The Age has come for Salvation to Return to the Jews.

Hence, joined to the Seven Prophet Rulers will be Seven virgin Queens. Amen.

Behold, the Final Age, that Age in which Salvation returns to the Jews, has come. Behold, Eric Robert Dunstan is My servant. He has two new names: Emerald and Larimar. Emerald was Eric in his earlier years. Larimar is Eric in his latter years. Both names are now hereby declared official names of this Player. Amen. Then, O’ Lord, the Larimar king is also the Emerald king? It is so, lord Larimar. You are now to be referred to by both the names, Emerald and Larimar. Both names refer to you for all eternity. Amen.

Lord, long ago, when Eric was Antichrist, he once considered himself to be the Emerald Armored Dragon. What sayest Thou to that? You may now apply that past title to your new role as protector of the Trump Administration. Hence, your title is now: Emerald Armored Dragonfly. Serve Me well, lord Larimar, and protect the Trump Administration, and destroy the Biden Campaign. Whosoever Biden chooses as his Vice President pick, seek out her abortion history. If she is Black, ask her if she ever aborted a Black baby. And ask her if she supports a woman’s right to choose to abort Black babies. And then, when she says, “Yes,” which she must in order to be a Democrat, ask her how that squares with the slogan, “Black lives matter.” For apparently there is a current disconnect among many Black women between Black lives mattering and the Black life in their womb mattering. Point that disconnect out to them. And badger them on this issue. For it is a contradiction in logic. Either they must abandon a woman’s right to choose, or they must abandon that Black lives matter.

For Black lives do matter, but those Black lives start in the womb, not at birth. For when the zinc spark occurs in human conception, that is the point in which an eternal soul is created to be perpetually joined to human tissue as its eternal dwelling. Whether that human tissue is allowed to develop into a fully formed human being, or else dies anywhere in the process of that formation, that human soul is eternally identified with that human flesh. And when the Resurrection occurs, that human flesh will be eternally reunited with that human soul. And it will go to wherever it merited to go in life: heaven, hell, or that limbo of the infants that guards the doorway to hell. Amen.

This is My testimony. I, Jesus, do hereby give My account. I have judged Larimar, and I have found him innocent of all transgression. He is now decreed eternally worthy of heaven. And he will never be guilty of transgression again. Amen. Furthermore, I hereby declare that My eternally espoused wife, the Jewish maid Esther, shall sojourn on earth as the consort of Eric. And this will occur by evening twilight. Oracle of the Lord! As were the couple Joseph and Mary, no sex or sexual relations will ever pass between them. For they are to be holy. And they are to represent My eternal marriage to the House of Israel.

Lord Larimar will have as his kingdom, all the lands currently above sea level in the continental United States of America and Canada. That is his eternal dominion. And he will reign over those lands to the dissolution of the sun. Lord Jesus Almighty, that does not sound like forever. After the sun disappears, along with the Milky Way galaxy, a new Age and a new world will be formed. And in that world, you and your consort will enter as an eternally betrothed King and Queen unto all eternity unto eternity. There, in that eternal Age and Kingdom will all eternal rewards be handed out and eternally assigned. And all merits will have their eternal recompense. And all the treasures one has accumulated in heaven will spring forth in everlasting glory that forever adorns all the kingdoms of those to whom they eternally belong. Amen. And note that eternal treasure, once gained, is the eternal possession of the one who gained it, provided of course, that he is ultimately saved. Amen.

Lord, how are those North American lands assigned as my eternal dominion if I reign over them only until the dissolution of the sun? Earth has memory, lord Larimar. The earth of this Age will replicate into a new Earth in the following, eternal age. And your dominion, established for all eternity here continues there. Lord, it seems that My Kingdom is one of the largest. Only the Kingdom of Siberia is larger. Is this the case, O’ Lord? Or have I overlooked something or made a false assumption? The East Russian Kingdom will indeed be larger in size and area than yours, O’ Larimar king. And the ruler of that Kingdom will be a man whom I have elected who shall restore Catholicism to that ancient land. He will make a new Mongol Empire, one greater than the Golden Horde, and it will encompass all of Russia east of the Ural Mountains, plus all of Mongolia, and all of Kazakhstan from the Aral Sea east. Lord, what name do you give to this man, whether metaphorical, allegorical, or actual? His name shall be called lord Dominic. And he will be a great king. Amen. And he shall have three official languages in his Kingdom: Russian, Mongolian, and Kazakh. Amen.

Lord, what about the lands beneath the seas? Do they get divided up in this Age or in the next? The seas will continue to rise in this Age until the sun is darkened and the moon does not give its light. When you see the sign of the darkened sun and the pale blood red moon, realize that My Coming is at the door. Who is to possess the lands beneath the seas is to be determined in the following Age, in that Age when Kingdoms are assigned and given to all whom I find worthy. But the Seas do not exist in that Age, for they cannot. For no form of embryonic dwelling can ever exist on the earth from that point ever again. Amen. Everything that was to reproduce will have reproduced. Nothing will grow but that which is eternally established and found worthy. The Redwood forests and the Giant Sequoias will continue to exist in the Age to come. So also will the Amazon jungles. And all the creatures that creep along the trees or flit among the leaves will continue to exist in the Age to come. For I Am a God of abundance and diversity. And many will be the creatures that roam the earth in the Age to come.

But Lord, from where will these creatures come that are to roam the earth in the Age to come if nothing reproduces and only humans have eternal life? In the process of regeneration of the Earth from the memories of the past, all life forms that once existed on the planet earth will come to life again and be granted dominion where I plant them. But none of them will exist above the base level of spiritual life. For only human kind and angel kind can ascend to the spiritual levels above that which is base. Hence, the full set of life spanning the entire age of the earth will be available and known to all inhabitants of the earth in the Age to come.

And what about the life that existed in the seas, the rivers, and the freshwater lakes, O’ Lord? For if these environments do not exist, do the creatures that dwelt in such environments also not exist in the Age to come? Nothing exists in the Age that is to come but what existed and evolved to live on the land. Amen. But I include among such lifeforms those creatures that dwelt among rivers and lakes, for though the seas will be no more, the rivers and the lakes will have taken their place. And the waters of all of these habitats will be fresh and clean. And whatever creatures dwelt in freshwater lakes and streams will be replicated in the Age to come wherever I decree that there should be a river or a lake eternally established anywhere in the lands. Amen.

Lord, will the earth in the Age to come be of greater global area than what now exists in this current small world in which all Mankind lives? No changes will be made to the eternal dimensions of the earth relative to the size of a man’s body. For these dimensions were established in the eternal decrees of the foundation of the earth. Hence, the area of your North American Kingdom relative to the total area of the earth as it exists now will continue to have the same ratio of total areas in the Age to come. Amen. For I Am a God of consistency. I do not have an ever expanding universe. Instead, My Kingdom is like the dimensions of Jerusalem, forever set as twelve thousand stades, for My Kingdom is perfect in size, and neither needs to expand nor to shrink. (Revelation 21:16). Amen.

But Lord, scientists say that neither the planets nor the moon are permanently of an exact dimension, but may expand or shrink over time. What sayest Thou to that? Lord Larimar, it is also true that the human body expands and shrinks over time. For in time, there is constant flux in size and shape. But in the Age to come, what you know as time in this world does not exist in that world. And thus, neither are there any further changes in dimensions or size or shape. Everything in the next age is of its eternally established size, shape, and dimensions for all eternity. Amen.

Lord, the seven lampstands and the seven stars in your right hand, which you say also refer to the Seven Prophet Rulers and the Seven Seraphim assigned to protect them, what becomes of the writings of these Seven Prophet kings? Their writings will be contained in the vault of the earth known as the record of all human wisdom and knowledge. Every writing that contained wisdom and that was written by one I anointed to write will be contained in that vault. Amen. And all the inhabitants of the earth will know the full and entire contents of all the writings contained in that vault. For everything is revealed at the Last Judgement, and everything revealed then is never forgotten.

Lord, I have an important question. Ask, My servant. Since much of the land is to be given to a small set of kings and queens who are to rule over them as their eternal dominions, what about subkingdoms and smaller subdivisions of rewards within those kingdoms to be given to other men and women who merited to receive rewards of lands on a sublevel to the levels of sovereign ruler? Are there such subdivisions of lands? And do these sublevels each have their own titles or ranks in a level of ascendancy, O’ Lord? And are there at the very bottom, those who are called the landless commoners, O’ Lord? And do those above rule over those beneath them? For it is written that you give men cities in accordance to the merits that they achieved with the talents they were given.

I will now answer your question in full and exhaustively. Amen. No one throughout the entire earth is higher than the Sovereign Lord, Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. Beneath His rule are all those established to rule the lands as sovereign rulers beneath His authority. Hence, they are more like viceroys and stewards and governors and lords and princes and dukes and duchesses than actual independent kings or queens. For all are obedient to Jesus. And no one not found obedient to Him is given any lands to rule over. To he who is given a kingdom to rule, he or she is responsible for all the inhabitants of that land assigned to that ruler. But within such assignments of land I do make subdivisions. Smaller areas are given to men and women who have merited to rule beneath those set as rulers above them. And thus, a chain of command is indeed established among the rulers of the earth from the Sovereign Lord down to the ruler of the smallest city. And throughout the land are the memories of all the cities of the earth that did My will while people lived within them. And rulers are placed over cities, just as rulers are placed over kingdoms and subdivisions of kingdoms. Every appointment of rulership is an eternally made decision, coming from the highest levels of eternal authority. Only God on His throne ultimately decides who is to rule what for all eternity. And the decision, once ratified, is never rescinded. Amen.

As for the cities themselves, these are further divided up into mansions and rooms. And whoever is assigned to a room, there is his eternal dwelling. He does not move from city to city. He remains dwelling where he is eternally assigned. And everyone who dwells upon the earth is expected to produce treasures from his eternal endowment. And all these produced treasures are brought to Jerusalem each year, where they are placed at the feet of Jesus, their King. (Revelation 21:24 & 21:26). And these eternal treasures produced continue to further edify the Eternal Church, which will exist from that time unto eternity and unto eternity. Amen.

Lord, will this production of treasures from one’s eternal endowment be a form of work? Rather, it will be like the produce of the fields that are left to fallow in the Sabbath years decreed by God that the Jews were to give to the lands every seven years. For the eternal Age is as the Great Sabbath, the Day of the Lord’s rest, and no man may work in it. Amen.

Now, go and eat your breakfast, lord Larimar. And you now know that you are not working today. Hence, you know that you have plenty of time to complete this post. Amen. Lord, I am back. And I am very good now. For I have learned how to sleep without losing consciousness. Good, lord Larimar. Realize that from this point onward, any medication given for bi-polar disorder is obsolete in your case. Amen.

Now, you have a question you wish to ask, lord Larimar? An item of some curiosity, I see? Yes, O’ Lord. I notice that the Seven Prophet Rulers are all male. Is this the case? And if so, why? It is as you have noticed. And the reason is this. Only a male can see through the veil that shrouds the high mysteries of God. Women must lower their eyes and not look. Women are not permitted to see there. That is why in art, the Madonna always looks down, while the baby Jesus always looks directly at the painter or the viewer of the painting. No woman is granted to see into the high mysteries of God. For such mysteries are forbidden for women to see. Only a male, so prepared by severely restricted sexuality, can ascend to that high place and look therein. Hence, now you know all Seven Prophet Rulers are virgins and in perfect sexual control and continence. They are highly honorable and stainless kings. All of them are given sovereign kingdoms upon the earth. And all of them have large, unique, and literate audiences capable of reading the specific writing of which they are expert in. I make no redundancy. You, lord Larimar, write only in English. Though you know some Spanish and will eventually become an expert reader of literature in that language, I will never have you write My Word in it. Rather, the Ruler of Spanish Latin America, the one to whom you gave the name lord Jadeite to, is the only one permitted to write My Word in Spanish as one of the Seven. And likewise, the one you call lord Cacau, Ruler of Portuguese Brazil, is the only one permitted to write My Word in Portuguese among the Seven.

And of the three Asian Kings, all three of these Rulers, despite what they may know or not know of one another’s languages, they all write only in that written language in which they are expert. The one you call lord Bombyx writes My Word only in Traditional Chinese, which is standard mainly in Taiwan. And yet, he is King and Ruler over all of China. And many throughout his entire Kingdom are literate to be able to read his writings despite the many mutually unintelligible dialects of Chinese. For the writing of Traditional Chinese transcends all of the various spoken Chinese languages. Amen. Hence, China is unique, lord Larimar, in that they are unified in their written language, but not in their spoken languages.

As for lord Jade of Korea and lord Pearl of Japan, each of these has a unique system of writing that is known and understood by all their literate citizenry of their respective nations, namely in the languages of Korean and Japanese, respectively. And they write in their own languages unique to their respective countries. Now, you ask, why was Korea chosen as one of the Seven over Poland? For both are small nations, but Poland is highly Catholic. And both have unique languages and both are very literate. And both have written languages into which the full Catholic canon of the Holy Bible has been fully and authoritatively translated to. But realize that though Poland is in fact 50% larger in area than the lands of a united Korea, the total population of a united Korea of 77 million people is more than double the 38 million in Poland. Hence, if I wish to target many unique readers to reveal My secrets to, choosing Korea gives Me twice as many readers as choosing Poland. Furthermore, Poland is a part of the historical lands of Christendom. To them the Word has already been thoroughly preached. They are not in need of further preaching to, for they already are Mine. But in the Orient are still many millions who are yet to be exposed to the preaching of My Word and of My religion. Hence, the three Kings of Asia were chosen to be three of the Seven Prophet Rulers, for in those regions they will have a most profound effect. But no one in historical Christendom was chosen to be one of the Seven Prophet Rulers, for all of Christendom has or should have already heard of My Word by now. Amen. Europe is an aged Christian continent. In Europe, Christianity is aged, ancient, and dying. Such is not the place to set a Prophet who is to speak My Word.

And as for Japan, they have a population of 127 million in their archipelago nation of Japan. But Lord, what of the other lands said to be included into the Kingdom said to be ruled by lord Pearl, namely the Northern Mariana Islands, the four southernmost Kuril Islands, and the archipelago of Hawaii? If the Japanese Kingdom is to have all these lands included into their Kingdom in the Eternal Phase, what is the true size of their vast Kingdom? Hawaii has been handed over to the Japanese Prophet Ruler as part of his eternal dominion due to the nature of Japan being a Pacific islander colonizing nation, for many speakers of Japanese dwell on those islands. Hence, it has been decided to grant to Japan an empire of vast expanses in the Pacific Ocean, but to have no lands on mainland Asia. I Who Am have spoken. Amen. Hence, the Japanese Kingdom is the one kingdom of the Seven consisting of solely of islands. Amen.

And in the Americas, which is of the New World, I have selected the three Kings there as representing the three main languages of those regions, the three languages with the most speakers in the Americas, namely English, Spanish, and Portuguese. These three kings, called by Eric as, lord Larimar, lord Jadeite, and lord Cacau, respectively, each commands not only a vast number of literate readers in his own Kingdom, but an even vaster world-wide literate audience taking into consideration the entire set of nations throughout the globe where those respective languages are known and are official. Amen. Hence, these three Prophet Rulers command a very wide audience. And so also do the three Asian Kings, considering the vast numbers of their own people in a diaspora across the whole world. Amen. Hence, with these total of six Prophet Rulers, I cover nearly all the populated earth. Amen.

And finally, We come to the Seventh Prophet Ruler, lord Lazurite, a Hebrew Catholic, the one sent to preach exclusively to My people of Israel in Hebrew. 90% of Israeli Jews can read Hebrew and understand his writings, giving a Hebrew audience of a total of 9 million. Lord, this Prophet Ruler has the smallest audience of all Seven. And yet, he is the greatest of all Seven Prophet Rulers. And why is this, you ask? It is because his audience consists of the chosen people. Small in number now, and yet, destined to number like the sands of the sea. This people is My Bride. And this people is My chosen House, through which I, Jesus, elect to sit within enthroned to judge and rule all the Kingdoms of the earth. And all the inhabitants of the earth will come to Me and to My throne in Jerusalem to give tribute of all the produce of their lands forever. Amen. For Jerusalem is the Queen of cities. And in her bosom dwells the King of kings. Amen.

Lord, what about all the other Kingdoms, kings, prophets, and rulers? For not all the prophetic books are written in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, or Hebrew. For countless are the written languages and tongues in which Your Word has been written and continues to be written by men and women of whom You have anointed to write. Yes, for look at the ancient written language of Ge’ez in Ethiopia, the historical lands of the Queen of Sheba. In that language is the full Holy Bible written from ancient times, including more books than are found in the Catholic canon. And they have an ancient Orthodox Church. And despite the majority of Christians in that nation being cut off from Me by being in an Orthodox Church, there is indeed a Catholic presence and Catholic churches in that country. And these Catholic Churches use both the Latin rite and the rite of the traditional liturgical languages of that nation. Amen. Are not there prophets also of this nation that are holy and who leave behind many works of wisdom written in their ancient tongue and in the modern descendants of Ge’ez? Indeed, lord Larimar. I have many prophets stationed throughout the entire world. And much is written in many different scripts and markings that will go into the eternal vault to hold all the wisdom literature and knowledge written by men and women throughout history who were anointed to write by God. Amen. And even the forgotten and lost books from the historical record will be resurrected with the Resurrection of the Just, and these too, if they are holy, will be included into that timeless vault to be known to all humanity forever. Amen.

Lord, what about other planets, like Venus and Mars? Is it really the fate of Man to be eternally stuck on one small planet earth for all eternity? And what about the planets of other star systems, and of the millions of potential worlds scattered throughout the cosmos? Do we ever get to see or go to any of those, O’ Lord and King? All knowledge of the universe will be granted to Mankind at the conclusion of his sojourn in the material world of this universe here. For the race of Man is to know everything that ever happened in the universe from its creation to its conclusion at the End of Time. Amen. And no, there is no other race of intelligent life found anywhere else in the universe. Mankind is unique and special. Only one creation of humanoids were ever made in all the universe. Amen. Hence, if you seek the answers to the riddles of the human heart in the unfathomable depths of outer space, all you will find there will be dark and cold emptiness. Only on the earth have human beings ever existed. And only on the moon besides the earth have men ever walked on another planetoid.

And when time does come to an end, so also ends every heavenly body in this universe, and a new earth and a new heavens come into being. (Revelation 21:1 & 21:5). It is in this new earth and new heavens that Man will have complete understanding of all things. And all the mysteries of the cosmos will be made known to him. And God will plant a garden on the new earth and put Man there to tend it. (Genesis 2:8 & 2:15). And in the earth to come to be, God will dwell with His Creation and rule over them directly forever and ever. Amen. (Revelation 11:15 & 21:3-4).

Good, lord Larimar. You are ready to reign. The time has come for your prophetic ministry to begin. I will anoint you to speak in a few hours. And then, all that you have written in the past will pale in comparison to the wisdom that will pour forth from your mouth. For you are one of the Two Witnesses, one of the Two Blue Mystics. And the other is Lazurite. Recall that Larimar and Lazurite are names of two different forms of blue gemstones. And what is the color of blue, but of the heavens and of the sea. Now tell Me, lord Larimar, what is your prime mission? It is to restore Catholicism in America? It is to serve as Prophet and Ruler over all your lands, and to symbolize Me in advance of My return to come and marry My Bride, Israel. And for you, that bride will be a Jewish maid called Esther. Marry her as We command you, but never touch her. Regard her, rather, as sacred, similar to the Ark of the Covenant, which was never to be touched. Sit with her upon your throne, with her upon her throne, and rule all the lands of your Kingdom until the sun turns dark and the moon gives no more light. I will grant to you that you will reign over your Kingdom forever, beginning here, and continuing forever in the earth to come. Amen. Guard My Catholic Church in your lands and feed My lambs. In the End, everything will be made right, and your rule over the House of North America will be established for all eternity. Amen.

Now, We shall conclude this post. You, lord Larimar are granted the right to ask any questions to clear up any misunderstandings and to come to understand all things. Ask anything you wish to know, O’ Larimar king. Since I am to enter into a celibate, virgin marriage to a Jewish girl, do any of the other Seven Prophet Rulers enter into any form of marital union? I know that they are to remain eternally virgin men like me, but do any of them, like me, marry a girl in another Josephite marriage, as I am to do? And what of Lazurite? He is a Hebrew Catholic. Is he an eternally celibate prophet? Or does he enter into any form of celibate marital union with any girl, O’ Lord and God? The Seven Prophet Rulers are given Seven eternally virgin consorts chosen to rule with them on thrones at their side for all eternity in their respective kingdoms. Hence, with the Seven Prophet Rulers, there sit Seven virgin Queens. And these Seven Josephite couples will reign together forever and ever in eternal espousals. And these espousalships are forever due to their eternal, immaculate, and virgin nature. Amen.

Lord, do the Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph reign together forever and ever also, side by side on thrones, as the Seven Prophet Rulers do with the Seven virgin Queens? As for My Mother Mary and her most chaste spouse, Joseph, they are seated with Me in My throne room. And I Am seated on a Throne with My Father at His right hand. And to My right is Mary, My Queen Mother. And with her is seated her most chase spouse, Saint Joseph, in the honorary position of Steward and Foster Father to the Holy Family. Amen. But he is not crowned as a King or a Ruler, but as a Prince of the Age that preceded My Catholic Church and its holy communion. For outside those who receive the body and blood, no one may enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Joseph passed away to the Limbo of the Fathers well before My ministry even began. Hence, he did not receive Me in the flesh, but in the Spirit, as did all those who awaited My Coming in the Limbo of the Fathers. Hence, all those distinguished in glory among that group are ranked not as rulers or as sovereigns, but as princes and dukes and lords of a lower caste, as the nobility are ranked beneath the royalty in the Kingdom of Heaven. Amen.

For everyone who never received communion, the actual body and blood of Jesus meritoriously at the Catholic Mass, neither will they sit on thrones of rulership and judgement, nor wear royal diadems. For the distinguishment of royality in My Kingdom is reserved for only those partook of My flesh and blood at My banquet that I prepared for the people by dying on the cross for the salvation of the world. This group is known as the Royal Priesthood. And it is very select. Only those who die Catholic and in communion with My pope in Rome belong to it. Amen. The Virgin Mary belongs to it as Queen Mother. And the Seven Prophet Rulers with their Seven virgin Consorts also belong to it. But Joseph is not of this distinguishment. And hence, he reigns as a Prince of a lower caste, that of a previous dispensation and time.

Now, I permit one last question, for the third hour approaches. And this must be published by 3:00 PM, today, Tuesday, June 23, 2020. Amen. Lord, are some men of some races or groups of human beings preferred over men of other races, colors, ethnic groups, tongues, tribes, and peoples, O’ Lord? For I notice that for nearly a thousand years, Catholicism seemed to exist only in Europe, which is where White people primarily lived. It is true, Lord Larimar. Just as in the same family, Jacob was favored over Esau, so also in the same family tree, some races of European men were favored over the races immediately south of the Mediterranean, where most men became Muslims, the religion of utter condemnation. But do not try to apply simplistic patterns of White supremacy or of Black inferiority to this. For conversions and rejections among My people cannot be predicted ahead of time. For who would have suspected that the people of the Congo would accept Catholicism and become a populous French speaking Catholic people, while the ancient Christians of Ethiopia were to reject My Catholic Church when it was presented to them? And who would have suspected that of all places in Asia, the archipelago of the Philippines would become the most Catholic of nations in that part of the world? And where in the Americas did the one successful Black slave rebellion take place, but in Catholic Haiti? Hence, Haiti, a Catholic Black nation, is the only nation in the Americas where the Black slaves successfully took over their country from their White overseers and were never reconquered by the Whites. For where Catholicism occurs, it can never be predicted, but where it does happen, there are always miracles that occur there and there are always blessings that I bestow upon all My peoples who enter into or who remain faithful to My Catholic Church, wherever it is scattered throughout this vast earth. Amen.

Now, publish this post, lord Larimar, for the third hour approaches. And you must publish it by no later than 3:00 PM, where you live in southern California. Amen.

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Servant to Jesus and Mary, White Knight of the armies of Jesus and Blue Wizard Prophet King.

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