Eric is destined to marry and have five sons.

Eric is commanded to marry and have no sex, except as his wife shall wish it.

Behold, I say a mystery. I have anointed Eric to serve Me forever. And through him I will restore Catholicism in all the land. Holiness will return to My people. And I will restore all that was lost. So, do Black lives matter? What about unborn lives? Surely the one who says one matters but not the other is a liar and a deceiver. For to Me all lives matter. And to focus on the lives of one race, while aborting the lives of a people yet to be born, the one who does that will not be blessed with a long life in the land.

For what good is it to tear down the statues of men of previous generations if your own personal worth is not worthy to be even ranked half as so high? Are you greater than Abraham and the prophets? If not, who are you to make pronouncements as to what men of yesteryear should be recognized as great and who should be defamed? What citation or act of court stands between you and the rest of your life doing time in prison? Should you not rather be seeking to better the world than to cast people who stood for something down because not all that they stood for agrees with what you believe? Are you a man? And is the one who you condemn a man? What judge judging your case would side with you over him? And if he judges against you, then where do you cast yourself? For why do you make yourself a judge if you yourself hate to be judged? But you will be judged, for you have cast judgement and executed punishment outside of a court of law and without authority granted to you from above. Therefore you have judged yourself and the accusation you have made comes back against you, upon the same standard by which you used to decry another human being. Go then, and realize there is no crime committed under the sun that is done without punishment swiftly following. Both your crimes and the crimes of the police. Everyone who commits a crime receives his proper restitution. And the one who carries the sign saying, “Black lives matter,” gets punished for not saying the same thing about the unborn. Amen.

Now, does the man who has sex with prostitutes go to heaven? Can he argue with the heavenly judge there that he was only doing an acceptable and understood crime, because he was Black and poor and didn’t have all the opportunities that White successful men have who get jobs and careers, who marry and raise families? I tell you truthfully, he will be shown that sin is not overlooked in heaven because of the color of one’s skin. For no Black gets to heaven because he suffered at the hands of the White man, but only because he did something good for God and his fellow man. For heaven is not for those who have been oppressed, but those who have borne their cross faithfully and who have produced fruit by which their works can be seen to have been good. Those who rebel and who hate, what good are they to Me? I toss them into the fire, together with their “Black lives matter” signs. Let their Black lives matter to them there.

For if Black lives really matter, why are they still killing one another over some slight or some beef? Do Black lives matter? Not by observing what Black people do would you come to such a conclusion. If the Black man has sex with the Black woman who is not his wife, and then they both go and get that baby conceived aborted, did that Black life aborted matter? By their joint actions, they said no. If so, then why do we see all of these same Black people now protesting and chanting that Black lives matter? Why are they protesting that a White police officer kills a Black man in the line of duty, but do nothing when their millions of unwed mothers do the same to their millions of unborn Black babies? Somehow, the protestors argue that this Black life mattered because his life was ended by a White, but this other Black life, not even yet born to commit the least sin, doesn’t matter because that is Black people’s business? Has Black logic run into the ground?

And now we see Joe Biden, killer of millions of Black babies, say abortion is a right that must be respected. You just wonder how many babies the woman he chooses to be his vice president will have personally killed within her own womb in her life as a liberal abortion supporting Democrat? That woman who will stand with him on the ticket, how many innocent lives will have been brutally terminated in her womb during her long sexual history as a killer of the unborn? Look at that belly she has and wonder, how many souls were executed in that torture chamber? Ask her how many? She can’t tell you. For not only did she kill them, but all the descendants they would have had had they been allowed to be born to breathe the fresh air.

And so Joe Biden, mass murderer of the unborn, will stand with an actual woman who herself has personally terminated her own unborn. And you see the couple. The male killer and the female killer. That will be Joe Biden and his running mate. Two killers, willing to terminate babies, just because they don’t want to take the personal responsibility of taking care of the fruits of their sex acts.

And Joe Biden is a Catholic killer. He knows Church law is against abortion. And so he, like Pontus Pilate washing his hands in water as he executes Jesus on the cross, says, “I stand by the Catholic Church in my own personal life, but we need to get these babies killed, and without the institution of abortion on demand, there is just no way to kill them all.” And so, as a factory churns out cars on the assembly line, the Biden approved abortion clinics churn out dead baby corpses, murdered from their mothers’ wombs, like butchers slaughtering cattle to serve the industry of beef.

Biden, aborter of Black babies. Is this who you want to see as your President? And you are Black and you are voting for him? Why don’t you just go and take a gun and shoot your own wife? For wouldn’t that solve all your problems of unwanted pregnancies much more effectively? Why kill the babies in the womb and not the source? And then you wonder why White police officers kill Black thugs who commit crimes in the street, and then you go protesting them whenever you hear of another one.

If Black lives in the womb don’t matter one bit to you, then neither does your sorry Black life matter when a White officer pulls you over and shoots you dead. For if you are killing unborn lives, then expect to be killed. And don’t cry to the news people that this Black person shot was a good person. Why wasn’t that Black baby in the womb considered a good person? Why isn’t he good?

Joe Biden! Vote for that sorry Black baby killing bastard and you will have voted for another several million Black babies to be lost over the next four years. And the Democratic Party serves Black people? Biden said, “If you don’t vote for me, you just ain’t Black.” Imagine that! You ain’t Black if you are not 100% pro Black abortion with Biden, according to Biden. You have to kill your own Black babies to measure up to being called Black by Biden’s standard of Blackness. And if you are not Black baby killing with Joe Biden, then Biden will simply not consider you a member of the Black community. Blacks kill Black babies, period. And if you won’t stand with Biden in killing your Black unborn, then Biden says, go off and call yourself a member of some other race.

Or don’t vote for that sorry son of a White whore. The definition of being Black is not that you vote for the Democratic Party. You can be Black and also bear your Black baby to term instead of killing it in the womb, as Biden would have you do. It is not required that you abort babies to be called a Black woman. Not all Black people need to be murderers of the unborn. You can do good deeds and still be Black. Biden wouldn’t tell you that, but it is true. Black people can be good people.

In fact, Black people should be carrying around signs that say, “Black people can be good people,” instead of “Black lives matter.” It would make a much greater impact on society if they did. If more Black people tried to be good instead of proving that their life mattered, the whole world would benefit from that effort. Now, I want to add one more thing and then we will move on. Black society is not a matter of growing up to go to jail. If you are Black, you can still make something of your life. You don’t have to spend time in prison just because you are Black. There is more to Black life than killing and then being killed. Black society has got to learn that White people are not killing Black people. They are doing it to themselves. And they just got to stop. Wake up and realize you still got your life ahead of you. Go and do something that will be remembered more than you burning down a police station. Go do something that will matter.

Now I shall speak. Eric, I will give to you vast authorities and power. Your Kingdom will stretch from the Atlantic to the Pacific. Vast lands will it cover. And you will rule it with an iron hand. Like pottery shall you shatter My people. And with whips shall you teach them discipline. Those assigned to work will work or be beaten. And those set up in high places will be expected to perform their duties with honor and dignity. No one will lie, cheat, or steal and not be severely cast down. Eric will rule his people with an iron hand. And all will work and bear their cross, as Jesus has laid it upon their backs. And those who don’t, five lashes they will receive, and then be sent back to their labor. For Eric’s Kingdom is a Kingdom of strict law, order, and discipline.

And no Judge gets to interpret law without some guide that prevents them from overturning natural moral laws, or of breaking laws that matter to God. No judge gets to say that discrimination according to sex includes the sexually immoral. Sinful conditions are not protected in Eric’s Kingdom, nor in Eric’s courts. If you deviate from the natural moral law, you cannot call your deviations a right. You cannot call hatred of your sins a hate crime. For hating what is criminal conduct is never a sin.

Therefore, all those judges and Supreme Court Justices who say the rights of those who are clearly wrong are to be protected are going to be revoked. And new judges and Justices will effectively be replacing them. Oracle of the Lord! For Eric is the new order in the land. And he will rule My people and he will restore Catholicism and all Catholic values, moral precepts, and requirements for holiness in its politicians. Eric won’t stand for someone to call themselves Catholic and kill Black babies in the womb. You will either stand with God on all his moral issues, or you will go and stand with the criminals headed for prison. Amen. Three Supreme Court Justices currently on the bench meet Eric’s standard for excellence: Clarence Thomas, Samuel A. Alito, and Brett M. Kavanaugh. Then there are two Supreme Court Justices known as the pseudo-conservatives, due to their failure to vote with God when it mattered: John G. Roberts and Neil M. Gorsuch. The rest of them don’t get named, because they are unworthy of the bench and were never qualified to graduate from law school. And that one with cancer is definitely going to get her cancer back and die. As for Supreme Court Justice Brett M. Kavanaugh, he is the star of the court, and to think he was almost blocked from entering the Supreme Court due to damning lies with uncorroborated evidence used against him to slander his good, stellar name! And who was the ringleader of the circus of clowns attempting to put this good man’s name down without a shred of credible evidence? Nancy Pelosi, perpetual false Catholic and baby killer, was the one behind that effort to tear down this good man’s name and throw mud on it. Rather, let’s throw mud now on Nancy Pelosi! Let’s look into her closet of skeletons and dig up some good mud to plaster on that White whore. Let that be an exercise to be taken up by the viewers of this post.

Lord, are all nude images of women on the internet harmful to the minds of young teenage boys? Eric, modern human society is being transformed into a new computing age. And in this age, the hardwiring of neurons in the brain are being transformed to deal with much different daily content than was received by the previous generations. It is the computing age. Get used to it. There will always be such images on the internet because the internet is a public forum open to anyone not charged with a sexual offense. While some women will indeed not allow their flesh to be seen by men, lest they cause temptation in and the destruction of such a man’s soul, always there shall be women willing to expose their nudity. Hence, the hardwiring of the young male’s brain will be different now going forward. Schools will indeed command the male students not to look at porn, but a determined male student will find a way to do so in secret. And it is inevitable that a male student will eventually view such material, if only to satisfy his curiosity and no more.

Though nudity does in fact change the way a man thinks when he sees it, it is not the mere viewing of such material that constitutes the sins and transgressions associated with such an act. Rather, the boy who can master his feelings and emotions will not be put to sin if he somehow stumbles on such nudity or temptation as he browses the internet. The true sins and transgressions associated with the viewing of nudity and porn are the acts of that man or boy that follow it. Should the man become absorbed in such pictures by sexual fantasies in his mind, let him play it out in his imagination and see for himself the folly of such pursuits. But should such a man or boy then place his hands on his genitalia to work up a male reaction in his body, he then brings indignity to the human body, which is made in the image of God. It is neither permissible for a man to work to ejaculation his penis by his own efforts, nor is it permissible for a man to delegate this task to another individual outside of marriage. As for married couples, what they do in their conjugal acts is a matter of their discretion, provided that whatever sex act they perform, the ultimate climatical conclusion must take place within vaginal sexual intercourse. For it is impermissible to commit the sin of onanism. (Genesis 38:9-10).

Also, the sex act is impermissible for any man to experience who has not prepared himself for the responsibility of fathering and raising whatever children come to be by that act of sex. And the correct way to prepare is to enter legal marriage to this woman prior to that first act of sex. And unless a couple recognizes that marriage is to be a lifelong commitment that neither of the couple may back out of after the consummation of this marriage, then such a man or woman has entered into marriage without proper preparation, discipline, or understanding of his marital commitments. Master what I require of you in your future marriage well in advance of your wedding date. For after the wedding date, and the consequent wedding night where it is consummated, no longer after that point may a man or a woman elect to leave his relationship to his spouse. I Am the defender of marriage. And I will defend all marriages that are valid. Annulment is not an escape from a marriage in My Catholic Church, but is only applicable for those narrow set of cases where the marriage act was unlawfully entered into, and thus, never happened in My sight and in the sight of My Catholic Church when the full truth comes to light to them. For no one in My Catholic Church, not the pope, nor any bishop, priest, deacon, monk, or layperson has the power to undo or break a valid marriage once consummated. The power I gave to Peter to bind and to loose, to open and to shut, to declare valid or invalid, is not a power to break apart a valid marriage once consummated. Hence, if your marriage is valid, you cannot get it annulled.

The marriage Mark entered into, Mark being Eric’s brother, lacks validity, and thus never occurred in My sight. Does this mean that all their sex acts together are criminal? What it means is that their marriage is called irregular. And should they ever wish to enter the Catholic Church, the irregularities of their marriage must become resolved. And in those cases, not uncommon, where an irregular marriage cannot be resolved or made right, it is permitted for the couple to remain together provided that their conjugal acts cease and they declare themselves as living together as brother and sister from that point onward, and then entrance into the communion of My Catholic Church will be permitted.

The conjugal acts are very important for married life. Each spouse in the marriage has his or her rights to the conjugal act. A man may not deny himself to his wife. Nor may a wife deny herself to her husband. For the right to have sex with one’s spouse is a right that is included within the sacrament of holy matrimony. How the couple agrees to these rights, how they comply with them, is a matter of discretion granted to the couple, provided that full sexual intercourse carried out to completion in the vagina is granted to their spouse in compliance to their obligations to their spouse’s conjugal rights. Amen.

And what of those cases where the man finds himself unable to perform the conjugal act, such as by penile erectile dysfunction, O’ Lord? If this condition has always existed in this marriage such that the couple has never successfully copulated, their marriage cannot be called valid. Rather, automatic annulment of this union is granted to the spouses and the spouse capable of copulation is free to marry another. But should this condition arise sometime after a successful copulation has occurred, that is, after the marriage is consummated, then there is no remedy applicable for this problem other than perhaps this. Perhaps this man is involved in porn. If so, let him cease all such involvement to that habit. Let him cast away all his porn and all his access to such porn. Then, after some duration of time no longer under the effects of that drug, the man may come to find himself once more able to achieve erection and to know his wife. Amen. But whatever the results, the wife is not permitted to leave her husband. For all valid, consummated marriages may never be terminated by any power other than death. Amen.

For pornography, and with it, masturbation, do terrible things to a man’s sexuality and to his relations with females and to his abilities to enter into and live out his vocation of marriage. Neither habit is conducive to achieving a normal sex life with his spouse. Rather, he must end both habits if he is to ever enter into healthy relationships with women. For the crime of masturbation violates a wife’s conjugal rights to her husband. Remember, men, when you married your spouse, you agreed that she possesses you and your body. You may never do to yourself something that throws away that which is rightfully the property of your wife. It is for your wife to whom you must keep yourself in continence for. And in the act of sex, that which leaves your body and enters your wife belongs from that point onward to her. Do not deny your wife this good by an act that does not include her.

As for adultery, a man sins and transgresses against God and violates his wife’s conjugal rights over him by if he gives to another woman what rightfully belongs to his wife. Not even in the case where Sarah willingly gives Hagar to Abraham her husband to have sex with do I permit men and women to behave in this age. The wife belongs to her husband and her husband belongs to her. And this arrangement cannot be supplemented by any third party. I do not permit women in the age of the Church to do as Sarah did in the age before the Church.

Now, do I plan for Eric to have a married life? And if so, what kind of marriage does he enter into? I will now answer this authoritatively, lord Larimar. You are commanded to marry the one I give you, but you may not have sex, unless this woman wishes it. For her conjugal rights you may not deny her. Also, you and your future wife are not predestined to remain virgins. For it is written, your wife will indeed have five sons by you. I am giving to you such a wife. She will be of age where having many children is viable for her. Whatever her wishes, have no sex except to observe your wife’s conjugal rights. I Am the Lord. And I have spoken. Amen.

Now, let us examine the fate of President Donald John Trump. What is to come to pass on election day, Tuesday, November 3, 2020? Does he defeat Biden, O’ Lord, on that date? Biden will defeat Trump in the elections of November 3, 2020. For I, the Lord, have ruled and judged. Trump is to be a one-term President. Why, O’ Lord, did Dragonfly fail to win the election for President Trump? It is a judgement that I alone have made. Trump cannot win, for too many have rejected him. And I have ruled that Biden shall become the President.

But Lord, will that not result in the complete ruination of America? Yes, and that is My intention. The nation in which you live is going to be utterly wiped from the face of the map. Who then is the Player behind Biden? He whom you call Lucifer-Man, is coming into power. He is taking over the nation by force. And he will deliver to the people his promises, including abortions on demand and promoted to all youth, even in Religious schools, abortions performed everywhere, even in Catholic hospitals, the impossibility of ever terminating the employment of an LGBT person. The forced hiring of LGBT people in all occupations, including in all Religious groups, the mandatory teaching of the acceptance of homosexuality to all children everywhere, including those home schooled and those in private schools, the mandatory requirement that all religions accept, respect, and marry homosexual couples, And the removal from all Holy Bibles any words of condemnation against homosexuality, including the cessation of the printing of all such books that do.

Man, those are some promises Lucifer-Man has pledged himself to deliver through Biden, his Pawn. But I am sure the people will be happy to know that he will deliver on his promises. The people will not receive anything else, but at least they will get their abortions on demand, both for themselves and for their daughters in Middle School and High school, and also that they will have as their constant companions, members of the LGBT community, to demonstrate visibly to them each and every day what it means to be a fag, and how they have sex. And by this means, every part of America will become filthy and rotten to the core. In no house in America will there be normal children who are not experimenting with homosexuality, as their school instructors will be teaching them and assigning them to do for their homework.

Then, O’ Lord, what does Eric do? If Eric is to marry, what do Eric and his wife do? If they are to have children, how are these children to be spared from the exposure and training of school teachers intent on making all little boys into fags? Are you sure that Eric is really to have five sons? Eric, this is My covenant with you. I Am taking you to the next world in a matter of a few years time. In that time you shall prophesy for Me. And all of your family I will protect. And yes, your wife will indeed exercise her conjugal rights with you have have five sons by you. Amen. Is that at least five separate pregnancies, O’ Lord? Yes, your wife will become pregnant and bear those five sons to come to be in five separate pregnancies. And thus, you should know this. Your eldest shall be an adolescent by the time of My arrival to take you away to My Kingdom. As to your wife and children, they will remain in the world, but somewhere safe, until I come. Amen.

As for your current family, they belong to this city, Sodom. And what did the angels say to Lot as he fled Sodom? He was told not to look back at anything he was leaving behind. So also, do not look at your current family, for all of them are left behind. In the Holy Bible, I totally wipe out whole nations, cities, peoples, and kingdoms when they turn to unnatural vice. Then why, O’ Lord, is it the case that the ones you saved from Sodom, Lot and his two daughters, that neither rebuke, nor chastisement, nor judgement was ever Biblically pronounced against Lot and his daughters for having sex together and producing children by incest? You destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah entirely for homosexuality but you leave Lot and his daughters as they are in peace in their incest, even blessing his two daughters to become mothers of nations by sex with their father? Understand, lord Larimar, this fine point I wish for you to understand. Natural vice is very grave, but I Am willing it to tolerate it to a degree. Lot and his daughters were of opposite sex. And so the sex between them was natural. Hence, they were guilty of natural vice, and I elected to leave them as they were. For I do not destroy whole nations, cities, peoples, and kingdoms for natural vice, but only for unnatural vice.

Understand also this, lord Larimar, the lands in which you now live are filled with unnatural vice. But I Am not taking you away. Instead, you are sent to prophesy all I have for you to prophesy. You shall be like the Prophets of ancient times, who to kings they decried and prophesied against, and to whom these kings found they could do nothing against. They will seek to destroy you, but I shall protect you with fire coming from your mouth. Words of denouncement you shall utter. And upon hearing these words, your enemies shall die. And whoever seeks to harm your children will find a fire burning in their backyard that refuses to be put out. Consume their possessions that fire will. Oracle of the Lord!

Another is like you. The two of you are called the Blue Mystics. Larimar and Lazurite are the codenames referring to you two in these writings. Now, go, lord Larimar. Eat your breakfast. But publish this post first. Any errors, typos, correct those later, after you have eaten. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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