Eric is called to eternal virginity.

As Joseph was to Mary, so shall be Eric to Esther, the Jewish Bride he is to marry. Amen.

I Who Am do wish to reveal a Truth. In the previous post, it was said that through Eric’s process of purification the extra sons he was prophesied to have were no longer to be, but only the one son. And it was said of Eric that this one son was to come to be because he was so predestined, and also because I needed a man with a fresh brain, for Eric’s brain had been already filled with many things.

But now I say that Eric is to have no son. For I Am fully satisfied with Eric. Instead of having a son, Eric will serve My purposes in place of that one son, who shall now never be. But does this now mean that Eric does not marry? We shall now see. But should Eric elect to marry, his marriage must be valid. Eric, who once was very impure in his past, has now completely overcome all of that past of sin, and in the process has demonstrated both that he does indeed have the full capacity to have sex, but that also he has so mastered himself so completely and so successfully that he has permanently suppressed all such needs and desires of lust forever, such as to become a perfectly celibate and pure man like Joseph, husband to Mary. Note that having the capacity to have sex is necessary to obtain a valid marriage. But the actual consummation of the marriage is not necessary to regard it as valid. For such marriages can and do exist in the Catholic Church, and these are called Josephite marriages. Amen.

And so, O’ Lord, since Eric is to serve You in place of that one son he was originally going to have, how does this change Eric’s fate? What role does Eric now inherit, O’ Lord, now that he is to have no son, but instead is to take his place in eternity? I Who Am shall explain it to you, O’ Larimar king. As you know, you are a One-King Dynasty. And you rule the entire Larimar Kingdom forever. The place your son was to take was that of Wizard and Conqueror for My Church in the last days. But I now see that you, O’ Larimar king, will serve My purposes in that role quite nicely. I do not need to delay time now for you to have a son and for him to grow up to adolescence before I Come again. Instead, it is quite possible that I might come sooner, or later, than that prophesied period of time that your son would have been an adolescent. For the prophecy that put that limitation to the timing of My Second Coming was not from Me.

Lord, can we on earth know anything at all about that appointed date of the Second Coming, the unknowable time of the end, which is a fixed and secret date set by the Father, one that can never be known about, but neither can be moved nor changed? Correct, lord Larimar. No one can know or move that date, and only the Father in Heaven alone has any knowledge of it. Nevertheless, time moves faster as We approach the End. And with time increasing in its rapid rate of depletion, the estimation of the End, and all I, Jesus, can do is to estimate it, for no one but the Father in heaven has any knowledge of when the End shall occur, this estimation of the End ever gets narrower and narrower. But even still, any attempt on My part to grant to any man an approximation of when I Am Coming again is a useless cause. For Man simply does not have the endurance to wait for it to occur.

It has been said within certain Protestant circles that within years of the two thousandth anniversary of My death upon the cross, that Messiah comes again. But how could any man be so certain of this. For what Word in prophecy says I cannot come earlier? And what Word in prophecy can put a deadline to My Coming again? For no one can ever know when I Am coming again. Only when I come will it be known, and not before. But what is the 2000th anniversary of My death on the cross? It has been guessed by historians that I died somewhere in the year 33 A.D., but no one on earth fully knows whether this is or is not the case. And so, given that historians have estimated that I died in the year 33 A.D., and granted that this is correct, how many years before We reach the 2000th anniversary of that date, lord Larimar. Two thousand years from that date brings us to the year 2033, which is a matter of 13 years into the future. Hence, were I to have a son by a potential future wife, he could definitely be an adolescent of your age, when you were found in the Temple at age 12, around the time of the 2000th anniversary of Your death on the cross. Therefore, lord Larimar, you now see how many things could potentially fall into place. But as to when I really Am Coming again, no one can have that knowledge until it comes to pass, with the exception of the Father in heaven. It is true I Am most definitely coming again soon, but that word, “soon”, no one can decipher its true meaning.

But how ready is the world for My return, do you think? The righteous may indeed have much work yet to do on their souls before I return, but of the wicked, their time has truly now come to pay the price for their crimes. The countless swine currently wallowing in the mire have been well fattened for the slaughter. The vast assortment of grapes on the vine are well ready to be harvested and thrown into the winepress to be crushed. And the woods are now very dry and dead from the drought, and ready like a powder keg for one spark to set it all ablaze. I Who Am say that the world could not be any more ready than they are now for the coming utter chastisement against them that is to befall the whole world for the abominable sins of this generation! But even if that happens, My Second Coming could still be many years away.

Lord, it was said that You were going to cleanse America so much so that there would not remain a single transgendered freak remaining on American soil, for Your cleansing of America was to be of such severity as to be that great. And also, You have said that the written works of the Seven great prophet rulers, each protected by one of the seven Seraphim whom You have assigned to guard them, must be preserved for future generations to read and to mediate on. Lord, can any of these words indicate that your Second Coming is not a short time away, but a long time away still? No, lord Larimar. Never interpret any prophetic utterance you ever hear as indicative of how long or short the time to the Second Coming is to be. For no prophetic spirit knows, but only God the Father in heaven, Who reveals it not, nor offers any reliable clues by which any created intellect can figure it out. Amen.

But realize that My people in heaven will have all eternity to contemplate and reflect on all the things that will have come and gone and taken place in time. But as for the End of the World, it is written that I have said I Am Coming soon. (Revelation 22:7 & 22:12 & 22:20). There, you see I have said I Am Coming soon three times in the last chapter of the Book of Revelation. And since I repeat Myself three times, you must know that by that repetition I must certainly mean what I have said, that it is trustworthy and true that I Am coming soon. But do not go up to the mountains to wait for it, for it is an event beyond the end of time. And no one in time can wait that long. Amen.

But did I not say, “This generation will not entirely pass away until all these things have come to pass,”? (Matthew 24:32-35 & Mark 13:28-31 & Luke 21:29-33). And immediately before that verse is written in all three of the synoptic gospels, what is the prophetic event described? The fig tree is described as coming back to life. And what is the fig tree in prophetic literature? It is a representative symbol of the nation of Israel. Hence, when Israel came back into existence as a nation, did that truly indicate that My Second Coming was therefore prophesied, by My Word in three gospels, to come to pass before all of that generation in which that event took place was to pass away? Count the years, lord Larimar. How many years from the founding of the state of Israel in the year 1948 brings us to the year 2033, the 2000th anniversary of My death on the cross? Israel was founded on May 14, 1948. Hence, on May 14, 2033, the state of Israel will have existed for 85 years. Indeed, lord Larimar, the prophecy could well be fulfilled that the generation that witnessed the founding of the state of Israel still could indeed not entirely pass away by the time of My Second coming. But that it would definitely happen that way, I do not reveal, nor can I know. And if I do not know, then it is clearly a misinterpretation to make any part of the Holy Scriptures say for certain when I Am coming again. Amen.

Now I shall speak. Eric, if you are not to have a son, what then becomes of his predestined soul? How does he come into existence, if not through you, you should now ask? Tell me, O’ Lord, for I am most curious. Is he somehow born to another couple, O’ Lord? No, rather, he ceases to exist. But Lord, is not the number of souls written in the Book of Life an eternally fixed and immutable number? It is, lord Larimar. The number of the elect is indeed a definite, fixed, and finite number, and what that number is shall definitely be revealed to all at the Last Judgement that immediately follows the Second Coming. Then, O’ Lord, some other soul must take his place in the eternity to come, so as to preserve the fixed and finite and unchangeable number of the elect? That is correct, O’ lord Larimar. And such is why I say to My elect, “I Am Coming quickly. Hold fast to what you have, so that no one may take your crown.” (Revelation 3:11). For who exactly those are who are so predestined to be numbered among My elect are not so eternally set and fixed as is that eternally fixed number itself of all the souls who are to be saved. That is why no one must give up on his quest for eternal salvation. For he who perseveres to the End shall be saved. (Matthew 24:13). Amen.

Eric, it is good that you have decided to neither have sex nor children with any potential celibate future wife you are to marry. For it is written that so hard will it be in those days for pregnant women and those with little children. (Matthew 24:19 & Luke 21:23). Well, those days of great tribulation are now here. Hence, let those who wish to follow Me remain in the marital state that they currently find themselves in. If you are married, remain married. And if you are unmarried, remain unmarried. But if you are burning, then celibacy is perhaps not for you, and it may be better for you to marry. (1 Corinthians 7:8-11). But realize that short is the time left for men to work out their salvation here on the planet. And much do many yet to be saved need to accomplish to be made ready and fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. And as for the one who has marries and has children, he will find that he has scant little time left to spend any significant amount of time meditating on God. For such is the plight of the married man. He has made himself a slave to this world. Amen.

But I have this to say to thee, lord Larimar, about the possibility of a future bride you may come to have, and whether We in heaven will for you to enter into this marriage with her. Lord Larimar, you have proven yourself faithful like a husband as regards to your friend Hyacinth. For by your deeds to her, you have brought salvation and faith to many. But now that chapter of your history closes. And you are now to enter the next chapter of your history, that of your relationship to the one whom I, the Lord, truly will for you to marry. Hence, expect in the next few hours to be made aware of the departure of your friend Hyacinth from the planet. For the time of her departure is now at hand. Amen.

The Jewish bride you are to receive is to come soon after the vision you see of Hyacinth being taken away. I Am the Lord! Now, what is the significance that the girl you are to marry is Jewish? Note that the fact that you are a circumcised male definitely makes it possible for this marriage to be found acceptable to her Jewish family. For the Jewish people are distinguished by the physical sign of circumcision among their males. However, I do not require circumcision for anyone to get to heaven under the New Covenant. For membership in My communion in the New Covenant, established by My shed blood on the cross, is obtained through baptism and the valid reception of the sacraments. Circumcision, though still practiced by Hebrew Catholics, and by Jews who recognize Jesus as their Messiah, is really of the Old Covenant, and is therefore of an age that has passed away. I no longer cut off anyone from My people for failure to be circumcised. But the failure to be baptized and to partake in My sacraments is now what cuts My people off from Me. Amen.

Now, go eat your breakfast, lord Larimar. You are scheduled to go to the 9:30 AM Mass today at Saint Bruno Catholic Church this morning. See to it that you are there and on time. Amen. Lord, I Am now headed to go to Mass. I will complete this post when I return. Amen. I am now back from Mass, O’ Lord. And I have heard your orders and have obeyed them. Am I truly in obedience to your orders, O’ Lord? Yes. Keep to this obedience to Me, and you will be made Mine. And these are My orders for those who are reading these words. Eric has been commanded to cut off all ties from Caesar Sandra Nikee. And if he fails to obey Me in this, he will die. You, Eric, are in obedience. But it must continue. Now, I shall speak.

Lord Larimar, there was a girl you saw at Mass. Why did you not approach her? It is because, O’ Lord, it is written that if I take just one step in the direction of a sexual advance toward any girl, that I will lose everything that I have gained in the Age of Mary. Good, lord Larimar. You do very good in retaining commands and directions that you have been given. Keep to what you have been commanded to do. Make no step in advance toward any girl. And remember, the girl you are to receive as your wife has nothing to do with sexual attraction, for you are to be to her as Joseph was to Mary. Amen. And you are to regard the girl you shall receive in the same holy reverence that you have for Mary. Amen.

Now, the Protestants defile Mary in their hearts by making her out to be like their own ordinary woman who have sex with their husbands. All those who think such thoughts lack the holy reverence due to Mary required to be in a state of grace. For the Virgin Mary is holy, sacred, and virgin forever. And whosoever declares Mary as not a virgin profanes that which is sacred and holy. The sins of such a man are very great. And so also, as was revealed by the apparition of Joseph in the Marian apparitions called, Our Lady of America, which has been approved by the bishop of that diocese in which those private revelations occurred, Joseph spoke to the seer and revealed that he, too, remained a virgin his whole life. And he also revealed that he was a man of obedience, and that all those who fail to obey or respect authority in this life will be severely punished in the next world. For those who wish to read these words of Joseph, let them search for “Our Lady of America”. And note that these messages are safe, for they have been approved by the bishop of that diocese. For the bishop has the authority to approve or condemn any apparition or private revelations occurring within his diocese. Amen.

Now, O’ Lord, since Joseph says obedience and respect for authority are essential for salvation, and that those who do not have obedience or respect for authority are severely punished in the next world, what sayest Thou to the case of Black people in America, namely, that race of people called the African Americans, or the Afro-Blacks, for short. Yes, lord Larimar, the African Black people of America will be severely chastised for their insolent disobedience and rebellion against authority. For I tell you under oath of My throne in heaven, no Black person who has participated in the riots will ever gain anything good from that participation. Rather, all such people who have participated in the riots will be destroyed and laid to waste. Amen. For let no one think that by rebelling against the authorities I have established over him, that he will obtain anything good from that rebellion. Rather, he demerits. And the fruit of all demerit is chastisement and loss of grace. Amen. I have now spoken.

Lord Larimar, you are pleasing to Me that you have now truly cut off all ties with Caesar Sandra Nikee. Now I will ask you to do one more thing for Me. And after you do this, the girl shall be given. Let me do what You say, O’ Lord, exactly as You command me. We now release you from your obligation to abstain from sex and We grant you the option to have a son by the woman We are giving you. Hence, We grant you the right to have one son by her. But Lord, this is a great departure from known revelation from God. By what sign from God can I know that this permission is from heaven?

This is the sign by which you are to know that I Am, and that I have given you a wife by whom you are to have one son. And the sign is this. Lord, I am listening and I hear nothing. Lord, I am now back from lunch. What sign do You give me to show that what You say is from God? Lord Larimar, it is well that you did demand from Us for such a sign from this one who has given you different orders from what you have already been told. No, lord Larimar, it is not from heaven that you are to regard the girl We are giving you any different from how Joseph regarded Mary, both of whom remained virgin and celibate their whole lives. Hence, this girl We are giving you, you shall not touch sexually. Nor will you look upon her in the nude. Nor will you tempt her with your own nudity. Instead, she is to be regarded as holy and sacred. And she will serve as your celibate consort for years to come. Amen.

Lord God Almighty, know that I will obey you. And I now realize that it was Satan, not God, who gave me permission to break from my chosen path of celibate virginity. For though Satan can make all sorts of promises in his words, he cannot fulfill a thing, other than to do what is already granted to evil spirits to be able to do.

Well done, lord Larimar, for you have seen that Satan still seeks to destroy you. And so, O’ Lord, I am commanded not to help Hyacinth anymore. And I am to marry a girl with whom I am to have no sexual relations with. I hereby agree to all of this. But Lord, do You give me any sign by which I am to know that I am to marry a girl in a relationship similar to that celibate, virgin marriage between Joseph and Mary? No, lord Larimar, no sign will be given for you regarding this fate. It is yours if you wish for it. Otherwise, your fate is to remain as you are, a celibate, virgin layman. Now choose your fate, O’ Larimar king. Amen.

Lord, I choose the celibate, virgin marriage to the Jewish girl you will to give to me. Then it shall be done. Expect to receive her soon. And no, your relationship with Cassandra is now hereby declared ended. You are prohibited from ever communicating with her again. Do this, and the girl you are to receive shall come swiftly. Amen.

Lord, I have a question. Ask, My servant. Since there is to be only One God the Son, for what purpose does my marriage to this girl serve? For I know it cannot serve to bring about the birth of a second Christ. Neither you nor the girl We are giving you are of such graces and merits as were found in Joseph and Mary, who were appointed by God to serve as members of the Holy Family. The purpose of your marriage is not as sublime as theirs. Rather, your marriage to this virgin Jewish woman, with whom you will have no sex, is to serve as the model of My Coming back to the earth to collect as My Bride My Jewish people, for in this age you are now in, salvation has now returned to the Jews. Amen. Remember, O’ Larimar king, that the prophets in the Old Testament often served with their own lives to live out symbols of prophetic significance for My people of Israel to observe and to see, so that they could understand by living parables what they could not understand by wordy explanations. Hence, your marriage serves to be such a living symbol of My imminent return and to indicate that the time has now come for salvation to return to the Jews. Amen.

I Who Am will now tell you the name of the girl you shall marry, O’ Larimar king. In previous revelations, you received that her name was Ariel Eleanor Sarah. But this was mystical and metaphorical. Now We shall plainly reveal her name to you. For her coming into your life is now imminent. Her real name is Esther. Now you have been told everything. Remain where you are. Do not go out to seek for this girl. For she will be given to you at a time of which you know not. You cannot find her unless We give her to you. And this giving to you of this girl shall take place at the appointed time determined by God Who decides all things. Amen.

As for your Kingdom of Larimar, and as to whether you are regarded as a Viceroy or a King, I have this to say. Your true position in My Kingdom over your lands of North America are as sovereign ruler who serves his Lord and Master, Jesus of Nazareth. For I have no specific titles that I give to anyone. Rather, you are defined by the purpose you serve Me in My Kingdom. And you serve Me in My Kingdom in the role of Prophet and Wiseman.

Now, as for your position as Dragonfly, the one who is to make Trump win and to make Biden lose, realize that that position you have is of an eternal nature. It can never end. For it is to last into the eternal times. Realize also this: You can never know exactly when it is I Am to come again or how far into the future that event truly is. Just always be ready and watchful, and you shall not be caught unawares. As for your role as Dragonfly, realize that by your efforts, you will tip the scales in favor for Trump, and he will win in a landslide election. Oracle of the Lord! God has spoken to His people. Amen.

And one final revelation that I will reveal to you is this: Satan’s preferred way to destroy a man is always via sexual sins or by sexual attractions. Such is why Our Lady of Fatima said, “More souls go to hell for sins of the flesh than for any other reason.” And no one is deceived by Satan unless he chooses to have something that Satan offers to him that I, the Lord, do not. Eric, I have now revealed unto you many things. Wait patiently for this promised girl to enter into your life. And realize that she cannot be found before she is given to thee. Now go, lord Larimar. Go and read your Bible and study your languages. Tomorrow you are going to work. And I have big plans for you that are yet to be revealed. Amen. And may God protect you in all that you do. Amen.

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