The Office of Prophet has been eternally handed over to Eric.

Eric is eternally defined as a Prophet of God. This is a post-Prophetic Age declaration of Jesus Christ in His outpouring of the Holy Spirit during the Last Age of the Church.

Let it be known and understood. Eric, servant to Jesus Christ, is Prophet of the Lord forever and ever. And of his writings there shall be no end. All Kingdoms of the earth are to read and reflect on the Word of God that issues from the mouth of Eric from now on. For the Word of Eric is the Word directly from the mouth of the Lord. Amen.

I Am God, Who Am speaking through Eric, My servant. Let it be known and understood. No one shall contradict a Word that issues from this prophetic discourse. For all of it is of divine origin. Earth is an only planet with living organisms dwelling on it. No other planet exists anywhere in the universe capable of supporting life. And no other living organisms exist except those that live on the earth. Amen.

Therefore, do not seek to communicate with alien civilizations that come from other places in the universe, for none of them exist. Nor can any messages sent to them receive any form of a reply. Only men, angels, and God have any form of intelligence and coherence in speech by which complex thoughts and ideas may be communicated and transferred from intelligent mind to intelligent mind. I have created man and woman in My image. Male and female I have created them. For My purpose have they been created. And to serve Me forever is My creation of Mankind set to serve. Let it be understood and known, no human being can enter into the eternal Kingdom unless he has tasted the bread and wine that have been consecrated as the body and blood of Jesus, the passover Lamb whose sacrifice on the cross atoned for all sins of Mankind forever. Amen. And no human can receive these gifts unless he is baptized and properly enrolled into My Church, as founded on Peter, My primary disciple, the Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. And the Church is spread by My servants who serve as missionaries, sent to the furthest reaches of the earth, so that to all people may My Kingdom be preached and so that all Mankind may hear the message and good news of My salvation that I have worked by means of deicide on the cross. Amen. And whoever wishes to enter, let him come to be baptized and enrolled into full membership in My Catholic Church, outside of which there is no possibility of salvation, though many seek in vain their salvation by other paths. Only through the Catholic Church are the sacraments properly distributed to the people such that all who receive them meritorious can be saved. Amen.

This is the message I give to all nations on the earth. Let no one doubt anything about to be said. For all who doubt these words are lost forever. No one on earth can save Man except for the Son of Man who came to expiate sins by His sacrifice on the cross. And by His atonement for sins, there is no possibility to be forgiven for that man who refuses to enter into His communion or to partake in His shed blood by which the whole earth is reborn. Now, I shall speak of this atonement. No one is forgiven of any sins unless he is baptized and made a member of My Catholic Church. There is no other way to be made presentable to God in order to be permitted to attend the royal banquet where one might eat of the flesh of the Son of God and drink His blood. Amen. Whoever wishes to enter the Catholic Church, let him come to be baptized and enrolled into full membership by which he is granted the right to partake in the one bread, the body of Christ, and in the one cup, that of His blood. Amen.

Whoever seeks to enter this Church will enter it, provided he gives up everything else. Whoever seeks salvation will find it if he seeks it in this Church. No one will find My Catholic Church who does not go forth as commanded of him that he might be found obedient to his Master, the God of Heaven. In every nation but the Muslim stronghold is My Church to be found. Islam is the antichrist of the religions of this world. Whoever follows Muhammed follows a prophet of death and goes to his doom. For the Koran is a book of untruths. Whoever reads therein only confuses his soul and gains no edification for the Kingdom of heaven.

Only in the Catholic Church is the Holy Bible properly maintained and consistent to the Truths spoken through it by the Holy Spirit, who authored all its books. The other Bibles produced by other churches consist of a different canon, and have falsely interpreted translations of many of the words written therein. There is no way to come to the correct Truth by reading such falsely interpreted Bible translations. Every Church that does not trace its bishops back to the original eleven Apostles is a false Church and cannot be known as anything other than a group or gathering of baptized seekers of God. And all those churches who do not keep to the dogma that God is Triune in nature, consisting of three divine persons: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, consists of seekers of God who are not properly baptized. And whatever church consists of unbaptized followers of Christ is a lost cult.

The notion that God is incarnated in any other man than Jesus is a false belief of Satanic origin. The belief that men recycle in and out of the flesh, gradually ascending or descending in accordance to their merits is Satanic revelation. Each soul at its conception is created and joined to the flesh that will belong to it for all eternity. Souls do not migrate from flesh to flesh. Each soul is eternally linked to the flesh to which it belongs. At death this link is severed until the Resurrection which takes place at the End when all men are judged and given their recompense. At the Resurrection, the link between flesh and soul are reestablished forever, regardless of the ultimate fate of that soul, as decided in the Judgement that follows. All souls judged go to one of three places: The just and the justified go to eternity, where they receive eternal life and behold God in all His glory as the Beatific Vision. It is this vision of God that is the most coveted prize of all the elect in heaven, and the most mourned loss of all outside it.

The other two places where souls may go are hell and that place above hell where souls, deemed unworthy of heaven, but unfit for hell, are designated to remain, guarding that way to hell forever, and dwelling in eternal darkness, but without pain. All souls who die in the womb are unfit for heaven. But neither are they to be punished in hell. Such are examples of souls that are stationed at this place of darkness where they are set to guard the doorway to hell forever. Amen. Men have called this place, the limbo of the infants, but this misunderstands it, for it is a definite place, and not all who are there are infants who have died. Many go there who die unable to merit heaven but who have not demerited to be sent to hell. And all who abort their unborn send their unborn children to this place of everlasting darkness. It is not even on the border of heaven. Rather, it is to be seen as the residue of spirits who dwell on the surface of the lid of hell, but who never sink into those fiery depths, where dwell Satan and all his angels and all the damned. Amen.

Hell is the place of everlasting suffering and pain. Every loss of heaven is suffered by the damned in hell. It is a place of eternal fire and torment. A scientist once asked his students to speculate on whether hell is endothermic, that is, it takes in heat, or whether it is exothermic, that is, it expels heat, and to then speculate on how this effects the situation of eternity, since hell is eternal and thus, so also would its endothermic or exothermic processes also be reasonably expected to be. Now, I shall answer to you exactly which of these it is, and how it affects eternity. Hell has no heat. There is no matter there that can burn and produce heat, as physics understands heat. Everything that exists in hell is of infinitely crushed and minute in nature. Nothing moves there, and there is no motion and no passage of time. Satan and all his angels are sentenced to suffer there for all eternity. But remember that an angel is a being without any mass. An angel has no body. It is composed of pure spirit. Hence the angels suffer eternal damnation in hell without space or dimension. They experience a singularity. They experience true destruction of their spiritual natures but never cease to exist or to lose consciousness. Hence, they are always in contempt of God and always lacking in remorse for sins.

Humans in hell exist there like the angels, for they do not reacquire their flesh until the Resurrection, which is not yet now in time. But at the Resurrection all human beings regarded as condemned forever will be cast into the lake of fire, which is the fiery Gehenna which burns all condemned flesh without consuming it. Since this Resurrected flesh does not consist of matter, as understood by physics, neither does the burning of it produce any heat. Also, since it is not made of matter, neither does it occupy space. Hence, all these fully resurrected human beings become crushed into singularities to burn forever in undying torment at the center of the universe. Amen. They and the condemned angels with them are fully aware and conscious beings, retaining all their faculties, including all their senses and their full capabilities of experiencing pain. And in full pain do all of them endure hell forever. None of them are happy or content. And none of them can do a thing to change their condition, which is eternal and can never end.

And now someone asks, if the disembodied human souls that are damned are now currently suffering in hell, do they receive a brief respite, however brief, to experience their resurrection and last judgement before being resubmitted, body and soul, back into hell for all eternity? They only experience a period of judgement, where they are rejudged and recondemned in front of the entire human race. And in the process, every other human soul to be judged is made known to them in all their merits and demerits. But of the condemnation of hell and of its sentence, no respite is ever given to the damned as they are resurrected and judged and then sent back into hell. Amen.

Now, are there levels and layers in hell? Or there prison cells, as certain saints have seen who have been given tours of hell? No one who goes to hell can resurface to come back out of there and give a report. It is a fire that reveals no secrets to those who are not sucked down into it. No one who enters hell ever escapes it. What the visions these saints have received were dreams and imagery of metaphorical things whose true reality they have not seen. No one has seen the torture that takes place in hell and has come back out of there to tell about it. For it is impossible to enter a singularity and then to reemerge.

As for heaven, and purgatory, that place that men are detained until their debts have been painfully atoned for who died in a state of grace with unatoned for sins, these two places exist in another realm than does hell and that lid of hell where dwell those in darkness who are never consumed. Such are the four places of the next life for human beings: (1) hell, (2) the lid of hell, (3) purgatory, and (4) heaven. In purgatory, men must pay with pain for their crimes that they sinned as part of their process of salvation, but that were not washed away at baptism nor were expiated by their works on earth. For baptism cleanses men of all sins and their punishments, as were incurred in their past up to the point of their baptism. And good works can expiate the debts of sins incurred after baptism, provided that the good work is done in a state of grace. Mortal sin removes this state of grace, which is restored by absolution granted by a priest at confession of all mortal sins on one’s conscience.

No one can guarantee their own salvation. For the decree that a man is to be saved is written in a book that no one is privileged to read but the Lamb of God. All men are given free will. But this free will is darkened when they become enslaved to sin. And the slave to sin cannot make free decisions, because he is a slave. But the one who chooses to die for Christ will break out of the chains of his slavery and can attain to the ranks of the saved. No martyr is guaranteed salvation. Rather, martyrdom is effective only when it is entered into while in a state of grace, and without any personal demerit. The martyr of Christ who dies without baptism will enter into heaven, but as Joseph and John the Baptist did, as those who died outside the communion known as the Catholic Church. These are saved, but are of a lower caste and a lesser degree of blessedness in the Kingdom of heaven.

The saint who dies baptized but who never receives the body and blood of Jesus at the Catholic Mass is of the lower court. In the lower court exist all those who who are of Jesus’s Kingdom but who never partook of his heavenly banquet in the flesh. All babies baptized meritoriously but who die go to this court. And all who are baptized and die in that grace before they can receive communion also go to that court. Those in the lower court are higher than all the elect who die outside the communion of the Catholic Church, but are below those known as the blessed betrothed of God.

All those who partook in the body and blood of Jesus at the Catholic Mass and who died in that grace are of the blessed betrothal to God. These are God’s wives, consisting of both men and women. For male and female has God created Man. Now, someone asks, are the men who are called wives of God homosexuals? No. No man who seeks to know other men as a man knows a woman is admitted into heaven. For the Kingdom of heaven is a place of order and law. And it is contrary to order and law for men to marry other men. Men were made for women, and women for men. For a man to marry another man, he violates all law and becomes an obnoxious lawbreaker in God’s sight. His place is eternal hell with the infernal sinners.

Therefore, homosexuality is never tolerated in the Kingdom of heaven. And all who transgress such law are marked as abominations and set aside for eternal destruction. It is impossible for a homosexual to enter the Kingdom of heaven unless he has completely turned from this transgression and purged its sin from his life, which can be done through the partaking of the sacramental life of the Church, particularly the sacraments of confession and eucharist. Amen. But the trace of any such sin will not be tolerated by the Christ in any man or woman considered for eligibility of being called a wife of God.

In the ranks of those called the wives of God, the highest and holiest is the one called the Holy Virgin Mother of God. The Virgin Mary is called the Mother and the crown of the body of saints known as the wives of God. She is the pinnacle and the highest saint in heaven. All other saints go through her to reach the Christ. And no saint who does not go through her can ever reach the Christ. Mary is the highest saint. And she is the door to all those who are admitted to this group called the wives of God.

The wives of God consist of every man and every woman who practiced Catholicism correctly and fully to enter into heaven. No Catholic who was saved and received holy communion is not of this group. It is the highest choir in heaven. Everyone there enjoys the greatest benefits of heaven. Everyone there is made a ruler and a judge of all Mankind. And everyone there partakes in the heavenly banquet in full.

But only those of this highest choir in heaven will sing with God that glorious song that no one can master except for the 144,000 who were ransomed from the earth. The 144,000 is a special way of viewing this highest choir. But all who are in this choir are marked as members of the 144,000. For 144,000 is a symbolic number, not to be taken literally. It is composed of the factors, 12 x 12 x 1000. And 12 squared is the symbol of My Holy Jerusalem, consisting of a cube made of gold 12,000 stades in length cubed, and founded on twelve different gemstones upon which are written the names of the twelve Apostles, and into which are stationed twelve pearls as doors, upon which are written the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. And the factor for 1000 is the symbol that the number of My elect is to be many. Hence, everyone in this highest choir, consisting of all the Catholic elect who received communion and died in that state of grace, will be numbered among this 144,000 and called the first fruits of heaven and be granted many things and many rewards forever.

Hence, let us diagram the Kingdom of heaven for all to see clearly.

  1. God, the Triune Master of all Mankind and angel kind is on top.
  2. The Holy Virgin Mary, highest creature, the crown of the 144,000.
  3. The 144,000, consisting of all Catholic elect who received communion.
  4. The lower court, where exist all the baptized who did not receive.
  5. The elect of outside the communion of the Catholic Church.
  6. Those who died rejected but not damned, dwelling on the lid of hell.
  7. All the damned in hell, All who were were positively condemned for hell.

Such are the seven layers of all Mankind in existence for all eternity. Amen.

Note, to clarify, where do angels rank among the humans who go to heaven? For are angels higher or lower than the human elect? It is said that Mary is Queen of the angels. And thus all angels of the elect are beneath her in rank. In fact, the angels are made to serve the human elect in heaven. Their purpose is to serve and to do the will of Man. That is why they were made. And that is the root of the sin of Satan and his angels. For he is the angelic intellect who rejected doing the will of God and serving Man, and it is for that rejection of his duty and the reason for why he was made that he was condemned, together with all the rest of the angels who rebelled from the purpose to which they were made to serve. All demons are angels who rejected the purpose for why they were created, which was to serve Man.

Hence, angels who are of the elect are all servants to Mankind. And they serve Man doing whatever it is that God commands them to do. Now, answer us, lord Larimar, was it an angel of God or was it God who spoke to Moses? If it was an angel of God, he had to be an angel serving directly under orders of God. It was God the Holy Spirit Who spoke to Moses, lord Larimar. Realize that the Holy Spirit is a higher Spirit, superior to both angel kind and all created men. The Holy Spirit is a being, a Divine Person Who is both God and a distinct entity, just as Jesus Himself is distinct from the Father, but all three are the Three Divine Persons of God forming the Trinity, the Triune God made up of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Jesus is a member of the Triune God, which means He had existence prior to His incarnation into the flesh of Mary and the creation of His human body and human soul in her womb. And the Father is an existence of God that precedes the other two. He is beyond the Son and beyond the Holy Spirit in power and majesty. Hence, the Father knows all, whereas the Son and the Holy Spirit know only what they are told. All three divine Persons are fully and equally God, but the Father is greater than the Son and the Holy Spirit, and only He knows all. In the Creation of the Universe, the Son proceeded from the Father, and the Holy Spirit proceeded from the Father and the Son. And all the angels were the light that came to be when God the Father said, “Let there be light.” That there was darkness with the light was the fall and separation of the evil angels from the good angels, and such constituted the first evening and the following morning, the first day.

Now, as to the question of why blasphemy of the Holy Spirit constitutes unforgivable sin, but not blasphemy against the Father or the Son, I shall now answer. Similar to the Holy Spirit among the angels, the Holy Spirit is essential for all eternal created beings to have eternal life. Without the Holy Spirit, no created being can possess eternal life. No animal is ever filled with the Holy Spirit for an animal is incapable of possessing eternal life. And it was blasphemy against the Holy Spirit, committed in a moment with no reflection or repentance possible, by which all the angels that fell fell from grace and were eternally lost. And it was the angels who did not blaspheme the Holy Spirit who were confirmed into the Holy Spirit as good angels, from which they could never be parted or tested again. A human being’s salvation or damnation is similar to that of an angel, but in slower motion. For the human being does in his lifetime what the angels accomplished within moments of their creation. To protect the souls of human beings from inadvertently blaspheming the Holy Spirit and being damned before they knew anything about what they were doing, it was instituted that the Holy Spirit would not make Himself known to Man until first Christ came and died on the cross. And then, at the Pentecost, that was when the Holy Spirit rushed upon all the believers in that upper room, and they prophesied before all Mankind and the Catholic Church was born. And from that point onward, with the institution of the sacraments, whosoever blasphemes the Holy Spirit, as he encounters Him working through the sacraments, he will be damned, and his salvation will no longer be possible. Amen. For faith itself is only possible and effectual to bring salvation because the Holy Spirit is working through the sacraments to give that one with faith eternal life. Without either the sacraments or the Holy Spirit, no man may acquire eternal life.

But blasphemy against the Son or against the Father does not bring damnation by the simple fact of their being distant from Mankind and not immediately incorporated into Man’s soul as the Holy Spirit must be for that man to be saved. Now as for the Virgin Mary, who is called the spouse of the Holy Spirit, here is how you are to understand this teaching. In order for salvation to enter into the race of Mankind, there needed to be one human being, selected from all Mankind, into which the Son of Man would be incarnated, and by His sacrifice all men were to be saved. By the nature of Mankind, this meant that this human being needed to be a woman. And she needed to be joined to the Holy Spirit at the moment of her creation, her conception in her mother’s womb. This means that she needed to be a predestined soul. Her soul had to be not only predestined but preserved from all stain of Original Sin. She was not to partake in Adam’s sin at the conception of her soul. Hence, she had to be a complete break in the lineage of Man. And as a complete break, she could have only the One Son, Jesus Christ, and she could never be known by a man.

Thus, Mary, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, is called such because of her total and complete union with the Holy Spirit from the moment of her conception and creation. She was unique among Mankind in that she was never tested or given a choice to determine her salvation or damnation. Rather, the merits of Jesus, prior to their occurrence in time, effected to achieve the salvation of this soul at the moment of her creation and conception in her mother’s womb. For God is able to apply graces and gifts antecedent to the point in time where they become possible to Mankind in general. For the sacrifice of the Christ on the cross was a cosmic event. Its occurrence was predestined. And all predestined events can have antecedent preparations made by God well in advance to the point of time in which they occur.

Now, as to the question of the free will of Mary and of her merits in her response to the Annunciation, Mary had complete free will, but Satan was never given any power over her. And she was never subjected to temptation or tempted to sin. Jesus, on the other hand, was heavily tempted by Satan, but Jesus, too, was a predestined soul, and His Godhood was a constant reality that pervaded His spirit and thoughts from His existence in His Mother’s womb, throughout His whole life, to His death, hanging on the cross. That He was God, but also was composed of created human flesh and possessed a created soul, was a concept that neither Satan nor any man on earth could understand until it was explained by the Holy Spirit to the doctors of the Church as the doctrines and dogmas were written and defined through the ages of the Catholic Church. I Am this God Man, a being composed of a created human body and a human soul, but also of uncreated spiritual substance of being the Second Person of the Triune God. And I Am speaking these Words through Eric, My Prophet.

Let it be now known and understood, I Am speaking through Eric. I Who Am say this. And I Am Who Am. Eric is now a consecrated prophet of God. And he is anointed to speak and to write. I will give him the Words to speak and to write. Now, someone asks Me, is not the Age of public prophecy ended since the death of the last Apostle, as the Catholic Church teaches? Nothing new is being said through Eric, for if something new were being said, Eric would be making new Revelations. But I Am the final Revelation. And My Death on the Cross, and My Resurrection from the dead, and My Ascension into Heaven were the final signs given by Me that inaugurated My First Coming. Amen. And when I sent the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, I did not stop on that day. For even today, with Eric, I Am continuing My sending of My Holy Spirit upon all Mankind. And this sending of My Holy Spirit is without end. Now go and reflect on the Words I have written through Eric, My Prophet.

And does Eric have a role in the politics of this nation in which he lives? At his command, I will cause the COVID-19 virus to vanish. When you see this sign, know that the victory election of President Trump on November 3, 2020, will follow shortly afterward. And President Trump will serve for another four year term. And in that term, every Supreme Court Justice who supports abortion or gay rights will be terminated and replaced. I have spoken. Amen.

Go now, lord Larimar, and publish this post. You may read and correct typo errors you may have made after you have published it. But now it must be published. I will show you the image to put at its head. And then you will submit this post to the world. Your reign as Larimar, First of the Two Witnesses, is hereby effective. Amen.

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