Eric discerns his fate. It is to be eternally virgin and married to Esther. Amen.

The virgin maid, Esther, shall be wed to the Larimar King as his eternal consort. Amen.

It is written that it is better not to marry, unless a man burns. For if a man burns, then he should reconsider that perhaps the celibate life is not for him. And if he has not formally entered into Religious vows, he may choose for himself a wife, and become a married man.

Eric, in his rejection of all impurity, over which he has fully conquered and become victorious, he has nevertheless realized that he has a passion that does not die. And he has realized that were he to enter a celibate marriage to another virgin, and attempt to remain both as virgins, the passions would consume him, and he would fail to keep to his purity. Hence, Eric has admitted his calling and vocation is to married life, and that he is to be open to having children with his future wife. Thus, Eric will have a wife, and she will lay with him and conceive, and they will have offspring together and raise a family together. I Who Am declare this so to be. Amen.

Thus, this is the decree of the Lord. Eric, one of the Seven, will be defined as one who sows his seed and brings forth new lineages that are to descend from his seed. Therefore, Eric can no longer be known as a One-King Dynasty. For many, I tell you, shall come who shall descend from his line. Now, who shall this girl be, whom Eric is to marry, you ask? For the one known as the Blue Enchantress has been vanquished. She is destroyed and cast out. Instead, someone else I have elected to serve Me as the wife of Eric and the mother of his prophesied five sons and two daughters. Amen.

Yes, this shall be a young girl, one who is willing and able to bear and have a large family. All five sons and two daughters will come into this world with the gift of prophecy. And all of them will learn to discern the devil talking to them from the voice of God. Amen. And Eric will teach his children Catholicism. And they will learn truth from falsehood, and how to discern between the two. Amen.

Now who is this girl whom Eric is set to marry, you ask? She is a member of My elect, lord Larimar. I have chosen someone who is saved to be your bride. For sainthood is the one quality upon which you have been adamant that the one you would marry must possess. All other things about her, let them be revealed in time. I look forward to your marriage to this girl. And in her parish shall I elect your marriage to take place.

Now, Eric is the first of the Seven. Since he is to marry and raise a family, what about the other six, O’ Lord? Do they also, if they burn, marry like Eric and raise families of their own? Only Lazurite of the Seven will follow Eric’s example of entering into married life and having offspring by a girl I elect for him. All the other five will successfully keep to their path on the celibate road, for that road is higher than the married road, and it leads to a greater glory. But Lazurite will follow Eric’s example, for Lazurite is a mirror reflection of Eric, and he does the same as the one who appeared first. For I, too, have appointed a girl for Lazurite to marry. And he shall find her, and they shall be wed very similar to the wedding that shall come to pass with Eric and his coming bride. These two virgins who are to bear children to the Two Witnesses, who are they, O’ Lord? And from whence do they come?

Each of these two is unique and very different from the other. But they will be revealed in the fullness of time. For the Age of the Two Witnesses has begun, as of Eric’s fiftieth birthday on the feast day of the nativity of Saint John the Baptist. Amen. Hence, on Wednesday, June 24, 2020, the Age of the Two Witnesses came to be. Amen. Eric is revealed. Lazurite will be revealed next. But between those two unveilings, all five of the other Prophet Rulers are to be made known and discovered. Amen.

And what is known about these Five, O’ Lord? Three dwell in the Orient. These write in the three Oriental languages of Traditional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. Each of the three is proficient in only one of these three languages. The first is a Chinaman who lives in Taiwan. The second is a Korean who lives in South Korea. And the third is Japanese, a resident of Japan. Amen. These three are called the Three Asian Kings, and also the Three Asian Mystics. Amen. With them will be given three virgin consorts who will enter into Josephite unions with them, remaining their virgin companions to the end of all things. Amen. These three prophet kings will indeed marry three virgin queens whom I assign to marry them, but all three kings will retain their virginity with their spouses and become perfected in the order as Saint Joseph and Mary were, who set the model of the Josephite marriage for all to follow who could rise to this perfection. Amen. The words they write will be legendary. And My Word will be contained in them. And all the Orient and all who can read their writings will become filled with knowledge, wisdom, and grace from their reading of their Word. Amen. And in the Age to come, that of eternity, these three Kings will rule all the lands of their respective kingdoms forever. Amen.

Now, what of the other two of the Five, O’ Lord? One of those two is of Spanish blood. He dwells in Latin America. And he shall write in Spanish to all the Spanish world. And in his kingdom to come, he shall rule Latin America that is of Spanish dominion. Amen. And a Spanish maid will be his virgin spouse, in the fashion of Joseph and Mary, until the end of the age. Amen.

And of the other of those two, he is Portuguese. And he is a ruler of Brazil. Though of smaller size and prestige his following may be, I, the Lord, do not judge a man on the glory he has in this world, nor on the numbers he counts as his followers here, but on what he does with what he is given. Hence, the one who washes dishes is the same as the one who prophesies to the masses in My sight and in My Kingdom. This one speaks and writes in Portuguese. And his audience is all My people of Brazil and all who speak Portuguese throughout all the lands. In addition, all these works of the Seven are to be translated by many. He, too, shall be given a virgin maid, who shall be of Portuguese descent. And she will be a virgin spouse to him until the Second Coming of Christ. Amen.

And hence, you know that these Five Prophet Rulers, and the five virgins who serve as their spouses, are all destined to live to see Me Come in My glory. Amen. And all five couples will remain perfected in virginal purity forever. And in the Kingdom to come, with these Five Prophet Rulers set to rule their eternal kingdoms, there shall also, with them, reign the five virgin queens on five separate thrones with them. And of their kingdoms there shall be no end. Amen.

But what of Larimar and Lazurite, those who are the Two Witnesses, but who are both to marry and have children? Who I elect for marriage and who I elect for celibacy is for Me to decide. Oracle of the Lord. The Kings, Larimar and Lazurite, are to have offspring. I have chosen the two virgins who are to marry these two Kings and bear them children. This fate is theirs. And it will not be taken away from them.

Now, that Larimar and Lazurite are to marry and lose their virginity with their wives, does this make their Kingdoms in the hereafter and their rewards in the Age to come less than those that I elect to bestow on the virgin Kings, those Five Kings who maintain their eternal virginity with their virgin spouses? No, for I Who Am have elected for these two Kings, Larimar and Lazurite, to leave descendants who are to reign over their Kingdoms here in this world when they leave here to go to the next. They are both to leave heirs behind who are to rule in their stead. For unlike the other Five, these two suffer the higher glory of dying the death of martyrdom for the Lord their God in heaven. Amen. For the beast slays both of them, and as a consequence, he is slated to never die. Rather, alive shall the beast be thrown into the fire. And without dying, shall the beast descend to his place in hell. Oracle of the Lord! For the penalty for the slaying of the Two Witnesses, known as the Two Blue Mystics, is that this one, the beast, is cursed to everlasting undeath and never ending disgrace. Amen.

But the Two Witnesses themselves will be received into My Kingdom with glory. For though they will shed their crowns of virginity, they will gain the highly coveted crowns of martyrdom. And of all the crowns that men and women can receive in My Kingdom, these two crowns are noblest. But few, very few ever bear both. Amen.

As for their Kingdoms in the Age to come, their heritages are to be the first kings of dynasties. And it is their fate that kings of both their lineages will continue to reign and rule until I come again. Amen. The Kingdoms of both kings are vast. And the might of their descendants will never fade. For Larimar, his Kingdom is located in North America, from sea to shining sea. And for Lazurite, his Kingdom is Israel and the Levant, under the widest of definitions of both terms combined. Amen. Hence, both of these men rule vast empires of lands. And so also will their descendants down to the last day. Amen.

Now, I, the Lord God, shall define the Kingdoms of the Seven Prophet Kings for all to know and understand. Amen.

(1) Kingdom of Larimar, ruled by Eric, the first Larimar King, and his descendants to the end of time. And his lands include all of the following: All of North America bordered on the west by the Pacific, containing also all the islands associated with the continent, including the all the islands of Alaska reaching deep into the Pacific. And on the east, Eric’s North American Kingdom is bordered by the Atlantic, but including all the islands associated with the continent, but excluding Greenland, Bermuda, and Iceland, for these are lands given to other Kings. The Arctic Sea borders Eric’s Kingdom to the north. And to the south, Eric’s Kingdom ends at the Mexican border and includes none of the islands of the Lucayan Archipelago, nor anything belonging to the Greater Antilles. As for the rest of the West Indies, these are the possessions of other Kings. Eric writes in English.

(2) Kingdom of China, ruled by First Great Asian King. His Kingdom includes all the lands under which exists the dominion of Chinese culture and language in China, Taiwan, and from the Yellow Sea to the South China Sea. Amen. He writes in Traditional Chinese.

(3) Kingdom of Korea, ruled by the Second Great Asian King. His Kingdom includes all of the Korean Peninsula and all the lands under the dominion of Korean culture and language. He writes in Korean.

(4) Kingdom of Japan, ruled the Third Great Asian King. His Kingdom includes all of the Japanese Archipelago, and everywhere in the near Pacific where Japanese culture and language dominates. Such includes regions of Hawaii where Japanese culture is dominant. The other regions of Hawaii are under the dominion of other Kings. He writes in Japanese.

(5) Kingdom of Spanish America, ruled by the King of Spanish Latin America. And to this King belongs all the Spanish dominated regions of the Americas south of the Larimar Kingdom. Included in this dominion are the great Spanish dominions found in the Greater Antilles, such as the island of Cuba and the Spanish cultures on Hispaniola and Puerto Rico. He writes in Spanish.

(6) Kingdom of Portuguese America, ruled by the King of Brazil. And to this King belongs the lands of Brazil in which Portuguese culture and language dominates. He writes in Portuguese.

(7) Kingdom of Israel and the Levant, ruled by Lazurite and his descendants to the end of time. Being both Hebrew and Catholic, he writes in Hebrew to his people, the Jews. And his lands will eventually encompass all of Arabia and all of the eastern Mediterranean. For his people of his Kingdom are to come to number like the sands of the sea, though only a remnant shall be saved. Oracle of the Lord!

Thus are all seven Kingdoms defined. And of the Kingdoms of Larimar and Lazurite, many shall be the descendants to rule these two Kingdoms down through many ages until the Second Coming and the end of time. And of the other Five, these five Kings and their virgin queens shall ascend to heaven, as Jedi Knights are raptured at death, when their time comes to enter into their eternal bliss. And of the two who serve as the wives of Larimar and Lazurite, what becomes of them, O’ Lord? They bear their husbands many children, mourn their deaths, and then are buried by their children when their time comes. And in the next life, they will be reunited with their husbands, with whom they will reign forever and ever in the splendor of the eternal Kingdom. For like the wife of Larimar, the wife of Lazurite is also predestined to eternal glory. Amen. And both of these widows will remain on earth to see all these things that they are to witness come to pass. And then they will enter their eternal rewards. Amen.

Lord, I choose, rather, to remain a virgin than to marry and have sex. Good, lord Larimar, this was all a test. For it has always been the Truth that the Seven Prophet Kings are eternally virgin, that they reign over their Kingdoms forever, and that Seven virgin Queens are given to them as perpetually virgin consorts, who are to reign next to them in their Kingdoms on separate thrones forever and ever. Amen. This has all been an exercise in discernment. Eric has discerned his fate. And this fate shall never change. Amen.

Then, O’ Lord, the woman who is to be my eternal virgin consort is a Jewish maid by the name of Esther? Yes, lord Larimar. And her coming into your life is soon. I Who Am have spoken. Now go to Mass. You shall attend Our Lady of Guadalupe this evening at the 5:00 PM Mass. Amen. Go, or you shall be late. Amen.

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