Eric is destined to have a son.

Eric is destined to have a son, Oracle of the Lord! Amen.

Behold, it is written in the ancient prophecies of the Emerald Trove, a book written by and known only to the Emerald King, that Eric is prophesied to see his son. And on Saturday, September 2, 2000, after Eric began attending the Catholic Church with his dad, to formally enter into the Catholic Church less than two years later, Eric received a prophecy from the Lord that said he was to be cured, and that these cures were to take place when he was with a certain girl who was to become his wife and bear him triplet sons.

But Lord, how are these two prophecies to be reconciled? For it is written of Eric that only one son is of the promise. Eric, your future Jewish bride shall indeed bear you the prophesied son. But as to other sons that were to be, realize that the process of your purification has eliminated them from ever coming to be. Rather, your Jewish bride will bear you but one son. And after he is born, no more may you know your wife. Remember this command. For she and you are called to greater holiness than can be found in the marital embrace and the marital vocation.

Lord, what happens to the Spirit of prophecy that currently dwells in me when I lose my virginity to the Jewish bride You shall give me? For is it not written that He cannot dwell in any soul unless it is a virgin? As long as you know your wife only within the parameters of complete obedience to Me, the Spirit of God will remain in you, and you will remain My prophet. For remember that Moses and Samuel were both great prophets of old who regularly conversed with Me, and yet, both of them were married and had children. But your marriage shall be holier than theirs. Hence, the Spirit will remain in you. And after the son of prophecy is born, and you cease to have sex with your wife, your soul will be even more enlightened and filled with graces than it is now. For remember this maxim: Only gain, never true loss, does any man receive who follows Me. Obey Me in this, and you will never lose any of the graces I have given you. Amen.

Lord, clear this question up for me. For I have received contradictory accounts. One account says that You, O’ Lord, return when my son is still an adolescent. And the other account says that he is himself to marry and have seven sons. What sayest Thou to that? For I know both cannot be the case. If one is true, the other must be false. Or so I believe. But You tell me what You sayest, O’ Lord?

I shall now speak on these two revelations that you have received, O’ lord Larimar. Only the first account is true. I Am Coming again while your son is still an adolescent. As for the second account, it is not from Me. For if it were, then that would indicate the heresy of Millenarianism, which says that time on earth was to continue on for about another thousand years upon My return. Such is a false interpretation of the scriptures. Time ends when I return. And while your son is an adolescent, that is when My return shall take place. Amen.

You are very wise to confer with Me all things. Now you ask, why is your son to come to be if he is still an adolescent when I return, and has no children of his own? It is because he is predestined to come to be. And who his parents are to be is also a matter of predestination. Hence, though you helped Hyacinth, and she was brought into My Kingdom by your good works to her, she is simply not the girl who is predestined to be the mother of the son I have called to be.

Now, the wicked do not have to come to be. But the elect all must come to be. And all the elect come to be through the parents I establish to have them. And you are established to marry a Jewish girl and have a Hebrew Catholic son. Will this son read my many books in my library and master many languages? I will have him master English, Latin, Greek, Aramaic, and Hebrew. And he will be an authority on the scriptures when he is but the age I was when I was left behind in Jerusalem at the Temple, speaking to the elders and asking them profound questions. He will be holy like you, but holier. For you know English natively, and you are able to read Spanish to a degree. But as for Latin, Greek, and other languages, these you are still far from mastering. I need a fresh new brain to do the works I intend to be done. And that is why you are to have a son. And he, too, will be made My prophet. Amen.

Eric, I see that you are obedient to Me. That is good. Do not be concerned about Sandra. For I will take care of her needs from now on. From now on, you will serve Me and do My will. I Who Am Am. Lord, my brother David is coming home this evening. And it was said, many years ago, that he would enter into salvation just before then end. Shall this be the case, O’ Lord? I Who Am know of the prophecy of which you speak. And it was from heaven that you received it. I will indeed save your brother David, as you saw in the Star Wars third trilogy where Han Solo became a believer in the Force, and he appeared as a Force ghost to his son, Ben Solo, at his conversion back to the good side of the Force. The salvation of Han Solo in becoming a believer in the Force is the sign that your brother David is indeed destined to come back to Me just before the end.

Now, do I save Mark, your younger brother, you should now ask? No, for Mark has rejected Me and My religion. When given the choice, he chooses what Lucifer offers him in his Rick Warren Protestant Church, rather than what I offer him in My Catholic Church. I will not forgive him for his fatal choice. Dark is his mind, and condemned are his ways. Even when you shed light on his path, all he sees is darkness. For he has been blinded for his sins. Remember when he went to college how he had a scholarship and was all set to excel in his major of aerospace? Well, you know the story of what happened to him. He met a girl and had sex with her, fully sating himself with such filthy, unlawful pleasures. After that, he was no longer able to keep up with his studies, and his grades went down, and he lost his scholarship. And he realized that there was no way for him to graduate in the aerospace major, for he had gotten too far behind. For each course in that major directly builds on course material that precedes it. And if you goof off in one course, you can never recover. And so, he changed his major to industrial engineering and graduated a half year later than the usual set four years that he would normally have graduated in. That put him deep into debt. And he never recovered from it. Sure he paid all his debt down one time, when he had a high paying job, but like a fat person who gets thin, he put all that debt back on, and become even more in debt. So much debt did he have that he had to go bankrupt. But even with his bankruptcy, he still owed money to his many friends whom he had borrowed from. And you cannot say to your friends, “Since I went bankrupt, I no longer owe you anything.” For friendships do not work that way.

No, Eric, I will not save your brother Mark. But David will enter in just before the end. Amen. And what about that man called Richard, who was once your employer and who got you into new jobs? In the two recent jobs he got you into, he himself was let go of them. What will become of him, O’ Lord? For I know he sought to find God, and he has elected to marry a Catholic filipino woman, but will he himself ever enter into Catholicism, O’ Lord? Eric, Richard is a very religious minded man. And he is also a deep researcher into many of the conspiracy theories. And he is highly invested in the cryptocurrency markets. But tell Me, lord Larimar, do you wish for him to be saved? Yes, O’ Lord, I do will it. Then I will make a deal with you. Go to his Catholic wedding when you are invited to go there. And I will ensure, by your presence at his wedding, that he will be converted and saved. Amen.

But Lord, Richard told me not to come to his wedding unless I have a date. And I have no date. And I cannot date anyone unless I receive the girl I am to marry. For I cannot be seen with any girl but her. Do not worry about that, lord Larimar. The COVID-19 pandemic has set back their wedding date so much so that by the time it comes to pass, you will be engaged to the Jewish bride I Am giving to you. Amen. And hence, you can go with her. Do this, and you will save his soul. Amen.

Okay, lord Larimar, you are a man who saves many. But I have this to say to you. Do not fear for your life in any of the missions I send you on. But go as I command you. Do exactly as I prescribe and no more. And you will be saved. I Who Am Am pleased with you. And I will provide many things for you. As for your parents, your father I will eventually save and bring back into a state of grace, and I will heal him of certain problems he has. But as for your mother, she has blasphemed the Holy Spirit, as you were told many years ago while you were praying for her. For I never allow anyone to pray for the damned.

And this now brings us to a point of correction from an earlier revelation you received that did not come from Me. You wrote that I do not forgive those who have abortions. Such is not the case. I can and do forgive many such sinners, for I recognize that many who commit abortions are not fully aware of the gravity of their crimes. And there is only one sin that the sinner who does it can never be forgiven, neither in this world nor in the next. (Matthew 12:31-32). And that one sin that cannot be forgiven is if you rebuke or blaspheme the Holy Spirit. For not all three Divine Persons of the Triune God are the same. Sins against the God the Son and God the Father can and are forgiven. But sins against God the Holy Spirit are eternal sins. And be very careful with this revelation, for realize who is married to and one with God the Holy Spirit. The Virgin Mary is rightly called the Spouse of the Holy Spirit. Hence, whosoever, therefore, sins against Mary sins against the Holy Spirit. Realize this very important Truth and let all be careful in the presence of Mary. For she is not to be treated with casual disdain.

For it is written that it is an infallible sign of predestination to be very devout to the Virgin Mary. And it is an infallible sign of reprobation to be in a state of enmity against the Virgin Mary. Then, O’ Lord, will you clarify something for me? Martin Luther, who was once a priest, but who left the Catholic Church and started the Protestant Reformation, was heavily devoted to the Virgin Mary. And while I was still myself a Protestant, a member of the Hope Lutheran Church, it was revealed to me, seemingly from heaven, that Martin Luther was saved. And when I became a Catholic, it was revealed to me that Martin Luther went to purgatory, where he will remain until the Protestant churches are no more. And it was revealed to me that Martin Luther was saved during his final hours on his death bed when he could no longer speak, and that the graces necessary for his salvation came from his rosaries and devotions that he did to Mary during his life. But I recently saw a revelation by a saint that said Martin Luther was seen in hell. So which is correct, O’ Lord? Were the revelations given to me that Martin Luther went to purgatory true? Or is he instead in hell, as the saint saw him there? What sayest Thou, O’ Lord? Or Mother Mary, maybe you can answer me on this?

I did not save Martin Luther, O’ lord Larimar. What was revealed to you earlier was meant to help you, but it was not true. I did not save Martin Luther. For his sins and rejection of My Church were so great that even his many rosaries and devotions to My Holy Mother could not overcome his great demerits. There were three men you once did a case study on. Let us list them: Martin Luther, Hernan Cortez, and Saddam Hussein. And all three of them you once thought could have been saved. Martin Luther, as We have now revealed to you, could not be saved. But what about the other two?

Saddam Hussein, to whom you appeared twice to, you first appeared to him in the form of Desert Storm. And it was by your request that the Muslim Prophet Muhammed be sent to him to tell him to get out of Kuwait to avoid war. And Muhammed did appear to him, as he announced in his dream, but he was obdurate like Pharaoh in the time of Moses, and did not let go of Kuwait until he was forced out by the power of God working through Desert Storm, as Eric requested of the higher beings. And the second time you appeared to him was at the advent of the War in Iraq about to be launched against him by the Player Twilight through his Pawn, President George W. Bush. And you told Saddam who you were and you said to him that if he wishes to be saved, that he will signal this to God by not launching any attack against Israel, as he had done in the first war a decade earlier. And Saddam fully complied, and not one scud missile was sent against Israel. And thus, you thought that maybe I, the Lord, saved him. And you prayed heavily for his soul. Saddam Hussein did in fact pass from being secular to being religious, but because he increased in Islam, and entered not into Catholicism, by his blindness caused by his many sins, by which the door to salvation was not shown to him, I did not save his soul. Amen. Such is the sad consequence to sin. Many who sin will never be saved because their sins have left them blind from seeing the Way into heaven. Amen.

Now let us consider Hernan Cortez, the one Catholic who remained Catholic among the three men you studied. This man was not saved. For as you read in his biography, he murdered his first wife as she was an inconvenience to him in his ambitions and adulterous affairs. It was by that murder of his wife in the marriage bed by which he rendered himself impossible to be saved. For I Am the Bridegroom. And if a husband kills his wife in premeditated murder in so intimate a setting as he did, how can he then expect any different treatment from Me, the heavenly Bridegroom to the entire Church. Therefore just as the woman who aborts her baby has a terrible time attempting to be reconciled with Me, so also does the man who murders his wife. Anyways, of all the killings, cheats, robberies, adulteries, fornications, abuses of power, enslavements of the natives, and so on done by Hernan Cortez, it was his murder of his first wife that killed his soul and rendered him unsalvageable. And that was the sin that his soul never recovered from. Amen.

Hence none of the three men in your study that you once thought might be saved were saved. Amen. Now did I save any of your teachers of your past, do you think? Or any of your former professors in college? In the fall of the year 1989, the same year during the spring of which you had your Devastation Breakdown, by which you were diagnosed as manic depressive, and which launched your many requests, you entered into Whittier College as a freshmen. Due to the recovery of that breakdown, your grades in college started out low but become better as you recovered, so that by the time of your graduation in May of 1993, your cumulative GPA was 3.2, an exact B+. You took that to mean that you were B+ in My sight as well, and you were humbled. Although you were interested in religious studies, you complied with your parent’s wishes and majored in biology, which was another of your prime interests. Hence, your time in college was during that age when you had your Greater Emerald Reign, your conversion to Christianity in July of 1992, and your entrance into your Watered Down Emerald Reign. And during all this era, and with all these powers and decrees made to the higher beings, you still managed to graduate with a B.A. in biology and attain an exact B+ Grade point average in it. One thing that helped you greatly was that you commuted to college. You did not live on campus, and thus, you were never seduced to the sins found in college life that befell your two brothers, who actually lived on the campuses of the colleges they attended, and were by that means corrupted.

Lord Larimar, your high school Spanish teacher, Mr, Evans, who raised your grade from an F to an A because you made the effort to come in extra early each day to study Spanish, I saved. But as for those teachers who did not show mercy when you put in the effort to bring your grades back up, I did not save. For he who sticks by the rules and shows no mercy, to him I also will stick by My rules and show him no mercy either. Amen. Who I chose to save and who I chose to reject followed closely along the lines of who showed My servants mercy, and who opted instead to mercilessly stick by the rules. Those who showed mercy to My servants, I showed mercy back to them. But to those who showed no mercy but who kept to the rules, I, likewise, showed no mercy to them, but also kept to the rules. And who can be saved be being held to My standard and My rules? Only the Virgin Mary can live up to My rules satisfactorily enough to be saved by them. For she was never under the power of Satan, and she was never subject to sin, which is covered in the Catholic dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Remember that that conception refers to her conception, not to Mine. And since no one can live up to My standard and to My rules, woe unto that man who shows no mercy but applies the rules to My people mercilessly. For no one is saved without mercy.

And now this brings us to Affirmative Action. What does the God of mercy say should be done for Black people regarding Affirmative Action? And what does Affirmative Action acknowledge? Is the policy of Affirmative Action a statement that Black people are just unfit for their niches and thus simply cannot compete with other peoples for jobs and resources? Or is Affirmative Action an act by loving White people who want to give the Black man a break and let him get ahead without having merited it? Both of these are true. African Americans are in fact less fit than other races in acquiring positions and in attaining employment and college admissions, and in performing in both college and in their careers. For it is impossible to demand for Affirmative Action without acknowledging this racial deficiency found in Black people by which they find themselves unable to compete on a level playing field. They need certain artificial advantages given to them, or else they will be rendered extinct. And so, what do I say, I, the Lord God Almighty, whose greatest attribute is My divine mercy? Amen.

This is what I say. For all those Black people who seek to get ahead, but who do not want to be labeled as inferior people who only got to their positions through Affirmative Action, it is not in your interest that this policy exist. Rather, Affirmative Action serves to make Black people lazy. It makes them think that they are entitled to their positions and jobs, and so, they do not seek to improve themselves, to apply themselves to their studies, or to seek to get ahead. Rather, Affirmative Action is highly destructive to the Black man’s ego. For how can he hold his head up high if he knows he relies on getting all these extra helps to get ahead on account of his race, because his race is considered inferior. For to vote for Affirmative Action is to say with that vote that the Black man is an inferior man.

Hence, by all means, do help those who need help, but do not base this help according to a person’s race, or else you are making the statement that such a race is an inferior race. It is no mistake that the Party that advocates Affirmative Action, the Democratic Party, also advocates the wiping out of the Black people through an aggressive policy of abortions, targeting mainly the Black peoples of society. Planned Parenthood is a program set up to control the Black populations by eliminating unwanted Black children from society. It is a form of culling a population of a species to prevent overcrowding. And it is targeted mainly at Black people. Why do you think Joe Biden, who says he is personally against abortion as a Catholic, favors it as a government policy? It is because he is part of the Democratic Party whose plans are to control the Black populations, culling them when necessary, all in the purpose to use them for serving in prison labor as slaves. Joe Biden advocates abortion for Black people, but not for himself. You can only wonder if the Black woman he ultimately chooses as his VP pick will be a woman who has aborted her Black baby? For by doing this, Joe Biden will be making the statement that Black women ought to abort their Black babies. For in Biden’s world, it is the rite of passage for a Black woman when she has her first surgical abortion.

And that is what the slogan, “Black Lives Matter,” is all about. Black lives matter about as much as they do in the womb when their Black parents choose to abort them. For every Black who says, “Black lives matter,” also says, “We have the right to choose to abort our Black babies in the womb. And if such a Black baby somehow manages to survive the gruesome abortion attempt, Obama has fought for us to have the right to kill that born Black baby anyways. Amen.” Such is what Obama stands for and what he stood for throughout his Presidency. And all the Blacks who stand with Obama stand with the butchering of the Black babies in the womb. “The Butchery of Black Lives in the Womb Matters!” is what Black people should be saying instead.

Now, I shall speak. Lord Larimar, you asked Me in the past whether it was a made up story by yourself, or was it from God that you were given the title of Viceroy, rather than king, for your rulership over your North American Kingdom of Larimar. Now I shall answer you plainly. For it is important that you know all things and that you have sufficient humility. These are the seven Ruler Prophets who are guarded by seven Seraphim whom I have assigned to protect them:

  1. Eric, the Larimar King, ruler of North America, prophet and writer in English.
  2. Bombyx, ruler of China, prophet and writer in Traditional Chinese.
  3. Jade, ruler of Korea, prophet and writer in Korean.
  4. Pearl, ruler of Japan, prophet and writer in Japanese.
  5. Jadeite, ruler of Spanish Latin America, prophet and writer in Spanish.
  6. Cacau, ruler of Portuguese Brazil, prophet and writer in Portuguese.
  7. Nathaniel, Lazurite, steward of Israel and the Levant, prophet and writer in Hebrew.

These seven prophet writers are the Seven Lampstands, and the seven seraphim assigned to guard them are the Seven Stars in My right hand. (Revelation 1:12 & 1:16 & 1:20). Lord, I see discrimination in this list. For in this list, there are White people, Brown people, and Yellow people, but no Black people. And also in this list, there are languages from Europe, from the Middle East, and from the Orient, but none from Black Africa. I believe many Black people would argue that this is a slap in their face and is hugely politically incorrect. But what sayest Thou?

So, lord Larimar, if I were to include a writer in a language derived from the ancient written language of Ge’ez, such modern Amharic in the Judeo-Christian nation of Ethiopia, which dates back to ancient times, would you agree that I Am not racist? Lord, that well qualifies as Black African. Yes, if you do that, you will no longer be considered racist. What sayest Thou? I say, lord Larimar, that it would be only a token statement. For only the Blacks of Ethiopia know the Amharic language, and of those, only a select few are literate enough to read it. Hence, the writings of Ethiopia, or of any of the ancient or modern states of subsaharan Africa, can be read by only a few, as a rule. For the people of Africa are not like the Jews, who are well educated and literate in the Hebrew language. Likewise, each one of the seven various written languages of My seven prophet rulers each has many millions of speakers who are literate in them and who can read the works that My prophets are to write in them, and each such prophet, therefore, has a wide audience to write to, and they will serve to preserve their writings forever. But most of My people in Africa cannot read. And most of My people in Africa speak only their own narrow tongue known only among a small select group or tribe. Furthermore, the peoples of Africa are not trained in philosophical studies, and hence, whatever language they do know cannot even express the full meanings of all of the Holy Bible. Therefore, any prophet set up in Africa to write to My people of Africa would have a very small audience of readers indeed. Hence, I do not make any prophet in Africa, simply because his audience would be simply too small to justify it. And also, as a consequence, his writings would not be preserved, as few would value them.

Now it is true that the ancient African languages of Ge’ez and its descendants do in fact have the full Holy Bible written in them, going back to ancient times. And so, what happened that this people have not risen to greatness, but have fallen to obscurity? It is because when they had the several options granted to them of choosing to be Catholic, they chose to reject My Catholic Church and remain Orthodox. That is why they are condemned. And do you see any of My seven prophets stationed in a land where an Orthodox Church is the majority Christian religion? No. I have no Prophet stationed in Russia. I have none in Ukraine. I have none in Greece. And for the same reason, I have none in Ethiopia either. Amen.

Now, I shall speak. Lord Larimar, I wish now to answer your question as to whether it was from you or from Me that your title in My Kingdom is made Viceroy rather than King over your North American Kingdom of Larimar. It is from Me. I do anoint you to the position of Viceroy over North America. Rule your Kingdom with humility and mercy, and you will obtain a reward for your rule in the Age to come. Amen.

But, O’ Lord, are all the Kings and Queens given such or similar ranks in your Kingdom. However I rank them, none of them are made Sovereigns but Me. Amen. Now I Am pleased with you, O’ Larimar king. And I will give you your assignments now. Do You assign me to learn and master any languages O’ Lord, now that I am not to become a priest? You are assigned to complete your mastery of Spanish. I do not expect you to become a fluent speaker of that language, but only a fluent reader. For your world is in literature, and not in speaking or mingling with the peoples. And you may study Latin and Greek on a casual basis. But your prime reading assignment is to read the Holy Bible in full in your 1953 English Catholic Bible, going a chapter or two or three a day book by book in the order We have prescribed.

Eric, I have the following assignments that I expect you to follow. Thank You, O’ Lord, for the success you granted me in my work yesterday. For You did as you said You would. Therefore, You can only be God, for Satan cannot fulfill his prophetic promises. And whatever Satan does fulfill, he fulfills wickedly and the fruits of his fulfillments are, as rule, always full of ruin and decay. Amen.

Lord Larimar, this is what I require you to do. Do not remain anywhere outside your house, except when you go to Church, for any extended period of time. For this weekend, I desire you to be at home most of the time. For your place is to prophesy in your writings. And I have much to say through you. Amen. And also, when I do give you the girl you are to receive, realize her holiness. And do not treat her in any way less than the honor you give to your Holy Virgin Mother Mary, the Mother of Jesus. Furthermore, study your scriptures. And learn from them, for you are to be made very holy. And in the scriptures you will find holiness.

Lord, You have assigned me to read a chapter or two or three of the Holy Bible each day in the books in the order you have assigned. Is this latest command an order of extra reading of other parts of the Holy Bible? Yes, read as I guide you in the scriptures in addition to the few chapters you are reading each day in your progress to read the entire canon of your 1953 Catholic Holy Bible in the order I prescribe. And you may read these extra readings in Spanish if you wish. For that will improve your reading comprehension. Now I have spoken in full. Go to the bank and cash that check David just gave you to pay for the T-Mobile bill you cover through your business for his part in the plan. And then I will direct you to come home. Shortly after you come home, you will go to Church.

Now I have spoken sufficiently. And you will go to Church this evening. And do not be concerned with the rise of COVID-19, for it will soon disappear and completely vanish from the world. As rapidly as it appeared, so also will it be gone, in a flash of time. Amen. As for your family, let them progress as they will. Do nothing to derail them in the paths that they are on. I will save whom I will save. And who I have rejected I have rejected. Amen. Such is the patience endurance and faithfulness that is called for on the part of the saints. (Revelation 14:12). Amen.

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