The One Who is, the Holy One of Israel, speaks now through Eric, His servant.

I now reveal My Word through My elected Prophet. Him I have anointed to speak. Amen.

Eric has been chosen. Of all men, this man has passed and been found adequate for the Lord’s purpose to serve as Prophet King for the remainder of the Age known as the Ministry of the Church. The Age to follow this last Age of righteousness is the Age of Death, and then Messiah shall come again. Amen. During that Age of Death that follows this last Age of righteousness, Antichrists, many of them, come to rule all the earth. And all the world will be filled in a Second Darkness. Evil will be done then because it is evil and because it offends God. Evil will be done then to deliberately offend the Lord on High. Homosexuals will commit sodomy in broad daylight to cement that Era and its people to be known as the Abominations par Excellence. Such will be the final Age of Darkness, and its end is directly prophesied in the Holy Scriptures by these final words: They invaded the breadth of the earth and surrounded the camp of the holy ones and the beloved city. But fire came down from heaven and consumed them. The Devil who had led them astray was thrown into the pool of fire and sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet were. There they will be tormented day and night forever and ever. (Revelation 20:9-10).

Thus is the end the Age of Darkness that is to follow this final Age of righteousness, and you will see Jesus then, and the Father, and all the Kingdom of God. For the Age of this world and time itself, as it was created in the beginning, will have ended. And all that was done in time will be rewound and reviewed entirely for judgement, for all Mankind and all the courts of heaven to see, and for those entrusted to judge to judge and to make rulings on those who give their testimony before the entire human race. Every man will testify. Every man who was subject to judgment will testify as to what he did with the time he was given. And God will judge and rule. And all men who sinned will be forced to make an account for their actions. No sins will be left unanswered for. Every man will be forced to give full answer for all his sins before all of humanity and before the just Judge and Lord, Jesus Christ, who was crucified and slain for the sake of all Mankind to be saved. And in the eyes of this just Judge and Lord, every sin will be judged entirely and answered for. No sin will be left unanswered for. And every man who sinned will be forced to answer for each and every sin he ever committed, all in the sequence of order in which they occurred in every man’s life.

One by one will all men be forced to testify. And all men will testify, starting with those of the final generation, and ending with those of the first generation, that couple anointed by God as the first human beings, known in scripture as Adam and Eve. Amen. These first human beings, from whence did they come? How did they come to be? Did they evolve from lower primates? Or were they created and therefore lacked belly buttons? I created the first human beings, the first man and woman, whose species should be called Homo protos. For from them have all those classified as men of the genus Homo evolved. Every man of the genus Homo evolved from that initial created human couple. And they were the first of a kind. They were the first animals endowed with souls. Hence, a complete break was made at their creation from their predecessors in evolutionary history. They had human souls and they were formed directly by My creative will on the earth. Though they were small, primitive, and endowed with brains of little size and development, they were fully endowed with human souls, fully capable of complex thought and the ability to communicate such thoughts to one another in the first language, which Adam created when he named all the beasts (Genesis 2:19). I was there, with Adam, there in Eden, when the first language of Mankind was made. And I was there when he named his wife Eve. (Genesis 3:20). All Mankind was with Me and all of them fell away because they were too weak to withstand the temptation of Satan, whose cleverness and cunning against them was great, even in that primordial time when they were first created. Amen.

And so, for generation upon generation, Mankind grew up separated from God, but always God looked down upon them. And God watched over them. If they did good, good things they received. But for sins and transgressions, they all received payment for their sins in the form of their death and destruction. And all My law at that time was summed up as such: Mankind is made in the image of God. Therefore, whosoever transgresses against that image will pay according to the measure by which he has so transgressed. Whoever sheds the blood of Man, by Man shall his blood be shed. And so, every other law of Mankind followed accordingly from that first law, as recorded in the scriptures as the revelations given to Noah. (Genesis 9:6). And in accordance to the justice of that law were all men judged until I came to Moses and revealed Who I Am.

The race of the Jews are a people known for their intellect. For they have been taught to understand the law of God. And only the great and learned of the wise can comprehend and come to understand what I taught Man through Moses and the prophets. And all that I taught I had men write so that they would have memory and know and be able to review and reread all the things I willed for Man to know of My Word. The Word of God was written in ancient written languages, which evolved throughout time. By the time of Jesus, My Word was written in diverse languages known as Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. Today, these languages continue to be developed, preserved, and studied in order to read the scriptures in their original form, as they existed at the time of their original compilation or to study them in the languages they existed in as they entered their final form as found in modern Holy Bibles. The Holy Scriptures contain the Word of God, but like the languages in which they were originally written, this work is not static, complete, or of any final form. Rather, it is fluid, just as language itself is fluid, and it changes through time, as languages continue to be changed through time. Hence, what is understood as the Canon of the Holy Scriptures is always subject to change and reinterpretation. There is no set agreement as to which ancient manuscripts are the official original manuscripts from which all Holy Bibles must be derived from. Hence, the Holy Bible is a fluid document. And it changes over time as the languages in which it is written get updated, changed, and reunderstood.

To deal with the discrepancy of what exactly constitutes My Holy Scriptures, I instituted the Catholic Church and gave them the authority to define the Canon of the Holy Bible. Hence, those Holy Bibles defined as Catholic and approved by official Church authority are My official texts of what I will to be known as My Word as it exists today and from now on to the end of time. Hence, whoever reads My Word in a Catholic Holy Bible will not be misled. Though there are many such translations with much variability, I have ruled through My Church that those books defined as Catholic Holy scriptures will be valid and reliable to be used to study My Word in full. It is, hence, through the authority of the Magisterium that what is defined as Holy Scripture can be truly trusted as coming from Me. Amen.

But what other religions have, such as the Protestants, these have no Rock and no foundation upon which they are permanently attached. As a consequence, what they call their Holy Scriptures continues to evolve and devolve until it deceives its readers and becomes a trap. No one who reads a Protestant Bible reads My Word safely. For the Word of God written in such scriptures is tainted and not entirely God breathed. And the incorporation of such Biblical knowledge into one’s understanding can lead to collapse, as one is not fully founded on the correct Word, but on a Word that is tainted and misleading and with certain falsehoods that lead men astray. For easy is it to misinterpret scripture. And if such misinterpreters are also the translators of the Holy Scriptures into modern languages, such makes separate lineages of Biblical texts that break from the original God inspired Word. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of modern things occurring in this world. We are in the Age of the Ministry of the Church. This is the final Age before the coming Age of Darkness, after which comes the return of Messiah. In this Age of the Ministry of the Church, I have set up certain prophets to rule and to reign. Through these prophets will My Word come to be heard by all Mankind. And in various languages will this Word be heard, written, and translated to. These Prophets do not write a new body of scriptures, for that body of scriptures called the Holy Bible is a complete and closed book. It cannot be added to nor taken away from. For though the ancient languages in which they were written, and the sources from which they are based, continue to be fluid and subject to reinterpretation and new discovery, the Canon and the set of writings defined by the Catholic Magisterium as the Holy scriptures is set and fixed and cannot be changed. It is a fixed Word of God. Only reinterpretations and new ancient manuscripts coming to light can slightly affect the composition of this final Word. But otherwise, it is a fixed and finalized document and defined as the deposit of faith, which is defined as something given to the Catholic Church by God and not something that the Catholic Church can change, add to, or subtract from anymore, since the end of the Apostolic Age finalized all the writings that went into and were incorporated as this completed work known as the Holy Bible. Amen.

Hence, the Holy Bible is as it is and will not be changed by the Prophets whom I have set up to speak. They will write My Word, but My Word through them will contain the Word, but not change it. For through none of them do I write new Revelations, but rather, I only reveal what is already revealed by Me at My first Coming, and is contained in the deposit of faith. Hence, they will explain the Holy Scriptures, but not add anything new to them. Rather, they are Prophets who reinforce the Holy Scriptures, not Prophets who write new ones. For no new scriptures may ever be written.

Hence, let us discuss the Koran and the Book of Mormon. These are two books that come from founders of new religions, ones not based on Me but on things that diverge from Me and go to Satan. Both of these books lead to error and folly in different routes and ways. And both have Satan as the one who guided their authors in writing them and in leading My people astray. And the religions based on them, Islam and Mormonism, respectively, are both lost, and all who follow them are lost. Such is the consequence of all attempts by any man to form a new Revelation other than the One I gave at My First Coming. For I, Jesus Christ, Am the final Revelation. And any further attempt to find a new Revelation after Me leads to Satan and to false books and false religions founded upon them. None of such books of new Revelation written after My Apostolic Age was completed can ever be called the Word of God. And this state of reality can never be changed. No one is entitled to form his own religion. And no one is entitled to form his own Church, separate from Mine. For I Am the Master. And all who wish to know and understand the Truth must come to Me. Hence, there will never be any more public prophets, which are defined a prophets who are sent to declare new Revelations. Rather all Prophets that are sent to the people from the founding of My Church on Peter and from the completion of the Apostolic Age, are sent only to edify what I have already established and to remind My people of what I have already taught. What I have taught can be further defined and developed into a more thorough and correct understanding. But nothing new may ever be added to what My Catholic Church has defined as its deposit of faith. Amen.

Hence, how are men to correctly understand the right to freedom of religion? Men are to understand this right as the right I give men to choose or to reject what I have to offer. They may choose to worship Me. Or they may choose to reject My religion and become deceived. For whoever rejects My religion is very deceived. And all religions that are founded by Man apart from My religion are always, as a rule, defined on how they reject Catholicism. I permit My people to be deceived and to suffer under delusion. Such is the basis of all rights to freedom of religion. You have the right to reject Me. And you have the right to be, as a consequence, deceived.

Whoever rejects My religion suffers from great deception. And all the other religions of this world are the products of all this deception. And every one of them is defined by why its members should reject Catholicism and remain in their denomination or belief structure. All divergent beliefs are defined by how they reject Me and My message, as proclaimed through My Catholic Church. For everyone who follows a religion outside of Mine is in darkness and knows no light. For all light from God comes from My pope and his Magisterium. There is no other light that is shed by God upon this world for men to see but the light I shine through them. For in this darkened world, only in Catholicism do men walk guided by light so that they can see the path correctly and follow those roads that lead to the Kingdom of God.

Now I shall speak of other things. For I have things that I wish to discuss with men who rule. And the first one to whom I will address My Word is President Trump of the United States of America. So hear Me O’ Ruler of the vast and only remaining superpower upon this planet. I set you up into power. It was I who put you in your place. And it was I who gave you your mission. Do not, therefore, be concerned with poll numbers, for polls can be deceiving. And do not be concerned with how men view you, but as how you appear in My sight. For I Am a most formidable Judge. And I judge all whom I set in power to rule.

Your task, as ruler, is to restore America to its former glory as a nation that followed the precepts of God. Do not make America a nation bound to My religion, but rather, one that is guided by its light and sound doctrine. For America is not founded as a Catholic state, but rather, a state open to religious diversity and dissent. You are, hence, tasked with enforcing the basic moral law binding on all Mankind, such as the laws that declare that a man does not enter the marital bed of another man, but keeps to his own marital bed and has only one wife. Women do not open their legs to men except in the marriage bed with the man to whom they are lawfully wed. And all marriage is based on that law that man leaves his mother and father and joins to his wife to form one flesh. This one flesh is a union that can only be formed by the combination of two from the opposite sex. No one may form a union of flesh with a member of his own gender, for all who attempt such defile themselves and degrade society in general by their sins. Therefore, no homosexual has the right to homosexuality, for it is a sin, and no one has the right to sin. Hence, that concept called gay rights is a false concept. You, President Trump, are to appoint Judges and Supreme Court Justices who reject the notion of gay rights as an abomination of law that must be repudiated in the courts. Appoint such Justices always. And realize that all the Justices who favor gay rights will be revoked and replaced. I will revoke them and you shall nominate their replacements. I Who Am have spoken to President Trump. He now knows his mission. Amen.

And now I shall speak to the pope himself. Pope Francis, I anointed you to lead My people as their shepherd, but to do nothing to change My Church or what it teaches, beyond changes in discipline and how the Church understands doctrines already taught that are to be further defined by the popes and by the Magisterium. You may further define what My Church teaches as doctrine, but you are not permitted to contradict My Truths or any of the things I have defined and taught as revealed through your predecessors, all the popes who preceded you. But because you have disobeyed Me in this, and have gone and taught things that I taught not, but that contradict what came before you, for you have contradicted teachings and definitions that I do not allow to be changed, you are going to die as pope and be utterly destroyed in your seat on the throne of Peter. And I have already chosen My successor, one whom you have suspected not. He shall come from Italy, a Cardinal made by Pope Benedict XVI. And the Cardinal I, Who Am, have chosen to be My next pope, the holy pope who serves during the age of the Great Monarch, is Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence, Italy. Amen. He is the one who will serve Me and do My will. I Who Am Am. But his papal name that he will take is not revealed. Amen.

And Lord, who and where does this Great Monarch arise from who is to arise in these latter days? For it cannot be me, for I serve as Prophet, not as King. Lord Larimar, I have anointed you to serve as My Prophet King in these latter days. And you will reign in America forever. But of your Kingdom, none shall see. As for the one known as the Great Monarch, he is to arise in France, as was recorded of him. And he shall be great, but humble. Not of noble or kingly birth shall he have any claim to any throne. Rather, the Kingdom that he rules shall be totally within the spiritual domain. But as King he shall reign. And as King he shall recover the French soul that was lost, and a new French Catholicism shall be born. No armies of troops or cavalry shall he command. Instead, his weapons shall be spiritual. And his victories will be seen totally and only in the spiritual world. No one will observe his reign but those who belong to the Catholic Church and who see his light therein. For the reign of the Great Monarch is from within, and not without. For nothing is great in My sight that exists in this world, but only that which exists in My Kingdom, which is not of this world. Hence, this Great Monarch will reign, but not be realized. And the pope who shall reign during his time will be holy, but the people shall not exalt him, for he will neither flatter them nor supply them with euphoria. But My Catholic Church will be restored under him. And My people who follow Me will be edified by his rule. I Who Am have spoken on the pope who is to come. Amen.

Now, I shall speak of the Black race, known as the African American people. This people have suffered greatly at the hands of those who ruled in the nations in which they have lived. And yet, I Am dissatisfied with the progress of the people in their path toward Me. The have become victims of their own racist hatred. And they have driven themselves to utter ruin. Now they are a total wreck. They have no family structures. Men have children out of wedlock. Families consist of mothers but no fathers. And wickedness pervades this culture like mosquitoes in a swamp. Since, this people is a people without hope, I will eradicate this people from the land. They will no longer be found anywhere in the lands in which they currently live, for they will be no more. I Am the Lord. And I decide who lives and who dies.

In the place of the African Americans, I will import Africans from the Caribbean south. And those who are Catholic will enter into the niches formerly occupied by the African Americans and prosper, becoming the new Black face of America. But the Blacks of this generation in America who live currently in total separation from Me, no longer will I permit them to see My face. They are utterly to be wiped from the face of the map, I Am the Lord. And I decide who lives and who dies. Amen.

As for the other Six Prophet Rulers, the ones who rule in addition to Eric, who serves as Larimar, I have this to reveal. The time in which these Prophet Rulers are to be revealed has come. And I will reveal them all. And all six have triumphed. All six will, with Eric, be numbered as My Seven Golden Lampstands, guarded by Seraphim, the Seven who reign from My right hand. And I will appoint all seven to write and to teach in this final Age before the coming Age of Darkness. Amen.

Now as to Lazurite, he will be the last to be discerned. But when he is found, it will be realized that he is very like Eric. And these two are My Two Witnesses. Both of them will testify to all that I say until My Age of Ministry of the Church has ended. And when My Word is sealed through these two, they will retire and let themselves be vanquished by the forces of darkness. But in the fullness of time, I will restore them, and My Church through them. They will stand and My Church will stand with them. And with that, My Church will be reborn after the darkness of those days. And in the light I shed on My Catholic Church, many will enter in, as the Age closes and the Lord’s Day comes. So will end the days of the Church.

And this is My final message of this post. There is no way into salvation except through My Catholic Church. Hence, when the days of My Catholic Church come to an end, such is the last day defined, the day in which there is no Mass. Amen. For when that day comes where all Masses have finally ceased, on that day, and not before, the end of this Age will have come. Amen.

And what follows this, O’ Lord? Judgement, heaven for some, and hell for the rest. I Who Am have spoken. Go now, lord Larimar. Publish this post. You may correct any typos in it after it is published. These are the Words of God through Eric, prophet anointed to serve God unto the end of the Age. Amen.

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