. The faith of the Cohen nation stands upon the foundation of tohor middot. The strict monotheism of Islam violates the Sinai 2nd commandment. If only one God, then no reason to command: do not worship other Gods.  Neither of the ‘daughter religions’, grasped the seminal importance of how middot defines the meaning of tohor.

    בראשית\\ברית אש this רמז, words within words, helps to define the k’vanna of the 1st word of the Torah. The first word of the Torah contrasts with the revelation of the Spirit Name at Sinai. Words, so to speak, set the destiny course of the Cohen nation: ראש בית/Head of House, ב’ ראשית/Two Beginnings. The Sinai Spirit revelation, by contrast, inspires the conscious Will to act. The genesis of two opposing Yatzirot ב’ ראשית, within the Cohen people’s heart – Brit – an alliance requires no less than two partners.

    The ‘daughter religions’ never once refers to the spirituality of the oath alliance. Both religions of avoda zara confuse the meaning of brit. Brit does not translate as – covenant. An oath requires swearing in the Name. How does a person swear in the Name? Since the Name does not live as a word. Mitzvot defines mitzvot, comparable to metal sharpens metal.

    A mitzva originates back to the prophets, it teaches mussar. Mussar requires the 13 tohor middot blocks which Moshe the prophet heard from the Spirit//Name, at Horev: on Yom Kippor – 40 days after the avoda zarah of the Golden Calf. The counterfeit religions do not teach mussar, but rather theology. Both tuma faiths deny the Oral Torah revelation of middot, blocks of logic. Our Sages teach that Israel approached Aaron at the crisis of the golden calf. But what happened to the other judges of the Great Sanhedrin? The people asked Aaron, because he alone remained alive of the Great Sanhedrin judges!

    Both Aggadita and Midrash teach that the people thought Moshe the prophet had died. Up to this point, the Sinai revelation … Israel had only accepted only the first 2 Commandments. Therefore the people said to Aaron, Moshe has passed from the world, who shall teach us the rest of the Torah?  All of the other 611 Torah commandments, Moshe the prophet logically derive from the first two Sinai commandments.  Based on how he employed these tohor middot logic blocks, Moshe the prophet derived the rest of the Torah. All Torah commandments teach mussar, because mussar applies equally to all generations. This oral Torah logic system, Moshe the prophet, heard at Mt. Horev – forty days after the Golden Calf avoda zarah. From this Oral Torah logic system of middot blocks, Moshe the prophet, derived the other 611 commandments.

    Neither this nor that religious rhetoric belief system(s) can discern the distinction between Torah commandments from prophetic mitzvot. How much more so the distinction between prophetic mitzvot and rabbinic mitzvot//halachot. Do either this and that religious rhetoric theology belief formats – deserve pardon for their transgression of Avodah Zarah?   Based upon the 2nd Sinai commandment, multiple Gods live. Yet Nietzsche declares God is dead. Which God died?   Post Shoah, judging the behavior of believers from both tenets of faith, both Jesus son of Zeus and Allah have died.

    The Lies Conflating the Holocaust and The Promised Land – by FirstOneThrough.


    Many people believe that the world endorsed the notion of a Jewish State because of the terrible tragedy which befell the Jews. While some countries may have indeed voted at the United Nations in favor of recognizing Israel because of the Holocaust, its reestablishment was sponsored by the global community years before World War II.


    2/3rds of the UN member states voted in favor of Jewish self determination. Arab rejection of the Partition Plans demonstrated that Arab States did not care a less about the Shoah war crimes against humanity. Arab countries national interests did not concern the establishment of a Balestinian state.  Rather, Arab interests simply opposed  the existence of the Jewish state within the League of Nations Palestine Mandate borders.


    First by the British in the 1917 Balfour Declaration, then by the League of Nations in the 1920 San Remo Agreement and the 1922 Mandate of Palestine, the leading countries of the world supported Jews reestablishing their homeland. In the late 1930’s the British specifically called for creating a distinct Jewish State in Palestine. All of these actions were taken before the genocide of European Jewry.


    These examples fail to address the imperialism interests by which Britain systematically negated the Balfour Declaration; specifically the Churchill White Paper followed by the Chamberlain White Paper, both of which uprooted and totally negated the League of Nations mandate awarded to post war Britain.  The attempt to justify modern history based upon Biblical “prophecy”, merits no response whatsoever because neither ‘daughter religion’, either rhetoric has ever defined from the Torah the key term ‘prophet’.


    Yet people confuse the nature of the Jewish State and how it came to be reestablished in 1948. The global community did not create Israel as a safe haven for Jews after the Holocaust; it voted to reestablish the Jewish homeland years before the Holocaust. Further, Zionists do not aspire for a Greater Israel from “the Nile to the Euphrates” the way anti-Semites at the United Nations claim; they want to live, pray and have autonomy in their small patch of the world promised to them by God.


    The ‘global community’ did not fight the Israeli Independence War.  Europe, the US, and the USSR maintained neutrality during that war.   Jewish leaders who directed Jewish defenses against Arab invasions of the newly declared Jewish State, lived their lives as secular non religious Jews. The 1948 Independence War shares nothing in common with the Xtian Crusades.


    The relevance of the Holocaust to Israel today is about underscoring the absolute imperative of Israel’s security, which means ensuring that the country’s neighbors cannot threaten it.


    Nonsense. The Shoah emphatically proves the utter depravity and barbarism of the defiled European soul. Europe has abandoned the Xtian faith, their God died long ago. Hitler and his evil minions based their criminal barbarism upon ever repeated Church slanders, ghetto imprisonment war crimes against humanity, torture, and murder of Jews. No European Court, to this day, has ever condemned Church immorality throughout the Ages spanning over 2000 years of cruelty and oppression.

    Justice – a concept which lies outside of European consciousness – actively entails fair compensation for damages. Only post WW2 defeated Germany, did the Allied victors agree to punish Germany and force it to pay some form of compensations for the Nazi war crimes which resulted in the violent torture and murder of 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years.

    A bit more history of corrupt vile European barbarity and proof that their God has died long ago: based upon a poem written by T. S. Eliot -‘ Murder in the Cathedral.

    Where is Becket, the traitor to the King?
    Where is Becket, the meddling priest?
    Come down Daniel to the lions’ den,
    Come down Daniel for the mark of the beast.

    Are you washed in the blood of the Lamb?
    Are you marked with the mark of the beast?

    Come down Daniel to the lions’ den,
    Come down Daniel and join in the feast.

    Where is Becket the Cheapside brat?
    Where is Becket the faithless priest?
    Come down Daniel to the lions’ den,
    Come down Daniel and join in the feast.

    In 1532 Henry VIII broke with Rome and proclaimed himself the head of the Anglican church. Henry VIII, during the Protestant Reformation, desecrated Becket’s shrine, destroyed his bones, and ordered that all mention of his name cease. The Protestant Reformation began in 1517.  The Catholic Church started its Counter-Reformation in 1545. These conflicts culminated in the Thirty Years’ War (1618–1648), which devastated Germany and killed one-third of its population, a mortality rate twice that of World War I.

    In 1517, Martin Luther nailed his Ninety-five Theses upon the church doors. It took only two months for the ideas expressed in his revolt to spread throughout Europe.  The newly developed printing press overwhelmed the abilities of Holy Roman Emperor Charles V and the papacy to conceal and revoke Luther’s rejection of the Church in Rome. In 1524–1525 peasants rose in revolt across southern and western Germany.  Luther condemned the peasants and that revolt ended with the slaughter of those peasants by both Lutheran and Catholic armies.

    Calvinism emerged in Geneva in the 1540s, preserved from its Catholic neighbors chiefly by Bern’s military strength. (Zurich, Bern and Glarus did not have treaties among themselves and were linked to each other only through the original cantons). Genevan Calvinism fused with the reformation of Zurich and northern Switzerland, which had been led by Zwingli and Heinrich Bullinger, to produce what became known as Reformed (with a capital R) Protestantism.  Calvinism qualifies in some ways as a confession faith made for war. This “movie” rated R faiths, viewed the Catholic religion, specifically the Papacy, as the antichrist.

    The extraordinary extent, duration, bitterness, and bloodiness of the wars that raged across France, the Low Countries, the British Isles, and Germany in the 90 years after 1560, all stems from strikingly evil competing theologies of faith.  In 1572 with a targeted group of assassinations, Catholic mob violence, comparable to pogroms, directed against the Huguenots (French Calvinist Protestants). A leopard doesn’t change its spots, and an apple never falls far from its tree. The genetic inherited nature of European cruelty and barbarism merits nothing but utter contempt.

    Paris August 1572, some 3,000 Huguenots slaughtered, and probably another 7,000 more slain in a dozen massacres that followed in provincial cities across France.  Periodically from 1612 to 1629. English, German, Scottish, Dutch, and Swiss troops aided the Huguenots; Spanish, Italian, German, and Swiss troops aided the Catholics.

    By the seventeenth century the R rated Church effectively ruled as the state church of the Netherlands; the Reformed agenda drove national policy. This meant that foreign Reformed communities aided their fellow Calvinists. Sebastian I of Portugal, his 1578 “crusade” against Muslims in Morocco ruined Portugal. Emperor Ferdinand II, the Holy Roman emperor of Bohemia, and of Hungary, his policies brought about the Thirty Years’ War—“Europe’s tragedy.”

    A war so destructive of both human life and property that it probably qualifies as the greatest disaster to affect Europe between the Black Death and the First World War.  Confessional divisions eventually helped to spawn the British civil wars that began in 1640 and lasted from 1641 to 1651, wreaking destruction across the whole of the British Isles. This era of religious debauchery culminated in the Cromwell ‘Round Heads’ Civil War. In 1653 Cromwell dismissed the Rump Parliament by force. This conflict started a completely different round of State imposed oppression and rule. And serves as validation of Nietzsche’s philosophy that the Xtian God is dead.

    Deicide, as expressed through the Gospels, does it command mussar? The Church chose theology over mussar. None the less, an interpretation of the Deicide Gospel story, it teaches a restatement\elaboration of the Cain and Abel first murder. Those who pursue violence and murder they kill God just as depicted in the slaughter and cross Gospel story.

    Those who honor the sermon on the mount, they witness the resurrection from the dead of Jesus their God. Da’at and t’shuva, upon these two wheels drives Divine Chariot mysticism. Blessing and Curse. The curse – Deicide guilt upon all generations of baptized believers – this Torah curse clings to all who pursue cruel violence, oppression and criminal murder. Those generations, one and all, guilty of Deicide, on par with and similar too, the plot to murder the Jesus messiah rebel who lead a revolt against Oral Torah based halacha, as told in the Gospel accounts.  As the Reformation witnessed a rebellion against the mother faith, so too the religion repressed through the New Testament depicts a similar event during the closing days of the 2nd Jewish Commonwealth under Roman tyranny.


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