The future reigns of Larimar and Esther, eternal rulers of America.

As is in a crystal clear lake, so also is the spirit found in the love between virgin lovers.

When these two souls are to wed, Larimar and Esther, what fates do they have together, O’ Lord? And what is their passage in life to be like together, for they are never to know the marital embrace? Amen. Their souls are intertwined and eternally linked, even though Larimar’s penis never enters the vagina of Esther.

But though her vagina never tastes her husband’s penis, nor ever swallows the semen it contains, that he is capable of intercourse, but refrains by his vows, as is evident by the knowledge that he is erect and its potency, this knowledge alone suffices to ensure that the marriage between these two virgins is legitimate and valid. For only those capable of intercourse are admitted to the sacrament of holy matrimony, regardless of whether the two who wed ever intend to consummate their marriage. For consummation is not what makes a marriage valid, but only seals it as an irrevocable fact. A marriage, rather, is concluded at the exchange of vows. Now should either of a non-consummated marriage seek annulment, automatically is such annulment granted. But should both members of the marriage remain content in their perpetual virginity together, nothing can break apart the commitment that they have made to each other and to God. For I, the Lord, do not bind virgin couples as I bind those who have sex. The virgin are interiorly and eternally free, and only are together because they share a common vocation as set by God. But as for those who are sexually joined, their flesh eternally belongs to their other partner, as they have become one flesh with them. Hence, they cannot cease to be joined to their spouses until their bodies, united by sex, are separated by death and decay. Amen.

For God made Adam and Eve such that Adam enters Eve and the two become one flesh. They are made opposite in gender and are made complementary to each other so that they fulfill the needs of the other, though each needs different things. For I made men to go to women, and for a woman to her man. I made no third gender, but only two. I made no vocation of marriage, but for those of opposite genders. If you are a man, a woman, and only a woman are you permitted to enter into, to lie with, and to marry. There is no permission for any man to do with other men what a man does with his woman. There is no institution made to join together those whose organs were not designed to procreate when joined together.

For the sex act can never be divorced from procreation. If a man is turned away from the responsibilities that could come from procreation, then neither may he be permitted to partake in the pleasures and excitements of the act of sex. For sex is always to be ordered towards procreation. Sex may never be a means to pleasure, release, or enjoyment if it has been artificially closed to the possibility of procreation. Sex may never be seen as a goal or an end in itself, but as an entrance into the possibilities of new human life. And no human life may be ended, except by the power and decision of God the Almighty. Amen.

And for this reason, God instituted the sacrament of marriage. One man is married to one woman in the sacrament, and no other man or woman may ever enter into or become a part of this marriage. Marriage is for life, for it is a bond of flesh, and thus lasts as long as the flesh of the two both live by which this bond has been forged. Only when the life has passed from one of its members is the other member freed in the flesh and from the sacrament to enter a sacramental marriage to another. For marriage binds flesh to flesh, and a marriage that is valid, once consummated, becomes unbreakable, until death comes by which the two are parted. Amen.

For marriage is between the living and never with the dead. Just as a man who dies gives up his rights to his lands and his house, so also does a dead man give up his rights to his wife. Though he may provide for her in his will, and leave his properties to her, she ceases to be his possession the moment his last breath leaves his body. A wife, once widowed, may go and belong to another man. For no man owns anything in this world once he passed from it. And a woman and her body become her possessions again once her man has passed away. For the sexual union unites powerfully two in this world, but ceases in totality once one of the union has died. And there is no sex between souls in the afterlife, nor by the resurrected in the age to come. Those united by sex in this world are no longer under any bonds in the world or age to come.

Then by what means are Mary and Joseph called spouses, even still, after both their earthly lives have long since ended, O’ Lord? Though the sacramental bond of marriage ends at the death of one of its members, the two may continue to be together for all eternity if the love that was between them transcended their flesh and united them in spirit. For the spirit lives on after the flesh is no more. And what joins the spirit together, if independent of the flesh, can continue for all eternity when the flesh ceases to be. Those who join in perpetually virgin marriages do so because they have a higher calling than do those who join to unite in their flesh. For virgin to virgin spiritual bonds are stronger and more durable than are those between the sexually linked. And two virgins, if they so choose, under their own free and perpetual election, may elect to enter an eternal bond. And if they so choose to do so, then in the hereafter, they will be as Joseph and Mary in heaven are forever.

Now are Joseph and Mary husband and wife in heaven, you ask? No, for no marital bonds exist in heaven. Instead, the relationship existing between them for all eternity is of spiritual nature found only between two virgins who love each other. And only in virgins can such spiritual relationships come to be. A virgin can love another virgin, but if they come to know each other in their flesh, the virgin love between them dies and the carnal bonds that bind husbands to wives take over in their relationship with one another, and never again can they be bonded as virgins.

Hence, the love between virgins differs from the love between those who have sexually given themselves to one another. The difference is like that between a crystal clear lake and a swollen, raging river. The love between Esther and Eric shall be like this crystal clear lake, for they will be united as eternal virgins. And between them will no sexual knowledge be passed. Hence, this couple will, like Mary and Joseph in heaven, be of an eternal relationship and the love between them will never die, but be of the purity and perfection of a clear crystal lake for all eternity unto eternity.

Do Eric and Esther ever wonder what it would be like were they to make love, you should ask? Though the virgin mind contemplates many things and dwells on many possibilities, the virgins who have overcome impurity never dwell on sex or having it with one another. They do not and cannot fantasize sex. For sexual fantasy is the realm of exploring and opening oneself up to the possibility of the sex act. Whoever sexually fantasizes enjoys that pleasure and prefers it to what would be pleasing to God. But the one who values his friendship with God over the pleasures that come from sex or its arousal or the thoughts of sex ceases from these activities to devote himself to doing as God commands him to do. For friendship with God is the only thing that matters in eternity. The one who ends his friendship with God goes to hell. The one who commits impurity enters a cloud because he has wounded his friendship with God. For friends hurt friends when they turn away from them. And the turning away from God causes such hurt, affecting both you and God. And though you can be forgiven for wounding your relationship with God, this forgiveness does not bring back immediate restoration of full friendship. For friends coming back to friends take time. Thus, never contemplate committing a sin with the intention of confessing it later to be made right again with God. For everyone knows that no friendship can last where a friend does that to you. Likewise, never do to God what you know, if done to you, would hurt or destroy your friendship with that one. For God is your friend. It is not a friendship between equal powers, but that between the Creator and His created. Therefore, treat your friendship with God like a valuable flame that must never go out or be extinguished. For God Who sees all things values your friendship to Him in this same way. But He cannot keep your flame alive if you are not willing to keep it alive for Him. Amen.

Now, I shall speak on Eric and Esther’s future together as partners in reigning over and ruling all of the Kingdom that they will be given to rule. For in My Father’s House I have set up many Kingdoms. And to each Kingdom, I have anointed those who are to rule them. Now, the Kingdom of Heaven is not of this world. Hence, in metaphors do we describe the Kingdom to come when we describe it in terms of this earth. For this earth was once formless and without substance, and I created both lands and seas, and heavens and sky. Such is how it is now, of this current Creation. But in the Age to come, I have a different earth and a different heavens. And this new earth and new heavens are not like the old. For the new earth and new heavens are for eternal creatures who never perish, whereas this earth upon which you live is one where everything upon it eventually dies and decays and returns to the dust and formlessness from which it was once made.

In this earth, one eats and consumes foods, which are in turn converted into the substance of which your flesh is based. But in the Age to come, substances are of eternal realities and of eternal natures. What is one’s flesh remains one’s flesh forever in that Age. And how one’s spirit is never changes. Thus, Eric and Esther, united in spirit, but not in flesh, will reign together over their eternal Kingdom. And their eternal Kingdom will be one of glory and majesty, but whose description is sublime and beyond what words are metaphors in this world and these languages here can adequately describe. But I will leave it for you to ponder these words of the future Larimar Kingdom in the Age to come. Just as the heavens are higher and greater and more glorious than are the forests beneath them and the earth and its seas, so also is the spiritual world in the Age to come, and the joy experienced in the love between two virgins is as the tip of an iceberg in the ocean of rapture that awaits those who do the will of God and those who aspire to the higher road that leads to heaven and to the treasures found therein. Amen.

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